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12:23 AM
I think I am reaching the point where my original, first run SU black T will need retiring :/
1:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek Heh. I have an unworn Stack Overflow tee.
(from #SOreadytohelp sweepstakes)
1 hour later…
2:32 AM
General Comprehensive Operating System (GCOS, ; originally GECOS, General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor) is a family of operating systems oriented toward the 36-bit GE/Honeywell mainframe computers.The original version of GCOS was developed by General Electric from 1962. The operating system is still used today in its most recent versions (GCOS 7 and GCOS 8) on servers and mainframes produced by Groupe Bull, primarily through emulation, to provide continuity with legacy mainframe environments. Note that GCOS 7 and GCOS 8 are separate branches of the operating system and continue to...
2:52 AM
@bwDraco we get it. You hate Intel :,p
3:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek Starred, too. Is this becoming disruptive?
Q: Can I bring portable closet from India to USA?

shwetaI have portable closet which I want to take with me from India to the USA. The parts consists of 20 steel tubes which fit inside a suitcase. Can I carry those in my checked baggage?

Portable ... closet?
@bwDraco naw merely boring
Should I stop posting this kind of content?
Q: After successfully hitting with an attack roll, when rolling for damage, if you roll a 1, is that a negative crit?

LarKOur dm is treating our "1" damage rolls as a natural 1. So when you roll a 1d4 and you do 1 dmg (after succeeding hit dice) we get an especially bad outcome. Is this normal procedure?


