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12:38 AM
@HornOKPlease what are you trying to do?
12:51 AM
boingboing.net/2018/12/05/last-laugh-on-zuck.html - I have this mental image of a serious english gent with a great big gold mace knocking on someone's door.
and very politely suggesting they talk a walk
2 hours later…
2:44 AM
> 5,999
3:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek I feel that should almost be pin-worthy...
@CanadianLuke I'll leave that for another mod ;)
darkreader.org been messing with this. Its quite awesome.
Nice... I didn't even know that existed! Chat looks much better now!
I'm using filter plus for chat - dynamic looks... strange
also I'm using the whitelist option
since some of my websites actually do have sane, native darm modes ;)
The only thing that doesn't look "normal" is the SU logo in the upper right corner
3:15 AM
I'm totally installing this at work too!
3:25 AM
Stolas decided to crash after launching the Docker VM with UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION. The system seems to be unable to dump core.
I think I've written about this before. My systems are named after theological demons.
One moment please...
That's my HP ENVY x360 laptop.
It's rather flaky. Let me see if the system actually dumped anything...
Ahhh OK. I named mine after TMNT
I use greek and roman gods ;p
Nope. Nothing was actually dumped.
3:29 AM
I think for my next deployment, I'll use Root Access members :P
No record of the crash :(
@bwDraco Sounds like it needs more fibre.
My main custom-built desktop is named Astaroth.
Speaking of fibre! My plan is being upgraded from 100 to 1000!
3:36 AM
(TIL "Pinball" is the codename for HPFS)
4:08 AM
TIL you can still get a Windows Experience Index score.
...though it no longer runs the D3D tests :(
> We no longer run the D3D test. Returned scores and metrics are hardcoded sentinel values.
Stolas has a WEI of 8.0 limited by desktop graphics; Astaroth has 9.1 limited by disk (wat).
It's an essentially obsolete benchmark.
On another run... Astaroth gets a WEI of 9.2, still limited by disk.
While the score for Stolas is unchanged at 8.0, still limited by desktop graphics.
4:37 AM
Who here remembers Windows Vista's built-in benchmark?
2 hours later…
6:44 AM
Q: Low (wrong?) temperature on AMD ryzen 1920X

benpaillardI recently built 2 workstations with AMD Ryzen chips : 1920X and 2990WX. I'm running CFD simulation, so I need to load them 100% for long periods of time. The temperature I get with lm-sensors on ubuntu 18.04 looks normal, even with AMD offsets, on the 2990WX. However 1920X hardly ever exceeds 5...

Need help here - Do Ryzen Threadripper processors (Whitehaven and Colfax) have a TCase sensor? Because I'm used to seeing TJunction values for Summit Ridge, Raven Ridge, and Pinnacle Ridge.
> Max Temps: 68°C
That's got to be TCaseMax. There's no way TJunctionMax is that low.
7:33 AM
Did you lose your cookie? It looks like you've created two (unregistered) accounts with the same name. Please register for an account, then contact Stack Exchange for an account merger. For more information, see superuser.com/help/merging-accountsbwDraco 52 secs ago
8:03 AM
@bwDraco lol, the one that used to show up in the games folder?
@CanadianLuke I use peppers!
I gotta sleep, though. It's 3 am here.
habanero-PC, kambuzi-PC, rocoto-PC
@CanadianLuke lol, porkchat has a dark theme for chat which I use
@bwDraco go to bed
8:26 AM
@rahuldottech I was literally using that until this morning
buuuut it dosen't work with web panels on vivaldi very well
8:45 AM
Okay, linux dudes, halp
I have a persistent USB Ubuntu live install that I use occasionally to fix computers and stuff
But for some reason, I can't get any media to play on firefox on it, DRM or not
I've tried bandcamp, prime video, imgur, gfycat, ...
The only thing that works is YouTube
Half the time I get a message saying no video with supported format or MIME type found
Strangely enough, a few of these sites actually work in the built in "browser" -- that super minimal thingy based on the Oxide engine
(I'm on 16.04)
the disappearing dev has a new job
@Burgi s/job/mark
8:58 AM
@bwDraco It's a phone, no BIOS ;p
Okay, I'm done with Linux
It's ridiculous. Getting anything to install takes hours
The launcher shows chromium is installed. App store thingy shows it is installed. Terminal says it isn't
I try to install from terminal, I get an error
I try to fix that error, I get another one
I'm not surprised that Linux never got popular amongst regular consumers
The thing. Just. Doesn't. Work.
@Burgi lol
Evenings are getting hard, I need to get out in the daylight (can't even call it sunlight anymore) at lunch.
@rahuldottech you say 'from the terminal' - you sure you're running the right command?
It's prob not 'chromium'
@djsmiley2k it's chromium-browser
yes, I'm sure
which chromium-browser
also, get a better distro :D
Also, is kismet still the 'go to wireless sniffin tool' ?
@djsmiley2k no output
@djsmiley2k aircrack suite, iirc
9:19 AM
can anyone help with this?
Q: Modify oembed code conditionally

