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1:29 AM
We'll get started again in about 30 minutes.
2:00 AM
The thirtieth minute has past~
I show one till
Hello, hello, hello! (:
My EST clock is superior. By virtue of the previous statement saying it is superior.
Welcome to the 2nd Gaming Town Hall Chat
@GraceNote I bow to your superior timekeeping
2:01 AM
You'll regret that decision in the future, haha~
What's a town hall chat
We're just here to get to know the candidates a bit and ask any questions that might help in the elections.
Town Hall Chat is where you can ask questions to the candidates for the election, especially if you are on the fence for one or more of your thoughts
Before I start in, I'll give those candidates who weren't here for chat #1 5-10 minutes to respond to any questions from that session that they feel they want to weigh in on.
@RebeccaChernoff The first second town hall chat!
2:02 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz that's a lot!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Platform exclusive only, would be the way that would work in-engine. Being able to filter on it for tag preferences would be keen, but it is not feasible due to the tag limit and the breadth of cross-platform. So unless that gets changes, I think it's too idealistic to try and leverage the system through tags. Maybe with tag sets and tag wikis, but not on the questions.
@tzenes I have been appointed on three separate occasions within gaming communities and forums to serve as a moderator in some fashion, though nothing truly noteworthy. Of them, one of them was for the upkeep of an encyclopaedia of information on the forum for in-game items. While they all help, I think the greatest asset is my experience as a pro tem.
The format is open - feel free to ask your questions unprompted, however please try to wait until the candidates have answered the previous questions so we're not flooding them with questions. (:
@GnomeSlice Always believe in good faith unless the first posts are explicitly not (downright advertisements or hatespeech). The first step is to always try to walk with the user and seek a better resolution - sometimes by public intervention, other times by private contact. I haven't doled out a single suspension outside of spam users, and ideally it'll continue that way.
Candidates: please use the reply feature so that questions and their replies can be linked together.
Somebody did some homework, eh? (;
oh my, @GraceNote had all the answers prepared
2:03 AM
@Shaun Shift the tone from deliberation to decision-making. My current plot goes as follows: Work with the moderators to narrow down the possible options to what is functional, and propose the filtered options to see if anyone can provide a stronger analysis for those options, and draw the decision from there. No straw polls, no simply quantitative schemes.
and waiting patiently to paste them!
Maybe she's just on the ball.
@RebeccaChernoff I was watching the entire first Town Hall Chat, so aye
And a really quick typist.
@Oak I actually turn to the Bridge, if it's not serious. Of course, there's a 1/3 chance this fails spectacularly and a simple legal check throws the room into a warzone. If it's serious, then I turn either to our Gaming mods or to the Lounge for assistance. If I can't find anyone, I'll weigh the necessity of action on the severity of risk. I use no "default" action.
2:04 AM
As questions are asked, please star them so that they're easily found in the starred list. Save your stars for questions so the list is kept clean please.
@GnomeSlice This is actually true
@Oak It's a bit obvious which side I fall on, isn't it? ♪ There is a lot of information that is valuable to people, but for the Stack Exchange system itself to work we can only handle certain types. So to that end, I am conservative towards what works with the system.
@RebeccaChernoff Do we get 30 more?
@GnomeSlice It's a new UTC day, so they should be reset.
@Oak When I'm not sure how to address a flag, I discuss it in the site moderator room, and if I feel immediate action is necessary I bring it up in the global moderator room, where helpful moderators are always on standby for your difficult flags.
@Oak Tag maintenance. The scale of the system demands that someone needs to be on top of these. I've honestly been a bit too lax on this in recent times, especially since launch, but I will probably pick up on this again.
2:05 AM
Let's see, we've got @GraceNote, @CRoss, @JuanManuel, and @KevinY...did I miss anyone?
While I do also stay on top of grammar edits and stuff, I know a lot of the editors are a bit more on top of it
@Prospective mods How do you plan to keep up-to date on changes/updates to Stack exchange, and associated networks?
