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Your question is off topic for Stack Overflow. You probably will get a better response by posting on our sister site Code Review. — Code-Apprentice 17 secs ago
Q: Splitting circular dependency between aggregates

keelerjr12My original design has a domain service that did a lot of work which resulted in an Anemic Domain Model (concepts like BalanceCalculators, AccountServices, etc.). I refactored my design which resulted in Accounts computing the the balance (which is a domain concept). However, this resulted in me...

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OP like this belongs to code reviewguradio 1 min ago
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Q: Add new TabItem to a TabControl using Click Event

raheemmcdonaldI'm trying to add a new TabItem to a TabControl. The TabItem's content will be set to a new Frame, and the frame holds the actual Page. A new Tabitem is added each time the button is clicked, this is the code I've come up with. // initiates the tab item ang assign dumby values (REMOVE B...

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This kind of question is better suited for Code Review, but ensure that you're including the C# version (which you're stated nearly identical) as comparison to gather possible improvements. — Tetsuya Yamamoto 34 secs ago
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Q: Saving inputs to member variable vs passing input as function parameter

simplenameI have a class that takes a large datatype as input and then performs a bunch of processing on it to generate a result. I don't really need to save that input data as a class variable but I have done so for readability, so all processing functions can access it. However, I was wondering if the ov...

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Q: A flexible menu function in python

TentacleGuyThis is a question about some code I've written which actually works but I do not know if it is good code. I'm relative new to programming so please be patient. I would like to get some comments on this or if possible hints to build a better solution. Background: I've build a small program to ...

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Q: checking if element matches & if no element matches in single for loop - nested list of multiple dictionaries

Rajesh MappuThe logic of the code to build was as follows, two logical conditions on a nested list of multiple dictionary elements; If the value of dictionary element matches in the list of dictionaries return the particular dictionary, and if no element matches in the list of dictionaries; append this new d...

Q: HackerRank problem - need help getting time complexity down

TylerP3358I just completed this problem: https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/climbing-the-leaderboard/problem. My solution seems to be fine, but there are four test cases that are preventing me from moving on. This is all for practice and what not, but I am curious to see where my solution could be imp...

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Q: minimum number of swaps required to sort the array in ascending order in C

anand powaiHere is my problem statement and below is my code int minimumSwaps(int arr_count, int* arr) { long long int i,count=0,j,temp,min,min_index; for(i=0;i<arr_count;i++) { min=arr[i]; min_index=i; for(j=i+1;j<arr_count;j++) { if(arr[j]<min) { min=arr[j]; ...

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Q: Evenly space Navigation bar elements

MicheleHow can you evenly space elements on a Navigation bar? my code for the nav bar style is: <style> div { width: 1330px; padding: 10px; margin: 0; background-color: #212F3D; text-align: center; } </style>

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Q: peer validation : Trie data structure implementation in C++

Anand KulkarniI am currently trying to work on various interesting projects. I just recently implemented a Trie data structure in C++ which is threadsafe and provides all useful methods to work with trie data structure. Could someone do a basic review and provide view/comments on my code quality, naming con...

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Q: Is it much better to add a method to String library in Typescript

Heng SopheakI'm using Typescript now I want to add another method to the existing library for using my application as below instruction. So I would like to ask about the performance and finding another better structure. In MyString.ts interface String { toCapitalCaseOnly: () => string; } String.prototyp...

Q: beginner help first app

KubaI am 18 yo and I want to make my first apk on Android(TOTALLY BEGINNER!!). My choice is something like Cookie Clicker at first I want to create -Click Counter (maybe something like money-in-game) -Image button(point to count clicks) At first for everyone advanced in this subject. I dont want to ...

@ Anja, I was serious about there being a lot more problems with this code in terms of readability and quality. I suggest you post this code on code review for some tips. This code can be made a lot simpler — Maarten Fabré 9 secs ago
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Q: Using array for data input in python binary tree

Sidra YounasI'm a newbie to python and I'm working on python tree data structure. I want to understand the implementation of tree data structure using an array as an input data. I have an array with randomly generated data and I need to know how can it be used as an input for tree. I have searched through di...

