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12:04 AM
If it's SF or fantasy, sure
We've had picture IDs before
12:20 AM
Q: I thought Nick Fury went off the grid?

AndrewAfter seeing him and Maria in the Infinity War after-credits scene, and seeing him again in the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, I was a bit confused. At the end of Winter Soldier, he's not the Director of SHIELD anymore and he says he's going to finish off the rest of Hydra in Europe. B...

12:51 AM
Q: Secret world behind a bookcase- aging prevents access?

BobbI'm trying to identify a story/filmstrip in which the main character (boy/girl?) can access a secret world behind a bookcase. As they age, they are more and more restricted from visiting, until a final visit. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

1:17 AM
Q: Anime with a main character who has a green little friend from other dimension

EDITOR MUNDADoes any one knows the anime where the main character has a green little friend from other dimension? He and his friend fuse by joining hands It's like his buddy and he join bodies and then he has green armor on the main character.

Clear what it’s asking, but too broad
Listed as n hold for wrong reason
Generally doesn't matter as long as OPs is informed of what needs to be fixed
@Stormblessed You can always flag the question for moderator attention and suggest this. In my experience, there's a lot of overlap between too broad and unclear, and I generally wouldn't worry if it's between those two flags. It's of more concern if an off-topic post is mislabelled, or vice versa. And a duplicate that's closed as something else should definitely be corrected.
2:09 AM
Q: TV Show About People Who Make Deals With The Devil

user109599I remember watching a show on Hulu (90% sure it was on Hulu, but when I checked a list of their original programming I couldn't find it) that involved people meeting with a supernatural figure that acted as a middleman between the people and God. I don't know if the figure was a demon or an angel...

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3:12 AM
Q: Anime of little round guy with asian rice hat in the desert, lots of gangs and Mad Max stuff

Ben PriebeI am trying to identify an anime from my childhood of a wanderer in the desert with a rice hat on. He fought with and alongside lots of Mad Max type characters, and wrecker-women. There were also balloon decoys of the main character that he deployed? Sorry to ask, I know there are a thousand of ...

2 hours later…
5:03 AM
Q: Man wakes up and finds himself in medival Europe (I think)

user110564I'm looking for a book about a man who wakes up in medieval times and uses his advanced knowledge to get ahead. He becomes a knight and winds up having a fiefdom of his own to develop. He then builds structures for his people, like apartments, windmills etc., and improves on farming and sanitatio...

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6:30 AM
@Stormblessed isn't it sci-fi rather than fantasy...?
Q: Looking for a 1950's Sci-Fi graphic short story about a farm boy, his ham radio and a tiny rocket ship landing in sauerkraut

Darrell WindelsThis story was about a farm boy who built a ham radio and found himself communicating with aliens on a space ship heading towards earth. The townsfolk and army gather for the event with food vendors (maybe carnival stuff as well) and the aliens describe how they have landed in a lake of acid with...

7:00 AM
Q: How come Gideon has a different accent?

Jackson MontgomeryWhy does Gideon, the A.I. from DC Comics, have an American accent instead of her normal British accent?

1 hour later…
8:27 AM
Q: Sci Fi Short Story - Crew crashes on barren planet, makes soil fertile, natives worship Captain as God

JayI read this sometime between '02 and '09 in a collection of short stories in one of my English classes. I don't know how old it is, but I'll include every detail I can remember. A ship crash lands on a barren planet far away from the rest of (presumably) human civilization and is damaged beyond ...

9:13 AM
Q: Who is the 'BFP' on Peter's suitcase?

Prakhar MishraThe Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer is out. One thing that I clearly noticed in the trailer was the initials on the suitcase Peter is carrying-"BFP". As I clearly mention in the title, my question is "who is BFP"? I guess it should be Uncle Ben, so that it spells out Ben F. Parker. But then I'v...

@Jenayah Beat me to it!
Ep-id or Marvel one?
@Marvin well, since BFG stands for Big F'ing Gun...
Marvel one
@RDFozz Sam I not am.
9:29 AM
Exhibit B on self answer annoyance:
The answer was pretty straight forward. I remember both the scenes pretty well. There are a hell lot of articles doing rounds that explain the feather, even videos doing "complete breakdowns" of the teaser. Yet the depth and detail of the answer would have surely deserved an upvote, only if it didn't come from the same person who asked the question in the first place. — Prakhar Mishra 48 mins ago
@TheLethalCarrot true, but then again, there are 60 votes the other way.
Oh yeah that one surely did well, just another comment about it and well... I like moaning
Does anyone have a original source that supposes Uncle Ben was modelled after Benjamin Franklin? I've heard it lots but not tracked anything down bar interviews repeating it
10:31 AM
Q: Does Albus Dumbeldore possibly have dementia or some type of amnesia from overuse of the Pensieve?

