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4:00 PM
It's one of those essays that everybody hates... pick your own topic ;)
hang on, what're we supposed to write @KronoS :-s an intro about ourselves ? :-s
I'm not sure - probably need to thnk about it @KronoS
yeah @Sathya, these slaves of ours are revolting and making us WORK!
@Sathya yes... it doesn't really need to be something special... and if you all want I can try to come up wit questions... but I feel like it'll be better if you just write your own thing
@TomWij I'd nuke the [multiple] tag without a moments hesitation, massively ambiguous...
@studiohack EXACTLY!!!!!!
4:01 PM
@Mokubai: Well, I would prefer to go through them to match them with the word they were typed with.
the slaves are supposed to do our work :(
Some people type multiple[space]monitors instead of multiple-monitors.
@KronoS: YOU write something, I'll approve it
hahahaha jk
@Sathya You have read the moderation blog post wrong? :-)
okay, butt then it will look bad if one mod has a better intro or different one entirely...
4:03 PM
My next tag post won't be for moderators, be happy. :-)
@TomWij heh ;)
@studiohack Doesn't really matter, you're diamond forever. :D
@TomWij Ah, I get you. I'd still be tempted to get rid of the [multiple] tag, but as you say, they would have to be gone through to change to [multiple-mice], [multiple-monitors] and so on.
@Sathya I should try and make this, only replace the video part with a loop of my paw data
4:03 PM
@studiohack what does it matter you're already a mod :) Everyone (except me and @nhinkle and @TomWij ) will cower to you anyways
thank you for acknowledging my power bows. I'll work on an intro/think about what to write...
@IvoFlipse: You're making it way to hard.
Thinking of it, don't you have a simple interface to DirectDraw/DirectX/OpenGL from Python?
@TomWij, the code for this screen (it doesn't do shit) is only 70 lines :P
There is a PyOpenGL
4:06 PM
@IvoFlipse: Could work if you don't need more than a video playing.
yeah, I wasn't planning on adding menu's like that
"... an SSD" or "... a SSD" which is the proper way to say it?
an SSD
"an SSD" sounds better, but if you expand out SSD then "a Solid State Device" sounds better.
@KronoS: I vote for a, I only use an if the next word starts with a a/o/e/u/i/h.
4:08 PM
yes! That is correct @Mokubai
well if you spell the letter "S"
it would sound like it starts with a vowel
Yeah, Google confirms.
Intel uses an SSD on their site.
an SSD, a Solid State Drive"
@TomWij well it's "an ess-ess-dee" :P
4:12 PM
thanks guys
I'm kindof edging towards "a SSD" as I can't help but feel that you should exand out the acronym and use the relevant "a" or "an"
But then surely it's an argument for english.se....
didn't have the button png's @TomWij
4:14 PM
@IvoFlipse should this be closed as s/a?
A: OpenOffice vs LibreOffice - what's the difference?

Sandeep BansalOpenOffice was created by SUN. When Oracle took over sun they decided to re-work the Openoffice suite and also changed the name to LibreOffice. Technically LibreOffice is meant to be a better version of OpenOffice but it's out of your own personal preference.

but the code works
@studiohack I don't think so.
@Wil fell asleep on his keyboard again
remove the part about better
and it's just a comparison, which is fair enough
I need to defame his page @KronoS
okay @IvoFlipse
4:15 PM
@studiohack I don't think so either, if the "Which is better" was removed...
done @Sathya, @IvoFlipse, @Mokubai
@KronoS .... lol... wasn't asleep!... but had some stuff on the other keyboard!
53% of my meta post finished... :-(
killed the [porn] tag, sorry... :D
4:46 PM
hello again all
hey @DMA57361
@KronoS didn't know I could :)
didn't know you could what? @DMA57361 ?
@IvoFlipse interest approach there
@KronoS follow the back link
4:47 PM
where @Sathya?
welcome back @DMA57361
44 mins ago, by Ivo Flipse
@Sathya I should try and make this, only replace the video part with a loop of my paw data
@KronoS sorry, was still reading transcript - you said about posting on the blog
hmmm, my top-bar is too long to fit with the mod options and my extras together :/
just checked... you don't have access but I can grant it to you... or you can just email me your intro... either way works @DMA57361
Q: CPDTDF in browser's User Agent

leonbloyI'm seeing this CPDTDF fragment fairly frequently in my logs, and I haven't found any information about it. Does anybody know what it means? Some real examples: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; PBSTB 1.2; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30...

