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12:01 AM
@TedErsek You've already the image file with your screenshot?
2 hours later…
2:07 AM
@J.M. My OS is Windows 7. I know if the mouse focus is on the Mathematica window, I can
@TedErsek Does windows 7 respond to the PrintScreen button (assuming it's present)? In other words, can you press PrintScreen and go into Paint and paste the result?
@J.M. My OS is Windows 7. I know if the mouse focus is on the Mathematica window, I can press (Alt, Prt Scr) and my Mathematica window is on my clip board. Then I can do things like past it into Power-Point. So how do I past it into SE?
@TedErsek Paste into Mathematica (or Paint) and save the graphic as a JPG or PNG file.
Then use the 'picture' button (the one to the right of the curly braces, or above the 'Styling/Headers' in @rcollyer 's screenshot. It will automatically upload the image and paste in some formatting code.
2:15 AM
By selecting the ? mark on the far right it brings up the help, which the image above is the image help. Per Brett, once it is saved as a PNG or JPG, you need to upload it to the server. You do this by selecting the 6th button from the left, in the larger view it looks like a picture. This brings up a dialog to upload your image to the server. The scripts then input the link to the image for you.
@OleksandrR and @JM per our discussion on thermite the other day, here's a video about using SiO2 as the oxygen source. Yes, he used sand.
@TedErsek does the info above work for you?
@rcoller, Give me a minute or two.
@TedErsek absolutely. The video is good, too, if your into that sort of thing.
@TedErsek There is also the following, if you're looking to include Mathematica graphics:
Q: Can I easily post images to this site directly from Mathematica? (Yes!)

SzabolcsGraphics are tightly integrated into the Mathematica interface. The Front End is programmable, and Mathematica has functions to interface with the web, so the question naturally comes up: Could we make it possible to upload images to StackExchange directly from Mathematica, using a palette butt...

@BrettChampion thanks. I meant to suggest that, and then got sidetracked.
@rcollyer, @Brett Champion, @J.M., I managed to put a screen shot of my Mma window in SE. All is well.
2:28 AM
@TedErsek glad we could help.
2:54 AM
Idea for the blog: Deciphering error messages. For me, this was the most daunting task when I first started using mma. Thoughts?
3:05 AM
@rcollyer Might be interesting, although I think it'd probably be tricky, and very dependent on which messages you look at.
@rcollyer You tried to do an evaluation without having anything selected.
@BrettChampion very much so. Some of them are so cryptic that it is impossible to determine what exactly is going wrong. At the same time, though, the fountain of Messages one can generate can easily overwhelm any one of marginal sanity. I'll have to think on the exact contents I'd want to cover, if I do write it.
Just because it is potentially a very broad topic.
Messages are tricky to write. They should be reasonably short, including whatever arguments get fed in (e.g. Expand[(a + b)^50]) and people jump on any small inaccuracies ("The message says foo has to be a positive integer, but it can [much less often] be None or a list of positive integers!")
3:21 AM
Right, just like any documentation.
I was thinking more along the lines of the structure of a message, where to look for further info, and those pesky General messages. Maybe a bit more content, alongside the advice to breath.
In the meantime, good night.
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8:48 AM
@Jin If you need to create a shape that requires precision or some sort of automation (for example making various stellated polyhedra), just ask here in chat and lots of people will be happy to make that shape in Mathematica for you
@Jin ...and by "happy" Szabolcs meant "very eager". :D
7272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727272727‌​27272727272727272727 is a prime number.
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11:13 AM
Without meaning any disrespect to anybody, sometimes I find what people consider "severe limitations" hilarious:
Q: Using N as a variable in Mathematica

Marc WiddowsonI want to produce a Mathematica Computable Document in which N appears as a variable in my formulae. But N is a reserved word in the Mathematica language. Is there a way round this other than using a different symbol? It seems a severe limitation if you cannot use Mathematica to generate papers i...

