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Q: Why would a moderator delete a comment to a question which requests down vote clarification?

JakeGouldWithin the past day I posted a question regarding a personal experience of mine that I genuinely wanted advice on. Although I don’t mind getting tons of upvotes on questions, as an experienced Stack Exchange member who has been active on the site since 2013, I realize that reputation is not a bi...

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Q: Everytime I try, but I fail. How can I be an effective person?

Mayank Joshi want to be an effective person, the person who whenever speaks, speaks meaningful, but whenever I talk to people, I end up saying something I am not supposed to say. I try a lot to control myself, but Everytime I meet a new person I end up talking something for which they insult me for rest of ...

2:06 AM
Q: How do I tell my my parents I want to switch schools from their alma mater to a new one?

user146073I am an eighteen year old going to a 4 year university in the USA. This school was my number 1 choice going into the college selection process. I loved most things about it, and my parents met there and both were ecstatic when I selected it as my school. Right now I am a freshman in my first seme...

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4:48 AM
Good Morning
g'morning :)
Morning :)
5:33 AM
6:23 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan 50k a year. ouchies
7:16 AM
@avazula "Hi there, I'm Janet" <3 (sorry, just watch the new episode of The Good Place)
@Noon :DDD
7:32 AM
I'm alive and well :)
@Noon Did you like it?
@avazula Yes! It's so cool! (but I kind of like all the episode, so... :P )
Speaking of TV show, anyone here like Doctor Who?
@Noon Oh I already forgot again that they're being aired again!
interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3282/… Can anyone help with the voting there? It's not supposed to be at -3. It's a very well written, reasonable request for community feedback, not a rant, not a feature request ;)
7:36 AM
@Noon I watched lots of it back in high school
@Cashbee Thanks.
Weird it didn't get any answer since
@avazula Yeah, if it doesn't have one tonight, a mod may have to step in ;)
@Tinkeringbell I must confess that I downvoted it because I don't think the answer the OP is speaking of good enough (isn't that how things work in meta, if you disagree with the proposition, you downvote?).
7:40 AM
@Tinkeringbell I didn't answer because 1- I feel like we're always bringing the same points when answering "why did my answer got deleted?" and 2- my last contributions to meta on this kind of stuff didn't go very well
@Noon It normally is, at least that's what I've been told
@Noon nope
you post an answer saying why you disagree.
you downvote the question only if you think the question is totally useless. People asking why their post was deleted ask this because of a good reason. And meta is exactly the place for this. Therefore the question is good!
Besides, I think the answer he refers to is now perfectly fine
@Noon The only times you vote for agreement/disagreement on meta is for posts tagged . Otherwise, you look at how useful the question is. (rants do get downvotes too for example, because they're not useful). This question is clear, it's very well written and in no way ranting about the deletion (which is really admirable, given that it's about an answer with over 200 upvotes).
@Tinkeringbell We talk about it yesterday and, if you follow the little arrow you can see what I think about it (and why I didn't answer). PS: sorry for the ping Tink
@Cashbee ^ That
I gave an answer
@Tinkeringbell Alright, Unfortunately, I can't undo my downvote :/
7:46 AM
@Cash @Noon @Tink Do you mind if I edit their post to remove that footnote talking about the ever evolving question (which I personally think is rude) before nominating for undeletion?
@Tinkeringbell yeah he didnt lose a word at all about the votes I admired that too
@avazula Nope, not at all. There might even be a little bit more to edit ;)
@Tinkeringbell I'll look at it
@avazula yeah do that. but you cant vote for undeletion
it is mod-deleted
For the people who wasn't there yesterday, here is what I think about the post:
I'm kind of frustrating by the fact that there are so little details. Also, I feel like it misses a why, why should I do what they say? Plus, the "somewhat entitled" and " I adapted the answer to provide a better answer to this ever-evolving question of 26 edits." sting a little ><
7:48 AM
@Cashbee Huh. I thought I could, since the undelete button is appearing
To conclude, I would say that, without the why, I would probably won't do want they say because we are talking about my relationship with my mother and I don't want to makes things worse
@avazula press it
@Noon Yeah, I personally DVed that meta post because of that. I know I'm a very sensitive person but I found this contirbution rude
