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12:00 AM
Q: How do I choose comments to be the best answer?

user64720Sometimes users make the best answer on the comments, what should I do to make them best answer?

@izx sorry Im a bit confused, whats inside those sources?
12:21 AM
12:53 AM
I recall there was a question on meta, asking if questions about running Ubuntu One on Windows are on-topic for this site. I've searched a bit and not found it. Am I misremembering? Does anyone know about this?
they're ontopic
@jrg whoa dude, you really wrecked those bug questions in that data query from a while back, well done!
Thx @JorgeCastro!
@stueng: from the directory structure of the source tarball, it appears Synology NASs are running 2.6.32, possibly uclinux, with busybox and using mdadm for their "hybrid-ness", along with all the syno directories containing the internal works. Kudos to them -- they seem to have done very well by the GPL. My "NAS" is a 4U with hardware raid 6, but this makes me much more likely to consider/recommend them for SOHO NASs in the future.
1:09 AM
synology's are pretty awesome
1:25 AM
@JorgeCastro :)
I'm tackling cleaning out the in batches of 30 or 40, that's my next goal in life.
after that, I'm going to destroy
Q: Are questions about official Ubuntu software in other OSes generally on-topic?

Eliah KaganMy understanding is that we consider questions about running Ubuntu One in Windows to be on-topic for this site (thanks to Jorge Castro for clarifying this in chat). But we close at least some questions about running official Ubuntu software (by which I mean, software developed by Canonical and ...

1:42 AM
@EliahKagan i hope that helps
@jrg Thx.
gaming.SE is wailing on us now traffic-wise
user image
I'm going to freakin' exterminate that error tag if it's going to KILL ME.
2:00 AM
I need to find somewhere where my name is not associated with randomness and trolling.
2:26 AM
@JorgeCastro it's okay, we got the quality and the questions :)
@RolandTaylor Oh, hi.
@jrg Do you even have enough RAM for that many tabs?
@GeorgeEdison Huh? Yeah.
2GB of ram is more than enough
It was more or less a joke - convention dictates that tabs == lots of RAM.
I've found it's more dependent upon CPU.
Well, that too.
Just speaking from my experience with Firefox on Windows.
(Which I confess is drastically different than Chromium on Ubuntu.)
2:29 AM
for example, I've got a machine with 4GB of ram, but only a 1.6GHz CPU. It can't handle that many tabs, but my 2.1GHz CPU 2GB machine can handle that no sweat.
Well, my CPU runs at 1.6GHz, but I have 3GB of RAM - and a super-fast SSD powering the swapfile.
(i'm sorry. After today, and seeing all those horrible questions, i'm not in a very good mood. :()
That's alright (we all have those days).
Nothing has made a greater impact on performance than my new SSD. Everything is that much faster.
Adding an extra GB of RAM didn't hurt either, of course (it certainly helped with virtualization).
Unfortunately that's about all I can upgrade on this notebook.
I don't think I can just go out and buy a new video card (the only other thing I would consider upgrading).
2:36 AM
Can you answer this? How to use gettext to make QML files translatable http://askubuntu.com/questions/142012/how-to-use-gettext-to-make-qml-files-translatable?atw=1 #applicationdevelopment
Hey! That's a good question!
goes to upvote it...
3:00 AM
On second thought, maybe running three VMs on that machine wasn't the smartest idea i've ever had
3:12 AM
It's not that bad if you have hardware virtualization, but otherwise... yikes!
Well, i do have hardware virtualzation. I was just running out of RAM. :P
good morning all
3:31 AM
@ShyamK Morning.
Two valuable lessons learned:
- Don't delete files just because you don't know how they got there.
- Tools that let you examine files in a browser's local cache are handy.
(Now I forget what I was doing before this whole incident started.)
4:38 AM
hello fellow byobu-lovers! @jrg @JorgeCastro
Heck, it's fun to read what Linus writes.
4:54 AM
bkerensa circled me on G+. Yay
5:24 AM
Can you answer this? How to make Xbox joypad work with Bastion? http://askubuntu.com/questions/145615/how-to-make-xbox-joypad-work-with-bastion?atw=1 #games
6:19 AM
How cool would be the idea to start our own community blog?
6:41 AM
@amithkk gratz on hitting 3k. Way to go!
7:26 AM
heya @philipballew
Is this a good answer, or is this question a duplicate? askubuntu.com/questions/146555/…
hello there!
@philipballew sounds like dupe to me. you might want to hear from others.
alright. no worries
and, good to see you around!
as well to you!
7:49 AM
Q: How to enable root login?

