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12:00 AM
My stress has been crazy too lately. My dad escalated to threats to my sister, he said something like "if you don't text to me and send bullet points of what your issues are with me through text i'm coming with a detective to help you talk with me in person."
@ElizB wow, that's awful :(
he never did that to me, and i was just simply gobsmacked with how lucrative that threat is... first of all, an officer wouldn't invade someone's private residence (my mom's in this case) without permission, and they wouldn't coerce someone to talk to someone else
@EmC i'm beyond pissed. I'm not interested in a relationship with him anymore, not really.
yeah, as unenforceable as that threat is, the fact that he would even make it... yikes
@EmC yeah... unfortunately she cracked and told him stuff, and she already had a partial list in her head, she just needed space to think and breathe.
then he replied with "I don't see anything positive about our relationship" She wrote to him to get him to shut up and think, not to make him happy
@ElizB yeah seriously! ugh :(((
12:07 AM
@EmC That is what she's dealing with and what I dealt with when I was 16 as well.
That's really rough. being 16 is enough of a confusing time as it is!
Why in the world does my dad not think of this when he puts extra pressure on her
yep, guess that's narcissism for you :\
@EmC yuuup. Still, i am thankful that he is not physically abusive
yeah, definitely. it's great that you're able to be there for your sister now, too
it is.. not fun when you don't have any family backing you up
12:16 AM
yeah, i'm glad to be there, but at the same time i see the foolishness happening all over again with empty threats and shit like that
excuse my language :)
haha, you're excused :P
@EmC Thanks :P
my MIL always goes "pardon my french" before she swears in front of me, it always makes me laugh
husband says I'll just have to start swearing every other word one day before she really believes me that I don't mind :P
@EmC hahaha
i was raised to never curse, then i went on a spree during my freshman years of college
haha, same upbringing here. I still don't curse in front of other people except my SO, I'm too in the habit of using fake swears like "frick" :P
12:28 AM
@EmC same with my mom, i do swear but non verbally
especially if my 10 year old brother is around.
no need for him to hear that
@ElizB oh no I'm so sorry
@Ash it's alright... it's all part of this crazy ride called life
@Ash the unbelievable part is how much he elevated his threat
12:54 AM
Yeah, that's just like what even like it seems a little much
1:06 AM
@Ash yeah, an empty threat is just plain no fun
i got plenty of these when i was living with my mom and dad was trying to get me to see him
That's unpleasant
@Ash oh, very. Now i'm watching my sister get treated the same.... makes me want to go over and do some hurt.
but i'm not gonna do that
1:22 AM
BUt I can understand the wanting
@Ash yup. 8 years going through that shit and it's just about done with me, now he's on to sister.... rrrgh.
lemme at him
2:02 AM
@ElizB Sometimes it's worthwhile to have friends in low places ;)
@apaul yeah, haha
how to change the reason for a flag (on a comment)?
I've made an honest mistake here
Can't change flag reason for any flag.
then it will be dismissed as unhelpful?
You could perhaps do a custom flag on the comment/post to explain the mistake.
2:10 AM
@El'endiaStarman Cant add another flag
@AbhigyanC That's up to the mods. Unfortunately we don't have a "this was accidental" dismiss reason, and there's valid arguments either way.
@AbhigyanC Not on the comment, no, but maybe on the post?
@El'endiaStarman Nah... I'm good with a simple dismissal. Thanks though
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5:07 AM
Q: How do i convince my parents and their employee to close their restaurant while they go on their trips

Magteslai've been sticking around IPS.SE for awhile and seem that i can't find a similar question/situation like mine so i decide to put my question here. If there is anything that need to be edited for better information please let me know. Thank you very much So here is my situation: My parents've b...

5:45 AM
I was about to cast a close vote for a "What should I do?" question, but then I notice that there were already 4 answers for it. Now I'm confused, is this a "What should I do?" question or is it on topic? interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/18364/…
6:28 AM
Q: Emotional Bomb vs My savings

paulMy younger brother with wife and 2 daughters has habit of spending money. E.g. going to movies often, eating out often, buying clothes (big brands). I also have wife and 3 kids. I am not like him I only spend when I see there is need of it. E.g. its long time we didnt eat out so let's go. I have...

