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3:02 AM
I found a website for an orchestra, and there was a members logon page with only a single pasword. Literally the first password I tried got me in (the name of the group)
2 hours later…
5:00 AM
@NathanMerrill Have you checked that that was actually the password? Perhaps it accepts any password
5:30 AM
Then what's the meaning of password
Curious about whether the password is indeed hard-coded in the website
5:47 AM
@NathanMerrill you have to tell us the site now so we can all go hack it
there should be appropriate consequences for poor security
@JoKing yes, I have. It really was the password
@ShieruAsakoto it's literally the name of the orchestra. It's listed across the top of the website in big letters
@Pavel to be fair, once I "unlocked" the content, there was nothing more than a embedded google calendar of practice times and a list of youtube videos to listen to the songs
@NathanMerrill I mean whether the checking part is hard-coded inside the scripts
Can you add events to the calendar?
no, sorry
@ShieruAsakoto oooh...I wonder
dang, it'd be nice to leave a 'ur password is shite --the hax0rs' kinda thing
5:56 AM
nope, it's not. It's a POST request. It's a Squarespace website, so I'd expect that the actual framework is doing the right stuff, even if the operators don't know what they are doing :)
is it https at least
not by default. I had to manually change it to https, but it does work with https
but that's because the link they chose isn't https
there goes the 'the framework is doing the right stuff' theory
no, because it's a user link
oh, yeah, the framework could auto-forward you to https
yeah, squarespace should totally do that
wait, isn't that a DNS setting?
No you just send a normal 301
6:05 AM
squarespace rofl
can you go directly to the calendar without logging in?
it's not a page, it's just a public google calendar that was embedded. So if you somehow managed to find the link, then sure, but not really
well that should be as simple as inspect element->look at the src attribute of the iframe
right, it's easy once you have the page, but finding the calendar beforehand isn't
but what are you going to do with the calendar?
you can just click on it, and it'll send you to the google calendar page
anyways, it's been fun, but I need to sleep. night all
2 hours later…
7:57 AM
I've a question regarding the tag: I notice that in pretty much every challenge that includes this tag, if the OP doesn't provide any rules on these points, these points will be asked: Is it ok to use 0- / 1-based indexing? Can we return an infinite list/generator? Can instead of the n-th term, can we also just print the first n entries of the sequence?
In order to avoid repeating the discussion every time, I would suggest deciding on some defaults that we do include in the tag description (and maybe default IOs, though I'm not sure how well this post is suited for discussing these specific formats)
Does anyone have an opinion or suggestion on that? I think I'd write a post on meta about this issue with a suggestion for an updated tag description.
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
Or should I directly just add some defaultIOs?
@Mods:@Mego @Dennis, what do you recommend how to proceed?^
2 hours later…
12:22 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LegenDUSTI Love U So Much! Just print i love u, or I Love U. But, because i love u so much, there is two rule. At least there must be one I, and one U. Capital or not is regardless. I and U must be stick together. No sole i and sole u. This is code-golf, so shortest code with byte wins. restricted-...

@flawr I'd say a post on Meta with "Here is what I propose adding to the tag" along with those defaults.
@AdmBorkBork Ok, thanks for the feedback, I'll do that!
12:45 PM
Next time I'll just write "dat"
Good gravy, why does DEFCON of all conventions have such problems syncing presentations with the slides and general AV woes? Stop trying to pwn and fix the sound
Also, stop cheaping out on side-rooms and having only face cam. Slides are like 60% of the presentation
@AdmBorkBork sorry for the multi ping
@flawr No worries. :)
@Veskah it is very reassuring to know that even they do have problems like these
Can't trust a goon, it seems
12:57 PM
what's a goon?
What DEFCON calls its staff, a synonym of 'thug'
do you maybe know the game tremulous? there was one class of aliens called dragoons, and they were usually shortened to "goons" in the game chat
Alas, I do not
1:47 PM
Q: Updating the [sequence] tag info: suggestions

flawrThe current tag info of the sequence is doesn't contain any additional information and I'd like to improve that. Currently it is almost exclusively used for integer sequences (many times from OEIS) and sometimes also for other sequences. Problem: In all those challenges we repeatedly ask the OPs...

