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5:57 PM
@Fabby So, what's on your mind? Are we having a secret conclave?
Can we have, like a conspiracy? With a secret handshake?
tried inviting RUI in here and probably made a mistake.
@FaheemMitha :D :D :D
@Fabby What kind of mistake?
So, is your dinner time over?
@FaheemMitha Lemme try again...
@FaheemMitha Rui and me were discussinfg girls...
@FaheemMitha No, cooking is over.
Eating behind my PC.
6:00 PM
@Fabby Yes, I sort of noticed. So is it a conspiracy involving girls?
@FaheemMitha Erm... Thinking.
@Fabby That's bad for your digestion.
Let's just say "yes!"
conspiracy seems a bit ....odd.
6:01 PM
(which is much better than the alternative)
:D ;-)
I was thinking about getting some chocolate to eat. Thoughtfully provided by my just recently departed guests.
Which brand did they leave behind?
Chocolate rottens your teeth. send it over.
Well, probably cold. It's in the fridge.
I'm not sure why we can't just stay in the U&L room.
Random off-topic is a staple of that room.
I'd only bring you the Full Monty! callebaut
6:02 PM
@RuiFRibeiro LOL!
@Fabby Not sure. Apparently some custom stuff.
@FaheemMitha Oh, wow!
@Fabby I would not use much the full monty in the main room....
@Fabby Surely you have enough folks to have a lad's night out in real life.
You don't need to do it on the net. If that's what you are after.
6:03 PM
Yeah, but I drove 850 KM last night and couldn't be bothered going out.
At any rate, that's what one of my British friends used to call it.
@Fabby That's a lot of driving.
(also: when I go out, I tend to use alcohol, so getting a ride back home is expensive)
That sure is a lot of driving.
Fabby: Uber!
Yes, I'm not sure how that is even possible. Are you sure you got that figure right?
@RuiFRibeiro Illegal here...
6:04 PM
@FaheemMitha It is possible with good roads.
Uber drivers have to get a TAXI license...
@RuiFRibeiro And driving really, really fast.
@FaheemMitha 100 MPH
@FaheemMitha Whithin speed limits, I can make half of that on 2h30 - 3 h
But you still have to stop to get petrol and go to the loo.
6:05 PM
@Fabby Yikes. Germany?
@FaheemMitha Yup.
Minimum speed limit in Germany = most of the USA maximum speed limit.
Ah, yes. The country with no speed limits. Why don't they just strap wings on their cars and go airborne?
@FaheemMitha Do you know how much the cheapest helicopter cost?
@Fabby Nope.
Expensive! (Too expensive for me)
6:07 PM
I'm sure.
When I was young and reckless, I once drove at more than 200km/h and made 450 km in around 2h30m-3 hours
@RuiFRibeiro Fastest I've ever driven was 215 Km/h
@RuiFRibeiro That's scary.
@Fabby Nowadays forgot it, loads of cameras. I would get several fines in the mail and my driving license revoked.
@FaheemMitha Mind you I was in my 20s....
6:09 PM
@Fabby Who is that?
Erm... This guy:
@FaheemMitha the previous car I bought, I just did not buy almost that exact colour because I had just had a baby and bought a family car instead.....
@FaheemMitha I'm pretty sure you've seen this pic before...
@Fabby You could just say - me.
@FaheemMitha I thought it was obviious because you've seen the other pic before....
6:10 PM
@FaheemMitha i infered earleir on it was him....when he showed me some pics.
@Fabby I've seen the one with the apron before, yes. Do you keep a lot of your old pictures around in digital format.
Apparently not!
2001 is earliest.
@Fabby Well, that would have been my guess, but I didn't want to presume.
Still have to digitise anything before that.
I also do have a lot of digital pics, but on an old mac....talking about that, have to take care of backups, beeing too careless about that.
6:11 PM
lemme look for earliest digitised pic
@Fabby My earliest should be around 2002 or 3
That one I digitized back in 2000 because my mum wanted a copy
@RuiFRibeiro I want to see PROOF!
@FaheemMitha Do you have a recent one?
6:13 PM
@Fabby Not very recent, no. And I hate looking at myself in any form, so I tend not to take photos anyway. Unless forced to.
@RuiFRibeiro Cool!
@FaheemMitha Me too.
Me and my Ultrix farm ;)
@Fabby You're quite good looking. Not that that is so important in real life.
@FaheemMitha The one in the apron is because it was a gift and the person giving it to me insisted on being able to take a pic.
@FaheemMitha Actually it is....
