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12:39 AM
@derobert ping me when you send your edits to Martha, I want to read them too.
I edited the pictures a bit too, but couldn't get them straightented out in the blog. Will probably need a bit of padding too.
12:53 AM
5 questions on the first day, @Sobachatina is seriously into the bacon week.
7 hours later…
8:12 AM
Would you consider these to be duplicates?
Q: What are the bubbles on the surface of cooking bacon?

stevvveAs you can see in the picture, this bacon is just about ready to be removed from the heat. Just what are those bubbles/foam(?) on the surface of the bacon? Note: this is fresh bacon from a butcher-- not processed or packaged-- if that makes a difference.

Q: What's that scum at the sides of my home-made burger when I cook it?

DanWhen I do home-made burgers, my mix is as follows: ground beef bread-crumbs or grated potatoe egg parmezan cheese salt, pepper, sweek paprika dijon mustard a bit of olive oil sometimes pieces of ham and some other cheese sauteed onion and garlic I take a handful, make a patty and drop it in a...

9:06 AM
@mien no, they are completely different things.
Oh no, wait
I was thinking of another quesiotn, sorry
About the scum on the stew?
But they are still different.
The scum is protein.
The froth on the bacon is just water mixed with hot oil.
Yeah, I thought about that. But I thought that from the burger could be fat as well.
3 hours later…
11:55 AM
I was at the doctor this morning
I get to wear glasses :(
Nothing serious, I hope?
Ah, join the club :)
You too?
For long distances?
Since I'm twelve I think.
Now I remember that Kenny proudly posted a pic of you making a quiche, and there was a little piece of frame visible under your hair.
Haha, indeed.
Glad to know you look that well at me ;)
11:57 AM
He gave me -0.25 dioptre for the right eye, none for the left. I probably could have done without the right one too - his chart was so bad I wasn't sure when I'm seeing better and when the same.
But I have quite a lot of astigmatism.
I'd rather have spent the money on a photography lens than on glasses for me. Why is the stuff so terribly expensive?
I mean, it is clear why the glass inserts are expensive, they have to be precisely machined and all
but the frame costs more than the pair of glass inserts
-0.25 is not much.
I've got astigmatism as well
Then you have an expensive frame.
The one I have now was only 20 euro or something.
I mean, it is just a piece of metal. OK, so it is some light alloy, and it is made to be stable and so on. But it shouldn't be that expensive.
@Mien The cheapest they had in this store were 150 Euro
Glasses are okay for astigmatism. Lenses are terribly expensive :(
@rumtscho I would've gone to a different store.
Maybe I picked the wrong store. I've never shopped at a glasses store before.
Was it a chain store?
12:01 PM
But now my coworkers tell me that their glass frames cost about the same.
I don't know if it is chain.
No, they are local. They have 7 stores in Heidelberg and the villages around here, but nothing elsewhere. Family-owned.
Does that link work?
There are a lot of variations in the price.
But you can have cheaper ones
At least I liked the way I looked in these glasses (more or less)
I am practically unable to pick sunglasses, I like none I have tried.
So I just go with one of the ugly pairs when I have to.
@mien with glasses, do you see lights better?
That's how I noticed that there is something wrong - when I cross the street in the evening, the green stickman on the traffic light looks like three green stickmen superimposed
Blue LEDs are the worst.
Haha. I see everything better.
I wouldn't see three green men, I would see one green blob.
Where do you see blue LEDs?
12:07 PM
For example, I was on a bus with a coworker, in the evening. The bus was dark, we were sitting in the middle. There was a clock in the front part of the bus, above the driver.
I could see everything about the driver's seat OK, even in the low light
But the clock was an electronic clock with blue numbers
I couldn't see where one number stopped and another one started
and my coworker could read the time.
Well, I wouldn't be able to read the numbers.
My diopter is worse than yours.
I don't know about my astigmatism.
