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12:06 AM
@Jenayah Nah, mine was a feature not a bug.
@Jenayah Does it matter if I label all the characters, not just the Flashes?
@Alex you learn fast! :)
@Jenayah Or do I have to choose? And if a Flash appears in multiple panel, is it a problem if they each get a separate label? I guess this latter is a question I should ask myself.
@Jenayah Is that a general assessment, or have I previously mixed the two up?
@b_jonas what character isn't a Flash in those two images? :o
well I mean they are speedsters if you want to be pedant but the'yre kinda all supposed to be Flashes I reckon
@Alex I thought you were making a "it's not a bug, it's a feature" joke
12:09 AM
@Jenayah the intruders in the bottom of the second image? I don't know, I don't read dc
Jenayah: that is, the two guys on the left at the very bottom of the second image
but maybe they are Flashes too
@Jenayah Nah, I meant that my pproblem was with something working the way it's supposed to, rather than not working the way it's supposed to. But I'll take the compliment anyway.
@Jenayah also, the girl who says "Oh gee" in the first image, fifth panel
@b_jonas what, cowboy Flash and headscarf Flash?
@b_jonas oh yeah she's a Flash
from Tangent comics
@Jenayah yes
@Jenayah I see
which are weird retellings of classic DC characters
12:11 AM
Ok, then it's easy, I can label everyone
Cowboy Flash and Headscarf Flash are Flashes too though I'm not sure of their ID
Cowboy Flash maybe? doesn't really look like the one in the Q...
@Jenayah They seem significant. Perhaps more will be revealed about them later?
Headscarf Flash
@Alex ok! :)
@b_jonas Cowboy Flash has been featured in one story, and I don't remember seeing Headscarf Flash in another work as the picture above
(which is cannon though)
@Jenayah You can still keep an eye out for my forthcoming feature request to resolve it, though.
@Alex will do!
@b_jonas I hope they will, though. Cowboy Flash seems funny
12:15 AM
@Jenayah Ah. The readers always go for the bad guys.
@b_jonas hum, no, the bad one would be Blitzen AKA Nazi Flash.
Or Johnny Quick, member of the Crime Syndicate.
Bizarro Flash isn't exactly a hero... But it's just so plain dumb I don't think he even qualifies as bad
@Jenayah there's only one bad one?
@b_jonas of course no
but I wouldn't say Cowboy Flash is bad
out of the two panels we saw him in, he was rather on the good side
anyway, I should label these images, but I don't know if I can do it before it's too late
@b_jonas what do you mean, too late?
if you gotta sleep go sleep man :)
12:27 AM
@Jenayah Yes, but if I, say, do it on Wednesday, then most of the responses that can be give will be given on Monday and Tuesday evening, so it will be a lot of work to edit them to use the new labels.
@Jenayah I'm not saying that most Flashes will be identified, I'm guessing some can't be because they don't appear anywhere else, but I could be surprised, the DC guys are smart and there's a lot of stories to go back to.,
@b_jonas sure, but it's kind of late in the night right now, your IRL health comes first :)
@b_jonas yeah the purple-outfit one on the right baffles me too
I mean this seems to be a thought-out design
And coincidence (or not?) it resembles another speedster's outfit, the latest version of Quicksilver (Marvel mutant)
there, this picture is better
12:53 AM
Q: Need a title of a movie. Key words : sci fi. Futuristic city, rain, depraved youth

Christian KondarjianHello Im 25 from France and I used when I was a young kid to watch TV everynight. Anyway, like 15 years ago I have seen a sci fi movie. It was like in the future, an apocalyptic rainy future with black and white young people with a very dark yet bit cheap mood (it’s not blade ruiner...). I rememb...

1:26 AM
Q: Animated movie about a card game that came to life

PinkNinjaWearsPinkWhile thinking about old movies and shows me an my cousin watched as kids, we remembered an animated movie that had a bunch of school kids who had this card game come to life. And no it was not Yu-Gi-Oh!. In the movie, the characters and monsters in the card game the high school kids possesed st...