AlaukikI would like to enable the root account on my Ubuntu installation. I realise the security implications of this. Mod Warning: Running as root is a bad idea - You never need to do it but if you do you can very easily and irreparably destroy your system and your data.

@philipballew that would be the dupe.
Hi all
alright. sounds good
I always like Oli's bold mod warning ;)
8:15 AM
What is the equivalent of Windows System Properties in Ubuntu? http://askubuntu.com/questions/146621/what-is-the-equivalent-of-windows-system-properties-in-ubuntu?atw=1 #hardware
8:55 AM
anyone feel like helping me troubleshoot tomboy-blogposter?
9:09 AM
@htorque: New Thinkpads available now!
@izx T430s too?
Q: help me with my wine, it doesn't work properly

Sebastian Raun MikkelsenWhen I try to run something with wine, nothing happens! I have many had problems with ubuntu so i have tried to get windows 8 back on the computer, but because ubuntu can't run exe files I can't open the installer. Furthermore my computer can't boot from a CD/DVD anymore after i installed ubuntu,...

I have no idea what Wine's got to do with Windows not booting
@Sathya absolutely nothing. I wonder if he is putting the Windows CDs in right side up.
terrible question. arrgh
@adempewolff yeah, maybe the disk isn't burnt correctly
9:18 AM
actually. I changed my analysis. "yes i am unable to boot to a windows installation cd AND a ubuntu cd so i cant even reinstall. its called : Windows8-ReleasePreview-UpgradeAssistant.exe" I think he is trying to boot from a data CD with that binary on it.
Q: 3G USB Modem Not Working in 12.04

Seyed MohammadWhen I connect my 3G USB Modem to my laptop with 12.04, nothing shows up in Network-Manager. This modem is working in 11.10 and the modem is shown in Network-Manager but not in 12.04 !! Here are the outputs of lsusb and usb-devices on two machines , one with 11.10 and the other with 12.04 : Ubu...

Quite a few questions revolving on the same; consider doing a canon. q&a
@jrg --^ canon required.
@adempewolff Yes, all T & W available (plus X IIRC)
@izx oooooooo, goes to look
@Sathya That and blank screen/flashing cursor on boot have to be the most dupey questions ever
9:32 AM
@izx funny I'm editing yet another blank screen/flashing cursor question...
@adempewolff You know about the SPP (shareholder) discount, right? Usually shaves 10% or so off of the lowest consumer price, except for random long weekend sales with coupon codes (not that you actually have to own stock)
@izx don't forget hybrid graphics
@izx no I don't, is it for Lenovo shareholders or something?
oh IBM shareholders, well I don't own any IBM stock so I guess I'm not eligible
@adempewolff lenovo.com/spp, sign up, sign in and check it out (well, they don't ask you send in certified copies of your stock certificates ;)); @aking1012: T430s has only HD4000
@izx I was referring to the dupey-ness of a question
9:38 AM
@izx hehe, good thinking
@aking1012 I don't seem to have come across many of those somehow
> using ubuntu lts 12.4 presice
very precise indeed.
@izx They might a fizzled out before you jumped in. The first 3 days after release, it was ridiculous.
@Sathya :)
@Sathya A wiki with all the unintentionally funny typos/snarky comments would be hilarious
@izx hehe
9:46 AM
speaking of typos, this has got to be one
oh they have plenty of little snafus during refreshes, and sometimes you can use to your advantage ;)
you have to pay $50 for them to not put Microsoft Office on your computer...
@adempewolff actually that makes sense :P
@adempewolff Wait...it costs $50 to remove pre-installed office? I'm reminded of an article I read where MS offered or was thinking about offering a bloat-free windows install for an extra $99
@jokerdino No...Office is their cash cow, you don't get that for free. And it's not really bloatware if you use Windows
9:49 AM
@jokerdino look in the image. office home/business is selected. none costs 'add $50'
I would understand if it was the limited functionality adware version
but it sounds like it is the full version
@aking1012 I did -- and it behaves like the pic in the cart. They probably just swapped titles but forgot to swap prices in their backend
found another "snafu", it cost $10 to downgrade from a 7200RPM HDD to a 5400RPM one
@izx @aking1012 I first thought you need to fork out $50 even if you don't want the M$ office. sorry for the misunderstanding
yes. finally you don't have to pay extra money to upgrade to an intel wireless card that will work with Linux
I can't stand the damn broadcom chipsets
9:52 AM
they may get a severe discount on some other component if the can sell you office. only rational explanation i can come up with.

