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10:22 AM
@RegDwight: What up, dawg?
Nothing special just yet.
@kiamlaluno Janis Joplin clearly sings "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz" in that song. She does not say "Oh Lor'" ...
The d is implied.
No, it is explicit.
Or shoul I say, the * is implie.
10:27 AM
I just listened to the song.
Just stop interfering with my lame attempts at jokes.
Unless "d" at the end of a word is not a phoneme that can be heard by non-native speakers, I would say there is no excuse for that kind of presumption.
And it's not your lame attempt at jokes, it's your lame attempt at spelling this morning.
I can spell this morning just fine, there's not a single d in there.
And whom are you calling morning anyhow, it's high noon here.
Wait, you Russians have the terminal d ... cf. Novgorod.
Yes. I can name a few more cities.
Just don't get me started, remember what happened to @Martha.
10:31 AM
It's 5:30 a.m. here. I had too much wine last night and fell asleep on the couch.
I was probably watching the Grande Bouffe when that happened.
I really ought to buy cheaper wine so I wouldn't drink so much of it.
Smaller quantities of cheaper wine will make your head hurt even more.
Now there's a great idea for an excursion. Get a bunch of hookers and go off for a weekend.
Kind of like The Decameron only without the plague.
I only know Jamescameron.
10:37 AM
Once again in Na'vi, if you don't mind?
The Na’vi language is the constructed language of the Na’vi, the sapient humanoid indigenous inhabitants of the fictional moon Pandora in the 2009 film Avatar. It was created by Paul Frommer, a professor at the Marshall School of Business with a doctorate in linguistics. Na’vi was designed to fit James Cameron's conception of what the language should sound like in the film, to be realistically learnable by the fictional human characters of the film, and to be pronounceable by the actors, but to not closely resemble any single human language. When the film was released in 2009, Na’vi had ...
I do mind, as a matter of fact.
Aww, you're no fun.
Contrary to popular belief, I don't think there's a word for James Cameron in the Na'vi language.
I think it means "wealth bringer."
More like wealth accumulator.
10:40 AM
There are differing opinions on that.
I did say that my opinion didn't match the popular belief.
When pronounced with a rising intonation, kam'ronn means "bringer" ...
Cameron Giles (born February 4, 1976), better known by his stage name Cam'ron or "Killa Cam", is a Grammy-nominated, American rapper and actor. He is the founder of the hip-hop group The Diplomats (also known as Dipset), and also of The U.N. (Us Now) group. Music career Early life Cameron Giles was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He went to school at Manhattan Center High School, where he would meet his long time friends Mase and Jim Jones. He was a promising basketball player alongside Mase, however, he was unable to take advantage of various scholarship offers due to a poor ac...
Hey ma, what's up.
This whole discussion is Ludacris.
10:44 AM
"HEY! You want what wit me?!
I'm a tell you one time, don't FUCK wit me!
GET DOWN! Cause I ain't got nothing to lose
I'm having a bad day, don't make me take it out on you!"
I like how Wikipedia puts a comma between "Grammy-nominated" and "American".
That's what you get with a Wild-West editorial policy.
I love that expression Grammy-nominated. (Also Oscar-nominated and the like.) It's like telling people you were accepted at Columbia but didn't go to school there.
Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century and often Victorian era Britain—that incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them; in other words, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style,...
Déjà vu.
10:47 AM
All over again.
You're the one keeps bringing up Steampunk movies.
Kind of wonder why Dick Cheney isn't in the Twilight series. Seems like he'd be a natural for it ... or an unnatural ...
An unnatural unfit?
You know, he's already undead, so they don't even need makeup.
I don't think them vampires use rifles. Them use teeth.
And no amount of garlic keeps Dick Cheney away.
10:52 AM
But you don't see him with a rifle in that picture, do you?
Ain't that a fire-spewing spider in his left hand?
Let's hope it's only that.
His left hand is somewhere unmentionable, actually.
I do hope his hand is on the spider...
Beat me to it.
Does look like he's trying to rub one out, though.
At least he's not rubbing it in.
10:54 AM
Rummy is the only one not clued in, apparently.
He thinks it's not a movie about the undead.
**Franco-American Spaghetti Western**

With Sparkling Freedom (not champagne)
And Patriot Bread (not Au Bon Pain)
We spit out all that beaujolais
To celebrate the U.S.A.