@Cashbee Yeah I saw I can't :)
@avazula Would you mind removing the "somewhat entitled" too? I don't think it's usefull
@Noon I didnt even read it. But since he added a long paragraph about how to comunicate i thought it must somehow address the question
7:50 AM
@Noon It was just edited... (the meta post). So now you can ;)
@Noon I'm on it
@Tinkeringbell Done :)
@Cashbee Maybe you should read it then. If you feel that you answer still stand then don't change it but, otherwise, you might want to point out there isn't a why in the answer
I'm still very uncomfortable with that answer and it gets worse as I'm editing it
@Noon I read it and agree with you
@avazula Can I ask you for some time to write up an answer to the meta post then? You could explain that it probably needs a little more editing to take out the jabs at OP or something...
7:54 AM
I edited my meta answer to reflect that
@Cashbee Thank you Cash for that
@Tinkeringbell I'm not sure I can make some time for it right now (big interview coming up this afternoon) but I'll definitely look at it during the day
@Cashbee I upvoted :)
@Noon can I edit in this quote of yours?
> To conclude, I would say that, without the why, I would probably won't do want they say because we are talking about my relationship with my mother and I don't want to makes things worse
7:59 AM
Eeeeeeeerh I'm biased, this is so hard to do that edit!!
@avazula then don't do it
I think I'm just gonna stick to removing that footnote
@Cashbee Sure, go ahead :)
@avazula Oh sure, this is all voluntarily ;) Just thought it would be nice to have that in the answers somewhere. Good luck with the interview!
@Cashbee Done. Just removed the footnote
@Tink what are you gonna do then? Are you gonna undelete it or are you letting @AJ make the decision?
8:02 AM
@avazula We'll be looking at meta consensus and then probably some conferring in a secret back room and then we'll see ;)
@Tinkeringbell Haha okay :)
If we disagree with the points made on meta, we're likely to write our own answer and request more editing :P
There's a lot I wanna say to OP but I'm afraid not to be understood
@avazula Maybe write it in there first?
Here's a summary:
1) Thanks for trying to edit
2) Your answer is patronizing though, even if it doesn't seem to be your goal
3) Patronizing needs to be fixed 'cause we're not here to judge OP's request
4) There's a lot of frame challenge answers, yours is the highest ranked and can't be undeleted IMO unless you fix 2) and 3) because it is offensive to OP.
Of course I'll say this in a very polite and tactful way and I'll be very careful
This is a bummer you got so few answers that were actually trying to address your question.
8:07 AM
@avazula Yep :/
Even more when you see the number of stars (which I feel is people having the same problem)
@avazula And I filled the queue yesterday with another 6 or 7 from another question ;)
@avazula For the patronizing part, I would say that "some people might read your answer as patronizing, even if it's not what you wanted to do.", this way OP is less likely to feel attacked (and react poorly)
@Noon Thanks for the tip! It indeed could really help
8:21 AM
Plus they're saying things that are wrong: they're saying your mother never cooked vegan in her life @Noon, which is wrong right?
Looks to me like it's missing the point of explaining what the etiquette for the situation is..
@Tinkeringbell IMO it misses explaining
Or it's a dupe of mine.
Exactly haha
Eeeeeerh. I'm failing at writing this meta answer.
Moving on. I'll see if I'm better at it this afternoon.
@avazula Well, before I became vegan my mother never cooked vegan (at least not in purpose and not realizing it) so, ... It depends on how you interpret it I guess (but she definitely cook vegan now, just not always)
8:27 AM
@Noon yeah, I recall from your question. it's just that the answerer justifies its opinion by saying "you're asking your mother to do something she never did before", which is actually false
Is it just at my place or is IPS down again?
@Tinkeringbell I'm just reading in chatlog that SE backend has been remade? how impactful is this? is there a good metapost about it?
@avazula It's fine for me
@Cashbee Ehh. it was impactful enough to bring down SE :P
@avazula looks like Tink already answered your query. ;)
@Cashbee meta.stackexchange.com/q/316278/369802 seems to explain the changes
8:29 AM
@Tinkeringbell thanks!
@AJ Hello there. Indeed yes :) thanks though
@Cashbee And here's a dev talking about what went wrong: meta.stackexchange.com/a/316349/369802
@avazula This answer made a lot of assumption. Like this part: "to cater specifically to you in a group setting." -> I don't ask her that, when there is a lot of people at home I tend to just eat what I can
@Noon Indeed... maybe they got confused in the successive edits indeed, but that's part of the game :p
@avazula The successive edit barely change my post, I mostly added details in response to (a lot of) comment