G R I N D E L W A L DDoes Albus Dumbeldore possibly have dementia or some type of amnesia from overuse of the Pensieve? Or does the Pensieve perhaps alter his memories unknowingly to him?

@Marvin who knows? There's no canonical evidence for it, until JKR decides there is and writes something new for Pottermore (shades of plumbing).
Answer with a We don't know then :)
Although closed now
And don't forget to make it community wiki ;)
Oooh got the bronze tag badge
> Pensieve fact file
Memories can be siphoned into the basin to be recalled at a later date
To clear the mind of certain memories; to examine memories at a later date; to show memories to a second party
> To clear the mind of certain memories
That seems to imply the memories are removed from the mind. it's unclear if they're necessarily removed or that it's optional to do so.
O come on, it's not POB.
10:45 AM
Appears to be from this quote
> “I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form.”
FWIW I VTC'd as unclear cos I think it needs some more reasoning to find out what they're actually driving at
@TheLethalCarrot but since the majority voted as POB, your vote got swept up in that.
Yup, I think Jenayah VTC'd as unclear too
Yep that was me
FWIW @Jenayah do you have any sources for my above question about Uncle Ben being based off of Benjamin Franklin?
You seem like someone that might haha
Now that is a question, actually. Are memories necessarily removed from one's mind when using a pensieve?
10:55 AM
The above quote by Dumbeldore appears to imply both - siphon off meaning remove but harder to spot patterns if the memory is no longer there right?
Q: Do you remember the memories that you've placed in a pensieve?

JinoshioIf Snape was removing his memories of Lily and placing them in the pensieve every time he and Harry practiced Occlumency to keep Harry from seeing them, does that mean that Snape, in essence, could no longer remember them? Does that also mean that if you removed a memory to the pensieve to keep ...

11:17 AM
@TheLethalCarrot off the hat doesn't ring much but maybe, I'll check... Some time (class is ending right now ;P )
Ah gotcha
So heading to lunch and we'll see
I can only find articles claiming it supposedly happened but nothing provides a source
2 hours later…
1:21 PM
@TheLethalCarrot It's news to me - I don't recall it from anything Stan Lee wrote or said about Spider-Man's creation. Not that that's definitive or anything.
Same here yet every article I find claims it
(unrelated to Uncle Ben discussion)
A: Do specific names give powers to the seraph blades?

Allen EdholmLook I've been hunting demons for a long I own 15 different seraph blades. It doesn't matter how loud u say the name. It only activates t gf e sword then the rest is up the Shadowhunter. I've seen a lot demons. After living for 7 millenia u never get tired of it.

linked above :P
I quite like those silly answers, I mean no place on SFF for them but they usually make me chuckle
1:42 PM
The icons on some SO tags are pretty nice
Has it ever been asked if other non-trinity sites could have them?
(I'm guessing yes and answer is no, but...)
You mean sponsored tags?
@Jenayah Bingo!
@TheLethalCarrot woooo
@TheLethalCarrot ah they're sponsored?
I thought it was just "for the sake iof it"
There aren't sny 700
Any 7000 year old Shadowwhunters.
The original deal with Raziel was like 2000 years old, or more likely 1000.
Clearly aren't real Shadowhunters
maybe they became Shadowhunters 1000 years ago after living the good life for 6kyears?
They couldn't have been human then...
1:54 PM
Q: Who built Elantris?

AnthelothAs it says in Elantris, only an Elantrian can create an Aon that has an effect. The problem is that in order to become an Elantrian, Elantris needs to exist (as shown by the fact that people became half Elantrians when the city was an incomplete Aon). So who built Elantris as a functional Aon?

