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12:04 AM
That's...pretty damned dismissive.
That goes specifically to the question about not having any customers.
@Yuuki hahahaha
@Yuuki I do quite like the peaceful RPG genre....
12:27 AM
This @WIRED article by @GretchenAMcC advocating non-English programming has a nice shout-out to @sayamindu's study w/ me on how kids seem to learn faster when they do so in @Scratch. The author suggests @Scratch is only 1/4 languages w/ broad localization! https://www.wired.com/story/coding-is-for-everyoneas-long-as-you-speak-english/
@Ash I've heard people say that a typical programming language doesn't have that many keywords so it should be simple for a non-English speaker to learn. By that same token, shouldn't it then be just as simple for an English speaker to translate those keywords?
you would think so but that then puts the onus on the English speaker and it's never up to the majority to adapt to the minority, its always the job of the minority to assimilate.
(Look at all the people going "JUST LEARN GODDAMN EEEEEENGLISH")
@Ash "[converters between programming languages] are not particularly hard to create" is a sentence written by someone who has never actually tried to do that
Which isn't to say that kids shouldn't learn English but why should English be a barrier to something that you would consider language-independent.
Granted, the suggested transformation of just keywords would be easier, but that statement still grated on me
12:40 AM
shrug I think the fact that we just refuse to consider a non-English perspective is the bigger takeaway here, honestly
It's a good point. Probably the most work would be in getting professional translations for all of the documentation, because a programming language in your native language with documentation in English that doesn't even have the right keywords would be obnoxious
But to my reading the article has a lot of apples-to-oranges comparisons that make it clear that the person doesn't have a lot of knowledge about the topic of programming languages, and I think that weakens their arguments
Actually, they do bring up other problems, like text output by the programming language runtime (like error messages), and third-party information resources about the language
Time to do... shudder... the Harrow quest.
@Yuuki aka one of the reasons I literally stopped playing
I thought you said you got World to do it with you?
No, I never got him to do it
At least I don't recall it
I wanted to, but I don't think we actually did it
and then we got to playing WoW and I kinda forgot aobut all the bits
12:51 AM
wtb more lights
@murgatroid99 Yeah those are a nightmare to write.
Also, if you have e.g. Russian HTML, there are two major options: either translate to English HTML before publishing, or do the translation in real time in the browser.
Depends on the languages mind you. Some languages will be easy to write converters for more than others. Anything built on or strongly based on C would, for example, be a lot easier than something that's...well, not.
The former would be sort of easy, but leave English as the actual default. The latter would be really complex and cause a lot of problems, but would make it a true equal
but still not easy, especially for complex applications
Setting a language option for a your compiler, which just changes the keywords, shouldn't be hard though. It wouldn't be ideal as a way to "share" code across human languages though. You could wind up using a keyword for one language as a variable name for example.
You'd likely need a way to set it on a library by library basis as well, so that you could include libraries from others languages.
12:56 AM
Yeah, actually the more I think about this the more problems I see. That article is classic "as someone who has never done this, clearly it wouldn't be too hard"
@murgatroid99 It's most definitely a problem though, it's just not an easy one to solve.
@murgatroid99 You'd want to do it before publishing, otherwise you'd run into issues with users using a browser which DON'T support that language (such as an older browser).
capslock for "ooops I forgot a word"
Yeah, I think in general the only real way to handle this would be to transpile "X human language Y programming language" to "English Y programming language" before it interacts with anybody else's code
Then all you have to do is make a simple transpiler (simple because syntax and semantics stay the same), and translate all of the strings in the language and in the compiler itself, and the documentation, and other online resources.
At the very least, it's important to recognize that Anglo-centrism in programming is a problem, which I feel that "why don't you just learn the 33 English keywords in Python" demonstrates that it's not a widely recognized problem.
And you'd probably want another tool for translating from english to your language so you can read other people's code
@Yuuki I think I'm just a little sensitive here because "I don't understand this therefore it's probably easy" seems to be a standard treatment of programming, and that's what I'm seeing in that article
Q: How do I unlock the other characters?

senpaiSo far I only have the commando. Out of the 10 slots on the character screen shown, 4 have wrench icons showing they are in development, while the other 5 remain missing. Is there a way to unlock the other characters? Is it based on how many zones I clear, or how high my score gets after a ru...

