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3:00 PM
Probably AB, since they are closer and have more history.
Well they're at AB's court.
Alternatively, you go to AB's local enemy, because that's where survivors fled, because they don't want to live on the street.
In fact the guy who sites on the thrown of A is the heir to B...
Sorry, I feel like we're re going over this.
Yes, but direct heirs don't necessarily matter.
Yep, just coming up to my main point, but my meeting is starting.
Be back in 30 minutes or so.
Oh, no problem.
3:03 PM
How have you guys managed to turn nation state conflict in to a math word problem? Ah...my brain.
Haha, yeah... Sorry, lol.
Fast meeting.
OK, at this point, we have A + C and B - C.
It hasn't been anywhere near 30 minutes.
Nope. 12 minutes :)
Okay, great.
3:12 PM
And A wants to have A + C and B wants to have B + C.
So, A could sell C to B for something.
B doesn't have anything to sell.
Or maybe B could take something else instead of C from A (A wants C, but they'll be happy to give D to B).
Or A and B could fight over it.
Or B could decide it's not worth it.
Okay, how about we continue the timeline, so you get perhaps understand why B wants C so badly.
3:14 PM
Or A could decide potentially fighting over it isn't worth it and just gives it to B.
OK, sounds good.
But before that, let me clarify, B cannot take C from A, it would take a literal act of god for that to happen.
A is big and B is small.
C doesn't even want to be part of B that much.
A also has colonies. And mercantile power, etc.
OK. Because they get benefits from being part of wealthy A.
In war, stranger things have happened, but let's say B doesn't want to risk it.
So, B could give up their claim on C (probably most likely).
Also since A is ruled by AB and C used to be part of B, C doesn't see A as some invading force.
3:16 PM
Or maybe they could ask A for some sort of reparation.
Maybe A will give up a troublesome part of A.
Like, D always is starting "revolutions" for A to put down, and stuff.
The colonies are sometimes troublesome. But we don't give them up.
So they give D to B just to reduce their cost there.
We send people with guns over there.
3:17 PM
Where D could be part of the main part of A.
Okay, so back to the timeline.
So A has to keep a large costly garrison over here keeping D under control.
So E just collapsed.
B is free once more, it becomes a free republic for the second time.
hi, back again. that's a lot of messages to read ^^
A is busy with conquering people who have different skin tonnes.
Not going to bother with B.
Things happen, wars happen between the different colonial empires and stuff.
3:19 PM
So, does A get to keep C, or does B get it in the end?
At this point in the timeline?
Because that choice limits the paths to investigate :)
Oh, I don't really know. That's what I'm trying to figure out.
At this point, I'd say A keeps C.
I don't think C would accept to be part of B.
Yeah, that seems reasonable.
3:20 PM
B wants C, but isn't stupid enough to attack A.
So, wars and stuff.
So they just go take D, which was also conquered by E.
So now we have A + C and B + D.
Where B and D were previously individual nations that were conquered by E.
just to know, have you got a map?
Okay thing is, B is more interested in C later on.
Alternatively, B can just stay where it was.
3:21 PM
No, sorry kepotx.
At this point B is more interested in keeping itself together.
It keeps getting conquered.
a good way to B for accepting D is that C and D have similar features
like, both have acces to the sea
@AngelPray If B keeps on being interested in C, and A wants C and C wants A, then there will almost certainly be a war.
At the end of the day, someone has to back down and accept that things are as they are.
so, even if C is historically theirs, they accept to have D because, well, it's something
Or they will fight.
guys listen.
the whole nationalist movement happens a little later.
3:22 PM
yes, B is bitter over A stealing C.
But they have bigger issues to deal with.
They keep getting conquered, though not by A.
You should really develop a map and a written timeline. Would make this conversation 1000k times easier. Preferably a map that that evolves in slide show format to point out changes in land ownership/control and annotates major events.
Not conquered by long.
Yeah, I know james, I probably should.
Almost finished though.
They get conquered again after E?
even a potato map is good
and basic timeline
3:23 PM
Yup. large war happens between the different colonial empires.
Let's take this to a different room.
That might be a good idea.
Then you and I can discuss it without aggravating other people.
Sorry for having cluttered this place up.
Again, sorry @James!
Someone please migrate our messages here :)
Huh, I think making that room just took SE down.
3:26 PM
Did it?
It was down for a second, but it's back up.
@AngelPray No worries
3:48 PM
Another day, another sandbox draft
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

dot_Sp0TRingstadt: Getting sulphur into my water geology hydrology biology You sure lad? For some of you folks normal beer is already an acquired taste, but this... this beer definitely is. You understand that this stuff is brewed with water from the devil's choke? You know, that vile spring right b...

