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2:33 PM
attn: just had some lines about atiyah and bohm wiped out without trace/ explanation in main chat room. think this is heavyhanded and unacceptable bordering on censorship.
2:44 PM
oh here it is. anyway was quoting eg an American Mathematical Society notices paper on Bohmian trajectories that got trashed in the noise. have posted it to the room before. as for atiyah, dont think it should be a forbidden topic in the room merely due to ACMs or others stated discomfort on talking about "mental deterioration". chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46951938#46951938
oh, and trashing a MathOverflow meta question on atiyah? lol geez
think if you guys really feel strongly about this, write a meta post on it.
Q: Is there a way to discuss the correctness of the proof of the RH by Atiyah in MO?

HéctorI just made a question in MO to discuss the correctness of the proof provided by Prof. Atiyah for the Riemann hypothesis (link here: Is there an error in the pre print published by Atiyah with his proof of the Riemann hypothesis? ). I understand that's usually outside the scope of MO, but this ti...

calm down, pal :-)
in The h Bar, Sep 24 at 16:58, by ACuriousMind
I have strong personal feelings about dealing with mental deterioration and I realize not everyone shares them, nor should they need to.
i got the same reaction here:
in Homotopy Theory, Sep 25 at 13:25, by Denis Nardin
@user2646 Can we not talk about this?
Google+ is full of discussion on this
2:59 PM
@user1732 fyi nardin is a mod but not for Mathematics. how did you find this room?
we actually had a lot of discussion in Physics chat + see this

 Sir Michael Atiyah's Proof of the Rie

For all those who are interested in Sir Michael Atiyah's proof...
luck ;-)
@user1732 theres a thing called omerta in italian vzn1.wordpress.com/2018/09/26/…
some of this is related to taboo/ stigma about mental illness etc
his wife died recently also
in The h Bar, Sep 24 at 17:14, by ACuriousMind
@Blue This isn't "me the moderator" talking, this is just me. I've seen the mind of someone dear to me fall apart, and it is not a memory I like to revisit.
@user1732 yes in march. lets chat in the other room.
3:24 PM
Can anybody reproduce that bug?
I've never seen it before; it's only on that particular user's math profile.
I couldn't find a meta SE post about that, but I didn't want to make one until I know approximately when it should appear.

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