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La ferme, Smokey.
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The text doesn’t even display on my phone...
Oh, interesting
To avoid donkey votes, the candidates load in a random order on election pages
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Q: Technology or Metaphysical element: What would the Lantern rings be most accurately classified as?

Russ RainfordThis has always puzzled me, in terms of its complexity. The rings of a Lantern corps, whatever the color, act very much like other magical/cosmic/spiritual/super powered weapons in various universes, such as Quasar's bands, the Cosmic Cubes or M'Krahn crystal in Marvel, or H-Dial, Star staff or...

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I’m good at asking allegedly bad questions on other SE sites...
Q: Science fiction story about head of secret school finding a construct that answers questions

Robert PearsonCommander of a secret military school finds a construct that answers questions. The commander asks how build a machine for instantly transporting objects. Then tries it himself and finds that the external time is 0 seconds, but the internal time is longer than his air supply. The construct tells ...

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Q: 1980s Cartoon *WildFire* ... how was Prince Cavin established on Earth?

Russ RainfordI'm very familiar with this mid 80s H-B cartoon, but thinking about it... there are some inconsistencies. Okay, so...short rundown: Wildfire is a magical, sentient, talking horse and warrior in service to the royal family and kingdom of Darshaan. Whether Darshaan is just the country or the worl...

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Q: Did the Rebel Alliance do anything with the Death Star plans after the Battle of Yavin?

ThunderforgeIn A New Hope, the Rebel Alliance has stolen the secret plans for the Death Star. They are able to study the plans to find the critical weakness allowing them to destroy the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. But even with the Death Star destroyed, they've still got the technical plans to perhap...

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Q: Image of the week "hall of fame"

Gabriele D'Antona You may know that https://photo.stackexchange.com/ (this site's parent :) has a "Photo of the week" contest. Here are all the images featured on the homepage from the beginning of the current year in reverse chronological order. Historical archives for previous years, see the archives list at ...

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@NapoleonWilson Fair point. I've now edited the question to try to make it more on-topic.
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Q: Why did the Death Eaters wait to reopen the Chamber of Secrets

DaishozenVoldemort opened the Chamber of Secrets when he was at school, and wrote it all down in his diary. Since that same diary was used as a horecrux, it seemed to have come with a set of instructions on how to use it to bring Voldemort back. So why did the Death Eaters wait until Harry was in his seco...

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Q: Was the Lonely Mountain where Smaug lived a volcano?

LincolnManWas the Lonely Mountain in the Hobbit story a volcano? If not, how did the dwarves get enough heat to run the huge forges?

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Q: star ship shaped like a manta ray encounters doomsday machine from magellenic cloud piloted by a lady with cat’s eyes

Michael WiseIt was published in the 70’s, but I can’t remember the name of it. The manta ship docks with the doomsday ship, and the girl is in hibernation, she is extracted, then ... they try and stop the doomsday ship.

Q: Why didn't the people of King's Landing riot when Cersei blew up the the Great Sept of Baelor?

Matthew HollidayBlowing up the Sept is kinda equivalent to blowing up the Vatican. The Sparrows were popular with the smallfolk because they gave them food and protection. She should be facing riots in the streets, mad preachers going absolutely insane on every corner and even more so in a period already reelin...

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Q: Whose blast could be more powerful?

paulWe saw that all three Super Heroes Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Thor Odinson have the same sort of weapons. Same because all three weapons look like energy beams (made up of photons, electrons, +ve -ve ions). But which one is more powerful? Captain Marvel went through (destroyed) entire ship T...

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Q: Help me identify this movie with a woman detective in it and a vampire who falls for her

user117682I don't remember the specifications.. But after the titles, the opening was about a murder in the streets and a detective was supposed to investigate it.. A man watches her from the roof of one of the nearby buildings.. He falls for her afterwards and so on.. the movie had weird scenes, such as p...

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Q: What is the difference between this enchantment and curse?

The Man 95In Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grinderwald when we first meet Queenie and Jacob the witch has him placed under a powerful enchantment that makes Jacob more susceptible to her suggestions. How different is that enchantment from the imperius curse and why isn't that enchantment regulated by the Min...

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Q: Does Loras Tyrell have a birthmark in the books?

DoItAgainDanyIn s05e06 we see that Loras Tyrell apparently has a birthmark. CERSEI: This testimony is an insult to a great house. Why should The Faith or anyone else take the word of a squire over the heir to Highgarden? OLYVAR: He has a birthmark, your grace. Quite high on his thigh, wine-colored, ...