@KronoS OK, let me think about what to write :)
4:53 PM
interesting. GOOG for CPDTDF returns a whole lot of server logs :D
where's @TomWij's epic meta post :\
this one?
@Sathya how big was your SSD?
Q: The Microsoft Office tags are duplicate.

TomWijmicrosoft-access <--> access microsoft-excel <--> excel excel-2002 excel-2003 excel-2007 excel-2010 microsoft-expression <--> expression expression-studio-3 expression-web microsoft-office <--> office office-2002 office-2003 office-2007 ms-office-2007 office-2008 microsoft-office-2010...

gah, I fix the top bar, and then a mod flag makes it too wide again :/
5:06 PM
@KronoS 128 gigs
@DMA57361 nope..
@Sathya dunno what you mean then :)
53 mins ago, by TomWij
53% of my meta post finished... :-(
1 hour ago, by TomWij
My next tag post won't be for moderators, be happy. :-)
Announcement: One year later, all StackExchange 1.0 sites will be deleted, their questions will be migrated into the new ones (if they exist). Meta Stack Exchange will be also removed. Stack Overflow will have a normal meta like other sites, MSO's rep will be derived from SO. The current Meta Stack Overflow will be renamed to Meta Stack Exchange. – April 1st, 2010
5:15 PM
that was a while ago... hasn't happened still?
@KronoS It says one year later. It will happen this year, at April 1st.
oh.. misread
@Sathya, if I manage to mix that video player interface with another working example I have, it should do what I want
@DMA57361 for some reason, when I run the code in IPython (in Python(x,y)), which is an interactive mode. It worked, if I try it anywhere else, it doesn't
This. Is insane.
@Sathya was distracted, gonna eat first, then it will be there when I finish it. :-)
@IvoFlipse how strange
and it's not due to Eclipse, because it doesn't work in Spyder or Aptana (which uses PyDev) either
funny, must be some magnetic stuff in there @MarkSzymanski
accelerometers coupled with some magnet to shift a small weight in it
And then something to tell the other dominoes it fell.
5:25 PM
@IvoFlipse shrug dunno then, I've only ever used Python w/ Notepad++ and by calling directly with the python exe
5:37 PM
@Sathya: 85% :(
@DMA57361 I think the conclusion is that unless I'm working in the interactive mode, I can't make them loop, but if I use the API, I can create a window and run it in there
> For other user interface toolkits and their corresponding matplotlib backends, the situation is complicated by the GUI mainloop which takes over the entire process. The solution is to run the GUI in a separate thread, and this is the tricky part that ipython solves for all the major toolkits that matplotlib supports. There are reports that upcoming versions of pygtk will place nicely with the standard python shell, so stay tuned.
5:57 PM
Q: A bunch of tag rename/synonym requests

TomWijNote: When a tag contains a star it is used as a wildcard to denote a set of tags. Proposed tag renames/synonyms: (old tag --> new tag) .net --> .net-framework (and all version variants) hd --> 720p fullhd --> 1080p 3d-graphics --> 3d 7zip --> 7-zip aboutconfig --> about-config adaptor --> ada...

