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7:00 PM
@Sdjz You and SDJZ have convinced me. I"ll keep it up - but open to edits if I'm not clear :)
@NautArch I also like the current state of things with your link to my RAW reference, I think we have collectively created a useful response to the asker's problem
@Sdjz yay us!
@NautArch Which question is it?
Q: Controlling Spiritual Weapon while hidden

NarstonIf a character casts Spiritual Weapon, and then Hides... Can he continue to control the Spiritual Weapon on his subsequent turns and remain Hidden? Or does attacking the enemy with the Spiritual Weapon remove him from being Hidden?

@Sdjz Any reasonable DM would consider the number of the last few sessions where said DM had to buy the pizza before making their decision.
7:04 PM
@Yuuki I asked for a veg pizza and you ordered the meat lovers. You're no longer hidden and my three ranged attackers were holding an action to attack if they saw you.
"Hmm... I had to buy pizza for all of the last 4 sessions? I guess by RAW, commanding Spiritual Weapon reveals you."
@NautArch (in case that email you posted here the other day isn't your personal one, you may want to check it). But with regards to the question, Spiritual Weapon is a weird spell in many ways and I've had something similar about "who's attacking" come up before. The way I justified it in game is that it reveals the caster since there is a trail or something going from the caster to the weapon that can be seen when you use your magic (through the bonus action) to attack with the weapon.
@NautArch All of the arrows hit the wall that provided total cover, xD
@DavidCoffron I didn't send you the link? I could have sworn I did :(
@NautArch Not that. Lol. I replied after; just check it :)
@DavidCoffron sacred flame attacks from warlocks with GHostly Gaze!
7:08 PM
@NautArch Ugh don't bring back sacred flame shenanigans. I still have to convince my GM to allow me to imprison myself in a gem and spam the spell at the tarrasque xD
@DavidCoffron Grazie!
@DavidCoffron Now full of tortly goodness
@NautArch Tortles are still the silliest addition to playable races imo (even including long-limbed weirdness of the Bugbear)
@DavidCoffron I haven't read it yet:) But yeah, monstrous races seem...monstrous.
even thoughI chose a bugbear for the chatizen campaign :)
7:25 PM
What pizza topping grants advantage?
"I need a large cheese and advantage pizza."
Is @SevenSidedDie around?
Is there a style guide for the question posts?
@Maximillian Trick question. The real answer is: Whatever topping the DM prefers.
Q: Is there a style guide for posts?

Tiwaz TyrsfistI understand editing questions for clarity, but is there a style guide somewhere for Questions and Answers, detailing things like "These things should be italic, these should be bolded, capitalized these powers but not these in references, etc."? I'd like to have some reference so that I can for...