You'd have to ask whoever created the tag
Should probably be renamed to the full one though
Might be worth just flagging for a mod to "rename" the tag
And make the current one a synonym if needed
10:24 AM
or ping in chat ;) @Randal'Thor
Doesn't Rand usually moan when he gets pinged for mod matters rather than someone raising a flag? :P
Let me ask @Randal'Thor hey will you go to moan? ;)
I wonder, does @Randal'Thor like it when he gets pinged a lot? :P
I am sure @Randal'Thor will be pissed fine with it
Q: Would Thanos still get the Stone?

MovieMeIn the movie Avengers Endgame, we learn that to get the soul stone, one doesn't have to make the sacrifice but simply lose the one they love. A Soul for a Soul. Natasha kills herself, yet Clint receives the Soul Stone. There is another question here that deals with just that: Why was this sacrif...

10:49 AM
@AnkitSharma pinging @Randal'Thor might be a tad bit preposterous - didn't we have a discussion about keeping one for the comics event and one for the movie?
@Jenayah yeah I am talking about naming
Oh nevermind the comics one is
11:01 AM
I got a bit of a question for GoT that I think is too little for a post, Do we know what happens to Anguy in the show and/or the books?
Do we know what happens to X? Questions have been asked before
So it's viable in this case?
For example
Q: Where is Ilyn Payne and why is he not dead?

Mor ZamirArya's killing list included Ilyn Payne, the king's torturer and executor. All of the rest of the names she had in the list Was it mentioned anywhere if he died or not?

In the show answer is unknown I believe, there's not much more in the books for Anguy
I see, so should I pass on posting it?
Up to you, someone else might know more than me but I think that's about it
Show last we hear he's after Arya but the Hound/Brienne beat him there
11:09 AM
@TheLethalCarrot dupe of a dupe of a dupe of a duep O.o
Books apparently he abandons the Brotherhood with others after Lady Stoneheart takes over
@TheLethalCarrot ah thx, that answers the bulk
@TheLethalCarrot I wanted stoneheart in the show but :/
Aye would have been good
Apparently I got pinged about something to do with comics stuff ... gonna ignore that.
11:23 AM
You also got pinged about getting pinged
@Randal'Thor but you are mod on a site full of comics stuff
11:40 AM
@TheLethalCarrot and getting pinged on a comment answering the about getting pinged
@AnkitSharma I'm here for the fantasy novels.
btw @Randal'Thor very nice profile picture
If there's a meta consensus on something, I can act on it, but I can't contribute to a chat about comics stuff.
@Termatinator Oh, thanks!
11:57 AM
Q: Terry Pratchett's Vimes & carrot

Debashish GoswamiIn Pratchett's discworld series, f ever, Carrot was to become king, would Vimes "stand for it" or go "spare" ?

12:07 PM
I just realized something, are there two events called the sack of kings landing? or is the second called the second sack of kings landing?
@Marvin You must never allow carrots to gain power.
I don't see what's wrong with that
@Termatinator Referring to Robert's Rebellion and what's the other?
The second to last episode of game of thrones in the show
Oh, the wiki refers to it as the Battle of King's Landing and they don't really sack it if I'm understanding it correctly
true ig, they utterly destroyed it :P
12:11 PM
I do remember watching the "WTF edition of game of thrones", very much NSFW tho but it cracked me up at times
@Mithrandir I would apply that sentiment to all vegetables. Things that can't run away learn to be very tricky...
well, I'm a machine so... :D
or would you call me an android
@Randal'Thor but you only read fantasy stuff, don't even see :P
@Randal'Thor scifi meta I avoid as long as it's not urgent
@AnkitSharma Not only, but yes, that is indeed what I said.
12:19 PM
SO we need a sci-fi mod too ;)
Ping Null then.
So we have a sci-fi mod, a fantasy mod. Who's the and mod?
AncientSwordRage and Pureferret
What are Kevin and Thaddeus mods of?
Minions and Quora
12:35 PM
That's quite unique of this site
Where does that stem from?
I could probably never be a mod on any stackexchange site XD, I'm not even good at answering questions
One can have a very good time on SE without ever being a mod ;)
yeah, I do like the site a lot, tho I mostly ask questions lol
Literally just that there's a Minion, or two, called Kevin haha
@Termatinator Although it's worth noting that one doesn't need to be good at asking or answering to be a good mod... two unrelated skills
12:52 PM
can't one indicate if you would be a good mod?
Well you could examine writing style and how clear your language is perhaps but that's not really the function for mods
Mod skills are probably more correlated with quality of meta Q&A than quality of main-site Q&A.
I've learned sooo much about writing good meta posts since becoming a mod.
ah, I am a mod on a discord server though XD
@TheLethalCarrot oh, alright
I couldn't think of anything so went with the "obvious"
1:00 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Avatar colours check out.
The jacket looks green to me
@Termatinator it's more about, you know, being able to stay moderate, levelheaded etc. You could be a site's top asker/answerer and yet not be unanimous as a moderator ;)
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I know what minions are, just not enough to know some were called Kevin :P
Kevin, Bob, Stuart and I'm out for Minion names haha
1:13 PM
(Notable Minions, since removed from the Wikipedia page due to lack of notability).
1:48 PM
@Jenayah agreed. I alwayd had fun time in SE with or without my powers
I know I said this last time I asked a question on Arqade, but they're scope is confusing
@Jenayah no mod deviison based on genre
Q: What was the first console or handheld to have a user interface outside of games?