If I lay in my bed and look at the blinkenlights of my computer in the dark (when the computer's display is off), the yellow ones have a small halo, the green ones have a halo as wide as the diod's diameter, and the blue ones have a halo wider than the diode's diameter.
Can you see 3D in movies?
I would have been able to read the same numbers if they were, say, black print on white background. Even in the low light and in the not-so-big size.
But because they were a light, I was seeing them with rays, like stars. And they had so much rays that I didn't recognize the numbers themselves.
I can see 3D, yes. But I don't care for it.
I recognize the depth, but I don't think it makes the movie in any way better.
So, your robotic eyes have a built-in flare mode?
12:13 PM
Yes, but the configuration file for it seems to be locked, so I can't turn it off :(
Did you try turning you off and on again?
Don't insult me, I don't run on Windows :)
For some reason I always imagine @rumtscho running on herself a self-compiled, custom version of Gentoo Linux with a real-time scheduler hacked into the kernel.
@Sobachatina I have never compiled even a standard Linux, much less a custom-hack.
But your impression is at least so far accurate that your description sounds like what I'd want to run.
12:28 PM
You are a female in a CS department! You just have to bat your robotic eyes and you would have a crowd of lab assistants begging to install a custom OS on your motherboard.
@Sobachatina Not so easy. We don't have much contact to the other chairs, because they sit in different buildings. And my own co-workers seem to be immune. There are lots of females on our chair, and most males are mated anyway.
Apparently the social dynamic shifts quite a bit when you get to the graduate level- or maybe in Germany CS grads are somehow less nerdy and can actually talk to girls!
I think I could have chances with one of the females too, but she has a steady girlfriend too.
@Sobachatina It could be that our chair is atypical - our prof is a woman and maybe more girls apply to her.
Also, we are a software engineering chair. There are less girls in the more theoretical chairs.
In the bachelor and master courses (the main divide here is after the master degree, not after the bachelor) there are up to 15% girls.
@rumtscho That is very cool. We have a hard time finding female CS grads to work here.
Our percentage is far below 15%.
@Sobachatina Here too.
12:38 PM
@Sobachatina if your company happens to have a department in the south of Germany, I might apply.
@rumtscho :) I'd recommend you. I'm afraid we only have sales office- no R&D that I am aware of.
Not for your job though, I don't know anything about real-time systems. I can't even programm in C.
@rumtscho No one we hire knows RT systems when they start. At this level they do need to know some C++ but they don't have to be an expert.
We hire mostly out of college so we try to look more for critical thinking skills than practice with a particular language.
I don't know C++ either - and I don't know if I want to learn it and programm in it for a living
Although if I am going to be a developer and this is the price I have to pay to be able to work on cool machines instead of the Xth accounting system written in something like Java, it might be worth it
@rumtscho There are cool systems in any language. (except Cobol. Who wants to do archaic business app maintenance?)
12:46 PM
Sure there are cool systems in any language. But most of the developers in this world are probably working on some kind of business information system.
@rumtscho That is a very cynical outlook. But you're probably right. :(
Most of my friends from college are working on web apps somewhere.
I like being a little closer to hardware.
yes, web apps too. Which are again mostly front ends for selling something.
@rumtscho, just an fyi, I hope to have a draft of my post done tonight. If not today. I'll finish it at lunch tomorrow.
Now @yossarian works on something cool. I like his job :)
But I haven't forgotten about it.
12:47 PM
@yossarian great
we should be ready with editing the shavuot special by then and can start with yours immediately, I hope
Our app, @rumtscho, which I should point, is all web based. Cool web apps.
@rumtscho, ok. Is the date for mine still the 4th or will the shavuot one push mine out?
@yossarian Web doesn't make an app uncool by itself. Centering on "Customer puts something in the basket and pays, and I need to record that" does.
@yossarian The date is still the 4th. Shavuot is a holiday special outside of the 2-week-schedule, we actually hoped to have it out last weekend, but there was a delay.
but care giver gives resident a bath and we need to charge for that, so we'll record it is cool?