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2:47 AM
Q: Sci fi story from the 50s-60s about where cats are the dominant lifeforms and they're called PUTIE.

majdamageMy question is about a book or short story about a creature called a PUTIE and his quest to old Earth ruins. He makes the discovery that his race evolved from the common house cat. "We're not putie, we're cat!" It reminded me a little of Planet of the Apes. I know, to much to go on, but worth a s...

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3:52 AM
Q: Why doesn't the Bashir Changeling slay Deep Space Nine's senior staff?

Ham SandwichDuring the Dominion War, after Dr. Bashir is replaced aboard the station with a Changeling, why doesn't the Changeling at least attempt to kill the senior staff? Killing the staff would likely be relatively easy, all things considered. And certainly the loss of Sisko, Kira, Dax, and O'Brien would...

4:08 AM
Q: Was Ginny really used as bait because she was Ron's sister?

AlexIn the end of Half-Blood Prince Harry explains to Ginny why they can't be together anymore: "Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to. He's already used you as bait once, and that was just because you're my best friend's sister. Think how much danger you'll be in if we keep this up....

4:26 AM
@Alex And here it is:
Q: Show changes you have made to a post even if you can't save them

AlexIf you're editing a question, and someone else saves an edit before you do you can only save your edit if it is "more thorough" than the previous one. This is the message you get: Now imagine that you are editing a long post and you have corrected a dozen spelling mistakes, or other such minor...

3 hours later…
7:15 AM
@Alex sure this is inconvenient but don't forget the wordpad friend ;)
The saving thing might be murky I guess. Aren't we limited to one Q draft and one A draft currently? I wonder if it's by design or if they would do the same with edits
Q: story robots which learn and age of information

Janet ChenevertI am looking for a short story I read in a collection some years ago. The main character is a very busy jetsetting businessman who is always plugged into technology. He visits a factory or school which is producing robots that can learn, and when he is there they stop their tasks because they nee...

7:56 AM
Q: What's the significance of all the masks in the Osborn mansion?

ScifidudeDoes it continue the running theme throughout the film? The things I can think of are: Don't ever be ashamed of who you are -Norman and Then why does he wear a mask? What's he got to hide? -Jameson Obviously the two main characters wear a mask (Green Goblin and Spider-Man). Is the to...

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9:01 AM
Q: In the Justice League episode "A Knight of Shadows", who was Mordred thinking about?

ClockworkIn the episode A Knight of Shadows from the Justice League (2001) animated series, the Justice League and Etrigan were trying to find Morgaine Le Fay, to prevent her from finding a powerful magical object she was looking for. Around the middle of the episode, J'onn suggests that he could try to...

Q: Book about a space station computer keeping an engineer "alive"

TrishI remember that I read a book some year ago, in which the main computer of a space station somehow became self aware. For reasons I can't remember, it plucked the mind from a recently deceased engineer to preserve it. The main plot revolved at times about scientists looking for a way to preserve ...

4 hours later…
12:34 PM
dam site is as slow as always on weekends
1:00 PM
@Jenayah You mean like this:
When I cross over edits, I tend to just copy-paste the lot into notepad, check what changes have been made, then copy-paste my edits back into the edit box. — Richard 3 hours ago
@Alex aye
Oi @Catija :)
@Jenayah That also seems needlessly complicated, and it still wouldn't distinguish what your edits are, I think (as I responded there).
@Alex you can see the differences with Word
@Jenayah How?
I guess you can tweak something like this with Github and other version control stuff but that's overdoing it
1:07 PM
@Jenayah Cool. Definitely a workaround, thanks!
@Alex you're welcome! :)
1:21 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I reckon you read the Alex Rider series (it came up some time ago). IIRC you said that it wasn't SFFnal? Or are there some SFF elements anyway?
It's a spy novel on Wikipedia but I didn't read them so
Bottom line, should we close that one now that it's been accepted?
A: Movie where person is buried in coins?

LostinfranceCould you have misremembered a scene from a book as being from a movie? Exactly what you describe happens to a character called Charlie Roper in Eagle Strike, the fourth book in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz about a teenage spy. Here is a quote from the Alex Rider Wikia: Roper wor...