I imagine @PowerLord is planning to show up later
@CRoss There's no site moderator room for Gaming, unless you mean the Teachers' Lounge
@StrixVaria RPG has approximately 5 questions a day, and few flags. It doesn't take a lot of moderation time.
2:06 AM
also I think I'm going to bed as soon as I figure out how to reach level 7.
@badp then I would create one.
@tzenes I spend a lot of time on Meta Stack Overflow, and I also talk spend a lot of time on the general moderator room. And for whatever I miss, there's two users on the Bridge who are on top of even more things. I'm not expecting an issue (and this also covers @GnomeSlice's question just now)
And I hope y'all mostly run this because the KU/MU game is on tv...so if you need my attention, @lert me because I may or may not be paying half attention. hides
@badp Yes there is
2:07 AM
It's got its own name but I call it the Fridge because we first used it more like a place to put post-it notes to each other than a comm bay, thanks to time zone issues
A few minutes late, but I'm here. :)
The Bridge? No way. The Beer Fridge. Yes way.
@GnomeSlice Like everybody else, continuing to use the sites like a regular user, that's the easiest and most natural way
@JuanManuel Hasn't worked for me so far.
Although I suppose thats why I'm not running for mod, and you are. Point taken.
@tzenes I'm a mod on RPG.SE which would obviously translate fairly well to being a mod on Gaming.SE, albeit with a lot less traffic. My real world moderation/leadership experience is a bit harder to apply, but the temperance and patience go a long way, especially in resolving disputes and dealing with problem users.
2:09 AM
@GnomeSlice I've been following the development from before SO existed
listened to every podcast
debated on all changes the engine went through
@JuanManuel Noted. :)
It's fun
@GnomeSlice MSO, Teacher's lounge, Blog.SO. As I already do.
@Prospective Mods: What do you play to do about all of those damn questions with Starcraft2: in the title?
2:12 AM
@GnomeSlice We don't get those, we get StarCraft2: with no space, haha~ But to seriously speak - it should be removed. All of my thought on this is elaborated in a recent Meta posting
@GnomeSlice I don't know what the community thinks about them. Personally, I'm fine with it but if we decide against the [Game name]: [Question] format, I'll edit them out.
@GnomeSlice IMO is that that information should be in tags, so I'd like to see them removed
Ooh, I missed one.
@GnomeSlice I'd have to look at what Grace and Juan and Oak tried about it and going from there
@KevinY this community says they suck.
2:12 AM
@tzenes Maintain a professional atmosphere with interactions, continue to understand the engine, and keep track of the community. Basically - know how to behave, know how it all works, and know what people want. But ultimately, be myself - I'm not saying that I am the Community, but as a community we are also individuals.
And by community I mean me.
I'd propose a meta topic, get consensus, and then encourage the community to remove the current ones
Funny, how that context related to @Grace's last post.
and then I'd edit the new ones that the community doesn't catch
@GnomeSlice Assuming you mean [GameName:], and not the page title feature that was added recently, I would like to see those removed. The latter we have no control over, but I'd like to see it removed as well.
2:13 AM
Q: Best Practices: Titles and Tags

Raven DreamerSo the new "suggested edits" bit is really neat, however I've been seeing a lot of edits that basically amounted to-- "Removed X from the title because it was already in the tags" Is this stackexchange policy somewhere? I guess I'm just not understanding the rationale behind it; I could s...

@CRoss I'm not familiar with that feature, but yes, I was talking about having the game name in the question title.
@GnomeSlice look at the title bar on any question. The top tag is added to aid SEO
This isn't quite related to the Town Hall chat, but is it [status-bydesign] that nominees with a negative number of votes appear as 0 on the voting page?
@CRoss Oh right, it also displays in Google results, doesn't it?
Yes, it is
2:14 AM
@KevinY Yes.