1:06 AM
I think it's important to hold onto to that feeling because that's the exact notion that non-English speakers get when encountering this problem.
@murgatroid99 Yeah that kind of thinking bothers me too (You see it all the time with "armchair game developers"), but that's a problem for more than just programming. People can be really bad for just assuming something is easy, in reality they have no idea what they're talking about.
Case in point like what @Yuuki is just said
@Yuuki Yeah, I get that. The article is right that this is a problem, but their views on potential solutions are naive at best
@Wipqozn I think programming gets this disproportionately because of this effect:
@murgatroid99 I love that comic, because yeah it's pretty much perfect.
and it's a problem every dev is going to come across eventually
My favorite part is that the comic is close to five years old, and that problem has been basically solved by modern machine learning-based image recognition
@murgatroid99 Due in part to the recaptcha program of using humans to train robots
Which was certainly clever on Googles parts. I do like how you could see a very obvious uptick in "which of these pictures contain car stuff" as the self-driving car program advanced.
I think there's an XKCD on that actually...
In completely unrelated and off-topic for the room news, I really do need to pick up Bad North at some point.
IDeally on Switch
Also Hyper Light Drifter still
1:27 AM
@murgatroid99 its a linguist looking at it from a linguistic perspective, which is an important lense to consider
2:22 AM
Q: Could unlimited FPS damage components?

pepeeheaddddForgot to cap my FPS to 60 to reduce power and help my laptop with its cooling, and I realized this about 1-2 months in. I've only been playing games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox on this laptop and they weren't capped at 60 fps for the first few months I got the laptop, but I've learned s...

@Ash I mean, that's a good explanation for why they don't understand the problems with their proposed solutions
@Wipqozn Not really. That's one instance of an image classification training program, but I don't think it actually significantly advanced the underlying technology of image classification
2:53 AM
People of the Pun, may I present today's offering, recognizing that you might have to be of a certain age to get it.
cc @ash @Yuuki @Wipqozn
I think this was linked before.
@Yuuki I still like it even so
@Ash we should make everyone program in esperanto or latin so everyone is at the same disadvantage
3:26 AM
@GodEmperorDune Esperanto draws predominantly from Western languages.
@Yuuki ehh i was iffy on that, latin it is
I'm not sure how Latin is any better than Esperanto.
no one speaks it
Speakers of the family of Romance languages would be far more familiar with Latin roots than, say, speakers of Asian languages.
is there a common language root for all the asian languages?
3:31 AM
@GodEmperorDune You could argue Chinese to a degree but that's mostly along the lines of written language.
Korean and Japanese writing systems both derive from Chinese. Vietnamese used to use Chinese characters but have since switched to a Latin-based alphabet due to French colonization.
Great, not only is the Harrow quest super spooksville, you have to deal with (read: constantly run from) an invincible enemy that hits like a truck.
@Yuuki the best thing about that quest is its pretty short
Some US tech companies are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work in hopes of retaining talent. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/nhknewsline/backstories/creativeperks/
you learn how to harm it after the first mission you encounter it
I just did the part in the Orokin Derelict and had to revive three times because one of the manifestations was stuck behind a wall I had no idea how to path through.
And I couldn't exactly take time to look for a way with Mr. Wants Your Face behind me all the time.
@Yuuki yeah that sounds like a restart mission to me if it is glitched behind a wall
3:38 AM
I basically had to bullet jump around until the manifestation teleported somewhere else.
you did the thing with dropping traps?
@Yuuki yes. I hated it.
I hated everything about how that quest was designed.
4:40 AM
Q: How to track the use of a named/enchanted item using a scoreboard (or otherwise) in Minecraft?

