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12:00 PM
The fun I had was fixing my bookmarks, and trying to understand how to change the query. :-)
It's amazing how everyone on this site leads by one criterion or another.
It is.
ShreevatsaR leads by average answer score; Robusto leads by average rep per day; Dusty is the least downvoted; mmyers needs the least keystrokes per rep point; nohat is leading by passive rep; etc.
Yeah, to change the query you have to click on "clone" after running it, it's not very obvious.
I was trying to understand how to change it to show data for me. I am used to Drupal queries.
12:07 PM
I think I got it. :-)
p.OwnerUserId must be the ID of the user owning the post.
Yes, see my link (^_^)
I am looking forward to the new dump, we should see one in a week or so.
It's time to eat, here.
I shall return. :-)
Buh bye, for now.
2 hours later…
2:37 PM
Hi @Kosmonaut. Seen that meta-tag question yet?
@RegDwight: I'm looking at it now.
Just a moment
Yeah, sure.
That is very frustrating!
To say the least.
He just went and got rid of the tag!
2:52 PM
But the question is, how do we proceed. I don't want this to turn into a longish debate such as the famous "identify-this-game" thread over at Gaming, where it was Jeff against the entire community, then some part of the community against the other, and then everybody against everybody.
I really don't know
Especially amazing is that the person who asked about the tag has 111 reputation
It's perfectly fine for them to ask that question
One random thought: perhaps we could rename it as "grammaticality", or "grammatical-acceptability" as opposed to "social-acceptability" or something.
Yeah, they have been around for 1 day
I think we could make acceptability a synonym for grammaticality
But now all of the acceptability tags are gone!
Can that be undone?
Yes. Precisely. And the question is just some assumptions/claims out of thin air.
Uh, I guess so, there are all kinds of checks and balances in place, I remember Jeff actually stating that every mod action is "heavily logged".
Them were just 15 questions or so anyway.
As a mod, I suppose you should have some sort of access to that list of actions by other mods.
Not sure if there's a simple Revert button though, and not sure whether it would be wise to just use it.
Yes, I can see the actions.
But I hadn't noticed a way to undo things having to do with tags.
3:01 PM
Do you see at least how many questions precisely were affected?
Let me look.
I may be looking in the wrong place, but I don't see anything about it in Jeff's mod history
Okay, at least the OP was kind enough to dig up this: webcache.googleusercontent.com/…
47 questions.
I would be annoyed if I had to manually go and try to fix each one...
Well, we could (and I suppose, would be expected to) use the opportunity to see whether it actually applies in each case, and is not used in the meaning "social acceptability", say.
But it is disturbing that that was done so swiftly in the first place
Mods and regular users like you put a lot of effort and care into the content of the site
But anyway, pragmatically speaking, it's not the end of the world.
3:16 PM
That's for sure. One user with 101 rep complains, another user with <100 rep acts within less than two hours. Don't mean to be disrespectful to Jeff (if it weren't for him, none of us would have any rep), just stating the facts.
Yeah, worse things happen.
So, I think the best plan is to start tagging these with grammaticality and make acceptability into a synonym for it.
I'm just writing down the IDs in case Google clear their cache.
Thanks for doing that
I am on a trip seeing family at the moment, so I actually need to leave in a minute
Have fun!
Thanks... talk to you later!
3:26 PM
10343, 10203, 9653, 8150, 8086, 8080, 7752, 7727, 7668, 7639, 7378, 7285, 6867, 6582, 6541, 6535, 6237, 6161, 5976, 5640, 5588, 5486, 5271, 4367, 4346, 4327, 4074, 3874, 3538, 3498, 3439, 3373, 3255, 3211, 3112, 2964, 2891, 2244, 1863, 1239, 737, 533, 365, 362, 79, 23, 21
UTF-8 code meaning something special, Reg, or are you just working on your lottery picks?
Yes, these are my picks for the great acceptability lottery. See the comments above.
Ah, yes, context usually helps ...
3:50 PM
If we're going down the "acceptability* road, don't we have to have flavors of acceptability other than grammatical and social, etc.? So many features of acceptability involve the situational and the contextual.
3 hours later…
6:21 PM
@Robusto I really do think that further division of "acceptability" starts to get into too granular territory. It doesn't make sense to answer a question about a very narrow sense of acceptability. A discussion of the acceptability of some usage should cover all ranges of acceptability.
As I said in my comment on the meta, “It's not that open-ended. The range of acceptability of any word or phrase can be covered in just a few sentences. ”
A: Is [acceptability] a meta-tag?

nohatI believe acceptability is not a meta-tag and it should be restored. It is a tag that could work by itself. And it is only too vague and shifty a term to people who don’t really know anything about how English works. The term “acceptability” is essentially a synonym for “grammaticality” and has a...

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