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12:04 AM
It's 5pm on a Friday. WTF am I doing sitting here trying to update from MediaWiki 1.8 to 1.19?
Put a fork in me. I'm done. Laterz!
12:28 AM
You know you're in the dubstep part of YouTube the best comment on a video is "MOUTHWASH MOUTHWASH BWAH BWAH BWAH BWAH pew pew pew pew"
Third time in a row that an ONTRAC package from Amazon was late. This time they gave me $5 for my inconvenience. I'm thinking I should start complaining about it every time time. Might end up paying out my Prime membership in promo credits...
1:38 AM
@WesleyDavid That picture is just begging for a much much ruder caption.
4 hours later…
5:53 AM
@Iain Happy Saturday, early riser.
Pre-emptive strike.
@WesleyDavid meh it's dull, wet and windy so I don't fancy cycling - think I'll go back to bed
@Iain What a strange difference in lands. It's 11 at night, 91 degrees F and clear. Will probably not drop below 70F, day or night, for the next four months. Will probably not see rain except for a few raging monsoons that last a day, until late August.
Actually, the monsoons blow in for a few hours and then leave.
We've had wet and windy conditions for a couple of days it's due to die down so I may get out later - next week seems more promising but it's still going to be cooler than it should be
6:11 AM
@Iain I skipped most of bike to work week because it was mostly raining, and since then it's been raining even more. Had hail and torrential downpours today, alternating with bright periods.
@Ward we're not getting the bright bits
interesting first 'answer' Where is this fuсking "hard set" option of default gateway to the VPN? Can you be more specifically?
oooh shiny new badges
@Iain Yeah, suddenly got about 10 of them for voting in moderator elections.
Here's a good pic for today: sunny overhead, rain coming in from the west.
A view north - note the flags in the strong westerly
Oh yeah? Well we had this at 10am today:
3 hours later…
9:50 AM
@voretaq7 Thank goodness its friday ;)
I'm feeing that I should tell someone the firewall has kicked out at work, but I also thinking - if they've not noticed then no one else is monitoring things and as I've been told not too keep an eye on things that maybe I will just deny all knowledge
10:06 AM

Anyone care to weigh up on that before I go ahead and waste money on a second AP?
@Dan I think Pavel is correct and 5 isn't a harmonic of 2.4 so you won't get that kind of interference either but there really is only one way to be sure - can you borrow an AP from someone ?
@Iain Yeah, I can probably nick one from my parents next week. I did Google, but information seemed surprisingly sparse. I suppose it's a bit of an edge case
@Dan borrow one of your neighbours APs for an hour
@Iain I can't imagine a more awkward conversation as they ask why :D On a serious note, I try to keep the fact that I'm in IT pretty quiet so as to avoid "You don't have just ten minutes do you....?"
I will test it and report back at some point, someone might chuck some nice science into an answer though
4 hours later…
2:31 PM
2:50 PM
It truly pains me with some of the networking questions I see. There's SO many people who barely 'get' network security under IPv4 that IPv6 is going to freak them right the hell out.
3:34 PM
@Adrian I'm just generally pained serverfault.com/questions/397175/…, serverfault.com/questions/396920/… and many many more
@Iain Ouch. That's atrocious.
some people just shouldn't even try
Indeed. That 2nd one is a cPanel question where that wasn't even mentioned.
I used to go around downvoting cPanel questions, but I downvoted so many that the cpanel tag started showing up on my account.
@Adrian and he doesn't know how to find logs either <sadpanda>
Although he does admit that he's too clueless to understand what the logs mean. Which I have to give him at least a 1/4th credit for.
Oddly, I visited the URL in his user bio, and it redirects me to one of those domain farm search pages.
3:59 PM
@Iain That first one is bad enough to close.
4 hours later…
7:38 PM
user image
1 hour later…
9:00 PM
@Adrian Downvoting cPanel because cPanel or sifting cPanel questions because of the high likelihood of poor content and then downvoting based on content?
@WesleyDavid there is no real difference
@Iain Oh hush, you. =P
Q: Importing orphaned Outlook 2010 OST file

BigBadJockI have a problem with Outlook 2010 and OST files. First my exhange hosting company deleted my exchange account by accident. They've created it on another server, but can't get the data back. Now I did make a copy of the \users\name\appdata\local\outlook directory. So I have the original OST fil...

