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1:00 PM
I think I saw in the properties of the table that it is partitioned by week
I assume it's indexed by PK too then
which would make sense. Together with partitions that should mean the server won't choke too much when querying it
oh right, I was wrong, it's not a PK but a clustered index
because there are multiple rows for a single request
Is it proper partitioned or homebrew partitioned?
@Magisch eh, people tend to forget that every now and then, so it does choke up sometimes
@Magisch :shrugs:, I'm no DBA
@Tinkeringbell Has your wall of PM held or did you have to help Nespresso after all?
1:06 PM
The wall held :D
She's awesome! :D
I'm missing context I think
I'm completely Nespresso free these days, which is absolutely great :)
@JAD Nespresso, who else? :P
quitting George Clooney, tough thing
In another room, I nicknamed the annoying coworker Nespresso because of the 'what else' slogan that goes with Nespresso, and every time I talked about stuff, it was 'who else' ;)
1:09 PM
On an unrelated note, what are performance reviews for y'all like?
We don't have any
@Magisch 'meets expectations'.
this year we changed the method. we used to have them annually on the moment you started, and they switched to the start of the year. All in all, mine kinda fell between
And a 'oh, we're raising wages about this much this year'.
Given that I make now netto what I made bruto last year, I think they're happy
They dont do any measuring or controls of productivity
kinda scary actually
1:11 PM
Depending on your manager, you might be expected to have some people you work with fill out a review online, or fill out a self-review... usually though, it's just small-talk if you're still happy with your current position and a confirmation that no complaints have been received.
@Magisch I think with the amount of project-based work we do, it's kinda tricky to quantify productivity
so it's more of a subjective feeling for the amount of impact you make
more or less that for me
I have no idea how my boss is supposed to know, I don't even really know myself
@Magisch I get reviewed every 6 months. My company has a giant rubric that is entirely subjective (and poorly written according to my fiancee who is a teacher) upon which I'm graded. I have an assigned manager who doesn't interact with me in my daily job, but who does write my reviews. He bases the review on feedback that he collects from the people I've worked with over the last 6 months as well as feedback from me.
He writes a review and then presents it to a panel of vice presidents and principals (who also don't interact with me day to day) and they then decided if I'm meeting the subjective qualities in the rubric.
last year our team was just 3 people, so it's pretty transparent
@Rainbacon Your process seems really scary
1:14 PM
also, the focus of the yearly performance reviews is much more focused on personal development than really controlling productivity
My personal favorite criteria in our rubric is this one: Demonstrates an awareness of and has begun regulating several emotions and behaviors; absent persistent episodes of detracting behaviors
I know right?
I thought mine were bad, well... I guess not. I'm only expected to a.) have a network of tech savvy people of which I can at least recommend one each year as a new employee for the company, and b.) be a good citizen by participating in stuff like the female club or youth club.
Luckily that last one also includes general interest groups, so it's still doable.
@Tinkeringbell Oo
1:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell would be annoying for me
all my friends aren't software developers
@Ælis Yeah, some criteria are a bit wonky ;) Luckily I've kinda always had managers that didn't take them too seriously either ;)
well, all the friends who live near me
and speak german
@Magisch Exactly none of my friends that don't work the company already are :P
The way the rubric is set up, each line item has progressing requirements as you go from consultant up to vice president. That specific thing is the line item "Self awareness" and it is the only line item where the expectation does not change no matter what level you are
Though I don't have that many friends to begin with, and I'm not going to push job openings at acquaintances.
1:19 PM
@Magisch Well I don't live near you, but I am a software developer who speaks German
@Rainbacon sounds like upper management has too much time
@Rainbacon So you don't fall into {Friends} && {Lives near me} && {Speaks german}
@Rainbacon I'm not sure I get it right, is this a weird to say that you are not supposed to show violent behavior?
Well that was interesting
I tried to click the notification to make it go away, and instead posted my profile picture
@Ælis To be honest, I have no clue what it means and I've worked here for 3.5 years
@Rainbacon Haha XD Does the person evaluating you at least knows?
@Ælis or emotional breakdowns, or anger issues. From the looks of it, "detracting behaviours" is more or less anything that does not mean "working their ass off"
1:24 PM
I hope so, he's been here since before the rubric was written
@JAD :/
1:42 PM
The open-space is so noisy this afternoon. Getting through the end of the day is gonna be hard.
@Ælis Do you have headphones?
@Ælis I don't know how you do this. Open spaces are so hard ...