You may want to see this for dynamic statements, self-promotion. — Nae 32 secs ago
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Q: How would you optimize this bound(a+b) * c arrays?

markzzzI've an Audio Host application that sends block of samples to a DLL I'm building. It sends 44100 samples per seconds (i.e. sample rate 44100hz). Here's my internal processing. I've an array A[MAX_BUFFER] filled with some normalized values, a B[MAX_BUFFER] with some other normalized values and I ...

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Q: React - List with selectable and sortable element

Alex83690The code consists in making a list of elements sortable (with the drag on the right) and selectable (click on the text). However it seems a little too complex. https://codesandbox.io/s/434p397p74 Would it be possible to simplify / improve? What are the missing good practices? PS: I am a begi...

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Q: Check array contains element at compile time

SynckWe have a modifyCoefficient(const char* name, int value) function that updates the value of a coefficient in a container. The names are known at compile time, they are read from an XML file in a pre-build step and stored in an array. Usage: data.modifyCoefficient("ADAPTIVE", 1); I would like to ...

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possible answer invalidation by jayadeepk on question by jayadeepk: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/206117/revisions
Q: Why does my school program not allow me to enter float values for grades?

Neil MeyerI have the following code, it works when I enter integers into the program but for some reason, I don't fully understand it will not allow me to enter float values, I have the three following classes. namespace GradeBook { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) ...

9:40 AM
Q: java bufferedReader.readLine can't read whole file line

asciiour back-end program read txt file and process something line by line. so for reading file line by line, It is using bufferedReader.readLine. but sometimes, once a quarter, bufferedReader can't read whole line. if there is 1000 line file, It just read 1~530. I'm sure file is well formed. when...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to codereview.stackexchange.comRoman Konoval 16 secs ago
This question would be better placed at codereview (as the question itself states). — deHaar 43 secs ago
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Q: Calculate the number of duplicate sentence

zakimokHow can I Count duplicate phrases number in the source (Same sentences repeated) ex : in the source (hi developers hi developers hi developers) the answer is =3 in c#

Welp ... this morning is not a good one for quality questions
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Q: Java - My sorting function works but I don't understand why

diseazI'm new on java and recently needded to find a way to sort a list of class by score, I'll simplify the class I have for you: private class ScoreM implements Comparable<ScoreM> { public Move move; public int score; public ScoreM(Move move, int score) { this.move = move; ...

12:36 PM
Q: PHP multidimensional array made unique

HimanshuI have one csv file which have records like country_code, state, city, city'pincode Below is my code $file = "mycsvfile.csv"; $handle = fopen($file, "r"); $lines = []; if (($handle = fopen($file, "r")) !== FALSE) { while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, "\t")) !== FALSE) { $count...

@Vogel612 Bummer. Just got in.
1:00 PM
"•Is it correct? Any suggested improvements?" Code Review is a better place to ask. (Although they want already working code, so I'm not sure whether "is this correct" is on topic there...) — JETM 27 secs ago
1:24 PM
Q: Test-Spy Implementation

michael.zechI have tried to write a test-spy myself. Just for getting more familar with the topic. Here's the code: // --------- SPY - Start ----------------------------------- class Spy { constructor(func) { this.func = func; this.returnValue = null; this.result = null; this.countFuncCal...

Welcome to SO; what @JETM is trying to say is that such kind of questions ("Is it correct? Any suggested improvements?") are arguably off-topic for SO, and you should seriously consider moving it to Code Review... — desertnaut 1 min ago
Greetings, Programs.
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Q: Search and replace Hyperlink on Powershell

Jonathas SoaresHow can I find and replace a string inside a hyperlink in a .doc on powershell? I am using this link as reference.

Q: Calling a method from another class then doing it again but opposite in C++

Marko PetričevićI have a fairly simple question that I just dont know how to solve: My class Loptica and its methods: static const int sirinaLoptice = 20, visinaLoptice = 20; //width and height of the ball int pocetniLopticaX, pocetniLopticaY; //starting x and y axis position int trenutniX, trenutn...

1:55 PM
Q: Looking for a good way to pass "APIs" arround

TarionI have a lot of code that depends on some API, this API should be exchangeable. I was looking into different C++ concepts an I'm still confused whats the best way to go. In the end it's going to be used in embedded programming and API's will be things like "I2C", "UART", etc. and implementations...