Weee! I got new privilegeson unix.SE and almost all of my 1,000 rep is off of questions! =)
My evil plan is to get 10k off of 90% questions.
@WesleyDavid I think there is a limit on how much rep you can gain from questions -
@Iain BOOO!!
@WesleyDavid I can't find the reference atm - my mSO-fu is pants
9:15 PM
@Iain There's some sort of a limit, I'm sure, no idea where to find it.
I vaguely remember 2k
I need to find a query that will show who has the most votes cast across all sites...
I like how Stack Exchange is so well documented. It must be because its roots are with developers.
9:27 PM
Every once in awhile, a keygen comes in handy.
It's sad, but true.
@ewwhite 1337
@ewwhite lost me
Trying to get out of a tricky vmware situation.
Re: the client with 14 SATA disks in RAID 5 and 83 VMs.
I suspect that they didn't buy their enterprise licenses...
They're on version 4.1... and I'm trying to get NexentaStor in...
but I need version 5 to get some of the functionality I'd like to see on the Nexenta side.
have we fallen this far serverfault.com/questions/397250/… ?
Should it be closed?
9:41 PM
is it a pro ?
surely any linux sysadmin of any standing knows about find ?
@Iain I learned and refined my find skills with this page.
@ewwhite the first version of find I used required a -print
luckily no longer needed
(I think)
@ewwhite no, it's only there for compatibility now
So what would you do? You think your client pirated vSphere Enterprise Plus. They're in a bind, but they've also built their infrastructure on it.
(I was not involved, I only support a few applications that run in the environment)
9:50 PM
does the bind require new licensing ?
Possibly. They've never patched anything and they're running full ESX 4.1 installs... (not ESXi)
and VDI on top of it... as well as their usual Linux and Windows servers.
they're getting a new SAN to replace the 14-disk RAID5 deal, and I'm concerned that the SAN integration tools won't support old ESX.
Honestly, in my company we'd bounce that back with instructions to sort it the fuck out!out
@ewwhite licensing is their problem really
@Dan I'm thinking the budget isn't there to really fix, so I should help them prepare to downgrade.
"You will lose DRS, HA, svMotion, etc."
@ewwhite Mm, fair enough. All depends on your relationship and 'how things are done' really
9:56 PM
I think the licensing they need is ~$22k
well, this makes VMWare a hard sell in some situations.
I see VMWare as: free < $600 < $4500 <<< $12k < $20k.
ESXi to the Essential packages... then a huge jump to Standard and Enterprise.
hello - someone spending money?
oh and don't forget enterprise plus
@Chopper3 Oh, i know... but that's really out of their reach
it's a 3-host cluster.
Hi @Iain
Improved upon your edit:
Q: NAT : understanding about interconnection

PITCHYEnglish version below J'ai 2 routeurs A et B relié en série avec les ip respectives ( sur le routeur A j'ai activé la fonction NAT avec un pool ( - Lorsque je sors je prends donc un ip du pool par exemple Comment ça fonctionne sacha...

Being belgian has it's perks :)
@BartDeVos I just merged in someone else's translation that was posted as an answer and flagged as not an answer
@Chopper3 What types of discount do you get at your volume?
10:06 PM
doesn't quite work that way, we have certain enterprise all-you-can-eat licences across the company - for instance we get every Oracle product (apart from whatever the bought in the last 3 months or so) for one big cross-company price - this is why we use Oracle's own Linux, and their DBs etc. - well the same is true for vmware products, most are covered but we can only get ent plus licences for instance
@Iain Want to downvote so bad, but have to wait two more hours.
@Iain And yes, I think you'd be well within mod rights to one-punch it.
The "how to recursively find a file in Linux question."
It's no where near something that's pro related. If a person was a pro, they'd Google it and find it in 2 seconds like I did not too long ago when I suddenly had to support Linux systems.
@BartDeVos Like all the hot women? Wait... are belgian women hot? I think Americans assume all non-Americans are hot.
@ewwhite Wow, that's a tough dilemma. =( I've made it a policy to walk away from clients that are in a licensing mess and have no intent on rectifying things. I don't care how awesome the gravy train of paid invoices is, if they're okay with burning one vendor, they'll be okay with burning me some day.
10:22 PM
@WesleyDavid Not worried about them burning me. More worried that they've painted themselves into a corner.
@ewwhite FOSS all the virtualization!!! =P
@WesleyDavid I have recently found myself getting quite aggressive at closing questions that fall below the standard I would hope to see or aren't sufficiently on topic. Unfortunately some people disagree so I'm exercising some restraint.
but it's very hard
@Iain Is that disagreement mostly on meta? I haven't seen too much squabbling except by the OPs themselves.
So, I'm finally finishing a website I started in 2010 - good turnaround time aye?
@WesleyDavid yep
10:26 PM
Here's a feature I'd like: "Will be mod-closed in n hours if not properly edited."
So you can mark it for assassination if there's not an edit of more than a certain amount of characters within a certain amount of time.
Maybe just a token amount, like 10 characters. The character amount would be unknown to the OP, but would be reasonable enough to where any edit of any decency would bump the mark of death off.
Iain, have you found yourself becoming shorter with people on this site since modding? I know it affected me that way
@WesleyDavid They're using VMWare View, too...
@Dan Yay. What's it about? Is it the next Facebook?
@WesleyDavid Not quite, it's a mates Plumbing business
@Chopper3 very much so - I recognise the madness of chopper3 in myself
10:29 PM
Man, that's harsh. Getting a critical business system that is
1) Totally mis-designed, and then
2) Not compliant and running the risk of legal action should someone in-the-know blow the whistle.
@WesleyDavid Not that everyone is totally legit on licensing, but a best-effort is good.
However, I find VMWare pricing to be tough on the businesses that need it the most.
When you look into the abyss of new questions, be careful lest the abyss stare into you...