I would straight up refuse to work in an open plan office
@Rainbacon No, I can't stand them when I have my glasses on and I need my glasses to work :/
It has its perks, but it is annoying.
1:44 PM
it's a total deal breaker for me. I don't have the ability to tune out people talking, so I hear every single conversation going on around me in every detail. If multiple people talk at once I get headaches
@Magisch same here
@Magisch Yep, I'm currently getting one ^^
They're going to destroy my office next week to make an open space
And my boss's boss's boss refused yesterday that I work remotely during the works period whereas he previously agreed
also known as why I'm no fun at parties
Not to sound overeager, but what's the status on our HNQ reinstatement? Or the decisions around it? What needs to happen to consider we have "community consensus?" And would this be better as a meta post?
1:46 PM
@Magisch The only parties I like are the one where there is less than 10 people, no music, and everyone is setting in circle so that we can all be part of the same conversation
Thats not really a party then is it just a friendly get together
@Magisch Yep, but let me keep the word "party" :p
@scohe001 since it was initiated by the CMs, maybe, instead of creating a meta, it's better if the mods contacted the CMs
although pinging them in the thread might work too
My cousins like to play the "annoy magisch" game and then wonder why I never visit anymore
@scohe001 Status is a bit fuzzy even to me... decisions haven't really been made asides from 'the community wants it so we go back on HNQ in some way eventually', but we're discussing things sometimes behind the screens. I don't have an answer to point 3, and for point 4 I don't know what you'd ask about :)
1:52 PM
Isn't it just a "yes please" "ok then" conversation once the community consensus is determined?
@Magisch Yeah, but there's also the things about how many questions we sign up for and when/what we remove from HNQ... And that's where point 3 comes in and we probably have to look if there's a community consensus there. Then we'll likely have to craft some kind of announcement post, and stuff.
Or go chaos parrot, randomize the settings, mad max style arena
Hahaha. I dunno, I could ask a CM how soon stuff can/should be done :)
I'll let y'all know if I can ;)
@Magisch 100 questions in HNQ!
@JAD And appoint 500 mods on the site just to deal with all of them? :P
1:59 PM
@scohe001 to be honest though. We all know the true answer is 6 to 8 weeks.
@Tinkeringbell we have CMs for that right?
One of my aunt's husband doesn't believe ASD exists, so that is fun
@JAD True! Just let the paid people figure that out ;)
@Magisch wait what? how? why?
@Rainbacon He thinks it's just an excuse asocial people or "people of poor character" use to get sympathy
it does color off onto his kids (my cousins)
2:01 PM
Doesn't believe much at all in mental health in general
What a fun person to hang out with... Lots of support to you @Magisch
I hardly ever do anymore
pretty sure I last saw him sometime in 2016
that's the kind you just tell "well, nevermind then" to and just ignore
I don't have much contact with my mom's side of the family in general anymore
2:06 PM
@Tim I wasn't the downvoter, so I can't say for sure, but I would guess that you got the downvote because our answer expectations have changed a bit in the year and a half since you posted this answer. We've started asking that users provide citations that back up their answers. It doesn't have to be much, just some personal experience with the solution you've offered or some external references. — Rainbacon 42 secs ago
@IPSCommentBot FP
Marked this comment as caught incorrectly (fp). Currently marked 0tps/1fps
@Ælis How was that comment? ^^^
@Tinkeringbell Oh, I didn't know the bot wasn't case sensitive :o
@Ælis Hahaha I didn't know for sure either, but that was a pretty big FP :P
2:08 PM
@Rainbacon Really human. It might need more specific guidance for the "what back-up do we want part" but, otherwise, it's very good
@Tinkeringbell So, your keyboard lowercase wasn't stuck then? It was my first guess :p
hahaha no, that rarely ever happens ;)
Screaming at the bot seems a bit rude now that I know this was intentional :p
The bot shouldn't complain. We've been cleaning up after it for months now :P
@Ælis How else do you expect the bot to learn?
@Rainbacon Screaming at people seems like a bad education technic, IMO. Maybe you could read more about education in Parenting.SE and learn more about non-violent education (I can't remember what it's actually called, but @avazula might be able to help here, I know it's one of her topic of interest) :p
2:15 PM
@Ælis well, at least the bot wasn't kicked from chat :P
@JAD So much violence toward the bot :( I love you @IPSCommentBot even when you are reporting false positive!