i like atheros but that's just me
@adempewolff I don't grudge them those -- and the prices are pretty decent. 6300 AGN FTW
@jrg going back to our Flame discussion thehackernews.com/2012/06/…
@adempewolff: pretty sweet for a 430*s* with souped up proc and upgraded screen plus BT/Wifi
Q: Finding questions that other questions have been closed as a dupe of

aking1012Is there a way to find questions with a high closed as dupe points here count? If there were, I think it would be a great way to get a list of questions for people with close-votes without as much digging. It would also allow easier canonical question/answer transitions.

the only thing that I kind of want that they don't have here is a quad-core
just for virtualization
9:58 AM
laptops i'll eat the other cores for the increase in battery life. that's probably their thinking as well
@AskUbuntuMeta would the faq tab help?
gotta jump to the T530 for that -- fake-quad/HT works pretty decently for me
Surprised to see the T430 standard vs. s premium has dropped to only $120 - abs. worth it for the 1.2 lbs or so less
@izx I just want the fake-octo/HT =)
@adempewolff Since you were going to get the Sys76 behemoth, the T520 is a perfect alternative with quads -- and since it's bigger, you don't pay the ultraportability tax
@izx true. I was just hoping the T430 would have it. I would prefer a 14.1" but the system76 14.1" has that hideous screen
10:03 AM
@jokerdino i am in
@GevorgHindoyan great. one sec.
2 processors, twelve cores, large amount of ram... just think of all the VMs you could run concurrently
what do you get for this: $ locate workspace-switcher.png
and insane power bills ;)
10:04 AM
true enough
well, possibly
i've never run any server grade hardware
good. what icon theme are you using right now?
10:06 AM
runs his stuff on a atom 1.6 ghz, single core, or a VPS
@JourneymanGeek I have, but it was all decomissioned and old
how bad is the power usage? ;p
it was bad on the old hardware. i hear it's getting better-ish
Window theme: Mac-Lion-Theme
(though i could really use workplace style ethernet cabling, and a proper big gig-e switch)
10:07 AM
@GevorgHindoyan mac icon theme as well?
Cursor-Theme: Mac-Lion-Cursors
Icon theme: Mac-Lion-Icons
GTK+ theme: Adwaita (default)
@GevorgHindoyan that explains.
@aking1012: then again i'm running 5 systems at the moment, 2 at my deskone by my dad, one desktop we share that never gets turned off, and said atom box... so i shouldn't complain about power use.
but issiu is before it too
(though not all those are 24/7)
10:09 AM
i have changed my theme today @jokerdino
@GevorgHindoyan can you try ubuntu-mono-dark icon theme and see if that helps?
@JourneymanGeek my desk runs 24/7, but it's to get intra-day stock data with a cron job. this way i don't have to pay for it
worked, but how to make it work in Mac theme @jokerdino?
@aking1012: i probably should downsize things ;p
10:10 AM
@Gevorg may be we can just copy the icon to the mac theme folder. that should hopefully help
wait, will try
@JourneymanGeek one desktop, one laptop. a massive server would be nice, but the desktop is sufficient if i load a VM or two at a time.
@gevorg you need gksudo nautilus. be careful with it.
@aking1012: I might be able to run VMs very comfortably on my planned gaming rig
but thats not 24/7
If only python was as prolific as php, I would be golden on the intra-day data. I could just do it from some web-host instead of home
10:13 AM
get a VPS?
probably will eventually, but not yet
Its pretty cheap if you shop around, I'd recommend my provider other than them nearly always being out of stock ;p
@JourneymanGeek Which provider?
I do wonder how many of the "VPN service providers" are actually just running openswan on a VPS
10:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek heh me too! got 2
got a 128 and a 256
@JourneymanGeek same here, openvz though
where i must copy?
@gevorg --> into /usr/share/icons/mactheme/apps/48
On smartphone ubuntu - Boo!