...and you fantasize about bleeding their loved ones out in front of them while you laugh wickedly from your seat in a small red car next to a cartoon bear.
@Iain Where's your choppertar? You should start using that now that you're drunk on power. =P
But no, I've not seen a mod hammer thrown from your hand that was over the top.
I'd be no less brutal if I had gotten the diamond.
Which, I'm not sure comforts you. "At least I'm not as bad as that deranged kitten over there!"
@WesleyDavid no, I fantasize about making them (especially devops) read the manuals
@ewwhite VMware pricing is one of the most brutal pricing tiers for the target audience. Oracle is bad, but are they really going for the SMB? Nope. Not with any passion, anyway. VMware's bread and butter is, from the numbers I've seen, in the medium sized business.
Much as I love VMWare, I think they need to keep a very close eye on the competition as they're rapidly coming through
10:39 PM
@Iain I know it's frustrating when you're in a crunch with your back to a wall, but under regular circumstances, I don't understand on why people wouldn't want to read the manual.
Books and manuals are so much fun. I'm looking at my Exim book right now and thinking ohhh, that would be a great Saturday afternoon...
@WesleyDavid because it's easier to ask the internets
@WesleyDavid Well, to give an idea, I'm talking about a 200-person company.. maybe $120 million revenue
But I'm 30 and single living with my parents and working out of their home office, so shoot me in the face with a rocket.
@ewwhite Well that's considerably more revenue than I was thinking.
But still, 25K is more than they can part with?
@WesleyDavid yes. They don't see the value... because that 25k becomes $75k once they get a SAN and the right servers and a backup solution.
And it's harder to fake the SAN and the physical servers.
@Dan They know that for their core products they've passed the peak of the bell-curve and it's just margin-erosion all the way now - hence why they're buying up lots of 'ecosystem' products (vCOPs etc.) - it's a way fo tying their existing customers to them for longer - not necessarily turning a profit on those actual new products
10:43 PM
@Chopper3 Yeah, I can understand that
@Dan Pricing would make a difference to me... I'd love to get all of the single ESXi systems I've put out there into a clustered arrangement.
Oh sure, you had to star that >_<
Essentials is priced fine. Essentials Plus is missing a few things... Most people I work with don't need more than 3 host servers.
@ewwhite So have you done the full court press with pretty PDFs and a Prezi deck and everything?
@WesleyDavid To whom?
10:45 PM
My argument to them would be to ask them to serious consider un-virtualising - do the calculations, work out how many cheapo servers they'd need - it might actually be cheaper than paying for licences, then when it doesn't work out that way, and it probably won't - ask them why they don't hot-wire vans and cars for their staff, because that's what they're doing with code
@ewwhite I kinda assumed there was maybe a few directors or C-levels that were the biggest opponents of the plan.
@WesleyDavid I think the IT manager just didn't tell the ownership.
@Chopper3 SuperMicro SuperMicro rah! rah! rah! Oh sure they shake, rattle and roll the cage and might not fit into standard rails, but those are minor details.
@Chopper3 They'd need a good number of servers... This all looks bad because they bought the wrong SAN and the solution sucks.
3 hosts did you say? how about using the virtual storage appliance?
10:48 PM
so now it's my time + licensing + a new SAN or ZFS unit + new host servers (they're on 2 x DL360 G5 and 1 x DL580 G5... all with maxed RAM)
@ewwhite I forgot - who designed the original boondoggle?
the client... remember, this was probably the most exciting project/toy that they've had... so I don't think they reached out for the best-practices or to get expertise.
It's a tough balance. I can go into any of the client sites I work with and see bad things being done... But the goal sometimes is to not sh*t on everyone else's work.
@ewwhite Ouch. That might be the last project like that that they get to touch now. =/
@Iain Excellent taste in Gravatar.
@WesleyDavid What's the alternative? Hire the local VAR to come in and present a costly solution? Use me to get them what they need without the fluff?
@WesleyDavid :)
10:53 PM