@Maximillian strawberries
@DavidCoffron Thanks SevenSidedDie keeps editing out my heading elements in favor of bold text which makes navigating a F-ing pain in the A.
7:30 PM
@ColinGross do you have an example?
@ColinGross I don't know... In his answer to that question he says not to edit formatting for some things...
> As a rule of thumb, we try to be consistent with the original author's spells and spelling conventions when doing an edit.
And the question gets locked. Ugh... That's upsetting.
"don’t use headers for emphasis or to give questions two titles"
It's a more specific statement.
He was pretty clear why he edited that. The title to the question already serves as that header. Note that he didn't edit out the subsequent heading
7:35 PM
@ColinGross Huh. SSD started editing my Bold text to be headings, so now I do that all the time myself
"### Entry way consideration"
A Tale of Two Cities.
What happens when New York meets Paris
@GreySage Answer or question though?
@SirCinnamon Answer
@SirCinnamon Who cares. I just want to be able to skip through sections of a question or answer.
7:35 PM
@GreySage That is the far more common correction honestly since peopel use bold as section headers all the time and it is indeed not good.
@GreySage It depends on the situation. Headings are best for answers, but questions already have an initial heading (i.e. the title)
I'm kinda with SSD on this one. I don't think that should have used header formatting at all.
@GreySage Key difference there
I think i'm with SSD as well
@ColinGross Millions dead as European continent crashes into North America
The first header on that Q at least, didnt actually denote a new section of the question, it just rephrased the title
7:37 PM
@GreySage Oh, I assumed they met when we started expanding cities accross the ocean. You took it a very different way then my play on words did
@ColinGross I think I'm with SSD. It doesn't seem like Headers make sense, you're not using the emphasized bits as organizational structure (which is what headers are for.)
@NautArch Headers are for semantic navigation. If he felt that way, he'd have changed the h3 under it to strong as well.
or at least h2
@ColinGross Why was it locked? I don't think header semantics give cause for locking usually
@ColinGross Why do you need to navigate to the line under the title?
Now I have an h1 followed by an h3... which is functionally fine.
7:39 PM
@GreySage Edit war
Honestly I don't even think it needs to be bolded, but that is certainly more of a stylistic choice.
@SirCinnamon Because I need to navigate pages by blocks.
And the semantic meaning of header tags makes that easier.
Yeah, that format edit was definitely justified. The "header" wasn't really a header, it was the meat of the question. And the content under it wasn't even sub-content, it was just further context (i.e. the header could have come after the context and it would be exactly as readable)
@Delioth Readable by who?
@ColinGross Question title is an H1 though
7:40 PM
@SirCinnamon Yes. Post title had an H2 with a more specific statement.
@GreySage They had a bit of an edit war going if you look at the revision history. Possibly that was why, not necessarily the actual meat of the dispute.
@ColinGross The "locked" comment hints that he may be posting a meta q/a to clarify his reasoning. Perhaps we should wait for that.
@DavidCoffron That may just be default text for locking though I think.
I could very well be wrong on that though.
@DavidCoffron All the standard lock texts have that phrase.
@ColinGross Anyone. The order and importance of the "header" and the "content" weren't linked - the header wasn't a delimiter showing a real section
7:42 PM
@ACuriousMind Why does a default locked message link to meta... That's weird\
@DavidCoffron The person who wrote these texts long ago made some questionable assumptions :P
@ACuriousMind The assumption being that all locked posts would have a meta about them? I wonder if we can update those
I will ironically post a meta about that
@Delioth anyone using chrome or firefox? orca does a decent job of ignoring the side panel stuff, but it's still a straight through
@DavidCoffron Meta is the place one should go to to inquire or dispute a lock
@Delioth the subseqtion was right above where the actual content started. the h1 is not
7:44 PM
@DavidCoffron Actually, I was wrong - only the "content dispute" notice has a link to meta
@ColinGross The actual content starts where the HTML says class="post-text" with a property itemprop="text"
inside the "question" div
@Delioth that's a style class.
"Offtopic comments" links to chat, "Historical significance" to the help center and "Wiki Answer"...to nothing, and should probably be removed these days.
@ACuriousMind That makes more sense. I suppose the expectation being that @ColinGross could open a meta Q/A to dispute the lock.
@DavidCoffron I think it is more saying "If you don't understand or agree with why this post was locked, visit meta and make a post there."
7:46 PM
@Rubiksmoose Probably could be worded more clearly
@DavidCoffron I don't have the inclination nor energy to discuss accessibility nor semantic markup today.
@DavidCoffron Agreed. I had the same reaction you did fwiw. I hovered over the link to see if it linked to any specific meta.
@ColinGross I may on your behalf since an official answer may be useful.
@ColinGross itemprop=text pretty clearly defines that the stuff contained by that element are the text (per documentation on itemprop: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Global_attributes/… )
@Delioth That's not useful for navigating content. The values aren't from a defined list of terms with consistent meaning.
7:49 PM
Semantically, headers that are just re-iterating headers above them are useless unless they absolutely need to exist- it'd be like having a book that's named "Topic A" with two chapters: "Topic A" and "Addendum to Topic A"
@Delioth itemprop=flavor for instance.
And while they may not be from a defined list... they still exist to very clearly state what goes in them, and "text" is pretty clear
@Delioth They've also got semantic meaning that's used for navigating a page.
@Delioth orca doesn't pick it up.
@Delioth a leading h2 element right above the content means the subblock of the h1 skips past the upvote & star controls
You can also hop to the next paragraph, but that doesn't always work as some site stuff those into sidebars and crap that come up before the content
Well... this site doesn't stuff paragraphs into things before content, so that's a moot point. And do you have any links for Orca? All I can find is an ancient web browser whose last update was like 2009
@Delioth it is an ancient web browser but it's the one that we got an installer for on debian. If I were on main campus i'd use jaws.
7:55 PM
Well, there's your problem
apt-get install orca
Yes. Using a screen reader is a problem, and it shouldn't be.
The web hopes to comply with html 5, and makes use of a ton of good features for accessibility from html 5.
Orca's last update if my sources are correct, was ~2009
HTML 5 wasn't released until 2014
That is a terrifyingly long time since update.
jaws is the campus goto, but i dont' have a windows machine here to run it on.
Thus there are a ton of usability and accessibility cues that orca simply can't understand because they didn't exist
7:57 PM
Coming soon: HTML xTreme
itemprop is not one of them
@ColinGross I'm not sure I follow - Debian has packages for lots of other browsers, why use Orca of all things?
@ACuriousMind it's what was used at the library and it's pretty basic
@ACuriousMind I've heard that Orca is good for vision-impaired people, but I have no idea why
Even then, Stack is pretty well suited for paragraph-navigation for screen-readers, headers are not useful
8:00 PM
@Delioth that's usually what you go to if the headers aren't there or seem funny.
@GreySage It would be very sad if no other modern browser made an effort to be good for them, but...it's certainly possible :/
Out of curiosity, what triggers Oracle to link questions.
@DavidCoffron Metas, pretty much
@ACuriousMind There's a chrome plugin that's supposed to be good, but haven't tried it yet.
Especially initial headers for questions, where sensible navigation would lead you from the question's main... Question header, to the first paragraph of the question's content. Since most questions don't have a good reason to have an initial header, Stack is probably one of those sites that you should just always use paragraph navigation for (especially since it's pretty well designed for that, it doesn't have extra paragraphs where they shouldn't be)
8:06 PM
Q: Can we make the locked question default messages more clear?

