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3:52 AM
Q: Cannibalistic Words

ChowzenDrawing from the word pool below, find the ten Cannibalistic Words. (Note the no-computers and logical-deduction tags.) WILD _ _ ☐ _ _ _ _ ☐ PENS ☐ _ _ _ _ ☐ _ _ DEED _ _ _ ☐ ☐ _ _ _ BLED _ _ ☐ _ _ _ _ ☐ MINI _ _ ☐ _ _ _ _ _ REED ☐ _ ☐ _ _ _ _ _ NEST _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ☐ BRAT _...

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5:43 AM
Q: Rullo solving strategy for 2-4

MatHow to eliminate/nominate candidates without guessing? For the 3s it's quite easy because of the odd numbers but how to get further?!

6:29 AM
@EricTressler Possibly MA(MM+O)TH (def: enormous)? With 'around' => 'a round thing' => 'O'
That sounds good. The distance could also be "0 mm around". It doesn't get smaller than that, although it's arguable whether that's a distance at all.
7:54 AM
It would be a perimeter
I meant that 0 or 0 mm is a distance of zero or no distance. The "around" just reverses the cryptical reading O MM here. (But perhaps Alconja's explanation is the intended one.)
8:36 AM
Q: Better get Meta

AstralbeeTo say it started with a kiss is quite misleading and remiss, and so these words I must retract, it's quite the opposite in fact. Take the answer now in mind and think of that beguiling line If it were true then, for the win, strike the key used to begin.

9:24 AM
Q: Artificial folk with ovine dreams

jafe Those artificial folk with ovine dreams, under attack by some fighting machines, there is no try, or whatever that means. What are we ? Icelandic suffix denoting one's kin, addressing the priest while confessing one's sin, a bottle of vodka or whisky or g...

9:40 AM
Q: Dropquote Puzzle

Ben FranksI'm sure most of you are familiar with dropquotes. You are given letters that you must drop into one of several spaces within the same column in order to complete some quote. However, this is not your average dropquote. You will be given an 11x11 and 10x10 dropquote which will surely both pose a...

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11:00 AM
@Alconja that's correct
CCCC: About when? About now! ...makes good sense. (9)
12:01 PM
@Alconja I think it's RE + AS + ON + IN + G.
(But if I interpret "makes" as transition between wordplay and def, the G has crossed the border. Or it does double duty.)
12:26 PM
@MOehm Nope. I've been a little loose with some of my definitions, but i think it's all a fair/valid.
Okay, back to the drawing board then. Pity, I liked the one-to-one correspondence of words to pieces of the alleged solution.
3 hours later…
3:11 PM
Q: Reconstructing A Chess Game #3 (fanmade)

JannisI'm a huge fan of the first 2 parts made by @Evargalo, so i'll try too My teacher once told me a strategy to defeat the enemy in the second turn. I was so excited (:P) I forgot it. Can you help me?

3:58 PM
Q: Fairy Chess #2: The Angel

Excited RaichuThe sequel you've all (er, at least some of you have) been waiting for! Part 1 is here if you want to check it out. In this game, we have an entire army against a single piece yet again. This time, white has the single piece, an Angel that begins on d1. The Angel has a queen's move, but can...

4:29 PM
Q: Welcome to the Cubic Zoo!

PerpetualJWelcome to the cubic zoo! Our first stop on the tour is our technology department. When we arrive, you will be given a cube with five faces. Each face is numbered $1$ through $5$, and contains a letter. To change a letter, simply tap the face you wish to change and select a new letter from the h...

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7:38 PM
Q: Word that Stands Out Clear

Excited RaichuI have a message in a very new kind of question page a way to find it is to look closer at the word that stands out clear a way to learn to remember to find help the reverse cipher will lead your way on life fourteen seven five thousand eight hundred Minor Hint:

1 hour later…
8:52 PM
Alright, y'all: I've included a puzzle in my answer to Who cut the cheese?. Who can solve it first?
2 hours later…
11:14 PM
@Mithrandir Is it missing boldface markup on one initial letter-space?
And is it missing something after "WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE"?
11:42 PM
(I think the answer to the second of those questions is no, btw.)

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