I'm fairly certain that only humans can be Shadowhunters, because of the first being human.
With some weird exceptions.
Half warlock changeling mumble mumble something
Or is that warlock half changeling?
So I wondered "what is this Shadowhunters thing even about anyway" and realized I read the first trilogy ahah
Title's different in French and that was ten years ago
Ah, I remember now. Half Shadowhunter half Eidolan
With some kind of fairy thing going on somewhere too.
@Jenayah she wrote the Draco Trilogy too
is that like the fourth book and so on?
Fanfiction, apparently good but kind of
2:04 PM
I remember seeing they got released but not reading them because the first trilogy was meh IMO
@Jenayah the character i am thinking of is from the infernal devices prequel trilogy
Tessa Gray
No relation to 50 shades
I honestly don't remember much of these books except that I thought they were meh :P
Let's see
I remember the girl talking about her mother's back being covered with little scars which turned out to be from the runes
I remember a guy (villain? Main male character?) who wanted a spaghetti bath when ha was a kid (for a birthday), and got one
I remember the main villain being a creep
He was... Clary's father.
2:08 PM
@Adamant still a creep
Not as much as her evil brother with a crush on her from the second series.
how many books are there currently?
A bunch. I only read the first two or three trilogies.
do they evolve?
Or is it the same story all over again
At level 32 they do.
2:13 PM
you know what I mean :P
Just like Pokémon.
character development, growing with the readers etc
Not by the end of the Infernal Devices.
I've dropped a lot of series which were just retelling it all over again for so. Many. Books
But she's had time to grow as a writer since then.
2:14 PM
Started off nicely but then it goes on the "boring" slippery slope and doesn't get back up
Tara Duncan was one, out of curiosity I checked yesterday whether the author had revealed the big bad guy's identity after all twelve years of books, like she promised - she didn't
Tessa is a little cooler than Clary. She has like an OP shape-shifting power
Instead she launched two new series that got aborted due to lack of readers... Meh, figures.
Wasn't there a TV show
yeah, never watched it though
I've dropped Warriors as well, same story, same cats, just the names differ
And the author went for the same concept with bears and dogs it turns out ahah
Dogs too?
I knew about the bears
2:18 PM
> Relying on other dogs—and having them depend on him—brings new dangers that Lucky isn't prepared for, but he may not be able to survive on his own. Can Lucky ever be a true Pack dog?
replace "Lucky" with "whatshisname red cat" and "pack" with "clan"
sounds familiar?
Maybe a little bit
Just a little bit?
Looking forward to the ones with horses and the ones with dolphins
On the other hand take a series like Animorphs. Which still ran for 54 books and a couple spinoffs, even if a good bunch of them were ghostwritten
I've read them all and never considered quitting
Sure there are some "filler" books but the characters grew
Heck you start from the first books which have their stakes but are still a bit "childish" and the characters grow overtime
And the thing doesn't end on a "all is well that ends well" clichéd
That's why it's good to make a universe, so you can tell multiple stories without getting stuck.
@Jenayah it ends on an acid trip is what
2:23 PM
Author had the guts to bring up a genocide, death, and serious PTSD
And that worked
(for me, at least)
It's not just about yeay, we defeated the aliens kthanksbye
That's true, but that was the denouement. The ending was weeeird
With some giant space monster from nowhere
Leaving that open-ended was a rather enjoyable thing
Rather than picking up for "cycle two" or stuff which might've gone peanuts
It's just that, the ptsd and all felt logical, the space flea felt contrived.
There was an author's note about not wanting to just "conclude", IIRC
Yes, i read it. I guess she took that even more to heart with Everworld.
2:29 PM
Ah, never read those
Her argument was that war doesn't have a tidy end....
In Everworld or Animorphs?
well, it's not wrong
But that's not a great argument for the One, since it had nothing to do with the Yeerk war
2:36 PM
@Jenayah I believe so
@Adamant sure, but would we really want that to end on X dead/ Y PTSDed/Z living a seemingly "good" life etc?
@TheLethalCarrot m'alright
Q: How can I set an icon on a tag?

npocmakaI don't know if the term is correct - but how are these icons set on some tags? Do I need a special privileges to do that? And what about the IP permissions - can I for instance set a picture from Wikipedia?