1:58 PM
@AdmBorkBork I did as you said^
Looks good to me.
huh, sorry I did't realize I already answered to your message when I posted the link
It hope this was the last multiping for today:)
Just gotta ping Adm on the hourly, Flawr. Make sure he's still awake
hehe, ok, will do =P
Like in the movies where you tell the hotel reception to call you at a specific time to wake up:)
Q: Updating the [sequence] tag info: suggestions

flawrThe current tag info of the sequence is doesn't contain any additional information and I'd like to improve that. Currently it is almost exclusively used for integer sequences (many times from OEIS) and sometimes also for other sequences. Problem: In all those challenges we repeatedly ask the OPs...

3:01 PM
Q: Who can escape the Nonary Game?

GrimyThe Nonary Game is a fictional game played in the video game trilogy of the same name. Your goal is to find how many players (at best) can escape a given game, in as few bytes of code as possible. Rules of the game There are 9 players, numbered 1 to 9. All players start in the same room. There...

3:29 PM
I found this on my website:
04/07/2019 20:36 ddd: he
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: ppap dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: i have a pen
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: i haev an apple
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: uh
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: apple pen
04/07/2019 20:42 dddd: ppcg
04/07/2019 20:42 : ppdd
04/07/2019 20:43 dddd: DSAHYHUJIOKOPL gode colf :DASDASgooo
I'm guessing that someone here must've posted that
Since my only friend who knows PPCG says he didn't post that
3:55 PM
Well did you share this monstrosity somewhere else?:)
4:21 PM
@MilkyWay90 Programming Puzzles and Dode Dolf.
4:38 PM
@AdmBorkBork lol
@flawr Which monstrosity are you talking about? The series of messages, or the website itself?
4:56 PM
This is what I do with my life
Show off my only good programming language
@MilkyWay90 the website :D
I mean, now that I've seen the website I'm not the slightest bit surprized someone write this:)
@flawr randomstuffonline.com or randomstuffonline.com/chat.html
@MilkyWay90 the timestamps O_o
@flawr How did you know the site name before I told you?
@flawr What about them
@MilkyWay90 you're linking to it in your profile
5:03 PM
@flawr Yeah
@MilkyWay90 leading zeros would be nice:)
Did you see the chat?
Leading zeroes are completely unnecessary
except when they are
What is Westeros, btw?
Or aren't you posting those message
@MilkyWay90 ?
(maybe a game of thrones reference?)
5:06 PM
@MilkyWay90 Westeros is the continent where most of Game of Thrones is set
Somebody is posting those messages under MilkyWay90
have you guys seen the meta post about ?
There's a chatroom named ppcg
My conversation with the MilkyWay90 impostor on RSO chat is interesting
5:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

squidTrace My Triangles Triangular is a 2D programming language that reads its code in the shape of the smallest triangle that the code will fit into, ignoring all whitespace. Its IP starts at the very top point of the triangle, and traverses the code starting in a Southeast direction. The IP's direc...

06/11/2019 13:22 : Did both of you guys come from The Nineenth Byte?
06/11/2019 19:22 I crawled the web: to search for
06/11/2019 19:22 unsecured: chatrooms
I should probably get to password-locking my database
Q: Can a question be closed for being too complex (but not necessarily hard)?

Geza KerecsenyiThis question is sort of a follow-up to this other one I found, which I found quite useful but not fully elaborating on what I wanted to know. So, my question is this: I am working on a KoTH puzzle for people to make bots to play. However, as I found myself writing the question, I found that my ...

