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11:01 AM
Q: Can the walls of a waller elite be broken?

Ilya MelamedCan the walls erected by a "waller" elite monster type be destroyed using attacks or any thing else?

Q: At what quests/points in time do each of Deckard Cain's talk options become available?

Ilya MelamedI'm missing some of the talks with Deckard Cain and want to know when they can be made. To make this question more informative, I ask for all the different conversations that are needed for the achievment.

@Wipqozn lol? you? fat chance.
@badp Did you just notice my message now, or did it take you that long to come up with a joke? :P
@Wipqozn I only now got around to loading Steam's gifting interface
-109 errors and whatnot
that's always fun.
@Wipqozn You're welcome.
11:20 AM
Thanks for the game @badp. I'll need to install / try it when I get home.
@OrigamiRobot You should switch your gravatar to the classy version BMO.
^This one?
@OrigamiRobot wtf
@OrigamiRobot WEll, no, but that's even classier. tortoise shades
VHS tapes
uh huh
11:24 AM
@OrigamiRobot @FAE is probably too young to remember them.
Q: What does increased magic find do?

Mr SmoothSo I found some gear that has the stat "increased magic find". What is this "magic" that I can find? Gems? Potions? Some other form of loot? I need to know what it does before I can decide if it's a stat worthy of my mighty character.

Q: What does 100% Magic Find do?

RiilWhat does 100% magic find actually do? I've been above it but I still find non-magical items.

I posted those in the wrong order, but the second is a dup of the first.
@Wipqozn I'm like 5 years older than you. >>
@FAE you youngsters.
Also, nifty. I thought you were only 26.
Although apparently your profile reveals your true age, so not sure why I thought that.
Also, only 4 years, gawd fae.
@Wipqozn My birthday's in less than 2 weeks
@OrigamiRobot I really need to get around to watching that.
11:30 AM
Q: What does 100% Magic Find do?

RiilWhat does 100% magic find actually do? I've been above it but I still find non-magical items.

@OrigamiRobot Can't watch it.
@OrigamiRobot I Really need to start watching that.
IT occurs to me I should pin this
Clean Up
11:38 AM
tortoise shades
@OrigamiRobot We're actually cleaning some tags, and not just killing them :P
Hence the "Fix me" section.
May 20 at 23:51, by OrigamiRobot
@RavenDreamer I stand by what I said, jerkface.
1 min ago, by Wipqozn
Oh go poop out a VHS.
Aaaaaaaaaagh. Seriously? The day I decide to get up at a decent hour again, the neighbors decide to drill in their wall?
@FAE Would you rather they do it when you're sleeping?
@Wipqozn They've done that plenty before. And that is a worse option. I'm just grumpy from waking up still.
11:43 AM
@FAE and what time is it you woke up this morning?
Just curious what you consider a "decent" hour.
@Wipqozn a bit after 1pm
@FAE I really wish I had @Ronan's giant look of disapproval picture right now.
@Wipqozn Considering I've been waking at like 4pm the last week, this is a big improvement.
You know something @FAE? BAck when I was your age, we didn't have the luxury of getting up at 4pm. We had to be at dawn so we could work the fields!
@Wipqozn Are we really nuking ? That's 299 questions...
11:47 AM
@FAE It's a meta tag.
@Wipqozn Well I more mean are we, as users, doing it? Would it not maybe be a better idea for a mod to silently remove it?
@FAE Mods can't silently delete tags, only silently merge them.
only the devs can silently delete a tag.
Eugh, we're going to be bumping a lot of unanswerable questions to the frontpage...
@Wipqozn (is it really?)
@badp Yes. It's describing the question.
11:49 AM
what tag doesn't describe the question? I think I'm in one of those moments where I don't quite grok the idea of 'meta-tag'
'tf2' → "This question is about TF2." 'technical-issues' → "This question is about technical issues with a game." 'easy' → "This question is easy."
The 1st not a meta tag. The 3rd is. The 2nd looks more like the 1st than the 3rd.
@badp this is why I gave up.
there's no way to use tags properly here. period, full stop, end of story.
we are speshul clearly
Even if technical-issues is a meta tag, it's still useful so I can ignore it.
trying to organize this chaos is just going to lead to draconian tag rules and a million exceptions
or complete and utter burnination of most every tag that isn't a game name
or some combination of the two
perhaps there's no way to use tags "properly" ever and we're asking too much out of a system that allows us to attach five keywords to any one question
11:53 AM
@badp partially it's this. partially it's just stupid overloaded.
ah, but I'm falling to the "let's give up" fallacy I hate so much
it's a fine-grained search tool! no, it's a broad-grained organizational tool! no, it's a gauge of subject popularity! no, it's a measure of expertise!
@agent86 no! it's a tool for doing promos and stuff!
you can't optimize along one axis without hurting the others
@badp yeah, that's certainly not an inclusive list, just the first ones that came to mind :)
"First three questions with the tag win a copy of Half Life 3!!!!"
11:57 AM
it's just a bad system that would require overhaul at the program level, and some rethinking of the overall purpose it serves. so far though, all we've been hearing back is
@agent86 Apparently, with the way they've built the tagging system they would need to completely overhaul the entire site.
so if we think we want to clean stuff up, y'know, fine. I tried that though, on a large scale, and was met with "hey, wait, no, we like that part of the mess."
kinda is the situation though. Other sites don't obsess as much over tags as we do. I think
Q: How to orientate yourself down in caves?