Q: Vue component over-complication

madI'm building a date range selector, and while this works, I feel like I'm making it more complicated than it needs to be. Is there a more elegant way of writing this? Possibly using computed values or watches? <template> <form> <select @change="rangeSelection"> <opti...

@Donald.McLean Greetings, Stargazer.
@Vogel612 Not just this morning. The crap keeps coming.
Imma poke someone about that...
@Vogel612 As long as we're on it, what more can we do?
2:05 PM
It's not like this needs to be a flood of crap questions
there's some fairly simple checks that can be done to block a metric ton of crap
If there is no code block in the question, you're out.
That would save at least 2 questions a day already.
10 on a lousy day.
There are filters in place on the titles already, right? Can't be too hard to put those on the question body as well.
actually... we should have something like that in place...
Q: Friendly notifier for review questions with missing code?

greatwolfOn occasion new users, unfamiliar with how code review works, would post a question for review without some sample of the actual code in question. I'd imagine this happens because the user wants to jump right in and starting asking rather than taking the time to read the FAQ. What ends up happeni...

see also title filter
@Vogel612 Not 100% accurate then. Because I still see them without code.
might just be a regression or gotten removed or something...
There's a pop-up, sure. But why not simply block them completely.
2:15 PM
Not without also requiring code to be in answers, @EBrown (which would hit a lot of answers here right now). Could be done, but would take a bit of work; got it on a list. A very long list. — Shog9 ♦ May 30 '17 at 20:55
^^ there's something here
@Vogel612 Ugh.
@Vogel612 I remember that one
I'm pretty sure that the AaQ wizard will tear away at that block
Good work, SE.
So, we need to make that a feature-request?
2:17 PM
Again: I'll poke someone about this to see whether it's still an issue.
A well-written feature request that possibly refers back to the first meta post I linked will definitely increase our chances
I'll make a start if someone else can review it to make sure it's friendly/good enough.
sure, poke me with an email or a gist any time
We can't do it.
There are graphic languages.
We would immediately disqualify all of those.
how many questions do we have that involve graphic languages?
how many of these are actually truly on-topic over here?
1) Not many. 2) Probably all that are still on the site. But are you ready to declare them out-of-scope for a feature?
We have 3 questions. 4 questions, what more graphic languages are already on the site?
Ladder Diagram is a graphical language but reviewing that is hard on CR, so I don't envision a question in that language any time soon. But it would be within current scope.
2:24 PM
at that point we might as well disable that check for the handful of tags where it's not appropriate
@AnkitAgarwal your copypasta comment doesn't appear to be relevant. The problem with this question is that it's off topic and probably would fit better on CodeReviewleigero 32 secs ago
If that's an option, sure. But I imagine that would make it somewhat of a complicated feature to write suitable for just us.
meh. if we specify that out, we can try to get it into the Ask a Question Wizard
@leigero Code review? There is no code to review! — Esko 10 secs ago
Q: Managing a high score list

Dexter ThornI've written two classes that I use to create and manage a high score list. I plan to use this code for my own, larger project. I would like to ask if there is something to complain about my code. Were the language tools and the libraries of the language used meaningfully? Does my implementation ...

Q: Whiteboarding - Multiply all values in array except at the index for each

thumbtackthief# You have an array of integers, and for each index you want to find the product of every integer except the integer at that index. # Write a method get_products_of_all_ints_except_at_index() that takes an array of integers and returns an array of the products. # For example, given: # [1, 7,...