The point of the straw dummy test is to measure how severe the consequences are for a fumble, when someone hits something that can't fight back for an extended period: if the warrior, after 10 minutes, is bleeding, dying, missing a limb or generally looking like they've lost a fight, then there's something wrong from a verisimilitude standpoint, and the fumble rule has failed the Straw Dummy test.
Welp. If I keep posting stuff like this, it means I'm not really learning anything new and I'm just wasting my time. I need to start working on Docker again.
2 days ago, by rahuldottech
user image
3:29 AM
Then don't
@JourneymanGeek I still wear mine around the office... Always get weird comments, but they equal "Nice shirt"
@Pandya: just don't delete the content that others have posted between some of my messages. Thanks.
I'm requesting removal because my content is bordering on disruptive.
@JourneymanGeek Congratulations for having the diamond of wisdom at MSE!
I absolutely must set a better example for the community.
I can and should be behaving better than this. In fact, there is no reason for me to not be qualified to be a mod.
@bwDraco Hi, I entered the room before I see the flag, for another purpose - see my above message ^^
3:35 AM
I must show that I am a responsible and fully independent adult.
Yeah. Sorry.
@bwDraco there are many reasons lol
Given my age and level of contributions, I meant.
My point is that I'm chronologically an adult but I act like a little child, constantly ranting about things. All the other regulars here are mature adults, act like adults, and are working on meaningful activities rather than watching meaningless videos and posting rants.
I waste one full day after another doing practically nothing meaningful.
Mar 13 '16 at 6:33, by bwDraco
Others have mentioned meditation, CBT, Kyokushin (credit DavidPostill)‌​, or other activities designed to bolster mental stability.
@JourneymanGeek: I am taking real action on this. I'm going to try to get a referral to a psychotherapist to get actual treatment.
@bwDraco so. Do something
3:41 AM
You got CBT and that's how you grew up. I cannot just sit there taking no action on my condition.
@Pandya thanks. It's still sinking in :p
It is irresponsible for me to ignore a condition and waste days on end as a resut.
@bwDraco naw. It helped with one issue
That and time.
For you, taking action is simply taking action. To me, I need to deal with limited willpower. It's not merely a matter of "just do it".
Ah but that's literally what's holding you back
You literally don't see the problem
And it looks bigger and scarier than it is
If you want to be a mod - you need to ask why. If it's for personal glory, forget it. There's none. If you want to make a difference - y'all can do 99% of what I can do. And the important hard stuff isn't actually the mechanics
3:48 AM
lol. I rant all the time
My point is not a matter of the position. It's a matter of my personality and behavior being all wrong.
@bwDraco Acting like a mature adult doesn't necessarily mean other people don't face that problem too... Thing is, you only see of others what they want you to see; you see of yourself everything, unfiltered - and comparing your worst to others' best ain't effective.
@bwDraco the trick is to look beyond yourself
My point is that all the other regulars here, even @rahuldottech in a far more oppressive parenting environment, are able to do productive things and work on projects and other meaningful activities.
Yet I get virtually nothing done.
Cause we do stuff for ourselves
I didn't build a router to be cool or fit in
3:52 AM
As you know, I have been raised by cowardly parents who panic over the smallest concerns.
I did it cause I was frustrated with life and wanted to beat something into working :p
I face disproportionate consequences for being bold.
@bwDraco consider your phrasing
Just explain it.
I'm not thinking about (even if this hurts my ability to understand it).
'cowardly parents'
You need to learn to put yourself in the shoes of others, if you want to change how they see you
3:54 AM
...and this is just stupid. If I don't think about things myself, I won't learn properly and I won't grow up. Having others spoon-feed the answer to me is counterproductive.
Effective communication is about finding that common ground
But let's talk docker.
What fun thing do you want to do with docker?
Nothing. It's for career advancement.
I try to learn skills because I feel it's the right thing to do.
Nov 14 at 5:14, by bwDraco
> [...] the idea that not working on a useful project is dishonorable in a community where every major member has one might be itself a motivation.
@JourneymanGeek From Matrix...
> Ultimately, one of my parents' cardinal concerns regarding my behavior—and a frequent source of fear and concern—is a tendency to make decisions on impulse. Self-control has always been my core goal, and due diligence takes self-control, so going forward, I'll be spending more resources on demonstrating that I can do my due diligence before making major decisions like going to a mass public event where safety is implicated.