so since Slytherincess isn't really active but did accept your Meta answer,
@Slytherincess just to check, before I/we start editing - you give us permission to transfer these screenshots of yours onto SE's Imgur, right? — Jenayah Jan 11 at 19:19
we can edit then, right?
I can, err, find out if you'd like?
go ahead
(I have a vague idea of the "how"... :P )
She isn't available right now but I'll let you know
oh shit
phew, they got it under control if I am to believe the Uni's Twitter
It was on the news here at lunchtime and they said they'd got everything under control then
@Jenayah You are fine to update them to stack imgur
Oh, looking at the news I can see how that doesn't make it to the headlines straight way.
@TheLethalCarrot nice, tell her I said thanks for the info :)
3:01 PM
@Jenayah Do you need the images or are you gonna download them?
@TheLethalCarrot well on the one I'm editing right now they're still up so I'm just copy-pasting the link in the Imgur tool
no download involved and all hail browser inspector
Ah thought as much
She says thanks for doing it... or taking it on
18 left ;)
You're welcome!
Thanks ;P
I meant "you're welcome" to her... But we wouldn't want you to feel like a carrier pigeon wouldn't we? ;p
3:10 PM
I know you did haha
3:30 PM
Star Trek character tags: TOS (54) (31), TNG (155) (53) (53); plus there's a (80) for good measure.
Data's got more questions than Picard?
ahah who's the fan who edited them all in
Apparently no tag for McCoy though.
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/191360/98028 a bit broad. Comments suggest four possible answers at least
@Jenayah Well, we've got a user who asked lots of questions about time-traveling robots...
3:43 PM
There's also some for characters outside the cast: (87) and (229).
Also (116) and (95).
Greetings, Programs.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@b_jonas Worf has the advantage there that he moved over to DS9. He's in more ST episodes than Picard.
4:02 PM
@b_jonas Technically, these four aren't characters, but races (or whatever you'd consider the Borg).
Does "strung out" have another meaning than "stressed/irked"?
Because from reading
Q: Short story with amphetamine, barbiturate and luminous paint

Niles SpindriftI read a story when I was about 14 in 1968ish possibly in the John Carnell series New Writings in SF in which, as I remember, there were a man and a woman, one of them strung out on speed and the other on barbiturate. The woman painted herself with luminous/fluorescent paint, I think.

It just looks like a trip gone bad
not SFF nal
> 1 : physically weak as from long-term drug addiction
2 : addicted to a drug
3 : Totally high from drug use
yeah so it's a trip gone bad
The above is off-topic, ja?
They say it appeared in a SF magazine and it "def is SF"
@Jenayah It says they think they read it in New Writings in SF, so I think this falls into the benefit of the doubt range.
4:13 PM
Does this magazine publish non-SFF as well?
Can happen
And, from the comments - TLC and I already had this discussion :-)
By the way, no, I'm not waging a war against off-topic questions these days :P just browsing through some story-ids on an off chance
@RDFozz eh, history repeats itself
"History never repeats, I tell myself, before I go to sleep..."
4:40 PM
@Alex eh! I was replying to the guy's comment when their answer got deleted... I'd have wanted a notification for that ahah ;D
5:05 PM
@Jenayah Some comment was posted a split second before the answer was deleted. Maybe it was yours? Get yourself 9,000 more reputation and find out.
@Alex ahah! I assumed it was yours!!
@Jenayah Upvote this feature request and then I'll be able to find out if it was mine:
Q: Why are actions on deleted questions not shown in my activity list?

NineBerryI made a comment on a question in Stack Overflow. Then some minutes later I wanted to navigate to the question again for making another comment. So, I went to my profile / Activity / all actions / comments. But my comment was not there. I found the question via my browser history and saw that i...

Well there's no Jeff Atwood this time to give a -218 answer to override ~20 upvoted answers in favor of the feature.
which question is that?
5:17 PM
The one you linked.
oh, it was so far down below
Q: Short story about children who stop aging from a scientists vaccination, and only age if they learn to read

KevinIn this short story a scientist introduces a vaccine to stop children from aging so that parents never have to suffer the loss of watching them grow up and leave home. The main character is a mother who lives in an apartment complex and does almost the same thing everyday with her ageless child, ...

Actually, I don't know if you linked it. But it was edited into the question and there's a comment from you saying that you read too quickly so I assume you had left an earlier comment linking it as a duplicate.
yeah yeah that was me
5:23 PM
Fastest Gun In The West I Admit Being Too Fast?
Nice first guess. Pretty close.
Q: How did Karen acquire the handgun?