`Barnard said any smartphone OS would not be directly released for download, but be available for device makers to load on smartphones. He did not provide further insight into the OS, saying people would have to wait until later this year when the announcements are made.`
10:19 AM
@izx hmmm, similarly spec'd T530s and system76 behemoths come to about $1600 and $1300 repectively--even after all discounts. I like thinkpads (they have the only trackpoints I would even consider using) but that price differential is a lot more than just the Windows tax. The T430 is a bit more competitively priced though if I just give up on my quad-core dreams...
Who is this barnard that we speak of?
no folder mactheme
tryed to ~/.icons/Mac-Lion-Icons/apps/48
this sounds similar to ubuntu-for-android story.
10:22 AM
and doesn't helped
@GevorgHindoyan yeah, that's what I meant. log out and back in and see if that helps?
then wait
@jokerdino It does. I just keep hoping to find an Ubuntu-ARM image with a lightweight GUI I don't have to tweak to get usable
@jokerdino not worked :(
10:26 AM
@aking1012 they are restricting our options. :(
@GevorgHindoyan uh, looks like some other problem.
@jokerdino It does make me think about Meego or Gentoo for ARM
how does Windows 7 run in virtualbox compared to XP? resources wise.
Hello all
Can anyone take a look at this? The link is going in a loop if you click on Windows installer askubuntu.com/questions/146718/…
or is it just me?
@Mitch nope
me too
file a bug :)
@adempewolff it's quite painful by comparison. my desktop will handle it. it crushes my lappie
10:34 AM
@jokerdino, post your answer, i have solved that
how did that happen??
don't know, copyed to all folders (32,48...,scalable) and than Alt+F2 unity --replace
ah, i think it was the scalable one.
maybe, but the most imporatant is that, that problem is solved
eh, okay.
10:37 AM
@adempewolff Yes, that $300 appears to consist in major part of the NVidia tax -- that GPU is a $200-300 upgrade on the 400-series. Win7 runs reasonably well on 512, flies on 1024 (backed by SSD though).
@izx nah these specs were with Intel HD 4000, I don't particurarly feel like dealing with optimus for a few more releases at least
@izx oh wait, you're right, I don't think Intel HD was an option on the 530
the gap between the 430 and sys76's 14.1" is only like $100 after accounting for the better screen etc. This is a much more believable Windows tax figure.
exactly -- I thought maybe consumer site had a different variant -- but 530 appears to have Nvidia regardless
i like the idea of dual-card on a lappie for video + opencl, but i don't see it working properly for a while
although sys76's service plans appear to be a touch cheaper (although to be fair Lenovo doesn't really have a comparible option)
@jokerdino thank you for help
10:41 AM
But yes, the mandatory discrete means the T430 or even the T430s is now more competitive than the 530 behemoth
@GevorgHindoyan thanks for the accept. have a nice day.
@aking1012 I'd agree
Hello all
@jokerdino Implemented question of the week yet?
@aking1012 What's openCL?
10:44 AM
standardized GPU computing language
@AmithKK simple explanation : multi-processor acceleration from a video card
That sounds cool
but @izx is equally right. i just tried to abstract it down to something simple
hah - they want $330 for discrete on the T430s
@izx Man That's costly
10:45 AM
@aking1012 i did a lot of parallelized computing stuff a while back, not the right person to look to for a simplified explanation (neurons still recovering) ;)
@AmithKK what's that about?
@izx I think it's great. I just tried to put it in a way that it wouldn't turn in to a conversation. We might mean different things by simplify
@jokerdino The script/bot that posts to planet of the question with the highest popularity.
@aking1012 I think we mean the same -- what I was trying to say is, you know how when someone has gotten too deep into something they can't simply explain it without having to use technobabble....that sort of thing :)
oh...yeah okay. same argument i had with man-pages being technically written
10:48 AM
@AmithKK no. i have no intention of doing that. perhaps you could.
@izx it's a little hard to compare (system76 doesn't want to support Optimus) but similarly spec'd save the discrete graphics the sys76 would be $998.
@adempewolff Yeah - I realized that. They have the 3610QM stock for REALLY cheap.
@izx yeah, that is pretty much the reason I am strongly leaning towards buying from them
FWIW, I once upgraded a Core 2 Duo on my Thinkpad 500 with an "EE" part from eBay that was mucho $$$$ to officially upgrade.
@adempewolff Yeah - if their support is good, it's not even a race for the 15-inchers.
a Thinkpad would have some more expansion slots, and some more nice features (trackpoint) but with the price difference I could buy a fricken 180GB SSD
10:52 AM
@adempewolff Yep -- SSD over anything I'd say, they've been the single biggest factor in increasing "apparent speed" I'd say.
I'll keep my eye on the site for awhile though, Lenovo does have a habit of crazy random sales
@adempewolff I think wait until Independence Day-ish before you commit...
@izx US independence day?
@adempewolff Heh, yes - July 4. China have one?
@izx well they have a national day. I just get confused, I'm from the US, I work in China and my employer is a Canadian company--keeping track of holidays requires a lot of double-checking...
11:02 AM
Can one of you review my edit?
@jokerdino looks good to me
okay, I'm off to get some food
11:28 AM
Thanks @jokerdino
You're welcome.
@jokerdino bountied
@aking1012 heh. serves them right. Can they break PGP?
thanks mod!
(that's a sarcastic question. At least, I hope they can't...)
Q: Multi monitor Gnome Shell

