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12:12 AM
Oh hey I was absolutely spot on again.
@Dog About what?
2 hours ago, by Dog
Bitcoin's about to make a price break, but I'm too fed up with myself after already losing $150 today due to drug-withdrawal-induced bad trading decisions. Ironically, I always make 100% profitable trades while on drugs, but really bad ones as they're wearing off.
@Dog Ah. Good for you!
@rahuldottech Bitcoin just jumped up $100, and I made a 38% gain on it while high on drugs. Simultaneously, I made a -180% loss on a trade I placed while the drugs were wearing off.
So quite literally, completely correct both on my predictions, and on my statement about making profitable trades while on drugs, and unprofitable trades while the drugs are wearing off, with all three things having just happened
@Dog Dunno how drugs work, but you can't just choose not to trade while drugs are wearing off?
12:21 AM
@rahuldottech No, because I'm a moron.
@Dog :/
I find it kinda hilarious though. Science would say my preceding predictions were just lucky guesses or chance, and it'd be impossible to realistically claim my trades on drugs are always profitable and trades while coming off drugs always unprofitable, and yet that's the 3rd time in a row it's happened exactly as I said it would.
Total absurdity, for a formally qualified scientist to claim he can accurately predict the future while high, and accurately predict the inverse of the future while becoming un-high. And yet... it just happened. On record. Again. It's as if these psychedelic "becoming one with the universe" drugs really work. Not.
I'm not sure if I should go take up religion or become a deluded hippie or just bang my head against the wall.
2 hours later…
2:18 AM
howdy anyone around?
@rahuldottech just to say - someone took exception to your use of the F word and flagged it.
I'm personally of the "if no one minds - and I really prefer gentle reminders" school of thought here... so here's a gentle reminder to mind your language ;)
another fun FTP/SMB ubuntu question askubuntu.com/questions/1077393/…
do these people just like pain? ;)
the ubuntu folks? Yeah probably I would say yes
@rahuldottech also just this once, I'm going to undo the suspension you just got.
2:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek Oh no. I'm sorry, I was really frustrated. Won't happen again.
2:55 AM
Also I think this chatroom needs a stress reducer
3:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek aw
Next time you drop multiple f-bombs in chat, DON'T DO IT IN ALL CAPS! I'm glad JG reversed the suspension.
@Jolenealaska I'm sorry, I won't
> “New old stock never used.”
w0t, ebay
No worries :)
@Jolenealaska :)
3:50 AM
I have chosen the Chromebook I'm going to buy next month (barring new options in the meantime). But, dammit! It's the only laptop I've seen in several days of shopping that won't ship to Alaska! Several different sellers. Why on earth...?
4:02 AM
I missed what happened here, but a rule of thumb to follow: The occasional expletive is okay, but please don't gratuitously use profanity.
@Jolenealaska are you sure that you'll be okay with a device which has only 32gb of internal storage?
Looks like a decent device otherwise
@Dog Not news.
@rahuldottech Chrome OS is pretty small by itself. The big question is how often he has Internet access.
Though if you're going to be running Android apps, this could be an issue.
@JourneymanGeek Rahul got suspended for using the F word? Seriously? Is this some sort of joke?
@bwDraco incorrect pronoun
4:10 AM
@rahuldottech Is this for you or for someone else?
@Dog haha, some people flag... On minor things.
@bwDraco Jolenealaska
Bear in mind that Chromebooks are Internet thin clients. They're designed primarily for working in the cloud. Local storage doesn't matter as much as it does on a Windows device.
Oh, okay. I misread it.
Fucks sake.
My apologies, @Jolenealaska.
Was it one of his starred messages?
4:12 AM
(as a mod, feel free to edit that message)
@Dog it's just unfortunate that I got flagged the one time sourceforge was really pissing me off
I'm not sure that was even flaggable.
@rahuldottech sourceforge only pissed you off one time?
IMO it was not flaggable content and I would have counterflagged it if I saw that.
@Dog "what the <expletive> sourceforge" or something along those lines. Yeah, it was starred.
@Dog no, but I only cursed about it here once ;p
4:13 AM
!! Headdesk
@Dog please mind your language ;p
Seriously though. If people are having a problem with the word, we should avoid using it. Not a big deal.
