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8:25 AM
@Jenayah Encourage users to include information from links if relevant, the link could die at any time.
RE: (though those are already included in the link you provided so it's fine :) )
I can't ping someone who's not in this room already, but if you read this TommyBs, I recommend you do some Googling of the game and add these info
oi TLC
Don't take too much time for it of course but if you can spare 5-10 minutes for this, that'd make for a great answer ;D
@TheLethalCarrot aye true I saw GoG and not thought of that
if GoG falls what happens next
But I'm not big on flooding the comments either :/
Aye, that's why the move to chat thing shows up after long discussions
Yeah, didn't want to wait for that bot thingy
It's not a problem to link off site if your answer is fine standalone but I wouldn't encourage the practice of adding info solely through a link, though not saying that's what you did here :)
@TheLethalCarrot oh sure I was solely referring to the screenshots :)
8:30 AM
Ah fair enough
An OST comparison would be a nice touch if there's something like this on Youtube or stuff
I mean that's probably something some other people could edit in, but it's a better touch if the answerer does it :)
Well better to encourage them to though I wouldn't expect much more from the answer
It is already accepted after all
Talking about images and stuff is imgur still borked?
@TheLethalCarrot if you look at the time stamps you'll see that the guy already edited some stuff after my first comment so he looks ok to comply
Oh I saw that
And seems to be
Well talk about the devil ;D
Oi @TommyBs
8:36 AM
Didn't say it yet but good catch on the ID by the way
thanks, I've added a description and some images
You're welcome, nice edit :)
As I say it's pure coincidence I got this right just on the general view of the game, but hopefully there's enough info there now?
8:43 AM
As far as I'm concerned it's enough :) poke @TheLethalCarrot might have something else to suggest
"enough info" is generally whatever you deem to be enough, though obviously the more the better. Seems fine to me though
For answers along the lines of "This is X" we do want something more like how it matches the OPs description or a synopsis but you have that info and some more so seems fine
Oh @Jenayah another note, technically we are a forum, just not a discussion forum
@TheLethalCarrot I'll edit that
Plus the word discussion adds more meaning to the we are not parts too
@TheLethalCarrot whaddya mean?
(I reread that three times but did not get it :) )
It adds more context/meaning by saying "We are not a discussion forum/site" than just "We are not a forum" (and is more accurate)
8:58 AM
Alright I'll try to remember the phrasing then :)
I also try and say what we are too (haven't re-checked your comment to see if you did) cos it helps better
@TheLethalCarrot ah not it didn't, but it linked to the tour
Might just be me but "Q&A site" might imply "let me show you my theory" to some people which is why I say what we aren't, but not what we are ahah
I mean I do though, just not by this phrasing
> Well actually a good bunch of them are answered. There are a lot of good analysis here on several Harry Potter questions (here are the most popular ones, they might interest you); while they sometimes stem from opinions, people are able to back them up with quotes from the books/Pottermore/interviews etc. That's the kind of answers we're looking for :)
Aye, I've never been overly happy with "we are a Q/A site" but it is essentially what we are and I can't find a better phrasing for it
Granted that's not far from "lemme show you my theory" but if said theory is backed by books and WoG or stuff it's alright
9:03 AM
if "lemme show you my theory" is just "Well I think he was secretly a bat Animagus because his hair is black and his cape looks a bit like bat wings" then it's not fine
Does someone know if Adult Swim (TV channel block) really showed animés? scifi.stackexchange.com/q/192537/4918 is suspicious because it claims he saw an anime on Adult Swim, and I have a possible western animation match.
@b_jonas people sometimes mistake anime for cartoons and reversely, so I'd say go for it
A quick Google tells me that they have shown animes
Sorry had Skooba syndrome for a second there
Ah no, it was also on Disney channel, not on Cartoon Network. I'll still try a throw, but still.
As for the animes shown I wouldn't know and I'm certainly not Googling a channel whose name contains "adult" while at work
9:12 AM
And this isn't even an anime-influenced show like Steven Universe, I think.
@Jenayah I'm already reading en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adult_Swim
And yes, it says it does do anime.
Well, OP might've mistaken it then
In that case, I'll only comment. The other details he gives are so vague that there are probably multiple matches like that.\
The description is quite thin so everything's good to take
It's not a question that gives you much to go on.
9:15 AM
Ok, I'll make it an answer. I can't lose more than a few points on it now.
If he edits the question, I can delete my answer.
(I should have known it's Disney, I mean, it even has the Disney channel logo at the end of every episode.)
too bad user didn't edit more or replied to the comments though
And I'll write a detailed answser telling what exactly matches his question and what doesn't, so nobody will dare to downvote me on it.
Hahahah, suckers!
It's so good to be non-Good.
9:35 AM
There, done.
Now let me see chat history. What was the question I had to check back on? Not the one I should write, the other one.
@b_jonas I suggest you remove that last sentence out of your answer, it doesn't come across well and is better suited to a comment. Which, as you point out, Jenayah has already done
Ed has removed it now anyway
damn I knew trying a SQL joke was a bad idea x)
@Jenayah What SQL joke?
Oh right. SQL is a joke.
Q: Short story where candidates in a competition used an online database to answer a question

