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12:14 AM
@Mithrandir probably right about the share link, I just got it on meta and did not do anything. Got to be the link Get X number of views, through the link on a post posted in the bash.
12:24 AM
@eLRuLL ping me when you are on.
12:43 AM
Sup @David ?
1:18 AM
@eLRuLL was wondering if you'd be kind enough to "accept" my knitting answer temporally so I can get the Scarf Ace hat.
1:37 AM
@David wow I got it in the middle of the night
@David I cast a downvote & an upvote, was the 5th to vote to close a question and answered one question yesterday
Didn’t comment on anything at all
And I’m quite sure I did not share any link for that site
5 hours later…
7:00 AM
Good morning
7:56 AM
What's the trigger for Clean Up duty?
8:16 AM
@NogShine I'd like to know the answer to that question too. I deleted many comments, reviewed a lot of suggested edits and edited a lot of old posts. No luck yet
@Eran I guess it has something to do with editing old posts.
2 hours later…
10:17 AM
Early Gonna Find Out hats
I see that there are already users wearing the Gonna Find Out hat, despite the vote limit. How do they bypass this? Accepts votes? Vote on Meta, too (gives you another 40 votes to cast)?
10:42 AM
@jknappen Perhaps even close/delete votes?
If I look at the 'votes' section on my profile, it counts up, down, delete, undelete, close and reopen.
Q: Why are Gonna Find Out hats already being awarded?

PandaThe description for the Gonna Find Out hat is: cast 150 votes on questions or answers I've come across a few users with Gonna Find Out hats. Since Winter Bash has only been on for 3 days and is a limit of 40 Q & A votes per day, how is this possible?

^ I'll guess we'll find out officially some day :)
I just came across someone with this hat too
and the criteria states "questions or answers"
@Panda close votes are cast on questions to ;)
no, this is only up and down votes
10:47 AM
@Tinkeringbell oh yea technically
@Panda Apparently not though :P
I know why it happens (it's legit, not abusive at all). I've pinged the community team to decide if we should make a change there.
It's a good question though, I had to dig a bit to figure it out
@balpha ahh how is it possible?
I'll defer answering that until we have a decision about it :)
10:50 AM
@balpha sure :)
well, @Glorfindel has already figured it out :)
I see, deleted posts
11:06 AM
Horned helmet!
Yeah, I know, it's a very easy hat, everyone has it already
11:27 AM
Did we guess what triggers Porper Thyself yet? FWIW I've been doing tag wiki edits like crazy since this morning and I got it
I also have shared some links in dupe-closing context but not to posts of my own
All these actions on SFF
@Jenayah someone has been doing the same on SO. The Suggested Edits queue was filled with a lot of tag wiki edits
We might be on to something then :)
I've edited ~30 of them today
And I must have edited ~15 others since Winter Bash beginning (on other days I mean)
More data: I've earned 56 rep today and it's all from those edits
11:46 AM
@Jenayah do what I did once - repcap from edits
@Mithrandir that will be entirely dependent on the boringness of this afternoon's class
I also gained two hats today, Identification division and Rubber Ducky. Don't know if it could be related
12:25 PM
Red Baron is seriously difficult
Questions keeps on getting downvoted continuously
1:14 PM
@panda It is indeed difficult. In essence, your answer must make a formerly bad looking question look good.
@jknappen Indeed!
@Jenayah I've got the propeller hat but I've never ever touched a tag wiki
@NicolaSap hmmm... Rep coming from different sources then?
1:48 PM
I hit the rep cap from upvotes alone, and earned Propel Thyself (I went +15 over from an accept). It has nothing to do with edits, I have not done any today. I can't think of anything else which could have triggered it.
well I'm 15 rep away from capping today, so we'll see if that has anything to do with it
I got propel thyself without earning any rep on that day tho
from all the very different conditions people have gotten the propeller hat, something like 5 view through a share link would do it. Could it be the same trigger as Amped Up from 2016?
maybe... test it: can 5 people click the knitting show-off link in the description?
That's possible, I shared a link to FAQ here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/320130/366373
2:02 PM
@balpha and @Panda I could of saved you guys the time of looking, same thing happened with the "Vote Early, Vote Often" hat back in 2015. chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/26242153#26242153
@ArtOfCode already have.
if it is the share link thing, I know it is less then 25 (I got the hat long before the badge)
@hat ah, I repcapped yestarday, and got a +15 accept
I just received Propel Thyself on SO. No rep increase. I did got my 7th hat for SO just before.
