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4:30 AM
I can't remember the name of the alternate to SQL fiddle created by a The Heap chatter here at dba.se. Could someone remind me?
4:43 AM
Hey @ErikE! It's dbfiddle.uk
@AndriyM Thank you!
I haven't touched SQL Server in a year. It feels bizarre. But I can still write a query. stackoverflow.com/a/50126542/57611
5:03 AM
@AndriyM Updated to use DB<>Fiddle
5:58 AM
Good morning, evening and day
6:09 AM
6:32 AM
6:58 AM
7:27 AM
First day at work after a long weekend this week started with a typo
Wanted to restore a SANDBOX database but accidentally called it SADBOX
7:54 AM
Is stackexchange slow today or is that just me?
@hot2use works fine here
@hot2use You must be full of energy this morning. Had a good sleep?
It's taking up to 20 seconds to load questions.
@AndriyM I had quite a good sleep. Was off work Monday and Tuesday.
@hot2use Nothing of the sort here.
@hot2use Curiously, so was I. The two days were official bank holidays here.
8:09 AM
@TomV Put a 🙂 on the side of the server
@AndriyM lucky you. Overtime on Monday. Official holiday on Tuesday.
8:27 AM
@hot2use Four holidays in a row was nice, of course, but because of that we'll have a working Saturday this week (for the Monday).
@AndriyM Do you have a lot of bank holidays in the Ukraine?
@hot2use Not really, I guess. On average, about one extra holiday each month in addition to Saturdays and Sundays. In practice it's no extra holidays in some months and one or two in the others.
8:49 AM
@AndriyM Nice. In Switzerland it depends which canton you are working in (and in some cases for which company).
9:16 AM
why is this closed?
Q: Filter Schema In Index Optmize Script

MaricopaJoeIs is possible to do index optimization with Ola's scripts, and have it filter out a specific schema?

@hot2use ^^
Could it be because of the comment by Erik?
I would need to test during lunch, but I can see why the documentation is hard to interpert and if my test case works I'll ask for it to be reopened then
Why did we close this 5 years old question?
Q: Fulltext indexes and issuers with server startup

Adriano MendesI have a windows server for host about 4500 data bases for same application. And this application have 34 fulltext catalogs on it, and the CHANGE_TRACKING for this fulltext index are AUTO. And the point is, same times I need to shut down the server or move between clusters nodes, and when it’s s...

Since it had been migrated from SO, it is now shown as "migration rejected", question locked in our site and deleted at SO.
Was it so bad?
And I'm not sure when these happened, the timestamps look weird: stackoverflow.com/posts/14777473/revisions
9:34 AM
@TomV Too basic: Didn't read the documentation, ladida, ...
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Very old, no answers, and possibly only answerable by a Microsoft specialist.
However in both cases: If the close vote triggered your attention, and you believe the questions can be answered, then they are all yours.
I'll test if my hypothesis works, but to be fair I don't think the documentation is all that clear about "excluding" a schema. That's why I'd rather test my theory rather than assume
Ok. Let me know and I'll cast a reopen vote in your favour.
@TomV and thanks for the ping
@ypercubeᵀᴹ They look fine to me. As for why, my guess is because the question was abandoned. No feedback on the comments, the OP never even registered here.
@hot2use I don't think I can answer that. But I saw some comments that speculated a possible reason for the issue. Problem is, no one can answer now as the questions is locked.
@AndriyM Right, the timestamps look ok. I was confused ecause it showed "deleted" on March 2013, then unlocked a few minutes ago. I suppose the closing here triggered the rejection of the old migration so the question was "resurrected" (unlocked but staying deleted) at SO.
@AndriyM How long should questions be allowed to ferment before we VtC?
9:49 AM
Oh, I see the tag. It's @MaxVernon's crusade to have every q on that tag answered! ;)
@hot2use For migrated questions it seems fair to give the OP some time to follow through to the target site and start responding to comments. In this case the OP never did that, but by the time one could reasonably conclude it unlikely that he would, everyone who might have followed the question had probably moved on.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Is there an EAGL for that?
Apr 20 at 15:39, by Max Vernon
I've been slowly making my way through unanswered questions. Man, there are a lot of unanswered questions on the site.
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Aha, thanks!
10:09 AM
Q: Should Very Old Questions Remain Open on DBA.SE Even Though They Don't Have Answers

hot2useI think the title sums it up quite nicely: Should Very Old Questions Remain Open on DBA.SE Even Though They Don't Have Answers? A recent VtC on the following question raised some concern that the votes were not correctly cast and would hinder people answering the question: Fulltext indexes an...

