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3:07 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ngmRepresentation in all 1s in any base? An positive integer N can be expressed as 11 in base n-1 or as n 1s in base 1. Let's call those the "trivial" cases in which N can be represented using only 1s. 7 has a non-trivial "all 1s" representation (111 in base 2). 11 has no non-trivial "all 1s" rep...

@Pavel How do you type arrows with such ease?
@dylnan They're APL symbols
@LucH in the future I recommend you post here first for feedback before you post on main but I'll take a look at it
I can only type ← and → .
3:09 PM
No keyboard shortcut?
@user202729 ↑↓ are APL-y and APL-u
I don't have an APL button.
@user202729 how do you type -> and <-
3:10 PM
Compose key.
I'm assuming you're not on a mac
@dylnan abrudz.github.io/lb may interest you.
Nice, thanks
@HyperNeutrino Any suggestions for it?
no, looks good to me :)
3:14 PM
my first codegolf question blew up
and the second one got downvoted to hell
so im trying again with this one :)
Any rules on accepting anwsers for codegolf questions or is that just discouraged?
No rules. Discouraged but people still do it and it's not that big of a deal imo
I don't think it's discouraged. Some of us still accept answers.
@LucH If you accept an answer, it should be the shortest one though.
Feb 8 at 21:16, by Pavel
No, but I'll do it anyway, because accepting answers gives me rep.
3:24 PM
@LucH what type of rounding should be used?
@Poke Sorry if i misunderstood your question but isn't that outlined in the post?
I wish more people accepted answers
@ATaco You could answer more of my challenges, I also upvote every (valid) solution.
@ATaco ???
I need to get right back into codegolf, real life got in the way :p
@user202729 I've got a few winning answers that remain untucked, it took far too long for me to finally get a green tick next to a post
Of course, accepting answers isn't mandatory, but I like the extra incentive
3:32 PM
But generally I don't like too easy chalelnges.
I stopped accepting answers (giving out the tickmark) because it felt like it was "closing" the challenge to new submissions, and I would rather keep the competition going.
and active question = question upvotes = more rep than accepting
Let's see which message get more star.
Personally, I wait about a week, then tick it
3:36 PM
I only tick things to modify my rep count to get it to a multiple of 5... :P
Q: rounding numbers

Luc HTask Gives a number between 0 and 1 and another number, Print the approximated value of the first number rounded off to the amount of digits giving in the second number. For example, if the input is 0.3212312312 , 2 then the output is: 0.32 Rules The amount of digits after the dot should al...

Q: Golfing Chain (Cops' Thread)

AdmBorkBorkThis is a Cops and Robbers challenge. For the Robbers' thread, go here. The Cops have three tasks. 1) Pick a sequence from the OEIS. 2) Pick a language (this is suggested to be a golflang, but doesn't have to be) that, when given input n, outputs A(n) (where A(n) is the sequence chosen) using...

Q: Golfing Chain (Robbers' Thread)

AdmBorkBorkThis is a Cops and Robbers challenge. For the Cops' thread, go here. The Cops have three tasks. 1) Pick a sequence from the OEIS. 2) Pick a language (this is suggested to be a golflang, but doesn't have to be) that, when given input n, outputs A(n) (where A(n) is the sequence chosen) using al...

@LeakyNun For example this should be really fast in practice while ~100% guaranteed to be correct.
(ps. this is just a toy example, don't tell me to use enum or don't use eval or something)
@Dennis, I'm asking for the future, is it possible for a language to go under both "Practical" and "Esoteric" on TIO?
3:49 PM
@AdmBorkBork I stopped accepting answers because 90% of "shortest answer" comes to down to language choice. I kept running into this situation: User1 posts answer implementing algorithm 'y' in language 'a'. User2 posts answer implementing algorithm 'y' in language 'b'. Language 'b' happens to have more appropriate built-ins and is 1-byte shorter. Big whoop?
@Zacharý Yes technically it's possible, but who would want that?
(may need some implementation modification or something)
That's a good point, DJ. I think I unconsciously did that, too.
@user202729 RAD is designed to be both a golfing language and a practical one.
It's even worse when user1 had a really clever algorithm, and then everyone after them copied it
Which isn't inherently a problem, but when one of the later answers gets accepted it feels a little bit disingenuous
4:16 PM
Any last feedback?
(not sandbox link, guaranteed to be fast to load)
@user202729 nice challenge!
So should I post it to main now?
(... I didn't have a checker ... but it should not be hard)
(yay no accept answers wins)
let's write a checker
Posted to main.
Assign still has bugs, how long should a normal bugfix take?
4:24 PM
(why can't I rearrange the tags?)
@user202729 Just a thing that exists
@user202729 your second testcase is wrong
Shoudl be fixed.
would you like to link to the checker?
Actually it does not matter until somebody submits.
4:30 PM
Q: Block partite a string

