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3:50 AM
Control + Z
Control + z
5 hours later…
8:44 AM
@WELZ Ctrl + Z because that's how it's printed on the kbd. But I don't go out of my way to fix a Control + z either.
1 hour later…
10:00 AM
I think nobody s going to mistake CTRL + Z for a CTR + SHIFT + z
3 hours later…
1:11 PM
@JohnB booya
I feel like I should start a bounty now
oh noo, that kind of booya
quick, someone post an easy Illustrator tutorial question I can answer
@JohnB hmm?
1:23 PM
@Ryan Vincent passed me in rep 😱
@Ryan It looks good if you imagine with it looks like in hi res
Rafael has passed us all, which makes me happy. I used to bounty him because I could tell he was just getting downvotes cause of language barriers
Yeah, He's doing very well
great to have around
@JohnB quick, someone post a great pixel art question I can bounty in a couple days :)
I want bounty! Nobody ever gives me bounties :( sneif lol
oh wait i have gotten bounties, 5 of them
nevermind, im good!
if only I could custom bounty amounts I'd bump both you fools to 20k for lawls
I have a reputation retirement account in a random Inkscape question
A: Getting rid of Whitespace in Inkscape

JohnBTo modify the document bounding box: Go to File → Document Properties... (or press Shift +Ctrl + D) In the Custom size area on the Page tab, expand Resize Page to content... (or press Alt + Z) Click the Resize page to drawing or selection button (or press Alt + R) You can add margins if you l...

like once a week or so that gets an upvote. I guess it what pops up when people google for it
that's my plan to get to 20k
1:32 PM
old man
I just upvoted it
you guys are just the best
This isn't my top answer by a long shot but I like to think its the one I'll eventually retire off of: graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/a/13206/2611
I've already upvoted it (June 15th)
@WELZ June 15th? Is that when you upvoted it?
1:34 PM
@JohnB Yeh
how do you see the date?
Super special stuffz
2 ways:
1. (if post hasn't been edited) just try un-voting or changing you vote
It'll tell you you voted on abc date
@Ryan that is one of my favourite answers here
@Vincent its 100% truth too and don't let any suits say otherwise! lol
if not, go to your votes and find the post and date.
1:36 PM
tricky tricky
also I don't know if I've just never changed from an upvote to a downvote but I'm just seeing for the first time that the number doesn't just go to -2, it does a little countdown
I used to think that my 'What is so good about Helvetica' Q and my 'Why don't uppercase numbers exist' A were to be my retirement plans, but neither of them has attracted much of the stuff lately.
308 pages of votes :)
Hey! @Cai has outvoted me!
What did I do?
it wasn't me....
I would've hoped my very thorough tutorial for masking hair would be my retirement but people are more interested in knowing that graphic design actually takes work
Q: Why is it that people are so surprised that graphics design can be hard?

joojaaWhy is it that people are so surprised that graphics design requires skill and knowledge*? Sure superficially there is nothing special in graphics design at first glance. Still, there is quite much to know to do a good job. This is the 21st century; everything has already been convoluted to the e...

wow, that's actually quite surprising
y'all need to vote some more
1:42 PM
or you just need to stop clicking those upvote buttons a bit less neurotically as if they all say 'give me a cookie'
@Ryan as Scott always says: Illustrator > Edit > Effect > Make Awesome
but thats only available in the paid version, its greyed out in my cracked copy of CS3
@Vincent I'd already upvoted both :)
@Vincent mostly downvotes o.O
1:54 PM
@Cai has a 31.18% (Downvote percentage)
@Ryan 24.48%
@Welz 18.07%
@Vincent 17.45%
@JohnB 17.46%
I'm such a sweet guy
you and JohnB... always a tight race
@WELZ where are you getting the percentages from?
we have lots in common
@Cai data.se
1:56 PM
I assume that doesn't include deleted posts?
@Cai It does!
@JohnB I have more beard
If you downvote spam and then delete it... it's still counted
I never downvote spam. I'm that sweet.
@WELZ I downvote more but also Vote to Close substantially less. I've mentioned this many times in Meta wishing others would do the same for low quality questions
1:57 PM
There were people complaining (not too long ago) about Charcoal people (non active in a site) with tons of downvotes - as though they were ruining the community.
I do remember having quite a spat with some anti-spam people, but not about downvotes
This is on GD.SE (all Charcoal members) - that's what folks were complaining about
Tolkien is strong in this one
no, its not
2:10 PM
Morning @Emilie
Morning @Ryan!
How's it going?
2:24 PM
Good morning, may I ask your opinion in a very basic imaged treatment? Here two pictures, the original and the one I adjusted. These are screenshots of my favourite game, Mass Effect, which with in-game effects became awesome, but not so great on screenshots (too dark and red-ish).

