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12:07 AM
Q: In the Battle of Department of Mysteries, why were only 5 Order members sent to rescue Harry Potter?

Ken_To_2018In the Battle of Department of Mysteries, there were more than 12 Death Eaters, why were only 5 Order members (Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks) sent to rescue Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, and Gi...

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Q: Why do these communicators from Star Trek differ?

MuzeIn the picture below the communicators buttons and pattern in the center differ from each other. Was there any direct intent to make them look different although similar from Each other?

Q: Could Frodo have temporarily blinded Sauron by putting on the One Ring and then used the Phial of Galadriel?

FanofCometsCould Frodo have temporarily blinded Sauron by first putting on the One Ring, then to wait for Sauron to zoom in on him, and then to hold up the Phial of Galadriel with his other hand? If this wouldn't have blinded him, I'm sure that the intense light of the Phial of Galadriel probably would ha...

1:56 AM
Q: 1970s/1980s illustrated hardback book in the style of John Berkey

MooI had this book during the 1980s and early 1990s, so it could be from the 1970s as well. Its a hard back book with several linked stories in it, mainly following one protagonist and his sidekick (one or other of the two may have been called "Walker"). The book was heavily illustrated in the sam...

2:43 AM
Q: I can't remember book name or author

EvastarI read a book series in the early 90's that took place in space. The premise of the first book is a group of 5 or so people on a ship in outer space transporting a prisoner..who can see in the dark. They crash on a planet is all I remember. Second book there was a war between 2 planets and the c...

2:59 AM
Q: Looking for a UK TV show about science

ThomasI saw videotapes of it; it was around 1989, the show seemed to be a regular show on UK TV, possibly BBC. It was some educational program about science, quite short if I remember (20-30min) and the intro featured someone on a swing and some city buildings.. Unfortunately, that's all I remember...

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Q: Is Wolverine a killer?

PalliserAlthough Wolverine in 'X-Men (second series) #106, tells Elysia the moral code of the X-Men which reads "The X-Men do not kill", we all know that ever since his appearance in 1974, Wolverine has killed a lot of people. Wolverine is known for his deadly force, which involves, among other things, h...

4:49 AM
Q: Science fiction horror book about humans regressing into animals

BruceSciFi horror novel about people who regressed into primitive animals. Two scenes I recall involved a woman jogging, I think on a beach, and she was attacked by “animals”, that turned out to be these regressive forms of humans. The other scene was people in a house, and they had the lights turned ...

Q: Why didn't Heimdall simply bifrost Thanos and the Black Order into a star?

Captain MarvelIf Heimdall had bifrosted Thanos and his goons into a star, the whole problem had been solved. Even if they managed to get out of bifrost beam (similar to that of Thor: Ragnarok), they would have been lost or worse died in the space. Thanos couldn't even come back without Tesseract. Why didn't H...

5:05 AM
Q: TV-movie/film where a futuristic tank/AFV crew end up dying and the last survivor wrenched something from behind his neck

MartheenWatched on TV sometime between 1998 and 2002. Definitely European/American film. There's a female member on the crew. At first they're doing a regular mission, later one by one the crews end up dying/killing each other. The last survivor wrenched something from behind his neck after killing anoth...

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Q: Movie where the protagonist tried to use glove to evade fingerprint sensor but told the security camera is in color

MartheenThe protagonist either taking something or purchasing, to evade detection he used a glove, hoping to hide his fingerprint. He then asked the officer/cashier if the security camera is in color, and getting "well of course" reply, implying his attempt failed, and indeed, his enemy later noticed the...

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Q: Filming location in “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

miken32The bike riding scenes from the new episode of Doctor Who were – I assume – set somewhere in the Peak District, fairly close by to Sheffield. Does anyone know where exactly these scenes were filmed? Thanks!

More than 20% of the Hot Network Questions currently appearing in my sidebar are from this site.
Aye it's quite the HNQ day for SFF
Also, that German movie pushed right back into being my top tag :)
@Jenayah That brings up an interesting issue.
How so?
@Jenayah I have to retrieve the Meta post, if I can find it.
5:51 AM
Ah, here:
Q: Ordering for next tag badge options

Cris LuengoI wonder how the "next badge" options for tag badges are sorted. In the screen shot below, the matlab tag is recommended, and shown first, even though I'm closer to getting the algorithm badge: I need write another 3 x 9 answers for algorithm, expecting the same number of votes, to get that ba...