Nik3141I'm trying to create a datapack for a "Fire Wand" (which is a carrot on a stick enchanted with Flame until they fix the stat tracker for shield usage) which spawns a fireball at the players position and uses an aoe cloud spawned at the origin to give it momentum in the direction the player looks....

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7:24 AM
Morning chat!
7:39 AM
Morning @Kevin
7:54 AM
Q: Does reload speed do anything on Hildryn's Balefire Charger?

senpaiSo Hildryn's exalted secondary has the ability to equip secondary reload mods. That said, that's a bit odd. A few points: There is no reload function for the skill -- it scales off your shield pool and has no "magazine". All mod availability on exalted weapons are deliberate -- DE wouldn't le...

Q: How can I summon an entity with motion relative to where I'm facing?

RazuRoyaleSo for a while now, I've been trying how to figure this out ever since the new '^ ^ ^ ' command was introduced. I've always done research but I wasn't able to find something reliable or something I was looking for. An example of what I mean by this question is something like dropping an axe and ...

2 hours later…
10:11 AM
Q: Can You Do The Commands For The Villagers On Mcpe Bedrock Edition, 1.14?

IHaveQuestionsSoPleaseAnswer.For example, /summon villager ~ ~1 ~ {Profession:0 Career:1-4} Is it possible and if so how can I do it?

10:56 AM
So, yesterday after taking a shower I slipped and landed on my shoulder. It seems it is more like a muscular thing rather than breaking a bone, and while I can move my hands normally, some positions make my shoulder hurt
It is terrifying when you live alone and you realize that if it was something worse there would be no one to help you
11:09 AM
Yeaaah kinda is
continues making plans to take my girlfriend to the netherlands
(I mean, not really, we're not yet at that bit)
I was thinking about some kind of wearable panic button
But well, I was in the shower
I would not be with it anyway
@Moacir There are solutions for this, but they tend to be aimed at elderly people. Things like panic buttons in the shower or bathroom, or shower-resistant wearables that detect falls
@Nzall To realize your own mortality is a curse
Anyway, lets lighten up
Q: 2D platformer PC game with time travel, portals and Ben 10-like animation

NithinI need the name of a 2D platformer PC video game which was probably released between 2000-2010. The main characters are a teenage boy and a girl which I am sure of. It's an action/adventure themed game that has some time travel elements in it like portals and such, the target audience would be ...

There is this question about a game, which I think I know which game it is, but I need help from the resident book worms
There was a book series that came with a game. The book was about time travel (I only ever saw the first one), and while I dont remember the plot correctly, I do remember one of the phrases the main character used when traveling is that it took "an eternity and half" or "two eternities and half"
I am unsure if the game came in a cd or in a floppy disk
11:41 AM
In unrelated news, the other day I
Hit enter before I was done typing
@Wipqozn Typical turtle. Can't even finish his own sentence.
11:58 AM
Oops, sorry guys. what I was trying to say is that
12:37 PM
@Unionhawk Excellent
1:04 PM
I have enough lunar coins for the Artificer now
The engineer is so much fun though, he was one of my favs in ROR1 and he's still great
I'm hopeful the Enforcer will come back but I'm not convinced he would translate well to 3D
Without some serious changes anyway
Also hope to see a support class or two
Q: Does attack speed improve main attack of Artificer?

lentinantSo far, Artificer is the only RoR2 character, who has cooldown on primary attack ability. This makes my wondering, how attack speed improve Artificer capabilites. Does it decrease cooldown?