@ewwhite Well, I was just thinking that, unless those higher than the IT manager are kept in a fog about the whole thing, the IT department might not be trusted anymore to do bigger projects like that without some outside help even if it's just a consultant like you coming in and giving pointers.
I've been given full access to examine the setup. So it's interesting to see.
I mean, having you come in for a day or three is just a few grand. You can guide them and their thoughts and help them decide what to do. That's better than what happened: "Oh hey, this is awesome! We get to build something!" months later "Nothing is working and we'll have to rip and reload it all! We just wasted tens of thousands!"
So I hope they take their lumps and let you design things at least well enough to get them back on the tracks and moving forward.
@WesleyDavid I have three customers with this issue right now.
@ewwhite lolwut
internal IT staff... big VMWare initiative... and missing pieces.
The other two at least bought the right licensing...
But the other two are NetApp shops... but it seems like low-end NetApp doesn't perform too well.
and I've had to augment them with Nexenta storage to handle things that licensing or other restrictions won't allow
10:58 PM
@ewwhite Hrm, interesting.
@ewwhite What do you use for timetracking, BTW?
But it's something that I see as an outsider... how do you keep your internal IT staff engaged and learning? I know a lot more from consulting than what's I've picked up internally.
@ewwhite Cool. I use www.getharvest.com
iPhone app, Android app, web app, etc.
Same for inertrak.
But I've used it for 7 years... so it's just natural
(oops, accidentally suspended the vCenter VM...)
@ewwhite Doh!
@Dan Choppertar. Now. We're all having a relapse.
Oh eww...
11:12 PM
New rule: I will not accept clients that use 1and1. =P
Although, the BS that 1and1 causes does increase billing hours, but this isn't the way I like to make my living. Yeesh.
@WesleyDavid great taste in gravatar :)
is there an official BOFH logo ?
I thought there was... or at least a commonly accepted one. With the "H" having a tail with a pointed end, like the Bedazzled movie logo.
Wait, no
It was this:
And someone needs to bemore careful with the magic wand tool and transparencies. tsk tsk
Black background version:
I much prefer a lack of letters though. I like to be at least somewhat subtle.
@WesleyDavid that could be a great gravatar for the tyrannical minority
@Iain Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
@WesleyDavid it needs resizing
11:19 PM
: you're all making me so happy and appreciated :)
@Chopper3 much missed
Wait, wait
Screwed that up.
Dammit Gimp
Perfect square. I didn't clean the white up though, because I'm lazy.
But I'm also OCD, so there ^
@Iain Way ahead of you dude. =P
@WesleyDavid for reasons I don't understand Gravatar keeps wanting to crop these
11:29 PM
Can anyone here help with winsxs issues?
@ewwhite it's all just hard links
@Iain But still gives the impression of running out of space...
@iain What does it mean?
Well my gravatar changed on SE, but not chat.
Nope, wait... there it is. Can everyone else see it?
@WesleyDavid yep
11:38 PM
Ohh, you kinked your tail. And also took a chunk out of the phone. =P
@WesleyDavid I fixed that now
Waiting for popagation. I can see it if I click on you, but not on your profile page yet.
the bofh contingent
Calling all BOFHs. Change your Gravatar to this: i.sstatic.net/UbHE3.png
devops and your inability to read manuals beware ;)
11:41 PM
@WesleyDavid I like it, but I like my Derpy...
I think ewwwwwwhite's evil happy face would look good with just a tail.
I'm too nice to be a BOFH.
@ewwhite You really are. We should ban you lest we corrupt you.
You know the room has an infectious tendency when even Iain starts to get edgy.
upgrading from ESX 4 to ESXi 5 on my own systems... Use the existing internal 72GB RAID 1 set or do the SD card?
@ewwhite Closed as too localized.
Man this new gravatar is already having a bad effect on me.
I mean, worse than I usually am.
11:45 PM
@ewwhite I'd do the platter disks rather than an SD card, but that's just because I'm paranoid about flash storage that isn't SLC.
@WesleyDavid I've modified mine again :)
@Iain Nice touch!
From a distance it looks like finger holes for the rotary.
I'm off to bed - see you all when it's time for you to go to bed
@Iain Zzzzzz.... -.-

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