David CoffronIn a recently locked post it came to my attention that the comment proceeding the Locked banner was unclear in a way. This post has been locked while disputes about its content are being resolved. For more info visit meta ["visit meta" links to https://rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/] This led ...

8:28 PM
How a failed min-maxing attempt can yield you thanks from the other players for perfect roleplay reddit.com/r/rpghorrorstories/comments/8rg3u7/…
Eyup me ducks!
oh that's a reddit I have to check out.
As far as I remember, most of the stories are notably less entertaining (they're actual horror stories of encounters/problem players/problem GM's AFAIK)
@Delioth Looking at the sub, half of it seems to be “That Guy Bingo” variants…
8:59 PM
@DavidCoffron Yeah, just new meta questions. You can see that (and more) in this room's "info" link under the "feeds" tab.
And while we're at it, here's a sporadic reminder that chat feeds are chosen by you!
@nitsua60 Can I vote for in-chat messages instead of a ticker feed?
@Yuuki Sure--I'd say post it as an answer on that meta, but make it very clear that you want it to be a message-post rather than a ticker feed.
What're you thinking of?
Chat feeds can post either as that ticker feed or as in-chat messages.
Like Oracle currently does.
Be careful mentioning Oracle. It gives their salesmen power.
Chat feeds don't post that often to where they'd cause a regular communication or cluttering issue and in-chat messages have a noticeable feature advantage over ticker feeds in that you can ignore feeds that post using in-chat messages.
@nitsua60 Oh, I meant making all of the ticker feeds in-chat messages instead.
Also, you can star feeds posted as in-chat messages.
9:12 PM
@Yuuki Ah, yes. Go ahead and make that a new meta question.
OKay, so I did a better print and support removal on my heroforge 3d print.
When I first took over the feeds, they were a LOT more frequent and it was often dominating the chat.
We can create individual bot users for each feed, which will let you do the ignoring Yuuki mentions.
I don't know if that's specifically a diamond feature.
I want to say that's a room owner thing.
9:16 PM
I've never seen that option.
Hmm... checked the feeds listing for a room, yeah it might be a diamond feature.
if you had it, it would be here
makes sense if it's diamond only
definitely diamond only then
9:20 PM
@Yuuki Oh, yeah. I'd definitely spawn that as its own, new meta Q.
(nuts, it doesn't onebox!)
9:33 PM
@NautArch This is neat. What kind of printer are you using? I've got a mini delta I need to do more with.
@Maximillian it's a lulzbot mini
used ABS filament
ABS tends to make an odor, so I stick to PLA
9:47 PM
@Maximillian argh, my mounted rider broke again removing supports
@NautArch This sounds like a euphemism of some kind
@NautArch What's your slicer software?
Simplify3D solved most of my support problems.
10:05 PM
@Maximillian using Cura
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
Is this true?
you ever create a DND campaign and regret it literally 14 seconds in
(mind you I don't know what system it is referring to, so that doesn't help)
I am just being entertained at the mental picture, mostly
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