8:34 AM
@Noon Then they either didn't read or didn't bother considering your points
@avazula I think they just rush into answering without realizing they made a lot of assumption along the line
9:07 AM
want to see a fun answer on a PSE riddle? puzzling.stackexchange.com/q/73455/49661
if answers could be dad-jokes, this one would be one.
@Mithrandir you know PSE, are answers like these frowned upon?
@Cashbee you are incredible xD
I'd not be surprised all your rep on PSE comes from your trolling around
me neither
nah, I actually posted 8 riddles of my own
@Cashbee This counterbalances
I'm curious btw @Cash, what does you avatar refer to?
9:16 AM
@avazula It's the cover image of "Kasperli", a very funny swiss series of children stories. Kasperli uses lots of puns and always stays positive and witty.
There's only a german wiki entry: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kasperli_(H%C3%B6rspiel)
@Cashbee Wooh! Neat! Did you choose it also because of your name?
and I love the stories, as every child here does and when you get older they still are real-life-memes
they are radio-plays / audio books, but all on cassette
@Cashbee ehhh... not especially encouraged
9:19 AM
@Mithrandir Ok removed
I'm a big fan of comics, I've always been. I'm waiting for November because there's a lot of great comics that release a new volume in that month!
i mean, if you think that could be it, feel free to leave it :P
@Mithrandir what? no it's not even a homophone
@Cashbee you surely won't be an AA (accepted answer) but it's still funny :p
anonym alcoholic?
9:21 AM
@Cashbee accepted answer. I don't even have a puzzling account and I could solve that one!
@Tinkeringbell I saw you editing! :p
@avazula Shhh! :P
(I'll now just mod-abuse my powers and move that to Trash :P)
if it doesn't put a smile on readers faces but instead makes them grunt in displeasure, I won't be letting the answer stay. in future i will restrain myself more from posting those
@Tinkeringbell :O Every day, we stray further away from god
9:23 AM
@avazula g mod
@Cashbee I smiled. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one.
@Cashbee We can't stray away from mod. Mod is everywhere
@Tinkeringbell what do you mean with accepted answer?
@Cashbee That that's what the AA stands for :P
@Tinkeringbell would I be able to convice you to share your guess?
@Cashbee The original said 'actual answer' ;)
9:30 AM
soo. you didnt mean you could solve the puzzle? you meant you could solve the abbreviation? x)
@Cashbee to which she didn't really succeed either :p (jk, I love you God Mod)
Could our god-mod jokes be perceived as too rude to religious people?
@Cashbee I hope not. I know it's not obvious but I'm a catholic myself, so I'd say no. But of course it'd be offensive to some people. People from TAS, please don't hesitate to tell us and we'll stop :)
It could be an interesting meta post haha
@Cashbee I think you might need to be careful with them yes :P Just to make sure I won't start walking besides my shoes next in the first place, and in the next place because yes, to some people it really is offensive to compare mere mortals to gods ;)
I agree
sidenote: walking next to your shoes is a dutch-only expression 😀 I found it though learndutch.org/lessons/250-dutch-proverbs-lesson-13
9:44 AM
@Cashbee I got it because in French it is "having your ankles starting to blow"
@Cashbee I got a whole book of those at home :P
Dutch expressions, translated literally into English, and then the correct English expression next to it ;)
I got it as a joke gift sometime.
I also gifted one myself to my brother, as a pick me up during his exam period :P
walking next to your shoes = not being down-to-earth ?
Ah I found a better explanation. Full of conceit.
@Cashbee Not really... some that's walking besides their shoes has a pretty blown up ego ;)
At least, that's how it's always used here.
Someone that has a sense of self-worth that's too much ;)
9:50 AM
that's what conceit means ( I think?)
but thx for explaining. I find such proverbs very interesting
@Cashbee Duh. I was confusing it with deceit.
10:08 AM
@Cashbee that means contempt, right?
what are we talkin' about?
@avazula no it means arrogance, cockiness, blown up ego
Noun: conceit (countable and uncountable, plural conceits)
  1. (obsolete) Something conceived in the mind; an idea, a thought. [14th–18th c.]
  2. (Can we date this quote by Francis Bacon?)
  3. In laughing, there ever procedeth a conceit of somewhat ridiculous.
  4. (Can we date this quote by Bible?), Proverbs xxvi. 12
  5. a man wise in his own conceit
(10 more not shown…)
@Mithrandir I thought it was inception. :P
@Mithrandir Overly high self-esteem. Thx
10:13 AM
user image
10:57 AM
I always fly in my dreams.
And I like the song Flying Without Wings.
11:24 AM
why does doggo want to fly?
11:58 AM
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Q: Girlfriend writes messages on your behalf