@rumtscho, cool. I'll get it to you soon. I've done all the 'hard' work for the post of figuring out what I want to say. Now I just need to move from outline to real thing.
@yossarian I thought you did something with therapeutic aspects, not just recording services rendered?
;) we do.
12:51 PM
@yossarian You don't want to be fiddling with an accounting app on your smart phone when you are wrestling a naked, wet, cantankerous, Alzheimer's patient.
The tracking is just what I'm getting ready to do a customer training on today. And I'm soooo not ready.
@yossarian very nice. This amount of work is already enough to see if the message would be interesting for the readers, and to suggest additional directions if it isn't. The rest is only polishing of the language (we'll help you with that too, but it is good to make sure that you are writing the right thing before we make sure that you are writing it in the right way).
@yossarian Heh, I don't think that there is a job where every single task is pleasant.
But I hope that there are jobs where there are enough of the pleasant/interesting/challenging/rewarding-feeling kind.
@rumtscho what's your email address, I'll shoot you the outline
Or should I just use your SE one?
@yossarian use cooking.se.blog@gmail.com for blog-related matters.
I get it in my inbox, it is not a "check once a month" type of address
The nice thing about it is that all three admins have the login. So if one of us is busy, the other can reply. And also all three of us can follow the communication with the authors this way.
@rumtscho, I sent the outline. I'll try and write it about 5pm or noon tomorrow, so comments would be great.
1:02 PM
@yossarian And what time zone are you in? :)
OK, I got your time zone. Will look through it soon.
1:20 PM
@rumtscho, MY time zone!
which everyone knows is EST.
also known as YST: Yossarian Standard Time
@yossarian Too bad Yossarian isn't your real name.
How do you know, maybe my parents just really loved Heller.
The real Yossarian's time is probably Central Europe.
Which wouldn't leave me much time until 5 PM.
Except that the 'real' yossarian was American and the wars been over for years.
@yossarian actually, you have mentioned your real name in chat.
1:23 PM
Hmm, I've got a very good recipe for pineapple Bavarian cream. I've got a ripe mango. Could I substitute the pineapple pieces+juice by some cooked mango puree?
@yossarian But at the time the book is happening (as much as a book with almost no plot can happen) he is somewhere on Italy. Was it a Mediterranean island?
@Mien No, you can't.
Gelatine doesn't set with mango, the enzymes chomp it.
@rumtscho That's why I would cook it
@Mien You could try to, but I wouldn't risk it. You could end up either not cooking it enough (so it doesn't set) or cooking the taste out of the poor mango.
I'd use some other fruit in raw puree form, and the mango in something gelatineless.
I guess I'm eating shrimp with mango then.
@rumtscho, maybe I was lying then to throw you off the trail and my real name is Yossarian.
Unlikely though...;'
1:33 PM
Perhaps your name is Joss Arian.
@Mien I think that anybody with the surname of Arian would have changed it sometime in the last 70 years.
Perhaps all the blonde ones.
@yossarian Yes, you took the fake personality far enough not only to use a gmail address containing its name, not only to use a reference to it in your old gravatar, but also to tell the TV producers who made this clip with you to use it in the clip :)
@rumtscho, what can I say, I'm really committed to pulling one over on a handful of people I don't know in chat.
He calls me one of "a handful of people I don't know". Bwa wa wa wa waaaaa.
2:12 PM
@rumtscho could be wrong, but couldn't you use pectin instead of gelatine and not worry about the enzymes since its a carb? it wont gel the same, but for a bavarian cream, iirc, thats not an issue
@mfg I would mind the difference in gelling. But if you don't, I guess it will work. You'd just have to look at what condition pectin works in
For one type, calcium was critical, but the milk should provide enough. The other needs certain sugar and pH concentrations.
i was thinking of the kind used in making jellies, but I am not familiar enough with gelatin as an ingredient when cooking to really know how it works that well
The final consistency is different. Pectin doesn't give you the resilience of gelatine.
I never asked, did your girlfriend like the book you got her?