user202729Inspiration. Consider a list l, consisting of numbers. Define a block operation at index i on the list l to be the act of moving 3 consecutive elements starting from i in l to the end. Example: l, i (1-indexing) -> l (after applying block operation at index i) [1,2,3,4,5], 1 -> [4,5,1,2,3] [1,...

5:00 PM
This might sound like a strange question, but what is a block operation?
it's defined in the challenge
I just spent 10 minutes writing a short python script to take 1-minute off a monthly task. So according to XKCD, I'm all good :D
@LucH I see that it is now but i'm not sure if it was when i asked
5:27 PM
@DJMcMayhem Congrats to your 500th answer!
I didn't even realize!
@ThomasWard Hi there. Long time no see.
I actually lurk here daily lol :P
y'all just don't notice me because I'm stealthy that way >:D
@DJMcMayhem I hope you realize:D is the roman numeral for 500.
Is that because this room is filled with troublemakers?
5:30 PM
@DJMcMayhem there's troublemakers here?
@flawr Woah, what a coincidence
@ThomasWard You know the guys with the red lasers in their eyes.
oh so you mean my minions that channel my eye lasers out their eyes.
they're less trouble than people think they are :P
@ThomasWard stealthing through the transcript doesn't mean you're actually here :P
though I actually sit in the channel regularly :P
i just don't talk much.
5:32 PM
@ThomasWard >:D means "D+1" in J.
like, 501?
Thomas's chat ID has all of 501's digits, btw
stuff might not be entirely unrelated...
@flawr @DJMcMayhem Should've been his 5th answer so that it's V :)
5:36 PM
Too bad he's only using 2 bytes and not 500
or rather, he should've learned D and posted his 500th answer using that :P
o feature-request: whenever someone posts a 5-byter in V, write V, V bytes. That applies to M users too when posting a 1000-byter.
@Mr.Xcoder 1000-byte M program. Unlikely to happen. How about a 1-byte I program?
Equally unlikely :p
Is there an X language?
@Mr.Xcoder Get to editing :P
5:42 PM
@Adám I think I (or, more correctly, i) is an OS...
@EriktheOutgolfer No, I is an APL, inspired by J.
@Adám is it actually anywhere on the internet?
Well, at one point I and J where interchangeable.
@EriktheOutgolfer It's on TIO!
*A P L in the case of I
5:45 PM
@Adám ah, that's not one of the search engines I normally use to find a language :P
@EriktheOutgolfer My first choice, much better at finding single-letter languages than Google.
also, from its README, it looks more like a J rather than an APL
@EriktheOutgolfer If you consider J an APL, then I should be an APL.
@DJMcMayhem Don't you make me, or your inbox will suddenly explode :P
it depends on the level of ancestry you want to go :P (I inherits from J, which in turn inherits from APL)
5:47 PM
According to Roger Hui, J is an APL. Originally, J was called APL\?.
s/your inbox/the front page/
Oh and BTW, DJ may be able to crack my submission to Golfing Chain :D
@Zacharý According to that reasoning, Jelly is an APL.
Q: Rememebere tehe vowelese!

wastlInput A string of printable ASCII characters, for example: This is an example string. Output For every consonant (BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXYZbcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz) that is not followed by a vowel (AEIOUaeiou) add the last vowel before it, in lowercase. Consonants before the first vowel are left as...