Have a bash guys.
@TomV It's not now. Seems like a useful question to have if we can get a decent answer.
1 hour later…
11:20 AM
Some people. Dude, I'm trying to help.
In your previous comment, you complained that I hadn't given you the code, which was there. Now you're indignantly asking for the output from FILELISTONLY, which you hadn't asked for before. Would you please stop moving the goalposts? — Green Grasso Holm 2 mins ago
@MaxVernon Difficult question. Agree.
@MaxVernon vtc as too localized
When I get to work, I'll give him an mcve to prove he's wrong.
i've seen full text catalogs get created as secondary data files
so they show up as another D in file list only
11:28 AM
@AndriyM ouch!
@sp_BlitzErik I've seen that too. In SQL Server 2005.
Guys, remember to be welcoming and inclusive :D
@MaxVernon but if databases were created on 2005 or created using scripts written in 2005 they would have the same problem
i'm only aware of this because there's an isv we work with with this problem
@TomV I read that initially as "intrusive"
@sp_BlitzErik oh, I agree completely with you. That's the mcve I'm hoping to put together. I just need to find 2005 bits first. But the point is really just "some people!"
The "scripts written in 2005" bit implies you can specify a filename in 2008+, that's not my experience...
I could easily be wrong. It would not be the first time, or the last, i assure you!
oh yeah i don't recall that much about it
11:44 AM
@PaulWhite Thanks, answered
@TomV Oh thanks very much.
i'll delete my comment there!
you're WELCOME
@sp_BlitzErik ta
A: Filter Schema In Index Optmize Script

Tom VYes if you look at the documentation you see that you can use the @indexes parameter to specify which indexes to defragment. You can use % wildcards in your object names and you can use the - to exclude indexes. Using this information the syntax you want to use is @indexes = 'ALL_INDEXES, -datab...

@MaxVernon It's easy to get frustrated when two people are trying to communicate a complex problem with text only. I have done my best to bring the question up to date with the results of comments so far.
If you think it would help, I can invite the OP here.
But remember the room is public anyway and does not require login to view, so they might be reading everyone's commentary here already.
@TomV Good answer
Andriy will still find some errors :)
11:56 AM
@PaulWhite cheers for the edits, and cleanup. I'm ok with not chatting with that guy right now.
Of course, if you all want to, be my guests!
@MaxVernon Ok just try to bear in mind that, for the OP, the question is always abundantly clear :). I guess the trick is in helping them to understand that it might not be to readers seeing only their description of problem.
afternoon and evening
12:12 PM
@PaulWhite loud and clear!
@MaxVernon Cheers. I know it's not always easy eh
1:01 PM
maybe what we need to humanize OP is live video feeds of them while they ask questions and respond to comments and answers
1:14 PM
Hello !
I've spent some time testing the new mysql 8 versus sqlserver on linux
The goal is to sync data from our sqlserver to a new mysql
so I'm trying to insert a bunch of rows as fast as possible from a SP
Unsurprisingly it's 3 times faster in SqlServer
Q: c# Fastest way to insert rows in mysql vs sqlserver (large dataset)

A_VI'm looking for any possible improvements that could be made to run the mysql piece of code faster. I created a simple test winform application that creates two docker databases : -Sqlserver on linux latest -Mysql 8.0.11 Once the instances are created, it creates a similar table on both. I th...