As pro temp mod, I didn't feel I really had the authority to be more aggressive with certain things, I'd be more insistent if I'm a real mod
For those of you running that feel [Identify This Game] has a place at Gaming.se: Why?, what value do you feel it contributes to the site, and to the internet as a whole? Specifically, what do you think is the benefit to these questions beyond the fact that you don't see them as harmful. For those that don't feel it has a place, how would you propose to... prod the community in that direction?
@LessPop_MoreFizz It was one of the questions on the meta thread.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I feel that it only has a place in so much as Code Golf or Hidden Features had a place on Stack Overflow.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What's wrong with them? This is a Q&A site. Those are objective Q's that we can provide A's to.
2:16 AM
@badp It is to an extent, but I'm asking it from a somewhat different angle. If you feel you've answered my specific inquiry in your reasoning in the Meta thread, that's fine.
Actually, that's another question.
I'll take them over those two or any of the other myriad junk questions we could get. Would it be nice to be rid of them? Possibly.
@GnomeSlice hush you, let the candidate talk. And besides, I said besides simply not seeing them as harmful.
@Mods-to-be: What is your stance on [Identify-this-game] questions?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't like cutting scope for no reason. Sort of a Laissez Faire theory of moderation. I also feel, as @badp said, that they improve the quality of the information on the internet.
2:17 AM
@GnomeSlice That is definitively already on the Meta thread
@GraceNote I'm sure it is. But I can't be bothered trying to find what each of you think about it.
Call me a lazy voter.
I agree with Jeff's summary here:
Q: What is the point of "help me remember this game" questions?

Jeff AtwoodFor example, Help me identify these two old games from before I knew English well (with “screenshots”). Mapping these to existing close reasons, there are two that fit. Too Localized. What value does this question have to anyone else on the planet, other than the one person who asked? In other...

Besides. you're politicians now. You ought to get used to repeating yourselves.
So, rather than look at the answer we have typed to a question, you want us to... type an answer to the question again?
@GraceNote Pretty much.
2:18 AM
Unlike politicians, we can just link our responses, though~
use case for copy and paste?
@CRoss No, you have to type it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I feel they're fine, but some of them are a little vague. However, I guess the community would decide if it's [not a real question - ambiguous or vague ] or not?
So magic powder doesn't make the turtle sneeze :(
See, I'm not great at getting a meaning from long posts like Jeff's there.
2:19 AM
A simple yes or no would suffice.
night @badp
Ciao @badp.
G'night @badp
@GnomeSlice Life is not that black and white
it'd be easy if it was
but we have grey
2:19 AM
@JuanManuel Clearly you've never met the internet.
But go on.
Continuing with the 'problem question categories' thread, our track record with [Tech Support] (or whatever you want to retag it is, looking at you @badp) is, quite frankly, terrible. Do you think we can improve it? If so how? Or for that matter, if you think we can't, or perhaps shouldn't, should we punt on these and begin to consider them Off-Topic?
@IvoFlipse A different perspective, mostly. I can't argue for skills necessarily - I do have a volume of expertise, experience in the system, and knowledge of how Stack Exchange works. But I can't say that the other candidates lack that. What I can say that I know is different, is my perspective on issues. Even if we fight on the same side, we still see it differently.
@GnomeSlice SE is better than the internet :)
@JuanManuel Actually, it ultimately is black and white here.
Eventually we'll have to come to a decision: Keep them, or do away with them.
@LessPop_MoreFizz As I said, Q&A&Q&A&Q&A&Q&A&Q&A isn't Q&A. Now let me take a peek at the AskUbuntu meta for a second.
2:21 AM
I'm getting lost here. I think I might start up a war song.
@GnomeSlice Remember, we're trying to make the internet a better place. That means we don't give into, or follow every meme we find. We have standards that are both different and higher than the general internet.
glares at 4chan
@CRoss But Identify-this-game questions aren't really a meme.
@Oak On principle, I don't use reputation to measure anything more than what it is intended to as a measure of participation. Some users can be highly contributory without accumulating a ton of reputation.
@GnomeSlice ref the black and white comment
Unless I'm just out of the loop.
