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5:50 AM
One of those weeks
Commented on a user's answer that he wasn't really answering the question asked (which was a shame as he'd put in a lot of effort). He flagged my comment as 'trolling' claiming I 'troll anything he's ever written'. Nice.
on the upside, nobody's debated whether Israel is a country for at least 3 days :)
6:09 AM
And happy anniversary everyone!
Yearling badges all round!
3 hours later…
8:46 AM
61 users who got a Yearling badge! ^_^
3 hours later…
11:25 AM
but not me :(
Nor i
2 hours later…
1:12 PM
Who has opened this crazy transport question again? ;)
i see
I don't agree with the reopen but oh well
Nor i
me neither
but unfortunately I can't close vote it again
1:18 PM
I could but i think it would cause more problems that it solves
I'm just tired of debating that question over and over. After making it fairly clear why that question is too subjective.
just look at the answers
a train and a motor bike
how's that unusual??
and the problem is not that i think its unusual, but that everybody has a own feeling of unusuality
is this a noun at all? :)
also public transport v shared
@MarkMayo What do you think? Should this be closed? travel.stackexchange.com/questions/7862/… Look at edit history of question and flagging history
1:25 PM
a statement of @VMAtm why he reopenend the question would have been reasonable
shared transport in NZ is a whaka but they are by know means public transport
3 hours later…
4:09 PM
There's no way to actually answer the question - so I don't like it
it's asking for multiple answers, which is like the bad kind of a list
Exactly. And too subjective anyway.
Just reading his text, he's tried to be fairly specific
I was thinking, I often wonder if there are strange ways I can cross a border
if I asked "I've crossed a border by train, bus, ferry, car, and foot - where else could I cross the border in a different manner?" would that be valid?
Wasn't that a question asked already?
and it wasn't closed, was it? :/
if it was, we have precedence at least :)
Hmmm, can't find it. Maybe I was imagining it.
See with the border one, it's at least possible to define a subset. There will be a reasonable number of borders which have 'weird' ways of crossing.
4:14 PM
so can we reword this one?
I see this question to be similar to 'What is the best programmer joke' - which was a question on StackOverflow. Extremely popular, got shut down
even the word "unusual" is subjective
I think they've tried to limit the scope with public/shared transport. That's good
yeah, but it's still subjective
It's the 'unusual' part I have a problem with.
4:16 PM
gah, people like Halabi - "I think it not a real question, by to be honest it is really related to travel... and I personally love it..hence I have voted to reopen it :) " - if it's not a real question, why vote to reopen??
Like to me, the 'SkyLab' answer is not weird at all, I've seen it so many times in India and Vietnam that to me it is so commonplace!
ok let's look at your answer in meta, can we match it to one of those
It's be nice to hear what @vmatm thinks since he reopened the question. I don't want a nerdfight among the mods. ;)
it's like Antarctica, but you specify there there's a very limited number, so fine
4:18 PM
it really does match the one bad one - Gelato question
it's not possible to pick one answer as the right answer
'Unusual' hasn't been defined either. Bless 'em, they have tried.
ok we'll wait for @VMAtm
but it's Friday evening in St Petersburg, so we may be waiting a while ;)
Five downvotes on the questions too.
yup, including one from me
And me. :D
4:21 PM
aw crud, Chch has had another small shake
What's behind all this? Stampede in a very large flock of sheep?
I love the tweets about quakes this size - would freak out New York (like the one they had last year), but NZ people:
"A wee goodnight shake #eqnz"
"Little bit of a welcome earthquake shake for me tonight. It's been a while! #eqnz"
"Cheeky little #eqnz just now."
what's behind it? Aus wants to be us, so they're trying to sneak closer? ;)
4:24 PM
Too much stomping from Hakas? :)
Ooooh burn.
wow, only a month till the Olympics
The M5 looks great
What do they break through - glass?
a few things
but the giant balloons in super slowmo = epic
^ @halabi will love that. ;)
4:35 PM
"how come he doesn't need subtitles!!" gold
"I bloody studied English at the American University in Cairo" :D
Q: What's a good way to generate solar electricity while driving?