Joselin JocklingsonMy girlfriend came and told me she wrote a message to someone on my cell phone on my behalf. I was mad at her. It is common for girlfriends to be nosy about their boyfriends' phone, but this one takes charge and writes messages I their boyfriend's absence and comes and tells him about it. He trie...

@ava The devil in your picture looks like that villain cat in Courage: The Cowardly Dog. ;)
@AJ for me it reminds me of the shadow guy from adventure time
@AJ Wooh. I looked it up online. Idk about it :)
@Cashbee Eeeek! That one is weird!
@avazula, image or picture is allowed in answer?
12:10 PM
@DDD I'm not sure I understand, are you asking if one may add pictures in their answer on IPS?
@DDD Oh, okay. sure, if it adds something to the reasoning :)
ok thanks
@DDD it is not forbidden, yes. But there are not many cases where it would make much sense
12:11 PM
can I ask what it's about?
in avazulas example it makes sense
It is about one answer, I am thinking to add or not
@avazula, This example picture is added for understanding purpose
I mean, withing the link given by you
@DDD It must add something to the reasoning, otherwise it's not necessary nor appreciated
Ok, fine
12:25 PM
Got a new profile pic!
ooh, slick
self made?
@AJ But now the colours no longer match! (Kidding, it looks great :D)
@Tinkeringbell there is still blue in there. ;)
question. Can we start and end a sentence with "there"?
Sure, that was a good sentence :)
Although you might have replaced the last 'there' with 'it' if you'd've liked.
12:34 PM
> There exists a place where unicorns run free, I think it's just over there.
is exists? :P
Better :D
My quote of the day:
> Now early life is very impressible, and children ought not to learn what they will have to unlearn when they grow up;
12:39 PM
> In the end all the puzzles of your life will be solved ,until then... laugh at the scepticism, live for the moment and remember everything happens for a reason.
haha, I've had a similar discussion with my colleague just today. The main question was
> I'm currently learning how to be resistant to learning. If I'm catching on too quickly while learning that, will I in the end have learned it or not?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 31 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
Heh. Typical office Friday afternoon: We're now trying to find out the capacity of the Dutch electricity net and if we can overload it by hacking all those fancy washing machines and starting a spin cycle, all at the same moment.
@Tinkeringbell haha
1:06 PM
14 messages moved to Trash
1:57 PM
2:15 PM
@Noon I don't think any explanation as to why was added..
> you have to be direct and honest. Tell her directly without beating around the bush that you feel left out.
the edit was great in the sense that all backstabs and rude sentences are gone
@Cashbee True but at least it's more detail and less patronizing
@Cashbee That
@Cashbee Are you writing a comment to ArtificialSoul to ask for the why or should I do it?
Also, I don't think that the "who is rude" part is necessary but anyway...
@Noon i agree
@Noon can you?
@Cashbee I think I could try, just hope it won't backfire ^^
@Cashbee Done, hope that OP won't take it badly *finger crossed*
2:38 PM
@Noon looks reasonable
I just notice that, if ArtificialSoul removes the "who is rude" part, the post that people voted for will be completely gone. I must admit that is kinda bugging me :/
@Noon I don't think this is why the post has so many upvotes.
@Cashbee you think it was because of the rudeness? But it will be gone anyway so, it's like people voted for an answer that isn't there anymore (and I'm not speaking of the fact that it was deleted)
@Noon I see your point. I guess that is something the mods will have to look at when they discuss the undeletion of the post. @Tinkeringbell
3:08 PM
10 messages moved to Trash
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

scohe001Telling your best friend they're being cheated on Note: one of my best friends is in this situation with her friends, so I'm asking this question for her. I have two close friends, Bobby and Sarah, who have been dating for almost two years now. Things are pretty serious between them. They both ...