BurgiMy users have sprung a requirement on me that I am having some difficulty figuring out. I've tied myself up in knots trying to unravel the the logic needed. The original spec of this website I am building called for the a video to be autoplaying on pageload as a showreel in the header section (I...

Oh hey @Bob, figured out a way to see if a phone supports certain android cell info API levels at last... Not that I can even remember why I ever asked in the first place
@FMLCat Hey, cool rep! ;P
@Burgi I have an idea, I think
hmmm their all linux tools dangit
@djsmiley2k site survey sniffing?
linux is such a goddamned mess
Wanna install some software? 1. Download archive. 2. Extract archive. 3. Run a dozen commands. 4. Commands fail. 5. Spend hours fixing errors. 6. Give up. 7. Go use Windows.
10:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek yus....
@Burgi our sources say 'they're fixing it, a few devices are starting to come online'
> Updates:

06/12/2018 10:34
O2 Technical team are still working on the issue with their third party.
We have not yet received an ETA for a fix.
@djsmiley2k I use acrylic wifi on windows
@rahuldottech Get a better distro.
@JourneymanGeek just testing the trial of that out right now infact :)
to be fair since ubuntu 14.04 everything has just worked
@rahuldottech downloading and extracting an archive, wtf are you running
that's like..... downloading a zip file in windows, then manually ptuting the dlls into the right places
I have something called..Net Analyzer on android
10:55 AM
I have 'Wifi Analyzer', on my phone
works fine, on my phone
@rahuldottech in 2018 you rarely need to compile stuff unless its experimental or obscure things
but not good for graphs and stuff for important people
Problem is, I can see no problem :D
@JourneymanGeek "language" ;)
10:56 AM
10 points to personchester.
and compiling things is pretty trivial on x86.
Its a pain on a raspi but they're not very fast
@JourneymanGeek i was going to find a quote of you saying it but i really couldn't be bothered
if it helps i have just burnt my tongue on my tea #karma
Naw Its entirely fair
11:17 AM
would have been funnier though ;P
1 hour later…
12:30 PM
Nov 30 at 3:59, by Journeyman Geek
It is. But language!
12:51 PM
Sep 25 at 9:52, by Journeyman Geek
I wonder if cavil can quote....
though I suppose its just a classical onebox
then we can !!language whenever I slip up ;)
@JourneymanGeek itsfoss.com/popcorn-time-ubuntu-linux the download is an archive, so...
that's... interesting
I wonder why they didn't turn it into a deb
@rahuldottech ah, that's an interesting case since popcorn time is basically a piracy tool and well...
folks are afraid of legal problems
@JourneymanGeek true
Couldn't for the life of me get chrome or chromium to install either tho
which is odd
Tried the official .Deb files
(32 bit versions of which are ridiculously hard to find from the official Google site, btw)
12:56 PM
ah 32 bit...
there's your problem
@JourneymanGeek yeah well. Windows works just fine on 32 bit.
I thought they killed off the 32 bit version a few years ago
which also explains your codec problems I half suspect
@JourneymanGeek with 18.06. I'm on 16.04.
@JourneymanGeek ://
there's that guy with XP....
A: How can I get high quality YouTube on Windows XP with Firefox?

Journeyman GeekAmusingly enough, there's an unsupported plugin that works from adobe that works with a few about:config tweaks. Here it is on my disposable XP VM I'm running the latest build of firefox - 50.1.0, and as per the instructions here I enabled the primetime CDM - which while its supposed to be a ...

