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12:02 AM
@Veskah can't be because this cast is explicitly UnsignedIntToFloatingPoibt
@Geobits I disagree, Stirling approximation lets you calculate log factorial much faster than calculating factorial
[Loud shrug]
@flawr do you want this unfrozen or similar? I'm happy to if you plan on using it
12:18 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BeefsterCorrupting A Binary File By Interpreting It As Text code-golf file Using FTP's ASCII mode to transfer binary files is a bad idea. It is likely to corrupt your data. Badly. Let's simulate this corruption! Your task is to write a program which takes a filename as input and outputs the corrupte...

Got my Hacktoberfest swag :D
@El'endiaStarman Turns out, the database used by Django had no record of it. Weird. I think I can fix it without too much difficulty though.
@Downgoat There are a lot of lies
yay hats are here
For performance comparisons: median or avg?
12:30 AM
Unless you're expecting massive outliers, I would imagine avg with decent sample size
Speaking without experience, I would do something like the median, but rather than 50%, choose the 10-15% best times.
(Assuming the variation is low)
@Mego ?
12:45 AM
@Downgoat Just because something says it does something a certain way, doesn't mean it's true :P
@Geobits congrats!!! i also recommend using this opportunity to adopt a family goat no kid in america should grow up without a pet baby goat
uhhh is malloc supposed to fatally abort() in case it runs out of memory? I thought is was just supposed to return nullptr
oh oops mach_vm_map(size=9223372036854779904)
is only a mere 8EiB
@Downgoat You're saying all kids should have kids?
psssssh, only? even my grandpa has than much RAM
12:57 AM
@ASCII-only Pshh, I've downloaded more RAM than that in the past day
hmm for aoc day 11 part 2
how to speed up :/
Swap out your monitor cable to a faster HDMI-to-Hose Spigot attachment
@ASCII-only send code and will I rewrite in VSL and maybe will be fast?
ooh hats
1:13 AM
yo anybody have working code for AoC d11 p2? I've written 2 programs and tried using 2 random people's code from the reddit post
none of them work
they all give similar answers (for 5153, it's around 236,227) but I can't really effectively try all options
:D the Still Fresh hat takes into account the trusted user bonus
(Be a new user on a site, get 35 rep)
that's really dumb but ok
nvm. sped up by a factor of n
Oct 4 '16 at 17:44, by mınxomaτ
user image
Doesn't quite fit on my phone.
@Pavel Yeah I just got like 6 of those lol
1:16 AM
also. darn off-by-one errors
Have you guys tried the knitting paint minigame
I'm like 95% certain it's 236,227 but I have 0 clue what's going on
which one?
On winterbash2018.se.com
@Riker Are you adding the total value too? i.e. 236,227,12?
1:17 AM
oh my god
thank you.
yeah I'm just dumb and I don't read carefully thanks
1:33 AM
day 10 was easy
@Riker yes
@riker hackmd.io/mTf-Yfb3RE6WTptCBpFeEQ (if you want though, the user that was top globally has it too: link)
@JoKing total value?
1:55 AM
someone who is not familiar with sign extends is going to be very confused...

O_o on the other hand idk why SE allowed me to send empty message
@ASCII-only I meant the size of the square
also in other good news: you can now print numbers in vsl! :D
@ConorO'Brien What are the length 38 commands?
2:12 AM
thats not so bad i guess
I am an idiot.
Oh. He's here.
HOURS trying to figure out why my Perlin noise wasn't working. I was using the coordinates within the unit cube for the dot product instead of the true coordinates!
Now I get a gradient instead of noise :/
Well, if you send out automated recruitment mails...
@ETHproductions rejected.us
@mınxomaτ That "You Don't Know JS" one is great :D
oh hey, when did Winter Bash start?
Like, one or two hours ago
I got Still Fresh on CS
I suppose I could join every other site in the network to earn it on all those sites too
2:57 AM
Totally forgot about Winter Bash. I GIMPed this hat on at the start of December; this is not the "vote 150 times" one!
Bleh, script had an old function that wasn't being used any more, script worked on my win10 box but crashed when ran on win7. Comment out the unused function and now it works
Stupid PowerShell indeed
3:24 AM
Q: Optimal Alphabet Stepping

Jo KingGiven an input string consisting of only letters, return the step-size that results in the minimum amount of steps that are needed to visit all the letters in order over a wrapping alphabet, starting at any letter. For example, take the word, dog. If we use a step-size of 1, we end up with: def...

