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2:00 PM
@Sterno hm? I started it yesterday afternoon.
@AshleyNunn Seems reasonable. I'm having flashbacks to how many hours I spent playing D2, and...I'm afraid to start D3. >_>
I let it run overnight, and when I came back to my PC to check on it this morning, the first thing it did was crash.
@TimStone Afraid you will get sucked in?
Just a bit, heh
Stay strong! You can do it!
2:01 PM
Anyone order the CE ver of D3?
@AshleyNunn Now we can be lonely together in our respective separate corners! yay
@badp Me too!
@badp yay! (but stay out of my corner!)
@FAE Oh yay :D
It's like a party of variably lonely people!
@AshleyNunn Hahah, I will try! But first, must...write...code...and probably play more Binding of Issac since it's short. >_> <_<
2:02 PM
@TimStone giggles
@Krazer I saw a photo in here yesterday that suggests someone did...can't remember offhand who it was though.
@badp If I reach my rep daily cap, do the up-votes keep counting towards the event?
@MichelAyres why would you ask me? I have no idea
probably yes
@Krazer yea
@MichelAyres yes
2:04 PM
@badp first name I saw in the chat =P was you or @FAE ...
@FAE <3
@MichelAyres Why am I getting a <3?
@FAE Sorry =X
@FAE Just being friendly =D
yesterday, by FAE
The only reason I wear clothes outside is because I can't be naked.
@Blem does it glow?
2:05 PM
@MichelAyres Haha, it's fine, I'm just confused as to why
@FAE You're complaining?
Yeah, I thought we had established that <3 towards FAE were implicit and we were instead supposed to send </3 when we did not imply a <3 towards FAE
I dunno. The Eye Gravatar is sorta creepin' me out, today.
@RavenDreamer I'm not complaining! I love me some <3
@RavenDreamer Just wait til Mana wakes up.
2:06 PM
@Krazer i haven't tryed the usb yet, will do when i get home
@Blem Looks smexy. Mine got delayed to to the torrential down pours we are having D:
@MichelAyres Friendly is good!
@FAE @AshleyNunn Maybe we should make ourselves a new space. The Polygon. A collection of corners to be lonely in, together!
@badp Yay!
It'll be fun! And lonely.
2:10 PM
I want the nicest corner!
y u suck so bad, Diablo 3 installer?
@AshleyNunn It's a regular polygon. All the corners are equal, although some are more equal than others.
@badp Well then I want the most equal one.
@badp I really should read through Animal Farm again. Excellent point!
@RavenDreamer mine kept failing at 41%, turned out one of the big files where corrupted and i had to redownload 3.7gb :/
2:12 PM
@AshleyNunn The one with the rotating knob? We have ourselves a connoisseur here!
or do you want the one with the resizing handle?
Just remember guys, whatever you do, trade stuff with your Templar. I hear really fun stuff happens.
@Fluttershy This is awesome.
@Blem I'm stuck at "updating setup files"
@Krazer ok i'm back. not suer if things are working or not
Q: How to get rid of Rubber Trees in Technic Pack?

dbemerlinI'm playing the latest recommended Version of the Technic Pack (i think 6.0.7) with the TechnicLauncher and spawned near a village. After helping it grow, i now ran into the problem that some rubber trees are blocking building space (apart from looking ugly). First i tried to burn them down but ...

Q: Can I control which nuke will be launched?

tenfourAssuming I have multiple nukes ready at different ghost academies, when I launch a nuke, which one will be used? There are times when I want to choose the nuke to use, for example during a base race where I'd like to use the ghost academy that will be killed first.

Q: Is there a way to limit the amount your followers talk in skyrim?

user25347Simply put, some of the followers just talk too much, for example meeko (the dog) feels the need to bark every 5 seconds. Likewise the Spectral assasin has told me the same things over and over. I dont mind them talking every now and them but every few seconds gets on my nerve. Are there any con...

Q: How can I change the installation directory?

Michel AyresMy friend is trying to install Diablo 3 in his windows 7. But he kind mess up a little win his partitions. All his files (and also extra space) are in the directory A, but his SO (windows 7) is running from directory C Every time he tries to install Diablo, he change to directory A but it says ...

