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12:40 AM
It has begun. Let the iOS 6 question closings commence!

Q: Do not disturb vs silent switch

Jonathan.In iOS 6, we now will have a Do Not Disturb feature that prevents the phone from making sound when it receives notifications. How is this any different from using the silent switch? Or is it just that it can be scheduled, unlike silent mode?

huh, no closed indication in chat? don't remember that.
12:57 AM
Q: Blurry/aliased text on external LCD in Lion

TreyI have an external LCD hooked up to my MacBook Pro 5,5 running Lion. I have major aliasing on the external monitor in every application. Using the commonly recommended defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int x (with any value 0-4) has no effect on restarting applications...

That, up there, has been driving me nuts. Bonus points if you can make my external monitor look prettier.
2 hours later…
3:10 AM
@JasonSalaz Some draw the line at version names - others elsewhere. Just a friendly reminder - not intended to be a scolding.
@IanC If someone wants to ask a meta question on iOS 6, I'll be glad to work up a reasoning why we will be disinclined to have the questions open.
In a nutshell - everything mentioned officially without NDA is covered at this page: apple.com/ios/ios6 therefore us enumerating each basic question as a pointer to this page seems like most questions on iOS 6 could be closed as too trivial or off topic.
2 hours later…
5:14 AM
Still waiting for the FullHD keynote... itunes.apple.com/en/podcast/apple-keynotes-1080p/id509310064
6:07 AM
@gentmatt Darn. I want that!
3 hours later…
8:56 AM
Aren't the new Mac Pro's way overpriced? I mean Apple cannot justify that the Mac Pro's don't sell well if they offer them at these conditions.
This update seems like cynicism.... :/
No Thunderbolt, no USB 3.0. Do they have SATA 3?
3 hours later…
11:36 AM
Damn, this edward guy is spamming A LOT!
2 hours later…
1:21 PM
PSA: flags with links to spammy content help the moderators immensely in quashing contributions that don't help the site move forward.
1:42 PM
Q: Built-in text editor in Terminal

JayIs there a built-in text editor in the terminal on Lion? (Like, for example, nano on Linux.)

That shouldn't be a -2 question IMO. Someone give it a little up vote love?
2:14 PM
I hear I'm in the keynote video, towards the beginning when Tim Cook is walking in. I'm sitting in the right of the audence, wearing a white StackExchange tee shirt.
Can anyone confirm?
@bmike, I know. Just announcing that I installed it.
Wasn't gonna discuss it.
@Jason, my thoughts exactly. iPad yes, iPhone, not until later.
2:26 PM
@Moshe Yes - you are certainly flying the stack exchange colors and it's clearly visible in the streaming version. I hope this isn't your 15 minutes of fame as an iOS developer :-)
Also - has anyone installed the Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 and had it go well?
Lots of anecdotal reports of it rendering some macs unbootable, so if you are busy this week, perhaps don't update until you have a verified backup and time for a reinstall if needed.
DO NOT INSTALL Thunderbolt Software Update 1.2 - it's causing boot failures and reinstalling Mac OS X is the only fix. http://tid.bl.it/L2oJxq
3:21 PM
We're seeing some questions on this already...
Q: After System Update last night, the system will not boot with IOPlatformExpert.cpp:1504 error

動靜能量I have had Lion for a 2, 3 months on the iMac 27 inch purchased last October (2011). Last night I chose to update the system, and deselected iMoves update because it was 1GB, and chose only 4 updates, including iTunes, Safari (i think)... But the update says error, and ask to restart the system...