JeffreyToday I discovered a very big cave (I explored it for like hours and it still has a lot of places I have to visit) but suddenly I decided to go back home. I was expecting I would have some troubles finding my way home, but it took a very long time to try to go back to the entering of the cave. Af...

Q: Should I be looking closely at vendor items at higher difficulties?

bwarnerI've been trained by earlier versions of Diablo to consider vendor items basically worthless once you start finding your own gear. But since I've noticed that a number of players showing their Inferno gear have blue items, it occurs to me that this might be a mistake. Is it possible for vendors...

@badp It's not as much of a problem on other sites, and on the ones that it could be a problem, I don't think they've matured enough to become as obsessive with it as we are.
11:59 AM
@badp we're just at the question count where having organization would be super useful, but there's no system to handle our needs.
@Lazers Closeinate
the system was kind of clearly designed for a different model.
I mean, platform tags, no other site has this problem right? stackoverflow.com/tags
@badp that's different though. The language is an important part of the problem.
there's not a new programming language that is going to attract a couple of thousand questions in the space of a few weeks
12:01 PM
Most of the times when people use platform tags here they don't really apply.
that is then repeated once a month into infinity
@Wipqozn SO's language tags are our game tags
Langauge tags are closer to game tags than platform tags.
SO also has an ios tag though
There we go! BMO averts another crisis on Mathmatics.
12:05 PM
there's just no way to impose order in the way we want with the system we have.
tags are low-friction first order classification devices, and what we want is a more rigid, maintainable, coherent, structured device for classification
@badp SciFi does, but they cray-cray. They encourage the use of media tags like tv, books, movies, etc.
thing is even a few little changes would go a long way. Like "the tag you type in first is the 'main tag' that goes in the titlebar and gets a different color/is always shown first/whatever"
oh well
@MarkTrapp Crazy SciFi.
12:24 PM
Q: Suggested Edits reveal spoilers

fredleyI was going through suggested edits, and received an unwanted dose of spoil: Perhaps the text in the spoiler block that has been changed could be made the same colour as its background (red/green) so that it's invisible until rolled over, the same as the rest of the spoiler block?

@MarkTrapp I really wish I could get into that site more. Their allowed questions baffle me though, and I end up feeling completely confused as to what's actually within scope, so I've sort of given up.
@FAE I know the feeling: actually resigned from being a mod pro temp because of it, haha
I just stick to Star Trek and Lord of the Rings questions that are answerable by canon
@MarkTrapp Oh wow, that sucks. :(
I am a really big Matrix nerd, but some of the questions that have been asked in that tag (I subscribe to it) just left me going "...what?"
12:38 PM
There's a lot of mental gymnastics going on SciFi with everyone assuming there's an in-universe answer to everything, which turns into a very low threshold to cross to get your question accepted
Q: Is Santa Claus a Time Lord?