Q: Is the Auction House a global AH in Diablo III?

JohnIn the Diablo III Auction House, is it a global AH, or does it only display items from a certain sector that they place you in? And, is it the same for both real money and gold, or is one global and one is not? I'd imagine having one large global AH would destroy the market, but if it's sectore...

@RavenDreamer Is it just that it failed, or are you getting crappy speeds?
2:15 PM
@RavenDreamer The worst part of my error was the error message was useless :/ It said that if my dvd drive was ejected I should close it again, if not then I should download it digital. And I was installing it from digital download
@Sterno It is that I have no idea if it's doing something anymore or not.
@Blem O.O That is rather unhelpful
I am gonna call it a day and get home from work, cu people when I get home
@AshleyNunn yea, and running the downloader did not fix it before i found out there was something wronge with one of the files and deleted it
@Blem oy. :(
@Krazer seems to have helped! Thanks! Mind explaining what that just did?
2:22 PM
So has anyone beat Diablo 3 yet?
haven't even played it yet :(
@Wipqozn I successfully created a character after a total of 50 minutes trying. Does that count as winning?
@Wipqozn There was a screenshot of some Koreans that had killed Diablo and hit level 30.
@RavenDreamer That is pretty funny.
@fbueckert I'm aware, that was the joke lololol
I was mocking all of you that the main quest is so short.
@Wipqozn Because everyone knows once you beat Diablo, the game is over and you stop playing!
2:27 PM
@Sterno Exactly.
@Wipqozn is it?
Man, I already killed Diablo twice. Dude needs to stay dead.
One more reason to not be so grumpy at the fact more than 19 people visit meta!
@badp ~9 hours I believe.
@Sterno That's just silly. Then they would need to rename the games!
They have to call Diabloless, or No Diablo. That would just be silly.
@Wipqozn wow, that's a little over Portal 1.
Are the other diablos as short?
2:33 PM
Killing multiple monsters in D3 increase your %MF chance?
I thought in create a question for this. but not sure if I should... something like "There are other ways to increase your %MF besides gear?"
@badp I seem to remember the campaign being rather short, with the intent that you'll replay it, up the difficulty, or farm epic lootz
Hmm guess I'll create =/ doesn't look like is there an easy answer
@MichelAyres Is there a general mf question?
2:36 PM
there's like a billion magic find questions :/
it's this game's "who can I sleep with"
Q: How can I maximize my Magic Find?

SeanWhat should I wear to maximize my Magic Find? What specific items are ideal for a Magic Find-optimized build? Does any one particular class have better class-specific items with increased Magic Find?

I'd say your question would be a subset of that.
Any good great answer to that question would include information on all the ways you can increase magic find.
@Wipqozn good point =)
@MichelAyres I'd leave a comment an @RavenDreamer's answer asking if there are ways to gain MF outside of gear.
I believe @raven has been playing the game a lot since it launched, so I'm sure he'll know.
A: Why is my PSVita not charging through the USB port on my PC?

spfAll of the postings here seem to be correct, however for different reasons. All USB ports will supply 100mA with or without negotiation. Since 2007, the USB spec requires that 2 types of "charger" can connect to a USB client. Either a "dumb" dedicated charger or a “smart device” which can chat...

@YiJiang I'm... not sure if that even answers the question... does it? I... can't tell.
2:40 PM
@YiJiang ?
@Wipqozn he pointed out Nephalem Valor and party. There are good answers.
@FAE It doesn't really, no.
Q: Is there a cap or soft-cap in % chance to find magic items?

Michel AyresIs there a cap or soft-cap in % chance to find magic items? Should I stop stacking MF items at some point?

Q: Is it possible to kill the Ceadeus with SNS?

Nathan SabrukaI was only able to repel/kill the Ceadeus using the longsword. However, I much prefer to use the SNS personally. I was wondering if it was even possible to kill/repel the Ceadeus with SNS. Thanks! N.S.

Q: What is bonus EXP?