@Ælis Education is my new specific interest! :p In French it's called NVEO, i.e. "non aux violences éducatives ordinaires" (e.g. "no to ordinary educational violences"). Screaming scares the person and makes them feel aggressed, so chances are that they'll reply as violently.
@avazula It has quite a screamy name though... NVEO!
@Tinkeringbell haha
I recently learned that even saying "no" or "don't" to a young child is counterproductive. Like, instead of saying "don't stand up on the couch!" it'd be more effective to say "we should only sit on the couch". Young children do not catch all words and so when you say "don't stand on the couch!", likely they'll hear "stand couch". And so if you reprimand them afterwards they'll feel dumb and not understood. Which is a terrible feeling, you'll agree
@Tinkeringbell Oof my coworker stopped by my desk with a bunch of questions right after I sent that. But that's good to hear that things are happening, that's really what I was looking for. As a meta post I was thinking of asking the same thing to basically give you (or a CM) a more public platform to more completely answer those questions. But it sounds like there's not much to say besides "we're working on it, don't worry"
2:19 PM
@scohe001 Slowly.. we're slowly working on it ;)
Thought you should know that too XD Despite me chatting in there the whole day, I get surprisingly little actual moderation stuff done ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, it's so quiet on main these days o_o
@Tinkeringbell :O What a bad mod! Quick people, let's take her powers back!
I'm surprised i'm still RO here
given that I was last active some months ago
@avazula my parents went through a phase when I was about 3 or 4 where they wouldn't say "no" to me, only explain why things aren't a good idea. And the worst part is they tried to get people around them to do it to me too. I still get made fun of it by the rest of the family at thanksgiving and stuff, "Now, now, you can't tell scohe001 no, guys. You have to explain why you're too lazy to pass the salt"
2:22 PM
@Magisch Is that you, telling us, that we should take your powers back too? :p
@Magisch We don't steal powers ;)
@scohe001 That does sound funny now (as it's the first time I'm hearing about it)... but if your family is anything like mine, it's probably hugely exhausting by now!
@scohe001 ^^ I think that's not such a bad idea though
I mean they're not limited by a certain # of RO's. I suspect they probably appointed more as necessary
@Magisch Well since Cash left a bit after and sphennings isn't around very much we decided to appoint ElizB for more help
@Tinkeringbell lol I have a feeling our families may be similar--it's extremely exhausting :p
@avazula oh I totally agree. The logic behind it is solid, I just think they may have gone a little over the top with it (I was their first child)
2:26 PM
the idea is there, trying to proselytize it, maybe not so much
@JAD It's not proselytizing if it's about your child, IMO
2:40 PM
This lack of new question on IPS makes me sad. I want to have some easy-to-find question retagging (or editing) to do. Going question hunting for retagging is getting more and more difficult :(
According to Area 51 we're down to 1.5 questions per day
I'm currently sending an email to a survey agency that gave for gender choices "man/woman" to tell them that it'd be nice to include some more, especially on a survey about gender equality at work! o/
@avazula Yay you! <3
@Ælis Maybe I'm biased now but it seems that offering other choices is the norm now :p
@Rainbacon :/ Even more ":/" when you remove the regular, "high rep" users who are asking the questions
@avazula If only it was the norm... But yeah, it definitively should be, especially on studies about gender equality!
3:40 PM
Well, maybe HNQ will get us more users who will ask questions
I hope so, it feels to dead here :/
4:31 PM
Do a site's area 51 stats keep updating after graduation or does its page serve as a snapshot of what it looked like when it graduated?
@Rainbacon As far as I know, they keep updating
Interesting. If that's true then ELU gets about 1/5 of the traffic that IPS does, but it gets 10x as many questions
Hmm. Now I'm wondering. Lemme see
> questions 105k
answers 245k
answered 94%
users 253k
current stats for ELU, though for traffic you'll likely need the 10k tools
So no, area51 actually does stop after beta
4:59 PM
@avazula At least there was more than "men" '^.^ xP
@Tinkeringbell Still, 12 questions per day on 800 visits is impressive
@Rainbacon I dunno. Some sites are easier to ask on than others :)
Very true.
5:19 PM
How granular do the 10k tools get? The help center indicates daily data as the level of specificity
@Rainbacon The help center is right :)
Sad 😬 I was kind of hoping it could break down hourly traffic patterns. It seems to me that most of our activity comes during Europe's working hours. Was hoping I could confirm that with some data
@Rainbacon Well, I guess I can confirm that for at least chat :P
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