The one about the history of women and cooking?
actually yeah, she really liked it
its an interesting book, i like the anthropological bits surrounding cooking
i got a book on history of deserts that was rad
2:28 PM
Mmm, sounds like the type of book I like to read.
but yeah, heres that one from before
im a big fan of game of thrones and get hooked seeing people working in the kitchen and being amazed at cooking not killing more people back in the day
I never watched the series
I read the first few books
But I think there have been more published since I stopped
Actually, I must have read the first books over ten years ago
they're up to a fifth one with a sixth being written
I was still living with my parents.
ah, i got hooked on the series and then went back to the books to get the rest
in interviews theyre pretty obvious about it being an adaptation
2:31 PM
I wondered why such a geek staple was known in pop culture recently until I noticed that they have been filmed.
yeah, i knew of martin and some other stuff he'd done, but thick books scare me off
I go for the thick ones
Especially when I was a teen
Thin ones didn't provide enough reading time for the buck
I was so glad when I learned that the Malazzan series is completed
But still haven't read the late ones.
a cousin of mine is the one who got me to read (well, audio-book) GOT was telling me about those, a thousand pages gives me the fear
Nobody gives you a deadline
You just start and take your time, no stress
sometime, it is finished
and in the meantime, you have enjoyed yourself.
i have too many russian novels i lost track of
i trailed off on the idiot even
its more about missing details than it is about the page count
2:40 PM
Yes, Dostoevsky was a tough read for me too
and i typically go in bursts of activity, which doesn't groove really well with longer books
I went through Brothers Karamazovi 2-3 years ago
The problem was that this society was working on rules I didn't know at all
Take the scene where the police asks one of the brothers, "Are you the murderer?", he says "I swear on my honor as a military officer that I am not" and they release him and strike him from the list of suspects
I spent time wondering what devious trick they had in mind, how they were planning to lay a trap for him, or whatever
turns out that for them, if a military officer says "I swear on my honor", this is a proof that he is innocent.
There was no subtext to be found in the scene, the interaction was completely straightforward. But I was mislead to search for hidden motives and plans until I realized it.
oh, i see; yeah, thats what i love about kafka
2:43 PM
I never had such problems with kafka.
he does that but even the characters dont know the context
@mfg yes, but that's the whole point in his work
The reader is supposed to discover it (or not) together with the character, as the book evolves.
right, but yeah, ive encountered that same thing in some books where a given action X seems to operate on a level i am completely unfamiliar with
in brit lit i remember running into that a lot
In Dostoevsky, the reader is supposed to know the rules. The characters are exposed to him for studying, illustrated by their behavior in the scenes. And the reader knows what the interaction between the character and his setting means. Well, I am not this target reader, and I am in the dark all of the time, and so I can't get what the author is trying to tell me. Frustrating.
you also find it in renaissance painting; oh, theres a rose and a lily, indicating she is loving and patient, or whatever
yeah, i feel you on the frustration there
2:47 PM
@mfg I don't remember that especially about british literature, but maybe I haven't read enough of it. Dostoevsky is also specific for that among Golden era Russians, Tolstoy is much more accessible.
Which authors are like that in brit lit?
comedies of manners generally
and i know im going to bludgeon the names, and thats not the genre of lit... wait a sec let me gergle
Yes, British comedy is an acquired taste. But I have acquired it, probably because our national television used to buy ancient BBC serials cheaply.
comedy of humours
Restoration era
I'm not sure I have read any of these.
it started with Shakespeare's so-called comedies, which i couldnt grok as funny
and then we went into this stuff, and some victorian era stuff which was so heavily dated that you needed a compendium on manners to understand what was happening and why
2:52 PM
I've never had it in school, and see no reason why I should read it now :)
true that
we did a year of it
But yes, ancient comedy is often boring for current tastes
We had Rablais
but it also included a lot of african lit
and we had Aristophanes quite early, maybe sixth degree.
I wondered why somebody at the level of my testosterone-overdosed classmates gets read three thousand years later.