Thatg is:
6:15 PM
if you're poor, ugly and stupid you get nowhere in life...
@Fabby ugly isn't the complement of good looking.
@Fabby There many ugly men with some throphies around....
@RuiFRibeiro lol
@FaheemMitha What is then???
@Fabby Not good looking. Which includes average.
@RuiFRibeiro I know a gilr like that!
6:17 PM
@Fabby Russians, Brazilians and filipinas are infamous for that....
She was smart and good-looking and fell for bad boys!
@Fabby I am talking about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
@RuiFRibeiro Infamous for what?
@RuiFRibeiro Had Russian, but no BR nor FL... WTF are you talking about?
@RuiFRibeiro Ah!!!!
6:18 PM
@RuiFRibeiro small square.
@Fabby lol
Yeah, we had this conversation before...
the 100K, 10K, 1K girls...
@Fabby I actually had a BR gf, but she was half brazilian.... she was quite nice. Too nice for me actually....
@RuiFRibeiro Is she married in the meantime?
If not: send me her phone / pic / email!
@Fabby I think
6:20 PM
IN is #1 in my list
BR #2
@Fabby Age did not favour her and her niceness was not in a good way....
@RuiFRibeiro Huh? you mean dumb and nice?
@Fabby Ardent Catholic and under her father "skirts"
Like "Yes, darling, whatever you want, darling" kinda nice?
@RuiFRibeiro Meh! I'm half Italian!
@Fabby She was not also very smart.....
6:21 PM
I'll deal with that!
@RuiFRibeiro Urgh... Boring...
@Fabby I could not deal with that....that and instead of goind on vacations with me she prefered to keep company to her father....which I quite understood, until she got a step-mother and still insisted on keeping her father company.
@FaheemMitha What kind of girls do you like?
@Fabby I am atheist and do not eye well fanaticism
@Fabby You mean nationality? Or personality type? Or something else?
@RuiFRibeiro Like I said: I can deal with that kind of shit.
6:23 PM
I think I'll try that chocolate. Back in a bit.
I'll just go all Italian macho over dad...
@Fabby I could not, especially in my 30s....dropped her, and got a very nice atheist girl that enjoyed sex so much more.
@FaheemMitha All of that and more...
@RuiFRibeiro The Cqtholic girls you take in steps...
Oral sex keeps you a virgin...
Anal sex keeps you a virgin.
Give her a ring with a very cheap diamond.
@Fabby I did not say we did not do it.... it was kind of "are we over yet?"
Hey, we"'re nearly married now: No sex? No marriage!!!!
@RuiFRibeiro Urgh!!!
The Jewish wife!
6:26 PM
@Fabby I betrayed her once and found out I WAS NOT the problem.
1. What does a French wife tell her husband after sex?
@Fabby dont know that one....
1a. Was it as nice for you as it was for me?
2. What does the Italian wife tell her husband?
2a. Shall we do that again????
6:27 PM
3. What does the Jewish wife tell her husbandN
3A. Shall we paint the ceiling green?
lol ....I think I heard something similar in the past....
We also got similar jokes in my mother tongue about catholic girls.
You can substitute any local nationalityu
@RuiFRibeiro Or that.
Same with any religious jokes.
When I separated from that new girl, a common friend tried to probe me whether I was interested to get together again with that BR gf.
Substiitute Catholic with Hindu and Protestand with Buddhist and you've got a good joke!
6:29 PM
I told him there were other kind of problems besides me getting another gf, but did not get into the specifics of it.
@RuiFRibeiro :D :D :D
Like a wife and daughter???
@Fabby That was later on....
@Fabby The problem was that I did not enjoy sex with her.
@Fabby 5 minute sex
I would ask for a pic, but a phone / email will have to do...
@RuiFRibeiro :O :O :O
thas was last millenium, I hope????
6:32 PM
@Fabby oui....
@RuiFRibeiro Goner!
@Fabby private profile....
Also: I'm not on FB.
Quit the whole shit after the Snowden revelations...
@PrabhjotSingh Welcome
@RuiFRibeiro Black hair!!!!
So any interesting pics of girlfriends to share??? @PrabhjotSingh
@Fabby lol.....all my ex- had black hair
Hello @Fabby. How are you ?
6:35 PM
@PrabhjotSingh Ive had a couple of drinks!
How are you???
@Fabby Wife is arriving any minute now....
@Fabby My hard disk crashed two years back
(My apologies if talking about alcohol is offensive to a Sikh)
I try to get if possible.
@PrabhjotSingh :Ah!!!!