3:50 AM
I just got the Silencium hat? ask a question that gets no answers within a week of being posted. Do they take it away from me if my question gets answered?
i like how i can just get a hat for visiting my team
i appreciate a hat made specifically for me to acquire with low effort
I've visited the Teams page several times and haven't gotten anything
Diacritics and font rendering is annoying. B!̬B and B!B̬ look identical (in most contexts, e.g. TIO). They are not.
Do I have to be a part of a team for it to work?
we'll find out
i visited a bunch of teams pages and the landing page so
3:52 AM
@JoKing I was going to ask you the same question, lol
re hats: I have five Still Fresh hats
@ASCII-only Computation of what?
4:25 AM
@ASCII-only question: how to tokenize string with format statement? e.g. "foo #{hello + world}"
"foo #{, then tokenize the innards, then }"
that's how I would tokenize an interpolated string
4:57 AM
Q: Round the digits one by one

Embodiment of IgnoranceChallenge: Given two inputs, x and y, round x's second to last digit, then round it's new second to last digit again and again until it has y number of unrounded digits left. (the decimal point does not count as a digit) Input & Output Input can be a combination of strings and integers, e.g....

alright did one of you serially upvote me across like 5 sites? is there a badge for that? or something?
just got like 60 rep o-O
@Riker that's not serial
true but it's definitely targeted voting
5:12 AM
Ok so. How did people get sub-200 for 12 days of Christmas in Perl 5 on code-golf.io
@ASCII-only Not going to say anything about Perl 6? :P
omg, that was my early days of Perl 6 too... my code has "First1Second1Third....1Twelf".split(1) in it :(
@feersum AOC 11
@JoKing gotta make Perl 5 shorter first before even looking at anything else
@JoKing ew
@ASCII-only and newlines written explicitly as \n
5:37 AM
Today's part 2 is crazy
5:50 AM
@ASCII-only How is your meta-golfer for perl 5?
6:01 AM
@JoKing don't have one :/
@Bubbler hmm maybe I should do AOC now
@JoKing don't even know how to arrange it so it's metagolfable
@ASCII-only generally try to compress it to a series of unicode characters and then a decoder
have a look at the end of the perl 6 golf sheet for a couple of examples of compressing large numbers
@JoKing sure but does that work for Perl 5
Which has not great Unicode support
primo says he's got a pretty good one
generally you end up with about 3 to 1 compression with some overhead
@primo mind revealing how long it is decompressed? (12 days)
> The use of Unicode may present security issues that aren't obvious, see "Security Implications of Unicode".
6:12 AM
@JoKing so decode and eval?
Also. I'm barely being JRaspass on this
@ASCII-only yup. See kids, this is why you score in bytes, not characters
:thinking: Perl will autodetect UTF-16, but assume ASCII instead of UTF-8 unless you explicitely use utf8
@JoKing nah it's fine
I already use a 3:1 decide for longer JS challenges
But... Yeah. It makes solutions unreadable which is kinda annoying
6:57 AM
@Pavel oh yeah I gotta get around to doing discord emoji userscript sometime
@Pavel obviously, because UTF8 is indistinguishable from extended ASCII
A) Why would it assume extended ASCII over UTF8, B) It will literally read a UTF8 BOM and still not automatically use UTF8
@Pavel well it's old. And backward compatibility is a thing
@JoKing Hmmmmm looks like I'm stuck for now, but I'm probably missing something really obvious
According to perlhist, Perl 5 was 1993
Like... I saved a couple bytes using a PPCG answer
7:33 AM
@ASCII-only I assume you're golfing the ing,\ns? how about the ths? Other than that, there's not much you can do for that challenge
@JoKing :(
Also, damnit. Idk why but compression isn't working properly (code-golf.io says it's taking up 2 bytes per char)
Wait nvm
That's just phone being stupid
@Geobits Do you plan to go up to femtobits?
8:30 AM
Q: Seconds to human readable format