@Noon I think you're right, this is asking 'what should I do' given there's three options (none of them really interpersonal) and then asking 'what's feasible' without really specifying a goal
@Magisch morning ;)
6:46 AM
Anybody Up for 10 minutes for a question ?(I wont be over 10 min on it)
Fire away!
Read it comment on lady's answer
I think, It could go from awkward to more awkward maybe the person won't talk to you at all. Reason - Oh Smith this guy putting stress on my surname, he could've called me by first name only. Maybe Smiths do not have good reputation here, look he is smirking. I should stay away.paul 52 secs ago
#202 paul (297 rep) | A: How can I get someone to say their first name without letting on that I've forgotten? (score: 48) | posted 439 days ago by SQB (4143 rep) | Toxicity 0.61040664 | edited 133 days ago by SQB (4143 rep) | Comment on inactive post
@TreaV Okay, I'm reading now :)
@Tinkeringbell ok
6:53 AM
Okay, so first thing that pops out is that 'what can I do so he stops bullying me' might not be a question about Interpersonal Skills. The only thing we have there is:
> I tried talking to him, our teacher and the student counselor
That's all the background we have, on what was tried.
Then, looking at your answer, I see a lot of 'I was bullied too, here's what they did to me'. Given the question, that's not strange, since the question is mostly that too
Oh ,So basically this site is just strictly for that type questions and so my answer is not suitable
There a 'some' solutions to the problem in your answer ... but I think they're lost in the details (they're in sub paragraphs/list points)
E.g. you tell them to smile in their face?
And to pick as friends those 20% of people in a group that will support the asker 80% of the time?
@Tinkeringbell Indeed that really works in this typo, b/w any person seeking something would ultimately see that that was my thought
Just a final Thought as a moderator Do you really think it was worth deleting answers?
Yes, we are a site for questions and answers about Interpersonal Skills. So we have a close-reason for questions asking 'what should I do'... and I think this question fits that, it's not very clear to me what Interpersonal Skill the OP wants help with. If e.g. they want to be more assertive towards this bully, the question doesn't really show it.

Then again, the site is still in beta and there's people on here that don't share my views on that, that want to be able to use this site as a way to 'brainstorm' on possible solutions.
@Tinkeringbell Your words make more sense here so , just to conclude it wasn't a answer "as a whole" to be available for the question
7:02 AM
@TreaV I do think it's worth it. We get so many answers... Some are just single lines among the trend of 'You're f-ed.'. Or lame jokes, or stuff that is just an opinion (soapboxing) and does not offer a solution
@Tinkeringbell "I do think it's worth it." What was?
Asking'bout it?
@TreaV I think with a bit of editing, it could be one of the better answers there ;) I'm a big fan of answers written from personal experience, as they are better than 'I think you should do X' (to me). Have you ever seen this post? : interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/a/183/1599
@TreaV Deleting answers :)
If you hover over the little arrows in front of messages, you can see which one I am replying to :)
Also, I promise I'm still working on a 'how to write a good answer' FAQ. It's just not coming along very easily ;)
I gotta go now, I have a meeting in a few minutes
Thanks b/w I am not a feminist any more (that lady :/)
Thanks for the help
7:52 AM
Hi Rose, thank you very much for your insightful reply. I have decided to take your suggestion and write a letter to her, but I am slightly worried that she will see it in a bad light and hold on to the bad part of the letter and hurt more. Still, I don't see any better ways for me to deal with this, so thank you! — LocustHorde 1 min ago
#18204 LocustHorde (164 rep) | A: I am very close to breaking up with my girlfriend for selfish reasons; how do I talk to her about our relationship? (score: 11) | posted 6 days ago by Rose (189 rep) | Toxicity 0.069913425
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
Hi, I've been trying to talk to her about seeing a therapist. She has had CBT in the past to heal from PTSD, but she didn't like the doctor (I think it's hard to like someone who's poking at your bad memories). She went through the whole 10 sessions, and says it helped her. She has now been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I'm trying to talk to her to see a professional to address these issues. Thank you for your answer. — LocustHorde 44 secs ago
#18213 LocustHorde (164 rep) | A: I am very close to breaking up with my girlfriend for selfish reasons; how do I talk to her about our relationship? (score: 3) | posted 6 days ago by Val (1689 rep) | Toxicity 0.07405089
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
Hi, thanks for your time and a very helpful answer. I'm going to take Rose's advice and write a letter, and make sure I keep a good balance of compliments in there, as you suggest in your sandwich technique. Your last edit though, I have tried as you suggested, but she feels that she deserves to be treated because she is worthless, and so it doesn't help either of us. This is one of the things I'm hoping she can learn to heal from as well — LocustHorde 31 secs ago
#18209 LocustHorde (164 rep) | A: I am very close to breaking up with my girlfriend for selfish reasons; how do I talk to her about our relationship? (score: 2) | posted 6 days ago by lowselfesteemsucks (190 rep) | Toxicity 0.110406056 | edited 6 days ago by lowselfesteemsucks (190 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
Q: Am I being too loud with people?