SoreanAs the title states, I am curious as to what bonus exp is in the game. I read that there are different bonuses for killing monsters higher and lower than your current level. What are the ranges/bonuses? Does this also affect how much gold/items that are dropped? On the flip side, are the pen...

Q: How does follower XP and leveling work?

SeanThey level up when fighting beside you, but also level when not in use. How does this work? Do they gain all XP for both their kills and your kills (like party members)? Do they gain more XP when fighting at your side than when not in use? Does the follower class affect their rate of XP gain? Are...

Even the last bit which is as close to an answer as it gets is only tangentially related to the question
Hi everyone
2:43 PM
@Stephen Hi
@Stephen Waves
My main diablo 3 question is "Can after work possibly get here quick enough??" :-)
... but I've had enough downvotes for 1 morning ;>
@Stephen I have the same question with regards to DayZ.
@Wipqozn It does make it very hard to concentrate doesn't it :)
@Wipqozn Think I may pick this up
2:45 PM
@Stephen It can, yes. Luckily I'm currently working in something enjoyable, so that makes it easier.
The moment of truth is almost here where I have to decide ... standard edition or collector's edition... are those glowing Tyrael wings worth it?? :)
@FAE It's very enjoyable.
@Wipqozn I didn't realize it was a persistent world zombie thing, which is something I'm very very interested in
They just released a new patch which contains a few bugs with zombie spawning though. That is to say it's spawning a lot more than it should. I think it's spawning good amount of zombies in cities, but I've heard small towns are spawning a lot of zombies (like a lone barn in the middle of the woods will have 30 zombies).
Q: Could an installed game access all files on my machine?

Protector oneIf I install a game on my Windows machine, does it potentially have access to all my files and folders? If not, what is preventing this access? How would a game be different from other software that's able to access my files? (E.g., a text editor.)