2:27 PM
@Mast Even so, for graphical languages we can find a workaround I'd bet.
I.e. TIS-100 is text-based, just in a 4x3 grid, so it could easily be put into a question in a decent format.
For scratch those could be rewritten into a question, nothing prohibits that.
There's no way to export the scratch image to the studio anyway, I don't think, so it's just a little extra work.
This is code used in a PLC:
Try turning that into text.
How many actual questions couldn't meet the requirement, though? We have very few PLC questions, so I can't imagine it affects more than 1% of them.
is there no HDL for that?
Sure, you can translate it to a different language, but that throws out some details.
@Vogel612 Sure, can be used instead. But what if you have LD as a requirement and got 200 of such rows?
2:31 PM
Ladder Diagram.
I mean, 200 rows is 200 rows. We have questions hitting close to the 65536 character limit, I don't think that should be a factor.
Ladder logic was originally a written method to document the design and construction of relay racks as used in manufacturing and process control. Each device in the relay rack would be represented by a symbol on the ladder diagram with connections between those devices shown. In addition, other items external to the relay rack such as pumps, heaters, and so forth would also be shown on the ladder diagram. Ladder logic has evolved into a programming language that represents a program by a graphical diagram based on the circuit diagrams of relay logic hardware. Ladder logic is used to develop software...
Personally, I think the HDL export of some sort should be a requirement, because we can't import the image to a usable studio or simulator.
@202_accepted If we go that route, we should disqualify every graphic language that doesn't have an export option.
Any code that gets submitted to CR as an image is, well, unacceptable, in my eyes. Unless that image can be imported (QR format, et. al.), it's just not the right thing to do. We should always have an HDL export.
2:33 PM
We'd have to meta that before we make the feature request IMO.
And in that case, we'll have to do some sort of workaround.
I.e. put the logic in a code block, there's no prohibition on that.
@Vogel612 You could turn it into ASCII, but that's a lousy workaround.
 1. ----[ ]---------+----[ ]-----+----( )
      Switch        |   HiTemp   |    A/C
                    |            |
                    +----[ ]-----+

 2. ----[ ]----[\]--------------------( )
        A/C    Heat                 Cooling
Perfectly readable and reviewable. Does it make sense to do it however? It needs to be translated by hand.
We're talking about edge-cases of edge-cases, for hte sake of argument...
The actual amount of questions affected is much less than 1%.
the simple workaround is to allow whitelisting that for special tags
2:35 PM
@Vogel612 That requires work from SE, we can't count on that.
they're building the Ask a Question wizard anyways
The simple workaround is to put something in a code-block. Take the PNG and get the byte-array for a code-block or something.
and as it stand, we're already discussing making SE do some work
because rn the code-requirement is not implemented / working
@Vogel612 There's a difference between asking them to build a shed or asking them to build a palace.
2:36 PM
Hey if you want to try it, go for it, but they often say no or "eventually" to things that are even slightly more than an hour of work, essentially.
again: they are already working on the AaQ wizard
and SO needs that thing to be a palace anyways, soo ....
@Vogel612 So, just wait and see what that's going to bring for options?
Or give them input now?
I'd prefer the latter
because that will force them to make it more customizable. That means the work could even be used on other sites
not only CR and SO
assuming they take the input...
Heh, forcing SE to do anything. Yea...
2:38 PM
I mean....their history of fixing bug-reports alone isn't great...so I don't know that we have any chance whatsoever.
How can we sell it to make it attractive for them to implement? Can we think of more things that are actually a direct benefit when they'd implement such a thing, preferable for multiple sites?
If you sell something right, you can sell a bridge you don't own to a sheik who doesn't need it.
ppcg requirements? skeptics wants a notability reference for a claim.
maybe the language sites want stuff like that as well ...
it's not like that AaQ Wizard is unusable except on SO
That's a start.
Q: Choosing which JSON object to use for calculations

SipoI have multiple JObjects representing a category in my system. The JSON for each category is as follows: { "Name": "CategoryName", "Mandatory": true, // or false "SubCategories" : [ { "Name": "SubCategoryName", "Mandatory": false, // or true ...

Q: change loop in R code

cs0815As an R beginner I would appreciate any input to improve the efficiency of the following code: combinations <- expand.grid( X <- seq(0, 5, by = 1) , Y <- seq(0, 1, by = 1) ) combinations <- setNames(combinations, c("X", "Y")) results = data.frame() for (row in 1:nrow(com...

Guess this is going to be better on main meta than on CR.meta, right?
2:48 PM
depends. if you want to focus this on CR meta, I can point the right people at it
but if you want to put it to main meta, please do link it in here :)
2:59 PM
Q: Reacting to moods with icons

katjassThis is a class in my React app. This code works and displays an appropriate icon and question for every description. class myQuestion extends PureComponent { render() { const { description } = this.props.question; let icon = icon; let question = question; if (description === '...