I don't think we have ever done anything but European literature in our official literature programmes. We had only a short time to go through all foreign lit, and it was always European.
But in second language courses, we did a bit more. At least some American authors - I recall Somerset Maugham
in the US we did a year of american, british, and then two world lit
2:57 PM
And in German, we also did some Swiss authors, they were my favorite ones. Fischer, Süsskind, Dürrenmat. (Not that they are not European, but they are not usually included in other courses).
I can't recall ever having had an Asian or African author in school.
Not even South American, even though Marquez would have been a logical choice.
As for Asian lit we mostly read sacred texts
@mfg sounds boring.
it was a Catholic school, so it made a certain kind of sense, and i went on later to get a degree in religious studies
but the readings were pretty boring, although a religious school reading religious texts as literature is a bit problematic
I recently read an Indian novel, a Man Booker Prize winner. Maybe not so great literary, but really an insight into their current society.
did you ever read black boy or cry the beloved country?
3:00 PM
I never understood why one would inflict a religious school on kids. But then, I was raised atheist.
@mfg no, never heard of them.
cry is the african one that stands out most in hindsight, black boy is an american book about race relations in the (US) south
@rumtscho what was the book?
dont think of religious schools as a good idea had by parents wanting religious education, in my instance, a lot of the kids went there so they didnt have to go to shitty inner city schools
The White Tiger is the debut novel by Indian author Aravind Adiga. It was first published in 2008 and won the 40th Man Booker Prize in the same year. The novel provides a darkly humorous perspective of India’s class struggle in a globalized world as told through a retrospective narration from Balram Halwai, a village boy. In detailing Balram’s journey first to Dehli, where he works as a chauffeur to a rich landlord, and then to Bangalore, the place to which he flees after killing his master and stealing his money, the novel examines issues of religion, caste, loyalty, corruption and pove...
what year is the setting?
3:07 PM
At some time, he is a taxi driver and wonders what all the girls whom he drives to this big building at night do there. It turns out that it is a call center, working at shift times synchronized to the American business day, and the better-to-do families can let their daughter work there, and of course she needs a ride at night.
@rumtscho @MarthaF So, I haven't finished editing that blog post yet, sorry about that...
But I have time at work today, while Waiting on Oracle(tm)
@derobert Now, if you would clean the Unicode soup, she might notice the ping :)
But yes, we can understand that you have a life outside of the blog.
@rumtscho ? Does her nick have some weirdness?
3:13 PM
You don't see it on your end? Strange.
I see it
Maybe you hit Tab after Mar and mishit something else too
if you have dead keys or similar
Only thing like a dead key I have is a compose key, which wouldn't do that.
Odd also that its showing as U+0008 ...
which is backspace. Shouldn't be possible. I don't see it on the log, either.
You can write a bug report about it
We can't reproduce it, but maybe the devs will know what got into the system
3:17 PM
Weird for me to write a report, when I can't see it....
You typed it :)
@MarthaF (sorry to ping again) ... does it work this time?
Yes, it looks normal now
@Marttttt ... does that have funny characters?
@derobert no, that's OK.
3:19 PM
Ok. No clue then. Maybe its only after @rumtscho that it has problems.
@derobert hey, I'm not causing any problems here
@rumtscho Who knows. Maybe it's EMI. Possibly they went cheap on servers, so they don't have enough EMI shielding, so its getting interference.
@derobert I asked in the TL if this is worth a bug report. Their first suggestion is, do you have any user scripts which affect chat?
And they said that it is probably worth a bug report, but they would be interested in collecting data on browser and plugins
3:25 PM
... Greasemonkey extension is currently disabled, even.
Ok. I can go put something on meta.SO
Are you on Chrome?
Firefox (Iceweasel)
Somebody says V8 has a known issue with non-breaking spaces
@derobert they asked for a bug report, said that the worst that can happen is status-nonrepro.
Ok. I'm putting one in on meta.SO
OK, thanks.