@Jenayah it is
at least the one I have is
Ark Angel takes place half in space
@Mithrandir yeah but science-fictionnally?
Pretty sure a space hotel is still SFF.
Q: Are works that aren't SF per se, but have occasional SFnal elements on-topic? (e.g. spy movies)

PearsonArtPhotoFor example, spy stuff like James Bond, 24, Tom Clancy, have some elements of sci-fi, but are a genre unto themselves. Should we include them in the list of on topic discussions?

answers mention Moonraker
@Mithrandir lol, a space hotel?
okep, sounds SFF enough for me :)
thanks for replying
1:54 PM
Q: Freedom fighter versus evil space empire

matthewlaneI'm looking for a pair of YA science fiction books from the 90's about a rebellion against an evil space empire. I remember reading these books in primary school, in the 90's, but don't remember a lot about them. As is often the case, I can recall only some details about the book, not the main p...

2:05 PM
@Jenayah apart from what mith said about the space thing I don’t think it was SFF-nal at all. There may have been a few minor fantasy elements but mainly no. Been years since I’ve read them though
2:20 PM
@TheLethalCarrot so closure or not closure?
of the one above
since it's not Ark Angel (the one in space)
The primary point seems to be that the question itself isn't.
@NapoleonWilson it's apparently okay if the answer is SFFnal (though +3/-1 isn't exactly a consensus):
A: What to do when a vague identification question is off-topic, but the answer is on-topic?

ValorumThe best thing to do is to click the "reopen" button (which shows up if youve got over 3000 rep and puts the question into the review queue) and post a comment explaining that the story-id is on topic, then wait for the community to reopen the question, allowing you to post an answer. If you're ...

But the very Eagle Strike book apparently does not features SFF stuff
2:42 PM
Probably cloaurw
Or closure take your pick
@TheLethalCarrot cloaurw?
@Jenayah Probably a typo. "a" is next to "s" and "w" is next to "e".
Wow, I think this is the first time I asked a Hot Network Question (on any site):
@Alex makes sense
@Alex congrats!
@Jenayah Thanks.
3:15 PM
Q: Why didn't Ravana's navy stop Rama when he was building the bridge over Indian Ocean?

Captain MarvelIn 1992 cartoon film Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama, Rama needed to transport his troops across Indian Ocean to attack Ravana. Unfortunately, he didn't have airforce or navy. So, he built a bridge to transport his army. But, why did Ravana allowed this construction of bridge? Why didn't his...

3:31 PM
Q: Story about a boy and his dog getting left behind by the last ship evacuating earths's population

R SThe summary goes something like this. A family with a young child is about to enter the last ship departing earth. They're told they cannot carry their pet dog along. Aghast, they leave it behind. The young kid does not understand the reason for the evacuation (which I vaguely remember as a globa...

3 hours later…
6:29 PM
We now have a tag for .
In unrelated news, to honour the late, great Burt Reynolds, we watched Smokey and the Bandit with the kids.
Too bad only the first one is on Netflix.
Also, no Cannonball Runs.
@Marvin I'm pretty sure I've read that.
6:46 PM
Q: What bedroom would the simulator room closet door lead to when activated?

Alex DownsOK, so, when Sulley traps Waternoose out the simulator room, he takes the simulator room closet door of the control panels. Earlier in the film, we see Waternoose send said door to the door station. My question is: If activated, where would it lead? Or is the red light broken, like Sulley did to...

7:09 PM
@SQB Smokey has a movie? :p
If you've never seen them, I highly recommend the first and the second.
The third is... a bit different.
@SQB I was making a pun with our Smokey :p
@SQB Captin Marvel seems intriguing, I'm not familiar with the character
Me neither.
7:16 PM
Talking about Marvel, I'm currently compiling the answer I'm the most proud of so far.
We actually have two questions.
@Jenayah Good luck with that. My answer that I'm probably most proud of seems to me one of my least popular answers.
@Alex which one?
you have a lot of answers, lazy to browse through them all :p
@Jenayah Only 10 have zero upvotes.
A: Is there an exact date when the summer holidays begin at Hogwarts?

