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1:07 AM
Q: Peer co-worker "out-performing" me due to access rights left over from previous role

user99213My co-worker 'Jan' and I have both worked for the company for a couple of years in our respective roles, but in totally separate teams/functions until now. We have now (a few months ago) been brought together into a newly formed team with the same role as each other. There are a few other people...

@user99214, are you online btw? This is a great question and I can add to it quite a bit. But some additional details from you would be nice
@user99213 I meant
As SE community tries to keep comments concise and avoid being too chatty, let me know when you see this so we can talk
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3:47 AM
Q: Is this the right stack exchange to ask questions for learning current good manufacturing practices?

Ro SivI am a biology major who is applying for QC laboratory jobs, which state the need for cGMP skills. I am having trouble honing down resources for learning cGMP, as I hear it is variable to your job. What is the best way to go about learning cGMP (virology or cell biology) and is this the right s...

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7:02 AM
@Nofel Hi Nofel. This isn't true. Moderators don't close questions unless there's a really good reason to. Users vote to close/place on hold and you'll see these users names on the close notice. Downvotes don't necessarily lead to question closure.
7:48 AM
A: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

KilisiDo moderators have fixed terms? Or do they have to retire before they lose moderator status? Can we vote to remove them for pursuing their own agenda to the detriment of the site? Or inactivity for an extended period?

Moderators don't have fixed terms, and can remain as moderators as long as they wish to and can retire any time they wish to. You can't vote to remove a moderator, but you can raise concerns to the site admins using the "contact us" form at the bottom of the page. Moderators are expected to be active on the relevant sites, but not all moderator actions are visible to users.
8:30 AM
8:44 AM
Morning. I think I'll be in full headphone mode for most of the day today.
9:05 AM
I always have headphone mode but doesn't mean I'm doing anything important hahaha
9:20 AM
Morning all
Anyone good at creating creative names
@Twyxz in what context?
I need a trading business name
but as a company not as a sole trader name
so it can't include my name or anything like that
I used the name of my road.
Yeah that's not going to happen ahhah :P
You're going contracting?
No no no, I negotiated a deal with a trader
and whilst I learn I'll host his business and social media, designs, websites etc
so kinda but we're 50/50 haha
tbh unless you are looking to actively market your services under the company name it can be just about anything - as long as it's not offensive
Yeah but I'm saying, I want an attractive and creative social media name
to represent our company
rather than the backend stuff I'll just call that like my name and trading or something
Just to be clear, will you be lodging this company name with companies house or is it just a demo piece?
9:31 AM
Trady McTraderson
Totally Honest Traders Inc
FundMyPorsche Ltd
That ones discrete
@Snow Will be lodging most likely, it's all in planning but the name is the best place to start
more seriously.. what's your target demographic?
everything else is a bonus haha
People looking to quit their jobs and earn passive income, or even gain an additional income
Licking envelopes, delivering leaflets, scrapping cars - that kind of thing?
Money's money right?
9:43 AM
Although scrapping cars isn't much of a passive activity.
You're a developer, you can automate it right?
Is that... not how it works?
Just avoid having a picture of some chavvy looking scrote holding a £20 note above an ad strap line that says "Earn £2500 a month working from home with this one neat trick that banks hate you knowing about!!!!!!!!!!1!"
I got an ST, that'll do for now haha
Pretend I got it without working and it was purely from smart investments
BlackedOutCorsa Ltd... I've got it. My life has meaning
@AnneDaunted Thank you for link.
@Twyxz NotAShellCompany Ltd
10:00 AM
Or if that one's taken, use NotATexacoCompany Ltd
@Snow Hi @Snow.too many downvotes generates a flag and some Mod take a look at it, my problem is downvoters r like spammers. they don't leave a reason. I know close or dup or opinionated closed question are tagged by "which mods". Downvoters r like people who gain power to abuse it.
and morning everyone
We generally let question closure be done through a consensus of users. Moderators have a diamond symbol after their usernames, if there's no diamond, it's not a mod.
Yup, but downvoters shouldn't be allowed to "Downvote" unless they provide a reason.
@Snow Lately I been doing new stuff and documentation sucks on internet for some things, do u think one need to have "Good english" to write medium docs
I ask u coz it reminded me ur docuemntation go to person.
10:19 AM
Yes, documentation is expected to have a good standard of English. Just take a recent example for your company and adjust to suit.
no examples. I want to publush on Medium.com
do u think I got enuff to do it?
good enuff english
You'll need to look at the documentation for other things on the net - blogs etc.
10:54 AM
This guy on the degree question has really confused me
@Twyxz he's buried the lede
his issue isn't a lack of degree but rather the fact that he is coming from outside the EU
11:24 AM
And today's award for "poor choice of words" goes to..
Q: Boss and secretary texting

daliaI found my husband and his secretary were texting each other at all kinds of hours for many months. One day it was over 160 text, there were also many late night and weekend phone calls, clearly not work related. He claims it was not sexual. I want to know our level of exposure. Can she file any ...

<cough> "level of exposure" </ cough >
11:40 AM
And today's award for "I'm asking... for a friend" goes to..
Q: Best way to abandon a bag in Hong Kong airport?

Guest24601An odd question, I know. I'm expecting to arrive with a full-size carry-on, containing some stuff I brought on the flight but don't want to carry any further, some stuff I'll transfer into my main baggage between collecting it from the belt and dropping it off with WFS for onward delivery, and s...