oshirowanenI have installed Ubuntu 12.04 (fully up-to-date) and have also installed gnome-shell. Everything seems fine except when I press ctrl+alt+up/down, only 1 monitor switches desktops, the second monitor doesn't. Also, when I click activities, on the desktop bar on the right, it only shows the left ...

11:36 AM
Great answer: Is there a way to clear password mid-entry? http://askubuntu.com/questions/143687/is-there-a-way-to-clear-password-mid-entry/143691?atw=1#143691 #terminal
@QuestionsFeed yes. it's called hitting the backspace key and holding for about 4 seconds
this this is the second time I've heard someone claim that installing mesa-utils actually improved the graphics experience/fixed a problem other than just making system settings display the graphics card.
i'm willing to bet placebo effect
is there any reason that this could be the case? or are these people all just tricking themselves?
that's what I thought with the first one
unless there is a dependency of mesa-utils that does magic, nope.
11:39 AM
but that linked one actually cites something a little less subjective
Yeah, i saw
11:55 AM
@jrg they can't afaik. also it wasn't a stolen of forged certificate particularly. it was using terminal services certificates having a goof where they were actually signing certificates. see the tweet from Mikko
any Mac users around? if so is there a Mac equiv of xdg-open?
yeah, at least in 10.3 the rough equiv was 'open $filename'
cool. looking at the possibility of packaging Ext4JS desktop apps across multiple platforms with portable-nginx and opening the default browser with a localhost URL
@jrg and ty
dear whomever decided that they could ship vim.tiny in 10.04 and not alias it to vim: I NO LIKE YOU. ;P
12:11 PM
dear experienced vim (and linux user). update-alternatives.
or rather, my fingers don't.
@MarcoCeppi isn't the strength of Ubuntu vs Debian the "out of the box" thing? just speculating
ugh, there is an answer that really needs a downvote with a comment explaining why, but I think it's the same person who serial downvoted izx for doing the same thing...
to do it or not to...
@adempewolff i've got rep to burn. what question and why?
@adempewolff raises hand
12:15 PM
haha, I'm going to do it anyway
@jrg it should work fine in 11.04 onwards no?
@jokerdino Can't use that for this project. :(
here blatantly copy/pasted, to the point that it was left "hdX,Y" without noting that the user needs to change these variables and that the grub drive/partition numbering is different than the kernel's.
and i don't think so.
@adempewolff where is it copy pasted from? I'll add the link as a comment
12:18 PM
I'm pretty sure the Ubuntu wiki, lemme go check
Thanx for commenting and editing! I really don't have time for such a geeky work (I mean, the whole "Keyboard Layout" window)! — anvo 4 mins ago
@jokerdino huh?
@jokerdino the subwindow that opens
@adempewolff the one edit you reviewed.
if taking a screenshot is geeky work....
I was "huh"-ing his logic
12:20 PM
lol, i don't know what he was saying.
@jokerdino the bounty is working its magic
but i'm getting horrible half-line answers
@adempewolff ooh, i was reading it as a geeky word.. and I didn't understand what he said.
@jrg ick.. positive and negative :(
@jokerdino yup
Awesome, incoming meta question that needs to be killed very soon (been sitting around waiting for it but I need to find my tie and go)
Or maybe not, looks like he just deleted his post
You knew I can't see the deleted comment.
I think that might just be a peer-pressure badge...
