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Q: Scraping lunar/solar eclipse data with BeautifulSoup

SvetaI created a script to scrape this website and gather the eclipse data (date, type, and location): class Eclipse(): def __init__(self, eclipse_date, eclipse_type, eclipse_location): self._eclipse_date = eclipse_date self._eclipse_type = eclipse_type self._eclipse_location = eclipse_l...

1:32 AM
Q: BubbleSort - checking if bubblesort is decreasing the iterations through the array

nat1What i'm hoping my code is doing is instead of making 99 comparisons on every pass of a 100 element array, it will now make 98 comparisons on the second pass, 97 on the third pass and so on and thus decreasing the iteration through the array. Here's my code st.Reset(); st.Start(...

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Thank you very much! very clean. I learn a lot from this. can I move it to code review? I did not know about it. — praHoc 13 secs ago
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5:50 AM
I think this would be more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.com. — Alexander Reynolds 24 secs ago
I think this would be more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.com, since your code works but you want help verifying (as opposed to having a well-defined programming problem). — Alexander Reynolds 52 secs ago
ask this question hereAmit 56 secs ago
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Siddharth Ku Tirkeyso i have a question in which i need to find out the minimum number of platforms required in a station such that no train needs to wait,so i have written a code which does it without any errors and it gives the correct answers but i am not sure whether it is correct or will it give the correct an...

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Q: Sort Column When Cell in Column is Edited

Cory YoungMy spreadsheet has a column (and list of properties following each row) of about 100 entries of people. This script is supposed to detect when a cell in the column is changed and sort every row on the sheet by the column in ascending order (that's what sort() does). After saving the script, going...

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Fixing my comment about converting to milliseconds directly, you can do this and keep the decimals by converting to duration<double, milli> (works well with a type alias). That saves you the worry of messing up the math and the same for code reviewers. — chris 48 secs ago
8:16 AM
For future references; if you got code that works but you just want some feedback, post the question on codereview instead. — Ted Klein Bergman 47 secs ago
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Q: Encryption/decryption using Huffman Coding Algorithm

Harry NguyenI am writing a program that encrypts and decrypts data using Huffman Coding algorithm. About encryption: this program will export 2 files: header file and actual encrypted data (for security purpose). About decryption: After joining both files above, the program will decrypt the data and write...

Q: There is a Mistake in my code. Please help me to fix it.[Android studio]

Ankit_arya123I have created an app and attach music file, when user tap any button each of them, then it will start to play music. But there is a Problem that if user tap two button at same time, then start to play music together at same time. I thought, There is error in my code please check my Code and imp...

8:52 AM
@Uini If there no error mean you want to review your code then you need to go codereview.stackexchange.comjanith1024 44 secs ago
Q: Template function for splitting strings in C++

EdityouprofileI'd like to write a function to split strings in C++ to check my template learning. I've also read some relavent questions in this site but most of them don't use templates or string_view. A related question in StackOverflow I asked is here. My goal is to write a function such that: The functi...

Q: ITA/ENG Python3.6.5 problem with curses

Ax34[ENG] I'm trying to create a little program with python3.6.5 and i want to use the curses library, but my console gives me errors that there's no module named "_curses" if someone has a nice and functional alternative to curses or a way to solve this problem please tell me below :D [ITA] sto cer...

9:07 AM
This doesnt belong on SO. This should be on codereview.stackexchange.comflakes 23 secs ago
9:33 AM
A: How to migrate from Code Review to Stack Overflow

Simon ForsbergPlease note that not every question about non-working code on Code Review would be a good question on Stack Overflow. In fact, there are very few questions, which are closed with the "non-working code"-reason, that would be good questions on Stack Overflow. If a moderator, if I see a question t...

s/^If/As in the last paragraph?
9:45 AM
@Vogel612 thx
10:07 AM
@CaptainObvious New user post downvoted and VTC without comments :(.
10:22 AM
@Zeta It has 3 comments.
I was the one downvoting. The question quality is abysmal and I was still figuring out a way to voice that diplomatically correct to OP.
In the end, I decided against it. The downvote tooltip is sufficient here.
10:55 AM
Q: Lexer for a small language in D

kangarooI am writing an interpreter for a simple mathematical programming language. Below is a simple program written in it that prints 41.22: let $x = 35; # This is a comment $x + 6.22; Below is the code for the lexer. As this is my first attempt at writing an interpreter, I would appreciate any gen...

11:06 AM
@M.leRutte: do you post at Code Review? I don't post there, but given that this outputs an error, it does not seem suitable to me. Often folks from CR complain that Stack Overflow folks are recommending their site for questions that would be off-topic there also. — halfer 27 secs ago
11:33 AM
Q: Java exercise: String processing and type conversion

michael.zechThe exercise is from a Java-course in which I'm enrolled. The classes Book and APIResponseParser were provided by the instructor. For Book I had to add just a few getter- and setter-methods. Main work was the instance-version of parse(). It shall extract specified tag-values from a given XML-...