@Sandman thanks Sandman!
Oh goodness, you're the author @scohe!
(I was about to say "hi, welcome on IPS" lol)
Awww does that mean I don't get a "hi, welcome to IPS"? :(
@scohe001 Hi scohe, welcome (back) on IPS! :D
We missed you.
Since yesterday.
3:20 PM
@avazula Hahahaha it's perfect<3
@scohe001 :) I commented your post.
@avazula Ahh good call, I should've thought of that!
Thanks for the tip :)
@scohe001 Erh, it's the only additional thing I could immediately think of :)
@Sandman Now I want to answer your question but I can't :(
How are you btw?
@Noon Be patient, it should graduate and be published on main very soon :D
(I have ideas on what to answer too haha)
3:25 PM
@Noon haha I'll probably post it Monday morning
Be warned though, I'm planning to self answer with the initial advice I gave my friend ;)
@scohe001 you're too used to Stack Overflow dear :)
I hope I won't lose interest in the meantime, I tend to do that ^^
@scohe001 Wow, that's unusual in here!
Maybe it'd be worth waiting a bit before self-answering though, so that you get some answers before people are intimidated by yours :p
Hey @ElizB!
@avazula haha because I'm self answering? Or thinking speed matters?
3:27 PM
Hey beautiful @ElizB!
@scohe001 I meant self-answering :) haven't seen it quite often
@Noon I don't feel like it happens often enough! I'm curious how the community will receive a self-answered answer too. The last one I remember on this site didn't turn out well
@scohe001 Yeah, I'm afraid of that as well ...
@scohe001 You mean, it was heavily down voted?
@Noon yea, but I think there were complaints it wasn't answering the question. I remember the user who made it, but I can't seem to find it on their profile...maybe the whole question was deleted
What was the question about? I'm curious now!
3:32 PM
@scohe001 Arf, too bad, I was curious to take it a look ^^
@Tinkeringbell I was thinking of @apaul's question on how to react in a party situation (I think) when someone's life is in danger
@scohe001 ah, yeah, I remember!
@scohe001 oh that one... We had more positive cases of self answers though, my self answer to my first question (although that was more of an update than an answer)
I think there was also something about some etiquette in Japan
@Tinkeringbell dang that was forever ago! I'm thinking questions that are answered as they're posted though
@Tinkeringbell yay, old stuff <=> NLN comments to flag!
loves cleaning up
3:37 PM
@scohe001 the Japan question I'm thinking of was ;)
Also, see my latest two meta questions XD
@Tinkeringbell lol pshhh meta doesn't count, silly!
@Tinkeringbell that's wiki, it's not the same!
@avazula totally missed this, Ava. I swear I didn't mean to ignore you! Things have been going swimmingly over here. We're due for some thunderstorms this weekend, I'm super excited. How's Ava-land?
@avazula One for the thread will do ;)
Especially on old posts, you're not likely to get 'support' from other flags that will lead to autodeletion so a custom one for us is fine ;)
@scohe001 glad to know you're good :) I love storms as well! (except when they're life-threatening). I'm good too. Did some drawing yesterday, filled my heart with joy. I should do it more often.
3:41 PM
@avazula oh boy haha thank goodness we're not in that part of the US. Most of our storms are pretty light and wet.
@Tinkeringbell Erh. Normally that's what I'd do but on "quiet days" like this one (I only raised 45 flags today) I tend to use them a bit more so I can earn more flags to raise later. I didn't think about community support though, I'm stupid.
Ooh what kind of stuff do you draw??
@scohe001 That's great then :D
(and do you share your drawings? ;) )
@scohe001 Erh, mostly comics :)
3:41 PM
@avazula omg you're only making me more interested
@scohe001 I'm actually thinking of building a website to share them, indeed :D
@avazula Kay. Just keep it in mind for when you've reached 100 a day, it's the max :P
Like quick funny/witty comics? Or serialized comics?
@avazula that's super exciting! You'll have to let us know when it's all up!!
@Tinkeringbell Okay, thanks for letting me know! :)
@scohe001 Mostly funny comics about my everyday life, but also stuff for talking about particular topics like STEM and biology
I'm not very good at it (and I lost much talent as I stopped drawing on a daily basis) but it makes me feel sooo good!
@avazula that sounds like a lot of fun! Do you have any teasers you can show us before your website is all up? ;)
3:44 PM
@scohe001 I'm still at work so no, not right now, but I'll think of you guys during the weekend :)
BTW I gotta go. See you later! Enjoy your day :)
@avazula yes please!
Have a goodnight!!
@Noon hey! :)
@avazula hey there!
I'm just peeking in. Still at the workshop and stuff
Finished my presentation already and it went better than yesterday!
@ElizB Did it go wrong yesterday? :/
@ElizB I think you just miss her (but not because she is going to bed since it's only 6pm in France)
4:41 PM
@scohe001 Are you talking about the OD post?
@apaul I think so...was it deleted? Or was I skimming your asked questions too quickly?
The question is still up, the answer was unfortunately deleted.
Don't know how I missed the question...
@Noon people were more responsive today!
@Noon i miss everyone haha not just her
@ElizB Yay! That's awesome :D I am happy for you
5:00 PM
@ElizB Yeah, it's better when the audience is responsive and ask questions
5:21 PM
Q: Maximum Up-Voted Answer

DDDFor example, An answer which has short description (3 to 4 lines) and not formatted. It has got maximum up-votes. I want to know that, maximum up-voted answer on IPS means high quality answer? well formatted answer? satisfy the requirements of OP? Or, got maximum up-votes because members who ...