Q: How does this object get to Michael Burnham?

RoboKarenPartway during Discovery, Michael Burnham gets an object delivered, but The easy answer is 'continuity error ' - but is there another explanation?

(And now I see that I have a pending flag on one of the answers there from more than two weeks ago.)
Basically, your top tag was Harry Potter even if the score was only 1 higher than Story Identification, but you have many more Story Identification answers. Which means that you would be considered closer to getting the tag badge for Story Identification even when your "top tag" is Harry Potter.
In other words, your tag badges do not necessarily correlate with your top tags.
Which seems counterintuitive.
Ah no that's not what I meant
Well yeah the figures is this situation but it's not about the tag badges, just that I don't like being displayed as "top tag score Harry Potter" when I only have like a dozen HP answers
@Jenayah I got what you meant.
6:00 AM
While doing quick math 35% of my posts are story-id and more or less 35% are comic-related
@Jenayah That's precisely the issue.
But they don't get upvote as much because it's less popular and it's a bunch of questions brought back from the abyss
@Jenayah But on the bright side they get you more Revival and Necromancer badges.
Not necessarily, Revival you have to be first answer
And sometimes there's a crappy/incomplete/not backed up answer already there
@Jenayah Frst answer with a score of 2 or more.
6:06 AM
And Necro needs 5 ;p
No first though though
@Jenayah Bוא םמ איןד דןאק 5 ןד מםא אישא צובית קהקמ כםר שמ םךג פםדאץ
But yeah 6 Necromancer, 9 revival
@Alex aye completely
Couldn't have phrased it better :D
@Jenayah Sorry about that. What I wrote was: But on this site 5 is not that much even for an old post.
No problem, kidding
As opposed to other sites where you'd be lucky to get one vote.
6:08 AM
And well, depends
Yeah sure it's not Stack overflow
Well for example, I've answered dozens of old questions on Mi Yodeya. And now I have a profile with three pages of zero score answers.
But well as long as the content's good it's the important thing
But I already have the tenth most Revival badges there, so...
6:21 AM
@Alex Actually there was a comma after "much" originally.
Q: Dr Who - “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” - how did her pants and shoes shrink?

PikachunIn the episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”, how did her pants and shoes shrink to fit her but her jacket/coat was still big? I recall when the Dr regenerates the clothes he is wearing is either too big or too small but this time the regeneration shrunk her pants and shoes to fit her perfectly....

6:40 AM
Those Smokey posts weren't deleted automatically even though the main-site posts were gone. Pretty bad stuff too :-/ cc @Mithrandir
6:54 AM
Q: Why are some of the Blake's Seven crew referred to by surname and some by first name?

Rand al'ThorIn the first season of Blake's Seven (Blakes Seven? Blake's 7? Blakes 7?), the titular seven are: (Roj) Blake (Kerr) Avon Jenna (Stannis) Vila (Restal) (Olag) Gan Cally Zen Apart from Zen and apparently Cally, neither of whom is human, all the characters have two names, but some of them are r...

7:10 AM
Q: Looking for a snarky fanfic

user105868I read a fanfic a while back that had a snarry pairing I think. It had them in some kind of arranged relationship but Harry had no desire and they later found out that the minister had bound his magic and as a side effect it made him not want sex.

By the way, "hell" means "bright" in German, but obviously a German audience will also be familiar with the english word "hell", so this is a pretty clever title for the setting of the movie. — Jörg W Mittag 19 mins ago
Today I learned
Oh, interesting.
@Alex aw :/ but are they "late to the party" ones or actual question revival which didn't get attention?
@Alex did you count that manually? Or SEDE query?
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8:44 AM
Q: Older scifi book about a woman who lives on a barge on a colonized water world. Gets involved in political intrigue when she meets a man

daveThe setting was a largely water world colonized by humans. Since colonization it has been isolated and experienced technological regression. The protagonist is a young woman who works on her own, and lives aboard barge/skiff, transporting goods. Eventually, she finds and helps a man who's inv...

