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9:00 PM
@newcomer: Comparable, yes. It's English so you would have to manually translate it...
And the election is now closed.
> This election ended 37 secs ago.
@TomWij: Thank you
> Download the election data and use OpenSTV for windows or mac to audit the results.
@newcomer: And that's all I had to say from what I know about it, for further help I would refer you to Meta.SO.
> 4,566 voters were eligible, 505 visited the election, and 212 voted
9:01 PM
@nhinkle: Whoa, 212 is quite a lot. :-)
So, we can run it ourselves, but no official result quite yet
@nhinkle ya just read that... wow
ok let me see
how do you know that?
ah never mind, just found it
212 / 4566 people voted - less than 5% :(
9:02 PM
only 212?!!!
well at least that's something
let's look at SO's stats!
oh. they have an hour left
by 'audit' do they mean we can calculate who won?
@nhinkle: What options to select?
@TomWij, wdym? select in what?
Congrats @studiohack @sathya and @DMA57361
9:03 PM
they're using the meek method
who won?!
Cambridge or San Fransisco? And Withdraw?
not sure what ballot cleaning means
@studiohack we're not sure yet
@nhinkle was next the @BloodPhilia then randolph potter
9:04 PM
then why is @KronoS congratulating people?
aww :(
oh well. congrats to you three!
@studiohack because we're all running the data thou OpenSTV
I have to pay $5 for the program?
there's a download on SU
> Winners are Sathya, studiohack, and DMA57361.
Whatever options I pick, unless they are going for more specific options on the second page, which aren't listed.
9:06 PM
wow, @Sathya hit 109 of 212 1st choice votes according to my run... almost 50% is awesome
oh duh, @DMA57361, I didn't realize that the highlighed windows and macs were for download
Gratz to the new mods
the rest of us were pretty close for first choices...
Congrats guys... it was a good race for us all... now to carry on what we were already doing... and be prepared @studiohack and @DMA57361 I'm sending some flags your way ;)
9:08 PM
still trying to figure out how to use Open STV
@studiohack file -> run election -> select file -> select "Meek STV" -> OK
I'm glad everyone ran, thanks to everyone for your support and votes :)
thanks @DMA57361
and congrats @Sathya @DMA57361! :)
indeed, thanks everyone :) ... but when do we get official confirmation? (to make sure we're all correct)
> in a surprise turn of events, Joe received the highest number of votes, but a bug in the download didn't show this result. the super user team has decided that he will be the sole new moderator
@nhinkle rofl
9:11 PM
@nhinkle O_o
how can you tell who was 2nd and third?
by the scores at the end
@nhinkle :D that's good! did you make that up?
Sathya is "first" because he was elected in the first round
@studiohack, yes :P
9:12 PM
@studiohack I actually got it wrong.. i think... I was going by who was eliminated at what time... for second and third
it says:
> Sathya, 0.341540. Candidates studiohack and DMA57361 have reached the threshold and
| are elected.
that doesn't show the numbers
Hi everyone
@studiohack indeed, I have a score of 45.046 and you 43.412
hey @BloodPhilia
Congrats to you guys =)
9:13 PM
Just wanted to say that and now I'll be off again =)
thanks @BloodPhilia
Well done to the new mods!
I'll be stopping SU now xD
No lol
Bye everyone
1. Sathya
2. DMA57361
3. studiohack
4. nhinkle
5. BloodPhilia
6. Randolph Potter
7. TomWij
8. KronoS
9. Linker3000
10. David
9:15 PM
ah, where'd you get that @TomWij?
Based on elimination.
ah, manually?
About as expected and pretty much appropriate too
Sathya wins the first step.
9:16 PM
in which case I think David is 10th (4 votes vs Linker's 6)
DMA highest score at last, studiohack follows, filled in nhinkle because he isn't eliminated until the last step (it doesn't say that), then did the eliminations backwards
@TomWij that's actually wrong...
What's still wrong?
The votes are reversed - I was second!
@Linker3000 placed second in the entire election?
