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6:03 PM
Q: In "The Omen", what would have happened if someone killed Damien Thorn with something other than the seven daggers of Mediggo?

Elisa ElisijaIt's said that the seven daggers of Mediggo are the only weapons that can kill the Antichrist. So what would have happened if someone shot Damien with a gun or beheaded him with a different weapon? Would he survive that?

@Jenayah Hello!
@IanHunter waves
Point proven.
What point?
Oh, the point about the story of me joining the site? :P
32 mins ago, by Alex
What if a new user comes tomorrow?
6:10 PM
hey, it's not tomorrow yet
you were wrong, eat your pedantry :P
@Jenayah I only said tomorrow for stylistic reasons.
Oh I see, you were practicing style for this fanfic of yours... :)
And to quote our pedant par excellence:
Aug 17 at 18:01, by Rand al'Thor
As a poet, I will grudgingly accept that sometimes poetic licence trumps pedantry :-)
What's poetic in "What if a new user comes tomorrow?"?
@Jenayah It sounds better than "What if a new user comes today?"
6:12 PM
It might sound better, but I don't read that out loud. :P
@Jenayah It's easier on the eyes, too.
You think so?
What's up with your eyes?
@Jenayah Since you mentioned pedantry: it still proves his point even if the situation that occurred doesn't exactly match his hypothetical.
@Randal'Thor I was going to say that too.
Points can be proven by small variations of the proposition too.
6:15 PM
But then I wouldn't have been able to quote you.
hey, even if it's the case I have two jokers and we're only on November 2nd so it's fine
@Alex Pedantic pedants pedanticise alike?
@Randal'Thor get a room you two :P
Who are the jokers? Me and Rand?
@Jenayah Hey, why are Alex and I jokers?
6:16 PM
Nah, jokers as in trump cards
So Trump is a joker?
Requesting migration to Politics
@Randal'Thor I was thinking it was more of a Meta-decision to show that poeticness trumps pedantry by using the poetic argument rather than the pedantic argument.
@Jenayah The Politics chatroom is called The Clockwork Parrot. Because it has a left wing, a right wing, and Polly ticks.
@Randal'Thor LOL
6:18 PM
Is there a Stack Exchange for jokes?
(It's not actually called that, but I wish it was.)
It's not?
@Alex Proposed and failed in Area 51.
you de-made my day :(
in Agora, May 5 '17 at 22:46, by Rand al'Thor
I move to rename the Politics.SE chatroom to "The Clockwork Parrot".
6:19 PM
@Randal'Thor Is that a joke?
@Alex No, it's Jokes.
@Jenayah Hey, the joke is still valid, even if it's not the chatroom's real name!
Maybe it would have clashed with Puzzling, giving us SE's take on the War of Jokes and Riddles.
(honestly I don't expect much people to get that joke, save maybe for @RDFozz :) )
5 hours ago, by Alex
@TheLethalCarrot I'm like Tom Riddle.
@Alex you're an unsufferable twisted, bully boy turning into an evil snakelike creature after splitting his own soul?
@Jenayah We already had a Great Puzzling War. One was enough.
6:22 PM
@Jenayah That too, but the ppoint in context was that I don't like sharing my name with commoners.
@Alex The proposal itself has been deleted, but I found a onebox for it:
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), Sep 24 '15 at 13:01, by Ankit Sharma

Proposed Q&A site for those that are interested in puns, jokes, comedy relief, spin a thing to the humorous side, irony, comedy and comedians, psychology of humor, philosophy of humor, laughter yoga, ...

Currently in definition.

@Randal'Thor Ah, not a joke after all.
Not sure if that's the same incarnation of the proposal that I was thinking of, but eh.
@Randal'Thor sigh I was referring to:
@Jenayah I know you were referring to some Batman thing. I was referring to a real event ;-)
6:24 PM
@Jenayah And, I do!
@Randal'Thor I don't care :D
@RDFozz yeay, can always count on RD to know the right stuff and not just "some Batman thing" eh Rand :P
Also, hello, @hydrusbrannmannsam!
@Jenayah At least he knew it was "some Batman thing". Unlike me.
Specifically, a marine slug also called a sea bunny.
@Alex better not know altogether, rather than disdainfully dismissing it as "some Batman thing" :P
@Jenayah I disdainfully dismissed it anyway.
6:26 PM
@Jenayah I never read/watched any Batman stuff, so pretty much everything I know about it is from osmosis on this site.
@Randal'Thor So, the brownish things are ears, not things crawling on it.
@Randal'Thor can you make terrine out of it?
@Alex meh
@Randal'Thor it's never too late!
@Jenayah October the 1st was too late.
So November the 2nd must be even later.
@RDFozz they look like weird futuristic fancy solenoids
Now there's a reference I guess most here won't get. Maybe @Donald.McLean?
6:28 PM
@Randal'Thor Disdainfully dismisses reference
@Randal'Thor Babylon 5?
@Randal'Thor In any case, November 5 is coming.
@Jenayah Nope.
Remember, remember, the fifth of November...
@Randal'Thor its prequel, Babylon 4?
@Jenayah No, that went missing several years ago because of (spoiler spoiler) V/S taking it back in time.
6:33 PM
Q: Short story about The Last Zoo on Earth

Aengus I remember reading a long time ago a scifi short story about an official who has to go and close down the last zoo. The zoo was just a few pet animals and I think they had to be exterminated which precipitated the owners suicide. Any idea of title and author?