Peter HullThis was a short story which included a competition, in which the participants had to use an online database to find the answer to a complex question. It was something like "What was the stock price on the day when the temperature reached its highest in the city where..." It was definitely pre-G...

Or especially MS SQL.
@Jenayah no no, Mike Scott maybe incorrect depending on the interpreter brand. In that context with the subselect as a simple value (rather than a subselect of the rhs of an IN or as a FROM source), SQLite would ignore the LIMIT and use LIMIT 1 on the subselect anyway, because only one row makes sense.
9:53 AM
@b_jonas don't think I used that one, but this is getting too meta for a joke ahah
I'll post a comment.
Appreciate the comment though, always good to know
I can handle basic DB stuff but most of it is still blurry... possibly because I never really was interested enough to try and learn more
Also OP didn't specify what the city should be selected on so that's again another stretch :p
he's trying to spread confusing "help" about SQL. I'm trying to find the appropriate XML strip, "This is important. Someone is wrong on the internet" it says.
And the part of the SQLite docs I can point to, as proof.
if i google xkcd + some key phrase from the comic, i usually get the comic as the first result
(e.g. xkcd wrong on the internet)
9:59 AM
@doppelgreener thanks.
@doppelgreener I usually try on explainxkcd, but for some reason it's hard.
Please don't clutter the comments on that question talking in detail about SQL, it was a light hearted joke not a starting point for a discussion over the details of SQL
@TheLethalCarrot Then flag a mod to convert it to chat starting from Mike's comment or even Jenayah's. Or tell me if Mike deletes his comment, and I'll delete my own or you can flag it.
Actually, let me see first if I can ping Mike in chat.
I can delete my joke if needed ahah
Can't. chat.stackexchange.com/users/3696/mike-scott is his chat user, and is not in any room. In that case I'll flag the comment thread to move to chat, and refer to xkcd for why to save it. Mike is on answering computer questions on SE itself.
The initial joke was fine, starting an extended discussion wasn't. Though note I'm not blaming anyone for starting the discussion :)
10:06 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I flagged migration to chat. There the jokes are fine and it won't bother anyone, and Mike will see my reply.
Everyone gets what they want.
@TheLethalCarrot well given my knowledge of databases compared to the experience of some users here, I was kinda asking for it I guess xD
Always nice to have feedback tho
@Jenayah We have entire SE sites full of users experienced in SQL databases.
And Mike knows.
And I think you know too.
@b_jonas Oh I know that very well :)
I was referring to users of said sites which also happen to roam SFF.SE
When you see a pitiful attempt of a joke about a field you're an expert in, you're deemed to react ahah
10:24 AM
Daily floof: "Nice lens. Where d'you buy it?'
@Jenayah lol nice. what's the source of the photo?
Animals interrupting wildlife photographers is my new joy
(there are others in replies to that tweet)
Wow that's big
Also, I like outdoor photography,but I wouldn't do that. It's a big cat. They put those behind double-layer strong cages in zoos, even lynxes that look small and innocent. And it's not for their protection. They can protect themselves, even against that photgrapher.
The cervid youth is not that scary.
I wouldn't enjoy him on my back because his parent could come and get angry, but still.
@b_jonas this leopard looks like it has a collar of sorts so maybe he's used to be closed to humans, even if it's still a wild animal, granted
10:33 AM
Tweeter doesn't give image credits either, it seems. Bad practice.
Someone active on Twitter should just flag his posts.
@b_jonas reverse-Googling doesn't show much indeed
@Jenayah These are the sorts of hard to aquire professional quality photos where we on Commons assume by default that it's a copyrighted image the author doesn't own the copyright for, and delete on sight until he gives source with permission or definite statement to OTRS that it's photos he made, when we can undelete.
@b_jonas if only someone in this very chatroom had a Twitter account (I'm looking at you TLC :p )
Lots of people still try to upload such stolen photos, but they usually don't remain on the site for long unless the uploader actually has permission.
@Jenayah I've got access to a couple, what's this about?
10:39 AM
@Jenayah Eh?
@Mithrandir see above, but basically copyright infrigment
@TheLethalCarrot don't you have a Twitter account?
Yeah, only use it to ask people questions every now and then
A: Where did Rocket's repair tool come from?