Joshua FrankI'm driving cross country and back this summer, and will be baking in the sun for most of it. So I'm looking for recommendations for gear and/or strategies for harnessing some of it to make electricity to power phones, laptops, etc. Does anyone has any experience with this?

if he said he wanted to charge his gear while on a truck in Africa, say, we'd allow it
I'm just surprised at the number of close votes
Me too. I think it's mob mentality with the close votes. I think this is legitimately on topic.
i was the first
he is asking about technology that is country inspecific
it would be the same as if i wanted to use solar on my car while driving around london(not that i have a car or it would charge anything)
Of course. Solar energy that is portable is same everywhere in the world, but something that is durable for long distance driving should be finite subset.
4:45 PM
so when he says "driving cross-country" if he added "across Nigeria" you'd be ok with that?
it's a genuine problem he's facing while travelling
With driving cross country vs "in London", you already have parameters such as durability etc that come along with the setup the answer should have.
because solar technology isn't country specific
It's not COUNTRY specific, but it is USE-CASE specific.
4:47 PM
3G which we get loads of questions on is
Here, long distance driving
neither is "what are the rules for multi-leg flights", or "where should I carry food when crossing borders", or "seating plans on airplanes"
i still think its better suited to an egningeering forum
I did wonder about migrating it to the Great Outdoors
as the camping people could help
He's not asking a theoretical question or how to build one.
4:49 PM
@AnkurBanerjee how about migrating it?
no but how to attach one to last in a set of circumstances
can you keep a question open in multiple forums ?
No, it has to be only on one site.
@MarkMayo I don't think it's a good fit for Outdoors.SE
That's more hiking and camping innit?
lol, on flightfox, I did a search for someone for a flight. Found what I think is a great deal, and can't get any cheaper. their response. "No, this is too expensive, can you find me something cheaper please?"
well people charge stuff with solar gear while camping
otherwise we can just leave it
and let the community decide for now
if it gets closed, it gets closed.
4:52 PM
Yeah let's see
who called me
Yup, watch that video
I did :D
Saddam.. let his soul rest in peace.. our leader.. our savior..
thanks for reminding me, its been time i didn't pray on his soul
I like that video any way.. funny as shit.. reminds me of my english :D
I speak similar accent :D
Hahahahahaha :D
u know what.. My mom s from takrit.. Saddam's home town.. :D
let his soul rest in peace..
any way.. tell me something..
can you tell me what is this in Indian accent?
"yem yo yanather yo yen"
5:19 PM
Dunno, that's a South Indian accent. I can never understand those guys.
its the spelling of the word moon..
M, O, Another O, N
I like southern India.. They are peaceful people.. I swear I saw a church sharing the same wall with a mosque and a hindu temple 1 meter away,.. I kinda like that a lot
Ugh, for the answer that is
the moon one
I can't understand your englishshshshshs. i watched that video like 10 times already :D
5:26 PM
travel.stackexchange.com/a/7934/449 and now we are getting duplicate answers
same pic and everything
I would add the Iron Ore train, found out about taht yesterday, got very excited
gah, meeting, back soon
and on that im off home
going go photograph prometheus at the Greenwich festival
5:43 PM
I have added a really weird way of transportation in that question,,
A: What unusual means of public/share transportation exist around the world?

HaLaBiIn southern Saudi Arabia in an area on the top of few mountains which has a very unique and complicated terrain, people need a unique way of traveling between villages of that area. This is how (Fifa'a) looks like: And this is how they travel from one village to another, or from one mountain t...

ok now i figured out this.. the question was about "Public/share" transportation.. does my answer fit in there?
it is public to them.. it is just one by one..
guys, I had this thought yesterday...
Out of every 5 persons in planet earth.. there is 1 Chinese and 1 Indian... 0.5 North Americans, 0.5 Latin Americans, 0.3 Arabs, 0.25 Indonesians...
6:09 PM
12 have 12 moderator flags suddenly, I don't like where this is going
@waddehaddeduddeda - what's going on??
i think he got seriously mad and lost it..
be nice :)
mad as in angry..
not as in crazy :)
actually.. he has a point.. it was a bit harsh to downvote him this much for a simple mistake.. a comment was enough...
6:13 PM
What the fuck
The meta question
I rolled it back
A: What unusual means of public/share transportation exist around the world?

waddehaddeduddedaI would nominate the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn. Source This floating train is extraordinary and local and real, i.e. no prototype or whatsoever. It runs in the German city of Wuppertal, some 50 kilometers north of Cologne. Fares start a 1.40 EUR, for a 30 minutes ride. A one-day ticket costs ...