CesareNot sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here we go. In my college I like talking to people and making connections. I think I am an extrovert. Sometimes when I talk with other students (I don’t know them very well but still we go to the same classes and we sit almost next to ...

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9:24 AM
Q: How to respond if your colleague is rude to you?

rock starI'm working in a software company as a junior s/w developer. Recently I was assigned to a project, already 2 of my team members who are senior to me by almost 3-3.5 years are working on this project. I was asked by my reporting officer to transfer their work on my machine, install it and review t...

9:49 AM
@ExtrovertedMainMan Looks like a phrasing request?
Hi Cesare! Where do you live in Italy? Where are your colleagues from? People from Verona will respond very differently from people from Turin (I'm Italian as well). Also, you could narrow the scope of your question by asking how to get to know these people, since this is your actual goal. — LinuxBlanket 1 min ago
#18376 LinuxBlanket (9000 rep) | Q: Am I being too loud with people? (score: 0) | posted 2 hours ago by Cesare (103 rep) | Toxicity 0.1196874 | edited 2 hours ago by Cesare (103 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["possible-aic"]
10:28 AM
I really appreciate your answer, it has motivated me a lot and I accepted it for this, but just a little point I'd like to add, I don't really think that they are insecure of me as I know my abilities and skill set which is average over all. But still a big thanks for your answer — rock star 1 min ago
#18380 rock star (3 rep) | A: How to respond if your colleague is rude to you? (score: 0) | posted 15 minutes ago by Astralbee (17970 rep) | Toxicity 0.044832688 | edited 10 minutes ago by Astralbee (17970 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
11:06 AM
Someone wants to come over for that sword fight?
we use nerfguns over here
Q: How to make friends with people who are antisocial for free time?

AphroditeI have a classmate who is quite similar to me. She likes animation, movies, and coding games, just like me. I tried to increase our after-class social interaction time, but she disagreed and said she went just because of pressure from her parents, and she wanted her free time for gaming and anima...

Nope, no nerfguns around. I could really use one :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan first comment hits the jackpot
11:35 AM
interpersonal.stackexchange.com/q/18376/1599 Might be fit for reopening, pleas e take a look and see if it needs more details/clarification?
(I personally think this is about as good as it's going to get, but I tend to miss stuff)
12:05 PM
On the flip side of the interaction, I've been known at times to reply with "I can't respond right now, but I will get to this within the next few days" (or whichever timeframe I feel I can actually commit to). That way, (a) the other person knows that the message made it through (e-mail in particular sometimes does get lost, especially if from someone you don't communicate with regularly) and (b) the other person has a good idea of when they can expect an actual answer. That can save some grief. — Michael Kjörling 52 secs ago
#18210 Michael Kjörling (105 rep) | A: How to let people know I don't appreciate being ignored in instant messaging? (score: 55) | posted 7 days ago by Astralbee (17980 rep) | Toxicity 0.045922894 | edited 6 days ago by Astralbee (17980 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
Q: How come this question and the answers are IPS?

YCN-https://interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/18360/14435 Actually I liked reading the question and answers, but you guys need to play fair rules with everybody or accepting interesting but not straight IPS questions. EDIT : The whys : This answer is not explaining how to asks/say something in s...