@BunsGlazing You can play as a Healing drone afaik
Using cheat engine, but you can
1:37 PM
@BunsGlazing I really didn't enjoy the engineer that much
Although the turrets are pretty fun
Huntress is by far my favorite
I remember in the original the sniper was my favorite
@BunsGlazing Maybe make it so his shield is a half dome?
Introducing a new code visualizer for Swift: Source Is View. https://forums.swift.org/t/new-code-visualizer-for-swift-source-is-view/22454
I need to play more Baba is You.
I got stuck on a few levels and was annoyed that I couldn't figure it out, but at the same time know I won't get any satisfaction for looking up a solution.
I still need to get that game
Apr 1 at 19:13, by Unionhawk
Introducing a new code visualizer for Swift: Source Is View. https://forums.swift.org/t/new-code-visualizer-for-swift-source-is-view/22454
It wasnt on the starlist so it didnt exist
1:59 PM
you don't need to point out every time something has already shown up, especially when pointing that out will add a huge onebox
@Unionhawk I thought the huge onebox was half the fun of it?
@Unionhawk No such tag in this room, my friend. :P
There has been in the past
Unrelatedly, I'm really looking forward to working with this dumb 600 line function (I am not looking forward to it actually)
switch(version) //15 cases is super fun
2:06 PM
@Unionhawk Can you use something like DECODE to use less lines?
Honestly we should rewrite some of the stuff like this but, will we? no
love 3 hardcode stuff like this
2:30 PM
I scanned a zebra at the zoo with a barcode scanner and it actually worked...
2:57 PM
lol I think some of these are duplicate cases
hell yeah
@InvaderSkoodge it's great
I have to redownload it.. probably lost my progress
@SaintWacko I don't like that one much
Or do well with her
@BunsGlazing Oh man, really? She's amazing
The glaive is incredible
Yeah that's true it's good against the wisps
Toss it into a group and let behemoth and ukulele wipe it out
They're all pretty solid
3:00 PM
And yeah, it's nice to wipe out wisps
I haven't really tried the sword guy yet
Or the Artificer, I need to unlock him
I have the coin
I've only unlocked Huntress, MUL-T, and Engineer
I have them all except artificer
I'm saving up coin right now to unlock the one in the shop
I assume that's the artificer?
3:01 PM
I've been avoiding spoilers an guides lol
10 lunar coins
The commando and mult are both solid too, good at range
The Huntress is too close range for how squishy she is
I know you can 'dodge' with the R but eh
Commando's fun. Mult was alright
Huntress was my jam in the first Risk of Rain.
3:04 PM
MulT does a shitload of damage with his charge thing to bosses and large enemies later on
@BunsGlazing Yeah, she can be a little vulnerable to big hits, but she has a ton of sustain
I also played him with x10 soldiers syringe and his railgun was nuts
She does enough hits to keep you topped up from healing
@SaintWacko only with the right items though right
@BunsGlazing At least early in the game, I mostly would get up close and just spray them with the nailgun
The railgun was useful for wisps, though
@BunsGlazing Yeah, she can be tricky in the early game
But once you get a few items build up she's ridiculously powerful
Even bosses melt under an arrow rain and a glaive bounce
3:07 PM
I will have to give her another try
Some people datamined the model for the bandit in the files but the devs have already said not to use datamined content as truth that it will be included
He was cool though, but mulT already has a stun bomb
Man, even if they just released it as is it'd be an amazing game
I mean, it's RoR, but in 3d!
But the fact that they are, presumably, adding more enemies and items and characters...
3:46 PM
Yeah it does need a bit more content but there's a ton of replay already
I went in the gold portal for the first time yesterday. Got rekt
I need to use my abilities more.
Dev survey 2019 results are in
4:02 PM
@BunsGlazing That place just isn't worth it
It takes forever, and while I did get a knurl at the end of it, it added a ton to the clock
I wish you could choose which items to throw into the 3D printer.
Although I guess I did open chests around the place, too
@Yuuki Yeah, same
I think it's just random?
Although it seems to favor multiples
But it'd be pretty OP if you could choose
Yeah. It's annoying when I want to toss a Bustling Fungus but I end up losing an Armor-Piercing Rounds.
Once I got like ten items out of one printer but yesterday it just started putting the same item in after about six
Apparently if you out the same item in as you get seven times there's and achievement but I don't think I got it.. did it like twenty times
@Nzall apparently the highest paid language is one ive never heard of
also, PHP is not the most hated language, so the survey is clearly wrong
4:15 PM
Why on earth would this webstore try to call me after I sent them an email for clarification?
I already sent them a reply email asking them to place a note on my customer record that I prefer to not be called
The cemeteries patio I got on like my future run and got the Mercury right away
@Kevin have you ever had bol.com try to call you on your personal phone after you sent them a clarifying email?
4:39 PM
@BunsGlazing No, you use 7 different items at the 3d printer. Like, trade 3 syringes, 4 medkits to get 7 3d-printed teddy bears for example
You have to use it 7 times the same 3d printer afaik
Also the 3d printer just gets items from the same rarity
For example, if you have a 3d printer for a white item, it will only use white items you have, even if you have tons of greens
A game mechanic explanation is not spoilery, right? Unless I talk about a specific mechanic that is only available after a certain point of the game
Oh maybe that's why it kept just taking the same item after a point I didn't have a lot of items
@Moacir huh I probably have it then cause i did it ten times before
Can I say what it unlocks?
Go ahead dude there's like 75 items
4:55 PM
The fireworks
That one that shoots everywhere when you open a chest
Naming things always is hard, whether it's a programming variable name or the name of your Chocobo
Heh. I've had production code with int blah = 0;
@Moacir oh I've had that for ages
That thing sucks, lol
@BunsGlazing Not when you are full damage and with lots of chance on hit
Things just die
@Nzall I have a tried and true method of naming animals.
Animals get named with an appropriate label, appended with it's numeric position.
Unless I can only get one. Then I get creative.
5:25 PM
In stardew, most of my animals are named after fast food places that would serve them... Or, failing that, a food dish, like hasenpfeffer for one of the rabbits.
5:38 PM
Q: Looking for multiplayer-multiplataform-crossplataform-games