The share link lead looks promising, though. Look out for announcer badges...
@David I also haven't got the announcer badge yet.
gmorning folks.
@CalebKleveter This can't be the trigger, on the leaderboard for meta there are hat bearers with only six hats (including the propeller). There is also no gap in the hat number (yet)
2:15 PM
We STILL haven't figured out waffles?
@TabAlleman nop
that is an interesting one.
anyone compile a list of users who have it?
@David I have it
@David on SO esp a few people has it.. but we couldn't understand why.. there is no luck trying to figure out how we get it...
maybe maybe not.
I have not compared users with it.
Itd be nice to have access to hat info with queries. That way we could find a user with the minimal actions taken to get hat. But thatd make it too easy.
2:23 PM
much too easy
Here is a user with only two hats, one is waffles: math.stackexchange.com/users/44121/jack-daurizio?tab=activity
I just got timed out for paging too quickly through the leaderboard. haha
Get upvotes on comments? (probably 1 upvote, but how many times?)
@jknappen just one?
in that case, half the site would have it...
I have it, and my best theory is that I got it for commenting on a question after I had already voted to close it. Can anybody support/refute that?
Waffles, that is.
2:39 PM
@Dylan happens every year :)
@David ah, looks like it happened before, thanks
Any ideas for the clean-up hat
I can refute it I believe. There are users who do not have enough rep to vote to close, with waffles.
Let me see if I can find an example.
Here is one: math.stackexchange.com/users/592402/joseph?tab=activity He does not have enough rep to cast a close vote. Yet he has waffles.
@Panda my guess is delete old comments, but seems users have tried that already.
yea I tried that, didn't seem to work
2:43 PM
anyone tried editing your old posts?
But there could be an exact number of old comments to delete
@Panda most likely no more then 10
@David I doubt that though since it doesn't encourage positive behavior
Here is your challenge, find a user with waffles who has not edited anything.
Ive yet to find one.
@David I think I deleted just 5, might be too less
2:45 PM
yes an no. "cleaning up" your old posts is a good thing, but yeh can definitely be a negative.
There's a user on linguist.se with that hat: He commented a lot, got (only 1) upvote on some comments, probably voted up some comments of other users, moved a comment discussion to chat, not much more. The posts and comments weren't particularly old, and the user is still "new" according to SE standards.
I'm wearing waffles until somebody figures it out.
Ah, and the user just earned the commentator badge
@Dylan This user has Waffles without editing anything - math.stackexchange.com/users/626177/someone?tab=profile
@Panda he got the commentator badge
2:50 PM
commenting.. a lot?
And a bunch of single upvotes on the comments
@Panda I knew someone had to have it.......
@WELZ This user got their Commentator badge in 2012 - stackoverflow.com/users/1725647/…
@WELZ yep
@Dylan Yep, unless the questions they edited got deleted
2:52 PM
rest in peace
@WELZ and probably some clean up on comments?
they only have 26 rep can they even edit?
suggested edits
For Waffles, most users have commented & edited (or suggested edits)
hola guys
still no lockdown on the Propel Thyself hat?
2:55 PM
@Panda look like the way is that... edit and comment...
@CinCout That's a weird one; I got it when I least expected it
@CalebKleveter Now that you mention it Propel Thyself was my 8th badge as well
I don't follow how you are supposed to get Rubber Ducky. None of the Ask Question pages I view have a Discard button. I seem to remember one being there in the past, but not any more.
@gbianchi I think there ought to be some trigger
any running theories?
Did @Mithrandir get it with the link he shared? (5 unique clicks)
2:56 PM
I think waffles is this: Comment more than X times on a post that has been edited at least 2 times.
@AdrianLarson you need to wait for the Discard button to appear
@AdrianLarson I think you have to wait till the discard button's out, sometimes it takes 1 min
@Dylan uhhh.. I like that theory...
@CinCout I may be wrong but I don't remember sharing any link and it's not my habit to use the unique user link when sharing
@Dylan seems plausible
@Jenayah It was my sixth, so that does not hold..
2:58 PM
@hat I saw chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/48060315#48060315 right after I posted that so aye nevermind
@Panda Ah. Yep it just takes forever to show up.
@Panda then the trigger is completely differnet
Two people who have Waffles on my site commented on a post which was then closed, then deleted their comments.
@AdrianLarson it actually takes forever, like up to 2 hours
@CinCout I guess so
Waffles maybe it is a sequence like: comment on an answer to your own question –user revises their answer–accept answer?