2 hours later…
7:15 PM
hey, the new design just appeared!
@EriktheOutgolfer The new medal with extra outline is almost invisible on white background.
Aw, I'm gonna miss the PCG balloon
my avatar is staying though! :D
The design!
> we've customized your Chat theme
7:19 PM
I'm saddened that there's no dark theme option :/
@Adám patience
Official name must be a bit cached... :P — Erik the Outgolfer 2 mins ago
What exactly is different here?
I'll need some time to get accustomed to this green over the salmon pink of the featured box ... Apart from that, looks pretty good to me.
@Adám well the footer where the message box is now has the same design as the site's footer
@Adám Takes a minute to build out and you'll need to refresh the page.
7:19 PM
And links are green
New meta favicon is… dark.
yep, chat design just refreshed
@Catija Ohh, leaning on F5 worked. Nice.
And chat is green!
@Geobits It's november now.
7:20 PM
the favicon is still old though
not for me
probably caching
I meant the chat favicon
Yeah favicon hasn't changed for me yet
@Catija "Programming Puzzles & Code Golf" in bottom right of chat looks a bit odd in blue on charcoal/green with gray shadow. I blame caching for the name.
7:21 PM
The logo and favicon in here will take a bit to update... we need a special format for chat and we're still waiting on that but it will all update soon.
@Adám pretty sure that's automatically the site's logo, the cache is a bit slow... also ^
Did anything change since the preview?
the medal, first and foremost
@flawr Everything.
7:23 PM
I can find only one glider
actually a bit surprised how not-broken the gradscript is
the only issue I've seen is there's two logos
*two gliders
I only see one... o_O
one is in the less well known form
a glider has two shapes ;)
7:24 PM
Hmm, mint green is a bit odd
Oh, nice design.
Is it brand new?
Yep, fresh from the oven.
I really like the logo design. It's much more clear that it's a medal on a ribbon, now.
Literally just rolled out
I know the other glider state
7:25 PM
@AdmBorkBork Agreed
Maybe I'm blind
Ooh, Twitter theme is now active.
@HyperNeutrino for me it is on the bottom left
Medal in the Recent Achievements pane is a bit anemic
newsletter updated
7:26 PM
I'd like the achievement medals to get a ribbon too, though
Oh wow, it's so new the icon on the chat room hasn't even updated yet :)
On the Site Rooms button, I mean.
The Swan Song of the PCG Bubble
view-source on the main page still uses balloon icon
Yeah, Catija just mentioned that some of the chat's assets still need to be updated
7:27 PM
@flawr I think my resolution might be too small? idk
do rep privilege thresholds get altered
they did :D
asking for a friend
I think so
yep they will
7:28 PM
Dammit, back to Peer-reviewed edits
@flawr ok maybe I'm bad but i don't see the other glider state?
i thought it was
There's a tiny little snippet of brain flak visible in the header :D
@J.Sallé I suppose I should edit this:
Q: Can we raise the privilege levels?

DJMcMayhemPPCG has graduated. Some features for graduated sites come immediately after graduating. However, other features are held off for an indefinite amount of time: The site gets a custom theme, and Privilege levels, which are initially lowered to help growing beta sites grow, are raised to match th...

why edit?
7:30 PM
self-answer is better
@HyperNeutrino sorry I was wrong!
had the wrong one in mind
Now that I'm a halfway competent dev, I should try some golfing in F#.
Huh, at 100% zoom, the achievement medal's top loop doesn't render
oh lol! ok yeah I initially thought the R-pentomino was another glider state as well and then I realized that it was the R-pentomino someone (DJ?) was requesting in one of the earlier design discussion posts
7:31 PM
@J.Sallé Too small to be discernible.
Q: Congratulations! Your site design is now live!

CatijaYou may have noticed that the site got a bit less blue today! Thank you so much for your input over the last few weeks. This has been a great process and I really hope you like your new theme. We took your very helpful feedback and made some adjustments Reworked the logo to look more like a ...