2:22 AM
AskUbuntu seems to accept them, and probably has many more than we do. Thus I must assume SE can actually do Q&A&Q&A&Q&A&Q&A&Q&A, it's just us not being good at them.
@CRoss I don't understand. You guys have to bear with me, I'm not as intelligent as you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's not going to be easy, if at all possible, to improve these. This is mostly because gamers aren't really the best people to solve tech support. We're the people who have the questions.
@GnomeSlice I was just agreeing with @JuanManuel about the this not being the internet (there are no easy answers). I answered your other question above
As best, the majority response from us will be "Me too!", which doesn't lead to a lot of solving. There are simply better channels for it. As mentioned in the past, we have at previous metrics had 0% success rate in solving any tech support question with the exception of self-answers which we had no part in.
@CRoss But that doesn't change the fact that ultimately we're going to have to decide what to do with those questions.
2:23 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think [tech-support] is fine here, but the ones that are more general (not specifically gaming related) should be migrated to Super User.
It will come down to keeping them, or purging them.
There won't really be any in-betweenery.
@GnomeSlice and I think we should keep them, as stated above.
alas, we're derailing this ...
@CRoss I know, I was initially addressing all of the prospects.
"in-betweenery"...I like that.
I think I'm the only civilian currently in here. And I don't have very good questions. :(
2:25 AM
LessPop is a civilian
@GnomeSlice, steal from the 1st THC (;
Corrected, I stand.
As are NickT, Tricky, and Mana
@GraceNote Mana is not here.
@Grace shhh
2:25 AM
He's about as here as I am always in the Bridge. That counts enough
Oh dear.
@Grace Look at what you've done now.
I have but one question. How much time will be devoted to the gaming.se as the new Mod?
@Mana Help me out here.
2:27 AM
@TrickyM66 Pretty much my standard time here, which is roughly throughout the EST day. I observe the site itself during the day and also monitor the chat room invisibly.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think we should keep [tech-support]. While we haven't answered nearly as many as we have pure gaming questions, we have accepted answers on about half, and multiple answers on more. I disagree with @GraceNote about gamers not being the best at answering those questions. Not the most motivated perhaps, but most help desk types I know, don't know much about graphics cards and versions of Direct X. We are our own best resource.
@GraceNote Invisibly? I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.
@TrickyM66 I'll be just as active as I have been, if not more. Which is...quite a lot.
@TrickyM66 I think I will be able to start dedicating it as much time as I did in the beginning shortly, which was a lot (I was having personal problems which didn't allow me to continue with that kind of dedication in the past months)
@CRoss This seems suspiciously to me like the [game-info] debate I lost a while ago.
2:28 AM
@TrickyM66 Roughly the same as now. I'm in and out during most of the EST day, and spend some concentrated time on the weekends. Since I have a new baby in the house, I will also be on at very random hours of the night
@GnomeSlice The transcript for the chat is publicly viewable at all times. Anyone could be reading it at any point, honestly speaking. So I'm afraid that even if I stopped, you probably won't have much cause to be any more comfortable.
@Maybe-Mods: What are your methods for dealing with users who need help with something? How far are you willing to go to help out a user with a problem or question?
Real question get.
@GnomeSlice as far as needed to solve the problem as long as everyone treats everyone with respect.
@GraceNote and other mods, since many of you want to keep paring down the scope of the site, what do you see as our core scope? What is gaming.SE about, and will never be Off Topic?
@JuanManuel "As far as needed" seems pretty ambiguous. Not that I doubt your abilities, I'm just saying.
2:30 AM
@GnomeSlice If they're asking a normal question on the site, I go as far as I could to help anyone - if I know the answer, I provide it. If they have a question about the engine, be it through Meta or in comments, I try to address their concern to the best of my knowledge, and research the need if none is found.
@GnomeSlice A long way. At some point such discussions have to be moved off the public site, but I'll do what it takes, as long as the user isn't trolling and is actually interested in learning
Good answers, all. I also would have accepted "Unleash @badp".
