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1:02 AM
Q: UK tv show about clone on the run

James MontgomeryHello I'm wondering if anyone can help. I'm trying to remember the name of a kids tv show in the UK that ran in the late 2000s. Basic plot a secret cloning facility of male teen clones with two different colored eyes, one clone escapes and finds a girl who helps him. They both have to go on the ...

@Mithrandir how do you tag stuff on Literature for story-IDs?
[Novel] only has one question
Media tags seem sparse
Q: Book about a 10/11 year old boy with autism or something similar

StormblessedThis middle-grade novel was from sometime between 2000 and 2016, I believe. It was by an American or British author, who died before 2016, as mentioned on the back cover. The protagonist was a 10/11 year old boy who described his mind as being wired differently, like a computer with a different...

1:31 AM
@Stormblessed short-stories generally, that's about it
(if it is a short story)
@FuzzyBoots are you the "fuzzyboots" from the scp wiki? you're the only one I've seen with that username before
1:57 AM
@Riker Probably, although I haven't contributed in some time.
2:18 AM
@FuzzyBoots yeah it didn't seem active, I was just curious
2:32 AM
Feb 12 at 1:21, by Jenayah
La ferme, Smokey.
@SmokeDetector what keyword
@Mithrandir maybe “serum” shouldn’t trigger Smokey
At least here
Phoenix maybe
I hear there's a bad university by that name
2:59 AM
@Stormblessed You can see by clicking on the MS.
So it is serum
@Alex I found that, yeah
Q: Does anyone recall a short sci fi story called _Blood and Lust?_

RickMany years ago I read a short story that I think was titled Blood and Lust. It featured two entities named Blood and Lust who would travel through history making very small adjustments to see how events played out after. I recall one instance where one of them slightly altered the trajectory of a...

Found a sci-fi story-ID that seems relatively easy
I regret trying to find that one...literally every result is porn
3:15 AM
I think we already had this question asked here
Maybe identified
@Adamant May I steal?
@Adamant why's your username and avatar different on all the other sites?
Your gravatar looks like a bunch of throwing stars, pretty cool
Hey @Adamant can I answer it with that please?
Ahof course
@Adamant Thank you!
My avatar on the other sites is the default because I couldn't bother to personalize it.
This avatar has a science fiction and fantasy theme.
My name is different because...ah, some time ago the room's bot was called Obie. I couldn't have the same name and avatar because it was confusing, even though I thought it was funny.
So I changed it to Obie 2.0, but later I just changed it altogether.
3:35 AM
A: Does anyone recall a short sci fi story called _Blood and Lust?_

StormblessedThis is "The Game of Blood and Dust" (1975)1 by Roger Zelazny. It is about two characters, Blood and Dust, altering history through time travel. They have the power to go to any time. Apparently, they fail to prevent Lincoln's death (emphasis mine): Blood entered Chewy's Theater on the even...

Got acceptance, thanks so much
5 hours later…
8:43 AM
Q: Harry Potter in a different dimension fanfic

Theodore.7I am here again to find a fanfic that I had seen about a year ago. Harry was in a different dimension, a really messed up version where James is alive and Lily's dead. Sirius apparently uses Harry (like Sirius gets carried away sexually with Harry, while Harry is genuine) as he is lost mentally...

9:41 AM
Q: What are banes in Lightbringer series and how do they create gods?

iso_9001_Banes are not clear to me even though I checked Wikia page for Lightbringer. AFAIK; Banes are used to create gods They deteriorate everything around them but mostly own color users So here are my questions: What is a bane and how do they come to life? When slain, do they reoccur or that c...

Q: Short-lived 1950's TV show involving a (vacuum tube) and a computer dubbed "Emic"

John ForkoshI recall watching this TV show as a kid, maybe a dozen-or-so episodes, and can vaguely describe two of those episode plots. One revolved around the real-life Comet airplane crashes of the early 1950's. Emic was used to discover the problem, which it identified as metal fatigue along the wing. Bu...