Shame the brackets didn't make it into the achievement icon
pretty sure it would've been too wide, also we don't want to remove the medal (circle)
@EriktheOutgolfer You need to change your icon now :)
I, for one, welcome our new CGCC overlords.
7:34 PM
16 mins ago, by Erik the Outgolfer
my avatar is staying though! :D
I also like how ArnoldC is the most prominent Hello World entry on the banner (at least on my screen).
@AdmBorkBork c-gnu-c-compiler?
First they came for the PPCGers, and I did not speak out-
Because I was a CGCCer.
@AdmBorkBork I was about to mention that. First thing that pops out is 'IT'S SHOWTIME TALK TO THE HAND'
how long is it gonna take until ppcg shows up when we google cgcc?
7:36 PM
@NewMetaPosts time to fix the userscript...
@Downgoat oh god please make dark theme great again
@Downgoat Change everything back to default
Also the up/downgoats
tbf the gradscript can now be reduced
@EriktheOutgolfer might make an option but I don't really like the new design so will still have option to use the old one :P
7:42 PM
Posting the link doesn't update it yet :D
chat will take some time to update, as Catija said above
@EriktheOutgolfer codegolf.SE
@EriktheOutgolfer PPCG forever :)
I refresh the page and everything changes....welcome to the new overlord CGCC
7:45 PM
hey, congratulations on the new design :)
@Hosch250 also the [codegolf.SE] magic link which still expands to PPCG in chat
that's what it was before he edited it, yeah
@EriktheOutgolfer This acronym exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic acronym for this site, so please do not use it as evidence that you can speak similar acronyms here. This acronym and its similes are frozen and cannot be changed. More info: help center.
oh, sorry
Whoa, mobile chat uses a very string green for its top bar.
@AdmBorkBork hey, no opposition, opposition very very bad evil force! :P
7:47 PM
At least here in chat, PPCG will always live on as PPCG, for sure.
@EriktheOutgolfer cg = computergraphics
How do you pronounce CGCC? Sig-See?
[More inarticulate screeching]?
@flawr there are already such conflicts around the network :/
HNQ seems to still have the old icon, like chat
@AndrasDeak Not for me. That's how I saw the theme go live.
7:50 PM
ah, I was looking at stackexchange.com directly (after two PPCG-free reloads on SO)
Oh, yeah, I see now.
it'll probably switch whenever the caching gods feel like it
just like our official name and chat design
and now the chat favicon and logo too
@Mego The chatiquette GitHub PPCG account…
7:53 PM
the link on the right side of chat at the top of the box still says PPCG
@HyperNeutrino ^^^
I see support for the PPCG acronym to remain so far, though... ;)
As a compromise we could call it PPCGCC
PP and CC have exactly the same intended meaning...
8:05 PM
Programming Challenges & Golfed Coding.
@Adám ... what?
"Golfed Coding"... pretty sure you want to golf the code, not the coding
many of the languages here do have a golfed coding
like? concentrated golf has higher potential than golfed golf, at least in my experience :D
8:11 PM
yay my dark themes work just fine with the new design :D
@EriktheOutgolfer What's the name for that? "Golfed golf" like a "book book" to distinguish it from an ebook.
There was a Vsauce on it not too long ago.
no, "golf golf" would refer to the irl golf sport...
Argh. I can't find the right -nym and now it's bugging me.
I think he meant acronym
8:19 PM
Your site name is going to look funny in chat, just like UX:
@Hosch250 bad example of UX
If I were them, I'd have done a thin border around the text.
um... what is that empty thick message over there ^^^^? I wanna know how I can create that! :P
8:21 PM
I pasted the link to UX.se: ux.stackexchange.com
It's a link to their site, but their icon is white, so it's (next to) impossible to see.
that's the joke
It's really funny on CR, because the CR chat message background is white.
Here it's grey, so you could sort-of see it.
@flawr I think that's it.
But also, holy cow, while searching, I found the Tip of My Tongue project
How long until we get an ASCII challenge for the new logo?
The logo in here's updated if you refresh.
8:25 PM
@Oliver not sure if that would be very interesting, tbh
Q: New Site Design!

HyperNeutrinoUnless you have a userscript that modifies the site's design (or even if so), you should have noticed that we have our site design! (It's November now) So, to celebrate, let's make a program that retroactively applies this design (oversimplified, of course)! So, the most important changes are:...