SayanIn The Punisher S01E10 "Virtue of the Vicious", there is a scene where Karen is held at gunpoint by Lewis and is also wearing a bomb vest. The Punisher (Frank) quite craftily signals Karen to pull out a wire to defuse the bomb. As soon as she pulls out the wire, she reaches in to her purse and fi...

I Am, But Too Fast?
FGITW: I, Albeit Bit Too Fast?
You got the last two words right.
Dunno then :P
5:31 PM
Then you're not the Fastest Guesser In The West.
nice one
Fastest Gun In The West Is A Bit Too Fast
nice one again :P
5:42 PM
@FuzzyBoots eheh. :)
Goodness the story id questions are getting competitive these days :-) — John Rennie 1 min ago
boastmeter raises over nine thousand
Q: Story about a designer baby

John RennieI'm trying to remember a story about a couple who have a designer baby. The story is written in the first person as a series of letters or possibly e-mails from the baby's mother to a friend. It starts quite innocently with the mother saying how great it is that genetic diseases can be eliminate...

@Zaphod [insert "if even you can't find it..." comment here]
5:59 PM
@Jenayah ^_^ By the time I saw it, it was 20+ minutes old, so my bad there.
Now let's hope OP confirms, so that we can dupe-close :)
6:21 PM
Q: Looking to buy Stargate SG-1 DVDs, but in need of some help

Tanya100I wanted to buy Stargate SG-1 DVDs for some time now. However, I am unsure because I want to buy the original discs and those (I suppose) are pretty hard to find. I came across some products on Amazon which have nice reviews but I’m not sure if they are “real” so to speak. I do not to buy some r...

6:37 PM
Q: Middle school reader with a section of Scandinavian folk tales

BuzzMy seventh-grade English teacher kept copies of old literature textbooks in his classroom. If we had free time, or during our individual reading times, students could read from those books if we cared to. I paged through them a few times, and I found that one of the disused readers had a nice s...

Saw this comment:
"Harry Potter has very little cannon compared to other...." And I thought, "Aww - poor Ginny"
@Mithrandir Hmm - maybe I should delete that - I forget how young all of you are.
Young isn't the issue, it's more that we try to keep a... professional tone? I think is the correct terminology? So... best to avoid making jokes like that too often
I don't get the joke, is that because Ginny is pretty or something?
6:46 PM
@Mithrandir I don't usually. It's just that the all-too-common use of the wrong word for canon made it come out mildly amusing, and I wanted to share the amusement.
In French saying a girl is "Canon" means she's good-looking but I don't know if that's the same in English
@RDFozz Yep
@Jenayah As noted in my last coment, the key is the two-n cannon instead of the one-n canon. And, I'm not going to explain further.
@Jenayah Interesting. I wonder if that's related to Canon as a camera company.
Alright I'll get searching :P
@Mithrandir to be fair the caps above was mainly related to autocorrect
6:51 PM
I wonder why that auto-caps, then... "canon" is a word by itself...
Including both French and English to my autocorrect messes it up
AH! I got the joke!
@Jenayah Sorry....
Childish... Meh, I lol'd :p
@Jenayah My son would say I was in my second childhood, if he was sure I'd ever left my first.
So did you reply that by that logic, he couldn't call you an old geezer? :-)
7:25 PM
Q: ;[p]louopl['ityop;l['


7:37 PM
@Marvin Hmm. I'm not acquainted with that language.
7:49 PM
@Marvin for future reference - this is R/A
@Mithrandir Ah, as opposed to merely tacky, like my earlier joke. Thanks - I've never wanted to learn R/A.
8:14 PM
@RDFozz so SQL is fine but when it drops to two letters it's not worth learning anymore? How narrow minded...
@Jenayah Hey, still three characters. No, I'm just horribly prejudiced against being rude and abusive. It's just how I was raised, but I just can't overcome it. I'm so ashamed.
Congrats on being a sheeple then.
Here's some detox for you!
Q: Can the Rocket Raccoon revive Groot by replanting a piece of Thor's axe handle?

Ver NickIn Avengers: Infinity War we see that Groot turns to dust, but Thor's axe handle(Groot's hand) didn't. Can Rocket Racoon replant a peace of axe handle and raise a new Groot like he did in the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1?

8:45 PM
@Marvin Let's send this over to Puzzling and find out what it means.
There's some meaning here, look: istrong textv
That looks like something.
A: The many usernames of SFF.SE

Dzvfars FdszvfvfI slammed my fists on the keyboard a few times until I got a result I liked.