10:38 AM
Q: Why does Sosuke call his parents by their first names?

Shana TarIn Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Sosuke calls both of his parents by their first names. It is clear they both are his born parents. This is uncommon even in western culture, but in Japanese tradition it feels especially weird. I feel like it should have some symbolic meaning to support...

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11:55 AM
Q: Why can Carol Danvers change her suit colours in the first place?

Peter MAfter reading Why does Carol not get rid of the Kree symbol on her suit when she changes its colours? and this exert from the accepted answer: As mentioned above changing the colour of the suit sends a strong signal that she's changed alliances and so changing the symbol wasn't actually neces...

Bit late aren't you?
is that a cover of the Kylie Minogue song?
I googled the term ;D first result
12:27 PM
I am at work so I can't compare them, but I'm guessing, from the face of the guy in Three Days Grace, that it's definitely a cover
Maybe, I am in office so can't play
12:52 PM
Q: Can a Jedi / Sith stop being one and live on without the force?

KasperAnd by that I mean do Jedi/Sith have the power to expel the midichlorians from their own body's and thus stop being a Jedi, or a Sith forever? And by that I do not mean stop showing any alliance to either party. Someone who stops being a sith could still want to join them, only aiding them othe...

1 hour later…
2:09 PM
Q: Why did Aquaman feel that Mera's plan was a little out of order?

Stephen HarrisonIn the Ring of Fire, Mera intervenes and gets Arthur out of there before Orm can strike a fatal blow. The two get away in her watercraft and are pursued by Orm's men: Aquaman: So, what's the plan? Mera: The plan was to recover Atlan's trident, then challenge Orm. Aquaman: Okay, so ...

3:06 PM
Q: Why would Captain Marvel be a big factor in Endgame?

IEatBagelsIn the second end credit scene of Avengers Infinity War, we see Nick Fury paging Captain Marvel before he is disintegrated, making it seem like she's the solution to the problem and that she would be comparable to Superman when he comes into the battle of the Justice League movie (where he single...

Q: Hero deduces identity of a killer

AlithLooking for the title of a short story I read some years (10+) ago. I think it was in an anthology or possibly a book of linked stories, not sure on that. What I can remember of the story is as follows: The story is set on a space station or similar edifice in space, someone has been killed. ...

3:29 PM
Any >1k reppers on SO here? @TheLethalCarrot maybe?
I'm curious about the vote repartition on meta.stackoverflow.com/a/261593
pretty please :)
3:30 PM
who the heck DVs that Q
People DV everything
people who don't like researching before asking
but still make their way to meta ._.
I can't even tell whether that answer is serious or not.
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

3:36 PM
@Null oh, nice! Thansks :)
You've seen Aquaman right @Jenayah?
My answer to that latest Q makes sense with respect to the whole film then?
3:50 PM
Ah good, I thought it would do but worth getting it checked by someone that's actually seen it haha
2 hours later…
6:01 PM
Q: Is this a plot hole?

SeanoseanohayWirr is able to use his powers on an echo when he thinks it is a human. Which seems to say that reality is what determines the tenets bindings. But, I love the story but this is bothering me.

6:35 PM
6:52 PM
How is it that users with <1k rep show up in the list of reviewers for the "Suggested Edits" queue? It seems odd.
@DavidW They can approve edits to their own posts.
As in this case:
Q: Creepy dinosaur pc game identification

SensorayI remember a dinosaur game from when I was little, I probably played it around 1998-2000's. In this game, dinosaurs could speak english and some would dress in clothes. I remember going to visit a female dinosaur with a crown like object around her head, she might have been part of royalty or an ...