There go 2 of our 4.4 daily questions closed again D:
@Magisch Yeah well... see up! One might be suitable to reopen?
I can't really do this all by myself though... and it's quiet in here, and it looks like there's not many people in the queues either right now.
12:23 PM
"Don't leave a detailed voicemail, instead say "hey call me back"." I agree with the first half, but not the second half; that example is too terse. "I want to talk about your business offer, please call me back ASAP but not after 7:30 in the evening" is much better than just "hey call me back" because it gives the other person the context for the call. This means they can be in the mental state for it, gather any necessary details for their own reference before they call, etc. — Michael Kjörling 49 secs ago
#18240 Michael Kjörling (105 rep) | A: How to let people know I don't appreciate being ignored in instant messaging? (score: 11) | posted 5 days ago by Jared Smith (943 rep) | Toxicity 0.23102349
Matched regex(es) ["chatty", "chatty-weak"]
@Tinkeringbell core usergroup of like 5 non mods won't do eh?
@Magisch :) Any ideas on how to build it would be great :)
12:39 PM
@Tinkeringbell eh
@Magisch Exactly. I'll try and set an example for people to follow, hope it works
@Marisa He says he isn't. That doesn't mean that it's true. Even if it is, his affection for you may still holding him back in other relationships. — Jasper just now
#18345 Jasper (132 rep) | Q: How to explain to a friend I don't like them stopping talking to me due to a jealous friend/sexual partner? (score: 0) | posted 25 hours ago by Marisa (434 rep) | Toxicity 0.13087188 | edited 20 hours ago by WendyG (2358 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["experimental-aic(@scohe001)"]
Yeah, market reality is very relevant here. He might be making money out of you, but that's often how it looks like these days in big Swedish cities like Uppsala or even worse in Stockholm. — Alex 1 min ago
#18350 Alex (101 rep) | A: My roommate is making me pay too much for rent. How should I confront him? (score: 65) | posted 24 hours ago by OldPadawan (13695 rep) | Toxicity 0.23754409 | edited 14 hours ago by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft (103 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
@Tinkeringbell I think we're scaring away many potential long time contributors by having a horrendous first user experience.
New users have to be able to know how to ask a good IPS question and if we close it has to be clear and acceptable. Our rules are a bit too muddy I'm afraid
@Magisch Yeah, probably. I tried to make a 'how to write a good question' faq post, but I forgot the most important part, probably, which is what is and isn't on topic, right now it's just technicalities
Maybe we need to get on one page across the community about what is on topic first
5 users 10 ways to apply 20 not clearly defined rules atm
12:55 PM
Yeah but how are we going to get there... meta has been awfully quiet lately
Just rehash what we already have? Nothing much has changed since the help/on-topic was written :/
@Tinkeringbell no clue. SE wise, I'm not exactly and old timer
@Magisch You're older than me here :P
I'll figure something out ;)
@Tinkeringbell And? You have a diamond
So clearly you've been doing better at this then I have
@Magisch I've been complaining louder ;)
Doesn't mean I know how to solve stuff
I'll ask other diamonds if they recognize the problem and what to do.
@Tinkeringbell "Here, you go fix it"
1:08 PM
@JAD Sort of, I guess.
Talking to the wife kind of sounds good, because she has a stake in it too, but it also sounds like the OP could be trying to drive a wedge between husband and wife. Ideally it would be "talk to them together" and maybe the wife can pick up on the problem. — DaveG 1 min ago
#18377 DaveG (3222 rep) | A: Emotional Bomb vs My savings (score: 0) | posted 5 hours ago by SZCZERZO KŁY (860 rep) | Toxicity 0.19535817 | edited 32 minutes ago by Michael Kjörling (107 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["chatty-weak"]
1:44 PM
Country tag really does matter, because our suggesting things like talking to the wife are being met with cultural answers (you'd lose big brother-respect). As Americans, many would stop helping him entirely as 'tough love' to get him and his family financially independent before helping him again. This seems like a solution you wouldn't accept. So we need to work within your existing framework. — Carduus 1 min ago
#18375 Carduus (1218 rep) | Q: Emotional Bomb vs My savings (score: 6) | posted 7 hours ago by paul (322 rep) | Toxicity 0.13770172 | edited 6 hours ago by A J (6313 rep)
Matched regex(es) ["experimental-aic(@Tinkeringbell)"]
Yeah, that was a baad idea.
I'll take that off tonight
Hey Cashbee! Long time no see. How's life?
hey ho
life is good, can't complain
Nice! :)
working harder pays off in the sense of satisfaction levels
and you?
@Cashbee Hahaha, guess it's true. I'm being slowed down by bureaucracy though.
Life is good, work is slow
Which is okayish
1:52 PM
ah yes I know what you mean :D
IPS seems to have slowed down considerably as well though, which I find more worrying than my job being slow ;)
oh NO
i have seen the decrease in meta activity too
don't know about main tho
@Cashbee yeah, questions per day are dropping, and we close the ones that do get asked ;)
There's one in the reopen queue now that I hope will get reopened though, although I might have missed something/it might still be too broad
I am more on puzzling nowadays. It still allows me to distract myself from time to time, but the average distraction time is wayy shorter
@Cashbee Puzzling huh? Hmpf.
1:55 PM
@JAD idk, what can a normal user do?
I'm never good at any of those ;)
what can a diamond do for that matter?
you can't just fiat more users into existance
can't find fiat as a verb, not even urban dict. :(
sounds great, what does fiat mean :D
Yesterday, a couch learned what happens if it displeases me enough. It's really gratifying to tear a couch board from board. :-P (disclaimer: was junking the couch anyways, I did not rage-destroy a perfectly good couch)
@Tinkeringbell me neither but it's fun to come up with fun solutions that you already know they're false 😃 puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/70436/49661
2:14 PM
@Cashbee Yeah, that's true ;)
(sorry had to walk to the train)
why does this smiley have a milk moustache anyway? :D
@Cashbee it has healthy eating habits?
@TheTinyMan break stuff! Best stress relief evah!
mmh eating milk is fun.
@Cashbee milk chocolate, cheese... Jup!
2:30 PM
@Tinkeringbell don't forget ice cream :D
@EmC Oh yeah, sorry! I did forget that. Most of the times, I eat ice lollies, not really ice cream
@Tinkeringbell also good! especially when it's hot out
3:33 PM
Q: How to interrupt someone while they are telling a group wrong/embarrassing information?

