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12:15 AM
@MonicaCellio I still hold by my opinion with Torah codes with respect to much of remez in general (won't say all, but a large chunk of it, certainly, including Gematria).
Consider the traditional Gematria Bar Mitzvah speech: "If you take the gematria of talmid chacham in mispar katan, you get 33, and since you can be one off, let's call it 34. Moishe's name in a"t ba"sh has a gematria of 102, which is precisely three times 34, symbolizing that Moshe will be proficient in Torah, Neviim, and Kesuvim." It only works during PTIJ season.
Ba'al HaTurim has the right idea: The source for everything he writes is a Midrash or Gemara; his "appetizers" are merely hints to things derived from other sources. Even when Chazal seemingly learn halachos from gematria, it's really a tradition, and the gematria is a hint to it.
Which leads me to my other big problem with Torah codes: those people who try to predict the future off of them...
1:18 AM
Q: Where else does the Shulchan Aruch quote an authority by name?

DonielFGenerally speaking, R' Yosef Karo doesn't quote authorities by name in his Shulchan Aruch, but rather focuses on what the halacha is in the Shulchan Aruch and leaves the various opinions and rationales to be explained in his Beis Yosef. In going through Hilchos Pesach, I stumbled upon the first ...

1:29 AM
Must be a slow day if I made the HNQ list twice. Either that, or the robot's bugging out again.
Q: Should the "Is X Kitniyos" questions be flagged as duplicates?

DonielFConsider the following list of questions of the form "Is X kitniyos" or "Why is/n't X kitniyos": Why do we have Kosher L'Pesach quinoa but not buckwheat (kasha)? Why isn't chocolate considered to be kitniyos? Is tofu cheese "kitniyot" on Passover? Canola Oil - Kitnyos? Wild rice and Pesach Is M...

1:54 AM
@DonielF Must be a slow day in here if the last eight messages are either by you or about you.
2:12 AM
@Alex I suppose that makes it nine? It’s actually quite impressive given how infrequently I drop in here, albeit I’m more active than I used to be.
2:30 AM
@DonielF Thanks for the reminder. I must admit that I haven't had the negative experience Monica described, but I get a glimpse every once in a while... There are still many opportunities to learn and teach, and some points where it may be good to spread Torah or a Torah perspective. It's also an opportunity for meaningful Torah study with other MY users (I won't name names) - some questions here may not draw the types of answers that some of us are looking for, but asking them there will.
2:42 AM
@רבותמחשבות My experience there has also been pretty positive (not sure if I am one of the unnamed names).
3:23 AM
anyone have an עמק ברכה handy?
cc @Alex who helped me last time
@Y  e  z Which one?
talmid of Brisker Rov one
(Monday night is my "scramble last minute to find the mekoros I need for my Tuesday shiur" night)
@Y  e  z I'm almost positive I have been able to find it online in the past. What specifically?
@Alex he has a section on עניני הגדה where he quotes Brisker Rov quoting R' Chaim about 3 distinctions between mitzvah of sippur and zechira
I know what he says but I want the exact lanuage
@Y  e  z Let me see if I can find it (no guarantees since I have to figure out how I got it last time).
3:38 AM
@Alex I tried to find it, but my sefer finding foo is not as good as yours it seems.
@Y  e  z Well I know that I have a page printed out from it somewhere. I'm hoping that by finding the page I will be able to track down how I printed it.
@Alex Also just giving you a heads up that if you do manage to find it, I'll be demanding you stick around for anything else I can't find until I finish putting my mareh mekomos together.
@Y  e  z You can ask me whenever you want. I'm generally around to respond.
Found it:
@Yez Is that enough?
3:58 AM
@Alex woohoo! Let me look.
@Alex could you give me a linky for the future as well?
@Alex That's perfect. Thanks so much!
@Y  e  z I don't have a public link.
@Alex ok then. Thanks!
You're welcome.
4:40 AM
@Alex for my sheets, could you give me the title of the piece?
@Y  e  z It's just called הגדה.
אות א
@Alex תודה
No problem.
5:18 AM
@Alex Indeed you are...
@Y  e  z I haven't learned a shtickel in that sefer since my yeshiva days - brings back memories.
@Yez do you post your shiurim online/share them?
@רבותמחשבות Not this one.
@רבותמחשבות I think every couple of years I revisit the one about חייב איניש לבסומי.
@Y  e  z not that there is anything particularly sensitive about this one, it just isn't a good venue/format for recording, so I don't record it/post it.
5:43 AM
@רבותמחשבות Though it's been a while since I posted anything there. Perhaps I should get back into it.
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7:10 AM
Q: Can Pesach Mitzvot be performed before Tzet Kochavim?

D AI had an argument with a friend about when you can perform the Pesach seder mitzvot of eating a kezayit of shmurah matzah and drinking four glasses of wine (beginning with kiddush). My friend said that you must wait until after sunset to say kiddush and eat the kezayit of matzah since these mitz...

6 hours later…
1:12 PM
Yeyasher kochacha to @ba for single-handedly completing the first tractate in our Siyum Mishnayot project - Demai! One down, 62 to go ...
1:24 PM
Meanwhile, in chapter progress, we've completed 17/523, or 3.3%, as of Sunday.
2:03 PM
@Yez got it
@Alex Whatever you feel like.
7 hours later…
8:38 PM
@ShmuelBrin "One of those knots" meaning mathematical knots in general, or "one of those knots" meaning the ones in the linked-to page? It's the former but not the latter. It is, in fact, this one.
(Also known as the 3,4 torus knot: if you draw on a doughnut with a pen, going three times around the doughnut while going four times through its hole or vice versa, you'll draw this knot.)

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