@MarcoCeppi i'll hang in there waiting for it
maybe that was his goal ;)
damnit, there is a really good wiki page somewhere that will answer that question in one swift comment, but I can't find it...
12:29 PM
@MarcoCeppi I hope that's the goal. Citing a sort of relevant page that is overly verbose when almost his exact answer comes up in google doesn't convince me to reverse
I didn't mind the copy/pasting as much as copy/pasting without understanding what he was copy pasting
@aking1012 no, what happened was perfect. Not only was it apparent that it was copy-paste (and not verified), no source was given and it was copy-righted material (at least the page he got it from is Copyrighted)
that method is going to be the same method documented in 20 different places simply because it is how to do it. However not knowing to explain about the hdX,Y but posting the answer anyway...
@MarcoCeppi I agree. I wasn't disagreeing.
12:32 PM
@aking1012 that "no" in my reply is a bit out of place, should have been a yes :)
I have a bad habit of saying no when I agree with people
Devil's Advocate syndrome
@MarcoCeppi no.
@jrg ...yes?
@MarcoCeppi no.
he is agreeing with your statement... by saying no.
@MarcoCeppi Due to your mod status and thoughts on copyright stuff, do you think I handled this particular one properly? askubuntu.com/questions/62518/how-burn-or-mount-an-iso-file/…
@MarcoCeppi fair point. it was hastily thrown together. i'll give those links a second look and possibly revise the answer
Though I'm not sure why we have windows instructions on a burning cd question on ask ubuntu
@MarcoCeppi For the installation part?
@MarcoCeppi I hate that!!!111
12:38 PM
@jokerdino щ(゚Д゚щ) Y U NO LIKE?!
But I agree it is a much better way to say whatever.
okay, you guys are going to make me late. See ya
bye unicode dude
@MarcoCeppi cya
@aking1012 I would be glad to provide similar W7-native screenshots to enhance your answer -- good job, btw.
@MarcoCeppi Oh the schadenfreude!! This peer-pressure-badger is the guy that was serial downvoting my old answers yesterday because he didn't like my downvote on his question in spite of an extended discussion in the comments and an invitation to chat! @jrg @Takkat @adempewolff
12:46 PM
@Jorge when you're alive, ping me. had to deal with an off-site thing yesterday, so...
@izx I'm sure the votes were reversed eventually, correct?
@izx votes should have been reversed, right?
@MarcoCeppi get out of the house, aren't you late?
@izx yeah I recognized him, that's why I hesitated at first
He gave 4 in a row, then took 2 off after a while, 2 stayed -- no big deal, both of those are at 10+ anyway @jrg @MarcoCeppi
12:48 PM
@izx ok. if it isn't a big deal, then I have to ask you this: Why do you keep bringing it up? :P
lolol, that's a good question there
@jrg -- I was just spreading my schadenfreudic joy at the perp getting a peer-pressure badge :D I'm now at the kind of rep-age where these little things shouldn't matter :P
hehe, "the perp"
starred for using schadenfreude
@MarcoCeppi it's on AU b/c the split question before the merge were related to burning an Ubuntu ISO from windows in order to install
12:52 PM
@aking1012 Danke!
It's not that I prefer Germanic derived terms, it's that I have seen exceedingly intelligent native English speakers use this in conversation and get this face:
user image
Wat is that
@jrg Boxxy + photoshop
12:57 PM
@aking1012 mine was was tongue-in-cheek but your response is literally tongue-in-cheek! *'d!

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