Yep, you always have the right to review suggested edits on your posts no matter how much rep you got
Speaking of edits, does the 5/15 rule apply to modifications that aren't edits?
Like reopening?
Answering/asking is probably fine
7:02 PM
@Jenayah Indeed.
Reopening as well, c'mon you don't have to refrain from voting just to respect a 5/15
Bounties probably apply as well, although bounties can wait I guess
@Jenayah Also, it only shows your name if you're the fifth voter (or gold badge).
Though chances are, if someone is on a reopening spree there may be a bigger problem than 5/15.
7:16 PM
@Alex Thanks, that makes sense.
You're welcome.
@Jenayah thanks for the story-id answer!!
7:41 PM
Is 5/15 enforced in any way?
@Stormblessed Yes.
@Alex how so?
@Stormblessed Usually a reprimand from Jenayah or TheLethalCarrot.
@Alex intimidating
7:57 PM
Jan 8 at 3:11, by Alex
@Stormblessed Quite scary indeed.
8:53 PM
Q: Novel ID Question - Lo Tech SF/Fantasy

DiggerLooking for the name of a SF or fantasy novel. I probably read this in the 70's or 80's. Believe was first published post 1960. Could be part of a larger series. My faulty memory keeps trying to tell me the author was a woman - but really not sure... Basic plot that I can remember: Two main...

@Stormblessed you're welcome, anytime :D
@Alex oh, I thought you meant people being pissed by you reopening stuff you didn't think we're dupes :^)
@Jenayah I was responding to Stormblessed’s question about endorcement.
Mobile, small arrows, hard to hit, I just skipped and guessed :D
But yeah go us 5/15 patrol high fives @TheLethalCarrot
In any case you voted to reopen that question.
So you can’t be mad at me.
Which question?
9:07 PM
The one I reopened right before I brought up 5/15.
(and I'm mad at you if I want to be! :P )
Lazy to check the timelines of mobile chat and site. Link?
Okay, are youmad at me?
Q: Within Hogwarts, where could you spend money?

KozakyThis was inspired by a recent question about the Galleons that Hermione handed out for Dumbledore's Army meetings. As far as I can recall, during Harry's time at Hogwarts, there were no places within Hogwarts castle or the school grounds where the students would have to regularly spend money (at...

9:40 PM
@Alex nope
@Alex ah, yeah
@Jenayah I guess I have to try harder.
I don't grant my madness to anyone. You have to earn your right to it.
What do I have to do?
Good question.
Become a real estate agent.
A Dutch roommate.
A US president.
A school schedule employee.
Or the guy who takes the last piece of chocolate cake at the canteen and you have to settle for a yoghurt
Actually, talking about cake.
Q: Looking for name of short story, maybe 1958 about potion that changes sense of time

Robert HollinTakes place in a tree plantation, maybe Vietnam. Locals and main character of the story drink a potion that slows down their bodies to the point that to others they appear to be frozen in place but they themselves perceive tree branches and roots as moving fast. The trees and other plants try to...

9:51 PM
/me pulls out a birthday cake out of nowhere
hands out virtual pieces of birthday cake all over the place
Eh, perks of virtual birthday cakes. Unlimited parts. Woohoo!
I think I can become a (removed).
@Jenayah Speaking of giving out your birthday cake...
@Alex tsss
@Alex naaah... Your part's the same size as the others :P
@Jenayah Wow. Who would have thought?
Now I’ll work on becoming a Dutch roommate.
10:02 PM
Eh. Actually, don't.
Okay, US president?
10:30 PM
Well, I don't know you that much, but you can't be worse than the current one, can you?
I don't know. If my Meta score is indicative of anything...
So either I say it's not correlated and I miss an occasion to poke you on your meta score or I say it is and it's meh
My latest one didn't help matters.
11:27 PM
Q: What does it mean to be human to the Bene Gesserit?

fredsbendThe secretive and mysterious cult of the Bene Gesserit from Frank Herbert's Dune have a human breeding program as one of their prime goals (perhaps the prime goal). As a result, they've developed a definition of human that does not actually include all people. This odd belief is revealed early in...

Q: Please, re-open this question

S SWhy isn't Red Angel simply communicating with normal language instead of giving clues? This question was closed as per our Future Works Policy. The recent episode of Star Trek: Discovery has addressed this. As this question can now be answered, please re-open it.


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