I have literally stopped caring. People just... Urgh.
I'm not surprised :)
@Dog in any case. I didn't really get suspended, @JourneymanGeek reversed it.
4:16 AM
@rahuldottech: I honestly saw no reason for that flag. Some people just flag messages solely because they contain the F-word, not because they were genuinely offensive.
@bwDraco meh. It's okay, really not a big deal.
@rahuldottech he rarely reverses my unfair suspensions. But ironically, doing drugs is what's taught me to not get anxious or upset about being suspended from a chat room. In terms of life... It really doesn't matter.
I'm actually shocked I previously would actually be upset from getting a suspension. Or someone disagreeing with me. Or being kicked from a forum. Or being rejected by a girl.
Life goes on. The more time you spend being upset over shit, the less time you spend actually doing something productive afterwards.
@Dog I agree.
While I haven't yet figured out what the point of life is, what I have figured out is worrying and getting upset isn't it.
4:56 AM
@Dog eh. It's flaggable buuuut I would rather we deal with it here like adults
So please don't swear just to make a point
I was looking at somebody's computer recently they didn't know their msn password and wanted to recover it, and they had outlook loaded and could access their email from outlook though not from the web. I couldn't see where their password was stored in outlook. I read that it's possible to get a password from a pst file, with a nirsoft tool, so I searched for a pst file and bizarrely they had no pst file. I did C:\>dir *.pst /s/b And it came up with nothing
where would outlook be storing their email if not a pst file and is there any tool that would pick up their password?
5:12 AM
Ost file?
Not sure about the second bit. My forensics is rusty
5:26 AM
@barlop nirsoft tool should find the file automatically
Anyone remember degaussing CRT monitors? Just got reminded of that phenomenon, which hadn't crossed my mind in literally ten years.
5:45 AM
@Dog Count me in. It was fun to see the screen zap briefly.
But they have to put a PTC thermistor which takes time to cool down so you could only hit the degauss option with full effectiveness once every few minutes. The degausser uses a lot of power, and I recall lights dimming each time we turned on a CRT monitor; the degausser fires automatically when you turn on most CRT monitors.
Good old days...
6:06 AM
@Dog Wait, what's degaussing?
I have a CRT monitor I've been meaning to play with for a while now
@Bob Look what I made just to spite you! It's a telnet-esque server for remote command execution in batch: github.com/rahuldottech/ncRshell
So... I kinda wish I had a business laptop and somewhat regret getting this HP ENVY x360... but then again, I'm not sure if the higher cost or increased thickness would have been okay at the time of the purchase.
And my obsession with AMD steered me towards getting this laptop anyway :p
TBH this is not a bad laptop by any means. It's a very well-rounded system and it's a stellar performer given the form factor and price.
6:24 AM
Whoo, okay, updated portfolio live @ rahul.red
1 hour later…
7:37 AM
@rahuldottech - put a strong magnet next to the monitor, provided, you don't care about the CRT
@Ramhound definitely care about it :P
8:13 AM
@rahuldottech Meh. Go take a security course.
@Bob Pshh.
1 hour later…
9:20 AM
@rahuldottech there's often a button
And degaussing is literally demagnetizing the coils of a crt
@Dog if I ask you not to do something, and you do it anyway, I'm sure any suspension you accrue are justified :)
9:41 AM
I think I'm going crazy. I sent a motherboard back because it didn't work, now I get a new one and it also doesn't work
does PC speaker beep if the processor isn't working?
It can
lots of modern PCs don's have speakers
I have the speaker, manually connected to the speaker pins
they use LEDs to tell you what's wrong
9:44 AM
unless I fried the buzzer by connecting it backwards
there's no backwards for speakers ._.
well there is but not how you expect
so, red leds are on all over the board
or do you mean the leds on the case?
the red LEDs on the board
they should be labelled
(red is the only color those leds have, I think)
oh no it's more aesthetic leds
you probably should also look at your manual
9:47 AM
like leds behind the levers for the graphic card or a red line
I looked at the manual, and I spoke with assistance once. They say that the buzzer should play a sound when there's no ram.
is there no ram?