@GnomeSlice As far as I can. I'll research it as much as a can, and will form an answer unless there is absolutely no information about the question (or if there's not enough to form a decent answer).
@GnomeSlice lol
@Juan In the future, if there's any risk of you having to take leave for an extended period of time, will you be able to give us a heads up?
2:32 AM
@CRoss There's always been a misconception that Gaming is "All things Gaming". To me, the most core aspect is "Gameplay questions" - things about what happens in games. That isn't everything and I don't wish to say it is, but as far as undeniably on-topic, that's what I'd start with.
@Mana I can't predict the future. They were pretty special circumstances which I expect (and hope) will never happen again though.
I proposed the site, so the least I want to do is hurt it
I understand @Juan. No worries.
Question: We have seen a large number of issues where we've seen moderators (and regular users) change their opinions over time. Obviously inconsistencies in policies can lead to misconceptions and other bad things™. How do you plan to handle shifting opinions on crucial issues
I will gladly step down if it helps it
@Mana there is also a broader support network that can help with such unfortunate events
2:34 AM
@tzenes I was just about to ask that, but much less eloquently.
@ProbablyNotMods: What's your plan of action if you need to make a call on a topic, and there is dissention among mods?
@tzenes Sites evolve, people evolve. Even the whole game-rec issue was about this - many anti-rec users started as pro-rec. And even in spirit, I am actually pro-rec. But for the site to truly prosper, and thus is my answer to your question, I am anti-rec. Site health and consistency is more important than one's own opinion. Always make sure policies are structured to be clear. Figure out what is erroneous and fix it, through various measures.
@tzenes Keeping the FAQ up to date, making official and up to date faq meta posts, and being consistent in application of the current rules. Removing comments to the contrary where possible, but I won't promise a comment scrubbing every time my opinion shifts.
@GraceNote I'm becoming more and more glad your name was one of the ones I randomly selected for an upvote today.
@GraceNote I can't top that :)
@GnomeSlice You have to work it out to a consensus that all the mods can at least live with. You learn what really matters, and sometimes when you disagree you stuff it for the good of the site.
2:37 AM
@CRoss Is that the technical terminology? Because I like it.
@GnomeSlice it's not technical, but you can quote me on it.
@GnomeSlice There is no "Goto >:3" plan of action. Sometimes it means you need to work it out between the moderators as fast as possible, other times you need to stash the goods in a corner until things are cleared up.
@YouMightStillBeModsYet!: How do you plan to deal with issues that you strongly feel one way about, but the general community seems to oppose?
@GnomeSlice we are part of the community as well as mods, so I'd have to respect it (as long as it isn't generally harmful)
@GnomeSlice Since the mods would have the final word on any policy, it would have to be worked out until all of them come to a consensus.
2:40 AM
@JuanManuel Keyword "strongly". I realize most of these scenarios are extremely unlikely, but the possibility is there.
Corollary to @gnomes question: How do you plan to deal with issues where it's largely irrelevant how you feel, but when the community consensus seems to run counter to, for instance, broader SE policy/admin directives?
@GnomeSlice The community's opinion and success of the site is more important than my own.
@KevinY Not if the community is wrong.
@GnomeSlice I will openly admit that I if I thought it was destructive to the site, I would overrule the will of the community, provided the other mods were on board. After such a decision was made I would go to some lengths to convince the community of it's necessity.
@GnomeSlice Juan answers my thought mostly. Even if I feel strongly, I stick with what works. Sometimes that is what the community will think. But when it is harmful, I will make a stand.
2:41 AM
Question: How do you handle a situation where the community is making a genuinely harmful decision, something you know is either unsupportable or hurts the community as a whole?
@LessPop_MoreFizz It wouldn't matter because jeff would come and delete all who oppose him
or I would just let Grace convince everyone
40 secs ago, by C. Ross
@GnomeSlice I will openly admit that I if I thought it was destructive to the site, I would overrule the will of the community, provided the other mods were on board. After such a decision was made I would go to some lengths to convince the community of it's necessity.