12:05 PM
@halfer Bingo, as a Code Review moderator I couldn't have said it better myself. Indeed the question about why the UnknownHostException appears does not belong at Code Review. — Simon Forsberg 37 secs ago
12:38 PM
do you want this post from SO?
Q: Create a new object class or write a method which converts sub-class objects? or something else? Performance NOT Preference

Josh HardmanI've put together two separate programs which plays a card game called 'Crazy Eights'. The classes I've written for this program are based on a default 'card' package which provides playing card objects and some generic methods for playing cards. I've taken two separate approaches to achieve th...

@YvetteColomb lokking
@SimonForsberg thnx
seems like a design comparison.
I recognize that question...
possible answer invalidation by João Pires on question by João Pires: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/195218/revisions
12:40 PM
it looks like it might be a good fit for you
> Are there any advantages to either approach beyond personal preference?
Is there a better way to compose this program?
Hold on...
@Duga rolled back
@YvetteColomb Can you check for any deleted comments on that question?
@SimonForsberg only one suggesting it belongs here.
4 hours ago, by Duga
This doesnt belong on SO. This should be on codereview.stackexchange.comflakes 23 secs ago
12:42 PM
@SimonForsberg yes that's the deleted comment.
you want?
I'm neutral. I'll let @Vogel612 decide
😒 seems very sparse and designey
I'd probably downvote on site, pretty sure other regulars would as well :(
oh no, there's another one flagged for migration with a bounty
Q: Factory method done on reactjs component,

Luis ValenciaA Factory Pattern or Factory Method Pattern says that just define an interface or abstract class for creating an object but let the subclasses decide which class to instantiate. In other words, subclasses are responsible to create the instance of the class. Advantage of Factory Design Pattern Fa...

@Vogel612 we'll keep it
@YvetteColomb that one seems more approprate for CR
@Vogel612 you want it? going once, going twice
12:46 PM
@YvetteColomb It's sad that they don't get that much attention until they get a bounty on them...
if you don't want it (even though it seems pretty well-received) we'll take it
@SimonForsberg yeh, bounties generally work well on SO.
@Vogel612 I don't mind, it was flagged for migration.
I think it's a better fit for your site tbh
that much is definitely true
for the price of a comment
I had another question to auction to you, but I already knew you wouldn't want it
@YvetteColomb ~bows pleasure doing business :)
12:50 PM
I hoped you enjoyed today's SO to code review migration auction. Please stay tuned for our next event.
@YvetteColomb I'm gonna answer that one on SO.
@SimonForsberg ah good! our new secret promotions are working
@YvetteColomb We did, thank you!
I sift through and will bring any here I think you might want. and you can vote. We can make an afternoon of it :)
that sounds great :)
1:00 PM
A: Create a new object class or write a method which converts sub-class objects? or something else? Performance NOT Preference

Simon ForsbergToo many subclasses Neither of these approaches are very good, as both of them have more subclasses than necessary. Why does EightsCard extend Card ? What if you wanted to implement some other card game? (There are quite a few, you know...) Would you make one subclass for each card game? Please ...