Like I said, it was a very basic editing. This is what I did:

- Converted to "Working sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Perceptual" Profile
- Applied Auto Levels
- Reduced Saturation of Red Channel by -15
- Adjusted Brightness as +25 and Contras as +15
Looks like the link (postimg.cc/gallery/mw9yn7l4) didn't work. Here you go.
just a suggestion. If anyone has less then 2k rep and looking to gain rep I'd strongly advise editing posts that have the tag so we can destroy that tag. It would be a good time to see what else the question may need and if it hasn't been answered or has an accepted answer it could help those Q&As.
2:49 PM
@user5613506 I seem to only be able to view the thumbnail. It looks better IMO but it really depends on the 700 images you have, are they of the same type? (lighting, portrait, etc...)
all these people in a dead room.. So.. Anyone gonna see Solo?
3:04 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ still need to go see Infinity War first
you should, it's amazing!
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I'm planning on seeing Solo, and DP2
@Vincent yea second here
@PieBie ha I forgot about dp2. That should be epic. I did see that hitman bodyguard movie with Samuel Jackson and that was excellent. they should do another movie
I might go see RBG
I really hope they can pull DP2 off. I'm afraid it's going to be 'too much', you know.
@Ryan RBG? [edit] found it: rottentomatoes.com/m/rbg
3:09 PM
interesting. though that's more of a see-at-home movie
at least for me
the theater I'd see it at is a locally owned venue that you sit in lounge chairs and can order from a full menu and bar :)
I wouldn't even consider seeing it in a normal theater
@Ryan in that case, I'd go too :)
we don't really have that here, which is a shame
if you build it they will come
hah! touché! now all I need is a few investors
If anyone has some useful code snippets, feel free to share! codepen.io/pieter-biesemans/full/zjMOex
3:36 PM
@WELZ How do you see all that
@WELZ How do I use it? ):
posting links to w3schools on a SE site, brave
I know, that was fully my intention :D
you fool! our chat is soon to be flooded with all kinds of people ready to lecture you on why not to link it
I have removed 3 adobe tags
thumbs up
was there a discussion on why we can't trogdor this tag
do we really need to go through 200+ questions manually
4:21 PM
anyone ever tried double sided tape sheets?
I'm looking for a way to laminate my board game to an art board without having the rubber cement fumes...
not unless you consider the standard sized tape roll as a "sheet"
@JohnB I have like an oversized tabloid+ size to cover, that's going to take a while lol
I should have just printed it on adhesive vinyl but the colors were a bit dull
I just had a meeting with a printer today regarding getting prints done directly on foam core
dunno what your budget is but pricing from them is $45 - $60 depending on size
ah that might be helpful for another part of my project
the thing is I just go where I teach and print there, it's super cheap and good quality
like 8 color inkjet
4:25 PM
ah that's nice to have access to
I know! We have silkscreen facilities too but I never have time to get anything done
Sort of looking forward to abuse them in the next years
so they print directly on the foam core?? I assume it's white foam core?
yeaaaah I assume too, dunno if they can do others though
it wasn't the focus of the meeting
@piebie for shat use? Whats the aim
Yay, i just got a industrial robot added to my pool of stuff to worry about. ;/
A bit mixed feelings about that really
@joojaa Like a pool roomba? :-)
worrying about industrial robots, just joojaa things
Can it hold my kid in the pool while I write my thesis? :-P
If your kid weighs less than 10 kg then yes
a tad more but close enough! lol
But then your kid is in the water
in as in "under"? :-S
What do you use the robot for? Holding your drink? ;-)
4:36 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ wanna do a mass retag? should be
ah but that's why you have snorkels
@joojaa lol
@Emilie i dont use it for anything at the moment but architects use it for teaching automation to other architets by having it stack up legos....
