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12:33 AM
anyone have any good introductory resources on programming in assembly?
@HusnainRaza I never even found one myself (For x86-64). I had to figure it out manually. Good luck finding a guide. ):
@HusnainRaza what architecture
12:56 AM
The Art of Computer Programming
1:12 AM
@HusnainRaza feel free to ping me if you need help, i can probably supply tips for a good number of assembly languages
i mean really a lot of them are quite alike
so tips in one can easily apply to another.
1:58 AM
Wait, I'm confused now... are we a beta site or not? I always thought we were, but now that I look there is no beta, but we didn't get a site design?
2:10 AM
Supposedly we graduated a couple years ago, but many people believe it was faked.
3 hours later…
5:00 AM
I wanted to implement this algorithm in x86 assembly maa.org/sites/default/files/pdf/pubs/amm_supplements/…
its part of a thing im doing where i do a project in 26 different programming languages for each letter of the alphabet
1 hour later…
6:01 AM
@HusnainRaza The Agner books are the best resource available.
They are free: agner.org/optimize
6:36 AM
Q: True color code

guest271314True color (24-bit) at Wikipedia is described in pertinent part as 24 bits almost always uses 8 bits of each of R, G, B. As of 2018 24-bit color depth is used by virtually every computer and phone display and the vast majority of image storage formats. Almost all cases where there are 3...

7:08 AM
Hopcroft is speaking!
@LeakyNun wat
Atiyah is the next speaker
inb4 nothing
7:32 AM
"We are reaching capacity limits on our streams. I apologise for the inconvenience. "
7:43 AM
@Fatalize it asks me for a username and password
now it's 503 "Service Unavailable"...
@Fatalize that works, thanks a lot!
(not actually watching cause at work, don't know how the sound is)
@Fatalize not perfect but some of what he says is still audible
8:29 AM
this concludes the livestream
^the only relevant slide. T(x) is the "Todd function".
the rest was historical trivia and a claim that he's found a formula for one of physics's dimensionless constant (alpha, the fine-structure constant)
I didn't see him define the todd function. Did he?
8:47 AM
@H.PWiz I think he didn't, I assumed it must be something well-known
9:25 AM
tfw you switch brokers both using the same insurer and save over £100
Q: What is the definition of the function T used in Atiyah's attempted proof of the Riemann Hypothesis?

Keshav SrinivasanIn Michael Atiyah's paper purportedly proving the Riemann hypothesis, he relies heavily on the properties of a certain function $T(s)$, known as the Todd function. My question is, what is the definition of $T(s)$? Atiyah states that this function is defined in his paper "The Fine Structure Cons...

Q: Input a character

Vedant KandoiStore a character in any variable. Rules: Only python allowed. Must work on any platform. Program should ask for input but not wait for \n. If input char is number, var type should be int. For everything else var type should be string.

Q: Python: Find the indexes of the longest non-consecutively increasing elements in a list?

Tiếu ThủyI have an array: [1,0,2,0,3,4] I want to find the longest non-consecutive increasing sublist, i.e. in this case it is [1,2,3,4] (values) or [0,2,4,5] (indexes).