9:16 AM
Q: Why doesn't Graham believe in aliens?

AdamantIn "The Woman Who Fell to Earth," the Doctor is found on a train after an alien appearance. When she suggests that the creature that fell through the roof of the train (not her) was an alien, Graham says "Don't be daft, there's no such thing as aliens." However, at this point, there have been s...

@Jenayah See, that's sort of my problem too: I'm deliberately avoiding answering question, because I don't want to have only two bronze badges, and .
I currently have 16 answers, and at 20 answers I would gain the badge.
I have even deleted a few such answers.
Deleting answers just to avoid getting a badge is.. odd
Perhaps if I tried to get better in , but that's difficult.
@TheLethalCarrot I was deleting only bad answers. I have plenty, so it was easy.
Fair enough haha
@Alex I don't like it either but apparently it only calculates based on score... same with Top users on the tag pages.
I created this query to try and standardise the rankings a bit more... data.stackexchange.com/scifi/revision/909355/1131614/…
Are you deleting actual helpful answers on open questions, @b_jonas?
That wouldn't really be encouraged, if so?
9:29 AM
(Just edited it to remove the cap to 100 because I was calculating to gold badge percentage, it may need tweaking still)
Gold badge one is this:
I also only used it for one tag so it can be tweaked to take the tag name from user input... I think it's like ##tagName##
@Adamant It would not be
If you use this one it skews too heavily towards score: Top users in a tag by score and answer count
I don't know the best way to tweak it though
9:54 AM
Dividing score by 10 seems to help a bit
@Adamant No! I told you, they weren't helpful. Do you really think I didn't have useless questions?
10:14 AM
@b_jonas alternate solution is remove the tag... It's not that big a deal if something isn't tagged Voldemort
IMHO it's better than removing useful content
Voldemort with 512 Qs is probably worthwhile
@Marvin why was that migrated away? It seems fantasy-horror to me.
Especially after the edit implicitly identifying Neil Gaiman as the author.
@Adamant if you really want to check, the only such deleted bad answers are: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/84392/4918 scifi.stackexchange.com/a/38352/4918 scifi.stackexchange.com/a/26677/4918
@Jenayah That won't work. Other people care about the tagging and won't like me removing character tags. I don't think you've seen the worst flares of character tagging yet.
@SQB Tagged fantasy on Goodreads too
@Jenayah But I think for a few questions I might have done that. I don't recall if it was with specifically, or some other Harry Potter character tags that were inappropriate for the question.
10:18 AM
@SQB we had a discussion about it above and comments were deleted grmbl
Yeah, I saw a comment by the querant that it may not have been fantasy. That will probably have done it.
@b_jonas questions don't count towards tag badge
But even the first version made it clearly seem like fantasy to me.
@Randal'Thor See above, why was it migrated? Seems to be fantasy to us... and is marked as such on Goodreads and the OP thought of it as fantasy too.
Direct link to SFF version of the Q, the onebox unfortunately removes the noredirect part of the link
@SQB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Someone raised a flag for migration though
Fuzzy, IIRC
There was some debate in the comments about the scope yeah
10:29 AM
@Jenayah Yes, I know. The tags matter for the tag badge when I answer a question.
Deleted comments now I guess? I'd imagine the OP flagged it too considering Valorum's comment and their responses
But I don't think it should have been migrated
Obviously the proper but hard thing to do would be to give good answers. I need only 25 more rep points from them for the bronze badge.
Wait there might be a oneboxed comment somewhere here
15 hours ago, by Jenayah
K I was just highlighting similarities between toy story and this to prove that this is horror-fiction in a way — Hermione Granger 3 mins ago
15 hours ago, by Jenayah
To be serious the jack in the box seems to be alive and may have abused the other toys in the toy box,I got marks on a paper for ststing that last part BTW, so is toy story- withseveral semi-living toys that area lot nicer- not fantasy then? — Hermione Granger 14 mins ago
Those comments are still there
Just follow the noredirect link to the one that's still on SFF... or you can get the link from the timeline on the Lit.SE version
Oh didn't know ahah
10:36 AM
@Hermione: It's maybe not actually science fiction or fantasy, just creepy, but I think I found it. — FuzzyBoots 15 hours ago
That's Fuzzy's comment
All onebox links remove the noredirect then... annoying
11:00 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah from where I stand it's like Goosebumps
Which are on-topic I think?
Dunno, probably, either way I'm pretty certain that story is on topic
It's on-topic for Lit too though
Questions can't hurt to go out of beta
Sure is but it shouldn't really have been closed and migrated in the first place
@TheLethalCarrot Maybe I made the wrong call. But it had 4 votes to close already, and the comments seemed to suggest it's not SF/F:
Yep to be honest it really isn't scfi or fantasy but there isn't a horror story site yet so I popped it on here — Hermione Granger 16 hours ago
And from deleted comments on the answer:
11:07 AM
Aye, they seem to change their mind with a later comment though
> But is this a fantasy story? – Valorum 15 hours ago