TangoOverswayConsider the following about Santa Claus: 1) He can carry presents for every little boy and girl around the world in one bag that sits on a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer, so his bag has to be bigger on the inside. 2) He's able to make it around the entire world, including time to go down eve...

That's all I really need to say on the subject of Scifi.
@Wipqozn A question at +23 without properly formatted lists? HERESY. I must fix this at once!
Q: Is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon with Star Trek?

Scott ChamberlainInspired by the various answers and questions about ET and Star Wars based on a cameo, I wanted to know is Star Trek and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the same Multiverse? Now before you go laughing me off of the internet I recommend you watch the following video. http://www.youtube.co...

OMG John de Lancie had a cameo on MLP?! MUST BE STAR TREK CANON
12:41 PM
Hm. I had a BSOD last night and some of the programs I had open when it happened are no longer loading their icons. What the hell.
@MarkTrapp Yeeeeeeeah, saw that question...
@FAE I read up to "BSOD" and tried to read it as "Bad Sinkin' Old Dream"
@badp I first thought "Bastard Operator From Hell" for some reason, until I re-read it.
that said try googling 'refresh icon cache' or somesuch
@MarkTrapp The answer is reasonable.
@badp The answer gives too much credit to the idea
Actors do different roles, actors get typecast that's how showbiz works
12:43 PM
All fantasy universes must intersect in the TARDIS because all protagonists ever are time lords it's a thing John de Lancie told me at Comic-Con
@Wipqozn It's this and do go using it for that, I got up at 1 today too.
@RonanForman It was because she considered 1 a decent hour.
@MarkTrapp ACtually, it wasn't typecasting. The character was meant to be a homage to Q to begin with. Apparently they didn't expect John de Lancie to even agree to voice the character, but were thrilled when he agreed to.
@Wipqozn I'd consider that typecasting: John de Lancie is Q and Q is John de Lancie.
@agent86 Cons: “I bought it in an online store” is a terrible scar story.
12:49 PM
Except in Voyager but screw Voyager's Qsplosion
@MarkTrapp Voyager just turned him into a silly comic foil.
In TNG he had something called "complexity", and in Voyager it was just "LOL LET'S HAVE A KID!"
@Wipqozn To be fair, DS9 did that with Q-Less. Nobody likes to talk about Q-Less.
@MarkTrapp Yeah, one of my least favourite DS9 episodes for that reason.
Although the scene where Sisko punches Q is nothing short of awesome.
Voyager was rather bad overall though.
I would've thought they'd have learned from the travesty of the first 2 seasons of TNG, but DS9's first two seasons were just as bad
@MarkTrapp Voyager is the only Star Trek I've seen. (Well, part of Voyager really.)
12:52 PM
Voyager was the first series I watched start to finish and the only one I watched regularly as it aired so it has a special place in my heart. It was serviceable from season 3 to mid season 7
@MarkTrapp eh, I wouldn't go that far, but I agree the quality of season 1/2 were considerably lower than 3+, which is when DS9 started to get really good.
@MarkTrapp I used to really like it, but I can't bring myself to watch it anymore.
so has anybody else downloaded Starforge? It looks interesting
There are episodes from it I really enjoy, like the Fairhaven ones, but I find most of the episodes just aren't that great.
Plus Janeways character is all over the map.
Q: Console command to resurrect

ThiefMasterIs there a chat/console command to resurrect or accept some player's resurrection in Diablo 3? The game has a bug where you sometimes do not get the death screen after dying - and losing NV5 due to that bug on inferno is not funny at all.