@YvetteColomb Such a feature would be useful really. I've thought about a "@Duga answer invalidation review" as well.
Side note: Once you have implemented this, I would be interested in reviewing your code at Code ReviewSimon Forsberg 31 secs ago
1:43 PM
You should probably take this to codereview.stackexchange.com, questions about optimization are meant to be posted there. — Máté Safranka just now
What exactly is your question? If all you're asking for is a code review I would like to refer you to codereview.stackexchange.comInzeNL 9 secs ago
2:04 PM
@InzeNL I'd like to know how an SQL injection would be made, or if it's even possible. I don't think I'm looking for a code review. — Babevski 38 secs ago
2 hours later…
3:39 PM
What is it doing when it's running so slowly? (Use F8 to step through the code to find out.) What does it do when it fails? Errors? Where? How is this called? An event or where? If you have a specific problem please edit to add detail about it, If not, then this question is probably better suited to SE Code Review. Also see Debugging VBA as well as "Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example" and the help center. — ashleedawg 25 secs ago
4:05 PM
Regardless, (some code review) (1) You don't need (~x+1), just -x. (2) The split part takes O(n) (where n is the bit length of the input). — user202729 51 secs ago
4:54 PM
Ah, I guess you're right. I have transferred the question to code-review [here] (codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/195277/…). Should I just delete this question? — AS_Butler 32 secs ago
5:17 PM
It's official: girlfriends cat murdered my PC.
@202_accepted where did the fish go?!?!?!?!
BTW hello.
It didn't use a fish. It broke my PSU.
@202_accepted no... your profile pic, not the cat :P
Oh no, I'm different. That's @200_success.
Which this is nice, this is the second time someone has been confused by it. :)
Why would the cat break your PSU?
5:24 PM
Because it's been hiding on the office since I got a dog almost 2 months ago.
The computer has been hiding or the cat?
Why didn't you introduce them to each other?
Shouldn't have to.
the question values need to be passed form child component to parent- reactjs redux the answer using events. If you have problems with your code and need a code review you should word the question differently — Dayan Moreno Leon 24 secs ago
6:09 PM
Thanks for additional codereview comments! — POrekhov 1 min ago
6:21 PM
@SimonForsberg Could you change the status of this question from to completed, by-design or whatever is used to indicate no work has to be done?
6:38 PM
@Mast Done.
I bet there's a whole bunch of meta's that could have a status on them.
@SimonForsberg Probably, although a whole bunch of them are in the 'nice idea, but the chance of it happening is less than 1%' phase. Wouldn't know what status to put on that.
'declined' could work...
[feature-request] -[status-bydesign] -[status-completed] -[status-declined] returns 90 questions.
Admittedly, that's including duplicates.
[feature-request] is:q -"[duplicate]" -[status-bydesign] -[status-completed] -[status-declined] 83 questions
I can't even comment on answers to my own posts.
@Mast do you see any comments by me on this answer: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/84380/80011
Quick question: Does rolling back an edit trigger the post to be added to the reopen queue? (asking for this post where the post content was removed shortly before closure: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/195278/…)
6:56 PM
@FreezePhoenix ^^
@Graipher Good question, I don't think it does but I'm not sure.
A rollback is a special kind of edit after all.
In this case however, just leave it be and let the question be removed.
@Mast Ah yes, just saw in the timeline that it already has one delete vote (not quite there yet where I can cast those...)
7:16 PM
@Mast thats very bad... I can't see comments but can still post them.
Q: Line and bitmap collision detection

Alessi 42I am trying to implement an efficient collision detection between a line joining two points and a bitmap mask. Example: Currently I am using Bresenham's line drawing algorithm to draw each pixel of the line between the two points and comparing that pixel with the bitmap (If the pixel is black...

Q: Is the main objective of factory method to execute a method or instantiate the required object?

MasseyI was studying the Factory Method Design pattern in C#. When the CarFactory object is created, the factory method CreateVehicle() is automatically executed. I am not sure whether it's the desired outcome or not. Although IVehicle objVehicle = c.GetVehicle(); creates a CarFactory object it has onl...

Q: algoirthm which finds number of shortest paths from source vertix to the other vertices : reading data of directed graph from file, and wrong output

Asher RothI have been writing a program to print to the screen a description of a directed graph** from a file named graph-file.txt. That description includes the number of vertices (7 in my case), and the edges in the graph (the vertices numbered 0-6): 7 {4, 1, 2}, {0,4}, {}, {}, {2}, {}, {} For exampl...

Q: K Messed Array sort in Java

Anirudh Thatipelli Given an array of integers arr where each element is at most k places away from its sorted position, code an efficient function sortKMessedArray that sorts arr. For instance, for an input array of size 10 and k = 2, an element belonging to index 6 in the sorted array will be located at...

Q: hackerrank "Circular Array Rotation" in c++

Error_loadingbelow is my code: #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; void fillVector(vector<int> &temp, unsigned long number); void RotateVector(vector<int> &arr1, vector<int> &arr2, unsigned long k); int main(){ unsigned long n,k,q; cin >> n >> k >> q; vector<int> a, b;...

Q: A Priority Queue implemented using a Linked List

CarcigenicateI'm going to write a Huffman Coding implementation, and decided to write from scratch a priority queue to help out. I've never written a priority queue before, in any language, so this was interesting. After mulling over the design for a bit, I finally settled on a linked list design. The queue ...

Q: Enumerate multi-subsets for a multiset in Python

AS_ButlerGiven a multiset (i.e., allow repeated elements), enumerate all distinct multi-subsets without using itertools(order is not important). Example: Let s = 'a,a,b' then print to the console, a a,a b a,b a,a,b I am wondering if my approach (presented below) is efficient, and would appreciate styl...

Q: How to convert list of dict To table


Q: Creating abstraction to validate complex objects

NewUserI am trying to create a validator abstraction layer. These are the points I am trying to achieve: My abstraction should be open for extension but closed for modification The clients should not have a if...else block to handle success or failure scenario. Validation statuses public interface ...

Q: Constexpr all things

JVApenI'm trying out some different programming styles to experiment with the new c++ concepts. Within the experiment I was looking into how constexpr could be helpful for writing unit tests at compile time. Below, you can find the code which represents a single cell in a sudoku, where this cell is r...