good grief I just lost 61 points for @wadde etc unaccepting all his questions. what's going on?
I told you.. he got real angry and having this rampage on you guys..
6:15 PM
we're talking about two different people here
one's @waddehaddeduddeda and one's @lejohn
Actually, it seems lejohn has changed his username
yes, sorry, just realised that
when I saw his rep
thats what i am trying to tell mark since the bigenning
I was wondering why I didn't recognise the name :/
need my coffee ;)
I'm taking this up in moderator's lounge. @MarkMayo join there?
yeah heading there now
have asked a question and posted it in there
Seen it
are you the one processing his mod requests?
I'm declining his flags as noise for now.
6:22 PM
@MarkMayo Did you send the message to me or him?
it goes to him and is cc'd to you, me and @VMAtm
guys.... enjoy .. have a great time..
see ya all later
Ugh. Now I've to go through his activity log and rollback
@Aarthi - hi
6:30 PM
can you kill his acct?
we've suspended it for now
Please delete my account
looking into doing that for you now
we just had to fix up the damage first
and done
This is alraming. You write something, you change it, and then you have some wisenheimer who dot of it what they want. That's more than a good reason to leave
oh you're still able to post in chat? interesting. well that's useful actually - can you confirm your acct name has been deleted in travel.se and it's now some anonymous userxxxx?
6:46 PM
@lejohn I'm sorry it has come to this. And I wish you had at least pinged me in chat before going berserk. I still don't understand what the trigger was. It seems you posted an answer, and it never really got posted?
Just to clarify, the mods cannot control what answers get displayed or not.
Period. We don't have that capability.
can't see anything because you have thrown me out. Now just please delete.
What could have happened though is sometimes you compose an answer, and if doesn't get posted, StackExchange saves it for your next visit. These questions with a saved answer show up in a blue background.
we've deleted your account,
but your qs and as will stay, they're just shown as an anonymous user.
and I just lost -323 rep as a result :/
That's more than alarming. You write something and you are not able to undo that on the site where you have written it because some buffoon will bring it back! What about privacy and intellectual property?
@lejohn For what it's worth, I do apologise whatever you think I did wrong.
6:53 PM
@lejohn - that's covered in the legal agreement you agreed to when joining Stackexchange.
and things you write disappear in the nirvana. but that's less alarming. The owner of a site can control whats published and what not
thats exactly the point if moreover this is writeen in a legal agreement that nobody reads i am even more happy to bundle off. thats worse than anythng else i have seen on the web
You've read the other ones elsewhere on the web?
I do feel that agreements like that have become ridiculously large and wordy. I was reading it before and struggled to make head or tail of it
i am consternated that i have accepted to take part in a machinery where you participate and then a commercial firms appropriates eveything you write. even if it's written in a legal agreement does not mean that it has any legal or ethical value. For me this is theft
@lejohn whats up... hope you will come back one day. peace man..
I've gotta run, will be back in an hour.
scratch that, just cancelled lunch plans
@lejohn - fortunately in this world there are legal actions you can take if you have concerns, but I suspect SE had lawyers look at their agreement
oh he's gone
@lejohn - if you do come back (I'm not sure if you'll be able to access the chat) but anyway, for you and anyone else interested:
Q: Why can I only delete 5 posts in a day? Is this legal?

Thomas OwensI read a few posts where this is intended, and I can't dispute that, but I am questioning its legality. As I understand it, all of my posts made to a Stack Exchange site are copyright me, licensed for public use under CC BY-SA 3.0. This means that I'm giving my posts under that license, but the c...