But it's not yet clear if this failure to boot was related to the Thunderbolt update.
I've now heard that redoing the 10.7.4 Combo Update can fix a thunderstruck Mac. Perhaps faster than a full reinstall. http://tid.bl.it/L2oJxq
3:37 PM
I also had a problem related to this update. The MBP would not shut down. So I had to hold the power button.
3:53 PM
@bmike - Sweet! I hope so too. Gonna be coding today. And trying some sessions. But mostly coding.
(Although today, I'm wearing slightly more formal. Black pants and a blue and white button down.(
1 hour later…
5:09 PM
And the base model retina MacBook Pro is a screamer. I got about 20 minutes with it. Fluid, fast, normal finder and file things are just butter fast.
The SSD clocks between 4k and 1.7k IOPS when spotlight it made to reindex the boot drive. Poking it with sequential IO and such doesn't seem to slow down the random IO speed. I can't wait to see some benchmarks of this machine. It is so incredibly thin.
It feels in the hand much wider than the old 15 - probably an optical illusion and the whole idea that an object's density makes heavy things feel smaller than they are.
1 hour later…
6:39 PM
I'm glad I was not in a situation to reboot last night and didn't install the TB Update...
6:56 PM
Who's at WWDC besides Moshe?
Any other AD regulars?
@DanielLawson I bumped into a FogCreek employee on Sunday.
What's Fog Creek?
a company related to stack exchange
another one Joel founded, is in the same building
Trello is under the FogCreek name IIRC. As is FogBugz
7:08 PM
@DanielLawson Joel Spolsky's other company. The floor below/above (don't remember) SE.
7:53 PM
I want the zebra wallpaper:
Yay! Our name is "Ask Different" !!!!!!! (on the main site)
Just a thought: Why do the bubbles of the notification center pop up at the top right (like Growl's default). Wouldn't it make more "sense" to put them at the top center?
I wonder on what Macs dictation will work. ...yes I'm watching the keynote :D
Safari in OSX ML is nice, but is it secure? How does it guard user privacy?
He starts to dictate by pressing a button on the keyboard - the GUI does not show anything. Mmmh. Will there be a physical dictate button?
8:18 PM
@daviesgeek Woooooot!
Yay, Raspberry Pi is in Beta
Looks like most of the maps in iOS 6 are from TomTom. macworld.com/article/1167237/…
8:38 PM
@gentmatt ⌘d or some such I'm sure
@NathanGreenstein I thought that. (We have a TomTom.)
@stuffe He presses only one button!
@gentmatt Key Bindings have been a feature in all versions of OS X.
or, maybe dictate will become a media key.
I see two blanks on my keyboard (F5 and F6), though it is an old one.
Yes, just like Launchpad.
After all dictation is system-wide.
text-input wide
8:44 PM
@JasonSalaz @gentmatt This then - there is a long history of changing the function key uses/placements etc
my macbook pro has an interesting arrangement of function keys, but I'm far to lazy to undock it and open the lid
plus the display changing/refreshing/blah blah blah I rather don't care for.
It would very much make sense to have a key for dictation. There are many cases I can think of where a GUI button would not fit (e.g. third party apps...)
I've never yet had 2 keyboards the same, over 3 MacBooks, and an imac
Can you imagine yourself dictating code or LaTeX?
It would be cool to input functions without the LaTeX syntax, and just by plain language instead.
@stuffe All the Macs in my familiy have different keyboards.
9:07 PM
The practicability of some iOS 6 features just amazes me! #SiriSports #Seeticketonarrivalatcinema #Remindmewhenleaving ...
I'm looking forward to it, ML too - I'm still running DP1 of ML on my Air (My dev program expired before DP2) and to be honest, it's been rock solid for 4 months now.
(apart from Messages....)
I'm so annoyed that NHL stuff doesn't work with Siri :/.
QR+Passes+GPS > NFC
I like that they explicitly had Amtrak passes in there.
Unfortunately I will miss two opportunities to use it because iOS 6 won't be out in time.
@JasonSalaz :P
9:12 PM
@Moshe yes?
@JasonSalaz At least you have an iPhone :)
@gentmatt helllllll yes I do.
@JasonSalaz Laughing at you for being an NHL fan.
@Moshe Laughing at you for laughing.
@JasonSalaz I'm a Mets fan.
9:14 PM
If you ask Siri about the Kings' score, would it tell you about LA or Sacramento?
I imagine Sacramento for previously stated reasons.
also, who are the sacramento kings?
Maybe Siri dislikes hockey?
@Moshe Her loss.
@JasonSalaz F5 and F6 on my machine control keyboard brightness
yeah, it will be that way on laptops
@Moshe I'm not an NHL fan. I'm a Red Wings fan.
9:17 PM
@DanielLawson hahahahaha
since I'm using an external BT keyboard, I don't have brightness controls, but yes, those keys will be that way on the laptop itself.
Don't tell me you're a Nordiques fan, Jason. Or whatever they're calling themselves these days.
I'n in a session folks. Tschüß!
Everything in the iOS maps is vector based. +100
The 3D animation are not yet that fluent, but damn - it's really fast
You have the Beta then?
9:28 PM
I used it on the iPad last night.
Absolutely amazing.
@stuffe still watching the keynote :)
I was using the Nokia maps 3d in Chrome just a week ago. It was horribly slow.
Did anyone watch the google maps event? Any comparisons?
I did not watch it.
I have not even heard of it.
9:41 PM
@gentmatt I'm in there at 18 min and 60 min. If you see me anywhere else, et me know.
:) I did not notice, but I'll hunt you now.
@stuffe Very cool. I'll check it out in more detail tomorrow.
@gentmatt Thanks. I'm in the front right, second row. Wearing my StackExchange shirt.
Yeah, I saw a picture that Nathan posted earlier today.
9:56 PM
@gentmatt Hmm - I'll try to see if I can snag you a copy tomorrow from a store.
10:17 PM
It's quite exciting that our official name according to SE is now Ask Different!
What happens to the auto-expanded links in chat?
10:32 PM
The sad part about the keynote is it means my computer is no longer the best laptop ever made.
The thing I'm really sad about is that I won't be getting a Retina display MBP.
How are you doing these days, @daviesgeek? If you're home schooled, do you get a summer break, or does it just keep going?
I have to have more hard drive space.
I have to not spend that kind of $$$
but it looks amazingly cool.
You can't use an external drive?
@DanielLawson No summer break. Technically, I'm "off school". For real, I'm actually continuing to do school; Bible, math, and biology
@DanielLawson I could but I'm not sure about that...
However, you made me think of something...I can get a USB 3.0 drive
10:34 PM
@DanielLawson I don't have the $$, but I really do need a laptop
The other nice thing about the new laptops is that the Retina MacBook Pro is actually cheaper than the standard MacBook Pro
(for a laptop with the same specs)
@daviesgeek Oh. Well if you just tell the Apple store people that you really need it, you don't need the $$$. Wait, you still do.
@DanielLawson Haha! I wish!!!!
(Retina on the left, standard on the right)
Does anyone know what the turbo boost is?
@daviesgeek For brief periods of time, the processor can run above its clocked speed somehow. I don't understand the details
@DanielLawson Hmm...interesting...
Off to post a question about it...
10:49 PM
@DanielLawson and @daviesgeek - PSA to follow