In our Americanized edition
Voila's lost to the magician
Fries are "freedom", never French
Chaise longue is your "American Bench"

Our women never put on rouge
Our winter sports eschew the luge
Our soldiers never camouflage
Our hospitals must not triage

Amid the buzz of language saws
We toss the salad called Niçoise;
We'd not have any strength to boast
Something for your amusement after the U.S. Congress declared that they weren't going to serve French Fries at the Capitol cafeteria anymore. It was around the time of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
That whole renaming affair was fucking ridiculous.
It was embarrassing. I posted that set of quatrains on Slate, but they changed their format so the old messages aren't visible anymore. Still, it got mentioned: slate.com/id/2079846
Scroll down to Wednesday, Mar. 12, 2003
And the HTML entities kind of disrupt the flow, but it's too late to edit ...
It's okay, I'm a native speaker of HTML.
11:10 AM
And I thought it was just a written language, like Sanskrit ... I would love to hear it spoken sometime.
We should have a Ventrilo server for E&U.SE chat.
Voting to close this one:
Q: Why does language matter?

Tom GullenPeople sometimes correct me in real life, on-line or in emails/Facebook etc (although not so much nowadays). It sort of bothers me. A lot of people I know are writers, or educated to a high level which is the main contributing factor to this. I write short stories. My short stories though don...

11:44 AM
I'm not a big fan of this question, either:
Q: Creating a new word

Tom GullenIf you invent a new word, how do you go about getting this recognised as a real word in dictionaries?

@Robusto Now, who is taking too seriously whom? :-)
I know the text of the song, and I know Janis Joplin says "Oh Lord".
12:12 PM
If I write rock'n'roll, does that mean I am implicating in English nobody says and, or rock and roll?
@kiamlaluno: I mean she articulates the final -d in "Oh Lord" ... You wrote it as "Oh Lor'", as if that's how you heard it. Maybe you did hear it that way, but she pronounced it. That's all I'm saying.
@Robusto: I heard what she says. The rhythm of the song is slow enough for me to understand what she says, especially when she says it the second or third time.
Ek! I had more problems to understand if it was "would you like to swing on a star" or "would you like to swim on a star".
It's "swing" ... nobody swims on a star these days.
Or @RegDwight might, just to be contrary. IDK.
Well, nobody carries moon beans home in a jar either. ;-)
Really? How else are you going to carry moon beams home then?
A: Looking for a word

RegDwightThat would be sister-in-law: sister of one's spouse, the wife of one's brother, or sometimes the wife of one's spouse's brother.

@RegDwight gives the kindest of the many terms used for that relation.
Here's another I've heard used:
Q: What is currently the most obscene word in British English?

chaosIn a recent question, I realized that while I know what's currently considered the most obscene word in American English ("cunt"), I am told that word is much more unexceptional and workaday in British English, and I do not actually know what word does bear the distinction of most obscene in that...