Q: Compilation Error

Bodan TalevI get a compilation error when running the following code. Why is that? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { string months[]= { "JAN","FEB","MAR","APR","MAY","JUN", "JUL","AUG","SEP","OCT","NOV","DEC", "jan","feb","mar","apr","may","jun", "jul","aug","sep","oct","nov","dec", "Ja...

Q: Hash and check passwords in node.js using the native pbkdf2

slevinI wrote my own code, based on various examples. Stack, node 8.11.1 + express 4.16.3 + PostgreSQL 10 I use the native crypto . I use the pbkdf2 and the randomBytes for salting, and the timingSafeEqual to check for the password validity when logging in. Here is my code const crypto = require('...

Q: Caesar Cipher C++

Ricardo DobersteinI've been studying c++ (my first language) for a about two months with books and Udemy courses. I would like some comments about my first real project that I put together for my teacher. Sorry for any errors in my post, it's my first time posting in here. class Caesar { private: int userChoice...

Q: Learning ASM, wondering what 'BNE -' means without a label

Ashley DewaldI am new to writing ASM and reading code. I am not understanding why "BNE -" (line lc013) means in the context of the routine. .alias RandomNumber1 $2E .alias RandomNumber2 $2F RandomNumbers: LC000: txa ; Transfer value X to the accumulator LC001: pha ...

Q: Market Order Filler for A Single Commodity Market and No Extra Users

HSchmaleThis is my example program for a single commodity market. It's meant to demonstrate filling of orders for a single product. Right now it doesn't deal with anything more than updating quantities, I plan to implement remaining money and money received. I would like feedback about my use of typedefs...

Q: Is this recursive algorithm consisting in finding all the combinations improvable?

JarsOfJam-SchedulerThis little algorithm I wrote computes all the interpolations between several points. E.g. if we have three points P_1, P_2, P_3, then my algorithm picks up 3 weights and launches the linear interpolation between these points (which is another subject, out of the range of this question). def co...

Q: Best alternative for databases on Linux envoinrement

TerkhosI'm developing an application for a client that works with a partnership system. We were developing everything having in mind that the server was a Windows system but we received the news that they are actually running on a Linux system. My application is not the biggest problem since i can swit...

What happened.
@FreezePhoenix That first question was asked 5 hours ago. How often does the bot normally run?
@Graipher thats not my bot...
@FreezePhoenix I know, the question was meant for anybody
7:22 PM
Usually every 10 minutes or so.
@SimonForsberg can you confirm?
7:38 PM
@FreezePhoenix It varies. I don't know. Nothing I have control over.
But if you look at the timestamps you can see that they are spread over 6 hours or so
@SimonForsberg Yeh but thats not usual
@FreezePhoenix No. So?
20 mins ago, by Graipher
@FreezePhoenix That first question was asked 5 hours ago. How often does the bot normally run?
@FreezePhoenix format c: /s and try again.
@Mast nah I found it.
7:49 PM
@Graipher That's a feed, not a bot.
So, whenever SE feels like it.
The feed doesn't pick up on all clockcycles though, at least it looks that way, so every once in a while it skips for an hour.
@FreezePhoenix Sadly that made @SimonForsberg's games work on my device, but broke SE Comments.
@Mast You broke my train of chat!
8:11 PM
32 mins ago, by Simon Forsberg
@FreezePhoenix It varies. I don't know. Nothing I have control over.
@FreezePhoenix Broke what?
8:26 PM
You should post this to codereview.stackexchange.com instead — enkryptor 15 secs ago
8:48 PM
@Mast what fixed it was this:
wget nodejs.org/dist/v5.0.0/node-v5.0.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
tar -xvf node-v5.0.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
cd node-v5.0.0-linux-armv7l
sudo cp -R * /usr/local/
@SimonForsberg my chain of chat!
@FreezePhoenix Boohoo
I was trying to use carrots (these things: ^^ ) and he posted in the middle of it.
9:16 PM
Q: Creating a C++ template class which handles stuff similar to a Vector of Vectors

rapcoderI have a Group class (similar to a vector) which is defined like this: template<class T> class Group { public: Group(); Group(int size); Group(const Group<T>& copyfrom); ... The following successfully creates a vector of Groups and initializes the size of each group to two: std:...

2 hours later…
10:46 PM
Q: solution to CHEFTRVL on codechef

Ayush MahajanMy code is correct but it shows TLE Please review my code and give tips on how to improve my code. Link to code.

11:03 PM
Q: Simple logger class in C#, constructive criticism?

chaoticI've been using logging librarys recently and somebody told me to try and write my own. I've kept it minimal but the onyl drawback is I can't log in static classes, due to TClass. Looking for constructive criticism on how to improve it, thanks. How do I declare a logger variable? private stati...


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