Is there a tool that does that ?
sync from mysql to sqlserver ?
I tried with SSIS
what didn't ssis do?
there's so much nitpicky business logic
and also it has to go both ways
and a human has to decide what to send where
oh boy
I'm thinking this has to be done by hand with code
afaik, no software comes with a human to make decisions
1:17 PM
Yeah... Pipedream softwares are the most expensive
i have toto stuck in my head
it's a real problem
Now there's an app for that
@sp_BlitzErik It's gonna take a lot to take that away from you
@sp_BlitzErik that's a terrifying prospect
1:24 PM
@PaulWhite maybe just desktop screen share then?
hm the question was just self-deleted.
@sp_BlitzErik or a dress code at least
@sp_BlitzErik link added (10k)
thanks @TomV sorry to ninja-edit you
but if we're being serious about the interaction problem idk what the answer is beyond being epicly patient and full of goodwill, or having a willingness to move on unsatisified
1:31 PM
@PaulWhite dammit, he deleted his post. Oh well, I'll create a canonical one.
UNSUBSCRIBE works well as a cool-off method at least
@MaxVernon yep a self-q&a is always an option
I wonder if he found a bug :)
@PaulWhite I'd wouldn't bother, but I've written a full on answer practically.
@PaulWhite I couldn't say for sure. But I'd put money on it.
@MaxVernon tell me about it. guess how long it took me to clean that question up
but hey ho that's the gig
I'm thinking it was a while!
1:33 PM
@AndriyM yep
plus, I'm "mad" typing. Everyone around me must wonder why I'm so annoyed.
listen to a Toto song, I hear they're very relaxing
@PaulWhite I'm not sure even Enya could help me now. ;-)
I guess it's gonna take some time to do the things we never had
@PaulWhite more than Rick Astley?
1:36 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Well Erik told me, and he's very reliable so I'd have to say 'yes'
@PaulWhite i thought i wasn't reliable until i hit 20k rep?
@sp_BlitzErik trusted
you've always been 'reliable'
@PaulWhite FYI, my answer on that deleted post is only half the story. I've got SQL Server 2005 bits, and will install them soon so that I can create that setup in 2005 to see what happens when it's subsequently restored onto 2012.
@PaulWhite reliably untrusted
@MaxVernon yep understood that much
oh ha ha who pinned that message lol
1:41 PM
that was me
just wanted to make sure it got some visibility - it was a really great comment!
real genius material, if you ask me.
yes it was
oh I wonder if the full text OP was falling prey to no rows resetting/not resetting a variable
SELECT @logicalFtiFile = logicalName
    FROM @BackupFileInfo
    WHERE type = 'F';
setting variables is hard
it actually is! I always have to check e.g. dba.stackexchange.com/a/136212 but yeah defensive coding is key
@PaulWhite Africa. Always listen to Africa
1:46 PM
Two Three reliable sources. Must be true.
@Taryn I was hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
@MaxVernon That's the song I play when I start most of my runs
I have to say that's long been a favourite of mine
@Taryn nice! it's a great song!
I'm going to respond with quotes from Africa lyrics as often as possible until I forget I'm doing it
1:48 PM
@PaulWhite people think I'm nuts that I like it when I run
Well tbf it doesn't mean you're not nuts either
you're all wrong
@PaulWhite true
always listen to the dune soundtrack by toto
> not trustworthy
1:49 PM
what kind of crappy nerds are you
@sp_BlitzErik Rosanna?
anyone listening to the sub-20k guy?
meanwhile tonight is a good night because there are back-to-back Knight Rider reruns on tv
@PaulWhite Kit!
@PaulWhite Frightened of this thing you have become
1:51 PM
Super Pursuit Mode!
@PaulWhite do you have a time machine or are you living in the 80s?
@TomV well done, sir
I actually bought a 1984 Firebird Trans Am because of that
@Taryn I live in New Zealand :)
1:51 PM
@MaxVernon I hate you
@PaulWhite it was, wait for it, "sweet as" lol
@Taryn Nah seriously we have a couple of retro tv channels
@MaxVernon Did you fit a red LED whoosh-whoosh thing on the front?
I remember when HDTV first came out there was a channel called HD net that used to run Reruns of Knight Rider. This would have been early 2000's when I was in high school.
I watched that all the time.
@PaulWhite oh god I wish.
Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with living in the 80s
1:53 PM
back when Hasselhoff was cool.
@PaulWhite nice
@PaulWhite that's where my heart is
well it's good background stuff
@sp_BlitzErik yeah me too wistful look
man I was so happy not having a girlfriend and writing machine code for my vic-20
good times
@MaxVernon is he not?
@PaulWhite so you traded in your Vic-20 for a wife. Sounds reasonable to me.
1:56 PM
@PaulWhite hormones ruin everything
@Zane lol. I guess.
Are you telling my all of my Hasselhoff Cassette tapes won't appreciate in value?!
I did not marry my cbm-64
@Zane oh no, you keep 'em!
@sp_BlitzErik that is profound
2:02 PM
Q: Match phone numbers efficent

AndreasFor a mobile application we are considering validating a user based on their mobile phone number. In the app we will restrict so that the user input will be stored in the following format. +46700112233. That would mean in this case Swedish phonenumber (+46) remove initial 0 and then 9 digits (mo...