JuanI use Ubuntu and Playstation. My sons (underage) uses Windows and XBox. I am looking for a game to play together. Is it possible? Which games are available?

@TrentHawkins I always name my animals after bridge people. Pretty sure @Frank was a cow.
I was once playing Monster Hunter and was playing with the piggy. My SO said "You dont do that kind of thing to me", I was like "Ok, I'll fix it". When I went to rename she was like "DO NOT."
Dear Gmail I get I am stuck with you but can we stop with the balloons and party loading image I do not feel like partying when I have to engage with you
I just want to obsessively check a tracking link from an email that's all
(Also I wonder what "End of Day" is for UPS. 5 pm? 8pm? Midnight? HOW LONG AM I GONNA HAVE TO WAIT)
5:54 PM
Residential is 8PM, although almost always before 5.
> almost 70% of respondents say they are above average while less than 10% think they are below average. This is statistically unlikely with a sample of over 70,000 developers who answered this question, to put it mildly.
Twist: there's a really inept developer out there whose parents named them "Average".
@Nzall I am not sure what else they expected, though
@MBraedley Good to know, thanks :)
@Yuuki And he works on the second floor of a large building
Suddenly it all makes sense :P
6:24 PM
oh god, I'm tears of laughter... There was this one court case in Georgia where the defendant and the judge had such a crazy back & forth that the guy voicing Rick and Morty did the whole thing in their voices (Defendant rick and Judge Morty) and it feels exactly like an episode
(cw: allusions and threats of sex crimes and murder)
6:36 PM
@Unionhawk oh noes i cheated on a game, this is evidence of my serious deficit in moral fiber
(also I looked that zip is real, the individual level record for Marble 2 is 11 seconds, with 5 runners tied for first, and one 6th place runner with a 2:38)
@Ash No kidding
@Ash If only someone would invent a thing where it would show tracking status right in your inbox OH WAIT
Also, there are ads! In my inbox!!!
What the hell, Google?
@SaintWacko I know right
(also working 8-4 is messing with me because my brain is like "we have had lunch therefore it is like 5 pm why haven't they delivered the thing" no brain we had lunch at noon and it's only 2:45 pm)
@SaintWacko Welcome to Gmail
thanks i hate it
6:58 PM
For those who like them Humble Bundle have a Humoungous Bundle
I think I got all the games on steam some time ago
But those who like Freddy Fish, Putt Putt and others, it is a nice bundle
Even though I have a miiiiighty need.
@Moacir oh the memories
@Moacir omg
My childhood is like YES PLEASE.
(I should tell my sister about this - we played Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise like...over and over and over. We had it on a floppy disk if I recall right.)
@Ash Are you planning to have a child in the next couple years? Because this bundle usually costs almost 100 dollars, so buying it now could save you like 90%
7:05 PM
@Nzall I'm not but that's why I thought of my sister, she's got a 1 year old.
Mind you I'm almost 32 and I still would play the heck out of these >.>
@Ash Maybe buy it as a bonus gift for Easter?
> Big point that Epic is using for pushing their Store (beside exclusives) is 12%/88% split. That really is amazing and it is great for developers. But (there is always but in life) unfortunately that 12% doesn't come for free. In this case it comes for free for developers and Epic but customers who decide to use payment methods that are not "industry norm" , according to Epic, Will need to cover payment fees.
@Ash I've told my brother about this sale because my godson is about the age where he can start playing those games
@Nzall Awesome.
They're quite fun.
I'd buy them for myself too, but my father is already a bit miffed that I dared spend 75 EUR on last weekend's CoD sale
7:13 PM
what up what up
Q: Special effects draw something