Vedant KandoiGiven a positive integer input n seconds, output the time in human readable format. The time will be considered from 00:00:00, 1st January, 1 A.D. Leap years must be taken into account. Assume that the gregorian calendar was followed since the beginning. (Gregorian Calendar: Every year that i...

2 hours later…
10:16 AM
Q: find the value at kth position when numbers are sorted lexicographically till n

VaibhavEx :- Input: n = 12, k = 5 Output: ans = 2 Sorted list S: ["1", "10", "11", "12", "2", "3", "4", "5", ...., "9"] ans = 2

10:32 AM
CMC: print the number of groups of order exactly 2048 (up to isomorphism)
11:02 AM
@Riker I don't think its necessary right now:)
1 hour later…
12:09 PM
@El'endiaStarman weird stuff happens:) I don't think it is super important, but I thought I'd let you know!
12:33 PM
Q: Iron particles around a magnet

Vedant KandoiThere are some iron particles on a board. We pass a current carrying wire through that board and the particles form circles. Show these circles if input given is the position of the wire. Consider the board to be a grid of size 7x7 (fixed) No extra white spaces are allowed. Input can be 0-inde...

@Geobits 6-8 months I guess?
12:48 PM
@flawr Delivery due on November 1st
lol loophole
Disguising unsolved math problems as CMCs is also a loophole.
1:02 PM
@Dennis 51 bytes
1:14 PM
@Fatalize That seems difficult to execute
@Downgoat No need for a goat. Our puppy tends to be goat-like in that he'll eat anything you leave laying around if you let him.
1 hour later…
2:22 PM
@Geobits Actually most goats I know are a lot pickier when it comes to eating stuff than pretty much every dog I've ever met.
I'll admit I'm stereotyping, but I don't know many goats. But most adult dogs I've known are pickier. Puppies though? Not even a little bit.
There is a lab in my extended family that will even eat panetone when it is still in the box and bag (the panetone, not the dog) if you look away.
And its only purpose seems to be napping in some place where it is most inconvenient for any other living being in its proximity. E.g. on the tv remote or right on the doorstep into the kitchen.
Ours likes to lay down right in the middle of the kitchen, tripping anyone who might be using the kitchen for its intended purpose
See, they are probably related.
2:34 PM
and it could tear down whole cities with its uncontrollable tail wagging
lol. Mine's tail doesn't have the mass for that yet. Mostly limited to cups, papers, etc so far. But still growing, so...
The tail is a bit floofy also, so that helps
2:48 PM
@ASCII-only shorter than yours, although I'd rather not say how much shorter
thanks for reminding me that I wanted to improve that one
@NMP Printing coordinates ... I swear we've had a challenge like that.
Q: Print coordinates of an NxN grid

Chris PugliaQuestion: Print out all the coordinates of a NxN grid. Preferably in C, however other languages also accepted Example Output for a 3x3 grid: 0,0 1,0 2,0 0,1 1,1 2,1 0,2 1,2 2,2

Q: Hilbert mapping

xakepp35For a computer vision app I want to do a mapping of an image, in such a way that every pixel fit hilbert curve, instead of conventional layout, eg reorder pixels indices as follows: 0 1 2 3 > 0 1 E F 4 5 6 7 3 2 D C 8 9 A B 4 7 8 B C D E F 5 6 9 A So task could be as follows: Given squ...