SummerI recently read a great question on workplace.se and it reminded me of a similar situation I've come across a couple of times, where I did not know how to interrupt the speaker without embarrassing him even more. It often happens with non-technical coworkers that misunderstood something technical...

4:22 PM
Q: How to reconnect with my unresponsive childhood friend?

SnowInSpringtimeGrowing up in a small town, I had one friend throughout my school years - we shared interests outside of the norm as well as certain difficult aspects of our family life, and even after we parted ways for further education (her going to a different country, across water) we somewhat kept in touch...

Q: What cheap gift can I buy in bulk for everyday acqaintances?

MisteriosMThere are a couple hundred people I interact with on a regular basis. Almost every day I meet someone whos birthday is that day and I would love to have a little something for their special day. It's often hard to tell how good another person percives our relationship to be, thus I need a coupl...

2 hours later…
5:55 PM
@avazula Thanks! Unlike the previous two, I deliberately went to seek out this shot, because I remembered it and I was feeling like it'd be appropriate, because reasons.
seems to be harder than i thought to find a slow cooker recipe for bone-in chicken thighs, mushrooms, and potatoes... without cream of anything.
@ElizB You could ask in the Frying Pan :P
Or find a CM... the CM's seem to know a lot about cooking ;)
Cooking Managers
(at least, they used to talk food a lot... haven't seen any of them mention food lately... :/)
@Tinkeringbell oh, yeah.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I could ask in the chat, but i think just with more research I could find something that works well enough...
i do have coconut milk...
6:06 PM
@ElizB Yuk
I am not a picky eater, but I don't like tomato and coconut and and and :P
Yeah, i gotcha. The only requirements I need is to have chicken, mushrooms and maybe potatoes. Potatoes keep for a while but not forever, and I bought about 3 pounds, so i want to use that somewhat soon.
I think i found a recipe that I just might throw potatoes in or cook potatoes differently
maybe just pan fry them
Cook, slice, then bake.
Dice the chicken, bake that too
@Tinkeringbell I would love slow cooker stuff
I have bone in chicken thigh so i prefer that whole
@ElizB A darn, forgot about the whole slow cooker thing ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, heh
lots of these recipes call for something creamy but the one i found that i think will work is made creamy by adding cornstarch, which i'm just gonna replace with flour
6:09 PM
But wait, how do you get chickens to smoke weed? </badjoke>
Wow, there's actually an answer to my joke question.
@El'endiaStarman I read this as "how do you get children to smoke weed?" for a moment there and I feel like none of the jokes that I would make from there would be appropriate jokes. :'(
oh, there was a show on netflix called Cooking on High and it was all about cooking with marajuana
Trust stoned people to come up with that one :P
6:12 PM
couldn't you just cook everything in water/broth, like a pot roast? (I don't do slow-cooker stuff so I don't actually know if this would work with chicken :P)
@TheTinyMan Forbid it
@Tinkeringbell :'( :'(
Because if you tell them 'if you ever want some, I'll get it for you'... they won't even ask :)
@EmC yeah, the chicken broth is just gonna be replaced with water
I think that's as best as i can get to it, because otherwise it'd burn
Here's the recipe, in case you're curious: momswithcrockpots.com/crockpot-chicken-mushrooms
@ElizB haha, great site name
6:14 PM
yeah, haha
that looks pretty good.. except for all the mushrooms.. :P
hmm... i only have 8 ounces of mushrooms
@Tinkeringbell Ohh, haha, you're probably right xD
Could badger a neighbor for more, perhaps? (Only saying that to use the word "badger".)
@El'endiaStarman Or you could nag a ram ;)
6:20 PM
I was learning how to blow a ram horn a few minutes ago.... :D
@ElizB o_O that's not a lot of mushrooms
@Mithrandir That related to new year's celebrations? Or just for fun?
New Year
(Also, I don't think I've wished you a happy new year yet :) )
@Mithrandir yeah, it's half of what I need
So, Happy new year!
6:21 PM
danke ^.^
Rosh Hashana?
That's what it's called, yep
@Tinkeringbell well, both, actually
@Mithrandir Hahaha, that sounds like fireworks over here then ;) Related to New Year but also for fun!
found one! Phew.
7:04 PM
Lose the mushrooms and it looks great
7:36 PM
@DaveG Nope, adding in mushrooms. all set in the slow cooker
8:07 PM
15 messages moved to Trash
8:29 PM
oof I just found a worse type of awkward silence... saying something you think is correct in a big group chat at work, and then everyone stops responding >.>