9:18 PM
Well, it could happen!
@Linker3000, that's not what openstv indicates
Must be buggy
Sathya = 54:
Studiohack = 46
DMA = 44
nhinkle = 36
Bloodphilia = 32
Kronos = 29
RandolphPotter = 19
TomWij = 17
David = 5
Linker3000 = 3
This is the distribution of the calculated scores
where does that come from @KronoS?
@KronoS where'd you get that?
9:19 PM
I keep looking at the form, but can't find it?
@KronoS: Well, there misses a name in there, not right dude...
had to filter through the output of the STV
plus the calculated scores should include several zeros
@TomWij who did I miss?
9:20 PM
those who are eliminated in earlier rounds score nothing
@KronoS: Linker3000 :-)
But it doesn't work that way, you have to see who is elected first, second and third and then go through the eliminations backwards, which gives my list.
you're right at @TomWij updated the result
@TomWij no that's what i thought at first, but here's what happens... primary votes are counted... sathya made it... his votes were then distrobuted to the other candidates as either 2nd or 3rd choice
@KronoS: Doesn't matter, if you're elected/eliminated you're placed in a top list.
those were calculated... and then a candidate is eleminated, by having no more votes attributed to him (since he didn't reach the needed elected votes)
well, the lowest person is eliminated, doesn't matter where the votes went
9:24 PM
@DMA57361 it does in a sense... becuase if that individual doesn't have anymore "secondary" or "third choice" then there's no more counting...
just 3.4k rep 'til 10k! i guess i'd better get started :D
@KronoS that's what the exhausted and surplus votes are
@nhinkle: Same here, 4k left, should be 10k in about a month if I really go for it.
good luck next year guys...I'm sorry more people didn't win... :(
never fear, we need all the help we can get
whoops mine is incorrect
it should be 16
not 29 :)
9:26 PM
In case they are right, congratz @Sathya, @DMA57361 and @studiohack. :-)
which should put me in the correct range of elemination...
thanks, ... I'm still being cautiously optimistic until something official appears
so you're right @TomWij
No, in case they are right...
same here @DMA57361
9:27 PM
@TomWij why 'especially' studiohack?
Let me change this, indeed confusing to read.
Did someone say there was a download link for OpenSTV on SU?
aight time for me to pay attention in calss...
later fellas...
9:28 PM
there ^ along with the data file
That seems to go to openstv.com.
@ThomasMcDonald click "windows" or "mac" in the headline bit at the top
well all of us are getting sathya, dma, and studiohack as the winners, regardless of the options we put in, so methinks they've won. congratulations guys :)
next to the data download link
@studiohack: Your election shows that reputation doesn't matter that much. :-)
9:30 PM
thanks @nhinkle
@DMA57361 Must be a rep-thing then, I guess
@TomWij: thanks :)
@ThomasMcDonald yeah, not what I'm seeing
9:31 PM
Hmm, the election has a similar trend as the primaries do.
Yeah, get a page not found on that link
@ThomasMcDonald why don't I get the file hosted on my public skydrive
@TomWij order of people, you mean?
and you can get hte file
But it will download from SO
9:31 PM
the .exe of the OpenSTV
@DMA57361: Yeah.
Just changed the domain to SO and it works. I didn't participate in the SU election as I don't frequent the site often, it could be that as well
odd. what's the rep required to download it i wonder?
okay, sounds like you got it then @ThomasMcDonald
maybe the nominees? @nhinkle
we're pretty much the only ones drooling over the election results :P
could be @studiohack
9:32 PM
don't think so
I can access the SO download
*thinks not winning might be an overall net win for his homework productivity*
@nhinkle lol, a very valid point
right, goes back to stuyding... you'll still see me active (to go 10k) and nominate myself again next year...
9:45 PM
we have something more official looking: superuser.com/election
so it's official!
well done, you three :)
thanks everyone who voted :)
funny how we won by rep, in order of rep, I mean
indeed, how odd :)
although you're listed first
9:51 PM
I don't know if it goes down and then up or across and then down
the HTML goes across then down
balmy -6 F!!!