1:21 PM
!!say test
2 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
Naw Its entirely fair
Now, how do I make him learn to echo "https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46883584#46883584"
!!learn lang <>https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46883584#46883584
1:28 PM
@rahuldottech Command lang learned
!!tell @djsmiley2k lang
@rahuldottech Don't be annoying, drop the @, nobody likes a double-ping.
!!tell djsmiley2k lang
!!tell :47925169 lang
1:29 PM
Sep 25 at 9:52, by Journeyman Geek
2:13 PM
Works for me!
2:29 PM
why does grep '10.187.43.' return some really weird results which don't appear to contain 10.187.43.
Hahahha oh wtf hahahaha
Teardown UDP connection 104187943
/me adds -F
@Burgi a friend of mine got into Edinburgh and KCL. Where should she go?
studying what?
(both in terms of quality of education and the area where they're situated)
@Burgi math+philosophy
thats a weird mix
She's trying to get Edinburgh to transfer her to CS+philosophy
@Burgi it's also what I sorta want to do, lol
But I probably won't take up philosophy in college and will just do it separately
2:43 PM
i know edinburgh better than london
@Burgi is it a nice place?
Better for foreign students?
idk... 1 sec
edinburgh is MUCH colder but i prefer it over london
2:58 PM
@FMLCat lol, I barely remember you asking
1 hour later…
4:15 PM
@Burgi any particular reasons why?
everyone in london is rude
Lol, okay then. Thanks.
@rahuldottech you should ask @FMLCat about edinburgh because they live there
your friend should note that both cities are capital cities and the living costs reflect that
@Burgi wait, seriously?
@FMLCat what's it like?
Edinburgh is cheaper than London by a fair whack, though still commands a capital premium
London has a lot going on it, being the capital; Edinburgh does the film festival and Fringe, which is fun
Transport options in London are superb though
That said, I've never commuted in either
You hear some horror stories about finding affordable accommodation in London (there was a mother on the radio a couple days ago talking about living in a 'studio flat' which was a tiny bedroom with a stove beside her bed)
KCL is pretty well regarded, but no idea about maths reputation
4:28 PM
Okay, thanks a lot
> I kind of wish I'd applied to the University of Manchester. Ranked 29 worldwide for education, and #1 in the UK for being the druggiest uni.
β€”my friend βš† _ βš†
I would also assume that the degree would be three years in KCL, four years in Edinburgh
Due to differences north and south of the border
But might not be the case
What else
Air quality is probably slightly better in Edinburgh
It all really depends what things your friend prioritises
@rahuldottech wouldn't know i went to sheffield hallam
the buses in edinburgh are pretty good iirc
eg they happy with either a long commute / tiny residence (quite possibly both depending on their financial situation) so that they can have loads of things going on around them in a central location VS they want somewhere with stuff going on but want a bit more bang for their buck and would like to escape to the countryside now and again
its that weird tram thing that is terrible
My aunt wants a chromecast for Christmas. I told her she needs an Android phone to control it. "Is my phone an Android"?
4:36 PM
you can get the app on iOS
my GF uses it on her ipad
@ThatBrazilianGuy Sure, let me upgrade my divination implant.
@Burgi Yeah, and on Chrome desktop. For simplification purposes, I mentioned Android.
you should have said "smartphone"
Apple here is used by luxury fans, designers and some devs. Other than that is all PC + Android.
then as long as she isn't using a nokia it'll work
... Astaroth has been running Folding@home the whole night, and now the whole third floor of this building is warm ._.
4:39 PM
The chance of her having an Android is 99.99%, I was just "why u asking me".
@Burgi I think there are Android Nokias.
yeah and they aren't compatible with the chromecast
idk why
[citation needed]
my dad has the nokia 5
it won't cast anything to the chromecast
4:40 PM
This song sounds a lot like "Bacon Pancakes" open.spotify.com/track/…
netflix, bbc, photos... they all crash the chromecast
tried multiple chromecasts from his phone, same result
it appears to be a common issue on nokias
Wi-Fi chipset compatibility issue? What's the SoC? Bug in the baseband firmware?
you tell me, nokia is tightlipped on the problem
4:45 PM
@Burgi Have you tried other nokias? Seen anyone else complain?
its all over the nokia forums
Okay then.
Oh and it uses "Android One". I have to google what this is.
in the middle of something right now but i'll have a look for the link
What, is it just "pure" AOSP android + Google Apps? AKA what it should have been all along?
@ThatBrazilianGuy Stahp, you're making me hungry!
mmmmm... bacon pancakes (drools)
Muh hunger!
@ThatBrazilianGuy yep. My first of smartphone was the first Android One ever, back in '13
@Burgi @bertieb my friend says thanks
@ThatBrazilianGuy yup
@rahuldottech πŸ‘ when do they need to decide by?
@rahuldottech has she made a choice?
4:58 PM
Speaking about cartoons, the new Netflix version of She-Ra is surprisingly good (for a young audience perspective, that is)
@bertieb a few months
Reminds me a bit of Steven Universe (which is good, period).
@Burgi almost certainly Edinburgh
@rahuldottech Ahh, plenty of time :)
@rahuldottech Scotland, always a solid choice :D
if she can afford it she should try and visit both universities
just warn her that in the winter scotland is VERY cold
and she might struggle with the accent at first
5:00 PM
Ah compared to real winters, it's not that cold
We hardly ever get snow... that said, east coast is colder than here (west coast)
London is almost certainly warmer tho
(Colder, but drier)
cries in 8 oktas
@bertieb compared to indian winters?
@Burgi India's a... pretty big place there :P
Let me consult the internet
Up in the north it seems to get pretty chilly
average min temp of -5° in January in Srinagar, for example
Max of +5°C
If I'm reading this graph right
That's pretty similar!
its 15C at 10pm in dehli
its 10pm!
5:08 PM
I guess
Pick somewhere in the south - say, Kovalam - the average min temp is 22°C in January
Point is that Edinburgh nor London are not as far apart climate wise as distant parts of India
its always been freezing in edinburgh when i have been
We're a lot warmer than we should be for our latongitude thanks to the Gulf stream
and warm and sunny in london
Aye, London is warmer
It's also got that Thames Valley effect going for it
london is inland whereas edinburgh is on the coast
5:11 PM
(which is a killer in summer; no wind, stiflingly hot)
But the difference isn't huge (high/low: 9/5 London vs 7/1 Edinburgh)
+4 °C seems to be the difference for both winter and summer
I wonder if @FMLCat is offline due to the O2 dealie
Can't remember who their provider is
6:05 PM
> Quick question. I have a file on my computer I want to scan with the copier. Why do I have to print the file, then go and scan it?
> Uhh, why are you replicating work and creating extra work for yourself instead of **copying the file where you want it**?
6:56 PM
@Bob Hiya, are you likely to have some free time on your hands in the near future? There's a project I'm working on that I'd like you to take a look at
7:34 PM
posted on December 06, 2018 by Luke B