> @Valorum: Probably not. There is no definite supernatural element other than the children believing there's a malevolence in the toy. – FuzzyBoots 15 hours ago
(I only deleted those comments because they wouldn't have made sense on Lit after migration, and now apparently I can't undelete them here.)
The migration blocking the undeletion I'm guessing then
Probably just the fact that the answer's deleted.
I think I came across this before, being unable to undelete comments on a deleted answer.
Oh yeah, didn't see that
Was it autodeleted as part of the migration?
11:13 AM
Thought so
Technically I could probably undelete it, but God knows what that'd do to the migration process.
It's better not to f*** around too much with migrations, or else something will break :-P
Good point
Now that would be interesting.
But I'm more of a "what does this button do?" kinda guy.
Do it for science
Nah, it won't mess anything up.
11:17 AM
@SQB Like the Tenth Doctor?
Or at least the newly regenerated one.
Q: Post apocalypse book where a Scottish highlands chief takes charge

Danny3414Mid to late eighties book from uk library. it begins as society is approaching breakdown, a heredity highlands chieftain is visiting the Glencoe Massacre monument and also mentally working out a plan for the future. Society collapses (maybe nuclear war as well but I'm not sure?) and he ends up ...

@TheLethalCarrot I gotta dash. Haven't got time to do something that might cause a mess I'd have to clean up.
That's the best time to cause a mess, when others have to clean it up after you ;P
11:39 AM
@Jenayah Mostly the latter, I think. "Late to the party" seems to be not nearly as much of a phenomenon there.
12:10 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, that looks more helpful.
It needs tweaking so it isn't skewed so heavily towards score but I originally wrote it for gold tag badge progress so it isn't great. Just something to look at every now and then haha
12:55 PM
Q: Film about ancient hypnosis magician who uses hypnosis to control people around him

user105873I remember that the protagonist (average looking white guy) was fighting an ancient sorcerer/magician who looked like a Mongol/Chinese guy and was using hypnosis to control people around him. The magician had a sentient knife which he called "Chimera" and there was a scene where the protagonist ...

1:30 PM
@Alex :/
@Jenayah I'm trying to figure out exactly what that face means in this context.
Unlucky that actual question revival answers didn't get much attention?
I think that's what it meant in the original response:
6 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Alex aw :/ but are they "late to the party" ones or actual question revival which didn't get attention?
But is it now saying that the fact that "late to the party" is not a phenomenon is also unfortunate?
Could be both
And tbf is both on most sites
Late answers just don't really get much love
But then it's the opposite – it's a good thing that late answers don't do significantly worse.
1:38 PM
Worse as in?
As in score.
That's bad too old LAs that need DVs should get them too
True, but we were primarily talking about good answers not getting upvotes. I guess it goes both ways, though.
No attention means no negative attention either.
Things just not getting the votes/views they deserve just cos they are on older questions is a tad annoying but not much we can really do about it with the system we have
Maybe a badge for voting on X number of old posts?
1:43 PM
Nah, you'd just get badge hunters and it would make the whole thing pointless
Fair point.
It's be a worse version of robo reviewers I think
Though robo reviewers are a damn annoying problem
What's robo reviewers?
People who blindly go through the review queues without actually paying attention to the content
i.e. closing good posts in CV queue or approving bad edits etc.
> Unfortunately, on many sites, many users simply approve everything without actually looking at the tasks. As a result, "audit" tasks may be mixed in to discourage users from being robo-reviewers.
Q: What are the review queues, and how do they work?

