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4:00 PM
@Bob OVH is acting like Delimiter now :( ordered MG-512 on November 26, put in support ticket asking about it on December 6, no reply yet
"where's my server?!"
*radio silence*
typical Delimiter service, but not expected out of OVH. Maybe they're just running around with their hair on fire because they sold out of MG-512s during black friday
@HornOKPlease O_O
isn't it normally like 30s provisioning?
or is that only for the more normal enterprise series?
@Bob usually it's 30s for the base Enterprise server offering (SP-64) and "72h" (3 days) for MG instances, presumably to get hardware from a warehouse or get it shipped overnight from a supplier
but I noticed MG-512 was literally sold out at some point recently because of black friday 50% off
I don't think I've ever seen an Enterprise line OVH server sell out
@HornOKPlease lol, deal was too good?
@HornOKPlease if you ask you might be able to get compensation for taking so long to set it up. probably worthwhile poking the ticket more or giving them a call
@Bob I bet hosting resellers or value added service offerers bought them up in droves
so they can increase profit margins while selling, idk, game servers, or shared hosting
4:15 PM
at least with online.net, calling their support line got things sorted much faster than the tickets last time my account got exploded
OVH usually responds to my tickets within 24-48h, never had it take longer
@HornOKPlease hm, I should keep an eye on LEB :P
it's been 6 days now and I'm getting worried for them :P
@HornOKPlease bump it? might've slipped through the cracks
@HornOKPlease I shuddered at the thought of shared hosting on one of these
@Bob hehe, LEB might offer OVH-hosted VMs in Canada and France at really good prices now, giving you like 1/16th of a MG-512
@Bob why?
4:16 PM
that'd be, what, 5000 customers?
on one server
@HornOKPlease speaking of, this one's for @bwDraco :P
@Bob I like the look of that one also!
@bertieb quiet, you UKian!
Well yeah
(maybe one of these?)
Wouldn't mind something a little under 100ms away :P
@Bob perhaps, their 'europe' tag seems sadly underused
4:23 PM
ooft, yea, those are old
@bertieb though, you are really close to france
$8/yr for KudoHosting?
you're also close to germany
brb need a lozenge
I looked at OVH during their Black Friday sale I think, all the options then were stateside
@bertieb you want ovh.ie with a server in france
@Bob Ahh
4:25 PM
actually, at your price bracket, you want either their VPSes or a soyoustart/kimsufi box
those being ovh's budget brands
oh, kimsufi?
kimsufi is the crap cheap ones
soyoustart is the decent budget ones
I had a friend who had a seedbox thing he used for totally legitimate purposes, waaaaay back in the day
ovh proper is the enterprisey ones
with them
4:26 PM
but at the lower end of dedis online.net competes well
but if you're expecing under $10/month you're really looking at VPSes
hetzner also has a new 'cloud' thing that seems decent
Yea, happy with VPS for now
In that I have no budget
But would like something that has a smidge more than 512MB of RAM
@bertieb ovh.ie/vps
3EUR/month, 2 GB RAM
should have one over in france
I should probably make a move before the pound slides further...
4:28 PM
also hetzner hetzner.com/cloud
over in germany
both are rather lacking in disk space, though, at 20 GB
Hmm, would certainly improve the RAM situation
Will ponder / spreadsheet the options
Actually, I was going to ask
Do OVH do sales frequently? Or would it be a case of waiting until Black Friday next year to take advantage of the sales?
@bertieb not very
Ah, oh well
well, not major sales
there were a couple of smaller sales, especially in new regions
> Hello,

Thank you for contacting OVH regarding your order. I will gladly assist you.

I will send a request to see if we can get this expedited for you. However, from my understanding we are still out of stock. I will update this ticket for you once I've received a response.

We thank you for your continued patience.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through a support ticket or through our toll-free line at 1-855-684-5463. We’re here 24/7 to help you!