TheLethalCarrotI asked James Gunn, the director of Volumes 1 and 2, on Twitter and it turns out Rocket didn’t invent the device. In fact, he stole it (because it was expensive). Gunn also gave some insight to how it works. @CarrotLethal: Hello! Did Rocket create the repair tool he uses on the Milano or was...

oh alright
lol I hadn't upvoted that?
Still annoyed twitter decided on @CarrotLethal
here done
10:41 AM
@Jenayah ....meh
@Mithrandir ?
That photo is really quite old, has circulated the internet several times and the cheetah is in fact a friend of the photographer
@Edlothiad hence the collar thingy
No no, the cheetah is wild, I believe that’s just a geotag
it's a cute cheetah tho
10:42 AM
@Edlothiad That is quite good, but the tweeter posts it without giving credit to the original copyright owner or anything.
@Jenayah RIP James Gunn...
@TheLethalCarrot oh right he was fired two weeks ago or something
How did that end anyway?
I never said anything about copyright or about the tweet, don’t know why I’m being pinged about that
No actually let's not go there
Although, welcome to the Internet, where everything is legal and done by the books...
No wait, that’s not right 🤔
10:44 AM
@Edlothiad eheh, sadly true
It's a cheetah? I didn't recognize what big cat in particular. I thought it was a panther/cougar from its spots.
Let's settle on big cat
Like a puma or something
(bonus points for those who get the reference)
(half-bonus points for those who think they get the reference but that reference was actually a reference to my reference)
Let me balance them out.
panther/cougars are mountain lions, and therefore wouldn't be found in the plains of Africa.
10:48 AM
@b_jonas aaaw!
A "panther" (more accurately panthera) is the genus that contain lions, tigers, leopards, etc...
A puma is also a mountain lion
Or at least the genus that contains the mountain lion and it's ancestors
Actual panther, info and full source at File:Orsa-rovdjurspark-leopard.jpg
Yeah the cheetah above was more slender than that
It's most obviously a cheetah, from the "tears" running down the front of it's face, which are characteristic for chetahs.
Again, nothing can be an "actual panther"
As the term "panther" isn't a specific animal
10:52 AM
Now we're detracting from the point..?
Wolverine, that one could be dangerous, but it's fed from the hand in the zoo, info and full source at commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wolverine_fed_jarvzoo.JPG
@Edlothiad No we're not. I'm balancing out the unlicensed images with less professional but licensed ones.
Ones you can spread and reuse.
I know it's a mustelid, not a felid, but that cervid above was nothing like the big cats either.
I don't understand how that's relevant to "animals bother photographers" or how that improves the situation?
@Edlothiad It's still a dangerous wild animal close to a human.
Never mind, you do you. Forget I said anything
10:54 AM
And on Commons you can find even better images that are licensed so you can reuse them, with source.
If you wan to speak about actualy Sci Fi or Fantasy, I'll stop. But it's the morning, and I'm not the one posting the most fluff in this chatroom generally. You can deal with a few of them.
Last one probably:
Arctic fox. Zoo worker doesn't go close to this one, but is throwing meat in the cage from a bridge above to get him to reveal himself to visitors for a short time. Big predators don't like to pose for photos, even in zoos, thus why such photos are rare. Info and full source is at commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Arctic_fox_fed_jarvzoo.JPG
@Edlothiad you don't understand how a cute doggy/critter picture improve our day? Is your workplace that good? :o
They're better than the hundredth taco cartoon anyway.
@b_jonas wow he's way less white than I'd thought. Is that because the picture was taken in summer or something?
Dude, I'm not the meme image guy here. I post the occasional red circle.
@Jenayah Yes, summer coat. I even mentioned that in image description.
Also it's from above.
His paws are still white.
I plead guilty for the floofs I post most of them these days
10:58 AM
Well, whiter.
@b_jonas oh, hadn't seen that yet, sorry :)
Oh so these photos are yours! I hadn't realized
@Jenayah Your account is 4 months old. This room is over a year old, and these images are better than the taco memes that were part of the blight in the room whose name we don't speak.
I had no idea how Wikithing Commons work
@Jenayah Wikimedia Commons only has photos (and other media) that are licensed under a copyright license that allows free redistribution, even for commercial purposes and in modified form. It has a lot of professional photos too, of much better quality than any of mine. About animals too, but lots of topics. These four are my photos.
@b_jonas now that you mention that Dark Lord of rooms I may've heard stuff about this. I see your point now
11:03 AM
Most licenses used still require that you credit the image if you reuse it (I can avoid that in case of my own images, but I want to link to them in this case).
@b_jonas ok! Well that's good to know!
But in exchange, Commons also has mechanisms to require credible proof from the users uploading that they have the right to distribute and allow to redistribute the media under such a license. This burden is higher for obviously professional quality photos, where we assume that a real professional photographer would know how to give permission properly, and will do so at least if we explain the user the procedure to do that.
No matter what we do, some users will not read anything and ignore all the warnings and clear help text, so we get a lot of images we delete.
Oh so you take action in the project too?
For amateur images, we can more easily believe a clear statement that the uploader himself has made the photo themself, if he actually claims that and claims that he gives permission under that license; but on the other hand we delete useless really bad amateur photos, which we also get some.