@Geobits Are you gonna do an online poll for naming microbits?
@flawr Minibit is actually his real name
well then we could maybe vote for a second name? please? yes?
3:02 PM
I seem to have acquired a hat yesterday for doing nothing. Excellent.
3:12 PM
@flawr You can hold an informal, non-binding poll if you'd like. I reserve the right to refuse any name chosen, and most likely will :D
I submit Geo McGeoface.
I was hoping someone would come up with this exact name:D
See? This is why the disclaimers. This right here.
If mods delete the disclaimer, is it still in force?
The disclaimer is legally binding upon posting, and not to be altered by any third parties
3:20 PM
sorry, bad edit timing :)
Geobits confirmed: I can eleven the disclaimer!
You can. But unless you have an in with the hospital, I don't see how that will change the naming procedure itself :P
@Geobits hmm...a disclaimer for a disclaimer. I think as long as you keep the chain going, mods won't be able to get to the bottom of it
@Geobits Edit window: too damn long.
^ agree, wholeheartedly
3:22 PM
@primo wonder if I should do the compressor or make it even shorter first
Hey, at least this isn't reddit, where half of all of the comments in 3-year-old posts are deleted
You could have stopped at "at least this isn't reddit" really
This is probably the truest thing I read today.
@ASCII-only i would say decompressor first
generally, the shorter the decompressor is, the more restricted the source needs to be, you'll end up golfing it again
Oh, true
Now... To figure out how to split a string into Unicode characters
3:27 PM
Mechanical Turk
Are hats down?
I see them in chat but the button in the topbar doesn't load
:thinking: it loads on MSE and only MSE for me
Now that I think about it, I only see my own hat...
I see your hat as well
but it's the only one I see
In chat, that is. They're fine on main.
Well it's working now but wb2018.se.com was giving a 503 earlier
3:34 PM
Hat Overflow
oh I'm two questions away from Inquisitive, lets see if I can get that silver badge hat today
/me searches chat for CMCs written by myself
3:50 PM
My hat was working earlier
Q: Draw some expanding arrows

PavelThis challenge is about printing a series of growing ASCII-art arrows. I'll describe the pattern in words, but it might be easier to look at what the start of this series looks like: > < -> <- --> <-- ---> <--- ----> <---- -----> <----- ------> <------ ... An arrow with length n contains an ar...

(Now accepting better challenge name ideas)
4:19 PM
Mm, my had doesn't end up working very well with my profile pic
It just appears too small in chat
Maybe I should pick out a different one
My hat is perfectly aligned on the hat selection dialog, but it's not aligned in chat D:<
Also that
SO Goes Flapper is an interesting hat in the context of PPCG :P
"short answer accepted over long answer"
4:33 PM
triage is getting cleared really fast because of this 20 reviews in a row hat
i forgot what its like to have it empty
SO is probably full as always
no this is SO
Ah hah
Hats are a secret plot by SE to get people to do review queues!
so its like
first posts, late answers, triage: all basically empty
close votes: 8k
which is actually pretty low for close votes now that i think about it
Hats are a not-secret ploy to get people to do (mostly) useful things in general
4:38 PM
yeah not much of a ploy
Some are more well thought out than others
Well there are literally hats to do bad things
Like post an answer that gets at least a score of +5/-5
I’ll Handle It also begs to be abused.
doesnt look like community has any hats yet :(
@Pavel That's not necessarily bad, just controversial. Lots of meta posts in particular can get you that easily, just from general disagreement.
4:41 PM
i cant believe unicode added an emoji for winterbash! 🤠
Ah, the white rectangle of Winter Bash.
@Dennis It's a smiley face wearing a cowboy hat
@flawr I'm actually planning on writing a script to repair that kind of thing. All the text files I need are still on disk; I just need to recreate the database entries.
@Pavel Ah, I assumed it was ❄️.
5:18 PM
5:33 PM
CMC: print or return this Christmas tree (Hint: the pattern is not random. Can be done in less than 100 bytes in JS.)
Looks like its some serpinski's gasket section.
Does anyone have an "evil grin" emoji or emoticon
@PostLeftGarfHunter Yeah, it's a close variation.
it’s rule 110
or something like that
5:55 PM
I see hats are out :P
1 hour later…
7:01 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BeefsterPrime Steganography code-golf steganography string prime Alice and Bob have devised a steganography encryption method where they encode the letters of their message (the "secret message") into the letters in the prime positions of the larger message (the "carrier message"). Your job is to cr...