Alex(Skip to the last paragraph in bold if you want the answer without the derivation. It may be helpful, though it is by no means necessary, to first read my answers here and here.) There are a few dates in June that are explicitly mentioned in the books: June 1st The first day of Exams in Cham...

This one definitely took the most time/effort.
@Alex didn't read it through yet but it seems so, yeah
Isn't it just a case of "Was late to the party?"
which makes this answer not among your top ones
7:27 PM
@Jenayah That, plus that it's miles long.
And confusing enough that I nearly lost my mind a few times towards the end.
@Alex ahah
well the one I'm writing has pictures so it's smoother :p
Q: Novel. An alien captures a man and tests his capabilities, Man hides his abilities and overcomes the alien to take control of his ship

NJohnnyProbably a paperback read 70s or 80s in English. Alien visiting the Solar System discovers primitive humanoid life on Earth (Chemical Rockets have only just allowed man to reach the moon) and Captures a man for study and testing. He sticks him in a MRI type machine to do a detailed study of his ...

7:51 PM
Q: 80s anime in which a female looking cyborg doesn't want to be destroyed in a waste disposal

el charpeThis female cyborbg was trapped into a waste deposit, she was protecting what appears to be her child. She doesn't want to be destroyed/recycled. She wanted to live. This is the only scene from that anime that I remember, it was a very sad and dark scene that impact me so much when I was a child...

8:04 PM
there :)
@Jenayah That's... a lot of pictures.
@Alex it is indeed
but hey if you're going to provide a comic books answer might as well include pictures
@Jenayah I don't know anything about Captain america, but I'll see if I can understand it.
Especially fun to write since I don't like Captain America ahah
@Jenayah I would think that would make it less fun.
8:14 PM
@Alex well watching a character you don't like getting his butt handed to him is fun. Puerile sure, but fun :p
@Jenayah Should I ask why you don't like him?
@Alex I never really got along with the "We should always be righteous! We should keep proning values that I was already proning in the 50s!" and the boy scout attitude characters.
On Cap particularly, I guess the character has some storyarcs in which it actually deviates from that (and not just "it's an alternate universe, he's a villain, deal with it"), but almost all issues I picked had depictions I didn't really get along with... And I didn't look much further afterwards :p (on his solo series at least)
Generally speaking anyway, I'm more of a DC person
Q: What is the middle ground between fantasy and reality?

user105277I see paradoxes everywhere in life and nature (everything and nothing simultaneously [0s and 1s][binary code]). I am interested in theoretical philosophies in order to explain truths beyond the current limits of science and perception. Imagine what a quantum computer would eventually evolve int...

@Jenayah Ah, in other words, nothing that I would know about.
@Alex both Marvel and DC (and other comics companies) have "Multiverses".
Basically, several Earths live in a parallel way
With a "central Earth" which is the place most cannon takes place in
These alternate/parallel worlds are often used by writers who have an idea, but said idea is too weird/won't be developed enough to take place in the central Earth.
So you end up with planets populated by the same heroes/villains/civilians but they're all vampires, another where the most popular Green Lantern is actually a Yellow Lantern, another one where the roles are reverted (villains are the heroes and vice-versa), etc, etc
There are a lot of such worlds. Easy writing workaround.
Oh hey @Gallifreyan :)
8:36 PM
@Jenayah Hello!
How are you doing?
Good, better than I expected. Unpacking took shorter than I expected, new room has more space than I expected, and it turns out a mate is my next-door neighbour, so I got help moving my boxes to my floor
How are you?
@Gallifreyan oh, you moved apartments?
Moved to a new dorm room
@Gallifreyan oh, new scholar year, right
well technically haven't caught classes back yet
I'm in a work/study program this year and September is in the company
So I'm working there until the end of the month, and then back to class early October
Well techincally the guys at work gave me a MOOC to complete, but it's at work and it's way more interesting than some stuff we learn at school :p
8:56 PM
Hey @Jenayah, I labeled the first of the two comic scans.
@b_jonas oh great! :)
thanks a lot!
That's the overview, and then there are several details:
@b_jonas you rock, man :D
@b_jonas bwahaha looking at that panel I realize I managed to forget to mention the main Flash in the answer
8:59 PM
My thought is that we present the overview first, but not identify anyone yet,
then present all the detail images in a suitable order
@b_jonas how so?
@b_jonas This one is a zoom, with labels for the characters in the shadow such that those labels aren't on the overview image, because I couldn't fit them there
@Jenayah I mean, in the answer post.
@b_jonas so big picture first, then smaller pictures, then identification?
No. Big picture first, then smaller pictures with identification for the characters that appear mainly on that one, so that each label is mentioned under one detail.
Everyone labeled should be in one of the details.
@b_jonas oh right
9:02 PM
Some of them appear in multiple details, but it should be mostly clear which one is the main detail for them.
@b_jonas You should this zoomed out detail first, for the characters in really big size,
@b_jonas then I guess this one
Then the rest, with the ones covering the three bottom panels last.
Anyone know why this answer:
A: Why didn't the heads of other schools know about the Triwizard Tournament's tasks?