Ah see. That's why you get nothing done
What do you want to do for fun?
The way I've been raised, we don't do things "for fun". We do things because they're the right thing to do.
Or alternatively what do you lack that docker can help with?
@bwDraco so that's the fundamental difference and why we can do things
4:00 AM
For example, when I have lots of free time, at least some of that time should be dedicated to studying and improving myself as a person.
We have intristic motion
Our actions are their own reward
It does not mean there should be no "play time" at all. It means we should be putting in effort to improve ourselves.
You're extrinsically motivated. Unless there's a clear reward....
It is also for this reason that I don't consider holidays any different from normal days. Thanksgiving is just a day I happen to be free on; (ideally) I'll just open the book and study.
@bwDraco Once again, you're blaming how yo've "been raised" without trying to change anything.
It doesn't matter how you've been raised. That's in the past.
Go into the future. Find something interesting. Something you might consider fun.
4:05 AM
Not only that, I have long considered the very process of forcing myself to do something I don't like doing to be worthwhile, as long as the activity itself is useful, because this builds willpower and the ability to endure hardship.
So to me, the struggle to do something I'm not motivated to do is normal.
And that's where things break down.
Because it turns every day into a grind.
For the last few days, I've turned off the surge protector into to which Astaroth is plugged in an attempt to avoid gaming and coax myself to study Docker. It's actually making it even harder.
And yet, at the end of the day, this all seems normal to me. Because I've long believed that the struggle is not something to be avoided, but something I should embrace in order to improve myself as an adult.
> Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
This entire mindset that the struggle to improve is normal is making me do nothing at all.
Folks, thanks for helping me pinpoint the issue. I'll be investigating this issue in further detail over the coming days.
Oh you can hate your job. Then go home and build ships in bottles to relax.
5 hours later…
8:52 AM
are we back listening to draco procrastinating about life rather than doing something about it?
While I am moderating 2 sites on my phone :p
@bwDraco man, seriously, you live in one of the biggest cities in the world. you are clever, intelligent and articulate. in the last week i bet there were 1000 jobs posted on monster you could do
you would learn the job skills and so called "life skills" you think you lack much faster
you can't learn people skills from a book
this is the last time i will give you friendly advice
@Burgi woooow... language rules seem way looser in here than in the Awkward Silence :p
9:08 AM
@avazula better?
@Burgi laaaaannngghuaaaagggeeeee!
I don't know where the h came ftom
point to the swear word :)
9:09 AM
@avazula we're context sensitive. We would rather not micromanage but if you get in trouble...
@JourneymanGeek Are you threatening me? :o
Arise from your posterior repose and find thyself some gainful employment....
@avazula naw. Not everyone agrees with a polite word
go forth and multiply?
9:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek :p
Anyways, how are you guys doing?
I haven't participate in this chat for a while
Congrats on your election BTW @Journey
Wasn't elected :p
nomination sorry
@avazula what does HIQ mean?
9:13 AM
@Burgi High Intellectual Quotient?
it's roughly translated from my native language
you are dutch, right?
Naaah man
French iirc
9:15 AM
@avazula I'm still working out what being an MSE mod is :p
Not a really proud one (what a terrible reputation we have), but a french one, yup
ah sorry, i thought i saw the netherlands mentioned once
@JourneymanGeek haha. It's true that it seems a bit mysterious :p
I think all of us are :p
@avazula I literally know as much as anyone.
So nothing :p
9:16 AM
@Burgi So I guess you went on my profile?
yeah, i'm nosey
9:37 AM
@avazula we got brits and aussies in here
what's a language rule :P
@Bob A Language rule normally makes it useless for me to say "LANGUAGE!" in a chatroom
we also pander to stereotypes here
@Bob wears one of those hats with corks in it and drinks terrible beer
9:56 AM
And is a fox?
Terrible beer... let me guess. Heiniken
I've literally never seen fosters in my life lol
10:20 AM
Fosters, The Australian beer brewed in Mnachester....
10:42 AM
@rahuldottech Always a pleasure to hop in in here and see very constructive messages :D
what does ssh -T [email protected] do?
@bwDraco then stop
you can't meaningfully learn, when you hate what you're learning.
Schools are proof of this.
I almost stop playing games, so I can program
sometimes, I actually do
10:52 AM
@avazula :P
> -T' Disable pseudo-tty allocation.
hmmm... what output am i meant to see?
"git" is the user, "example.com" is the hostname
@Burgi you're just connecting to the hostname
Q: What is Pseudo TTY-Allocation? (SSH and Github)