so @LeakyNun , your mathematician's opinion on that attempted proof?
Héctor, I think this one is for the blogs, if anyone wants to take it up. Atiyah has done some of the greatest mathematics in the past 50+ years, but it looks very likely that here he's "not even wrong", and it is for this very reason that he should be accorded some dignity in view of his epoch-making past work -- not a public raking at MO. That's just my opinion. — Todd Trimble ♦ 13 hours ago
but that aside, it relies on a mysterious function $T$ having those properties he claims
that's not your opinion :p
9:39 AM
@Fatalize so the thing is that his proof relies on a mysterious function $T$ defined in one of his other (new) papers about the fine structure constant. The fine structure constant is about physics so I have no idea about that.
And I can't really follow any of the logic in the excerpt of his preprint I quoted
he mentioned something about linear approximation, so 2.7 is just a linear approximation (sqrt(1+s) = 1+s/2)?
how does taking f=g=F in 2.6 allow us to deduce 3.3: F(s) = 2F(s)?
is it just another of his linear approximations?
so his proof is basically "314159 is approximately 310000 which is approximately 300000 which is approximately 0"?
@Fatalize is that my opinion now? :P
tl;dr your opinion is "bullshit"
10:01 AM
@Fatalize I suppose so
1 hour later…
11:05 AM
"his energy and ability to control much more than just the bladder at the age of 89+, but the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis will require more than that"
1 hour later…
12:27 PM
I've noticed quite a few suspicions among mathematicians regarding Atiyah's purported proof. I can understand that.
I've also noticed a certain desdain about Atiyah's himself or his recent work. A feeling of "let's not even talk about this, to avod further embarrassment". That's where I get lost. What's the matter? Is it that Atiyah is not as good as he used to be, perhaps because of his age? Did he do something to earn that apparent disrespect?
Apparently he has claimed to have proven other well-known difficult problems and his proofs were also dubious
Ah, I see
"Dubious" as in "wrong", I take it
Don't really know the details
@LuisMendo Wrong doesn't even really begin to cover it. His recent work (like the 6-sphere debacle) is too meandering and nonsensical to even really be called wrong.
He almost certainly has some form of age-related dementia
12:36 PM
Oh my. I see
Now all the comments I've seen make more sense. Some asking for respect for his past work
so, it sounds like he could definitely have those proofs in his head, but due to age, it is impossible to get them out in a sensical way
@NathanMerrill Possibly, which is a shame. 50 years ago, he was one of the brightest mathematicians on the planet
1:39 PM
@dzaima sorry for the (very) late response, I'll check that out too. Turns out I never went home on friday >.>
does anyone know what the other paper with the Todd function definition is
1:55 PM
ah OK
it looks like MO and MSE are trying to keep a lid on this which is understandable
2:39 PM
Yea, Atiyah has been putting out questionable proofs for quite some time now
the fact that the organizers of this decided to make it so public, to shout out from the rooftops, is what i find despicable
also reddit isn't helping
It's internet cred. Whatcha gonna do/
HLF wanted those juicy views
I respect the mods here for not wanting to be a party to this
we know there's errors, and that's all there is to say
Like when even nubs like me can see obvious flaws in the proof
I know, I know, but the problem is that now it's a field day for trolls with basic knowledge to say dumb mean shit
While HLF profits
2:49 PM
I've been amusedly reading news articles like the following
These articles read like someone heard HLF's announcement, then googled what RH was and Atiyah's wiki, and boom, article
pretty much
Other than Atiyah, did anyone say anything interesting?
I hadn't really paid attention
3:06 PM
Google Cloud is deploying aggressive marketing tactics: They're sending me a free chromebook. Neat.
haha nice
3:19 PM
@mınxomaτ I can't follow that link (school firewall), is there a way for me to get a free chromebook?
Probably not. They sent them to people who can decide to switch cloud providers at companies which are Azure customers.
Hey, that does describe me!
4:20 PM
Q: Validating a matrix against overlapping elements

BlueBirdI have a quite different issue to be solved. I am gathering some data from user input which I can arrange into a matrix. An example matrix below. A little brief about the data and validation rules: There are 4 number of rows and 5 number of columns in the above matrix. Columns are fixed. Row...

