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1:27 AM
As far as I can tell four of the five questions tagged were asked by james.nixon (now they delete their account, so the new username is user78249): data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/942476/…
I see only these 5 questions which had the tag: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2018/6/28 data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/927958/… At the moment, no questions with this tag among the deleted questions: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/883845/…
1:45 AM
A: Help improve tagging!

Martin SleziakI suggest to create a tag synonym analysis-and-odes $\to$ ca.classical-analysis-and-odes. The tag analysis-and-odes has only five questions and empty tag info - so it does not seem to have any distinction from ca.classical-analysis-and-odes. Four of the five questions in this tag were asked by t...

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10:15 AM
A: Help improve tagging!

Martin SleziakI'd like to propose creation of continuum-theory tag. To me (as an outsider, but still a bit interested in this topic) it seems that continuum theory is an area of general topology which enjoys some interest both among topologists and among mathematicians in general. (For example, one part of Op...

The tag was created in August by Taras Banakh: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2018/8/14 Since then it was used in 12 questions, so far nobody raised objections against this tag on meta.
Q: Running most of the time in a connected set

Anton PetruninLet $P$ be a compact connected set in the plane and $x,y\in P$. Is it always possible to connect $x$ to $y$ by a path $\gamma$ such that the length of $\gamma\backslash P$ is arbitrary small? Comments: Be aware of pseudoarc --- it is a compact connected set which contains no nontrivial p...

Q: Are $\varepsilon$-connected components dense?

Taras BanakhLet $X$ be a connected compact metric space. Given a positive $\varepsilon$ and two points $x,y\in X$ we write $x\sim_\varepsilon y$ if there exists a sequence $C_1,\dots,C_n$ of connected subsets of diameter $<\varepsilon$ in $X$ such that $x\in C_1$, $y\in C_n$ and $C_i\cap C_{i+1}\ne\emptyset...

Q: Is each metric continuum $\ell_p$-chain connected?

Taras BanakhThis problem was motivated by the MO problems: "Running most of the time in a connected set", "Is every metric continuum almost path connected?" and "Are $\varepsilon$-connected components dense?". Let $p$ be a positive real number. A metric space $(X,d)$ is called $\ell_p$-chain connected if fo...

Q: Example of a non-locally connected continuum

Forever MozartContinuum $=$ compact connected metric space. Let $X$ be a continuum. $X$ is indecomposable means that every proper subcontinuum of $X$ is nowhere dense in $X$. It is easy to see that if $X$ is indecomposable then every connected open subset of $X$ is dense in $X$. Question. Are these two cond...

Q: Does each separator between points of a continuum contain an irreducible separator?

Taras BanakhDefinition. A closed subset $S$ of a topological space $X$ is called a separator between points $x,y\in X\setminus S$ if the points $x$ and $y$ belong to different connected components of $X\setminus S$. A separator $S$ is called an irreducible separator between $x$ and $y$ is $S$ coincides with ...

Q: Limit of homeomorphisms from square to square

Anton PetruninLet $\square=[0,1]\times[0,1]$ be the unit square and $f\colon\square\to \square$ is a continuous map that fixes the points on the boundary. Assume $f$ is a limit of homeomorphisms $\square\to \square$. (By Moore's theorem it is equivalent to the condition that for any point $p\in \square$ the i...

Q: Is every metric continuum almost path-connected?

Taras BanakhThe question was motivated by this question of Anton Petrunin. By a metric continuum we understand a connected compact metric space. Let $p$ be a positive real number. A metric continuum $X$ is called $\ell_p$-almost path-connected if for any points $x,y\in X$ and any $\varepsilon>0$ here exist...

Q: Disc bounded by a plane curve

Anton PetruninLet $\Sigma$ be a sphere topologically embedded into $\mathbb{R}^3$. Is it always possible to find a disc $\Delta\subset\Sigma$ which is bounded by a plane curve? It is easy to find an open disc which boundary lies in a plane, but the boundary might be crazy; for example it might be Polish ...

Q: Does every cut-point space embed into the plane?

D.S. LiphamLet $X$ be a connected separable metrizable topological space. Call it a cut-point space if $X\setminus \{x\}$ is disconnected for every $x\in X$. Then does $X$ embed into the plane? My thoughts: (0) It is not difficult to see that $X$ must have dimension $1$, and therefore embeds into $\mathb...

Q: Topological Shape Operator More Sensitive than Inverse Limits

John SamplesThis is a very general sort of question, and the use of the phrase 'shape operator' is a bit sloppy since there is already an established "shape theory." But what I have are topological spaces that have trivial shape in the classic Borsuk sense (and thus also in the sense of Cech homology). How...

Q: Is each Peano continuum a topological fractal?

Lviv Scottish Book Problem. Is each Peano continuum a topological fractal? A compact Hausdorff space $X$ is a topological fractal if $X=\bigcup_{i=1}^n f_i(X)$ for some continuous maps $f_1,\dots,f_n:X\to X$ such that for any sequence $(g_i)_{i\in\omega}\subset\{f_1,\dots,f_n\}^{\omega}$ the intersection $\big...

Q: Do solenoids embed into Möbius strips?

Forever MozartI found a strange attractor which looks a lot like a solenoid. The attractor continuum is the closure of a continuous line which limits onto itself, and it is locally homeomorphic to Cantor set times Reals. It sits in the Möbius strip. Does the Dyadic solenoid embed into the Möbius strip? Wha...

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12:27 PM
@ToddTrimble Sorry for bothering you, but this is probably minor enough that it could be simply handled by a mod and perhaps it's not necessary to make a post on meta about this. (And you've mentioned in your email that you plan to look into tag-related issues.)
There might be more cases of this, but there are at least two pairs of tags which are exactly for the same thing - so perhaps creating a tag synonym would be a reasonable solution. One pair of tags is and . The other one is and .
For the first one, there is already a synonym suggestion which awaits approval: mathoverflow.net/tags/quantum-field-theory/synonyms Some time ago I suggested to Arun Debray to mention this on meta - so that the synonym suggestion is noticed by more users.
I have mentioned this synonym also in the Geometry+physics chatroom.
Of course, if the preferred way is that the synonym is approved by users and not by mod's intervention, I can ping Arun Debray again to see whether they are willing to make a post on meta.
The synonym between the two tags for differential graded algebras is mentioned in my answer to Help cleanup tags! which I made after the limit for the length of tagnames was increased.
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4:07 PM
@MartinSleziak Please bring this up with me again after this upcoming Monday. I simply don't have time for it now; sorry.
Thanks for the response!
And clearly, it is nothing urgent - the two tags for dg-algebras have been there for more then a year. (The tag qft is relatively new.)
I just thought that it might be reasonable to try and ask a mod instead of posting on meta, since it seems to be relatively clear-cut case.
Sorry to hear that you have so much work to do. Since it is the case, I hope at last that MO no longer operates with you as the only "flag-handling" moderator.

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