ManishearthI see a "review" link on the top of the page, which takes me to a few "review queues". What is a "review queue"? What are the various queues for? What can I do in each queue? Return to FAQ index

If you spend any time on SO meta you'll see it used a lot
Ah. Well it's probably more of a problem on a site like this one that has a lot of posts going through review.
1:50 PM
Well our queues are fairly quiet, some people are of the opinion some reviewers aren't great but there aren't really any robo-reviewers and we don't have audits enabled.
It's a big problem on SO and the other big sites
Big site is relative. Compared to the other three sites I hang out on, this one is HUGE.
Well I mean the big ones in terms of the whole network
But yeah, we do reasonably well here
Yeah... I mod a site that gets less than 3 questions per day... We're doing rather well at that number for our age :P
@Mithrandir24601 Yeah, considering I don't even know what the name of your site means...
Something to do with Ant-Man I think ;P
2:07 PM
Q: Gravity in Cooper Station

MithileshCooper Station is somewhat like a hollow cylinder. Buildings are attached on the surface. It has gravity to hold on buildings and people. If, a person needs to fly in this spot Will the airplane experience two different gravitational field?

Q: What happened to the Conversion Beamer

Richard CBack in 2nd and I think 3rd edition 40K there was a fantastic weapon called a Conversion Beamer. This was a suitably overpowered heavy weapon that could literately transform matter it was targeted at into something different. in the first incarnation I saw I remember tables defining what the effe...

Q: Far future science fiction movies?

Pawel TrokaSo far I've only found this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far_future_in_science_fiction_and_popular_culture but I'm striving for more.

2:26 PM
2:53 PM
Mistook excerpt and body...
Me too, the excerpt needs updating
Annoying that the body edit comes in first
Why is there no "improve edit" for those?
Is there not?
I can't remember to be honest...
I don't remember one
I'll wait for the next tag edit now, forget, then remember to look when it's too late
2:55 PM
Because after that there was the DW one and the buttons were different
You got the DW one last?
Forgot reviews aren't ordered
Nevermind I'm just a <20k nub
A: Allow 'improve' for Tag Wiki Edit Suggestions

GillesTag wiki edit suggestions can be Improved, same as other posts. But you can only Improve a post if you would have the right to edit it unsupervised. For questions and answers, the requirement is the same as approving edits: 2000 reputation. For tag wikis, you can approve at 5000 reputation, but ...

Oh cos you can only suggest edits to tags still
Duh but that's kinda stupid
There's no reason to reject but it wasn't great to approve of either
In that case probably best to accept and once accepted improve it yourself
If you're the first person to see it you can't improve it because then you'd have 2 SEs for the same tag
3:07 PM
@TheLethalCarrot it's not NaA I'd say
Aye, I am reluctant to say it is NaA but it never really addresses the actual question... just beats around it a bit
3:25 PM
Well if you had asked three months ago I'd have said give it a shot but it does look like a drive-by user
I honestly don't think they'll edit
I got it, don't worry ;P
Wait so what you added was yours?
I corrected a few mistakes and expanded the reasoning to address the actual question (the last sentence)
It's what they were getting at they just never wrote it
Clearly conflicts with author's intent! ;D
3:32 PM
Q: Why did the alien speak English in The Woman Who Fell to Earth?

Mr ListerIn Doctor Who S11E1, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth", how come the alien spoke English? Most other instances where aliens speak English are explained by saying the TARDIS has an automatic translation circuit, but in the episode Also, in-universe, there was no reason for him to have learned this...