1 hour later…
4:49 PM
@James If you think limericks are the dumpster fire of poetry, what until you read this:
Ding dong ditch;
The mouse ran up the witch;
The witch curst;
The mouse burst;
Ding dong ditch.
5:43 PM
@dot_Sp0T I think you'll be able to filter out the sulfur smell. Modern water treatment is with bleach to break up the H-S bonds.
won't be able to filter out*
@Green what now? Also the goal is to get to a degree of sulphur that needs filtering - I forgot to add the paragraph about that the sulphur water / diluted sulphuric acid actually has a use later
6:03 PM
@dot_Sp0T Hydrogen sulfide, the stuff that makes sulphur stink is too small for filtering. You have to chemically treat it to make the smell go away.
6:21 PM
@Hosch250 I will add it to the fire.
@James No, first we need to make the fire nuclear. Then we can add it to the fire. Something that bad deserves nuclear fire at the very least.
@Gryphon Yeah...or maybe Greek fire. I've always thought that burning water would be fun.
@James If you want to burn water, get some Dioxogen Difluoride.
And run very very fast.
@Gryphon This is terrible advice.
@Gryphon Though this is good advice if you first followed the terrible advice.
I agree with both of those statements.
This is an excellent description of O2F2
6:29 PM
@Green but I want it to have sulphur in it, optimally it being slightly acidic
@Gryphon That's a description of ClF3...
@Hosch250 Whoops. Similar effects though, so I suppose it is still a good description of O2F2. At least the burning everything bit.
That's pretty funny.
@James Which specific thing is funny?
@Gryphon Was referring to the comic.
I edited this question...not sure if that makes it better or more on topic though.
Q: What is the probability of evolution of Humans to breathe in some other available gas instead of oxygen?

Karan DesaiA general Overview: Due to heavy pollution and the rapid accumulation of greenhouse gases, fresh oxygenated air is decreasingly available in the atmosphere and carbon dioxide levels are rising. (There is plenty of nitrogen present.) In response humans are trying to save themselves by adapting ...

6:45 PM
@dot_Sp0T I'm not saying you can't have sulfur, you just won't be able to filter it. If you get the right microbiological system going in that bog, you could have tons of sulfur.
@dot_Sp0T Its been a while since chemistry but I don't think that sulpher is inherently acidic or basic. I think...perhaps...maybe, whatever you added sulpher would become more alkaline due to the sulpher reacting with things in it's surroundings...but I admit I could be completely wrong.
@James You can certainly make acids with sulphur in it. That's super easy.
@Green Right, but he mentioned just sulpher.
But probably even just having it taste like sulphur is alright
I need diluted sulphuric acid or something like it for this: worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/19630/…
@Green Sulpher obviously has the best acids. Non sulpher acids are sic (SAD)
6:48 PM
Wow. Chat is full
@FoxElemental Yeah, we don't have room for you. Sorry, we are at capacity, you can wait behind this nice velvet rope.
@James The Velvet Rope is going to be the name of my Fetish-Nightclub if I ever have the money to establish one
@dot_Sp0T I am not going anywhere near that place.
and if I did, I wouldn't touch anything.
@dot_Sp0T Please tell me where that is when you make it, so I can figure out where the absolute farthest place on the planet is, and go live there.
@Gryphon that is a very interesting dilemma, it would be interesting to have a map of the world with the area marked, where the top of the mount-everest is farther than the exact oposite place on the Geode that is earth (as earth has some 12kkm diameter)
7:03 PM
@dot_Sp0T Build it opposite the Mariana Trench.
7:15 PM
@dot_Sp0T From what I've read, the element sulphur itself doesn't have a taste. You have to mix with other stuff (which is the usual form, mixed with other stuff.)
@James Wear two layers of gloves.
7:28 PM
@Green Remember the full body rubbers from Naked Gun?
I was thinking that route.
@James Probably not super effective for what you want to achieve but pretty funny.
@Green I find funny to often be the best, if not most practical, route.
8:06 PM
8:41 PM
Hey y'all. I don't know if folks already use it, but if not, stackapps.com/q/2116 is great for reposting those pre-written comments. Someone brought it to my attention earlier today.
9:34 PM
@HDE226868 Taking the navy seal copypasta to a new level?
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