7:04 PM
I find the strategy of this site is somewhat perfidious. If e.g. I choose to contribute to wikiepdia, the things are clear. I like to share knowledge, thoughts, etc. I have no problem to do it on a communitarian site, but it has to be clear. Otherwise I would like to keep the control of what I write. And that's definitely not possible here
control and property
Wikipedia and StackExchange use the same Creative Commons license.
Similarly, if you contribute to Wikipedia and then go on vandalising articles, vandalism has to be reverted.
Lawyers can be wrong, even knowingly
they can be, but that doesn't mean they are. But hey, I am not a lawyer
Actually sometimes some people in sites like SE uses the Clichés like "open community" and stuff like that while they are really controlling things in a close way!
wikitravel.org for example, is run by a company. @hippietrail has mentioned this in the past.
7:09 PM
lawyers do what you ask them to do. That's what nice about htem. They really work in your interest
woah, @Roflcopter - you really copped the brunt in your rep. :/
@lejohn - sorry, I've never really been fussed. My theory is that when companies have enough users (thousands) someone is checking that EULA for me. 99.9% of the time, it works out just fine, and it saves me hours of effort. I accept it could backfire, but I prefer to not worry about lawyers etc.
of course - that could have cost me money: yro.slashdot.org/story/05/02/23/2315211/…
Halabi: I agree. This site site sniggles user with this "open" thing, but thir aim is to attarct users and content, appropriate everything to make money out of it
they open their hands wide open for you... once they hug you... they have a hidden knife.. and you will slowly get stabbed... this is my opinion...
so you know how when relationships end, you don't necessarily want to hear from the ex about your 'problems'? sorry it didn't work, and hope you have a great weekend lejohn.
7:16 PM
he had nothing positive left to contribute, it would seem :/
i lost rep.
u too @MarkMayo lost like 300+
even you lost 65
thanks for reminding me..
I was just trying to find who had lost the most, think it was @Roflcoptr
I lost 225
7:18 PM
that would be lejohn. he lost 5k!
sure, but that was voluntary ;)
yup.. I feel for him man.. he felt insulted.. I kind put myself in his shoes..
he is active member.. got 5k rep.. and a simple mistake... and the reaction was kind more than expected.. i guess he felt insulted..
what actually triggered it?
maybe I am mistaken..
his dup reply to the transportation question..
I'm not sure. He claims he posted an answer to the transportation question 'yesterday'
According to the timestamps, Michael's answer was at least six hours before his
7:21 PM
maybe he forgot to click post... then he clicked once logged in again today..
I mean, there is no way he saw the other answer and he post his..
That's exactly what I told him right after apologising to him on chat
he is active member here.. he knows the rules i believe..
a couple of downvotes should not trigger all that chaos
otherwise SE would not function
people would be quitting all the time
heck, there's even a badge for deleting your own post with -3 votes
So I genuinely thought he didn't see the other one, and I just voted the question down on merit
7:22 PM
which even I earned :)
Even I've been downvoted. That doesn't mean you go on a rampage vandalising posts.
sometimes when you spend a lot of time in a webiste and you get the feeling that you are a part of it.. then a downvote will be really big.. I guess this is how he felt it..
Additionally, he went beyond vandalising his own posts. Before we suspended him, he started close voting and downvoting other, perfectly legitimate questions.
Anger management issues I think..
He's stuck around long enough to know downvotes can be changed, after an edit.
So it's not a permanent thing either.
7:25 PM
one interesting thing.. i remember in one of his comments he said he can't delete his answer.. how come??
Because he started vandalising his own posts, the system locked him out for the day.
This is done kinda a security measure, I guess. Say someone hacks your account.
and to protect the CC content
yes.. or in the same exact case of lejohn
7:27 PM
So once he did five edits in very quick succession, the SE system automatically prevented further edits.
until he passes alcohol test..
In addition to touching his own content, he also started 'locking' other questions.
@MarkMayo Does this warrant a meta discussion? What happened today?
yeah probably. do you have a few min to do it? I've really got to get some work done in the next 30 min
@MarkMayo I really voted you up a lot.. don't push me to have a rampage.. or you will lose 500+ rep. :D:D
same for you @AnkurBanerjee.. :D
@HaLaBi - nah, we'll just suspend you for 20 years instead, and keep our rep ;)
7:31 PM
Sounds like a plan!
7:46 PM
the mods in the mod chat room seem to have concluded you're a train, btw ;)
LOL, just saw that
is there a separate chat room for the mods of the mods chat room? and if so, who are the mods of it?
Q: How do I minimize the chances of TSA agents confisticating liquids larger than 3 ounces?