@Jenayah Suppose I gave them the fish as well as trying to teach them how to fish :P
Bet you a virtual handful of pennies they never come back, though
"Last seen" before they posted the answer, no badges and no about me, probably right though people who answer in good faith are usually more likely to come back
Still most likely a drive by user of course
Some day I'll understand how we're supposed to know when people were in high school :p
3:49 PM
When you find out let me know
Just assume everyone is currently in high school. It'd explain a lot on the 'net.
@Mithrandir but if you are in high school, you cannot have been in high school.
For this story-id phrasing I mean
@Jenayah What happened to that women's intuition that tells you how old people are? Or does it only tell you if they are older than you without anything more specific?
Q: Short story about a heist that gets foiled because the thief unknowingly crosses the international dateline

Jed RyanI read this really cool short story in middle school about a heist that gets foiled because the thief unknowingly crosses the international dateline to where it's the day before the crime happened.

@Alex nah it only works on people I've talked to in chat :p
(good throwback on your part anyway)
4:06 PM
@Jenayah So it's the content of my comments that betrays my age?
@Alex that or you know, just my bad faith :p
Courtesy of searching for an answer to scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/196288 (so far, no luck), I learned that the hole in the ozone layer is recovering... which may actual make global warming worse.
@FuzzyBoots what do you mean?
Basically, because the atmosphere was thinned out there, it provided a vent for heat and gasses which reduced the buildup.
It's kind of like when you realize that there's a hole in your barn wall from termites, and you fix it, and then find that your barn, increasingly heated from the livestock you've been moving into it, is now intolerably stuffy because the hole isn't helping you vent. :)
Or at least that's what I got out of the article.
"We screwed up so bad, even when we're lucky we're screwed"
5:06 PM
Q: Falling star movie scene

BLASTERSI remember watching a back in 2005-2009 where there is a scene in which a guy look at the sky and sees a star falling from to. The star falls from the sky to his hand. The star looked like a Tamarind seed and it penetrates through his hand while hurting him.

Q: Which is the IQ achieved in Limitless?

ReviousWhich is the IQ which the NZT 48 was giving to people in Limitless? In the novel is more clear?

5:37 PM
Q: How is the Ghost (Ava) able to stand and walk on the ground?

Captain MarvelIn Ant-Man and the Wasp movie, we saw that the Ghost (Ava) could control her matter phasing powers up to an extent (viz. during punching and kicking), it wasn't fully under her control. She often used to involuntarily phase through matter. And, when she first got her powers as a child, she couldn...

Greetings, Programs.
@Donald.McLean Greetings, ISS guy.
(if you're gonna use the wrong greeting then might as well :p )
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble guy!
The other greeting is still apropos in this room, since it's from an SF movie.
5:46 PM
IIRC you used it a while ago then immediately followed up with something around the lines of "woops, wrong greeting" hence the comment :p
Oct 2 at 13:22, by Donald.McLean
Oops, wrong greeting. Though it is, at least, still appropriate.
Q: Was Snape a good teacher?

Shana TarI realize it can be quite a speculative subject, but I believe JKR herself had some distinct image of Snape's teaching role in Hogwarts. Evidences seem to be contradictive though. We know Snape became a teacher to be close to Dumbledore, not because he wanted to teach. On the other hand, from t...

I don't understand that LOTR one...
6:08 PM
Q: 80s-90s (?) cartoon about a werewolf - something like Scooby Doo knock off

John SmithI remember an old cartoon, but I cannot find it. I saw it in the 90s on Cartoon Network, but the animation was older. It was like Scooby Doo, but male protagonist was something like werewolf - if he's shown a picture of the moon, he turns into a wolf and when "they" show him a picture of the Sun...

Q: Is there any possibility of middle earth civilization?

Pathum LakshanLord of The Rings and The Hobbit is about the things happenning in Middle Earth, at pre-historic time period, is there any possibilities to exists such a civilization? Can it be Gondwanaland? What they called Middle Earth and the 7 kingdoms.

Yeah, that wording is awful.
6:33 PM
Hey, @Donald.McLean - how are things going for you and yours now days?
Q: Book with dragon/butterfly on inside pages

SicarisThere was a sci-fi/fantasy book I lost years ago and all I recall about it was that in the last few blank pages at the end of the book there was a small black and white dragon with butterfly wings.