It seems that Code Review would be a better place for this question as it looks like you just want some opinions on working code and the answer does not provide any code, just a review on it. — Mr.Smithyyy 50 secs ago
@Vogel612 I think you got a better grasp on SE politics than I do, so I'll make that your call.
If your code works and you seek improvements or constructive criticism, Code Review is a more appropriate home for your question. — Amy 11 secs ago
3:15 PM
Q: MVP implementation in Android

ostojanI create simple Android application and I try to use MVP design pattern. I read some tutorials and after that I started writing code. Now I have simple activity with its functionality and my code looks like this. View: interface TimerView { fun updateTime(time: Long) fun disableStop() ...

Sounds like you should be posting on CodeReview instead of StackOverflow. — csmckelvey 52 secs ago
This seems more appropriate for CodeReview.SE — Vittorio Romeo 5 secs ago
3:31 PM
@VittorioRomeo CodeReview expects working code. — user463035818 7 secs ago
I need to use the one @Phrancis made me again
3:50 PM
Yes, that way is used a lot and it works. What I don't like is having to add the .u. in all the expressions to access the inner union. I eventually moved on to a third way which is described over hereluser droog 35 secs ago
Q: How do I write this seconds-to-string-converter (to min., hour(s), day(s)) shorter, in Java?

JustEliAnyone know how I write this code shorter, with modulos maybe? I also want to add weeks and years do this code, but it kind of got too long for that. Maybe there is some smart algoritm? Something in a for-loop? public static String formatSeconds (long seconds) { if (seconds < 60) ret...

4:18 PM
Q: Improving upon my naive interval calculation involving large Python Numpy arrays

Cam.Davidson.PilonThis problem is from my open-source package, lifelines. In the package, we deal with datasets that have time-varying covariates. Internally, we store these as Pandas DataFrames. Below is an example Dataframe, where id is a subject we are tracking, and start is the start of the time period, and st...

4:34 PM
Q: Simple Neural Network from scratch using NumPy (Python)

Seb SquireI added learning rate and momentum to a neural network implementation from scratch I found at: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-build-your-own-neural-network-from-scratch-in-python-68998a08e4f6 However I had a few questions about my implementation: Is it correct? Any suggested improvement...

Apparently there are still plenty of reviews to be done. Please get on it people.
Or the system is still broken, who knows.
possible answer invalidation by Rajesh Mappu on question by Rajesh Mappu: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/206156/revisions
@Duga Huh? Odd question, that it can remove the return like that and still do something useful for OP. Guess it better don't get re-opened.
4:50 PM
Q: Python code for mad libs game

Leo GortzI was doing a simple mad libs game thing but I want to know if there's any more efficient or readable way to write the code as I don't know the best ways to structure code as I am just begginning. Before I write any more of them please can someone tell me if there's a "better" or more accpeted wa...

Q: Proxy scraper and multithreaded checker

shaikeso that's my first "serious" project after learning python for a while . The purpose of this script is to scrape proxies and check if they pass HTTPS websites . The main functionality is : Get args and set (if there are any) Get links to scrape from Scrape for proxies and save them to a file Ch...

5:21 PM
Q: Flatten tree - Depth First approach

bugsI have a tree data structure which I need to flatten depth first. For example, this tree: A | B---C---D | | E F---G---H | I---J would generate this list: A, B, E, C, D, F, G, H, I, J I came up with an initial implementation that looks like this: ...

5:37 PM
Q: Why the correct array values don't show up?

Ski MaskAs a voluntary exercise in my CS class, we were tasked with writing a program to find the min, max and sum of an array, whose length and values can be changed from within the code but not from user input. I succeeded in writing such a program but the array that's displayed is not shown properly. ...

@CaptainObvious No.
5:54 PM
If this method works as it is, then this question likely should be asked on codereview instead. — Chris Dunaway 32 secs ago
6:08 PM
Q: Advice for an assignment

fancy bSo I have like a project called Big integer numbers in programming oriented object in c++ class and I don't know where to start from. Can someone give me some advice about what should I code?