12:26 PM
@Robusto: I would use a vacuum cleaner; at least I would get also star dust.
Hahahahahaha @Robusto.
It appears that slowly but surely I come to appreciate your obsession with swearing.
It's not an obsession. I don't need to swear. I just like the way it sounds.
Excuse me ... I just like the way it fucking sounds.
Does to swear implicate you sweat too?
Uhmmm… I am sorry; that was a question for myself.
@RegDwight: You're the one who took a data dump and poked through it. Who's got the highest ratio of swear words to non-swears on this board?
I don't think the transcriptions in this chat are included.
12:34 PM
I haven't poked for swear words, but I don't think I would need to in order to answer your question.
And as far as the main site is concerned, consider this:
2 days ago, by Kosmonaut
One user (with about 500 rep) commented out of nowhere on the fuckstick question with something like, "you want an F-bomb??? Ok!!" and then wrote "fuck" about 30 times.
That would probably be an outlier.
Excuse me ... a fucking outlier.
The point is that at 500 rep, he's already used the word more often than you have at 14.3k.
I understand the point.
missing adjective before point...
Oh, sorry ...
I understand the fucking point.
12:40 PM
Thank you, much clearer now.
It gets tiring trying to live up to all your expectations.
Much more clearer now.
And now he goes editing my edits. When will this madness stop?
I'm not trying to become the ne plus ultra of swearing, btw.
But anyhow, thanks for not changing it into "What is a more polite word for c*nt?"
And who edits your edits?
12:42 PM
I'm only one person.
Didn't realize I was stepping on your edit, sorry. Revert it if you like.
"Eye dialect spelling of *you is*"
You left out the apostrophe.
It's a rookie move, you hate to see it ...
Well, then I have to doubt that you're from Boston.
(Boston, New York and Philadelphia) You (singular).
I never claimed to be from Boston.
12:45 PM
That only makes me doubt it even more.
Feb 8 at 13:44, by Robusto
He used to hang out at O'Rourke's on North Ave. in Chicago. A regular guy, willing to chat with people about movies anytime.
Feb 8 at 15:07, by Robusto
You could say it's right by the city, but actually it is part of the city and is in fact in the city. There's even a golf course on the lake side of it, plus many parks, etc.
Feb 8 at 15:06, by Robusto
I used to live on LSD (Lake Shore Drive) way back when, and the sight fills me with horror.
Chicago ain't in Boston?
My geography's off.
And Europe is a country, right?
I mean, just read the comments on my post here:
A: Can or should "ask" ever be used as a noun?

RegDwightLiving in Europe, I have never encountered the usage myself, and neither Merriam-Webster nor Wiktionary even mention the mere possibility of "ask" being used as a noun. That being said, Raymond Chen, a senior Microsoft programmer (Redmond, WA), blogged about the noun ask on January 7th, 2004, sa...

But anyhow, what I was actually getting at was the Jar Jar Binks youse. Doesn't he say stuff like that?
I don't know no Jar-Jar-Bings.
12:50 PM
That's because you misspell it.
Bastard. You edited your post to make me look bad.
Always happy to help!
I would have edited anyway.
It's just that I type first, look up later.
Good thing there's Google then.
Hmm ...
A: Looking for a word meaning "the wife of one's brother".

ikartik90These are some words in various languages (that don't belong to Latin origin) that refer to your Brother's Wife: Hindi: Bhabhi Marathi: Vahini Tamil: Manni Urdu: Bhaji

I have been in Boston; the fact I followed the red line makes me a tourist, though.
Ah! IMDB says it's "yousa".
12:53 PM
I would say the witness is being non-responsive. Move to strike.
It's "Yousa" or something like in this:
Riddley Walker is a science fiction novel by Russell Hoban, first published in 1980. It won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science fiction novel in 1982, as well as an Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award in 1983. It was additionally nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1981. Hoban began writing the novel in 1974, inspired by the medieval wall painting of the legend of Saint Eustace at Canterbury Cathedral. It is Hoban's best-known adult novel and a drastic departure from his other work, although he has continued to explore some of the same themes in ot...
Been a long time since I read that book.
I don't understand why sister-in-law is not correct for "the wife of my brother".
Now the OP is editing his question to ask other questions here:
Q: What is the difference between "Sardonic" and "Sarcastic"?

ikartik90Basically, sardonic and sarcastic both stand for mocking gestures, but what is the difference in their contextual use? Are there any other words that represent a similar gesture? -----------------------------------------------UPDATE----------------------------------------------- And how is Critic...