Is the CPU installed correctly? (cause I've royally blown that before)
I've tried installing ram and graphic card, it works (and it beeps)
and the beeps should tell you what's wrong
I think I will tell ASUS that their support is wrong
also in the manual
9:55 AM
I write manuals for a living, I know that I have to read them ;)
@Zachiel Motherboard model?
@Zachiel I donno what you know
+++ this is the sorta thing that's not standard
10:12 AM
@Bob prime 350-B ASUS
1 hour later…
11:19 AM
so the manual doesn't indicate any led indicator lights, nor the status they represent?
> led indicator (located top left/center just above the top left corner of the first ram stick)
what colour is it
11:34 AM
I don't know anymore, case closed (literally)
@Zachiel yea that one has no indicators
unless I'm reading the manual wrong :P
@Bob that's dumb?
2 hours later…
1:39 PM
@JourneymanGeek speakers don't, but monotone beeping black cylinder thingies do
Sound is sound
whether its piezo or magnet
I'm talking about these:
They don't work if you connect them in reverse polarity
1:54 PM
I can't believe my #YsVIII clip got this many views https://gfycat.com/lighthearteddemandingkrill
As I've just downloaded it to post to Brian Cox, I'll share here too.
@rahuldottech The small black speaker on that circuit board, works both ways
there's a diode or something in there stopping it working reversed.
Typing on my iPhone XS Max - first time in RA with it. Upgrade was laughably easy and I love it! Anyway, repl.it may become the next IDE for everything - check out their universal package manager
I'm still very happy with my OnePlus 3T.
2:11 PM
I like my whatever it is that someone told me to get
2:25 PM
Seriously... GDPR sucks.
(but this and other issues with CCleaner is why I no longer use it)
> Reading between the lines, it sounds like Piriform was worried that it may be legally liable under GDPR unless all users used this more GDPR-compliant version.
I wonder if "We made all reasonable attempts to notify users to update to a compliant version." would stand up in court.
Oddly enough... I feel that might not be enough.
Because they shipped a noncompliant version after the deadline.
A notification would not be enough. Force-updating the software is the only way they could minimize damages in the event of a GDPR lawsuit.
One knock-on effect with the GDPR: It invites lawsuit abuse much like Prop 65 does in California.
It contains a citizen-suit provision, which will result in lawyers actively seeking out businesses and suing those that are noncompliant for fun and profit.
While privacy is important, GDPR goes too far and is a huge burden especially on small businesses.
2:48 PM
@djsmiley2k "Its a phone. It makes calls"
I'm looking forward to getting android Pi on both my OPs tho ;)
GDPR is regulatory overreach is at its worst.
3:10 PM
@rahuldottech I'm with @JourneymanGeek here. Sound is AC. There is no polarity.
Though if there's an amplifier in the circuit that can be a bit different.
@bwDraco Don't blame this one on GDPR...
3:43 PM
Listen to Bob. Bob knows stuff.
@Dog that should be our tag line.
@Nick Agreed
Although I sometimes add "Bob's smart, Bob knows stuff."
3:58 PM
Am I just too gullable?
Time for a kick-mute...
@Bob... points for improvement? I constantly get called out for unpopular and often bad opinions...
This is not getting me any real respect and is making me think I'm setting a very bad example for this room.
@bwDraco I can't recall any such unpopular or bad opinions FWIW
You don't have to conform to any expectations
People seem to think I should be listening to the ROs and mods.
(other than Be Nice version CoC)
I'm never a good example to follow...
The only thing I can think of recently was the bounty thing; which was friendly advice, not mod-hat or RO-hat
@bwDraco You're being too harsh on yourself- you remind folks if they step over a swear line / be friendly line, post interesting things in chat and such
I haven't seen you be unkind, mean or stroppy
tl;dr I don't recognise the thing you describe, but I (for one, I bet others are too) am happy to listen to your concerns
4:08 PM
TBH I feel the GDPR was written with an "unintended consequences? so be it" attitude.
...I'm getting the impression mobile chat is unable to access the original message for editing, causing it to edit a copy.
That seems like a reasonable opinion
I think the EU Parliament just does not care about the kind of burden this puts on small businesses.
They care about stopping abuses by Internet giants but fail to fully consider the costs that the regulation would force upon small businesses and entrepreneurs.