@studiohack ?
tempurature outside
it was -32 last night
9:52 PM
it feels very warm, trust me!
whoa -35C
bloody hell
that's a bit on the chilly side
yeah pretty much
but now -6 feels warm so I'm happy
... -21C and you're happy?
where are you?
I don't think we've even had -21C here before
where are you @DMA57361?
seems our record is -27.2 °C
(according to Wikipedia)
9:55 PM
I don't really disclose my location lol, but I live near/in the mountains in the US at high elevation
wow really?
that was in Scotland - so 400miles away :P
that's IT?! only -17F?
the coldest temp recorded in my nearest big town is -20.0 °C
it has been as cold as -40F here
that was in 1947 :P
but then I don't live up a mountain
9:56 PM
@DMA57361 We got ~-15 during the snow
:P lol
where are you @ThomasMcDonald?
in the UK as well?
@studiohack yeah, mid UK
@ThomasMcDonald indeed, but not quite the levels of cold @studiohack's got :)
:P the entire US is under a blizzard
@DMA57361 Yeah, but it's cold enough.
9:58 PM
did you guys in the UK get any?
@studiohack snow?
in the summer, it is 100F degrees+ here sometimes
yeah @DMA57361
Silly amounts of snow.
For us, anyway.
9:59 PM
@studiohack 37C is about our upper limit as well
so you guys are pretty temperate there then
(excuse me converting F->C each time, but it'll save others time as well :)
I'm converting too :) @DMA57361
congrats on becoming a mod!
@studiohack ta, you too!
its possible our temps will be in the 40's F by the end of the week, so an almost 80 degree change
10:00 PM
@studiohack I'd say so, at least in the south...
@studiohack that's a pretty crazy shift
it is...so what's everyone up to?
@studiohack right now? not much tbh...
[SO election's closed btw]
almost 5000 voted from 43.7K
Winners are SLaks, Tim Post, and Robert Harvey.
According to OSTV.
10:03 PM
they had a much better turn out than us (like 11% vs our 4.5%)
SF beat us as well... 310 voters from 3834 (8%)
yeah...most of our users never visit
true, but it only counts those >150 rep, ie those who could vote
We get rep for edits suggestions now?
+2 for each one that is confirmed
10:06 PM
max limit of 1000rep
I doubt I would do that many before I get 2k neway
you'd have to do a lot of editing and not a lot of answering
actually it would be impossible I would reach 2k before getting 1k rep from edits
per day? @DMA57361
not possible. 1000 max all time
10:08 PM
that's 500 edits, if every single one was approved, when you hit 600 is a gold copy editor badge
unless I started being a jerk and getting mass downvotes :P
@Kyle or you set a lot of bounties
Afternoon, everyone.
@studiohack yeah, I think the 1K limit is intentionally high
@MarkSzymanski good evening
Hi, @DMA57361. how are you?
10:09 PM
@MarkSzymanski good thanks :)
hey @MarkSzymanski
Hi, @studiohack. How's it going?
so it's official now huh? Congrats you guys...
@KronoS indeed; and thanks very much :)
Who won?
10:10 PM
your welcome @DMA57361 you deserve it as do @sathya and @studiohack
@MarkSzymanski I think @KronoS just gave it away :) also -> superuser.com/election
thanks @KronoS :)
I'm good @MarkSzymanski, how are you?
Have you guys gotten your super powers yet?
10:12 PM
not yet
but even if I do I think I'll sleep on them first
that said, I'm going to bed soon, so that's hardly a big decision :P
@studiohack: Not the best, pretty sick x.x
oh also.. I want to do a blog post introducing you three and letting you all have a chance to give the community a look into who they just elected...
you up for that?
I didn't get any rep deducted from the mass upvotes! ^^
and SO's results are official now too - stackoverflow.com/election
man, @KronoS is turning into quite the reporter!
:) star that!