Ah yes, the terrible times when the chatroom was filled with people "blight" and friendly users conversed about various science fictional and fantastical topics and other conversations that took their fancy, watched movies together and conversed. Much worse than the silence, animal photos, transcript stalkers and silent watchers.
11:12 AM
@Jenayah Yes. I upload some documentary photos, especially of buildings and statues and plaques and similar monuments exhibited in public places in Budapest (where I live), on the grounds that if before internet age someone thought that a person was important enough that someone paid for a statue or engraved plaque, then it's worth to transfer that info to a more searchable internet this age.
I also upload scanned versions of high quality public domain documents, including commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/… and some illustrations for Jules Verne.
I should write a proper summary about these hobbies on my Commons image page and mention them in two or three lines in my CV.
Just 'cause we haven't been talking about movies and stuff lately doesn't mean we can't :) let me find a Guinea Pig... Poke @TheLethalCarrot how was AMATW? :)
T'was good and funny
@Edlothiad Once you gain enough XP on Sci Fi that we trust that you can be careful enough with the blight, and wear protection equipment and exit whenever the situation is risky for you, you will be able to read the contents of the blighted room, except for some deleted conversations.
@b_jonas I shall say that people like you, who make content, culture and entertainment accessible to broader audiences (legally, I mean), are great. Keep up the good work :D
@TheLethalCarrot so from what you read on IW would you say I can go watch it and not be spoiled?
(yeah yeah I know, people care too much about spoilers etc etc :p )
@Jenayah Well I've seen IW too and yes for the most part
11:17 AM
There's only one scene relevant to IW, and it's the post credit scene
Though you'd have to leave as the credits start
@TheLethalCarrot oh i thought you hadn't
Hmm maybe I'll go then :)
I haven't seen all of them, like missed a few Captain America's and what not
Yeah you didn't miss much then
Well I know what happens in them anyway
11:19 AM
@b_jonas You're welcome to your opinion. But the "blight" is an exaggeration by a few users. The room was for the most part a welcoming, friendly and interesting environment, which has continued off-site after certain users were unwelcomed. I think that says enough for the closeness the main chatters felt for each other.
And haven't seen Ragnarok yet
Civil War was a joke is all I have to say
Seen all of CW bar the last 10 mins or so haha
@TheLethalCarrot watch it, it's more fun- than story-oriented but great when you just want to have two good hours
Good Will Hunting is far better, and should be on-top of your list.
11:22 AM
I've got it just haven't got round to watching it yet
@Edlothiad uh, yeah, but quite not we were talking about x) agreed though!
(Ragnarok not Good Will Hunting)
Oh, that was a private joke, got it :p
Yeah he told me to slack off and watch it
Dis he say that like, two years ago? X)
11:24 AM
Yesterday actually.
Was procrastinating and watching Good Will Hunting clips.
It's a great film.
Another great film is Brooklyn
Didn't see that last one, what's it about?
It's not SFF-nal, just so you know
It's an Irish girl who sails to Brooklyn, meets a boy, marries him, then is forced back to Ireland for a while, meets another boy, falls in love with him and DUN DUN DUN!
It was nominated for an Oscar.
@Edlothiad Oh right. I should mention in my answer that Phineas & Ferb is a SFF show.
Not that I really need to defend that for a story-id answer, but still.
@Edlothiad ...m'alright
Currently ranked #80ish in the to-watch list then :p
11:56 AM
Unsure why I had to be pinged about Phineas & Ferb, but ok...
@Edlothiad 'cause this show isn't all SciFi right?
@Edlothiad Nah, yuo just reminded me by saying "It's not SFF-nal" about some other film.
@b_jonas Phineas is definitely a fantasy. </reference-bssed-on-avatar>
@Mithrandir Yes. I should write a blog post introduction to it some point, telling what show it's like and when you'll be likely to enjoy it (if you don't read Harry Potter for a world of magic that makes sense, but for characters with motivations and feeling),
and where to start and when to watch the film (don't start with the film, get to know the main characters and the original state of the world first, it will get bad very quickly in the film and you won't understand most of the character motivation; instead start with the "Nerds of a Feather" special ep phineasandferb.wikia.com/wiki/Nerds_of_a_Feather and some of the good episodes from early seasons).
And explain that it's a show that really doesn't take itself seriously most of the time, it's like a joke-a-day comic strip, but occasionally you get the special moments when you appreciate a character doing something really special that is moving only after you've watched at least a quarter season to know the main characters. And of course how it helps if you like American style cartoons with good musical numbers in almost every episode.
Musical numbers?
12:11 PM
Is that a thing?
It's a musical number
I'm lost. :')
But jonas meant actual songs in P&F
I just make joke, yes?
Oh, da
I know nothing of P&F so I naively thought you wanted to be of assistance. :p
12:14 PM
Lol, I've never seen it
But I've seen Qs on here about it
@Jenayah Music tracks.
English problem, sorry.
@b_jonas oh, ok
no worries :)
Stuff they can put in a soundtrack album and where the whole song can get stuck in your head for many of them,
ahah yeah I know those
currently listening to one (from another show) actually
P&F has a lot. It has at least one song in almost all episodes (it took them the first too episodes to figure out that's the kind of show they want, but after one very good song in like the third episode, the managers told them to put such a song in every episode, and while a few more episodes were already completed without songs, they actually did, and usually really managed to put a good song.
12:25 PM
Q: Short story about a terrible miscalculation on space travel