3:30 PM
@derobert Clear your cache and try again. If it persists, go ahead and post on MSO, don't forget to tell us the exact browser and os version.
@YannisRizos well, I haven't been able to get it to happen again without clearing cache, etc...
@derobert Well then... Forget about it ;)
@rumtscho @MarthaF ... unless this does it.
@derobert No, everything normal here.
Very odd.
3:33 PM
How is this one?
I tried mashing tab and ^ at once
Well, I can't see the funny character in any of them, even if I hit the transcript page.
Is this the same funny character:
@rumtscho did that come across?
I don't know about your keyboard layout, mine only inserts the sirconflex if there is a consonant or space pressed after pressing the sirconflex key. Else it waits, to be able to insert a sirconflex vowel.
@derobert yes, I see the 0008 now.
@derobert Above "How is this one", there is a line which simply pings you
If you see no funny symbol in it, it didn't have an error.
@rumtscho I don't see the funny symbol in any of them.
@derobert OK, so this wasn't the problem.
Is your computer overclocked?
I can write like this, and it looks normal to me.
@rumtscho no, everything is running at spec
3:37 PM
@derobert now it is full of them
How did you get them in there?
@rumtscho yes, I can insert them on purpose, by copy & pasting them into the chat box
@derobert Ah.
I thought that they really look normal to you.
Firefox just isn't displaying ^H
I suppose because its not a printable character.
I'm on Firefox too
An old one, I think
I'm on 12
3:40 PM
11.0 here
I can't remember any special plugins.
If I copy them into a gvim, then they show.
These words end with backspaces.
I can see them from here.
Yep, I can only see the ^H if I copy & paste it to gvim.
3:42 PM
@derobert do you see them in my phrase?
Maybe Linux hides them or something, I am at work here, Windows 7.
I also see them on the phone, Dolphin HD
Good morning.
hi again @Sobachatina
I was at home before. Now I'm at work so the morning has begun in earnest.
3:45 PM
Stealing your poor wife's hard-earned internet connection?
@rumtscho She was getting the boys ready for school so she didn't mind.
Oh wait, I don't see them on the phone
What I saw was one of the screenshots we posted
throws ashes over own head
@rumtscho do you speak french?
@ElendilTheTall No.
But the idiom exists in German. Does it exist in French too?
3:50 PM
@ElendilTheTall well, she's a robot, so I bet she has a connection to Google Translate she could use.
Asche auf mein Haupt.
My question was unrelated :)
I'm here
@ElendilTheTall Ah OK - because you connected it to the line, I thought it must be related.
I speak French
3:51 PM
@Mien Wow, and he didn't even leave an offering.
@rumtscho I didn't connect it, though for some reason it does highlight
@Mien Poor girl. Don't worry, I hear it is curable. I will ask around for a good logopedician, if you want me to.
Sure it's curable, I already forgot a lot
@mien how would I say "May I take your photograph?"
How polite do you want to be?
3:53 PM
You can't trust Google, it might be telling me how to say "How can I steal your soul" or something
As polite as you'd be asking a stranger on the street
@ElendilTheTall nah, it wouldn't go that far wrong. But it could get confused, and ask "May I steal your family portrait?"
I want to be prepared in case Marion Cotillard happens to be wandering the streets
Je peux prendre votre photo?
@mien also tell him how to say "Don't worry, I'm not a terrorist, and I don't work for Google. No, not for the KGB, either."
You can go more politely
3:55 PM
@Mien Marion Cotillard doesn't deserve more politely.
you take that back
@Mien cool, ta
Got a nifty lens for street photography today
Are you paparazzi?
@ElendilTheTall cool. Specs?
never know when some characterful gnarled old french dude in a beret might be sitting there ready for a fortune making shot
@rumtscho 17-55 2.8
Sounds nice.
I spent my own glass budget today on a pair which goes over my own nose :( Goodbye, portrait-speed-wonder (I had been eyeing the 50 mm 1.4)
just get a 1.8
less than half the price

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