7:08 PM
@Donald.McLean well the guy is from Sri Lanka, so one might reckon English isn't their first language
@Tango oh hey Tango! :D
7:31 PM
@Tango Busy. Though I actually got a chance to do some writing.
And we took a nice bike ride on Monday. My wife has finally found a saddle she finds comfortable.
@Jenayah Even long time native speakers can mess up our wording. I would never criticize anyone on that score.
@Donald.McLean so when can we read that book? :)
Q: Social function of the Jedi

LudovicoNIn this question the purpose of the Jedi is discussed but no one mentions their true function in society or the way that their order is funded, since they have access to supplies, technology and have temples all around the galaxy, not to mention that they are associated to the Government through ...

@Jenayah What I'm working on is still in early days, but if you like, I'll be happy to let you read a completed short story.
@Donald.McLean sure :D
(well I'm doing homework at the moment but I'll bookmark it and read it for sure :) )
@Donald.McLean (is interested as well)
7:48 PM
@Jenayah It isn't posted anywhere - I would have to email it.
Make a GitHub gist or something?
Unless you don't want it to be public
No, I do not want it to be public.
If you use Facebook, you can send me a private message.
Well, you could make a private GitHub gist, and then onetimesecret the link.
Q: 80/90s show for kids FPP set in space live action

Callie80/90s kids show set in the future, first person perspective so you feel like you’re part of the action. There’s a machine or a shuttle that launches you into space To a station where you get trained for something. There are people in robots walking in the background and the robots look a little ...

8:30 PM
Q: How does Odo gain energy

OndrejOdo doesn't eat and doesn't sleep - he just reverts to his liquid form and stays that way for a few hours. But that surely generates no energy. With that in mind, how does he get the energy that he needs to survive?

9:10 PM
I'm trying to get back that "internet identity email address" I created a while ago and misremembered the password...
@Marvin I think this might be the first Primarily Opinion Based closure I agreed with.
@Alex everything has to start somewhere
@Jenayah Indeed. Perhaps this will be a new beginning. Currently I'm only 2/17 for votes being accepted.
@Alex reopen ones?
@Jenayah I don't think I have any others, at this point.
9:21 PM
@Alex never cast any close votes?
or recommend deletion ones?
@Jenayah Not here. On other sites I have.
I try to avoid voting on things that I don't know much about.
So basically I've only voted on Harry Potter questions.
And this may have been first one that I truly thought was Primarily Opinion Based.
you mean review votes or upvotes and downvotes?
@Jenayah More so review votes, but even up/downvotes to a large extent.
I only upvote a post if I can really see that it is a good answer despite not knowing anything about the topic.
(Several of your answers have qualified.)
9:25 PM
I do that too, if I can get the gist of it without being a layman when it comes to work XYZ it's that there's been effort made so that it's understandable :)
@Jenayah Yes. Though I'm not necessarily voting for the effort. It's just that I don't feel comfortable upvoting something that I have no way of knowing if it's really accurate or true to any extent. If an answer is self-justifying then I usually upvote it.
Same for questions
@Jenayah I'd say I'm a bit more lenient for questions, because questions aren't necessarily right or wrong.
Though in general I vote less on questions.
@Alex Hummm, I vote on questions based on research shown or funny/interesting aspect
And to begin with, I don't often read questions on topics that I don't know anything about.
@Jenayah Similar. I usually end up voting for a question if I had the same question, or if it's interesting.
And I am more likely to read posts from people I know, even if they're not topics that I care about.
9:32 PM
Q: Would Dama Fortuna’s spell have hit Fiona too?

Alex DownsAt the end of Shrek 2, Dama Fortuna (the Fairy Godmother) says “I told you ogres don’t live happily ever after,” and casts a spell aimed at Shrek. Was it aimed at Fiona too and if it was, would it have turned her back into an ogress?

Q: How can Molly access Harry's vault?

brt22I was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and in Chapter 10 - Mayhem at the Ministry - and I was surprised when Ron tells Harry: “Look, here’s the stuff Mum got for you in Diagon Alley. And she’s got some gold out of your vault for you … and she’s washed all your socks.” How can Mo...