8:41 PM
@Eliz Well if they are big mushrooms they can be separated out.
@EmC ouch
@DaveG it's probably just because they were busy trying to fix the thing they were talking about.. but yeah :( still figuring out how to fit in with the new team..
@EmC I understand, last job I was the only dev at a remote office, so most of my communication was via group chat Q & A. It's pretty awkward when you don't know most of the people. And I was really lost the first few months, it was a big product that had had a lot of devs hacking at it for many years.
@EmC not to mention some of the "explanations" that I got were wrong
@DaveG yeah, our team is split about 50/50 between here and another office. That's something I haven't really dealt with before, it's definitely a bit intimidating to jump into as a new person
8:59 PM
Hi there!
Sorry I'm not often around these days. I took my driving license exam yesterday (waiting for the results) and I've been having this medical issue since a few days. Its getting better though :)
How are you guys doing?
@avazula :/
Just looking at code that has lots of "sleep a few milliseconds... just in case" in it. Fortunately almost time to go home.
9:04 PM
@DaveG huh, that sounds a lot like real time programming. Are you an embedded systems engineer?
@avazula hope you feel better soon!! how long do you have to wait for driving exam results?
@avazula No, but I work on the software that gathers data from a bunch of data loggers via serial port connections. I inherited it and some of the code is good, some of it not so much.
@avazula fortunately the bad code can be blamed on people who are no longer around, as is usually the case.
@EmC well it's a bit unclear. My driving school said it's tonight but the inspector said it'll either be Wednesday or Thursday, so. I guess I just gonna have to check regularly until then :p
@avazula and hope you are feeling better soon!
@avazula I see! when I took my exam/s here it was immediately after you finished.. not sure which is more nerve-wracking haha
9:07 PM
@DaveG that's a shame. It's particularly hard when it lacks of documentation or unit testing but even with those tools, it's not guaranteeing that a project will go perfectly :p
Thanks guys, that means a lot. Right now I'm in pain and my nights are sleepless but there's no serious issue, that I'm grateful for :)
@avazula that must have made taking the driving test very difficult :(
@EmC Oooh, i'd actually have preferred knowing immediately :p did you succeed the first time you took it?
@DaveG I was actually so stressed I mostly focused on the exam haha
@avazula barely, haha. I had practiced all my driving in a sedan, but when I got to the testing place they said I couldn't use that car because it had a crack in the windshield, so I ended up taking the test in a small SUV that I'd only driven once before, which was fun..
@EmC wow, that must have been incredibly stressful and difficult ._.
@EmC Yeah I get nervous even now every time I climb in a rental car. You never quite know what it's going to do till you drive it some.
Have fun, off to dinner
9:15 PM
I know I drove way worse than usual, yet the inspector hasn't stopped me because of a disqualifying fault, so I guess I could have it (but certainly not the best grade haha)
@DaveG enjoy! :)
@avazula just a bit!! I was really determined to pass before I had to go back to college that year though :P
@EmC I get that :) I took the exam because of work
@avazula oh, will you be driving for work? or you mean for commuting?
@EmC commuting. I switch missions every 3 to 18 months and the client company can be anywhere in a 100km radius. Unfortunately, my region has quite an inconvenient train system :p
Thence I needed to learn driving :) hope I won't need it too much though. I still think cars are lethal tools
oh I see. that's why I got my first car too.. my commute was going to be something like 2 1/2hrs by bus (if it was on time!), or 1/2 hr driving
9:25 PM
@EmC that's a huge difference ._.
@avazula yeah, public transit there was like a hub-and-spoke network, where I lived on the end of one spoke and my workplace was on another, so it wasn't very convenient unless you were just going into or out of the city
@EmC sweet star-shaped networks...
@avazula hahah, yep :D
I'm gonna try to get some sleep :) have a good one guys, and i hope I get to come tomorrow! :D
Maybe ill have those driving results then lol
fingers crossed :D
9:40 PM
9:53 PM
@DaveG They're sliced baby bellas, so not too big IMO
@avazula I hope you feel better soon! I also hope you did well on the test, i can understand the nerves while taking it
Q: Does having more family mean spending less time with each?