Mary Ann McKinneyWhat happened to the special tools, paint, blend. Game is no fun without them

A pretty good movie that I haven't seen since it was in theatres.
I still haven't seen all of it
It made me too sad
picked up my tuxedo for my brothers wedding :)
@Ash Really? I've never liked horror so that's why I didn't finish it.
7:23 PM
@Yuuki I think we interpreted this statement differently :P
@Dragonrage ooooh fun
That's getting super close now, yeah?
@Ash To be fair, that's how the conversation started.
@Yuuki this is true :P
@Ash So the game I linked you yesterday, Littlewood, has apparently been submitted to Nintendo.
I don't know if it's still in review or if it's passed review though.
WE GOT APPROVED. Littlewood is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch!! More info to come later, especially for the Kickstarter backers :) #pixelart #indiegame #gamedev #NintendoSwitch #SmashGames https://t.co/rhjBB26YjJ
Ah, confirmed approved.
@Ash The thing you are awaiting to receive is that documentation you mentioned some days ago?
Huh. Shaking my phone turns on the flashlight.
7:33 PM
@Moacir YES
I am...very anticipatory.
Like...there's still planning and waiting and stuff but that's the last paperwork bit before the actual landing as a PR whenever we choose to do that (which will not be for a bit yet, but still)
I see
This reminds me that I should apply for a passport
It's basically the "hey you are acceptable humans you can have this thing when you so choose to claim it" thing
I do not plan to travel or anything, but it may take a while if I do actually need it someday
@Ash "I.O.U. one citizenship"
or something like that
@Yuuki my Motorola did that. I miss the feature
@BunsGlazing Almost sure there is an app for that
7:38 PM
@Moacir hahaha one permanent residence (citizenship comes later with a different application process of its own, it has a residency requirement)
Is this your way of saying you secretly work for Canada's Department of Immigration, @Moacir?
@Yuuki If I say no, would you say something like "That's what someone secretly working for Canada's Department of Immigration would say!"?
@Moacir Depends.
@Yuuki Hmm.. I will go with "No" then
8:08 PM
@Ash huzzah!
You guys are dorks and I love you all
8:33 PM
Q: Why won't my Patricians advance?

Adam HeegI have clicked every house i can find and they are all full green for taxes and for needs. I've read numerous resources and almost everything points to getting everything in the green. I'm so tired of this current game I need to finish it successfully! Here is a screenshot of my citizens. How...