AlexI don't see any evidence that the rules allowed Dumbledore to know what the tasks were significantly in advance. In fact, I don't see any evidence that Dumbledore actually did know the tasks significantly in advance, nor any evidence that anyone was ever officially told significantly in advance. ...

Didn't get this badge:
I've already received multiple badges that occurred after this.
@Alex you sure it's just not the script that runs like once a day?
@Jenayah Is it different for different badges, as per chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/46861315#46861315
@Jenayah Do you want to start the editing, say after a divider in the answer? I can probably label the second image during that.
Then when you edited everyone to this new presentation, you can delete the part of the current answer about the first image.
@b_jonas will do. Heading to bed now (well, technically already there, but gonna sleep I mean), I'll dig that back in during the week. (ir will also depend on IRL stuff I have to take care ofthis week, though)
9:06 PM
I recommend that you mention every label in bullet points, to show which ones are yet unidentified. List every label exactly once.
@Alex well then yeah maybe it just runs once a day or stuff
@Jenayah Ok. Then I might or might not start earlier.
Before the flood of edits will start.
To the answer that is.
@b_jonas oh if you feel like it, don't hesitate to edit it yourself of course :)
@Jenayah I might start that, yes, if you don't want to edit now.
You'll have to complete it.
@b_jonas sure. (well the stuff I said above about me having IRL stuff to take care of this week stiull applies but you get my point)
@Alex just checked the list of people who got the badge. Most people have been awarded it between 4 and 7 UTC, so maybe that's when the script kicks in.
(and then there's me, who got it at 16:02, because... reasons?)
9:12 PM
@Jenayah You're a genius, thanks!
@Alex blushes :) no guarantees, though. Just some empiric comment.
@Jenayah Though I think 4-7 UTC already happened since the answer was posted. I guess I'll wait and see what happens.
9:28 PM
@Alex you might be able to see it in your user panel...
@Jenayah Nope.
does it show the progression for Explainer?
it does for Refiner which is the silver version so I'd have thought it did too for Explainer
It's shown as earned for me
@Jenayah Oh, that's what you meant.
Still no, though.
the point being, not all badges are featured there and Explainer is too so... shrugs
@Alex you have access to the upvotes on that answer. Especially, when they happened. Did the answer go through 12 straight hours without a single upvote?
If the badge description is mathematically correct, the answer should have a score of at least one. I'm not exactly sure if the time first vote was cast matters, though.
@Jenayah It was posted 15 hours ago, got an upvote 15 hours ago, another one 14 hours ago, and another one 5 hours ago.
9:35 PM
@Alex then if it's not a matter of the script being lazy, I'm at a loss
@Jenayah Well I hope you're not staying up for this...
@Alex I like a funny mystery
nothing relevant on main Meta post about badges
@Jenayah Can't argue that.
There's this:
Q: Explainer badge not awarded

Lonely NeuronI recently answered and edited a question, but didn't receive an explainer badge. I found a couple of questions from people who appeared to have the same problem as I do, but in the end it turned out they just didn't meet all the conditions for the badge. The time between my edit and my answer ...