Okay, since all 3 of you have asked the same question let me make a single answer to it.
2:41 AM
@GnomeSlice I doubt that would happen, but if it did, I would attempt to explain what harm it would do.
What do you think of the State of Tagging as a whole on Gaming.SE? If you had infinite time/energy to go through the site and retag everything, what would you improve?
Wow, no wait period, like in the morning.
@LessPop_MoreFizz a.k.a. if you had @badp and @Mana.
@GraceNote yeah I just joined, 10 minutes late, and am totally lost, LOL
2:43 AM
@GraceNote We're multitasking!
@Josh 45 minutes late!
@LessPop_MoreFizz ARGH! I thought this started at the bottom of the hour!
@TheThreeModsToRuleThemAll: What if the greater S.E. policy changes (via update or feature add, or other) in some way that negatively impacts our particular site? Do you stand up for us?
@LessPop_MoreFizz If it boils down to it, the most important thing is to explain why it is harmful to the site or opposed to general policy as proposed by @tzenes. Sometimes this will come in hand with a foregone conclusion, other times it may be somewhat possible for a saving grace. But the important thing is not just to get the harmful stuff out as quickly as possible, but to also explain so that people understand.
@Josh Don't worry, I almost missed it - forgot that Tuesday UTC would be Monday PST. Good thing for the banner reminding me!
2:45 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think tagging is overall good. I would get rid of a few tags I don't see as being useful, such as tips and `theory, but otherwise it wouldn't change much.
It's not always going to be popular. And this is probably the most difficult part of the job. But if it is actively harmful, it is pretty much required to stand firm on it. Even if it means being less lenient than the Team.
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice
@TheThreeModsToRuleThemAll: What if the greater S.E. policy changes (via update or feature add, or other) in some way that negatively impacts our particular site? Do you stand up for us?
I realize that most of my questions probably seem contrived.
@GnomeSlice this won't happen though, Jeff is also the owner of these sites, they will never do something to hurt them
@GnomeSlice Slow down, they're about 2 questions behind at the moment.
we don't have super powered enemies
2:46 AM
@JuanManuel Our particular site seems to have more issues with scope/tagging than others, because of the topic.
@LessPop_MoreFizz As I mentioned in one of my earlier responses, one of the things I do when I'm not handling mod flags is organize tags. Figure out what works, what is being ambiguous, figure out what needs to be used more, start trollopping about the questions to see what needs to get tagged...
Mostly, my first goal would be a lot of cleanup with the non-game-name tags, and especially boot out [how-to] and [strategy], which are feeling less and less helpful as they increase in usage.
@GnomeSlice to answer your question: I'd express my opinion against something harmful to the site
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd add console tags, as I feel tags are used to organize and sort. Say, for example, somebody was an expert at PS3 questions. If some of the questions about PS3s aren't the PS3 tags, the user may miss those questions. To finally answer the question, I would put a console tag on every question that it would make sense on.
In fact, I think console tags should be mandatory (or be a special tag set), but that wouldn't work if the question wasn't console specific. (Can't think of a case right not, but I'm sure there is one).
But in the current scenario in which I don't have infinite energy, I target smaller opponents first.
Question: There have been a number of discussion of topics to include new users (ITG, Redstone Golf, Tournaments, etc), what do you think the roles are of these "getting to know you" questions/events going forward? How can we both be inclusive while remaining on topic for GSE?
2:48 AM
Ahh, Question Overflow!
@GnomeSlice As much as possible. There is a limit to what you do, since this is SOIS's business after all. If the offense was egregious (which I can't imagine), I would lead the charge of taking our CC data to another site.
@CRoss Ambitious. Good quality.
@GnomeSlice I'm not afraid to bark at the Team if I think something is highly dangerous to our site. But even then, I also happen to usually understand the motives behind their choices.
Not that I have any idea what CC data is.
@Gnome Creative Commons. It's the license under which everything on this site is posted.