ShreevatsaR's point is that the OP might be looking for a word that means "the wife of my brother" but doesn't also mean "the sister of my wife". @kiamlaluno
The wife of your brother is still your sister-in-law.
I've amended my answer nonetheless.
1:08 PM
So, if in a language X a word means A, and in another language another word means A, B should I not consider the second word a translation for the first?
It is a valid translation, but it does have a connotation that the original word doesn't. That is the case with many words, however. Arguably, it's the case with all words.
Well, the OP asked for a word that means "the wife of your brother"; he didn't asked for something that means only that.
In German *wählen" means "pick" but you wouldn't use that translation if you were talking about an ice pick or a toothpick.
@kiamlaluno: he might or might not be asking for something that means only that. I'm just covering all my bases.
@Robusto: wählen is a verb.
I know what part of speech it is.
1:18 PM
Just saying.
@RegDwight: I understood. What I mean is that your answer is correct for that question. If the OP means what Shre… suggests, then he needs to change the question.
But taking your point ... you wouldn't use it to mean "pick your nose"
@kiamlaluno: absolutely. I'm just being pro-active about it.
Aber ich wähle meine Nase die ganze Zeit! @Robusto
But it's the only nose you have.
So you're just being partial.
And a bit narcissistic, if I may say so.
That's one of the reasons.
That's two of the reasons.
Soll ich Deine Nase wählen oder was?
1:20 PM
Meine Nase ist am besten.
I have a very Bergeracesque nose.
I would have thought you'd have used a term from Rabelais instead of Rostand, but, well ...
The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel (in French, La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel) is a connected series of five novels written in the 16th century by François Rabelais. It is the story of two giants, a father (Gargantua) and his son (Pantagruel) and their adventures, written in an amusing, extravagant, satirical vein. The text features much crudity, scatological humor, and violence. Lists of explicit or vulgar insults fill several chapters. The censors of the Sorbonne stigmatized it as obscene, and in a social climate of increasing religious oppression, it was dealt with suspicio...
There's not a single occurrence of "nose" in the entire article!
Yes, but I maintain that Monsieur de Bergerac was a better fit.
1:33 PM
That's between you and your schnozz.
Interestingly enough, in German that also means "shut up".
Sorry, I spelled it wrong. Should have been "schnoz":
Anyhow, I actually read Gargantua and Pantagruel as a child, and I don't remember a single word.
Same with Gulliver.
I also tried Dostoyevski, that was a major disappointment.
Gulliver's Travels is worth a rereading.
Some books you just shouldn't read when you're too young.
1:37 PM
No, you should still read them, but that doesn't absolve you of the responsibility to read them again with an adult viewpoint.
No arguing about that.
For one thing, A Voyage to Laputa is much funnier when you understand what La puta means ...
And have seen M.I.T. students in action ...
『天空の城ラピュタ』(てんくうのしろラピュタ)は、スタジオジブリ制作の日本の長編アニメーション作品。 概略 アニメーション映画として1986年8月2日から東映洋画系の103館で公開された。 監督は宮崎駿。宮崎にとって、原作となる作品が存在しない初のアニメオリジナルの監督作品である。製作は徳間書店。スタジオジブリ制作映画の1作品目となる。 「ラピュタ」という名称はスウィフトの『ガリヴァー旅行記』に出てくるエピソードからとったもの。劇中に空飛ぶ島の物語を空想した人物としてスウィフトの名前も出てくるが、名前の借用以外は『ガリヴァー旅行記』との関連はない。19世紀後半、産業革命期のヨーロッパを元にした架空世界での冒険を描く。 興行的には振るわなかったものの、数々の賞を受賞するなど高い評価を得た。 次第に高年齢向けになっていくアニメに対して、マンガ映画の復活を目標に小学生を対象に古典的な冒険活劇として企画され、それが結果的に大人の鑑賞に耐えうる作品になるというのが宮崎の方針であった。配給した東映の観客満足度調査は97.7%と高く、物語は幅広い年齢層に支持され、ビデオ販売の方は好調であった。 同時上映作品は、テレビアニメ『名探偵ホームズ』で宮崎駿が監督した「ミセス・ハドソン人質事件」と「ドーバー海峡の大空中戦!」。 『名探偵ホームズ』を放送していたテレビ朝日...
I wonder if Miyazaki was aware of the connotation.
I actually misread the ra as chi at first. Turns out my Hiragana is rusty as well...
1:45 PM
And now I'll just head straight to Google Translate.
That doesn't help.
"Well, that again. But I'm supposed to slow."
Is there a way to convert comments to answers?
Q: What does “make it cross” mean?