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
@TomV sounds like a mysql problem
@PaulWhite You really are going there
you doubted me? ;)
I'm impressed
2:08 PM
I know that I must do what's right
Have you seen this though?
It's pretty darn funny
they filmed it on their vacation
thanks for that
2:21 PM
can someone add in parameters to have begin birth date and end birth date range? — AppleBook89 8 mins ago
I feel like their personal coder.
@MaxVernon i'd point them here: sqlservercentral.com/articles/Test+Data/88964
that user asks some real breastfeedy questions
@sp_BlitzErik lol.
I was going to give them a bitcoin address. But that's probably against the rules.
plus, do I really want to go there? no.
there's something nice about providing questions for free. You never have to support them 10 years later.
chat isn't a 10k user apparently
2:38 PM
^^^ 10k only, since it's deleted. Suffice to say, someone doesn't like downvotes.
if they didn't like downvotes they would have brought a better answer
@sp_BlitzErik agreed
i'm gonna do another self q&a today
i think i have a good idea
@sp_BlitzErik there better not be any references to my mom ;-)
@MaxVernon not your mom per se
2:51 PM
3:03 PM
@sp_BlitzErik are you sure about that?
@Lamak the voters will have their say
KITT ssshurely
Airwolf would **** KITT up.
@sp_BlitzErik I meant about you having a good idea
@wBob ooops, that's what I meant ;-)
@wBob A-Team vs Airwolf vs KITT
3:18 PM
Stringfellow Hawk makes Murdoch look like a [insert funny comment here].
3:57 PM
A: postgres index on text column

Ivan AlexOk, my text column contains "...@sometext...", can i make index on this? For example, rows, where different sometext exists?

@jcolebrand I already voted to delete.
The edit bro
Make the edit to the Q
Or do you want it to be a comment on the other answer?
Then you should be more clear on the flag
But you wrote: "You can comment on other answers or edit your question. Please delete this." which makes me think you want it to be an edit
You lot are killing me
@jcolebrand Not sure what he is trying to say really.
Just reject the flag, man. No hard feelings ;)
OK, I edited the q. He had a similar comment under there.
4:21 PM
And this is why modrators is just assholes with guns in their hands :p
Thanks for the flag. And for taking ownership ;-)
@jcolebrand First to get the Marshal badge ;) dba.stackexchange.com/help/badges/78/marshal
That use has started to annoy me
Instead of folllowing the suggestion in the answer and the comments, he is thinking about zombodb ...
Whatever that is.
I think about zombodb, but for this i have to change some queries. — Ivan Alex 9 mins ago
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Well done sir :D
@jcolebrand Speak for yourself
@wBob oh wow I remember those endless debates :)
@ypercubeᵀᴹ postgres +elasticsearch aparrently
might be headed for zombiedb
4:36 PM
These names are just getting sillier and sillier
The [standard-edition] tag seems a bit strange.
It's mostly used for questions about SQL Server, though there are a few Oracle ones grouped by it.
Maybe there should be two tags, for example: [sql-server-standard-edition] and [oracle-standard-edition]...
@PaulWhite - is this edit ok, or too brutal?
There's a [sql-server-express] one, talking about editions.
@MaxVernon brutal?
@PaulWhite ok, perhaps mean? I'm talking about the edit comment
I'm fine with removing the "I SOLVED IT" type messaging at the start of the post.
presumably I wasn't too rude?
4:44 PM
@MaxVernon oh I thought you meant the edit itself. Yes the edit comment was a little OTT, I edited it for you.
@PaulWhite thanks
The edit itself was perfectly good of course thank you
I hate those "*** SOLVED ***" banners you see in Google results for questions. It raises my ire like you wouldn't believe. Especially when I see that on social.microsoft.com
why people feel the need to advertise that they got a resolution is beyond me.
idk maybe SEO for older platforms
although, I suppose [StackExchange] makes it easier to see answers than other platforms do.
perhaps, SEO, as you say. If I was google I'd be sinking those results :-)
putting them in the "phishing" barrel.
4:47 PM
honestly I have no idea but around here it is just unwelcome noise
5:17 PM
Q: Tag rename [ansi-sql-standard] to [sql-standard]

Evan CarrollThe standard, though originally ANSI isn't really ANSI anymore. In fact, I imagine far more people develop it from the ISO/IEC outside of ANSI. ANSI is kind of a private cabal of American corporate and government interests that that sit united at ISO/IEC. Regardless, ansi isn't really relevant.