2:49 AM
We've got about 10 minutes left, keep that in mind if you're wanting to ask a question. (:
@Mana Oh right. I still don't know how that factors into this but that's not really my job.
In your mind, what is the single thing Gaming.SE as a site needs most to improve. Furthermore, what do you intend to do to make that happen?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh, come on, we already answered that!
@YouGuysAreGonnaBeMods: If you are elected as a mod, what will your first order of business be?
@GraceNote Oh? Where?
2:50 AM
Totally was, Josh, totally was
@GraceNote .ok sorry!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Meta post on "Q&A For Candidates". It's the very first question, or very last if you look at mine.
@tzenes I don't think we should allow questions just to be inclusive. Lets face it, it's a site about video games, who doesn't have a video game question now and then? I think we greet new users warmly, and make sure they get good responses from the community, and go about running the site as well as we can.
@GnomeSlice Edit my profile to say that I'm an elected moderator on Gaming and thus if I make any strange sounding remarks in Meta Stack Overflow that one should take into account that I do in fact wield a diamond.
@GnomeSlice Talk to the other mods and achieve alignment, whatever that means.
2:52 AM
@GraceNote Srs bsns.
Alternatively, party all night long to VG Music. I might do that first.
Mods after my own heart.
My final 2 questions to you would be mods:
Question~: Say that a user with high reputation on the site, respected and adored by the community, grows power-hungry and begins abusing their superpowers in a harmful way. How would you deal with this situation?
@GnomeSlice oh come on, I totally answered that!
2:53 AM
@Mana cough@Manacough
A: Meta-Meta: A Proposal for Creating Site Policy

badpI have a better idea. Mods, not democracy, make decisions by accepting answers on meta. Mods may decide to accept the highest voted option, or not for reasons of consistency and higher-ups' compliance. If there's a tick, it's policy. If there isn't, it is not. If the policy changes, the tick cha...

@JuanManuel I don't recall. :(
"when I get elected, as my first act with this new authority, I will create a Grand Army of the Republic to counter the increasing threats of the Separatists. muahahahahaha"
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
@Gnome actually, myself was my inspiration for that question.
2:54 AM
@tzenes Some things are too problematic and host too much of a scale problem. Other things, not simply in theory but in practice, don't have as much of a problem. It's easier to make a blanket call of "No", but I think that based on our own ability to handle some stuff, it is feasible to handle some degree. Work not just on existing trends, but on what the prediction is. Solve it before it becoems a problem, but only when it is turning into a problem.
@LessPop_MoreFizz 3
@Mana I'm trying to find it.
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Vote to close.
@LessPop_MoreFizz 3
@LessPop_MoreFizz exactly 598
2:55 AM
@OhBoyYouGuysAreReallyInTheSoupNow: What is your plan of action for dealing with Me??
@LessPop_MoreFizz Depends on whether or not he's full from the Tootsie Roll Pop or not.
@Mana Sadly this happens to some extent. I would message them, communicate what's acceptable, and what's not, and revert the damages. If they continue, you don't have any choice but to put them in the box of shame, because a high rep user can cause lots of damage to a site.
@GnomeSlice 2 years suspension
@JuanManuel Take that Evan Carrol!
2:55 AM
@GnomeSlice Pilebunker.
@CRoss Appropriate, and effective.
Hey, a nonce word.
@LessPop_MoreFizz a woodchuck would chuck all he could if a woodchuck could chuck wood. The question is: how much ground would a groundhog hog if a groundhog could hog ground!
@GraceNote Excellent choice.
2:56 AM
No, Pilebunker is not a nonce word
damn. I was so close.
It's a common weapon that basically hammers a spike at extreme speeds. Sometimes operated by gunpowder, or crazier.
It's basically how to make a really painful melee weapon capable of punching through any manner of defense.
Haha, yeah, that definitely describes @Gnome.
@HooooooBoyYouGuysHaveGotYourWorkCutOutForYouNow,Haven'tYou?: How flexible will you guys be with possibly trying to have more mods elected if our site grows beyond all projections? More concisely, how would you deal with a rapidly expanding userbase?