ΤΖΩΤΖΙΟΥI believe it's a British phrase. I found it in that website, as: Fiat's Panda can offer an affordable route into 4x4 ownership. You just have to make it Cross. If you happen to know more meanings except for the one example I've provided, please let me know.

The comment from ikartik90 seems more an answer, than a comment.
I searched MSO for that feature just a few days ago, couldn't find anything.
More precisely, the question that asked for "turn comments into answers" was closed as a dupe of "turn answers into comments". Go figure.
I though @Kosmonaut said he could convert comments in answers, but I could have completely misunderstood what he meant, or I forgot what he was saying.
Here it is:
Q: link to promote comment into answer

Stijn Sanders Possible Duplicate: Turn answer into comment Some people are too modest and propose a different idea to a question in a comment. Is it an acceptable idea to provide the user that posted the question with a link that allows such a comment to get promoted into an answer to the question?

Nah, Kosmonaut only turned answers into comments.
1:58 PM
Doesn't meta.SO have a mark for diamond users anymore?
Sure it does.
I see that question has been closed by three users, but none of them are marked as diamond users.
Well, splattne could have been a mod back in 2009.
I checked the user profile of Chris, Shog9, splattne, but I don't see "diamonds".
In fact, he still is a mod on SF.
If I'm not totally mistaken, SF and SU mods are also mods on MSO, or used to be until only recently.
2:02 PM
I thought you meant "Science Fiction". :-)
2:39 PM
Wow, Google Translate really does a hatchet job on translation, I must say.
That's the best you can get nowadays.
@RegDwight: The first sentence means "OK, later." The second one is more like "I'm becoming late, but ..."
dakedo at the end of a clause is intended to soften the "harshness" of an overt statement.
I probably should have added "koto" into the mix: *Osoi ni na'teru koto da kedo ..."
But, as I said, I was late.
Now the sentence makes sense. But it lacks all the magic.
BTW, folks, how about a concerted effort to delete some of the closed posts?
By "folks" you mean "moderators"?
Well, you can vote to delete, too. @Robusto
I just searched for closed:1 and left a delete vote on a few of the most downvoted posts.
Turns out I only have 5 delete votes per day.
Knowing @Kosmonaut, he'd rather not single-handedly delete stuff.
2:47 PM
I don't see any controls for voting to delete.
The link usually appears only 2 days after a question has been closed.
I try to be very conservative about deleting stuff.
Found one.
I think once we have our real, full set of mods, we can agree on a policy about deleting.
@Robusto: You can also go to the "delete" tab in the 10k tools.
@Kosmonaut: Hence "concerted effort" and not "hey Kosmonaut, go delete question X now".
I'm just trying to raise awareness of the vote to delete feature.
2:55 PM
Google Translate is good, but sometimes it gets confused: it translated litterer with lettighiero (whatever it is). :-)
Also, even that feature only hides "deleted" stuff from regular users. I think mods can delete stuff completely, but I'm not talking about that.
I'm just seeing more and more questions that are getting closed as blatantly off-topic and then forgotten about.
Some of them with many downvotes and zero answers.
I don't see a "vote to delete" function anywhere on those questions you linked to.
3:11 PM
Turns out it's a 10k feature. I thought it was lower.
@RegDwight This is a good list.
Rats, that leaves only me and @Robusto plus a diamond mod.
Since questions need at least 3 votes to get deleted.
Anyhow, as to agreeing on a policy @Kosmonaut, how's this for a start:
A: When should I vote to delete?