@acl Maybe he's just not good at using adjectives...
@rcollyer I think this is a masterstroke: Eigenvalues[RandomReal[{0, 1}, {2, 2}], Method -> "none"] and then click on the rightarrow for further information: it takes you to the page for Eigenvalues, where there is no explanation of "Method"... (Arnoldi is mentioned in some outdated tutorial that I don't know how to reach with hyperlinks, and in a few (6, to be precise) other pages in the docs. But we are nowhere told what the methods and options are!
really inspired piece of documentation-writing there :)
11:28 AM
@acl Yes, it wasn't very easy to find this in the docs...
If you try typing "Arnoldi" into help, the first few results returned don't mention it explicitly. What gives, right?
11:47 AM
@acl That wouldn't be the first time. Method seems to be the most under-documented option for all functions that use it.
@Heike At least, NIntegrate[], NDSolve[], NMinimize[], FindRoot[], and FindMinimum[] have the beginnings of good Method documentation.
But, still a long way to go...
2 hours later…
2:13 PM
@JM yes, I have indexed the docs and can see it is mentioned in exactly 7 files... one is that one
Still, the docs could do a better job about mentioning ARPACK...
2:38 PM
@Szabolcs @JM that'd be great! I'd love to have the vector version of that logo. if you could, could you please send it to jin@stackexchange.com ?
I prefer .eps
@Jin The curvy pentagon? Sure. What dimensions?
A: What should our site design look like?

wxfflesInspired by F'x, here's a 2D analogue of spikey. Done with a bunch of rules because I like them, and they make it clear what is going on. Start with a pentagon: p = Polygon[Table[N[{Cos[t], Sin[t]}], {t, \[Pi]/10, 2 \[Pi], (2 \[Pi])/5}]]; Make a rule to split any polygon into triangles (ce...

the one in that answer, I believe that's the most upvoted one by the community.
as for the color scheme,
i like that one a lot.
it was used for the community promotional ad
A: What would be a good community promotion ad?

VerbeiaThis is just a tweak on Szabolcs' ad, with a different slogan to make the case for why someone should join (we're fun! Just look at some of the most upvoted questions!) using "BeachColors" Also using "BeachColors" but reversing the ordering of the colours and removing the extremes: colour5...

Ooh, the orange-y one. Okay; please wait while I re-render...
@JM thanks! much appreciated.
@Jin Done.
2:53 PM
@JM great. could you please send the .eps to jin@stackexchange.com?
Oh, I gave a download link... doesn't it work?
oh i didn't even see that. sorry
do I have to download this .exe to download that file? i'm on a mac
I was about to ask the same thing ...
Nope. You just need to click on the "Click here to start download from sendspace" bit.
@JM got it. thanks!
I'll be finalizing the site design concepts over the weekend, and will try to present them to the community early next week
2:58 PM
Hmm ... this is what I get:
@Jin Awesome. Thanks Jin!
@rcollyer Oof, you clicked on an ad, I believe; not the actual file.
@rcollyer click that link, circled in red
(Excuse the popups; a necessary evil for sites like this...)
3:00 PM
@JM popups blocked!
@Jin that is annoying. There are two other "download" buttons on that page.
@rcollyer Okay; was saying that just in case... :)
@rcollyer Yep, those ads are annoying, but again: necessary evil.
@JM definitely heavy on the evil. :P
@rcollyer well, that site is designed to maximized ad clicks i think
@Jin and profit! :)
It's so hard to find a good file storage site these days...
3:02 PM
@JM I used Dropbox, and it's great
@JM Or, avoid having them raided by the feds.
@Jin Hmm, just looked at that. Interesting.
@JM it's probably one of the best tools I've used in recent years. It seamlessly integrates into your OS, and has a nice web UI.
for example, I just copied your eps to my dropbox's public folder, and here's the share link: dl.dropbox.com/u/2296037/mmaSElogo.eps
Just dropped in to see what was going on. Bye all. Thanks, again @Jin.
@Jin Ooh, cool. Thanks for that; I'll try it out.
3:21 PM
Q: A pause before accepting an answer?

JagraI keep noticing that new participants on the site often pick the first answer to their question without waiting for others to appear. In the interest of eliciting more and perhaps better answers, could the site enforce a waiting period to accept answers, say 24 hours?

3:37 PM
@JM dropbox, it's really convenient
5 hours later…
8:16 PM
@acl Unfortunately, for new accounts (opened after July 1 I believe) DropBox will stop hosting direct links to public content.
Correction: July 31. Get one while supplies last.
2 hours later…
10:17 PM
@MrWizard could you mail me please?
@Szabolcs Hi Szabolcs!

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