Thinking of posting this challenge in a couple hours. Any more issues you guys see?
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
hey, I've got a really weird tech problem: Everything that is built on chromium can't connect to the internet. For example, Chrome, Vivaldi, even electron apps can't connect.
I'm not really expecting a solution in chat, but just baffled by how weird my problem is
7:07 PM
@J.Sallé personally I think a minimalistic (same-char border, same-char trace) would be good
can the border and the trace be the same character?
also I think that people would call "as long as they're consistent with each other" an unclear-vote worthy line
@dzaima that's not disallowed though. I left it like that for this exact purpose, so that people would be free to use any kind of border and trace they feel like. The only constraints I put is that you can't use the same character for the trace and the object, and that the borders must visually match each other
@dzaima I did add an explanation as to what I meant with that. Should I add an example of what is allowed and what isn't?
@J.Sallé I know it's not disallowed, but I know I'd reread the challenge twice trying to find where it tells me to use fancy characters to no avail :p
@J.Sallé "visually match each other" is very vague. Would this be allowed? How about this?
A human is able to tell what's okay and what's not, but when golfing is required, everything can be abused to max (though I'd be surprised if everything didn't use either constant borders or built-ins :p)
7:30 PM
@dzaima I see what you mean.
I'll rethink the borders thing, then
Does anyone else see this problem since the new theme roll out (or can anyone confirm it was already the case before)?
@trichoplax I do not also have this problem (win/ff)
@DJMcMayhem 10 more challenges and you have more than 4 rep per challenge on this site
@trichoplax same here on W10/FFQ
Thanks. I've added a comment to the answer
@trichoplax Happens on Linux Mint FF too
7:44 PM
Can't reproduce, but I'm on super fast internet.
Fast connection shouldn't prevent the second way of reproducing. Are you on a different browser than Firefox?
oh, missed that detail. Yeah, FF reproduces it
I thought it was a case of images loading before scripts had a chance to run
I think that causes the difference initially, but this is a subtly different problem
out of curiosity: what's the current state of FF?
In what sense?
7:49 PM
last time I stopped using it due to performance issues, but I've been hearing rumors that that's better since they switched to Rust
Also, is that meta question the right place to keep raising things, or should they go to the MSE question now?
Have you used it since Firefox Quantum?
nope, I haven't really kept up with that world. What's that?
(the new brighter logo)
I did notice the logo :P
They did a rewrite for speed (not sure exactly how much changed, but it's noticeably faster and still seems good at standard compliance)
7:51 PM
@trichoplax oh, that was one of my challenges:) just noticed that the images somehow look familiar:)
Haven't looked at that challenge for a while but a stray upvote brought my attention back. I have an improved version with Bezier curves instead of sharp corners that I never got around to posting. Will see if I can find it at some point
hmmm...maybe I'll give it a run. Last I tried Vivaldi, and gave up on it
I've found Firefox more reliable than Chromium recently for large memory loads (if that's relevant). Firefox handles a tab using (deliberately) 8GB just fine, whereas Chromium crashes after a day or so of that. Not sure if my code is the problem but it doesn't hurt Firefox if so
@flawr What do you mean? I have 369 rep per challenge
Is that rep from challenge upvotes / number of challenges?
7:55 PM
379 if you don't count deleted
@trichoplax No, just total rep.
lol, I can't believe the number of youtube downloader extensions there are on firefox
@DJMcMayhem I thought we soon have 10k challenges in total
@flawr Oh, you mean challenges on the site in general
I thought you meant my challenges specifically
sorry for the confusion
7:58 PM
8,711 questions if you don't include closed ones, and not all of those are challenges...
Bah, there's exactly 1 keyboard shortcut that I have hard-wired into my finger that no other browser does: I can type "you<TAB>keyword" to search youtube, or "cod<TAB>keyword" to search codegolf.stackexchange.com. That TAB is a really hard habit to break
there are 200 questions‽
215 open ones :)
They aren't just "tips for golfing in language X" - there are more specific questions too
most of them are, though
looking at them, it looks like around 175 of them are about specific language
8:03 PM
This community has wide ranging interests :)
OK most are - but that one really can't make its mind up
@trichoplax 9,990 if you include deleted
Is that without closed but with deleted? Same number as with closed but without deleted?
@trichoplax From my experience, Chrome has a limit of 4GB per tab.
8:18 PM
@trichoplax No, that's just all questions whatsoever. is:q
I think that excludes deleted, but includes closed
(same number as just looking at the questions tab without searching)
@Alion That's handy to know - thanks
(I figured that out the hard way whilst debugging a particularly pesky memory leak which wasn't my fault in the end...)
@trichoplax Actually, I'm dumb. Ignore me. Is:q is just all questions closed or open. deleted:1 gives waaaaay more so there's no way that all questions deleted or not are under 10K
deleted:1 only gives lots of results if you're a site mod - otherwise it only lists your own deleted posts (unless there's a rep threshold I need before I see more?)
No, that's correct.
8:36 PM
all of the text here in chat looks different in FF. Why is that?
I just checked, SE has defined fonts
For me they look identical in Firefox and Chromium
(the fonts, that is - Chromium seems to be missing the mottled background)
8:39 PM
oh wow. all 3 images look different to me
Is that the same font but aligned to a non-integer number of pixels?
yeah, they are both using Verdana, but they still look different
Oh - mine looks like your second one
Your first one has the initial a without a downturn
you're right!
the first one is firefox
I get the downturned top tail of the a in FF & C
Wow that's a subtle difference
8:43 PM
so...I think it's still Verdana on firefox
because if I zoom in, I get the downturn
Can you lose the downturn by zooming out in Chrome?
so, this all comes to rendering engine, right? For some reason the text is a slightly different size, which causes the text to appear slightly different
@trichoplax or in. All that matters is changing the zoom level
Or they could be the same size but measured differently - some operating systems adjust standard measurements for high definition screens, so your browser can treat it like a lower resolution screen. I don't know the technical terms...
Is it possible both ways of measuring are available and the two browsers access different ones?
yeah, that's definitely possible.
the world of resolution is surprisingly complicated
8:48 PM
Just learned about this on HNQ:
Q: Police forcing me to install Jingwang spyware app, how to minimize impact?

CitizenChinese police are forcing whole cities to install an Android spyware app Jingwang Weishi. They are stopping people in the street and detaining those who refuse to install it. Knowing that I may be forced to install it sooner or later, what are my options to prepare against it? Ideally: Make ...

That's insane
in Jelly Hypertraining, 27 mins ago, by Mr. Xcoder
CMC Given a positive integer, output [1,-1,-2,2,3,-3,...,n]. Example: 5 -> [1,-1,-2,2,3,-3,-4,4,5]; 6 -> [1,-1,-2,2,3,-3,-4,4,5,-5,-6,6]
@DJMcMayhem Well, China is going full 1984 since forever, so this isn't that surprising to me.
you guys should listen to Mau Mau: wnycstudios.org/story/mau-mau
@DJMcMayhem What in the world? Damn, China!
9:05 PM
I'm trying to come up with a plot summary without spoiling it, but I can't
it's relevant, though, to the discussion :)
1 hour later…
10:09 PM
@WW Does not hold up to the second test case. :P
10:30 PM
@WW Wait ... I think the pattern is not as simple as it seems ... The signs appear to flip and only on odd inputs is the last -n not part of the output ...
Ok then I,m not doing that challenge
that sonds broing
Well especially trimming the last -n only sometimes sounds tedious.

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