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9:08 PM
Q: I don't understand how naming works.

I take DrukqsExample: I read a red spellbook, it crumbles and blinds me. It then asks me what to call it. What's the point of this? What am I supposed to do? I've read the NetHackWiki on the naming article but I don't understand what the hell it's used for. Thanks in advance.

9:31 PM
Hrm, I'm slacking on reading chat messages.
5 hours ago, by FallenAngelEyes
You seem to have a lot of conflicting opinions about what you should do with yourself, @sinni800. You'll fit in here just fine!
If that is true, I'd be the perfect mod candidate. Or would I? Yes, I would. Except if I wouldn't.
So what would that ideogram mean?
(I can't help but read "OH SHIT! NAKAZATO!")
still wonders what 'ideogram' means.
Oh, logogram.
well whatever that non-latin character is
A logogram, or logograph, is a grapheme which represents a word or a morpheme (the smallest meaningful unit of language). This stands in contrast to phonograms, which represent phonemes (speech sounds) or combinations of phonemes, and determinatives, which mark semantic categories. Logograms are commonly known also as "ideograms" or "hieroglyphs". Strictly speaking, however, ideograms represent ideas directly rather than words and morphemes, and none of the logographic systems described here are truly ideographic. Since logograms are visual symbols representing words rather than the sou...
I'm full of useless trivia like that.
9:37 PM
Make it so!
@Powerlord So it is made.
Hmm, I really wonder what'd happen to the site if @badp won the elections.
So, should I get Lost in Shadow now, or wait for it to fall in price?
@ArdaXi You...really don't want to know.
I mean, nothing good, surely, but it'd be interesting to watch.
Speaking of which, if you haven't participated in an SE election before, primaries have a downvote button. ;)
But then I... aww.
9:40 PM
Not that I'm suggesting you should use it on me... :P
I am.
Does each person get a limited number of votes in the election or can they choose up/down for each candidate?
On me, that is. Not on you.
I wonder if you can up/downvote yourself during primaries.
I figure you can vote for yourself in the final (you can in real elections anyway)
In the primary it's just like questions/answers - you can upvote or downvote each candidate once.
9:41 PM
I should totally make a couple sock puppets and ask some minecraft/nethack/starcraft questions to quickly get the 300 rep.
On the actual election it's not up or down - you just select who is your 1st priority, who is your 2nd and who is your 3rd
I actually really like that system.
@Oak I've been wondering... are those weighted differently?
I'm not sure I like the downvote in primaries.
We need an "If this guy is chosen the site will suffer horrible, horrible things." button.
@Powerlord yes.
9:43 PM
It can be display: none; on all but mine.
Must be past 4:30... office is completely dead now
I need to get around to updating my nomination.
I really hope more people nominate themselves. 9 just doesn't really give the pool enough depth.
But I'm lazy and that sounds suspiciously like writing.
@Powerlord Add: "At least I'm better than the guy way below me."
@ArdaXi I was thinking more of the questions posted on Meta, but whatever.
Besides, they're randomly ordered by default.
9:44 PM
@Powerlord I'm still at the bottom there. And no they aren't.
Is that your campaign platform @Arda? That you'll be a terrible mod? I though that was badp's scheme.
My election platform is free cake for everyone who votes for me!
@StrixVaria Nope. I've got backing.
2 days ago, by Mana
Of course, you all know what they say about cake and video games...
That had 12 stars until @GraceNote ruined my plan.
9:45 PM
Oak threatened to ban everyone from chat last time we discussed cake and video games.
@Powerlord I suppose, if it's an election promise, it becomes "the lie is a cake!"
No one is noticing my meta issue...I wonder if it's because I forgot freehand circles
Q: Getting rep from tag edits doesn't show the reason in the recent rep tab thing

StrixVariaI just edited the wiki for [magicka] and got some rep for it. When I viewed where my recent rep came from, it looked like this: There is no reason at all, just a blank space. Mystery rep. Poking around some more, I also found this on my recent rep graph page:

I was semi-serious, too. Posting spoilers for video-games in a video-game related site is... evil
@Oak It's not really a spoiler.
For portal? No, I agree it isn't
But in general, spoilers are evil. And the whole purpose of mods is to fight evil!
9:48 PM
@Arda It was more than just Portal.
@Oak Oh really? I thought it was all about abuse of privileges and that sort of thing.
cough @IvoFlipse cough
Anyway, @StrixVaria, yes, I put myself down too much :)
I confess I will be said to lose the ability to delete bad answers :)
Still, I don't think I'll participate
@Oak BUT!
aaaah MSO is no longer down
summons the mod-team-worshipper Oh @badp!
2 days ago, by Arda Xi
How do I get in the situation where I'm defending the fact I'm not a good person against other people? How does that even happen?
9:58 PM
Man Google is so slow :(
@Arda you're supposed to be happy, more chance you'll get to be mod :)
@Oak Happy? What is there to be happy about? 0.01 to 0.011 is not that big of an improvement. ;-)
Evening all
Yo @Fallen
So you've decided not to run, @Oak? :o
Think so
10:02 PM
We need a way to force people to nominate.
shuffles away to create his nomination
@CRoss Aren't you already mod of RPG? You wouldn't be spreading yourself too thin?
@CRoss Actually now that I'm thinking of it I can see advantages to moderating two places at once.
I have experience if nothing else
10:06 PM
I guess it's poor etiquette for me to publicly broadcast who I support and who I don't? Except Grace of course. Everyone supports Grace.
@StrixVaria I've been trying to avoid it myself
I will say I'm not adamantly against anyone who's running
@StrixVaria @Mana had no problem with it.
@Oak, aw, that's a shame. :( Thanks for being a great pro-tem mod though. :)
and we look forward to you answering more questions :-)
Yeah, @Oak definitely should stay around even if he decides not to be a mod.
10:09 PM
Thanks @Fallen. I think I did a pretty good job, if I may say so myself :)
Well I hope you stick around with us!
I'll be honest, at first I didn't like you, @Oak. I can't for the life of me remember why, though, seeing how it turned out with you at the helm.
@Strix thanks for the honesty :)
Maybe it was my support of game-recs?
I kinda remember thinking "Who is this guy? Why did they pick him?". I now know why.
10:11 PM
@Arda I think the picked a few of those with high rep who also participated in meta - and I was both. I still am both, actually.
I guess that confirms that... @Oak, I guess you can skip off the message you'll get in about... 10 minutes
I was the highest rep user on Writers with very high meta participation when they picked the pro-tempore mods there and I wasn't even contacted.
@StrixVaria Same here on Gaming.
@StrixVaria In the election 3 choices. In the primaries, regular voting.
Late much?
Oh, and @badp, @oak isn't running.
10:16 PM
What's that recalc url again?
@ArdaXi Catching up
Aww, the recalc doesn't work for beta sites.
bah, I wanted to have Gaming confirm all its mods
gg @Oak
10:19 PM
Hey, the infobar is gone. When did that happen?
It's been a pleasure working with you, @Oak. You'll still be sticking around, right?
My 10k+ rep isn't from modding, you know :)
@Brant hm?
The one on the site that linked to /election
10:22 PM
It's been gone all day. I've had to go through meta to get to the election page.
I thought about making a question on meta about it but I got lazy.
I believe I read somewhere that it only stays up for 2 days after the start of each segment of the election
@Brant Apparently system messages expire after 2 days
Ah, gotcha.
It really should stay up the whole election.
btw I wish I could see @YiJiang page with my stats in it :(
10:24 PM
@Oak Nominate yourself :D
Problem solved.
There's a withdraw button on the nomination interface fyi
so you can nominate, watch the page, then withdraw and seal your non diamondness
(I don't think you can undo a withdrawal... but I could check.)
@badp that's a bit silly just to see that page :)
Whomever flagged that post and got me suspended, thanks you for the extra, unnecessary drama and new campaign promise: To campaign on Meta.SO to get one-flag suspensions removed.
I think that question was fine when it still only asked about naming.
@Powerlord Now there's a platform I can pretend to get behind.
10:27 PM
Wait, if enough people flag a specific chat message it gets the user suspended?
Better yet, that suspension was across the entire chat.stackexchange.com network.
@Oak Flag removal = 30 mins suspension :|
@ItakeDrukqs Precisely. It isn't a matter of that.
That's what I meant by "automatically suspended" in my nomination
I linked the starred line of "I'VE GOT A HOUSE" from the Die2Nite room on MSO chat and minutes later I was told suspended users can't star.
@ItakeDrukqs The problem is that you're asking, er, everything
@ItakeDrukqs Then the questions should be merged.
10:29 PM
or at least the title does, let me read it more carefully
Anyway, if you want to get me suspended again, please do it in now, since my drive home takes about 30 minutes and it'll expire before I get there.
11:00 PM
Q: Why is Zerg considered behind if they don't have 1 more base than their opponent?

seanmonstarOften times in gamecasts, I hear the commentator saying how the Zerg player must always stay one expansion ahead of the other player, most importantly in the start of the game. Why is that? Wouldn't you consider that imbalanced? Or does it balance out somehow by Zerg being able to expand with mor...