@Wipqozn I watch it every 3 or 4 years. Star Trek is my filler content when I have nothing else to watch, and I've been able to get through 2.5 cycles of TOS to Nemesis so far. The only Star Trek content I can't watch more than once is the 2009 movie. God I hated that
12:55 PM
Nephalem Valour (Level 5), probably.
is it that buff you get by using one ability and just that one ability over and over again?
@Wipqozn They were sloppy with her character, but I can see what they were attempting to do: straight laced Starfleet officer who constantly has to deal with the fact that stuff gets street real quick in the Delta quadrant.
@MarkTrapp eh, the 2009 movie was okay so long as you realize it's not Star Trek, but instead, as Plinkett put it "SPACE ADVENTURE FILM IN SPACE"
@badp You get it by killing champions/uniques, stacks five times to increase gold and magic find.
12:57 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah. I tried, but like spiders the more I try not to think about it the more I keep thinking about it and then I just get frustrated and look at kittens.
@MarkTrapp haha, yeah.
good lord I get 1 frame per second at 'simple' graphics
Star Trek '09 is a good movie to watch when you just want CRAZY HIGH PACKED NON-STOP ACTION AND MOVING
you can do better than that, Unity
@badp Have you considered getting a better computer?
12:59 PM
@Wipqozn yes, yes I have. But we've just bought a car (TMI) so it'll have to wait.
@badp ah, I see. I suppose being able to get from point A to B us more important.
Only if you leave the house.
I know I'd be lost without my car. Although I also don't live anywhere near a bus since I don't live in the city.
more expensive for sure
PLus buses are for sillies.
1:00 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, I commute almost exclusively. Bus + train + tram + university + tram + train + bus
with varying amount of walking replacing varying amount of bus and tram portions based on how retarded the time table du jour is
@badp I would take the train if such a thing existed in my city. Trains are nifty.
at fastest the game runs at three fps!
That's a whooping three times as fast!
actually, if it did it would probably have people on it. So never mind.
look ma I'mma build!!!!11one
@Wipqozn And lensflares
1:06 PM
@FAE Yes.
Lensflare is the movie equivalent of gamings bloom.
@badp Also, thank you, this worked. :)
@FAE You're welcome :)
Okay, I need to track down this javascript function I need.
I wonder if the Windows 8 task manager works on Windows 7
@Hex same here, but as I recall, then NO. You can only leave channel. Also yesterday when they had buggy performance I was able to sign in to my account without authenticators request. I would say, another bug.
1:10 PM
[Window Title]

F:\Windows\System32\taskmgr.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

got interrupted by kids who wanted to eat. the nerve!
@agent86 bah, greedy kids!
@badp maybe it's the 64 bit task manager?
trying to organize the way we want with tags is like trying to do your budget on the high score table of a pac-man cabinet
@murgatroid99 it's not :(
1:11 PM
it's sloppy, it's ill equipped to handle the task, and every time someone uses the system in the way it's designed it's a major cleanup effort
@agent86 silly basic instincts
Do we like ?
@agent86 So... what you're saying is that we should all drink Chocolate Milk?
@fredley No. I hate it.
I am a tortoise. My opinion is all that matters.
@fredley when could that possibly be used properly?
@Wipqozn Add it to your meta post
1:13 PM
Woah. First question on the main page is 13 questions down.
man we suck at Q&A
just look at this beautiful thing instead
@Sterno It's only because of the tag cleanup
Huh, it wants me to sign in
gah frontpage flood @_<
1:15 PM
@FAE sigh
Couldn't you call in a dev to nuke the tags instead?
Or even @Grace or @RebeccaChernoff
Q: Good websites for Game Cheats and Walkthroughs

Mehper C. PalavuzlarWhen I need some help in a game, I usually make a quick search on Google with keywords like cheat, walkthrough, guide etc. but the results are not always satisfactory. Hundreds of search results come and I'm not always lucky to click first on a good one. That being said, which sites do you have...

@YiJiang I think if a question is mistagged we want to take another look at it, not just get rid of the tag
@badp hm?
We could produce a list first. But this front page bumping thing is a little too much
1:16 PM
@FAE Sorry. The pain is necessary.
@YiJiang for example, it's probably good that @fredley found that question instead of just removing
@YiJiang I think we have in meta, but... meh. I don't even agree with that work
@murgatroid99 it's already closed
@badp seems to me like it should be deleted
@badp For the sake of tagging, it should be deleted.
None of those tags should exist
@fredley I'd say more for the "one site per answer/list of X" factor, it should be deleted
1:19 PM
@fredley It's been deleted but that's backwards. Questions don't exist for the sake of tagging
This is not a Tag & Answer site
@badp I was thinking: This questions shouldn't exist. Instead of remaining closed, it should be properly deleted.
oh my god yes. finally
@badp So good.
Good morning, all
Wow, you guys are really going to town on those tags.
The frontpage is completely full of edits, shouldn't we take a break for a while?
1:28 PM
I just created the tag for . Need people to review questions to see if there are more questions that can be tagged with that
Problem - how do I detag this?
Q: Beating the snake boss in Magicka

Red Possible Duplicate: How do I defeat Jormungandr, the snake/worm boss at the end of Chapter 2? Recently started playing Magicka and I've just started fighting "the snake boss"(2nd boss). Hes giving me a real tough time to be honest. Is there something specifically that needs to be done?...