But that only strengthens the question, because 6 hours have passed.
@Alex true but they're also rolling new stuff now aren't they? Maybe someone turned down that delay to once a day or stuff for technical reasons
This is beginning to become quite speculative, though.
@Jenayah Could be. I'm beginning to think that my edit was just too insignificant.
Though I don't see any significance requirement mentioned.
9:42 PM
@Alex I reckon there's one: tag edits don't seem to count. But yours edited the body
@Jenayah But only one character.
A: New three-tiered badge idea: Explainer →Refiner → Illuminator

Shog9Final requirements: Edited n questions within 12 hours of posting an answer (that's 12 hours before or after answering), where: The question was asked by someone other than the answerer Neither the questions nor the answers are deleted The questions are not closed The answers score > 0 The que...

> The question edits changed either body, titles, or both
@Alex To be honest I've recently edited one character and one tag and I'm pretty sure it counted
@Jenayah You got the badge for that post?
It's not on the list.
@Alex no, but I think my Refiner count got +1
My Explainer badge I got for a story-ID one:
Q: Its a fantasy cartoon show which was aired in India around 2005-12

divyam goelIt's a fantasy cartoon show which was aired in India around 2005-12. This show is about a man who was trying to find his dad, and he has his dad's diary containing information about some magic or monster. During his search, he meets guys who also know the info written in the diary. The main chara...

Hm. I have to salvage that, now that I think of it.
Q title is not descriptive of the show, and there are not alt texts in my A.
@Jenayah How do you see which answer it's for? The list doesn't show it (surprisingly, becasue other badges do).
9:51 PM
Also, to includes quotes from the Q into the A, as I usually try to do.
@Alex awarded May 26, so I checked my answers from that day
@Jenayah Wow, you really are a genius.
Or else I'm having a bad day.
@Alex don't know what time it is for you but you might wanna go to bed if it's late :)
(ahah... look who's talking.)
<-------- incoherent
@Jenayah Well, that trick enabled me to find where I got it on Mi Yodeya.
And it was for a one character edit:
@Alex scirpt is lazy theory intesifies
2 mins ago, by Jenayah
<-------- incoherent
9:56 PM
bad script! :p
@Jenayah I understood what you meant. I was making fun of the typos.
@Alex what typo?
@Jenayah "scirpt" instead of "script" and "intesifies" instead of "intensifies".
oh indeed ahah
By the way @Alex, heading to your silver HP badge :)
@Jenayah Indeed. Only question is whether I'll get the score for Gold before the number of answers for Silver.
72.4% vs 86.25%
10:11 PM
@Alex I'd say if you want it to be that way, next answers should be like, first answers to new posts
@Jenayah Sometimes that's beyond my control.
Unless I deliberately withhold answers to old questions until I get the badge.
69 answers so you have a one-answer margin ahah
@Jenayah Eleven.
@Alex well new A to old Q don't get as much attention as they did when they were first posted, no arguing with that
@Alex elven?
oh right
@Jenayah Unless I misunderstood what you meant by margin.
10:13 PM
late hour is messing with my ability for basic math ahah
@Jenayah True. I just answered an old one moments ago, though.
@Jenayah Well there are a number of questions you should be able to answer then.
@Alex mh?
@Jenayah Sort it by newest:
@Alex yeah well that's still 69 results
@Jenayah Wait, I think I'm confused.
What are you trying to show from that?
10:16 PM
@Alex well I was convinced that you had a 1-question margin
6 mins ago, by Alex
@Jenayah Indeed. Only question is whether I'll get the score for Gold before the number of answers for Silver.
Now that it's a 11-Q margin I'd reply yes to the above
with your top posts being still upvoted I guess
@Jenayah Oh.
But what was the point of my answer list?
@Alex I don't know I thought we disagreed on how much answers you posted
HP answers I mean
@Jenayah We did sort of.
I knew I posted 69.
Your comment meant that you either thought I posted 79, or that only 70 are necessary.
Or that you should have gone to sleep when you said you were.
@Jenayah Because I have a grand total of one non-Harry Potter answer.
@Alex yeah I thought it was 80, but in my mind 80 was 1 unit away from 69
@Alex yeah the Artemis Fowl one
@Jenayah It happens to the best of us.
10:20 PM
@Alex reason would tend towards that, yeah
@Jenayah Reminds me, I still never asked my Artemis Fowl question.
@Alex what was it again?
or did you never reveal?
@Jenayah I never did.
I think it's more Literature than Science Fiction though.
@Alex hurray, my memory is not failing
@Alex AF is on-topic here but it's your choice
@Jenayah But the question is not about Artemis Fowl per se.
It's more about Literature with Artemis Fowl as an example.
But I'm not quite sure how to formulate it.
10:25 PM
@Alex ah then yeah
@Alex Give us a hint :p
@Jenayah Well, when you mentioned it that time, it somehow reminded me that in Artemis Fowl the hero is technically a bad-guy (at least in the beginning).
That struck me as somewhat unique.
At least among the books/series that I have read.
I'm not sure what the question is, though.
oh, something along the lines of first anti-hero to become an actual hero?
Maybe if there are others?
Or which is first?
Or something like that?
others seems too broad but I wouldn't know how Lit defines too broad
@Jenayah Hmmm, I'm not particularly asking about his transformation. More about the idea of having (especially in a kids series) a bad-guy protagonist.
10:27 PM
too broad for SFF that's for sure, which is why we got the "first instance" workaround :p
@Alex hm, I'll try to think of one
@Jenayah Kind of like Despicable Me in a way.
@Jenayah Ok, I'm going to bed now, so I'm passing scifi.stackexchange.com/a/195304/4918 to you. Do you think this new presentation could work? You can rearrange it if you want of course.
Q: Is there a reliable way to differentiate between a Vulcan and a Romulan?