And painting stuff
ah that's neat!
But i intend to make it assemble wedding invites
4:39 PM
I was about to say, can it glue my board game to the board
wedding invites, it must be pretty precie
neat, there I have my solution, who would have thought lol
@Emilie Err a robot can easily hit 0.05 mm accuracy, Can you!
I can, but only once. And I declare my target after I hit it
actually, I think I'm close to .05mm accuracy in my kerning but definitely not in my prototyping!
4:46 PM
@JohnB yeah but the robot can do that every time
so the thing has one arm and assembles things which implies multiple parts
how does it hold the other part
That's your tables job
So using a robot is a bit more involved than people generally think
You have to build a gripper and a jig that kindof does the specifics.
So the table would need to have some suction involved
or something to hold the thing in place
It could, they often do
in low volumes you would just sue screw clamps
Also a robot can generally be slower than a human to be productive
a robot wins even if its 3 times slower than a human
they don't get distracted by the chat window lol
5:01 PM
@Emilie and they work 3 times longer
5:14 PM
@joojaa No health insurance, no benefits, no sick days, can't sue you if you yell at it.
Yeah, i calculated that even a low costs indian worker cant compete
@joojaa Even slave labor can't really compete.
@joojaa And what amazon is doing with their stores is scary. They only need humans to check IDs. That's it. Pretty soon they won't need anyone for that either.
5:32 PM
@LateralTerminal they dont need that either, they just want to do goo PR. its not just amazon i have been to lights out factories. IE they are making hundreds if not thousands of cars per month and theres NOBODY in the factory
The only reason they have light is so theycan do pr rounds and repair stuff a bit easier. (although they dont exactly repair they jank stuff out, put new in place and go on)
1 hour later…
6:45 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ can you please ping Lucian and Ovaryraptor about removing . A user made some edits and they were rejected (@JohnB accepted most as well) (link1 link2 link3) There were some more.
7:11 PM
There's a 6th edit with one rejection vote on it, reasoning in chat linked in the explanation. Not gonna make any more edits 'til the burnination status gets sorted out, or I'll get edit banned
@WELZ better yet, reference the meta post I featured regarding it
all three above were approved. I think mods trump have a better hand, lol
@Zoe did you receive the approval rep?
There's also this, this, and this
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yeah
@Zoe already approved them
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ aren't there any "legitimate" reasons to have in some (few, but some) posts?
@WELZ negative on that houston
7:22 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Oh. It doesn't show up (yet). Probably caching's fault
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ So why can't you just launch nukes on the tag, dallas?
tags should add value and since, I'd assume, about 85% of our questions focus on Adobe how would someone be able to really sift through those?
@WELZ because these are old, may not have been answered and allow members the ability to participate on the site BEFORE I go nuclear.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Ok, fair enough.
just removing the tag when we may need to talk about creating a new tag would be hard to do
this isn't like the how-to tag, everything on the site, could be considered a how-to, lol
We have and and then cc-14,15,17
7:25 PM
that would be good to and think it was brought up on meta. cc -> creative-cloud
I'd actually dump all the illustrator version tags
wouldnt advise that.
Maybe keep CS and CC
some versions have features that some do not
The question is about Illustrator, the version is a technicality which should be included in the body
7:27 PM
@WELZ should also be a tag so, say you want to learn of ways to do something in a particular version you have that ability to find all Q&As
@LateralTerminal why don't you suggest some edits as well?
Q: Project bye bye Adobe tag

DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀSince mostly all questions focus around Adobe software I'm hoping to encourage an initiative to audit/removal of any Q&A tagged with adobe. As I mentioned in chat: just a suggestion. If anyone has less then 2k rep and looking to gain rep I'd strongly advise editing posts that have the adob...

👋 bye
7:57 PM
@WELZ Suggest edits? I suggested we get rid of Retina tag because it means nothing and your average drug store $50 smart phone has more than 300ppi so retina means nothing to us as graphic designers today. Removing retina would make the exact same questions more applicable to other devices like android.
Should we have a tag?
8:16 PM
@WELZ Yes but no because nobody knows what it's called so nobody will ask.
Maybe the tag should be
@LateralTerminal You'll get some rep, and help cleanup some posts.
@WELZ I'm way too busy at work to do that right now. I don't really want or need anymore rep but thank you for the suggestion. :) I'm going to leave it for someone struggling who really needs it.
Nobody needs rep, it's just bragging rights and fun
@WELZ I needed it when I first joined because I had a question that nobody wanted to answered and I needed to place a bounty on it. But I managed to answer it myself after a few months and I ended up not needing to place a bounty on it.
That's why I joined in the first place actually. Just to place a bounty
@LateralTerminal Which question?
8:24 PM
otherwise I'd still be lurking
@LateralTerminal You joined to ask the question, not to place the bounty!
If you get to 2k (not too far) you can approve edits and review low quality posts!
@WELZ I knew for a fact nobody was going to answer without a bounty :P it's so freaking vague and weird.
Q: How to determine correct font name between OSX and Windows with Adobe "Find Font"

LateralTerminalIn Adobe Illustrator CC 2017, Edit: To everyone else who is experiencing this problem. It appears to be a really bad bug. Please upvote the issue on the link below so Adobe can be aware and fix this problem in their new release. I will be selecting the best "work around" as an answer sinc...

It's just barely on topic in the first place.
but I really needed help
[Votes to close and offers bounty]
8:27 PM
XD well I don't care if it's deleted now :P
just means other people won't be able to get help
@WELZ I guess I did drop a bounty actually but nobody answered it
I can't believe you edited that one space on that question lol
You can tell it's the first question I asked because it's formatted so poorly
But it isn't your first post
@WELZ of course not. I needed rep first
it was my first question
8:44 PM
You spent 2 months collecting rep so you can post your question and offer a bounty :D
And I see zoe going through all my questions like crazy deleting my adobe tags lol
If I had another 287 rep, I'd have another candidate point - which would bring me to the halfway point.
Someone post some easy to answer questions.
@WELZ Pretty much yes because I foresaw a close-vote for offtopicness
@WELZ What does 287 rep have to do with anything?
@WELZ Wut?
8:47 PM
@WELZ I just wanted to continue the streak
what streak
@WELZ so every message has to start with @WELZ now?
The sound is so invasive!
@LateralTerminal We were discussing rep, so I'm saying reasons why I "need" rep o.O
oh you want to get to 4000
i gotcha
8:49 PM
@WELZ the chat.SE ping sound is horrible
@Zoe Finally we meet
You're deleting all my adobe tags
Q: Project bye bye Adobe tag

DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀSince mostly all questions focus around Adobe software I'm hoping to encourage an initiative to audit/removal of any Q&A tagged with adobe. As I mentioned in chat: just a suggestion. If anyone has less then 2k rep and looking to gain rep I'd strongly advise editing posts that have the adob...

@Zoe Yeah I know why I just keep seeing you in my notification bar
@Zoe Do you think you could have a slightly less sexual avatar? That's not meant to be a rude statement. I'm not sure how else to phrase it.
9:01 PM
btw @LateralTerminal I love Screen>GIF!!! It's able to film at 60fps and it exports directly without extra crap - also the mouse buttons, it's sow awesome! (One issue is the editor takes some time to get used to... the frame by frame editing)
@LateralTerminal I've had this for a few months now, I really don't think it's inappropriate (especially since I'm in a room with a lot of moderators (CHQ), it'd probably get nuked quickly if it was)
9:24 PM
I got a drawing tablet
It's pretty awesome.
Nice! Which one?
Huion H610
@Zoe well, that's not entirely true
@Cai ?
Handwriting to text is pretty cool and accurate, despite my attempts to fool it.
9:27 PM
as I said, that's not really true, which I'm sure you must be aware of
@Cai Which part?
I mean, you do realise mods can see a history of your profile pictures right?
Yeah. And the one that got removed was a different one. My current is the one that came before the one that got removed
(I didn't change back to the one that got removed, that'd just be horrible planning)
My point is, saying "I've had this for a few months now, I really don't think it's inappropriate (especially since I'm in a room with a lot of moderators (CHQ), it'd probably get nuked quickly if it was" to someone complaining about a very similar picture to one that was removed seems a bit disingenuous
9:38 PM
I'm gonna have a blast drawing red freehand circles on this thing.
10:07 PM
@Zoe I'd just write: "Removed adobe tag per {meta post link}"
K, I'll remember that for the next edit :) Thanks ^^
You're more than half way there to being eligible to nominate yourself as a mod!! xD
2 hours later…
11:47 PM
@Zoe is on fire! :-)

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