6:36 PM
Am I the only one that deleted the pics of all exes?
I get it now!
@RuiFRibeiro yup!
No, I converted into athesism ten years back.
@PrabhjotSingh Do you still have the crashed HDD???
@Fabby To be honest enough, just did it recently....
@PrabhjotSingh Atheist or agnostic?
Are you a scientist?
6:37 PM
I am atheist, but not a scientist, just an old jerk.
@RuiFRibeiro You should have kept a fucking encrypted backup, You idiot!
@Fabby Yes, I didn't throw away fearing someone could access my personal stuff.
@PrabhjotSingh Good!
Is the HDD still accessible in BIOS if you plug it in directly into a SATA port?
@Fabby I read Sigmund Frued, after that I turned atheist.
@Fabby I just kept a copy of the mother of my child pics to give later on to my daughter pics of her parents together....I bet her mother is crazy enough to have deleted ALL of them.
6:39 PM
@PrabhjotSingh I'm a scientist and an agnostic.
You cannot prove the existance of God(s) to me,
nor can I disprove their existence
@Fabby No, it is not accessible in bios.
so I don't let him/them influence my lfe.
@PrabhjotSingh Urgh. Professional recovery
@Fabby Quite by the contrary, looking at our earth history of rocks, moon and whatever the shit being gods, I believe that there are no gods whatsoever.
I never offend people. But whenever I come across a religious person I wash my hands
@RuiFRibeiro Disprove me the existance of God(s)
6:41 PM
@Fabby And religion is just a big commercial and political con.
Never said: very unlikely! I said: disprove...
@Fabby From an atheist to another, do you really want proofs... bah
@RuiFRibeiro All that is true!
@RuiFRibeiro No, I'm an agnostic.
@Fabby for me it is enough to believe with all my core all that is a several thousand years old BULLSHIT
An atheist believes God(s) do(es) not exist!
IMHO, as bad as the religious nuts!
6:42 PM
@Fabby my family is very conservative btw.
:D :D :D
@Fabby I said I am atheist....
@RuiFRibeiro me too
28 secs ago, by Fabby
IMHO, as bad as the religious nuts!
:D :D :D
@RuiFRibeiro LOL
@Fabby what are religious nuts? with or without vodka?
6:44 PM
@RuiFRibeiro Both!!!!
;-) >:-)
I liked Russian cold therapy, I mean garlic thing.
@Fabby I also dropped that BR gf because I got tired of she bing a religious nut...
@PrabhjotSingh I eat a lot of garlic. ;) used to drink more vodka....
@PrabhjotSingh So you drink wodka?
@RuiFRibeiro Currentlyt drinking Wodka!
@RuiFRibeiro Chew garlic then spit on vodka and swallow. Cold is gone. TILSN
Which reminds me: I need a refill! (bottom's up!*
6:46 PM
@Fabby I do not drink as much as before having my surgery.
@PrabhjotSingh ;)
@Fabby Yes, occasionally. But I prefer whiskey.
bottom s up
You're in good company!
So does Rui.
@PrabhjotSingh For me it depends....might prefer vodka during winter.
I prefer Rum.
6:47 PM
But I am very fond of GOOD whiskey
I prefered rum in the past, too sweet for me nowadays.
(but I am able to drink some with company)
I want to ask one thing. Does vodka affect stamina (you know what I ask)?
@PrabhjotSingh too much can affect oui....
Stamina also is a very relative subject. Give me a new gf, and I will find a lot of hidden stamina.... ;-P
women can be also quite idiots about that. If you do not do it, they complain
@Fabby Are you coming to India ?
if you do it a lot, they get suspcious you are doing it with other women too......
@RuiFRibeiro Hormones matter.
6:52 PM
I could go on with this talk, but I think an SE forum is not most appropiate for it.
anyway, wife arriving in 1 or 2 minutes.
See you guys later on!
OK, got a refill.
Reding what hepened while I was away.
@RuiFRibeiro That's the problem: I'm cheaper than the Indians: I've got an expensive taste when it comes to Whisky
@PrabhjotSingh 1-2 shots: no!
more than that: yes!
@PrabhjotSingh I want to...
Though whether I get enough time to do so (<1 month: not worth it) depends on the boss.
@Fabby Whenever you plan to come tell me in advance.
@PrabhjotSingh I thought you were a Sikh?
Where do you live?
My impression is that Sikhs are mostly in Punjab.
@Fabby I come from a Sikh family.
Bombay and Bangalore are on the list.
6:59 PM
I live in Punjab.
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