Because I assume that the answers will be good.
10:04 PM
Q: Primitive species destroy travelers shuttle

user105890Trying to identify a story where an explorer/academian lands on a primitive world and the native witch doctor destroys the shuttle, preventing the explorer from returning to his mothership. He ends up traveling to polar area to regain contact with mothership.

@Donald.McLean My wife has always been uneasy about bikes, but now wants to learn to ride. We were just at Chincoteague and Assateague for a few days. Ever been there? I'd say a great way to see that area is to get a room for 2-3 full days. Take 1 day to explore Chincoteague on bike, the next to explore Assateague, and maybe 3rd to just see what you liked. A bike is the perfect way to get around there.
10:26 PM
@Alex Looks like it's back, but now it has the American version instead of the British version.
10:37 PM
@Alex so Sorcerer's Stone? :p
@Jenayah What's that?
Interesting that in the Hebrew translation it's not really Scorcerer's or Philosopher's.
@Alex yeah there's like a big debate because it got translated into Sorcerer's stone in the USA
I've grown up with the French version which is "Harry Potter at the wizards' school" so I don't care ahah
what is it called in Hebrew?
@Jenayah Eh, I was making a joke.
@Jenayah Well, the word they used would literally translate as a "sage" or "a wise man".
But they also pluralized it.
Probably because in the singular form the word could be taken as an adjective instead of a noun.
So it's something like "Harry Potter and the Stone of the Wise Men".
Just one of many changes.
Some of more significance than others.
Oh wait, let me fetch that article
And some which might directly conflict with the actual original story.
10:46 PM
there was a funny article on foreign HP translations
For the Hogwarts song and the Sorting Hat song, they straight out made things up.
the Italian one is the best ahahah
It's like, not a single thing is right on this cover
@Jenayah Amazing!
I just had a good laugh.
Q: What's the meaning/history of Snake Eyes's right arm red symbol?

Cesar MooreThis is the symbol in red: █████ █████ ███████████ █████ █████ ███████████ █████ █████ ███████████ Wikimedia image

10:51 PM
The Hebrew cover just took the American cover. But then they flipped it (prrobably because Hebrew reads right-to-left).
So now Harry's scar points the wrong way, and he uses the wrong hand to catch the snitch.
@Alex that reminds me, had to search for a right-handed depiction of a character... Might have a question coming up
Not a HP one but thanks for the (unwanted) reminder ahah
@Jenayah Anytime.
My favorite changes are the translations for Petunia's nicknames for Dudley.
And the names of Mrs. Figg's cats.
@Alex go on?
@Jenayah Gotta find them, give me a minute.
"Dinky Dudddums" is translated as "kooshkoosh pooshpoosh".
Woah, the tag is sad.
Five questions and they're all unanswered.
11:02 PM
"Tibbles, Snowy, Mr. Paws, and Tufty" is translated as "Mitzi, Pitzi, Mimi, and Pootzpootzon"
@Alex lol, sounds like a kids' cartoon of sorts
@Jenayah Yup. (And I'm still cracking up at those other covers.)
@Alex wonder if it's the same situation than
Q: Who is this character on the Star Wars: A New Hope poster?

ValorumThis 1990 Russian reworking of the Star Wars: A New Hope poster is a little different from the Western versions. I'm assuming the object at the top is the Death Star but who's the handsome devil at the bottom of the frame?

> At that time, local artists produced posters for foreign movies without any knowledge of the films, which led to some unique designs.
@Jenayah Those are pretty funny too (granted I don't know Star Wars as much as Harry Potter).
@Alex I reckon you still know more than the poor chap who had to draw the poster :^)
11:15 PM
@Jenayah Probably. Unless they do it deliberately.
doubt it
At least regarding translations, there are some differences that are so clearly not based on lack of knowledge.
Like the gratuitous insertion in the Hebrew of "in all her glory" when describing Hermione Granger telling a downright lie to a teacher.
@Alex lol
+1 for Hebrew translator ahah
@Jenayah Yes, it should have said that in the original. But now it's become an interpretation (or fanfiction) instead of a translation.
@Alex true

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