I'm starting to think people are threatened by my age...
Never. What? Threatened? Naw.
@ArdaXi I'm terrified, personally
@ArdaXi The one thing I currently miss about my youth is something that doesn't probably work in the Netherlands
@GraceNote There are things that don't work here? Well, I guess, if you wanted to do something illegal, your options would be quite limited..
@GraceNote How...cryptic
@Arda: Stuff that runs on 110v?
I'm feelin the power
@ArdaXi I imagine "an excuse of not being legally able to drink alcohol"
11:11 PM
@GraceNote I thought everything was permitted there?
@GraceNote I don't have that anymore.
250, nice and round.
@ArdaXi Exactly. I miss it
2 mins ago, by Arda Xi
Except we, together, decide what the site should be.
@ArdaXi I said, 250, nice and round. glares
11:12 PM
What I meant with my comment, anyway, was that when I do debate with people and they start to lose, they pull the age card because they can't stand being beaten by someone so much younger than them.
And I do not take pleasure from that, it's just an observation.
Eh, I'm a gamer. People younger than me are the only ones who can beat me
@GraceNote I mean in a rhetorical sense.
With that, I'm off to fetch dinner ♪
@ArdaXi If someone has to resort to your age to refute your points, they already lost anyway
Ad hominem is annoying.
But really, I don't care about being validated. That is not what debating is about, for me.
I just want to reach the 'right' conclusion. If that turns out to be the opposite of my views, I will change them.
11:14 PM
@Fabian I'm 21 years old and I approve this message.
I am 16 years old and I am leaving this conversation before my fatigue starts to affect my argumenting.
Younglings :)
I have to admit that I have some sympathy for arguments from authority, just because I can't stand that someone without any clue proclaims having found some fundamental law of nature, without having ever understood anything about science.
All of you
Except powerlord, maybe
11:16 PM
@Arda: apparently you had a birthday sometime while I was gone, gefeliciteerd
raises hand
@FallenAngelEyes Heh, thanks. 2nd of January.
@Fabian one of the most basic rules of conduct whenever entering a new community is to try to understand how it works first, before criticizing it.
I have a kid, I don't think I count as young
@CRoss I submit before your greater life experience
11:18 PM
Q: What is the maximum level in challenge mode?

SubleakWhat is the maximum level on challenge mode? I presume it is the same on both maps currently available? I first thought it was level 20 but last night I saw 2 players at lvl 21 and 99 on the online leaderboards. Is this a hack?

Cool, same day as a close friend of mine. :)
by the way, @Oak, I did mention I'm not a good diplomat in my application. I assume that who dares vote me keeps what I put at the very end well in consideration. I didn't put it there to be cutesy.
@Oak grumbles something about kids and possession of a lawn
@Oak I'm usually very reasonable, at some point of blatant denialism of reality I just get really frustrated.
@Oak Are you calling me old? :O
11:20 PM
@Powerlord all I'm saying is that you were born at a more convenient distance from the apocalypse :)
Powerlord is not that much older than I
@badp diplomacy is important when there's doubt. Sometimes there are users who are just... problem users.
There was this user, "ben"
@Oak I know it's important. That's why I put the relevant bit at the end. People remember the best and the end of stuff the most. :)
Got a few very nice SC2 answers, well-earned reputation
... but he was a problem user, and we drove him away. And I'm happy for that.
Problem users can damage a community.
And if the amount of damage they can inflict is greater than their contribution...
Man, I sound like such a fascist.
pure trolls are easy. The ones who contribute and cause problems are the hard ones.
11:23 PM
Oaks are unwavering! This is trufax.
@Oak I agree with that, by the time you told me "that's how a future mod behaves" I had decided he didn't need any help any more.
@Oak Knowledge just can't replace good manners
@Oak all communities have to have rules, and therefore outcasts
and maybe pariahs.
Good answers should never be a license to annoy people
11:24 PM
As I said, reputation isn't a "get out of jail free" card
it's probably the other way round actually.
@badp he wasn't trying to get help, he was ranting. I hope that he will still identify the site for its value and use it - his original question was good. I hope he was just in a bad mood today. And, to be entirely honest, he made an effort and came into chat to discuss that. That's the correct place. He didn't litter the main site or made anything inappropriate there.
Honestly, if a user's been around long enough to amass a considerable amount of rep and good answers/questions, then they should Probably Know Better.
@badp but still, sometimes you just need to stop the rant. You guys were talking longer than it took Google to answer my query for me! (and my queries are big)
@Oak Sure, which is why I tried to be helpful at first.
Q: Age of wonders fan - which AoW should I start playing?