oh boy, the new mods have some work on their hands
yeah @IvoFlipse - I'm not even sure how to do that list, to do tag synonyms?
have a look around, and don't break anything!
@IvoFlipse: Would be handier to be checked and done by moderators, but it's not necesarry.
if a mod does it, it's finished
6:01 PM
If I would do all that, I could keep the front page busy for some weeks. :D
3d-graphics -> 3d : might be iffy - what about nVidia's 3D glasses tech, for example?
@DMA57361: Yeah, there might be a few odd entries in the list.
But wouldn't the NVidia 3D glasses tech have a more specific name?
or perhaps [3d-glasess] as tag
maybe 3D-display?
also possible
But I don't see how [3d-graphics] differs from [3d]
well a game has 3d-graphics (as opposed to 2d sprites, etc) but it isn't shown to the eyes as "3D" without the relevant tech?
6:06 PM
Oh I see, 3d is used as in the way they do it at the movies...
I didn't check conclusively
but there's at least one example: superuser.com/questions/239394/…
(happened to be the top "3d" item)
@DMA57361: Perhaps we could do it the other way around...
Retag [3d] questions to more specific tags.
6:10 PM
@DMA57361: Updated.
hmmm, an issue with that massive post containing so many requests is that's it's going to be hard to track issues/comments/etc on the individual suggestions...
not that I have a decent suggestion on how to get around that issue...
Well, you could create a sublist on each bullet. It still would be long.
And I would suggest removing things that have been done.
indeed, I was thinking maybe separate wiki "answers" - but there's way too many
he could have split things up
that way we could have started when he was still working on new proposals :P
Or you could lock the post, and then discuss some tags each day in a chat
And the list would've been processed in 2 - 3 months.
Or if it takes a year, doesn't matter.
6:18 PM
I can definitely agree with @IvoFlipse that my rep will not go anywhere while I'm a mod :P
but you won't have to get to 10k anymore ;)
so true! grin
going to entertain daughter for a bit... @ me if you need me :)
okay @DMA57361
one last though - ideally we need a way to prioritise these tag suggestions
6:20 PM
Oh, it's only a few hundred, how hard could it possibly be? Hahahaha
not that funny @Shinrai
its work!! lol
kidding, kidding
Hmm, I could go through the list at a less active moment and retag those that have only 1 - 5 questions or something.
It's one of those things that you have to do but it's miserable, I'm sure
Like cleaning the gutters!
6:21 PM
I know @Shinrai, I'm just giving you a hard time.
@TomWij: I can do it faster than you, so don't worry about it
Although I hope it's drier and less smelly than cleaning the gutters, idk
@studiohack: Thanks. :-)
:-) sure, anytime. but give me some time, as I figure this tag synonym/merge out
Hey @Shinrai didn't notice you in here.
@TomWij: should all of them be synonyms or merged?
I'm currently merging tags?
I tried it on an insignificant one, [cell] to [cells]
6:25 PM
@studiohack: Synonyms are prefered, else the tags will exist again in the future.
ah, yes, okay that makes more sense @TomWij
Just think twice to be sure, I didn't go through all the questions of each tag. Most are obvious though...
There's also that singular VS plural thing, should we prefer one-or-another?
well you guys, I'm off
not sure about the VS thing
In the case of my post I just gave the one with more questions or that sounds more natural the preference. (old --> new)
6:26 PM
see ya @IvoFlipse
@IvoFlipse: Cya
got a seminar tomorrow, so don't expect me in the morning to keep y'all company!
and behave yourselves while I'm gone!
@TomWij, @IvoFlipse when I create a tag synonym, does it fix the existing questions?
I'll try @IvoFlipse :P
never mind:
> If you would like to clean up the history, be sure to run a merge after creating the synonym.
quick thought before I forget - we've an API we can use to draw tag names and usage, etc, I'm sure it could be put to some use to help with this, haven't looked yet, may nosey later this evening - and away I go again...
@DMA57361: Hmm, perhaps we could plot tag usage over time and kind of figure out old tags that aren't used anymore.
6:30 PM
@TomWij: should we really rename HD to 720p?
HD is just as common?
and the same goes for 3d-graphics to 3d?
@studiohack: For 3D-graphics, refresh the page, it has changed.
About HD: I'm not 100% sure there, perhaps we need to manually go from HD --> high-definition OR 720p
so what do I do with the specifics? skip them?
high-definition is better than 720p
Perhaps the HD tag isn't used for 720p stuff.
Because Full HD (1080p) might be under the HD tag aswell.
I guess we need to discuss those and do them manually if necessary....
6:33 PM
we should just rename HD to high-definition and leave everything else alone (the 720, the 1080 stuff)