@Jenayah Sequel - Babylon and on
@RDFozz *Crusade
@Randal'Thor Yes, but that's not even remotely funny.
You're being remotely funny. I'm being pedantically correct.
6:40 PM
Probably Doctor Who then.
@Randal'Thor You have to hang out here more often.
@NapoleonWilson Nope. What do you think I am, a two-trick pony?
I do consume things that aren't TV as well, as you might have noticed ;-)
@Randal'Thor This doesn't just depend on you, but also on what I know about Donald McLean.
@Randal'Thor Granted. Sorry.
@NapoleonWilson That he's a voracious reader of scifi stories?
Yes yes. My mistake.
6:43 PM
@Randal'Thor That's good - there's nothing worse than getting LEDs stuck between your teeth.
2 hours later…
8:14 PM
@Jenayah I figured out the the song I was thinking of.
At about 1:11 there is a stretch of tune that sounds similar to a stretch from your song at about 0:32.
And by "stretch" I mean just a few seconds.
@Alex I don't understand a word but I like the song!
It scares me when one song sounds just like another - I get afraid I'll hear "Ice Ice Baby", instead of "Under Pressure"
@Jenayah But the real question is whether you agree that there is a similarity.
I bought myself a frame for eyeglasses! I had my doubts, but I think I chose right. Unless this one is unsuitable somehow, I shall have a fancy new pair of eyeglasses ready by christmas 2018 the latest.
8:35 PM
@Alex not really, tbh
@Jenayah Aw!
@b_jonas oh, so one with a complete frame, or like, only top framed, no frame around the glass or stuff?
@Alex There's no point deciding that one or the other is better. It's like in-universe vs out of universe explanations. Whoever asks the question or whoever votes can decide what kind of answer they prefer. The person who asks the question can specify in the question. If you'd like a different answer, you can ask in a separate question or comment, or whatever.
@Jenayah Complete frame. I need that, because I order high refraction index glass lenses with -9 and -10 diopters myopic correction (plus astigmatism), so wired frame wouldn't be stable enough to hold them.
@b_jonas What is this in reference to?
@TheLethalCarrot You're putting edit links into the comments that ask for clarification in story-id questions. That's such a good idea, and so simple, I'm glad you invented it. I'll try to use it in the future if I remember. Thank you.
8:49 PM
I didn’t start doing it but yeah it works quite well. I try and only do it for new network users though.
@TheLethalCarrot Sure, it only makes sense for new users. Older users know how to edit a question.
It's new users who leave a comment or just never return.
It doesn’t always work mind you, sometimes they need a follow up comment. But it does improve editing I think
@b_jonas Hmm - I think that makes your eyes slightly worse than mine - I think my prescriptions are around -8 and -9
@RDFozz In glasses or contacts? It comes down to -8 and -9 in contacts effectively, plus there's like four different systems for how to write the numbers even for eyeglasses, so it's a bit complicated sadly.
It's a good thing I pay professionals to handle those things.
10 mins ago, by b_jonas
@TheLethalCarrot You're putting edit links into the comments that ask for clarification in story-id questions. That's such a good idea, and so simple, I'm glad you invented it. I'll try to use it in the future if I remember. Thank you.
Good question - probably contacts, then. I remember it from when I wore those regularly (actually, I first got contacts when mt Mom was working for an opthalmologist when I was in high school.)
8:57 PM
Hmm, who started it then? @Edlothiad isn't here.
@RDFozz Then they might be about equal, not that it really matters.
@RDFozz Oh, so you wear glasses now?
I actually gave up on contacts a few years ago - If I'm having trouble reading something up close, then I can just look over or take off my glasses.
I'm actually going to try contacts again very soon. Not for everyday wear, but only occasional.
People have been doing it for a while but Ed did do it too aye
@RDFozz Well sure! For me as a myopic, the contacts give a better vision for looking faraway. They don't much help reading.
I mean, technically it's better for looking close too, but it doesn't feel better and isn't necessary then, plus for looking at a computer monitor they'd be very tiring for my eyes too.
I'm afraid they'd still be too uncomfortable for daily wear, but I hope the tech has improved enough that they'll be good enough for occasional wear.
@b_jonas Good luck - hope it works well for you!
9:05 PM
9:54 PM
@Jenayah - your VtC of about 10 minutes ago - Wow - I don;t think I've seen a poster asking for a deletion quite so obviously before.
Comment: Right away I was not claiming that I had an answer, nor that I was in any way correct. If you would like me to make it more obvious, I can emphasize my disclaimer. This post treats the question as more of a discussion topic. Or I could delete the post if you were not inviting extrapolate speculation
A: How could a magician create a gem?

kanooI would like to add to this question that the Kingkiller Chronicles have their own interpretation of magic, but may help with this one. Disclaimer: purely speculative In the Kingkiller world, magic is called sympathy instead, and is based on understanding of an object. The sympathist would convi...

(Note - probably to be deleted shortly)
@RDFozz I was confused for a moment, I realised after a good twenty seconds you meant a vote to delete :)
@RDFozz don't care anymore :D </boast>
@RDFozz yeah that's saying "delete me delete me delete meeee"
they did take the tour though
Apparently the tour isn't obvious enough that discussion is a thing but not in answers
Q: Why doesn't Elrond care about Glamdring?

AmarthFrom Did Gandalf know the origin of "Glamdring"? we learn that Glamdring belonged to the King of Gondolin (Turgon) and that Elrond suspects it was looted from the remnants of the city by orcs or dragons. Rivendell was founded by Elrond and other survivors/descendants of Gondolin. Elrond's father...

10:48 PM
Q: Nutcracker sci-fi, is it possible?

Abraham RayHas anyone ever done the nutcracker as a science fiction version? If so what’s the plot if it’s different than the classic story?


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