7:11 PM
@Arnauld J, 59
7:25 PM
@Arnauld argh 16th line
so, it doesn't look like a 1D cellular automaton to me
3 hours ago, by quartata
Most images here don't work, since i.stack.imgur seems to be blocked. I just thought it was humorous that this (and only this) hat worked, and seems quite oversized.
Frowny's hat also works for you, seemingly...
Ah, I didn't realize that was a hat. I thought it part of the avatar. I now see that Mego's works too
7:35 PM
My hat has a hat
2-year-old hat meets newborn hat lol
lets see how this looks
still hasnt updated
Looks like a broken image to me :D
noo chrome updated and now its impossible to get back the old design that had a gray instead of a blindingly white url bar D:
um, is it round and grey now?
7:47 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer it's fully white now is the problem
then I have outdated Chrome...
8:00 PM
@dzaima um, there's no blinding address bar
Ahh, you're using a dark theme. I had basically the same reaction as Erik since I've stuck with Chrome's default light theme.
i have 3 options: build chrome with url color changed, switch to vivaldi and switch to firefox. :|
4: modify the theme
8:07 PM
@Geobits themes cant control it afaik
Ooooh I see. It looks like it lumps in with the OS theme in general
and i have no idea where would i find such settings
Edge is great and does all things. ;-)
@AdmBorkBork not on linux :p
Isn't that what WINE is for? :P
8:13 PM
@dzaima Not yet, anyway.
@dzaima ah, so you mean "blinding" as in "I'm used to dark themes", hm
the reason i wondered about the update was that web whatsapp suddenly thought i have chrome that's not 36+ (well it is chromium). that doesn't seem to have fixed either :|
@AdmBorkBork When you can convince our internal webapp devs to upgrade their crap so it works on edge, we can talk. Until then, I can't even use it enough to find out if it's decent
At-Geobits'-webapp-devs -- Upgrade your crap.
@Geobits From a web dev perspective: it's less "upgrade" and more "write hacky workarounds because Edge doesn't support a lot of modern features"
8:20 PM
Well, I tried my best.
Oh derp, I just noticed you posted a related article
@Mego Normally I'd agree with you, but these aren't exactly "modern features" I'm talking about. It'd be more right to say it doesn't support a lot of legacy features in this case
@Geobits Modern as in "invented since 2015 when Edge was first released" :P
Oh, yeah. I'm more on about "deprecated before edge was first released" :P
I work for the state, so modern has no meaning here
8:24 PM
The other day, I had to explain to a customer why Edge wasn't going to work. It wasn't even anything complicated: just reading data from a customized canvas. But Edge failed at that.
I also have to make sure Java doesn't accidentally get upgraded past 8.121, or things break :(
@Mego Every time I look at your avatar, I think it's Rory Alsop because of the "hat"
I don't know why, it just throws my brain off
@DJMcMayhem As soon as I earn Topbar, I'm changing to that, and never changing again unless I somehow manage to earn Silencium
8:51 PM
these hats
are breaking everything for me
Q: A spiral sequence

Peter KageyBackground OEIS sequence A272573 describes a spiral on a hexagonal grid as follows: Start a spiral of numbers on a hexagonal tiling, with the initial hexagon as a(1) = 1. a(n) is the smallest positive integer not equal to or previously adjacent to its neighbors. The sequence begins 1, 2, ...

Dec 14 '17 at 14:42, by AdmBorkBork
@Mr.Xcoder more hats
Winterbash started and I wasn't even aware :(
Did that ping you?
No it didn't
9:03 PM
OK, good. Phew.
It was just a coincidence
Q: How much candy can you eat?