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
The other thing is that is doesn't have an optical drive. Not that I care about that...I want the space to add a hard drive.
@bmike Good reminder! Thanks.
@DanielLawson It's simple. The chip self regulates the clock speed based on thermal considerations. The "rated speed" means it can run steady state at that clock speed or higher. All cores - full bore and not exceed T_max or T_J of 100 C (typically)
when only one core is running, it can ramp up far faster to dispatch one thread's worth of code. Really cool stuff :-)
@bmike You wanna post that on my question?
11:00 PM
@daviesgeek Do you google this stuff? It's all there on Intel's web page with movies, a summary, etc...
@bmike Haha! I just found that.
I probably should Google it. I usually do...
@bmike Lucky!!
Are they at the Apple Store?
The keynote is finally up in the WWDC podcasts!
(Off to download it)
11:17 PM
@daviesgeek Yes - the stores in town had new macs to sell today. I'd surely like one, but not sure I can justify one at present.
11:29 PM
I should head into the apple store and oogle the new displays.
11:44 PM
Just went to mine, they didn't have any on display
I noticed the new MagSafe 2 connector on the other demo machines, so those have presumably been updated, but no retina Mac in sight
@KyleCronin In all fairness - most were spoken for and being sold at a very fast clip when I arrived. Nothing was on official display loaded with demo content or anything.
ah, I see
I suspect it's going to sell extremely well
@JasonSalaz Paste a whole lot of text in textedit and then just hold down command - and + and the graphics performance rewrapping the text is mind boggling. Also, the text fading away into dust is quite cool.
Gaming on those displays could be bizarre depending on how well the small details get drawn
I could see fire and particle simulations being over the top good.
11:56 PM
I wonder if you can render non-antialiased text on it with the actual pixels instead of having it upscaled to a lower res

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