JenkoI played the original AoW like 5 years ago. Should I go get it again and finish the campaign? or should I buy AoW 2 or AoW Shadow Magic? Is Shadow magic too spooky and wierd? or does it have a nice combination or natural vs. alien? Is Wizard's Throne nice and balanced? or does it have crazy rac...

11:29 PM
Should I be worried that noone commented on my nomination? I seems I'm just not controversial enough ;-)
@Fabian Be afraid, be very afraid.
@Fabian alright, but you asked for it.
@Oak I really can't complain
English is not my first language, but that is hardly an excuse around here
11:35 PM
It isn't my first either
But decades of video-gaming have taught me English well enough :) (I think. Is it "have taught" or "had taught"?)
But I'm not finding my error
You got it right, broak.
it's not in the nomination, at least.
@Fabian you can now click my comment :)
11:40 PM
@Oak Chat is not subject to the usual rules ;-)
It's "have" because it's still underway, right? And should have been "had" if it was an action that was already complete?
Or do I understand wrong?
"have taught" is correct.
If if was plusquaimperfectum, past in the past, you'd use "had"
Q: Anti-Aliasing in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (PC)

LifeH2OHow to force Anti-Aliasing in NFS Hot Pursuit (PC)? OS: Windows Xp sp3 Graphics Card: nVidia 9800gt

11:42 PM
As long as it's not one of those crazy phrases where American English and Her Majesty's English differ.
btw @badp check out his last comment on that question. Looks like he calmed down. Or maybe it's just because I wasn't one of the people arguing with him :) but maybe also something/someone just hit a nerve. Happens to everyone.
@Oak eh, I'd rather leave the ninja stay-away-from-the-discussion-then-hit-at-the-right-second stuff to @GraceNote :P
I was considering flagging my chat message to correct the error, just to undermine Oak's point ;-). But then I remembered who would most likely receive that flag
I more or less know how the system works. Explaining it makes me happy. Sue the hell out of me.
@Fabian changed my comment to something more substantial.
OK, marginally more substantial. But still... :)
11:50 PM
@Oak I like my current avatar
And I don't have an obvious choice for an image like you have with your username ;-)
Yea mine's easy :)
@Oak Indeed, the pokemon character!
Mine's easy too, if you've played the game it's from!
I bet CRoss could recognize it!
11:54 PM
Isn't that a spy?
@Oak Yes, it is!
Oh oh ubered red spy
@Oak Exactly!
No wonder you thought I was the one who suspended you! My favorite is the engineer.
So I guess we're mortal enemies :)
And mine is the medic, so I'm next in line.
11:56 PM
Man medics are too rare.
but I can't suspend you, yet
@Oak Well, no, it was what you said just before after I mentioned cake.
I used to play medic
@Powerlord yea yea I know I was just kidding.
Of course, given the limitation on who can one-click suspend, I know exactly who did it now, but not why or for which post.
11:57 PM
That is, until I stopped playing altogether.
I played medic because no one else would, and unlike a healing class in WoW, I enjoyed it.
I often saw 12-14-sized teams with barely one medic
@Shaun Ugh, I don't really enjoy medic, which is why I don't play it.
Medic is fun if the rest of your team is competent.
Then again, just since we reset stats on OCReMix's TF2 servers late Monday, I've had two 10+ kill kill-streaks. :D
Hmm, late. Good night!
11:58 PM
@Powerlord My main enjoyment came from when people would see an actual medic on their team and they'd play to the strength.
They wouldn't just come up asking for heals.
They'd play corners right.
They'd realize when it was uber time.
They'd protect me.
I actually avoid playing Spy if our team already has a lot of them... but my main 3 classes are all support.
Spy, Engineer, Sniper.
If you see that 3 people on your team are spies already and you choose spy anyway you don't deserve to play really. It's a team game.
It made it much more fun, for some reason.

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