Group Policy Files CSE allows SysAdmins to ensure file(s) exist on clients when logging into the domain. If you’ve never used it before, you can beat your head against the wall, so learn from my mistakes / tributions with setting this up. What is it? The Files Preferences Client Side Extension (CSE) is similar to… Read more » The post Files Preferences FAQ appeared first on Talk Abo

> One of my favourite features in Windows 7+ is being able to Shift+Right-click a file/folder, and choose Copy as path. I am constantly using this technique with many terminal windows open.
OMG wat
If you shift+Right-Click in a folder, you can "Open Command Window here"
8:02 PM
That's right! And you can do that from the folder, or by Shift+right-click the white-space in a folder to choose it
And, apparently, Wordpress 5.0 is out now, so I updated to that too. Next post will be with "blocks"
And in Windows 10, if you set your <kbd>Windows</kbd>+<kbd>X</kbd> menu to be Powershell instead of Command Prompt, it also changes that <kbd>Shift</kbd>+Right-click menu!
@MichaelFrank yeah, I've known about that for years
This is new to me though. So convenient!
@CanadianLuke yep, it's PS by default now
I changed it when I first installed Windows 10, and haven't looked at new installs yet :P
8:22 PM
hey, does any know where you can get normal SD cards from?
all the ones in the local shops and on amazon are SDHC or SDXC which won't work in the camera
8:39 PM
@Burgi online is the best bet
they are all SDHC
just need plain old SD
stop trying to go over 8Gb or 16
whatever the limit is
Also isn't it back compat?@
2 GB for SD. 32 GB for SDHC. 2 TB for SDXC. 128 TB for SDUC.
SD cards are in the following capacities 4,8,16,32,64,128,256 512MB and 1GB, 2GB only.
yah,m there we go
9:31 PM
@HornOKPlease, any news on your desktop's cooling issues?
I suggested reorienting fans a while ago...
Can you post some pictures of your current setup so we can help you?
10:14 PM
@djsmiley2k I have a 128mb one somewhere ;)
@djsmiley2k sort of
some older devices will not read the SDHC cards at all
my mums camera can see the card but thinks it has the size of null

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