5:43 PM
@PaulWhite it was supposed to help people looking for a solution but it never worked because it wasn't used consistently
Accepting answers just works better
The idea was to not waste people's time reading through a thread looking for a solution if there wasn't any
Cc @MaxVernon
They should have just added a Like button and some Reactions
Those were the bulletinboard and php forum days
To be fair ExpertSexChange did a good job in changing a lot of those problems
Unfortunately they broke it with the paid subscription and hiding everything behind a paywall
Let's review. Trump ran promising to improve relations w/ Russia...voters agreed. But permanent DC hated the idea. They’ve been pushing war w/ Iran for yrs. Closer ties w/ Russia would make an Iran war more complicated. Russia needed to be our enemy, no matter what voters wanted.
> "I do think, I'm sure I'm the lone voice in saying this, that Iran deserves to be annihilated. I think they're lunatics. I think they're evil."
USA is so awesome, "who can start a pointless war and blame it on the other guy"
Cheers, @PaulW
@EvanCarroll whoa
5:57 PM
American hegemony doesn't work wothout a big bad enemy and a war machine to feed it.
But, that's political :-]
I hope Iran gets develops the nuke this year. Trump in office and Netanyahu up for election with allegations of corruption and felony, and a tanking Iran.
Why let the Iranians depose their own regime when no one wants to fight for it and you walk in and hold your victory parade!
Especially if Trump tears up the Iran agreement.
6:41 PM
@EvanCarroll Er hang on what does "Iran gets the nuke this year" mean?
That they develop nuclear weapons? Or that the country is hit by them?
@PaulWhite I imagine he means develop, and is referring to this agreement.
@jadarnel27 That was my initial reading, but given the rather important difference, I want it to be clear.
Ah, I see. We certainly shouldn't be wishing nuclear strikes on anyone.
7:04 PM
@PaulWhite develop them.
@EvanCarroll phew thanks :)
Q: Can MariaDB or MySQL cast as bigint?

Evan CarrollIf I want to take a string and create a table, CREATE TABLE g AS SELECT CAST('2147483699' AS int); How do I tell it that I want a bigint type? I'll also get an int(10) type. SELECTing from it is humorous too, +---------------------------+ | CAST('2147483699' AS int) | +---------------------...

7:25 PM
@EvanCarroll The MySQL manual is (and has been for a long time) pretty clear about what you can specify as the target type for CAST/CONVERT. For integers, your only options are SIGNED and UNSIGNED. You only needed to look into the docs. Is there something I'm missing?
7:50 PM
@AndriyM that's an answer, I find it to be especially poor but if no one else has a workaround or idea I'll accept that "docs don't explicitly say it is possible so it's not and there is nothing you can do".
Shy of that, who knows we got lots of MySQL experts maybe they'll have a workaround (or there is one -- MySQL doesn't put food on my plate, and I try to avoid it)
"Nothing you can do" doesn't seem to me a valid conclusion. What's wrong with using either SIGNED or UNSIGNED?
ah, as a workaround that works so long as the single extra bit solves your problem. Which isn't exactly my problem. My problem is I actually wanted to get a bigint with a small number. Specifically to run some tests with bit strings.
@EvanCarroll > MySQL supports arithmetic with both signed and unsigned 64-bit values. For numeric operators (such as + or -) where one of the operands is an unsigned integer, the result is unsigned by default (see Section 12.6.1, “Arithmetic Operators”). To override this, use the SIGNED or UNSIGNED cast operator to cast a value to a signed or unsigned 64-bit integer, respectively.
@EvanCarroll Oh, I see. Perhaps you could clarified that in the question. But in that case the problem does seem unlikely to have a solution. I'm not an expert either, though, so it may still be worth asking.
apparently, converting to UNSIGNED converts to bigint
7:57 PM
oh shit!
That I did not see.
using SIGNED too, sorry...
I meant that using those gives you a bigint
but that doesn't seem to work.
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.03 sec)
Records: 1  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

MariaDB [test]> SHOW CREATE TABLE f;
| Table | Create Table                                                                                           |
ah well, it's still MySQL
bwahahha true dat.
and using just SIGNED?, not SIGNED INT
8:00 PM
MariaDB [test]> SHOW CREATE TABLE f;
| Table | Create Table                                                                                       |
| f     | CREATE TABLE `f` (
  `CAST('1' AS SIGNED)` int(2) NOT NULL
is AS SIGNED different from AS SIGNED INT
gawd I hope not.
The docs on MySQL are actually total pooop
SELECT CAST('9876543210' AS SIGNED) AS v; works but CREATE TABLE f AS SELECT CAST('9876543210' AS SIGNED) AS v; breaks in MySQL 8.0. There's still room for improvement.
You can do CREATE TABLE f AS SELECT 9876543210 AS v, though, in which case you do get a bigint: dbfiddle.uk/…
8:15 PM
@ypercubeᵀᴹ Good to know!
So if I do CAST('9876543210' AS SIGNED) outside of a CTAS that's enough to get the internal representation as a BIGINT?
Is there a way to test that, or do we just take the docs at it?
I was wanting to test it. I don't actually care about the CTAS.
Though it's interesting and probably useful to have that somewhere if it's really a bug.
I wish mysql had a pg_typeof dba.stackexchange.com/a/203927/2639

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