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Q: Calibrations vs. Riemannian holonomy

rmdmc89I've began to study the relationship between calibrations and holonomy, mainly through D.D. Joyce's Riemannian Holonomy Groups and Calibrated Geometry and partly through internet material. Pretty much everyone explains this relationship by the holonomy principle: if $H=\text{Hol}_x$ and $\varp...

This question was migrated and has only the tag: Average Distance in Scale Free Graph. What would be suitable tags there? Perhaps and ?
Q: Average Distance in Scale Free Graph

Mohammad HeydariI'm Studying in Network Science field particularly on different types of graph such as Random Network or Scale-free graph. I'm Wondering on a scale-free network with 1000 nodes and power-law coefficient γ = 2.1, what is the expected average distance between two nodes?

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Q: Tag synonym dashboard 2.0

Adam LearBack in January, we had a week-long internal "make-a-thon" where a bunch of people across the company got into teams, did some brainstorming, and worked to improve various parts of our UI. Bonus if they had something to do with moderator or power user tools. One of those teams took on the Tag Syn...

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A naive search of the term calibration in MSE returns around 160 results. I checked the most recent 50 posts, only 3 of them are about calibrations in RG.
More are about Camera calibration (in projective geometry) and some in stochastic DE.

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