is what I'll do for now...sound good @TomWij?
@studiohack: I would suggest adding "**Done:**", "**TBD:**" (to be discussed) and "**R:**" (Rejected) before the links.
okay- will do
@studiohack: Hmm, but there is also full-hd.
those can be left alone...
6:34 PM
full-hd isn't used much
HD --> high-definition sounds good
@TomWij DUDE :|
Gonna reorganize my files (it's quite a mess, a bit on my SSD, a bit on my HDD, a bit on my back-up; spread over different folders, lots of downloaded setups that are no longer relevant, ...) and run them through tabbles.net (has anyone tried that?)
@Sathya: Sorry, nobody has to do it, I'm just suggesting...
By the way, I wanted to ask you something, how extensively are you using PhaseExpress?
I used it only a small bit in the beginning that I discovered it, haven't used it further and suggested it some times and that's all.
@TomWij the usage has declined a lot
I still have it running on startup
I like it's.. auto correct feature
like resume to résumé
6:42 PM
album-art is going to stay, it is more common than album-artwork and more space efficient because people already say art and not artwork, @TomWij
anyhow, I'm off to sleep.
I'm hoping to get everything reorganized the coming weeks.
good night @Sathya
GTD, Pomodoro, Inbox Zero, PhaseExpress, Tabbles, ...
@TomWij well I sure hope we don't have to re-do this again.
though I have a feeling we might be
6:43 PM
@studiohack Is there a difference between both? And what about the other way around?
there is no difference, except I think it should be album-art, and make artwork conform to art @TomWij
@Sathya That sentence was not about the tags, was about that my stuff (data/mail/tasks/...) is quite a mess.
catchya later @studiohack do clear up the post to reflect what has been done/rejected. I'll take up the rest tomorrow morning
working on it @Sathya - sleep well! :)
album art - 24,000,000 results
album artwork - 694,000 results
6:46 PM
now google amplifier and amplification
amplifier is more natural...
IMO @TomWij
@TomWij yeah, sorry, it wasn't meant as a reply to you, was a general thought-out-loud-note
amplifier - 28,600,000 results
amplification - 10,600,000 results
btw, @studiohack take it easy :)
@studiohack: It was again a device VS process thought I had.
Tagging after the process would sound more logic, but natuarlly perhaps amplifier might fit more.
yeah, or I'll burn out @Sathya
7:02 PM
Just had the most scary thing ever... never had this in ALL the computers I have built/repaired....
Oh, this should be good
im curious @Wil
Someone brought me their computer for repair, want it done as cheap as possible - it is a P4... so cheapest way, new motherboard and as their old one was DDR, new DDR2 memory (I couldn't find any socket 775 that has DDR).... I just replaced it and turned it on.... first turn on I wondered why it wasn't turning on... I forgot to connect the power button :S
HAHAHAHA I did that with my new 2600K rig actually
second time... I smell the electric burning smell, thought nothing of it as I sometimes smell that when a machine hasn't been used in a while...
7:04 PM
But it was just the button so I was good. XD
lol was something burning ?
@Wil inquiring minds want to know
suck, squeeze, bang, blow - What is that used to remember?
Here is the answer...
basic four stroke engine...
7:21 PM
here, sorry - router crashed, then it wouldn't let me rejoin...
anyway.... it wasn't an LED, a chip was on fire...
oh wow
any idea what chip out of curiosity?
but yeah that is SCARY
It is a brand new motherboard, now, I don't know what to do.... obviously the motherboard is screwed, but, do I risk using another one, is the problem with the powerunit.... :S I just have no idea
what was the initial complaint? Just totally dead?
yeah, nothing out on screen
i dunno if I'd risk throwing more hardware at a P4 lol
7:30 PM
scanning the (old) motherboard and can't see anything obvious blown like this... but bloody hell, that SHOULDN'T of happened! I don't know if it is faulty motherboard, psu or other.... still.... scary!
I can't see a PSU that otherwise seems to work normally doing that but if you've got some way of testing it I could get behind that
it's probably likelier than the RAM causing problems but those 775 P4s could be WEIRD, could just be the damned CPU haha
tell them to buy a C2D hahahaha
cheaper than throwing parts at a junker :/
right, just going to have to be honest with them... ringing now, and I hope I can get cash back for the motherboard/memory :S
good luck :/
answer phone.... "ehh... your computer caught fire"...
well, I was better than that :S but, still... ehhh... awkward... :S
7:46 PM
and I'm back
and that, @Wil, is rather worrying :/
also, no fuse tripped or anything :S
I've lost a PSU to an "exploding" capacitor before, but never random burning chips :/

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