The very high minimum fine for noncompliance is just not appropriate for smaller companies and the citizen-suit provision seriously invites lawsuit abuse.
Just like Prop 65.
It's entirely possible
Someone wrote a book that who thesis was, AIUI, that the EU prefers to regulate in areas which are unregulated but functional (contrasted with British preference for leaving things which are working unregulated)
It's the kind of regulatory overreach that kills small business.
(ofc that's a massive oversimplification, depends on value of 'working', YMMV, may cause cancer in the state of California)
Aye, regs do make thing tougher
4:20 PM
And enforcing it on every company that does business in Europe is just plain wrong.
Debatable, but I can see where you're coming from
ISTR headlines pre-Brexit (seems so long ago!) about the "millions of regulations" per year being imposed on British businesses as a result of the EU
Although I also seem to remember it being pointed out that the government here was also quite adept at creating quite a lot of new regulations
Regulating stuff isn't easy, I guess
> Limited spaces available! Please write a short piece (max 100 words) on why you would like to attend, and send to gmail.com. Deadline: 21st September.
> Sent: 20th September
Sure thing, I'll get right on sending that short piece to "gmail.com"
@bwDraco Listen to @bertieb :P
4:36 PM
Yeah. I'd say it's hard to balance the needs of every stakeholder.
4:51 PM
Hi! Can someone help me figure out how much memory my graphics card has based on lshw output?
Ooooooooooook, lets talk properly about GDPR
What infomation does CCleaner have on it's users?
Which bits of this information is gained via the app and not signing up on the website etc?
Because it seems lack of understanding of GDPR causes kneejerk reactions like this, which infact are almost worst than going 'Sorry, we made a mistake and have now fixed it'
The funniest part is, that date we all remember (25th May was it?) was the date that every infomation manager had to show they had a PLAN to be compliant, and start working to being compliant. It was never a 'You are fully and undeniably legally accountable from this point'.
2 mins ago, by djsmiley2k
Because it seems lack of understanding of GDPR causes kneejerk reactions like this, which infact are almost worst than going 'Sorry, we made a mistake and have now fixed it'
or used as an excuse for the same, or an excuse for other changes which otherwise would of caused some kind of outrage.
In simple terms, it comes down to a few rules, such as:

If you're storing customer data, you must ask explicit permission to do so.
and provide assurances you will not share the data unless you explicitly name the parties who you'll share it with. And you must provide the customer the ability to remove their information, and then upon receipt of this request you must pass it forward to all parties whom you've provided the information to.
I'm sure there's one more 'function' of it, but I've forgotten right now what it is
The fact is, we should be suspecious of any company doing anything using GDPR as the reasoning, whne it's not explicitly about the above, because they're then using it as an excuse.
5:35 PM
@AlexMitan Please ask a question on the main site ...
@djsmiley2k Somewhere in ico.org.uk/for-organisations/… :)
6:37 PM
7:07 PM
Middle click is broken on the W10 install on my laptop
works fine on W7 for some reason
this suggests its a registry setting which I just changed
we'll have to wait for updates to install before I reboot the machine
we'll just have to wait and see I guess
7:58 PM
Yeah that didn't work :(
8:10 PM
well at least windows 10 fixed language selection correctly
the per app user selection by default was annoying
8:21 PM
It keeps reverting to US on mine >_<
@djsmiley2k but its OS wide not app wide now at least right?V
@Burgi :O
8:50 PM
it looks brilliant
9:10 PM
I wish AoE 4 was coming
At least more quickly
the 3rd one was terrible
                                                                I was actually surprised to hear how much everyone else hated it. I never found it to be bad.
@rahuldottech just remember that they chuck out a crap ton of radiation that might give you skin cancer
don't sit in front of it for very long
@Burgi ...
9:18 PM
@Burgi ...
@allquixotic I thought that was just an American thing
what? you are sitting 2 feet away from an ionising radiation source
being projected directly into your face
@Dog @bertieb are you going to this? hotdubsteinmachine.com
@Burgi ...
9:36 PM
anyone here set up a NFS server?
I got confused at --maproot option: I don't want to write that filesystem as root but as a specified user
what should I be googling for?
9:52 PM
Speaking of CRTs and degaussing, I still remember their using heavy-duty power switches...