MuzeHow does one keep a large amount of friends but not lack quality time with each family member? What are ways that I can maximize time with all my family that's not corny in my after work life? Is having to many family members like being spread to thin and insincere?

1 hour later…
That's not really a new user either...
yeah let's not talk about other users like that please
@apaul Deleted posts aren't considered for the "not new contributor" check.
So a user who deletes all their posts and then makes a new one will have their post marked with the indicator.
@Mithrandir What made you change from a very happy Isabelle to a rather shy Violet?
i felt more like this picture reflected my mood now than the other one
...that came out jumbled
11:52 PM
@Mithrandir Nah, it made perfect sense. :-)
well that's a relief
re-reads Although it's weird how my brain will just fill in words that are missing when the meaning is clear. xD
'Cause it was only on my third reading that I noticed that 'better' or 'more' or something was missing. xD
And to think that I'm proofreading a document now... after typing the above.
@Mithrandir At least you're quick to edit right now! ;-)
i totally didn't get sugar and caffeine in between
11:55 PM
@Mithrandir haha, is that gonna turn you back into Isabella? xD
and no, just means i'm biting my nails more :P
I don't know what you're talking about ;-)
I actually saw my first Phineas & Ferb episode waaaaay after I started hanging out in this chat. It was weird to know the face before I knew the character.
You're welcome :P
I want those kids' budget for my projects, incidentally.
ah yeah, realism isn't the show's strong suit
I'd like Perry's gadgets...
11:59 PM
Haha, no, but that's okay! I think it teaches great lessons about creativity and industriousness!
Those were really cool, haha.

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