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12:40 AM
@jaberg I know…and also all you guys spend much more time here than I do, so it makes sense
However, I still am ahead of you in terms of rep
4 hours later…
4:22 AM
Anyone here?
Quick semi-off-topic JB question.
Does the concept of a "Tethered" JB apply to iPods, or just phones?
5:01 AM
define a tethered JB
Pretty sure that's how 90% of them have worked besides jailbreak.me
Q: A new Macbook Air to come out soon?

Ravi KaranI am planning to buy a Macbook Air. Since the Macbook Air catalog has not been updated with new features to all Air models, does it seem that Apple will be introducing a newer generation of Macbook Air? Will it be wise for me to wait, if this new generation can be expected to come out sometime wi...

@JasonSalaz Thanks!
12 hours later…
5:39 PM
The weekend has landed
1 hour later…
6:54 PM
@stuffe Huzzah - I hear it's fast approaching us.
7:08 PM
Anyone know applescript?
Q: Automatically Mount a Network Drive and Copy a File to a Network Folder (AppleScript)

szantaiiI've a rather complex task to solve. I don't use OS X, but now I have to provide some colleagues with a simple application that automatically copies a certain file to a network folder. Normally I'd use a shell script, but some minimal GUI is a must-have thing in this case. So I thought I could us...

The nub of this question is how to represent a network path in AppleScript. It seems bounty worthy to me as soon as it hits the point where that action can be taken.
There was some concern that we don't have enough technical people to address a question like this, so I'd love to get some eyeballs and votes for good questions like this if you agree it's a good thing / well worded, etc... (and do down vote it if that's your view of the matter - I'm just happy to have some more eyes and votes on this question)
7:53 PM
@bmike thanks for the bounty! My first. Eventually we'll clear the grey area from that answer — I plan to put a bounty on apple.stackexchange.com/q/50004/8546 in maybe a couple of months. If you need to put things to practical use sooner, just give me a nudge. G
@bmike it's years since I did AppleScript but my instinct is to not migrate AppleScript questions away from Ask Different unless they're extraordinarily technical. AppleScript was designed to be used as an accessible end-user scripting language, and so answers are likely to be accessible.
8:39 PM
@JasonSalaz et al: that is very cool indeed
8:55 PM
@bmike I shall take a peek at it when I'm on an AppleScript capable machine.
Hey, what do you guys think of a question that deals with learning to AppleScript with Xcode? Would that be off topic?
I'm not sure if it would be or not...
@bmike Somehow, I just don't think your answer is right…
If I'm reading it correctly, you didn't answer the question. In fact, your answer doesn't really relate to the question at all.
@stuffe Cool!!
9:11 PM
Worthy of a jeopardy question, extra marks for expanding the automator to keep 3 generations max
2 hours later…
10:52 PM
@GrahamPerrin You're most welcome. I'm too busy to ingest it - I'll bug you when I dig into it more :-)
@daviesgeek As long as it sticks with Xcode - you should be fine.
@daviesgeek Hee hee hee. Since when is right so important? Having options is a nice thing and why run any code if you can accomplish the same task externally?
11:20 PM
@stuffe It's all yours to answer :-)
Q: How do people manage keeping historical versions of iOS apps?

bmikeMy current manner of archiving old iOS applications is both manual and dysfunctional. Currently I move copies by hand to a folder named "old iOS applications". I also depend on Time Machine to provide historical copies of apps for the rare case when an update to an app causes me to have a probl...


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