We thank you again for choosing OVH,
yup - 50% off a system with 512GB of RAM is going to put you out of stock for weeks, it seems. I wonder what the shortage is? RAM? those Xeons?
4:34 PM
IIRC Intel reported a CPU shortage at some point this year
I think OVH bit off more than they could chew by offering half off the MG-512 and MG-384
I wonder if they have enough IPs for all the new servers. Fortunately for me I already have more IPs than I need associated with my account :D
@bertieb you can have a 4 GB VM on my server (storage and CPU negotiable) for the price of OVH's 2 GB model
seriously, it's no big deal, I (will) have 512 GB of RAM :D
oh my server is in Canada; ignore me
A generous offer :)
4:52 PM
Some big news from Intel today: anandtech.com/show/13699/…
Pricing their cpus at £10, just for me you say?
Intel is finally producing a new microarchitecture, after more than three years of being stuck on the Lake series. The new Cove series, starting with Sunny Cove, will come in 2019. It'll be built on the Intel 10nm process.
I'm thinking it's going to happen some point in the second half of 2019.
Sunny Cove ... Ice Lake?
Intel pls
They are moving to 10-wide issue, up from 8-wide. That's a big deal.
@Bob Yeah. That's going to be very confusing.
y u do dis
5:12 PM
In any case, it's about freaking time Intel made some real progress.
Also... Intel Xᵉ Graphics, due in 2020.
I mean... it's more announcing than anything else. They've been "making real progress" for years, just quietly.
Remains to be seen just how much of a change this will be in real world, too.
ok so....
@Bob The thing that was holding them back was tying architecture to process. They've now decoupled the two so they don't wind up getting tied up by stuff like the 10nm problems.
Though I'm more interested in what'll be available at the lower end. Atom, etc..
there are a load of germans shouting and singing outside our building
5:20 PM
5:40 PM
Idk if this is the right chat, but how do I click on a command button with a Macro. When I click it just changes to designer mode...
in excel
Stolas crashed in the graphics driver.
Busy dumping core...
@bertieb footing of the ball
@bwDraco Nvidia 417 driver? (@Bob has a similar experience)
@Burgi Ahh
Was it well footed?
@bertieb don't think it has started?
5:46 PM
@Burgi Right, right... I totally knew that
I know all about the footing of the ball
@HornOKPlease No. It's Raven Ridge and I haven't gotten a proper driver update from HP/AMD in a while.
the trouble with arsenal is that they try and walk it in...
After rebooting, Bluetooth decided to quit working:
> The local Bluetooth adapter has failed in an undetermined manner and will not be used. The driver has been unloaded.
@Burgi Something something, ludicrous display last night..?
5:48 PM
Sounds like ball footing to me
Rebooting again fixed the problem.
@bwDraco do we seriously have to write it as "Xᵉ"?
@HornOKPlease That's the official branding for it.
@bwDraco what he is saying is that we would have understood Xe without your dedication to unicode characters
5:51 PM
@Burgi lol
I'm a stickler for accuracy.
Astaroth Stolas Xᵉ
I will just say everything in italics from now on because it's more accurate :D
WTF? The BSOD crash dump is 3.45 GiB.
NTFS compression brought it down to 1.41 GiB.
Running LZX compression with compact /C /F /EXE:LZX...
To my surprise, this is multithreaded. It's saturated all eight hardware threads.
Listen, Tories. You had a vote on Theresa May in 2016. How dare you ask for a second vote just because now you can see how shit everything is and her promises were lies? She won. That’s democracy, get over it! #peoplesvote
i was just lolling at that on facebook @Burgi
I predicted this, next step is get rid of may, new person comes in 'I think Brexit needs a referendum...'
@bwDraco presumably it dumps all physical memory in use, not just kernel memory
6:02 PM
@Burgi thanks, now i can track you down muhahahhaa
@djsmiley2k you already know where I work
@HornOKPlease is it you with the ubquity?
@Burgi Something something something, naked people nearby?
@ToxicFrog It's an active memory dump. It's not quite dumping 8 GB of core (or worse yet, 32 GB on Astaroth), but it's still very substantial.
It ignores memory areas that are either not actually used by applications or are not relevant to troubleshooting.
...and LZX compressed, it is 913 MiB.
...huh. The battery on this laptop is 4-cell, in a 4S configuration.
Nominal voltage is 15.4V (3.85V per cell), with a full-charge voltage of 17.6V (4.40V per cell). These kinds of high-voltage Li-poly cells are designed with maximum runtime in mind.
Nominal capacity is 3,454 mAh, for an energy rating of 53.2 Wh.
(battery has about 96-98% of original capacity at this point)
Pulling this trick to keep charge levels at a more optimal level when plugged in:
Nov 28 at 19:41, by bwDraco
...welp. On most HP laptops that use barrel charge connectors (whether 7.4mm as used on older systems or 4.5mm on current machines), there's an ID pin in addition to the power contact, used to determine, among other things, power adapter capacity. If you insert the connector too slowly or don't push it all the way in, it'll power the laptop but it won't charge the battery because it can't identify the charger.
Oddly, with the old 7.4mm barrel connector, HP and Dell laptops of the day had AC adapters that were mechanically and electrically compatible, but since a Dell laptop's charge controller can't communicate with the HP AC adapter and vice versa, they will only power the system without charging the battery.
I actually had an electric shock problem with an old Dell Latitude (on loan from school) that came with an ungrounded AC adapter. The HP adapter, which did have a ground pin on the cord, would power the machine without the annoying tingle but not charge the battery.
6:45 PM
So...exactly what I said? Why is it surprising that it's so large, then?
@ToxicFrog Because I'm used to seeing kernel memory dumps that topped out at a few MBs. I've had systems dump 24 GB of core in the past before this active memory dump option was added in Windows 10, but only when I explicitly selected "complete memory dump" for troubleshooting purposes. (My now-retired gaming laptop had 24 GB of RAM.)
6:58 PM
... @bertieb ladbible.com/news/… !?
7:44 PM
More 22nm chipsets.
1 hour later…
8:54 PM
@djsmiley2k Something something something, drugs are bad, mmmmkay?
@bertieb Not all drugs are bad. Antibiotics can be life savers, I wouldn't want to stop taking my blood pressure tablets ...
Well quite
I'd go further and say I found Norman Lamb's recent Commons speech interesting
buuut I was struggling for something to say as I wasn't sure about the reason behind the ping so went for a South Park reference :)
Anyone got any guesses as to what could be causing a ca 2004 Mini to discharge / not start? Asking for a friend...
@CanadianLuke Me!
Because places are cheaping out and replacing them with almonds
Which I am horribly, throat-angrymakingly allergic to
@bertieb Interesting. The only people around me know knew that were people who have family with allergies to tree nuts
Huh, interesting! I have no allergy to pine nuts
Oh, hum
> About this page