@FAE Or we could complete everything at once and let normal service resume
@FAE Do you want a sustained period of front-page nukage, or one concentrated blast?
@fredley leave it as just
@murgatroid99 Click through, and tell me how to edit it
1:29 PM
@fredley OIC
I'll silently shake my head from my moral high ground of my -3 meta post typed hurriedly from my mobile, possibly with unfinished sentences
@fredley Small bursts, 5-10 at a time is usually a decent metric.
@fredley oh. leave it for now
@GraceNote Please magic this post's tags: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/16215/…
@fredley happy? :|
1:31 PM
@badp Yarly
> dlc - 114 - Widely used as a meta tag. Most questions currently tagged with this should either have the tagged removed, or re-tagged with the name of the DLC.
If we were to do "one full burst", it would be best to coordinate in a different manner. EVeryone takes a tag, and then we all start editing at the exact same time.
So I'm creating a few tags now. , and
@YiJiang Remember tag wikis!
@Wipqozn That's basically what's hapenning now
1:32 PM
@YiJiang and seem like they might be a little vague
@fredley Is it? I'm personally not paying full attention, since I'm working, but I thought it was just one or two users doing mass edits.
Also don't forget to edit the question as well if it can be improved.
@murgatroid99 doesn't sound good
@Wipqozn Maybe not then. I'm going to stop now anyway
1:34 PM
I personally don't think it's a big deal to destroy the front page for ~hour so long as we do massive amounts of editing during that time to justify it, but in order to do that I think we'd need ~10 users all going at it with a coordinated plan of action.
@YiJiang Decision to make then: && or just
decision made
Also don't forget that mods are willing and able to merge tags to silently remove them. So when tags are mostly used with on game, clean-up the other tags and flag the others for a mod.
@YiJiang me3-from-ashes?
@Wipqozn The front page recovers extremely quickly. I'm not that concerned
@fbueckert abbreviations are out I believe
1:35 PM
@Wipqozn I'd feel more comfortable waiting a day until the D3 contest is over, that way we're not shoving people's stuff away.
@fbueckert Remember that both tags will also appear in the title, though for now all From Ashes questions happen to have the name of the DLC in the title organically
@FAE Yeah, I was thinking the same.
@YiJiang If the name's in the title, the tag shouldn't show up then
If the name's in the question title, then the tag shouldn't show up in the title attribute, I mean
I do think it would be a good way to coordinate a massive edit spree once a week, but we'll need to work together as a group to decide what the best day for that would be.
@Wipqozn When do we get most traffic?
Because not that time.
Also, Portal 2's newer DLC -
@RonanForman I'm not sure, but @badp probably knows.
@fredley Right now. We'll dip down again after the contest.
@YiJiang Good point
@Wipqozn Just in time for the next one!
Don't think putting "portal" in there will fit
@YiJiang I don't honestly think portal 2 DLCs need their own tag anyway
1:37 PM
@fredley :P
they're not really "DLCs", they're updates to the core game
@badp Hmmmm
you can't not have them
@YiJiang I have changed my mind, tag verbosity = bad
@Wipqozn Bring on the hats
@badp I concur.
1:38 PM
True, they are technically speaking updates, not DLC
IT's closer to a patch than DLC.
@fredley of course you have, my decision was making them verbose therefore you hate it :P
We couldn't have a tag for every version of a patch.
@fredley I wasn't advocating verbosity for its own sake, but if a tag is too vague without the game title, we need the game title
Though Valve has called and advertised them as DLCs. I think to make the content update sound more hefty and generate interest
1:38 PM
@badp I don't hate all your decisions. I think.
@murgatroid99 How do you qualify "too vague"?
@YiJiang When did Expansion Pack become DLC?
@fredley Civilization 5 has both DLCs and now an expansion pack
@YiJiang :-S
@FAE it's like the stuff we've been trying to get rid of. If it can be used in another game related context to mean something else, it's too vague
1:39 PM
The distinction is relatively clear for that game. Not sure about the others, hmmm
The DLCs are things like scenario packs and new civilizations, with which the company nickel and dime you to death
@murgatroid99 Until we get standalone game titles that match the names of the DLC, I'm not entirely sure why that would be a problem.
The new expansion pack is quite hefty, and looks to change the core game play quite a bit
I don't see us needing to use or as additional tags to any single game.
This is why we have tag wikis.
Hmmm, so in what scenario is the advice given there valid?
@FAE it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem, but it seems like it would lead to misuse by new users
1:41 PM
10 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
> dlc - 114 - Widely used as a meta tag. Most questions currently tagged with this should either have the tagged removed, or re-tagged with the name of the DLC.
but that's not a meta tag cries
@murgatroid99 Taaaag wikiiiiiis!
Which DLCs "deserve" a tag? Binding of Issac's new DLC got one
it's not a good tag but it's not either
@YiJiang that tag alone already has over 30 questions
@FAE I know, and if I thought new users actually read tag wikis I would agree with you
1:43 PM
Which is 1/3 of all Binding of Isaac questions
Note: Front page already full to the brim with D3 again, after 5 minutes
Really? I don't see it
I see 1 D3 question.
I was looking at the wrong front page
1:45 PM
Damn SE sites having so many front pages
Just added to the list
@YiJiang Removing crap tags is a great way to find more crap tags
What do you guys think of ?
Well if you guys are done with the massive edit you might want to look at a few of the recent diablo 3 questions and see if you can make any improvements to them. That way they can be bumped up.
@murgatroid99 Not that great
1:51 PM
@murgatroid99 It should die in a fire
just not sure which category it goes in
@murgatroid99 I'm not sure, I don't have much experience with that tag! hahahaha
@murgatroid99 You're welcome to add a new one if you think we need it.
Is someone mass-editing tags or something
Q: The Great Gaming Stack Exchange Clean-Up of 2012