Robert CartainoYou delete a post when the content no longer adds anything to the site. Posts are closed for a variety of reasons: Exact Duplicate: Look at the content of the duplicates and see how much they differ. It's a judgment call. If the question is yet-another duplicate (asked over and over) it may not ...

Also, see under /privileges: "When should I delete questions?"
"When should I delete questions?" ... let's see: when I'm in a bad mood, hung over, irritable, or feeling obsessive and/or suddenly and inexplicably strongly in touch with my "clean freak" side.
Which, up till now, has been nowhere in evidence.
Hehe. You should see my desk right now.
Then again, you shouldn't.
3:26 PM
I think if I were able to invent the "flushable" office I would be rich.
I think Tim Allen invented something similar. It was a kitchen IIRC.
Think of it, as you leave the room, you turn off the light and hit the "flush" lever, and the mess all just goes away.
@RegDwight Yeah, this makes sense.
The kitchen? Or the policy?
3:31 PM
I really wish my replies to specific questions gave a better indication that they are replies
Just the tiny little gray bendy-arrow is not enough.
Whoa. I just noticed that arrow.
Never used that one.
Feb 11 at 14:39, by Robusto
Truly, this is one of the best chat user interfaces I've seen. I'm jealous.
Don't try to pin your dissatisfactions on me, bub.
You can sure find related items when it's in your interest. I'd say you were just being lazy or contrary, or both.
I'm actually saying that the arrow is teh awesome. That's not dissatisfaction.
I do vow to make use of that "reply" feature henceforth.
Whoa, what a crowd.
@RegDwight was doing weird things with a goat, that's why. You just missed it.
3:44 PM
Hi @Cerberus.
Does anyone happen to know the arguments against 100% chronological chat line order?
It ain't chronological?
Oh dear, is he from the Middle East?
I'm not familiar with that canon, no.
Well it isn't if you type fast... or was I imagining things?
3:46 PM
No matter how fast I type, I can't type faster than I type, so my stuff always ends up chronological.
I think I have seen my line's getting attached to my line of 10 secs before, even though someone else had already replied in between, which reply was put after my second line.
I've seen similar things, but not anywhere close to 10 secs.
More like 10ms.
Oh, milliseconds.
Well I'll try to reproduce it some time.
I have no idea if that's just lag or caching or whatever.
Hmm that is possible yeah.
I also have horrible lag when typing comments, on two different PCs; so that might be related.
(Added punctuation.)
Incidentally, is anyone of you using Greasemonkey scripts for SE?
3:51 PM
I think @drachenstern does.
Jan 20 at 15:53, by drachenstern
https://github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts <-- Chat modificatons, you'll want to install the SEChatModifications by downloading it to your computer if you're using IE9, Firefox or Chrome
hey who what?
Ah, thanks for the link.
And hi Drach.
Yeah, and if you want to pop over to chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/89/the-tavern-general we can answer any questions you have about said scripts ;)
@YiJiang does Firefox stuff
@RebeccaChernoff, @YiJiang and @TimStone do the userscript stuff
Here's a preemptive oy.
That chat script does look intersting.
I am using the threaded-comments script, and the reply-to-comment one.
3:54 PM
It definitely makes using the chat interface a lot more useful. It's also why they implemented Desktop notification ->
Desktop notification? Through a browser plug-in or something?
If you're using a browser that supports it, then it's native
What browser are you using?
I suggest Chrome regardless of reasons not to, because it's faster, leaner, more resilient to crashes, supports more features of the standards sets, and works on all platforms. But I've been a googleboy since gmail was first started, so YMMV of course.
I am still pretty much hooked on FF. How could I ever say goodbuy to my lovely extensions?
Because a lot of them exist on Chrome? idk, I thought so too but then I started using Chrome more and more and ... well ;)
Also, as I said, @YiJiang over there does a lot of work on FX as well, so talk to him if you have questions/ideas ...
Well, but even one great extensions could be a no-no for me...
Does it have one that lets you left-drag links up and down to open in foreground/background, and save pictures, and google selected text?
10:00 - 16:0016:00 - 18:00

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