3:03 PM
I don't think it has anything to do with answers, someone else posted and deleted a comment on a post with no answers at all. I think it has to do with deleting a comment within a certain time frame of posting it.
@AdrianLarson ahh, let me try that, there's a post closed after I commented
done deleting, let's see if that worked
btw anyone here who got Waffles without deleting any comments?
Everyone on my site who has it deleted comments, not all of them on a post which got closed. They've also all edited comments...hmmm
But I have both deleted and edited comments, on both questions and answers. So that's probably not it.
Hmm, I can't remember if I deleted any comments shortly before getting waffles.
@TabAlleman I did that , Edit POST, add a comment, and then I deleted it
3:23 PM
Hmm, I deleted 3 comments under a question after it was marked as duplicate and looks like there's no hat
I just went on a commenting and editing spree, no hat. damn
@RitaGeraghty I noticed you asked about the hats. Well its all part of the winter bash. The winter bash is an event the SE runs where we collect hats for doing normal actions across the sites. You can find the answer to the Retro Fan hat here
3:52 PM
for it's-a-me do the comments have to be from within the bash?
nope old comments work.
Do they all have to be on the same post?
if only there was a SEDE query that identified these comments...
Honestly, just go throw useful comments on brand new posts. Statistically speaking, they will get edited right afterwards.
Does it take a while to get Rubber Ducky? I've discarded questions & answers on two sites an hour ago, but haven't gotten it yet.
@Dylan no
3:59 PM
@JesseBusman It takes about 1-3 hours on each site.
@JesseBusman YES! and different amounts of time on different sites!
@Dylan Ah, thanks. I wonder, do they do that on purpose to make it more difficult to find the trigger? :P
@Snow there is/are cough just make sure the Post was really edited by the OP after your comment.
Not sure, but WEZL and I found that one. It was one of the easier ones.
@David No worries. I've gone through a load of my old comments and removed a bunch of comments where the OP has acted after I left comments.
But thanks.
4:07 PM
@AdrianLarson Writing a nonsensical question - title, body, tags, makes it show up straight away
@JesseBusman Me also. Must be something else to the duck hat.
Unless it's on Meta.
Takes 1-3 hours to show up based on other users experiences
Personally took 1 hour on meta.se
I've just done it on SO and SR, at 16:14 GMT. Will report back when I get each one
:48062102 on the bottom right next to the ask button. It is not there from the start has to be a question to discard first.
4:16 PM
@David but I wrote a nonsense question like @AdrianLarson said, but I still don't see a discard button.
are three fields filled in?
@NH. It might take a few seconds to show up
well you still have to wait for the auto save to save it, then you can discard it.
ok, so I take it @AdrianLarson's bit about "straight away" is falsehood?
4:20 PM
@NH. Stop pinging AdrianLarson, it was me that said it
And it does show up straight away for me
Don't know whether I put more effort into my fake question (so more time), or the auto-save is quicker on my laptop
Just dump a load of random text in the box.
Itll show up instantly
I put Lorem ipsum there
(well, actually a large blurb from the lorem ipsum website) and still no discard button.
I'll wait an hour or so, though.
it will be there in under 5 mins
if not, refresh and try again
4:23 PM
Type in by hand ... wait a minute ... discard will come up, time depending on the server load.
don't forget a question title. and tags.
Ok my Rubber Duck on SO took all of 12 minutes
Still nothing after about an hour for me on TWP.
4:38 PM
And the duck just pinged up. A minute or so after I discarded an answer draft, not a question.
thanks Snow
I just tried a dummy answer on another site, just in case that's the actual trigger.
@Snow I did both too, but I got the hat like half an hour later, so I am not sure if it is because I did it on the answer or on a question.
@Snow All my three have been via "Ask a question" - although I don't have the SR one yet
Ok. I trust the accepted trigger, but you know how the old Gorbachev saying goes...
4:44 PM
"If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today." ?
No. "Trust, but verify".
@Snow Wasn't that Lenin? I rembemr it in German Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser
Rubber Ducky on SR in 33 minutes
Maybe there's an hourly batch process that awards them
@jknappen Hah. Actually, I was thinking of Reagan, who was negotiating arms limitations with Gorbachev at the time.
@CalvT very likely something like that
5:33 PM
Hi, For rubber ducky the answer says use the discard button on any Ask A Question page - I don't see a button called discard. Is there actually one?