10:13 PM
yay @MarkSzymanski
@studiohack already done ;)
sorry to hear you're sick :(
@DMA57361 what do you mean?
@studiohack: Thanks, I'll be alright, though ^^
lol, he should change careers
10:15 PM
and now they're gone forever!
rah, I'm feeling pretty dense, like I'm fuzzled at the moment
what did you two say? I got a "bing" but no message?
@KronoS sorry, we got distracted :P
@DMA57361 and I were talking about you reporting
we need some more publicity for the SU blog
I think it's probably a good idea; depends what questions you ask...
10:18 PM
lol... no questions... just letting you give intros
urgh... that's even worse :P
@Sathya @studiohack @DMA57361 - Congratulations!
Hello @Wil, and thanks very much
May your reign of terror be.... Very short (if you edit my page!)
lol, next time you'll need to plan ahead - think of something funny before joining the chat ;)
10:20 PM
@DMA57361 agreed @DMA57361
hey @Wil - thanks :)
our reign of terror is going to start with the defamation of your page @Wil @KronoS :P
indeed, you know what, I've a feeling I've not explicitly said so yet... so - congrats to @studiohack and @Sathya :)
there we go... edited! ^
ah nice @Wil
why are you congratulating us @DMA57361?
@studiohack for being elected?
10:23 PM
okay that makes sense @DMA57361, i was confused why you said:
> indeed, you know what, I've a feeling I've not explicitly said so yet...
@studiohack you better be carefull... I can control what goes onto the blog
yeah, was a bit wordy, but thought I couldn't just drop in congrats this late without some explanation :)
and @Wil spy will take your internet down
@WIl spy better do nothin!
and @KronoS, wait! I thought you were on my side? :P
10:27 PM
I was... until you threatened to defame my profile page ;P
@WIl, as a new mod, I now hold a new belief that we should be peaceable
Mods can edit profile pages?
@KronoS, I simply tacked your name on the end to notify you, not to threaten you for your wall. remember our earlier conversation to take @Wilspy down?
yeah @MarkSzymanski
Lol! (well, I got it!)
And. Is there any difference between 10k rep users and elected mods?
10:28 PM
@studiohack oh ok... then by all means... continue :P
@MarkSzymanski: 10k rep users or mods? just to be sure you ask it right...
Users, rather.
yes, @MarkSzymanski, mods have all the power
10K's have some
@studiohack not quite - the devs have more
Thanks @studiohack.
10:30 PM
@DMA57361, true, you're right
@MarkSzymanski: 10k rep users get to vote for (un)deleted questions. Futhermore they get to see a lot more but are not able to do a lot more.
@KronoS will do. @Wil take warning
also see: blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/05/a-theory-of-moderation - specifcally, the bullets starting "Moderator votes are binding"
But still, getting to 10k is really worth it given that if you do like moderation the tools let you moderate a lot more.
10:33 PM
Kronos will distract @Wil while @studiohack takes the kill
I'm off to bed, cya all later
night @DMA57361 - again, congrats! :-)
@KronoS studiohack is best thinking how to approach for the kill
later @DMA57361 and congrats again
Q: Congratulations to the elected moderators of 2011!

TomWijAccording to the election page, the new moderators have been picked: Congratulations!

I'm getting close to maxing out on rep over at MSO with the T-Shirt revolution
10:46 PM
repost that question here please @KronoS - I'm too lazy to go summon it
Q: Don't you think that it's time for some Stack Exchange shirts?

KronoSThis is for you Jeff. We're asking and begging and pleading (and maybe even willing to pay) for some shirts!!!! We know you've got to have some hiding under your bed. Don't you think it's time to share with those that deserve it? Perhaps to the newly elected mods, or maybe even all those th...

lol I was in the mid of editing a ? over at MSO
ah thank you sir
oh man... I'm about to scream... a lady just called with her work phone, and called with her cell phone to the IT help desk...
two calls, so I answered it and so did my co-worker!
what, to maximize her chances of reaching somebody!?

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