Q: How to confront a friend who is a pathological liar

janeeThis is all going to sound very judgemental to my friend, but trust me, it's not. I think I know how she feels and I understand why she would do it and I want to help her. My whole friend group does. My friend Alice is a very, very sweet person. People can't see this though because she lies. A l...

5:56 PM
@Noon This is my, purely personal, opinion about the reputation 'issue' with ArtificialSoul's answer: We don't really take into account votes when deleting answers, so we probably shouldn't worry about them when undeleting either. If the OP provides the effort to turn it into a proper answer, they can have some sort of 'reward' for it.

Furthermore, now that it's edited, people can undo/reverse their votes. So if anyone comes back and sees that this is 'not what they voted for', they can fix that themselves ;)
@Tinkeringbell Alright, thanks for the answer :)
(I don't think there's any official policies on that stuff, but I'll make sure to ask around ;) )
6:31 PM
Q: If a group such as Women in STEM hosts an interview event, am I, as a man, allowed/invited to go?

Prime624At my college, a group that represents women in STEM is hosting a mixer and interview session with a tech company. All students of related majors received an email with details on how to sign up to go, and no requirements (such as gender) were mentioned. However it is hosted and advertised by Wom...

6:44 PM
@DDD while it's certainly appreciated to improve your answers, it's really not necessary to add a header line to all of them :) editing bumps the post, so it's better to only do it when you have significant changes or just once a day or so, so it doesn't overwhelm the homepage :)
7:01 PM
@EmC, Sorry, I never remembered that after editing it gets bumped
Will take care from next time
@IPSCommentBot tp
@DDD no problem :)
@IPSCommentBot tp
Grrr stop catching me!
@IPSCommentBot fp
7:18 PM
Q: How to explain to someone that I'm not who I said I was?

threesmallchildreninanovercoatI have an alternate personality. Not like a medical disabilty (though it could be argued that the paranoia that started this is a problem), but like a fake life story I use when I need to participate somehow but don't want to use real-life details. This started from online gaming when I was in hi...

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7:42 PM
Q: There's no point to down votes if comments to them are discouraged

SuperStewIt has recently been revealed to me that the community policy discourages comments that explain down votes, at least on answers. This defeats the actual purpose of the down vote, and decreases the effectiveness of the whole "question and answer" structure of stack exchange sites. Without some ex...

Dang @apaul I didn't realize you were developing your own language :P
@EmC I linked them that meta post. That was where this discussion started
7:59 PM
@scohe001 Posting from mobile and my phone is a little jankie.
@apaul haha I figured it was something like that. Gave me a good smile
OP is bit more than use middle name. — paparazzo 8 secs ago
#19108 paparazzo | A: How to explain to someone that I'm not who I said I was? (score: 1) | posted 27 minutes ago by scohe001 (8729 rep) | edited 21 minutes ago by scohe001 (8729 rep) | Toxicity 0 | tps/fps: 0/0
Matched regex(es) ["short-comment"]
@IPSCommentBot tp
Marked this comment as caught correctly (tp). Currently marked 1tps/0fps
8:19 PM
@scohe001 oh, I missed that. mobile problems... still, it'd be good to them to explain what is lacking in that post that needs to be discussed
@EmC no worries. Probably good to have the link there on the meta post too anyways
hello, can any one tell me meaning of 'pathological liar'
It's "habitual or compulsive lying." Simply put, someone who lies often without thinking about it
8:27 PM
tbh I am really tempted to make that new meta post a duplicate of the one I linked
but my vote is binding
@scohe001, ok, I heard it first time. so asked
@EmC yea I was going to mark it but I feel like they'd take it as spitting in their face
Maybe mark it in a few days once the conversation has died down?
@DDD no worries. Happy to help!
8:58 PM
Heading home now! 2 hours and 15 minutes... Here we go. :P
Beautiful Adirondacks though.... can't stop looking at the fall foliage
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