@QHarr Fill out the title, question, and tags, then wait a minute and it will show up next to the post question button at the bottom
wait for it to come ... it is not there at start, but it comes some time after you have typed in something
thank you all
Am I right that I also need to somehow discard an answer afterwards?
They should also award a hat who decodes all the secret hats next year. :/
No this is definitely not necessary (tested!)
5:39 PM
@QHarr Not needed.
@AnkitSharma got the Clean-Up Duty hat on two sites: movies (where he is very active) and scifi, but it looks like he doesn't have an account in scifi: stackexchange.com/users/1344292/ankit-sharma?tab=accounts
@eLRuLL He did edits of old posts for that hat.
@eLRuLL are you sure his scifi account isn't hidden?
I just isn't listed there, no idea how to hide an account that way
5:50 PM
hidden sites aren't listed there
@eLRuLL He hid that account.
admittedly, WB should care for hidden accounts too
like, maybe I don't even want to show I have a connection with a site outside of that site, for example
post an FR?
not so easy...
I'd better let somebody who is actually concerned with that post it
You may get some downvotes and eventually a hat for posting a controversial question ;)
5:55 PM
They seem to have revised a bunch of old questions. I've also done that, but no joy
I didn't edit tags though, but they did. Wonder if that's it?
@NogShine Historically they have awarded a secret hats to an individual who proves that he figured it out on his own.
Or I have a new theory
Ask a question, and then edit one of the answers
6:11 PM
Q: Why do you need to opt-in to Winterbash on every site

D ManokhinAfter I opted-in to Winterbash on one site (Ask Different) I was not automatically opted-in on Stackoverflow or Meta Stack Exchange. Are you supposed to be opted-in/out on all sites automatically and this is a bug or is this not a feature yet?

Just got Propel Thyself and have no idea why. I did also finally get the rubber duck. Less than an hour but not by much.
Propel Thyself was my seventh hat on SFSE and eighth overall.
@AdrianLarson Maybe because you had 7 hats?
Oh wait no - you only have 6 on one site
Propel would have been your 7th
Have we seen anyone with a Prop hat who has less than 6 other hats?
Can someone refute that?
I'm on 5, trying to get my 6th then will report
If anyone wants to upvote an answer of mine on SO so I can get Tophat feel free :P
6:26 PM
@Dylan It is my 8th hat on Hinduism.
@Dylan Quick find apple.stackexchange.com/users/119271/allan total 6 hats, including propeller
Hmm what if it's have 3 secret hats?
I have 6 on dba.se including the Propel Thyself hat. dba.stackexchange.com/users/6141/jadarnel27#winter-bash
3 secret hats again
the secret of the secrets...
6:39 PM
Only 5 hats including the propeller: stackoverflow.com/users/295783/mplungjan but indeed, three other secret hats!
I got Rubber Ducky and Propel Thyself at the same time I think, so that seems like a solid guess!
Can't immediately find any counter examples (someone with 3 secret hats and no propeller).
(or someone with Propel Thyself and less than 3 secret hats...)
Yeah I got Propel Thyself after receiving my third secret hat.
Making it my fourth.
hm, possible, I only have 2 secret hats
we can test this theory, but I need 2 downvotes for that
6:47 PM
darn Sun Wukong!!! :P
ikr. wonder why they want to encourage downvotes.
Encourage controversy
@CinCout link?
encourage the VLQ? :P
thanks @CalvT
Q: Why was this "Very Low Quality" flag disputed?

CinCoutI raised a VLQ flag on this question. It is marked disputed. How and why will that ever happen? Is that because the moderator(s) did not agree with it? If so, shouldn't it have been declined instead?

@EriktheOutgolfer what a coincidence
6:50 PM
Ok, you've got it now @CinCout
now we wait
> hey, let's have something controversial so that people forget about recent drama stuff
Btw no need for an edit, it was fast enough that the vote wasn't locked
@CalvT not sure if that'll count as a dv
@CinCout You already have the hat
But not Propel
6:52 PM
@CalvT just got notified
@CalvT so the theory is proved wrong
It could be a batch process that runs every now and then
But yeah is looking like it's wrong
Propel thyself feels like it is speed dependent. Like, "get 4 hats in under an hour" or something.
only 8 secret hats so far
in all I mean
There was at least 3 time dependant ones last year
remember the controversial one, sun or moon
6:56 PM
@CinCout check your hat notifications :D
got propel thyself
theory is proved guys
I'll update the hat post
do the honours
now on to the sneaky ones - waffles and clean up duty
@CalvT Good find about Propel Thyself! I wasn't even thinking near this direction.