WipqoznLet's Get This Party Started Considering the positive response to Oak's meta, I think it's about time we begun a clean-up similar to the one happening at Stack Overflow. I've excluded Type 6 from Oak's meta, tags which mean roughly the same thing in different games, but are otherwise very unlike...

1:52 PM
Q: How does the save system of "I Am Alive" work?

Mehper C. PalavuzlarI just started playing I Am Alive. AFAICS, the game has a different save system. It rewards you Retry s at certain points to take you to the latest checkpoint, but I am somewhat confused. When I die at some point, and I use a "retry", do I lose my supplements and ammo? When I die at some point...

Q: Does everyone in the party get the same item drop?

forkbWhen a monster is killed and an item is dropped in multiplayer, does everyone get the same item? Or does the item get randomized for everyone.

@Wipqozn the problem is that it seems like it might be in the category we were ignoring for now (means the same thing across games)
Also, this question should probably be deleted:
@murgatroid99 Yes.
Any closed question which is not a dup should eventually be deleted, or re-opened.
@YiJiang Burn
Oh well, I was excited to see games I have played on the front page
@tiddy haha
1:54 PM
Too bad none of them are unanswered questions
> Avoid clogging up the front page. We don't want to completely destroy the front page while doing this.
@Wipqozn Tag deletion is going to cause lots of question deletion
Hehe, we totally did not do this
@murgatroid99 yeah, I took it out since a few people still had objections. We have plenty of other tags to use too.
@YiJiang Yes.
I like how the site's current theme plays nicely with the amount of burnination going on
1:55 PM
@fredley Another reason why this is a good idea.
Or maybe it inspired it, who knows
We'll close/delete a lot of questions that should have been closed/deleted awhile ago.
okay, I must depart.
@Wipqozn Hooray
1:56 PM
@YiJiang definitely get rid of it
how about ,
This... might take a while
Remember, short bursts, please. No front page spam if we can avoid it.
@RavenDreamer Too late!

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