2:48 PM
Which is both annoying, and breaks immersion.
the "realism"
@Wipqozn You mentioned an LP...
@Ender Sure gimmie a sec I misplaced my phone somewhere and I'm franticalyy looking for it
@RonanForman Yes. If you know of a good free screen recorder, I'd be willing to do it.
Assuming it doesn't result in too much lag.
That sounds fascinating as a game....not my thing (I like cute PvZ type zombies) but I would like to watch it played.
2:50 PM
@Wipqozn Hm, that sounds kinda sucky
@FAE Yeah. The dev team said it was just a bug, but he's going to see what people think of it before switching. Right now the community is mostly split between idiots screaming "ADD MORE ZOWBIES! DON'T LISTEN TO THE NOOBS!!!NONO!!!" and other idiots screaming "THERE ARE TOO MANY ZOMBIES! ONLY ONE OR TOWN SHOULD EVER BE ON THE MAP!!ONE111o!!!"
@Wipqozn Oh. Huzzah.
So much idiotic screaming. XD
Question: I'm in actI already diablo3acts.com Do I won the tshirt? or it will be made some kind of lottery ?
Where is the correct answer is obviously that a bunch of zombies should always spawn in cities, but only small amounts of zombies spawn anywhere else.
2:53 PM
@Wipqozn Less can be more when it comes to zombies, IMO.
Part of why I liked the feel of L4D1 over L4D2.
@MichelAyres you have a 25% chance to win a t-shirt
@Ender DNS is short for Domain Name Server and is a very important part of your daily Internet usage. Every time you type a website address or send an email you make use of DNS.
@Ender Most people use the DNS provided by their ISP and are quite happy with it. However, different ISPs, maintain their DNS differently. If the DNS you are using aren’t updated on a regular basis, or if it’s not maintained properly, your Internet-access gets clogged up and slow. There are also some security advantages, but I'll leave that as a story for another time.
@FAE Yeah, which is why my method works. The idea behind the cities is that if you run into city guns blazing you're going to get yourself killed. YOu need to stealth around, and avoid combat if at all possible. You should be scared shitless whenever you're in a city. Get in, get what you need, and then get out.
@krazer awesome, and you set me up through some google dns?
@Ender Yes. Another alternative is OpenDNS.
2:55 PM
Outside of cities you want less zombies since it results in a slight down time, which makes the tense moments in cities all the more tense. If you're always tense from 100 zombies around you then cities have no more risk than the rest of the map.
When you're not in cities your main threat should really be other players trying to kill you for your stuff.
@Wipqozn Assuming your internet is good enough you could livestream it, and then download it from there.
@RonanForman I see I see.
@Wipqozn Right
@FAE Trust me, I've put a lot of thought into this haha.
Cities spawn a lot more loot than everything else, so going into them should be more dangerous.
@Wipqozn Wait it's like an MMO type thing?
2:58 PM
Let's face it, in a real zombies apoc. you're going to spend most of your time avoiding zombies, not shooting everything you see.
@RonanForman Yeah, in a way.
@Wipqozn I will be hiding under my bed.
@Krazer This is usually the way to go if your ISP starts being mulish and blocking sites it shouldn't.
How long do games tend to last?
I applaud your tech support.
@RonanForman The average lifespan is 4 hours.
2:59 PM
@Wipqozn If we started earlier it might work for a Game on!
The goal of the game is to just survive as long as possible. Death is permanent. Also, based on your questions I assume you have a terrible misconception of what the game is.
@Wipqozn Sort of.
@Wipqozn Do you mind explaining it? I cant really find info on it.
@RonanForman I've been thinking the same thing, but in it's current state it wouldn't work. The servers are way too overloaded right now. We'd have a lot of trouble all getting into a game on the weekend because of this.
@Wipqozn I'm going of the from page, if that is wrong then that's their fault.
@Wipqozn Can we not host?
3:01 PM
@RonanForman you'd have like, only us then, that'd be not very fun
@RonanForman Probably, yeah, but there is a central server too.
no competition or risk
I don't know how big the games are meant to be.
@FAE Just make it public.
@RonanForman 30 - 50 people.
@AshleyNunn @RonanForman Here is the mods website. I actually need to get back to work, but I'll explain more about the game when I get home.
I think a call to the devs is in order then.
3:02 PM
awesome :D
So who's controlling the twitter account now?
@RavenDreamer No D3 luck yet?
@FAE That was the, "I finally troubleshot my issue, and still have 2 gigs to download"
Wolfram alpha tells me that'd take approx 4 hours
@RavenDreamer :(
Ouch o_O
hugs her internet
3:10 PM
hugs... no one... :(
It's not easy beeeing reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
Q: Can we advertise Game On! etc. in the Community Bulletin?

fredleyThis would be an awesome place to advertise forthcoming games to users of the site besides those that hang out in chat! Also worthy of inclusion: blog posts, chat event etc. We can has?

Q: Can flying monsters fly diagonally upwards?

AnnaCan flying monsters fly fiagonally upwards? I've got this in part of my fortress. Could a monster in level -2 get to level -1 somehow? ##### Level -1: #++X# ##### Level -2: ##### #..## ##### # natural stone + constructed floor X up/down staircase . empt...

Q: What's the purpose of my followers "focus"?

heisheWith level 18, you unlock a new item slot in your followers inventory: However, neither the game nor much of goole makes any mention of this. What's the purpose of this focus?

Q: Where are all the random dungeons?

Ian PugsleyDepending on the zone, there may spawn a random dungeon - for example, Den of the Fallen can occasionally spawn in the Weeping Hollow, and the Scavenger's Den can spawn in the Fields of Misery. What are all the random dungeons, and which zones do they spawn in?

Q: Does leveling up do damage?

Nick TThe effect when leveling up has an "explosive" quality to it; and it seems like when I dinged near a mob it got thrown back, but I don't know if it was a (inanimate) corpse or still alive (or undead). Does the level-up effect do AoE damage?