@Eran the name is misleading
7:08 PM
I think the edited posts need not to be old posts
It is about retagging
@NogShine clean up?
Less than 15 including normal edits. I checked user's profiles who got that hat
no wonder there were so many re tags in the suggested edits queue

Jeff ZeitlinWhen I earned my other hats (Team Player, Top(bar) Hat, and Peacekeeper), I had the option of adjusting the rotation angle and size before wearing them. When I just earned IDENTIFICATION DIVISION, it happened to be a good size and orientation, but I couldn't adjust it at all. Bug, or WAD?

I'll retag some questions to test this theory. Hopefully I don't have to retag my own questions.
7:14 PM
I tried retagging a couple of questions and I still didn't get that hat.
I'm going to retag 10 as I've found a load which could do with it
6 normal edits along with 2 retag.
@NogShine do at least 5 questions. A couple is never enough
I'm currently on 6 retags
@CalvT you actually went on a clean up duty :P
7:16 PM
This user retagged a little less than 20 question but doesn't have the hat
(it was all on IPS meta)
Meta doesn't usually count (unless it's meta.se)
@Noon not sure if the hat is for meta
Only meta which counts is Meta Stack Exchange
Good to know, thanks all!
Good find on Propel Thyself guys
7:19 PM
@Jenayah all credit to @CalvT
Clean up is probably about retagging indeed, I got it rather fast and I'm always retagging stuff :P
cleans I won when I was doing review
I re-tagged 10 just now. I think I have a few more re-tags since the start of WB
@JackNavaRow which reviews?
low quality
7:22 PM
When I get to a computer I'll check how many retags I did between WB start and hat notification. Given my usual rate I'd say ~10-20
I wrioe a message , Im not sure, I deleted some comments
@JackNavaRow do you have a count?
@CinCout nop
Don't think it's retag - just retagged 6 new posts and 5 old ones (like back from 09 etc) and nothing
@JackNavaRow I am done with my quota of LQP for the day, no hat
7:24 PM
the difference was that I deleted my comments in some answers
I've done that - deleted 6 comments placed before an edit
@CalvT yeah your avatar tells the story :D
@CalvT also I deleted some comments that had upvote
I have two answers which (either one) needs 2 votes to earn the Enlightened badge→The Merlin hat→Propel Thyself hat
shoots message for begging for votes :P
7:33 PM
I am stuck with same 007 hat since the first day. It only needs one vote
@EriktheOutgolfer hehehe
Perhaps we should do retag within specified time for getting cleanup duty hat?
@NogShine that will be unfair for those who don't have the rep to auto approve edits
The re-tagging worked! I got Clean-up duty!
how many did you re tag?
10 just now, a few more on Wednesday I think
foo! I can't retag fast enough to beat people who have edit privilages.
7:43 PM
I just found a +5 answer in a question with no comments. Maybe I still have a chance to get James Bond.
@Eran Great. How many did you retag?
@Eran old answer I assume. By old I mean posted before WB started
I would upvote it, but I already did yesterday @Eran.
@CinCout no, I checked just the new answers
@Eran cool
7:46 PM
@NogShine 10 recent retags, a few more since WB started
I'll test the retags on MSE. I have edit privilege there too.
10 retags is not easy on a beta site :|
Maybe the actual requirement is lower
@NogShine rip.
By retagging, do you mean specifically changing a tag to a more specific one. Or just adding a tag in general?
@NogShine Also, bumping old question on the home page of a not so active site as other issues. I know, I have been asked to not edit more than 5 old question a day on IPS...
In some questions I added a tag, in some I removed a tag, and in some I replaced a tag.
7:54 PM
@Dylan I know :(
MSE has now got rid of [tag:delete]. No easy chances there too.
I just realized one of the questions I answered on MSE can get me Red Baron. It just lacks 10 question upvotes and 2 answer upvotes :) That would be a challenge
@Noon Yes. Happened with me once in the past when I was trying for copy editor. Those were legitimate edits though. The reason generally said is it prevents users from reading new active posts.
@NogShine Same here. Now I try to edit new stuff after I'm done with my five older ones ^^
A challenge: If you guys answer this (currently -6) question - meta.stackexchange.com/questions/320012/… - and later it reaches +3 (not including your vote), and your answer gets +5, you'll get Red Baron hat.
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