JennieI am trying to locate a short sci fi story that I read in the 70s or 80s in Omni magazine. I remember it was a really short story and it was published in the last page of the magazine. The story is about a group of humans who are traveling to space because the Earth is finished. However, due to ...

There are highlights of course, so there are even two compilation specials with ten good songs from the show each, disjoint ones of course, with longer versions of some of the songs.
12:59 PM
@Jenayah Meta collective wisdom says the blighted room is probably deleted but not private, and is on SE chat, so you can see it once you get 10000 total rep on Stack Exchance sites (not counting any association bonus and the free 1 rep per site). You'll get that in less than a year if you remain as active as you are.
@b_jonas Can you stop bringing it up? It was removed for a reason and this room is meant to learn from the mistakes and be a fresh start
Ok. I deleted the meta link.
@b_jonas to be honest, from what I've heard and/or read on Meta and/or started to deduce by your quick discussion with Ed, I'm not sure I want to get there and risk bringing back old demons :) you said it yourself, my account is 4 months old, so I'll just take the train from my own starting point, I guess!
Sorry. I'll just stop and go do something else.
@b_jonas oh, no worries :D
1 hour later…
2:22 PM
Ahah is one of my watched tags and between today's new questions and TLC's edits which bump some upfront, my homepage is almost entirely yellow :p
welcome to my world
Story ids are the most common qs anyway so bound to happen
True dat but they're not usually in such a queue
Site seems quite slow today so probs why
There are only 15 questions that are not highlighted on the front page for me.
2:24 PM
Sort your watched tags out then haha
I think I've only bumped one post to the front today and that was the latest edit
Which sounds interesting by the way
I'm probably going to give it a better look once I get home
(notice how I definitely did not that yesterday ahah)
(once I see "I read it in French", brain tells me "you have this one. You can find it. Get searching!")
Did I miss something again?
No just that the story-ID I answered yesterday was asked by someone who said they read it in French
I just can't tell the context of your message haha
That's my cue
2:33 PM
Ah gotcha
btw is imgur still borked?
'cause those two covers' formatting look awful
Haven't tried since this morning
it seems to be
maybe (poke) @Mithrandir knows more about this
i think it was fixed, but browsers cache 301s fairly heavily - try clearing your cache
but not 100% sure, haven't seen anything
well still nope
no big deal, that can wait
2:52 PM
Apparently there's no post on Meta for this (query), but something I've wondered for a while: given that some questions have really low-q posts, such as this recently bumped one), is it ok to flag them for deletion?
Even if they've probably been flagged before, but AFAIK we can't see that
Keeps the homepage somewhat clean and removes useless NaA. And if for some reason that bumps the question back upfront, well, it was already there to begin with
If you think it should be deleted no reason not to flag it
What's the policy on this? Is there one?
Don't think so
Only thing is just be careful with old, old ones because rules/policies were different then so don't delete something that may have been fine then... unless it's really bad of course
True but they've been around for a while without being deleted. Is that because we were waiting for the users to clarify/edit etc?
Waiting for clarification, no one saw them, no one flagged them etc.
2:56 PM
Not to point fingers but it's "yup I agree, no evidence tho", unregistered, last seen one year ago, not likely to turn that into something more interesting
Yeah I highly doubt it'll turn into anything else
@TheLethalCarrot referring to these ones? scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/q/10117/98028 (for instance)
Yeah I mean general idea is treat them like you would normal new stuff but I always allow a bit of extra leniency
It's basically this question but replace "new" with "old" (and not reversely)
Q: What is our policy on new redundant answers to old questions?