@Zacharý According to that definition, Jelly would be a C so that's most definitely a better counter-example :P
5:49 PM
@Zacharý It sure is. That's why I listed Jelly here.
@Mr.Xcoder If I can understand the task...
@Mr.Xcoder How could Jelly be a C?
@Mr.Xcoder wait wut
@Adám it's implemented in Python...
5:50 PM
...which, in turn, is implemented in C
@EriktheOutgolfer So what? We're not talking implementation, we're talking conceptual ancestry.
but, hm, I'm not sure if the implementation's language really affects the ancestry according to Zacharý's definition
@DJMcMayhem Basically the cops pick a sequence and write a program P in Language A and then write another program P' in language B that outputs P. The byte count of P' is then revealed.
@Mr.Xcoder Lemme see if I have this straight... You have some 05AB1E code that outputs A048272. You have some brain-flak code in 198 bytes that outputs said 05AB1E code?
It may be fairly trivial, as you can come up with any 05AB1E program that fulfils the task and convert that to Brain-flak, as 198 is really broad.
5:54 PM
I also don't know osabie at all
It's stack-based so it should be easy to get the hang of. Feel free to ping me with any 05AB1E questions (alternatively, ask here), of course if you do want to give that a try.
Cracked, as well as cut the byte count in half :P
that...beauty is pretty subjective...
Lol poor Hyper
6:01 PM
(it was also pretty sarcastic)
Also I'm guessing the downvote on my post for "having 0 documentation" is going to stay there forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean it's in the most obvious place ever (well maybe second most obvious)...
I've always thought Peter can be highly savage for no reason sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean most of the time it's helpful (especially sandbox) but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's -2 rep idrk (D: now my rep count isn't a multiple of 5. must tick an answer to get it back)
(I can't say for sure he downvoted either FWIW)
@HyperNeutrino should add a link to wiki from readme tho
6:05 PM
He has a vote today so I made that assumption. I may be wrong, tho.
@betseg sure
Just changed my About me... Got sick of the old one
I should change mine to something more interesting than ~
CMP: Who would be interested in a CnR userscript? It would probably do something like add an extra button to answers on the Cops post allowing you paste the share link of the solution and it will edit+auto-format it to say that it was cracked, and same for the Robbers post which allows you to paste the share link of the Cops answer into a header box to automatically add it to the header of your answer.
me too
Although I already use way too many userscripts
6:08 PM
me too
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can never have too many (until your computer has no more memory left)
Safari is not too happy though
> Number of odd divisors of n minus number of even divisors of n (1-indexed).
@Mr.Xcoder 0/10 don't use safari
@HyperNeutrino 0/10 Safari is best on mac
6:10 PM
Jelly, 6 bytes (untested): ÆDḂo-S
yep that's what I had
@Mr.Xcoder oh? ok well 0/10 don't use mac :P jk i'm just being annoying now :P
alternatively <ÆD><Ḃ><double><decrement><sum>
@DJMcMayhem Stax 10, bytes: É*è!=X.í≡▼
6:15 PM
user image
Read the last two sentences.
Q: Answer posting method

Muhammad SalmanAcceptable IO : I would like to ask and request a strict out final policy on what is considered a valid submission to a challenge and what does not. Following are some methods I have seen : A lambda function that takes arguments and returns an answer A full program that takes input and pr...