@flawr Thatnks, that lead me to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrastive_focus_reduplication which is exactly what I'm talking about.
@NewMainPosts I feel honoured :)
@NewMainPosts nope, PPCG forever
@AdmBorkBork I wonder whether this exists in any other language
8:28 PM
I would imagine it would have to. I don't speak any other language fluent enough to say for sure, though.
it has an Arabic version
although we do use that in Greek
for example "ψωμί ψωμί" literally means "bread bread", and it means real bread, not toast slices, for example
@EriktheOutgolfer haha, I like this example:)
yeah, pretty common situation :D
Chat icon updated. SE icon hasn't.
I think it has too
8:43 PM
stackexchange.com Not for me.
might be cached, I think it's automatic too
8:55 PM
@flawr that's widely used in (at least Brazilian) Portuguese.
The icon for the site in the sites list has updated. The icon in the HNQ list on the SE.com homepage has not updated... I asked about it... the response I got was "It'll update eventually"... so... there you have it. ;)
so we can agree that we can blame Tim for this one
Is Tim's full name "Tim Caching"?
perhaps his middle name ;)
maybe he has to turn a key for changes to apply...
9:00 PM
You can't see the name there, just the icon.
The header picture for chat still hasn't updated.
Anyway, see you later. Nice theme, though.
that's the updated one :D it's just not very visible because the background is white
seems fitting, first challenge is finding the site
@flawr We use it occasionally in Yiddish. In Biblical Hebrew, duplication of words is very frequently used for emphasis of something being real — often translated by insertion of the "surely", as in moys yumashe shall surely die.
another one, oh no ^
9:08 PM
@Adám interesting! WP just mentiones german as another example but I never actually heard it in german:)
that list is more messed up though
@flawr Hm, now I think of it, that duplication thing is the inverse of "", right?
I think this doesn't work in Hungarian
@Adám division by zero is undefined in all contexts ;P
Hey, @Andras! I hope to see you more around here, now that the site's color fits your avatar's color
9:13 PM
Ha, I had to stay away due to my fabulous sense of style
@EriktheOutgolfer haha.
The Glider suggestion was taken into account \o/
yep, and also the infamous trace output isn't up there if you look carefully
And the code in the header now includes Arnold C code!
No APL ⍨
9:17 PM
@Adám you're thinking additively
The ribbon in the medal looks a bit weird, but at least now there's no possible confusion with a ! symbol
but duplication actually sounds more like somehting multiplicative
and it is
also, String/Number=Array[String]
@LuisMendo And R-Pentomino too!
9:34 PM
@DJMcMayhem Great! I don't recognize its shape..., but your arguments to include it were convincing
hey @mods (@DJMcMayhem seems here) wanna pin this not the current one ('preview' vs 'live')
@Giuseppe I'm still calling this site PPCG
@Riker it seems featured, and the preview doesn't. Is that not weird?
don't try to use logic with the featured widget...
Ah, just an interesting feature.
9:47 PM
Should the url ppcg.github.io/chatiquette be changed to cgcc... now? Not sure how easy that would be
it should be hard-linked to github.com/ppcg
typo originally, but both taken :(
@LuisMendo Keep it PPCG
The name Code Golf Stack Exchange is used a lot. CG@SE ?
9:49 PM
@AndrasDeak you're blocking our way, cgcc! er, I mean, I support keeping the acronym as it always was
@AndrasDeak Yeah, I keep thinking of it as CCGC, probablñy because the old name also had two equal letters in the beginning
Let's make it codegolfandcodingchallengesORprogrammingpuzzlesandcodegolfORcodegolfatstackexchange.github.io
@Adám I very much think CGSE is better than CGCC, but Computer Graphics exists and nothing beats PPCG
@MilkyWay90 I hear you. But we'll have to get used to the new name...
@EriktheOutgolfer Let them be showered by a stream of golfed programs. They'll never know what hit them. I mean literally, they'll have no idea what that is.
9:51 PM
no repos :(
I think the coding challenges in our name will attract off-topic questions
Also, the new notification for getting pinged in chat is not okay
New colour?
huh, I think that was only for a few seconds while the chat design was being changed
or here in chat?
I meant the sound
9:53 PM
it hasn't changed though
Not the electronic bass sound anymore? :-(
@Adám Ugh.
It is the electronic bass sound
oh, I forgot about sounds
9:53 PM
@Adám Oh
Ah, great. I like that sound
The sweetest sound to wake up to at 2:30am.
I think I'm getting it confused with Google Hangouts
@MilkyWay90 didn't you just hear the old sound?
@EriktheOutgolfer Yeah. I could've sworn I heard something different
Oh well
9:57 PM
there are 4 different sounds in this server; we're using the one most other sites use too
isn't there one with a farting sound?
rings a vague bell
I think your *monkey is doing that :P
nah, I've had all chats muted for years
I'll have to ask in the tavern (and see if I get suspended in the process)
yeah, although you won't find anything related to that in any of the 6 sounds the three chat servers have in total
if it's no longer available it may have been changed when someone from twitter heard it
10:02 PM
yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a bass sound though
nowhere close to what you think unless your speakers are totally toast
@AndrasDeak OK, let me check...
no, this is definitely a plunk
I'll check chat.MSE
that's a whistle! :P
no, that's a star trek doorbell
oh well, we'll never know
made a smooth live GoL simulation for the footer. works fine, except for the fact that it uses 15% of the CPU... quite a price to pay for something i'd pretty much never actually look at :|
have you considered not golfing it? ;)
10:17 PM
@AndrasDeak i wish speeding stuff up was as easy as that
stereotype: golfed code is made of snails
10:46 PM
Everything looks green
And RIP site analytics
11:20 PM
@Adám Dennis is the only active mod with owner access to that group
11:30 PM
@AndrasDeak yea like erik said the featured widget is always broken lol
11:40 PM
@AndrasDeak The Star Trek noise is in MSE chat.

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