Robert ColumbiaIn the universe of Star Trek, Vulcans and Romulans were one species as late as the fourth century CE, about two thousand years prior to the TNG era. Is there a reliable or standard way to tell the difference between a Vulcan and a Romulan in the absence of any other context (such as genealogies,...

@Jenayah I wonder if it would be cleaner to put the headings above each detail image, in bold.
Or maybe in ### heading
@Jenayah In any case, there's a lot of your answer that has to be copied into the new presentation, if you choose to use that.
10:44 PM
@Alex I can think of a couple animes like that but it's anime and anime is a weird world
@Jenayah Okay. Thanks. And thanks for the help with the badge issue. I gotta go.
@b_jonas wonderful work!! :) I'll move the used ones into the correct slots. Too bad we can't do in-answer links for the ones who appeared twice.
Sleep well and thanks again! :D
@Alex see ya! And you're welcome, like we said funny mysteries are always funny to look into :)
11:18 PM
@Jenayah wait, where are 6i..q? I don't understand this numbering
I had to relabel the shadow guy from 6d to 6z because there were two instances of the label 6d. that much I understand. but where's the middle of 6?
@Jenayah You should probably delete the labels 6i..6q and 2z.
Also, tell me if I missed any.
I mean, if I missed any character and forgot to label it.
Which could happen if I thought that two parts of the image were supposed to be part of the same body.
Q: Why would mirror Jadzia be joined to Dax?

exterrestrisIn "Through the Looking Glass" (S3E19 of DS9), mirror O'Brien kidnaps Benjamin Sisko from the primary universe to temporarily replace the dead mirror Sisko who is/was the leader of the Terran rebellion. Upon reaching the rebellion's base in the Badlands, we meet mirror Jadzia for the first time. ...

11:39 PM
Q: Why does the Regent want a cloaking device?

exterrestrisIn "The Emperor's New Cloak" (S7E12 of DS9), Grand Nagus Zek (foolishly) travels to the mirror universe looking for new business opportunities, and is captured by Regent Worf. Mirror Worf demands a ransom of a cloaking device from Quark and Rom, who steal one from the IKS Rotarran. However, in "T...


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