InquilineKeaI know as a fact that I've gotten liquids larger than 3 ounces through the TSA scanner systems (such as sunscreen). I was scolded one time for bringing a shampoo container, but I was still ultimately allowed to bring that container through. In any case, how often are liquids larger than 3 ounces...

are TSA rules the law or not?
Because if so, do we allow questions asking about breaking the law? I remember we had one before, but can't remember what it was
Uh, dunno whether it's the law.
It was about not paying speeding tickets
From some Italian dude.
Boy that was a hot potato...
7:54 PM
as someone who regularly, legally, takes containers > 3.4oz through TSA, i have no issue with that question
@Doc, legally? are the TSA regulations NOT the law? (I'm not American, so I'm asking)
see my answer
it's all about the labeling :)
but that's just a way around the regulation really.
AFAIK, there is nothing illegal against trying to take liquids through security
thousands of people do it every day
the problem is we shouldn't have questions where we're asking about breaking the law
people doing it doesn't make it legal tho
thousands of people illegally smoke marijuana every day - it's not legal tho
I mean, I have no problem with someone taking a 4oz bottle - shrug, but it's the advice I'm concerned about.
ok, thousands of ppl get caught taking liquids through. none of them get arrested/fined/charged/etc (without additional reason)
again, it's NOT about whether or not they get away with it. It's about us giving advice to break the law.
I'll ask it on meta :/
what i do is NOT breaking the law
it's completely legal
and i specifically buy my deodorant in another country to make it work
fine - your answer may be legal, but it's about the question too - if they're asking about getting around a rule which is legally binding
Why ask it on meta? It's a question you can ask as on the main site!
"Are TSA regulations legally binding / a law or not?"
Simples :)
8:02 PM
I'm asking about what we do about legal issues :)
Q: Asking questions / Giving advice which may break the law?

Mark MayoSo a user asks: How do I minimize the chances of TSA agents confisticating liquids larger than 3 ounces? on Travel.SE. Now, if the TSA rules are legally binding, aren't they essentially asking about breaking the law? And if so, should we close it, and under what category? Aside: Does anyone k...

Another example of a borderline illegal question would be the one on Korean women and adultery
On Travel.SE that is
will be interesting to see what the response is
if it's "not our problem" then it's easy :)
if not, our difficult day gets worse ;)
Q: Are the TSA rules legally binding?

Mark MayoA user asked How do I minimize the chances of TSA agents confisticating liquids larger than 3 ounces? My question is - are the TSA rules legally binding or not? Whether or not you get charged if caught (you probably won't), are the rules actually LAW?

you missed all the action
google's latest doodle is Turing epic
"Turkey's government holds an emergency security meeting amid reports that one of its fighter jets was shot down by Syrian security forces. " - this doesn't bode well
8:23 PM
odds are they were just planning for Thanksgiving, but the orders got mixed up...
jets and turkeys look nothing alike
@mark i have just read through it
i saw lejohns duplicate but that question is a ticking time bomb so im staying well clear
but this was a Turkey Jet!
turns out the question wasnt the only ticking time bomb...
Im not sure those taste very nice, something to do witrh the jet fuel stuffing
i was getting trolled on here a lot last year @MarkMayo probably remember me asking him to whipe my account. lying scoundrel told me he couldn't ;)
i just left the site alone for a few months let everything calm down and now im happy as larry
albiet 55 rep short
probably didn't realise the full extent of my powers. wouldn't want me going power crazy ;)
he's a New Zealander. You just cant trust them...
8:29 PM
I'm not the only one...
i got called a new zealander yesterday... damn was i insulted
looks around for more kiwi's
(as opposed to british, which is what i normally get called in the US)
where are you from @Doc
@MarkMayo i checked behind the sofa, didn't see any kiwis there, where are you hiding them all?
you want me to go there? :)
8:32 PM
sure it could be entertaining
they sure as hell aren't at the redback anymore
8:46 PM
well given you're from Christchurch (travel.stackexchange.com/a/7838/101)... ;)
@VMAtm @AnkurBanerjee - info from the mod's room, they're fine with us deciding what we want to do with legal questions
so if we're happy to just ignore them and let the community deal with it, cool
or we can decide we don't want to let potentially illegal questions on the site
OR we can start by making it obvious, and I'll post a question on how to sneak across ... the Paraguayan border, for example ;)
9:25 PM
stuart: australia originally, san fran bay area now
10:07 PM
well since a lot of us are having negative days, I suggest we all take this opportunity to offer some bounties :)
now down -511 for the day ;)
aw crud, that means @Doc is ahead of me for the week. Bounties, Doc, bounties! ;)
10:25 PM
Your TSA question is interesting, but i think the answer is wrong
10:51 PM
well that's the great part of this website - if you have a different answer, preferably with references, I can always change which one I accept :)
In fact, I'd encourage it. It's never occured to me before (About TSA), and now I'm keen to know - preferably before my next USA flight, otherwise I may be tempted to ask them ;)

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