AegonI flagged an answer today. The key factors were: It was posted almost four years after the question was posted and received an accepted answer. It was just one line which merely rephrased what the accepted answer had established about four years ago. At worst, this is plagiarism. At best, ...

Alright then
Mods will generally decline those flags, I'm sure if other users see them first though (in most cases) the answer would get deleted
3:01 PM
You mean flags on new answers or old ones?
I mean the official stance is don't flag/VTD those answers
But in practice things happen slightly differently
Aye, the good ol' difference between theory and practice
@Jenayah it's never gone through the LQP queue, FWIW
@Mithrandir oh 10k+ can see what queues it's been in?
3:07 PM
no, anybody can see that
just look at the timeline
Anyway, personally, I'd have no problem if that was deleted.
I didn't know that timeline existed
It's neat
Thanks for the tip!
Yeah, it's bit obscure. I'm using a userscript that adds a link to the timeline and revision history on every post.
Click share, remove user id and replace with "timeline", replace q or a with posts
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I can recognize an URL pattern :^)
wouldn't have guessed it tho
Ouch :P
3:11 PM
@Mithrandir custom one or publicly available?
@Jenayah developed by ArtOfCode, gimme a sec and I'll pull up an install link
@Mithrandir neato, I'll be sure to do this
not from that machine tho
I use... a lot of scripts. Those are only the non-mod ones; there are a bunch other mod ones :P
Ok ok
On the note of scripts, is there a working version of SOX anywhere?
3:25 PM
My version...sorta... works.
Mine works, I just don't have the menu in the top bar
As in, it's doing the things I set it to, but I can't change any of the setting or anything because the settings don't show up.
Same here then
2 hours later…
5:00 PM
We also have the clean-up room

 SFF community cleanup room

Where the community chips in to help clean up scifi.stackexcha...
@TheLethalCarrot are people working on that? If not, I'll take a look when I'm not on mobile.
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
No idea
Maybe @mith knows.
sorry, no idea
you'd have to ask SHUB
6:50 PM
As in nam-shub?
As in ᔕᖺᘎᕊ, the author of the script.
7:38 PM
@SQB and it’s still outrageous that it’s not been renamed Garbage Compactor 3263827!!!!!
Do we have no culture?!
@Edlothiad such a name risks hapless ROs moving trash messages these
8:17 PM
posted on August 09, 2018 by Jack B Nimble

IMDB’s Description: Shaped like a demented starfish, a monster 5-headed shark terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise. This movie is apparently the third in what is at least four ‘X Headed Shark Attack’ movies, the first being 2 Headed Shark Attack, and the second ... Read more

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@b_jonas weren't we talking about Lego games the other day? We've just played Monster 4 with the family. No real building involved except the game board initially, but an enjoyable game. Good mechanism, good balance between chance and strategy.
People should have enough culture to be aware. Or just post something in TL.
ROs don't have access to TL.

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