6:23 PM
You could post this question on the code review, since it works and it is not really a question. — mychemicalro 39 secs ago
If this code works correctly, you should post on our sister site Code Review. — Code-Apprentice 11 secs ago
@mychemicalro FYI, you can use [CodeReview.SE] to create a link in comments. This works for all Stack Exchange sites. The key is finding the correct prefix. — Code-Apprentice 35 secs ago
6:40 PM
Q: Find the average of each n number of the array list in Java program

TonyI try to calculate the average each n of the number in the array list, but have some problem about the rule: "calculate the average each n of the number". If you know the solutions, please show me your idea to solve this problem. Thank you! import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class average {...

7:11 PM
Q: Making another client unable to connect to server by displaying a message

user311699So I've been trying to do a multithreaded client-server program in Java. And currently I'm in the process of trying to limit the number of clients that can connect to the server. The server side looks like: import java.io.*; import java.net.*; import java.util.Vector; public class server { ...

7:35 PM
possible answer invalidation by Marko Petričević on question by Marko Petričević: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/206190/revisions
Q: School Student management project that keeps school records

infinitEplusHere is my code that I made for a school assignment.(and still WIP) I'm very noob at programming and I'll be glad if someone gives me throughout review of my code. I've just switched from TurboC++ to Code::Blocks IDE using MinGW. #include <fstream> #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <

Cyclomatic complexity isn't so much "fixed" as it is "reduced", and there's always a minimum amount of complexity. I don't see how this can be improved, but you might try asking on Code ReviewAmy 22 secs ago
8:14 PM
Q: Moving elements satisfying a predicate from one container to another

CrushedPixelI've implemented a C++ algorithm that moves elements satisfying a given unary predicate from one container into the other, deleting them from the input container. This is my implementation: /** * Moves all elements in the input container * that satisfy the given predicate * into the output ...

Something like this codereview.stackexchange.com/q/54257/46194 but you need to fix a few things. Change double into long, and replace 360 with TimeSpan.TicksPerDaySoonts 12 secs ago
8:54 PM
One of the problems of asking for a more elegant way to write something is that it really differs for every person, some people are fine with it, others really dislike the moment part, and then you also have other people who want more watchers or computed properties. The best way to have this code review is asking other co-workers/friends, as they are the ones most likely to interact with the code in the future, out of everyone. — Ferrybig 39 secs ago
Q: Is this a correct way (optimized way) to port Calendar code over java.time

Cheok Yan ChengCurrently, I have the following legacy code in Calendar // reminderCal is Calendar object. // Epoch timestamp loopTs as initial input. long loopTs = Math.max(reminderTs, minTs); reminderCal.setTimeInMillis(loopTs); while (loopTs <= maxTs) { tsList.add(loopTs); reminderCal.add(Calendar...

9:10 PM
If your code is working as intended and is bug free, perhaps you would want to try posting here codereview.stackexchange.com Frankly your question is still pretty broad asking if there's anyway to improve it. Could you narrow it down to a specific thing or two on what you want to improve on? As it stands the question is still pretty broad. — MooingRawr 20 secs ago
Q: Python Script to Query REST API and Write to Database

AdamI wrote the following sample script for learning purposes: import requests import json import pyodbc import os import sys source_url = 'https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/posts/' query_posts_response = requests.get(source_url) if (query_posts_response.status_code == 200): posts = json.l...

9:32 PM
Q: Manipulating arrays to extract unique objects and count occurrences

Jelefra Is there a simpler, more semantic, faster, or otherwise better way than to use two nested map in step 1? I realise that step 3 is longer than it should be and there has to be a better way to do it. How can step 3 be improved? // Original array const arr = [ {key1: [{key2: {id: 1, name:...

10:12 PM
@Vogel612 @202_accepted I took a shot at writing a question for such a proposal, but I'm simply unable to phrase it friendly enough today. Since we got to do this right, it's probably best I abort my attempt at it.
@Duga question is ...
11:01 PM
Yes, you've used StackOverflow, it's really meant to help with finding bugs with code, and not advice on coding practices. CodeReview is more for this type of question -> codereview.stackexchange.comKeith 59 secs ago
@Keith This doesn't seem appropriate for CodeReview. That's for real code with a specific goal. Software Engineering takes questions about general design principles, although this seems to minor for them as well. — Barmar 43 secs ago
11:23 PM
This question was in my chrome history. Gave me a good chuckle. (Deleted viewing rights required).

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