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?
So Google are suspicious of me too?
9:36 PM
I am suspecious of you.
Muh paranoia!
... and it turned out the phone call was coming from a DOG IN THIS VERY HOUSE AAAAH
9:56 PM
lol @bertieb
the drug dealers outside my GFs house have decided that drug dealer corner is to scarey and are now parking right outside the house
they were blocking me in when i tried to go out for petrol
@Burgi 999?
9:59 PM
but the police can't get here for another 4 hours
the dealers have now gone
10:30 PM
@Burgi If you see illegal activity, call the cops right away. In the UK, it's 999. Here in the US, it's 911.
@Burgi Four hours is baaaaad. In my experience, here in New York, NYPD will show up in 15-30 minutes.
(and yes, I've called 911 several times before on hazardous conditions requiring immediate police or firefighter attention)
just cause 3
if i try do a jump in a boat, the boat just shoots off sideways
k, if i don't accelerate, it doesn't happen, heh weird
The decision to call 911 is based on two questions: "is there a serious danger to life or property or an immediately hazardous condition that may escalate to such a danger?" and "does this require the immediate attention of police, fire, or medical personnel?"
@bwDraco welcome to the UK
stuff IS bad here
in that respect
sure, if you've been shot/stabbed they come pretty quick, but unless it's that bad, they don't.
I for one hope we rise up like the french
(a leaking car battery that was left unattended at night where someone might run into it does qualify as an emergency because it's a hazardous condition; FDNY was dispatched and they covered it up in kitty litter, with Sanitation removing it the next day)
lol wut
10:45 PM
I was waffling between calling 311 (municipal non-emergency help) and 911, and decided to call 911 because someone might step on it and get injured as a result (it was on asphalt behind a parked car, near the sidewalk) and you never know if the battery might decide to explode due to, say, hydrogen getting ignited.
whereas I'd just get some sand, or cat litter out the car and cover it :/
It was on public property.
are you not part of the public?
I've called 311 for stuff like visible arcing on a utility pole (a fire hazard) and they directed me to 911.
Same way if i'm driving down trhre road and there's a car part in the road for some reaosn, if it's safe to do so I'll stop, get out, move it, and drive off.
but shrug, culture I guess
I remember years ago, seeing 2 guys jump over a gate into a back garden over the road from my wifes house (when she was my gf)
we called the police and they were out in 5 minutes or so
now, they would prob come the next day :/
10:52 PM
We have an "if you see something, say something" mentality in NYC. It's a matter of keeping the city safe.
but.... also 'see something, deal with it.'
11:05 PM
@bwDraco i know the number thanks
I'm honestly a bit surprised that it took so long for police to arrive with a crime in progress. If something like this was happening here, NYPD would be on our doorstep in 15 minutes.
wait til your goverment cuts police funding to 15% of what it was and see what happens
by the same woman who's now saying there isn't any problem with the funding etc
/me sighs
but heyho, you got trump
all the systems clearly work
and I'm off to bed.
11:08 PM
Vote of no confidence :)
@Burgi "I think I saw a gun..."
@bwDraco They tried that, didn't work.
We'll try it again!
Or something else
Actually who knows
They can't for at least a year according to the article I read.
Trying to oust your leader just before agreeing a deal does not for a strong negotiating hand make
But if parliament as a whole passes a no confidence vote, that's a different story
Trying to predict the next day or two in British politics has been a minefield for the past... 24 months
It's kinda... I mean if all that effort had gone into, say, the environment; we could probably have reversed CO2 to pre-industrial levels
Anyway, something something something COC and politics
we basically need the opposition parties to call for a vote of no confidence in the government
11:21 PM
So, how about them hats?
They sure are... hatty
that will trigger a general election
Sounds like Australia :joyemoji:
Oh! Something something something, we're all secretly NZ citizens and that makes ineligible to hold office?
I keep accidentally-ing a word
They could give me their NZ citizenships, I'd keep em safe
Maybe use them once every now and again, keep 'em warm
but the leader of the opposition is a communist terrorist sympathiser
11:31 PM
@Burgi In Oz? ;-P
@bwDraco Yeah, you caught me :D
I like that phrase
> "mass panic buying of toilet paper in Taiwan"
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