@RavenDreamer I feel so bad that you have to wait 4 hours to play, given that some of us have big boy jobs and have to wait 6 :(
@DaveMcClelland My bigboy job starts in two weeks. Let me enjoy my time off, you ingrate.
@RavenDreamer I can't stand idly by watching you enjoy things. I have to ruin your fun whenever possible
@DaveMcClelland Only 6? Crikey. When I factor in travel time, lunch hour, etc. I generally count on returning home about 10 hours after I leave home in the morning.
So, yeah, don't be complaining about your 6 hours. :-P
3:15 PM
@RESPAWN I've already been here for 3.5, silly
Haha. Fair enough then.
@RavenDreamer I don't know that you've got other attachments (such as a SO or kids) so honestly, I found I had more time post-college
I want to have a beer with you some day, Dave.
My commute is only a mile and a half, though. It's totally awesome
I'm actually more worried that my download won't be completed when I get home tonight.
I may have a power outage and not even know it!
3:16 PM
@RavenDreamer he'd probably wait until you started to enjoy the beer, and then push you down and laugh.
@RavenDreamer That would be pretty sweet. You should visit DC sometime
Or my lowly 3mb connection may just not finish downloading in time.
@agent86 This sounds... remarkably accurate
@DaveMcClelland I have fambly up there. So it's just an issue of me not having visted them in 6 years or so.
I knew I should have started the download before I went to bed last night.
3:17 PM
@RavenDreamer You could always crash at my place. I'm probably more interesting than family
But if I crashed into your place, where would I get a new car to drive back home? :? cue philsoraptor
I need to read more about this
I know I could finish downloading the game at work.
so is anyone lvl 60 yet?
I'm level 74.
Well, I have a level 74 Defiant Spartan on my head.
Ok im taking off my pants!
3:22 PM
I was going to say "pics or it didn't happen", but I'm kind of afraid of these pics.
pleasehavepantson pleasehavepantson pleasehavepantson
level 99 trouser snake
@Blem You seem to enjoy rather... dark games
@Blem Oh man I can make your stream bleep.
3:25 PM
Feel the lag, man. It's like 15 seconds or so
What does the D3 closed beta sigil look like anyway? I can't tell if I've seen one yet.
@Krazer You want to know when you can properly rage at somebody else in game? ;)
@RESPAWN This is indeed what I intended to do lol
@RESPAWN Assume they've all been in the beta and rage equally.
Equal opportunity rager!
3:31 PM
@fbueckert Oooh. I like this. That's sooo much easier.
@RESPAWN Or do what I will; play single player until you finish the storyline at least once.
No rush, no fuss.
@fbueckert I find it a lot more fun to play with friends online
@Krazer Oh, I have no doubt I'll be playing lots with friends. Especially the fine folks here at Gaming.SE
But my first time through, I'm taking my time.
@fbueckert wait, there are fine folks here? where?
@fbueckert Play single player? What do you think this is? 1997?
3:35 PM
@RESPAWN I can't play offline even if I wanted to.
@fbueckert Edited. :-P
@agent86 I caved to peer pressure to buy it at launch, especially from here.
I use the word "fine" extremely loosely.
@fbueckert ah, gotcha. don't want us losing our reputation as a wretched hive of scum and villany.
@agent86 do you have a better adjective in mind?
3:38 PM
@agent86 yes - 1/4 of the people who complete each Act will win prizes. Keep in mind that if you make it to Act 4, you'll be entered into all four lotteries. So, if your name doesn't get drawn for the Act 4 prize, you'll still have 3 more chances to win! — Lauren 5 mins ago
I'm using it in the same sense you'd call someone holding your friends hostage to coerce you into helping then. "This FINE gentleman here needs something from you."
Q: How much is the Exploding Palm radius?

DrakeThis is the description of Exploding Palm: Cause a target to Bleed for 220% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds. If the target dies while bleeding, it explodes and deals 30% of the target's maximum Life as Physical damage to all nearby enemies. So it is clear to me that the more li...

Q: Can the Diablo 3 game client be copied from one PC to another?

JeroenWe have downloaded the Diablo 3 game client on one PC at our house. With the other two recent Blizzard games WoW and Starcraft 2 you could just copy the game folder from one PC to another over the LAN and fire it up. Is this also possible with the Diablo 3 game client?

Q: What are the different chests?