user2316667I was trying to setup an SSH connection with Github following this tutorial:https://help.github.com/articles/testing-your-ssh-connection/ I came across the following command: $ ssh -T [email protected] # Attempts to ssh to github Curious, I looked at the ssh manual. It said the following: -T...

If I understand correctly, you're disabling an interactive shell
@bwDraco hardly.
7 hours ago, by bwDraco
My point is that I'm chronologically an adult but I act like a little child, constantly ranting about things. All the other regulars here are mature adults, act like adults, and are working on meaningful activities rather than watching meaningless videos and posting rants.
Lets think about this.
I swear, Rahul swears, burgi talks about naked neighbours, cat talks about drugs.
But none of us whine about us doing it.
We accept we did something stupid, and we don't do it again for a amount of time.
We don't ask others to stop us doing it (other than Rahul asking to be booted because exams).
We don't make up excuses about our upbringing, or lack of will power, or anything else.
We just don't do it.
@Burgi, I realize this is frustrating but I already am waiting to go through a slow hiring process for a job.
It's a government position FWIW.
In any case, I think everyone here deserves an apology for the constant whining and disruption. I'm sorry.
And from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for being so patient with me.
11:13 AM
@bwDraco hedge your bets and apply for everything
This is something I've thought about but I already have activities planned out (including driving lessons) and I can't really do that.
As for my current part-time photography position, I'm expecting to be back in action in December.
it takes 30 minutes to apply for a job
you should be applying for 4 everyday
I'm going to see what can be done at this point, but I'm not presently willing to send out any more applications.
I'm sure there's something like monster.com, but for the US
11:20 AM
and there in lies the problem
fill out a 'generic cv' and just submit it to everyone
It's what I do.
And look, \o/
Well... if I keep refusing to follow folks' advice here (and some are already getting very annoyed), I might wind up getting suspended.
unlikely, we will just start blocking you
And for clarity, I'm not exactly comfortable with a "shotgun" application process. What I've been doing is picking out small handfuls of jobs and applying for them in a focused manner. I'm not sure I'd like to just spew out résumés to every single potential employer.
I'll talk with my career counselor about this as soon as I can.
or you could try it for a week and see what happens?
if after a week you haven't got an interview i will apologise and never shout at you again
11:35 AM
ffs america, sort ur crap out.
@bwDraco The only people I hear this from, are the ones who don't have a job
/me ponders
As for the whining and disruption, it ultimately means I'm not engaged in a more meaningful activity. Heck, it would be better if I just spent the time taking pictures or post-processing them.
you know what would be a meaningful activity?
applying for jobs
11:52 AM
Going through an application right now.
> I.T Jobs in New York (1835 Jobs Found)
@Burgi I'm a fan of shotgunning
me too
unless you have a job already
I really need to get with the matchmaking thing this weekend
ugh.... trying to set cpanel for automated deployments
there is a LOT more faffing about than on plesk
12:00 PM
Oh Lord, will I have to become more mature as soon as I turn 18?
@rahuldottech blokes stop aging at 12, you just get taller and hairer
12:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek Shotgunning = spamming HRs with CVs?
Applied for three jobs.
That is correct. Have a virtual cookie
(American spelling cause... Simpsons)
Americans are a minority in this room.
12:29 PM
The Simpsons are American
In usually use brit-e
brb, updating the BIOS on Stolas.
@bwDraco do that every day
If there are any job fair type things they help
Again, I should note I'm pretty deep into the hiring process for an IT job in the NYC governmnet.
Which means I'm expecting to be hired by Q1 2019.
It's ok to keep casting lines unless you're sure
Waiting for a job is the best time for personal projects tho
How deep? I met I have gotten to final stage interviews and not got the job
12:37 PM
@bwDraco Again, I should note I'm pretty deep into the hiring process for an IT job in the NYC government. (source)
(I suppose you saw that)
In any case, I can say with high confidence that I'm going to be hired by Q1 2019, but yeah. putting a few more job applications out there won't really hurt.
12:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek hurray!
Becoming mature sucks!
Stay childish!
Eat chocolate!
And cake! Cake is great!
It would help me get working in less time in case this somehow falls through.
i reckon you could get a job before christmas
you know Q1 ends in march, right?
you really can't expect to wait 4 months to find out if you have been successful or not
I know, but that was a conservative guess and realistically, it's likely to be closer to January or February.
Also, I'm actually going through final budgetary approval for the job right now.
hedge your bets and assume you haven't got the job until you actually have the contract
@djsmiley2k around 4°C
1:09 PM
It was -9 °C yesterday here in New York.
1:25 PM
@bwDraco nice. I've never seen snow, but I hear New York is beautiful in winters
We had record-breaking temperatures for Thanksgiving.
Or that might just be an over-romanticized Hollywood portrayal
@rahuldottech hmmm, cold enough, but not that cold.
@rahuldottech from friends, I believe it really is
in parts.
but snow, after a few days of being pretty, becomes a pretty big pita.
mainly because the UK falls apart
every frikking year
just looking at how i can possibly adjust my CPAP machine
and found this scale...
>AHI > or = 30 per hour = Severe Sleep Apnea
mine was over 200!
1:46 PM
"They've cars big as cars! And rivers of gold! But the cold goes riiihggtt thrrooughhh youuuu"
2:29 PM
@JourneymanGeek lol
> My problem is that I feel that work is such imposition on my life that I want to enjoy as much of my free time as possible and not just come home, waste some time, have dinner, sleep. So I try to stay up as late as I can even though I dont have energy to do much and just watch something or read or go out, anything to try to make it feel like my part of the day. Of course I'm always tired and hate mornings, but I'd hate them anyway and I can't give this up.
2:57 PM
3:14 PM
@bertieb response to someone asking why they stay up late at night
@rahuldottech You're doin it wrong.
of course, doing it right isn't always easy, or possible
Eh, someone on the internet isn't 100% happy with their life
Film at 11
@djsmiley2k not my response
3:32 PM
@bertieb Also, they're wrong ;)
@djsmiley2k someone is wrong on the internet?!
Now, where did I leave my torch and pitchfork?
There's a relevant XKCD but we've all seen it and I'm too lazy to find it
4:15 PM
but someone is wrong on the internet!!
'Gonna fix this now by adding the proper amount of flux'
Proceeds to empty tons and tons and tons of flux onto board
4:28 PM
i want to get absolutely wrecked tonight D:
4:55 PM
The trailer for Lego movie 2 is the complete two hours of Lego movie 1
Go watch! It's a great movie.
Well, a good movie.
1 hour later…
5:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek No glory?! What about that giant golden statue they built of you?
6:27 PM
So... for Black Friday. I feel like I should replace my three-year-old Anker PowerCore 20100 with something better, but at the same time, it still works with an estimated 75% of original capacity. Do I hold onto it or replace it?
amzn.com/B01JIWQPMW looks nice (and on sale for Black Friday) but it's too large for me to carry...
6:53 PM
I'm having issues finding things I want on Black Friday that actually look like a decent deal
7:25 PM
@Bob holy shit, the OVH Black Friday sale!
Half off MG-512 until canceled
Two 28c broadwell xeons, 8TB of disk and 512G RAM
For half the usual price
7:50 PM
that's definitely the kind of server that could be split among people :P
8:43 PM
Alright, let's get to work on Docker. Updating the VM and Docker images...
8:54 PM
Q: How to make high resolution screenshots of your software

thohempI want show images of my software in my marketing documentary. First attempt was to make screenshots of my software in action, but since it depends on the screens resolution the image quality is not satisfying. Is there any way to make high resolution images of your software without having acce...

Don't migrate the question. It's very open-ended.
its been suggested to me that I can "pass the height/width" of a video, to preserve the proper size/aspect ration of videos when taking frames of a video using ffmpeg
how would i do this
9:14 PM
@HornOKPlease 250 quid per month 0_0
(that's probably a good deal, but jiiiiiings)
I am liking the look of their SSD VPS tho
at £3/mo
9:38 PM
@Hiccup What are you trying to do?
I'm not sure why extracting a frame would change aspect ratio
I haven't encountered ffmpeg changing AR
1 hour later…
11:02 PM
welp. Time to take some system image backups.
Stolas shouldn't take long to image because the install is small, but Astaroth will need more time.
11:25 PM
Why is it not automatic o_O

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