8:45 PM
@Yuuki I somehow missed this today! That's pretty cool, I am much more likely to play it on Switch :D
8:59 PM
@Yuuki I was like "But nothing changed"
Huh, cool.
apparently youtube is getting AV1 support
9:44 PM
oh my god (from a podcast talking about Kingdom Hearts (give me a minute to transcribe)):
> There was one [letter] where... the father... His daughter wanted to play the game but it was too hard, and so... when she went to bed he would spend hours each night just overleveling all of the characters
Q: Why is my rocket "wiggling" even though I put struts on it?

18ballzI built a four-stage rocket built to land a 50-ton base on the Mun, but the rocket always falls apart during launch, even though I added countless struts to the rocket. Why is this happening? The following lists the changes that I have made to the rocket: No struts (Original design) - Everythin...

Q: My World Keeps Crashing Whenever I Open It

one thicc pythonI spent the past few weeks working on a save of mine, dedicated to finish at least one game of vanilla survival Minecraft, and I just finished my trek to the end portal, and after I left the game, whenever I rejoin, it crashes after 10 or so seconds. It says "An Unexpected Issue Has Occured and t...

@Unionhawk oh my heart
10:27 PM
Oh man, I am so out of shape
I started biking to work today
It's only about a mile, but man
but you did it, which is a thing all in of itself to be proud of no?
Oh yes
And then wobbled into the building afterwards :P
10:49 PM
Q: Where is the Lord of the Mountain?

Big TastyWhere on the map can I find the mountain where the Lord of the Mountain is? The only thing I know about where it is is that it's near a shrine. I have wondered where to find it.

@Yuuki i'm curious when they say "Developer" if they really mean "Publisher" because Indie Devs are their own Publisher and for big companies like EA, Activation and Take 2, the devs under them benefit nothing from this
@SaintWacko yep that means you did a thing lol
I have all the current survivors in Risk of Rain 2 unlocked now
11:05 PM
@Memor-X they also benefit nothing from this because steam gives AAAs this rate for some reason
Indies get a worse rate
(or rather, games with < something million sales)
@Unionhawk yeh but we knew this since before Epic
just thinking of it now, what's the caveat with itch.io? like all money goes to the "creator", is it because they aren't solely games?
@Yuuki uh, doesn't 70/30 usually cover all/most costs? (hence why it's so high)
saying 88% after fees makes me wonder how it ends up in practice.
@Ave depends on the fees. like i assume there's PayPal fees
if Epic sees that as an industry norm then it would be less than what it would be if they didn't
even banks and payment processors get a cut.
my bank gets %2.2 out of everything I buy IIRC, and payment processors take a larger cut.
googles stripe takes 2.9% + 30c per transaction, for example
@Memor-X right but like, that's part of the idea behind their split
11:18 PM
I wonder if this is a part of the 12%, or if it'll be deducted from total before calculating the 88/12.
Visa transaction fees are 2.3%+10c, MasterCard is probably similar, amex is around 3%
> A good friend of Mad Fellows has just unveiled SteamCoin.

Play games to earn coins then spend them on rewards and more games? Sounds good to us!
:thinking: that doesn't sound fishy at all
Q: Is there any point to get more than 10 stacks of Lens-Maker's Glasses?

senpaiThe Lens-Maker's Glasses applies additive critical chance, meaning at a stack of 10 you will achieve 100% crit chance at all times. This is great because it renders utility items like the Ocular HUD irrelevant by having 100% crit uptime. That said, I'm wondering if there's even a point to stac...

Q: What items does each character most strongly benefit from?

senpaiWhen playing solo, items are not an issue, since everything is kept to yourself. However, when playing multiplayer, either with friends or randoms, loot is on a first-come first-serve basis, and as such it feels like knowing which items to pick up and which items to leave for your teammates woul...

11:47 PM
Q: Is there any point to stack Tougher Times past 7?

senpai The teddy bear item adds 15% block chance per stack. This means that at 7 stacks, you'll hit 100+% block chance. Unlike the Lens-Maker's Glasses, the additional sentence at the end has me wondering what it means. It says "Unaffected by Luck". But if you block all damage 100% of the time, w...


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