That is the best question EVER posted.
why didn't he just start with the luggage in his suitcase and carry the rest
I'm going to Hong Kong soon do I even want to go now?
depends.. are you planning on abandoning anything in the airport?
I'm planning on surviving?
@Twyxz the thing with life is.. no-one ever gets out alive
12:00 PM
That's what you think @motosubatsu
12:34 PM
And today's award for "you really didn't think that through" goes to:
Q: company office in a country with lower salaries

Buda GavrilMy company has the headquarter in a country A with salary rate X. The company has the development center in another country B where the salary for the developers are with 20-25 % lower that in country A. Given the fact that developers from both countries have the same skill level regarding softwa...

People are smart
@Twyxz individuals are smart, people are dumb
12:49 PM
How did I become 'people' as an individual O.o
1:10 PM
Interesting. when I type "pi" into Bing, a couple of the suggested search items (supplied by bing) are "pirate bay" and "pirate bay proxy". Hmmmm....
@Snow yep just tested that myself and they certainly Arrr!
glad it's not just me.
@Snow concerned that your search history was coming back to haunt you?
Not really. I only use IE for work related things.
Ooh, a moderator election is starting next week
Anyone from the water cooler preparing a run?
1:20 PM
@Magisch I think DarkCygnus was mulling a possible run
I think most candidates are next door, in the bar and quietly keeping an eye on the clock...
I was thinking of running, but I'm not sure I'm active enough atm
@Snow hasn't 24hr drinking solved the need to watch the clock?
@motosubatsu I meant the starting time for the election nomination phase...
@Snow ah of course
This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge Moderator Election sanctioned by the Workplace SE. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Election. All other weapons are restricted.
Moderators and members of the community team have been granted immunity from the Election and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 8 continuous days. Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until Feb 26 at 20:00, when The Election concludes. Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and Stack Overflow, a nation reborn. May God be with you all.
1:45 PM
lol. Suits me fine.
@Snow I may or may not have been watching too much of The Purge series on Amazon lately :D
Sounds like fun!
@Snow it's a deeply weird show.. yet for some reason I found myself unable to stop watching
So like League of Gentlemen then?
@Snow yeah.. although it's probably more entertaining. The Purge gives you plenty of opportunities to shout "Don't do that you cretin!" at the TV (like a longer version of Prometheus)
1 hour later…
3:13 PM
Geez, I miss all the fun when I am actually working
@motosubatsu I am forever more honoring my promise to myself to never ever EVER again be, or attempt to be a moderator anywhere. I was offered a position at techrepublic and I refused.
when you're a moderator, you need to hold yourself to higher standards. I prefer being a surly snarky curmudgeon
@RichardU morning, were they paying?
@RichardU not all mods are willing to do that though.
@Nofel yes. But it's too much of a headache
@IDrinkandIKnowThings I think that's part of why I was attacked so severely last year, people assumed that I would act the same. Terrible case of psychological projection, in my opinion.
One person in particular has proven to me that it was in fact, that person projecting their own faults onto me. Now that person just ignores me entirely. Hasn't said a word to me in a year.
@motosubatsu your answer to the diversity question really knocked it out of the park, btw
This is absurd, I got to fill in timesheet for last month coz new rules
how am i suppose to remember
@RichardU Thanks! It's actually quite a simple common-sense answer really :)
3:25 PM
@motosubatsu I thought it would have attracted far more hate, but then again, you don't seem to provoke people the way that I do :D
Cant decide my next car coz review is getting delayed (no news of it)
so I can budget to get a new car
@RichardU everyone was too busy swinging their junk around at each other in the comments to remember to have a pop at me :D
I woke up to something like 19 SE notifications this morning - all from that question
@motosubatsu Yeah, I'm attracting far less hate than usual as well. I guess my comments of not wanting to be treated like a purse puppy gives them pause (paws?)
the mods cleared some sh#t (I think) and the rest got shuffled off to chat
I just stayed out of it.. I said all I really needed to say in the answer
@RichardU Some people come here looking for things to pick on.
3:35 PM
@IDrinkandIKnowThings yeah, I actually commented to someone that if he split hairs any finer, he'd have fission.
1 hour later…
4:58 PM
so this company partner joked with me while I was showing him his website, "Whats up mate, when u don't have glasses on, u make things too big and when u have glasses u make them too small"
i replied hahah
he was laughing too
taking it easy coz I know my weekeness
or shouldn't i
sometimes it is hard to judge which is serious and what is joking time
@Nofel it's good natured ribbing, it means you are fitting in.
Well I told my team , we need a new coffee Frother. today it got delieved
and handed to me to open
the one I picked from amazon
@RichardU I know this is dumb but u know old habits go hard. I am always looking around for signs and alerted.
@Nofel look for the good, not the bad.
repeat that to yourself if need be.
"I will see the good, not the bad"
5:19 PM
@RichardU as the writer say, "u need to change the autopilot"
@Nofel Have you ever heard of "Neuro linguistic programming?" or NLP? It's a way to do that. I find the best way to do this is to substitute a bad program with a good one.
I know if u remind urself of things before sleeping, it will eventually enter ur subconscious.
just recently i found out
@Nofel you just have to replace those doubts with some confidence. Basically, you repeat things until you believe them.
@RichardU the only thing bothering me, is 6 months r approaching fast, my contract will end and I am not getting enough to study to go ahead in market.
A. coz I am tried
B. coz I can't wake up early
C. coz I cannot exercise to keep me fit
5:36 PM
@Nofel Focus on the solution, not the problem.
I put 300 bucks every month into saving (i used 90% of it when I lost last job to pay my bills)
What is the solution to the problem of your contract ending.
10% i do not want to touch ICE
The solution is to find employment, not to get an education.
Actually, the solution is to have enough money :D
hahah true
well 1 week into new month. I am broke
coz I took money from my wife last month as a loan and have to give her back
I wish there was cashback in life for money
u get all money back what u spend
yet keep things u keep what u had spend on

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