@AdmBorkBork can you convert to text I cannot see image :(
@HyperNeutrino it says some evil things in there.
6:18 PM
@MuhammadSalman when you have enough experience with the policies, you just know the posts are there :)
@DJMcMayhem : regardless kindly answer this I would like a final answer. (Question : how do you find potential duplicates so fast ? ) — Muhammad Salman 10 mins ago
> If you're using Windows, you're likely to run into UTF-16. We don't have anything nice to say about that encoding, so we'll just keep quiet like our mothers told us.
It's a snip from a textbook on Perl and UTF-8 encoding. The last two sentences say "If you're using Windows, you're likely to run into UTF-16. We don't have anything nice to say about that encoding, so we'll just keep quiet like our mothers told us."
@betseg 'our mothers'
@betseg *our
6:19 PM
hm.. ok i don't get it lol nvm
I am really curious about what happens to GH in the next 3 months. If Microsoft doesn't ruin it, I will decrease my current hate for Microsoft and Windows. Otherwise... well...
how long did skype last
or mojang?
anyway gtg o/
Yay I got Great Question
\o Hyper
Mojang is still around and huge. Skype is still around and used a lot.
@Mr.Xcoder Same, except my hate for Windows will remain the same
I'd be surprised if Microsoft "ruined" GH. They're the biggest contributor on the site.
It's in their interest to make it a better place. But it's Microsoft, so I am not safe to make any assumptions.
But, I mean, look at who else could have bought GH. Apple, Amazon, or Google. Those are really the only three others who could. Apple would close-source it and fold it into some iOS developer's studio, Amazon would try too hard to culture shift it to align with Amazon's corporate policy and GH would get lost, and Google would branch it into three versions and then close all three versions in two years due to feature sprawl.
6:39 PM
> Apple would close-source it and fold it into some iOS developer's studio
ಠ_ಠ They open-sourced Swift on Github...
@AdmBorkBork Maaaaybe facebook?
No idea why they would want to though
Facebook is big enough and has the resources, sure, but there's nothing really in it for them. That's like saying Disney could have bought it.
It's more realistic then Apple. Facebook has a much larger Github presence than apple does
Neither of them come close to Google or MS though
@AdmBorkBork TIL
4 people, lol
@Mr.Xcoder Next 3 months? The the acquisition is expected to finalize by the end of 2018.
6:52 PM
Then extend that to next 9 months / 1 year.
@DJMcMayhem .___.
Q: User disobeying rules?

Muhammad SalmanSo last question that I posted. i.e : this, I wanted to ask because a specific new user whom I have warned almost on all answer he has posted (5-6) was not following, yet he keeps answering with snippets and won't even reply to to comments. So far 2 of his/her answers (they were on my challenge...

7:11 PM
@MuhammadSalman btw, you shouldn't edit code in other users' answers, even if they are invalid
7:32 PM
an exception is when the answerer has told you you can edit their answer
1 hour later…
8:46 PM
Me, trying to debug my program:
Mono C# Shell, type "help;" for help

Enter statements below.
csharp> using System.Diagnostics;
csharp> Trace.Assert(false, "oh noes");
csharp> // But nothing happened?
>_____> My computer really does not want to install Cocoapods anymore and I can't import a small library from GH... That's so annoying
Me trying to debug RAD: CallObject<<function CodeObject.__init__.<locals>.<lambda> at 0x7ffb24c8a378>, (CallObject<<function CodeObject.__init__.<locals>.<lambda> at 0x7ffb24c8a6a8>, ([3, 3],)>,)>
@Mr.Xcoder You have to import it manually and add a header file... Sweet! :(((
9:08 PM
@flawr hey guess what matrix operation I'm learning right now >:D
@Riker IDK, it's hard to DETERMINE-ANT
puns cause global warming
I see @HatWizard changed his profile pic ... again
I think I changed it twice
9:25 PM
Well, I broke RAD again. This time it got in a train-wreck (really, I'm stuck again on what to do)
10:00 PM
Q: Convert a list of nodes to a tree

PearmanConvert a list of nodes in the format: [{ id: 1, parentId: 1 }, { id: 2, parentId: 1 }, { id: 3, parentId: 1 }, { id: 4, parentId: 2 }, { id: 5, parentId: 3 }, { id: 6, parentId: 4 }] To a tree of the format: { "id": 1,...

10:11 PM
@Zacharý Are you implementing trains?
@Adám I've had them implemented, they just broke
@Zacharý Which style trains? APL/J/I style parity-dependent or K/Jelly style atop-only trains?
@Adám APL/J/I style parity-dependent.
1 hour later…
11:18 PM
Q: Generate a Portmantout!

ScroobleBackground Three years ago, this guy Tom Murphy got it into his head to extend the idea of a portmanteau to all words in a language and called this a portmantout (portmanteau plus tout [French for all]). Defining English as a list of 108,709 words, he managed to find a sequence of 611,820 letter...

@Downgoat I'm getting goat simulator wish me luck
PSA to TNB: goat simulator is 75% off, it's $2.49 USD
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