^ is what it looks like
What was their username before they were deleted?
I mean RD's comment says user456416 (<-- slammed) so I'm guessing it was a generic username
since the comment was probably posted before account deletion
8:58 PM
Sometimes Cyrillic, Ge'ez, Hebrew, or other non-Latin alphabets can be rendered as gibberish if the fonts don't work.
It looks a lot like that to me.
For instance, part of the text is surrounded by ## tags in the answer.
That suggests that they were trying to make a heading.
Q: Can't know this movie

Zoe ThamesI've seen this movie from a long time like 10-15 years ago and i dont remember everything about it, but it was about a young king who fell in love with a woman and will marry her but indeed she was a demon or monster or witch something like that and possesed the power of fire, and one day a beaut...

OK, where should I ask about this? I need a translation of that gibberish text. Which site is best for that?
Why was the Groot question put on hold?
People have been putting a number of answerable questions on hold recently because they're simply wrong.
I'm not sure that's what we should be doing.
9:13 PM
I can't see it on the homepage so I'm guessing that's Infinity War. Without dwelling on the content, I'm guessing it's been closed as POB?
Q: Old short story about a visitor that destroys language on earth

Matt HeiserI am searching for a short story I enjoyed in my youth. I only recall fragments of it unfortunately. It was about a man who was visited by an impish alien or maybe a being from another dimension. I recall an orb the man may have used to summon it. The two attempt to communicate including samp...

Yes but it's not opinion based
@Jenayah It seems that some of the "POB" questions that are being closed recently have a non-opinion based answer.
For instance, Dumbledore clearly is not getting dementia from the Pensieve.
You can give an answer by logical induction of facts known
It's a poor question, but entirely answerable.
9:15 PM
@Adamant it's one of these "We don't know so close as POB"? :/
Everything does not need to be outlined line to line
@Adamant ah, that one. FWIW I VTCed it as unclear what you're asking... But that stupid system puts me and TLC along with the "POB" majority
@Jenayah More like "The questioner's assumption is wrong so close."
There's even word of God on it
@Jenayah I felt it was reasonably clear. They thought the Pensieve was giving Dumbledore dementia. It's not, and that could be an answer.
9:16 PM
@NeoDarwin leave a comment asking people to reopen
@Adamant VTRO then :P
@Jenayah I did.
ah indeed it went to Reopen queue
didn't see it at the time
What did?
Dumbledore or Groot?
Groot question is hidden
Hmmm, what if it's actually a corrupted image code, at least in part?
9:23 PM
Sorry, what is?
a deleted question
which got closed as R/A by SE standard but Adamant is certain there's a hidden meaning to it.
So certain in fact, you could even says he's adamant about it :P
Here, if you wanna try to guess too:
Well, I've moved beyond trying to guess to pasting it into mojibake repair tools to see if I come up with anything.
9:48 PM
10:01 PM
Q: Which Star Trek character was depicted in the most different time frames?

ThePopMachineTo be clear up front: I am not asking who time-traveled the most times, which is this question. I'm interested in which character was depicted on-screen in the most different periods. For the purpose of this question, a time period is different if it differs from the main timeline of the show...

1 hour later…
11:04 PM
Q: What did Varys mean by 'I did what I did for the good of the realm'?

nospyrin73In the 'Chaos is a ladder' exchange between Varys and Littlefinger in season 3 episode 6 this line came up in the dialogue: Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish: You're so right. For instance, when I thwarted your plan to give Sansa Stark to the Tyrells, if I'm going to be honest, I did feel an unmista...

@Marvin Lord, that seems convoluted - I'm reminded of the Wargames line - "The only way to win is not to play."
11:40 PM
Ahah! Who wants to play SFF Jeopardy!?
Here's a deleted answer to scifi.stackexchange.com/q/119686/98028:
Answerer answered the wrong question... And never posted again :-)
So the game is to guess what story-id questinon "The GEneral who Zapped an Angel" was an answer to
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/160363/98028 was written prior to that, so maybe not
by that I meant if answerer indeed spent time looking at the questiion they'd have had to notice there was an answer already
So get searching, folks, you might have a funny "I found it by..." story-id answer :)
and FWIW the "these" Null mentions in their last comment is scifi.stackexchange.com/…

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