SkidsdevA post without sufficient detail recently posited an interesting game: 2 children sit in front of an array of candy. Each piece of candy is numbered 1 to x, with x being the total amount of candy present. There is exactly 1 occurrence of each number. The goal of the game is for the children to ...

9:21 PM
Depends on candy type. If it's big Toblerones, the number might not be high.
Or one of those 5-lb gummy bears
standard imports in python are valid right? Provided the entire import statement is included in the bytecount
Even "non-standard" imports (like numPy) count too
Did someone make a change to Retina recently? This program no longer converts decimal to unary?
oh nice
9:33 PM
I'm resurrecting the meme of bad excuses for short code guys
@Skidsdev Nobody likes that meme
I do
Memes are dead. Let em lie
9:35 PM
Challenges need to be objective anyway, and you can't objectively determine if an excuse is good or not
it's okay, it's fluff to the challenge
See this for what I'm referring to :P
A: What happened to the memes page?

DennisFor those who can't see deleted posts: I deleted the memes question. However, I didn't act unilaterally; this decision was made by the moderation team. While it wasn't the best fit for a Meta question, it was locked and doing no harm to the community. Unfortunately, we disagree with the sec...

I'm well aware of the post being deleted, and why it was deleted
@mbomb007 Retina 1.0 and Retina 0.8.2 are quite different. You can use *1 now to convert to unary. $*is a literal asterisk.
Or $&*1 if you want to be explicit
* on it's own does what $* used to, but with _ instead of 1
9:50 PM
@Mego You missed out on the Silencium glitch period :P
@Neil The 16th line doesn't match exactly. Nice anyway. :)
@Arnauld oh, that's an easy fix
got there with fewer than ten seconds to spare!
@Mego it ain't easy being cheesy... ;-)
(or less than ten seconds if you believe chatoverflow's ui)
9:57 PM
Lot of us have the topbar hat
10:13 PM
@Arnauld nice profile picture... ;-)
'em hats don't fit, eh? :P
I wanted bigger hats, so I changed for a picture with a bigger head :p
everything fits on my PPCG logo... :-P
The absolute unit
Q: Autocomplete any text field (outside the program form)

Ecr iosDon't blame me hard on the issue I have no clue how to solve, I'm new to this area, but I wanna know how one can build an autocomplete program, which would suggest a number of certain words from a database (say a dictionary) in any text field and add new ones while typing them. Where should I sta...

what's all ths about making our hats "fit"?
10:27 PM
@Skidsdev Now pull a rabbyte out of it
@Veskah ahaha, I see what you did there
good luck...
Well, let the hatting begin! (I'm late, I know)
@JonathanAllan actually, my Jelly answer would've resulted in 2 without the « :D
It looks like x=1 must be handled, could you confirm (since it's an edge case which should result in 1 rather than 0 or infinite loop as a couple of answers do) — Jonathan Allan 12 mins ago
11:09 PM
that moment when I'm working on an answer in nasm, and I keep getting a segfault, then I realise the program is actually working, it just segfaults after outputting the answer
Would a "tips for writing golfing languages" question be on-topic here?
I don't see why not
@lirtosiast Even tips for improving a specific language were deemed too broad.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BeefsterStegonography: Hide A Stegosaurus with Steganography! cops-and-robbers steganography ascii-art Cops Devise a method for hiding this ASCII stegosaurus in any BMP image. . . / `. .' " .---. < > < > .---. ...

11:26 PM
A: Can I ask a question seeking feature requests for a golfing language?

Martin EnderStack Exchange is not an issue tracker I haven't voted on this since it was posted, because I wasn't really sure how I feel about it, but now that the Pyth question has been posted, I don't think PPCG is the right place for posts like this. Posting a question along the lines of "I want to make ...

11:53 PM
@dzaima ez. Use Vivaldi
@EriktheOutgolfer what if it is, mod 16 (jk. There's already a problem with love 4)

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