@Burgi looks cool :D
10:40 PM
@Bob I work with these buzzers/beepers all the time. I'm telling you, the have polarity
(without an amplifier)
@Bob Piezoelectric transducers do have polarity.
I used to have an electronics kit with one of these. They will not work if you feed them reversed input.
11:07 PM
WTF? American credit cards don't require pins? Anyone can use a card they found anywhere?
@bwDraco yess
@rahuldottech Chip-and-pin cards may still be in the future of American credit cards, but most companies now are focusing on the chip-and-signature system.
A sig is required.
@DavidPostill Which merchants never check
I went to Burger King last night and my card worked with just the swipe, no PIN or signature :(
Plus, if you have the card, you can just spend a day learning the signature
> U.S. issuers are just beginning to support the global chip-and-pin standard. Visa began requiring processors to support chip-and-pin cards in 2013. Visa then began to push the technology by gradually making the banks that service the merchants, instead of the cardholders, liable for the costs of fraud. Mastercard followed the Visa timetable and required fuel dispensers to accept PINs by 2017, and other terminals to support them by 2015. Barclaycard is one of the few major credit card companies in the U.S. that is offering its customers chip and pin credit cards. Chip-and-pin debit cards,
11:12 PM
> One credit card issuer explained why chip-and-signature was adopted over chip-and-PIN:

“We don’t really think we can teach Americans to do two things at once. So we’re going to start with teaching them how to dip, and if we have another watershed event like the Target breach and consumers start clamoring for PIN, then we’ll adjust.”
This is... so condescending?
@BenN That's freaky. We're talking debit or credit card here?
We have contactless here now
Upto £30 no pin required
> In April 2018, the four major U.S. credit card issuers — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover — decided that they’ll no longer require signatures as a verification method for purchases. Retailers may still require signatures to verify cardholder identities, however, but only if they choose to do so. This will help streamline the checkout process without compromising card security — signatures aren’t a very good security measure, and cashiers never check them anyway.
Or... like... just use a pin?
@rahuldottech It works as both, probably ran in debit mode
And the 'point' of C&P here was sold as 'The merchant doesn't need to touch the cars, so no chance of cloning '
11:16 PM
@BenN Wait, one card functions as both? Haven't heard of that before.
@djsmiley2k Most cards will randomly ask for a pin if there lots of sub 30 transactions at different locations (for some value of lots)...
In the UK that's standard @rahuldottech
Huh, TIL
@DavidPostill never happened to me yet.
> Can a Card Be Both Chip-And-Signature and Chip-And-PIN?

Yes, a credit card can have both Chip-and-Signature and Chip-and-PIN capability. All cards issued in the U.S. are Chip-and-Signature, while some also have PIN functionality. The credit card issuer determines the features of the card.

If a card has both signature and PIN capability, it will be set to prefer either one or the other. This is called “signature-preferred” or “signature-priority” in the first case, and “PIN-preferred” or “PIN-priority” in the second.
11:17 PM
I have a debt card, but it has a overdraft too
I also have a credit card
@djsmiley2k It happened to me a couple of times when I first used my card contactless. Hasn't happened again recently. It may work on spending habits. If you always use you card in the same (few) shop(s) it may not bother.
11:51 PM
Grr Intel Bluetooth drivers gtfo
@Bob @JourneymanGeek @bwDraco just shot this video to prove my point. At 5AM :P
@Dog while I agree with this almost always, in this case, I actually have experience with said buzzers
@rahuldottech Bob is older, wiser, and has more experience with said buzzers.
@rahuldottech Interesting insight into @rahuldottech IRL life.
However. The polarity issue there isn't the buzzer. It's the electronic chip that drives the buzzer.
@Dog Fixing my computer, working with electronics, coding, being brown, and talking to girls. Pretty much my entire existence.
Oh, and exams. Goddamned exams.
A buzzer won't make any sound just from having DC power applied directly to it. You're supplying power to a microchip that creates a sine or or square wave that then drives the buzzer using that output. The microchip is polarity-sensitive, the buzzer itself is not. What you are connecting is the contacts to whatever microchip or heck even a basic transistor-feedback-relay-oscillator-whatever that's creating an output to the buzzer, not the buzzer itself.

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