StormblessedConsoles like the NES didn't have any sort of menus when not playing a game. Nowadays, however, stuff like the Switch and PS4 have all sorts of stuff built in: What was the first video game console or handheld to have a user interface without being in a game?

Like how the duck is this asking for recommendations?
But three people have VTCd
But other sites I could ask it on, like Quora, are very badly moderated, edited, etc. compared to here
Q: What is the difference between historical trivia questions and identification or recommendation questions? And should they be allowed?

WriggleniteToday, two questions were asked: What was the first console or handheld to have a user interface outside of games? What is the origin of the standard color coding scheme for item rarity? Very quickly, a discussion started in chat regarding the on-topicness of questions about historical trivia...

They're discussing it on meta
I only have one Arqade closed question so can't say much, it was my bad I missed obivious dupe somehow
1:57 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Oh, nice
That one answer so far is a good argument for them
They don't like id questions and I suppose one could argue history of is an extension of id
2:25 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Except AIUI they don't like game ID questions; I don't think I've ever heard of a platform ID question. So maybe they don't like "history of" {game}, but that doesn't necessarily extend to "history of" {platform} in a sensible way.
Are "history of" {studio} or "history of" {designer} off limits?
(Note that I'm discussing here because the chat is here, and I don't need to join another site today. :)
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Q: If the flerken ate the tesseract then why did it not get powers?

Landon RouillerIn Captain Marvel they manage to get the Tesseract which is the Space Stone and Fury refused to take it. So the Goose swallowed it but did not get powers from it. Why?

6:40 PM
Q: Sci Fi book about ESP. Each person with ESP has just one power

Robert PearsonBook circa 1971. 5 persons with near-death experiences demonstrate more than 1 power. Theme of giant moths flying through space and aliens searching for them.

7:22 PM
Q: Dystopian trilogy: dying Earth, wealthy people living in orbital stations, main character goes on the ground and is trapped there because of a war

Fernando VarelaI would like to reread a fantastic novel (actually a trilogy). The Earth is dying consumed by war and eco problems. Some people live wealthy in orbital stations. That's where the main character lives, but she decides to go to the planet for some time to study at university. But the war breaks o...

8:22 PM
Q: Sci Fi a space cloud engulfs Earth. Men live underground and require a rare mineral for power

Robert PearsonA black cloud engulfs the Earth forcing men to live underground. They need a rare mineral to create the sub-space fields they use for power. A prospector discovers an underground city of lizard people with a different sub-space technology. He combines the technologies to create a new sun for Earth.

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A: A short story about very hostile architecture in an office building

Martin "Inanimate Objection" by H Chandler Elliott. Summary: A man is put into an insane asylum because he believes inanimate objects have it in for us. The chief psychiatrist doesn’t think the man is crazy especially after a number of mishaps. Another story with a good sense of humor. A copy of ...

What put the message here?
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11:22 PM
Q: Short story about psychologist analyzing demon

Robert BurkeI heard about a short story where a psycholigist or psychiatrist conjures up a demon. He analzyes the demon who shrugs off his evil aspect and an angel emerges. I'd love to know the author and title.


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