Ian PugsleySo far, I've seen normal Chests, Bloody Chests, and Resplendent Chests. Normal Chests seem just that, and the Resplendent Chests drop quite a bit more/better loot. What about Bloody Chests - what's so special about them? And what other chests are out there, and is there anything special about th...

Q: Where is Wirt's Cowbell (for Wirt's Case Scenario)?

Sean(see title) Where can I find Wirt's Cowbell for this achievement?

Q: How do I hide the HUD in Diablo 3?

DrakeI would like to hide the HUD in Diablo 3, in order to make better screenshots. Is it possible to hide it temporarily?

Q: Are any conversation achievements missable?

SeanThere are several conversation achievements (listen to every Blacksmith, Jeweler, Cain, Leah, Tyrael, Adria, town merchants, followers, etc.). Is it possible to miss any of these by not talking to them at a specific time? If so, which, and when?

@fbueckert mmm, hostages.
@agent86 what an awkward way to run a contest. O.o
@RavenDreamer yeah, I think I'd be pretty pissed if I made it to act 4 and didn't get anything, or was offered a shirt :(
3:39 PM
@agent86 Of course, I seem to have compromised my morals due to all the D3 talk here, so I have all of you to thank for making me poorer.
Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!
yeah, what are they thinking giving away free stuff, they should just give nobody anything
@agent86 I think the problem here is us top tier ME3 Missions winners accidentally destroyed the budget >>
@FAE yeah, no doubt.
@NickT they can run the contest how they want; not trying to say otherwise. Just sad :(
@agent86 Especially considering they were banking on 0 TVs
Break ALL the expectations!
3:45 PM
the problem is that reputation/votes on posts is not capped at all
the population can grow without bound giving everyone a million votes on everything
Morning All
But I think we also have to remember to try not to get bit by the entitlement bug. The fact that they're offering incentives at all is still pretty awesome. After all, the point is to make the internet better. :)
Not just get free swag (though it helps).
@FAE I don't know, it seems like they swung the other way this time - at least 70 questions in 15 days? That's... a lot
@FAE yeah, I'm feeling like it's relatively unlikely that we'll see that many people at the top of these tiers - they simultaneously increased the requirements significantly while decreasing the motivation significantly.
Not to bash @spugsley, but isn't this a duplicate: gaming.stackexchange.com/q/66431/20456?
3:47 PM
I just find it weird that the pendulum swung quite so far in the opposite direction, I suppose.
I imagine the next time around they'll do something more towards the middle :)
@badp Oh. I see. Lol, my father doesn't need a built in system to monitor me.
@YiJiang Well, the contests are still being evaluated with each iteration and such. They probably expect a lot of stuff based on the ME3 turnout and also on the type of game D3 is, which I honestly would expect to get more gameplay/good-subjective/strategy questions than ME3.
@agent86 well, maybe you should sit down with Lauren and hash out the next contest yourself, hm? ;)
A: Is the Auction House a global AH in Diablo III?

Raven DreamerAll Diablo 3 Auction Houses (both Real Money and gold) are regional, one of the same three regions there are for servers: The Americas, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, Hardcore characters are entirely separate from "softcore" characters - this means no trading and a separate shared stash, but i...

@RavenDreamer I get the feeling that they're not going to write me a blank check, although I always provide feedback :)
gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/66434/… Might benefit from a battle-net tag of sorts since I think that list and chat stuff goes across WoW, D3, Starcraft 2 n the like.
3:49 PM
there is
@James there is one. so... add it?
I'm not trying to sound entitled; I don't particularly expect anything from the site. I just find their resource allocation and reward/prize structure... odd
@RonanForman Only 8MB this time?
@James I zipped it better.
3:51 PM
@RonanForman Ah :)
I'm so far ahead of the rep cap today already that down votes don't even show up in my log, ahahaha
@NickT sorry for bailing on you back there.
@Mana way to be late to the party, hoss.
@LessPopMoreFizz /wave
@NickT There's actually a bunch of old wow realID questions that should be retagged battle.net too
user image
@RavenDreamer pfft, neither of you two addressed if you need the CD to play the game or not. That was clearly the most important question.
3:59 PM
Official Gif Of The Day

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