I'm going to withhold on your questions until I finish my answer to Mana...
2:58 AM
Alright, just a couple minutes left, let's hold the questions now and make sure the candidates are caught up.
@GraceNote That's fine.
> I see the growth of the site as both a good thing, and a risk that has to be managed. As we gain popularity, and have lots of new people who don't know the culture dropping in it will be more important to maintain standards and communicate our culture to the next virtual generation.

We communicate that culture in several ways.

A clear FAQ.
Comments explaining why moderator action was taken.
Consistency in enforcing community expectations, and holding active, consistent users to the same standards.
@CRoss We have an FAQ??
from my Q&A
@GnomeSlice behold the FAQ!
@GnomeSlice I'd be all for having more mods elected if the current mods are unable to handle the userbase.
3:01 AM
@Mana Contact the user and try to work it out. Always talk first. Always try to reach a resolution. Always try to understand both sides of the story. The ideal scenario is not necessarily to get the person to understand our side, but to simply end the conflict and abuse. Keep the prize in mind - a safe and happy community.
@YouModPeopleAreReallyGoingToHaveToBlowMeAwayOrIWillBeDisappoint: Follow up Question: How do we determine when "the userbase has grown too large"?
@GnomeSlice As for more mods, I'm all for it.
@GnomeSlice Rapid nudge mechanics to ideally push for new electees. I actually expected 4 slots but I supposed that due to our own poor conversion rates we don't actually need 4.
@Gnome didn't Rebecca say no more questions
@Mana That's my last one. It was a follow up.
3:02 AM
fair nuff
Just an FYI, the Bridge has been reopened.
Besides, when I have I ever followed the guidelines anyway.
No more now please. q:
@GraceNote Rapid Nudge Mechanics?
@GnomeSlice remember, some of us already have the kick power ;-)
3:03 AM
@CRoss Hmm?
@GnomeSlice When things start to rise and the current mods feel it will rise too much.
Once the candidates are all caught up, perhaps a quick final thought from each of them and then we'll conclude.
@Grace I'll keep your response in mind when I orchestrate the downfall of this site later this year. LOOK FORWARD TO IT :3
@GnomeSlice When we can't keep the moderator flags in single digits.
So, pseudo-question: final thoughts? (:
3:04 AM
@CRoss Excellent suggestion.
@CRoss Ahahahaha~
@RebeccaChernoff I blame @badp. Oh wait...
Since I'm out of ridiculous @names anyway, I guess I'll stop asking questions.
@RebeccaChernoff Good luck to all of the candidates! I'm also happy to address any questions on the Bridge of candidates who haven't had diamond experience and are curious about anything.
@RebeccaChernoff I can't promise that I will make everyone happy as a moderator. I can promise that I would do my best to protect, guide, and benefit Gaming.SE. Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to participating on gaming with all of you in the future.
I think there should be a prize for the user who had the best @names.
3:06 AM
@Grace On diamond experience: do you ever get any compulsive desires to just kind of...delete everything?
Oh, man, I forgot to ask my own question, "What would your theme song be if you were in a video game".
@GraceNote Bonus question? q:
Actually, the correct answer was "The Buck Bumble Theme"
As I have said in almost every other Town Hall, good luck to all the candidates and as always, THANK YOU @RebeccaChernoff FOR YOUR HARD WORK ON THESE!!!
3:08 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I look forward to seeing Gaming's newest mods - good luck to everyone!
I will be posting a question on Gaming's meta with a digest of this chat, both the first and second half.
monotone I wonder if Grace is not going to become a mod. The suspense is killing me.
@Mana I'll answer you on the Bridge
Thanks everyone for participating! A summary will be posted by Josh on meta - yay to him for taking that over (:
3:09 AM
(I'm just being facetious. I really do respect the elections for what they are, even though I seem flippant.)
Aaaaaaand...... to the bridge
@RebeccaChernoff glad to help!

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