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12:42 AM
Hmm... Is there some historic reason for not having a meat-and-dairy [basar bechalav] tag? It seems all questions that should be tagged that are simply tagged with meat and dairy tags separately...
@yydl Never was done, I think, that's all.
8 hours ago, by msh210
Well, b'makom sheen ishh....
@msh210 Is that a green light I see?
@yydl Have fun with it.
@msh210 Thanks.
@yydl I've thought about doing it myself but never got a round tuit.
12:46 AM
And the design looks fantastic. I see I haven't been in chat for a while..
@yydl Not that you need a mod's permission to retag posts, really.
...especially not you, who have been on the site long enough to know what's a good idea and what's not.
@msh210 Yeah. But if there was some reason in the past, I'd want to stay away from it. Do we have a preference for hebrew-transliterated tags (basar-bechalav) vs. simple english (meat-and[with]-dairy)
@yydl Not that I know of. Whichever you choose, the other should be a synonym.
@msh210 Got it. Will get to work right after I post the question I'm drafting. Thanks
12:53 AM
@unforgettableid Hola.
Dear all: What general halachic problems might there be with staying in, say, an all-frum hostel as opposed to staying in a private hotel room? All I can think of is lashon hara and bitul Torah.
@unforgettableid Gezel shena?
@msh210: Interesting: I didn't think of gezel sheinah. But that's not the focus of my question. I plan to reply to your comment and say that.
@unforgettableid No, I was responding here to the question you asked here
@msh210: Correction: With your reply to my question here, you've helped me decide what to reply to your comment there. :)
1:05 AM
@unforgettableid Happy to help :-)
Well, I must —. Have a good timezone, y'all.
All the best.
1 hour later…
2:09 AM
@ShmuelBrin: Good day. Thank you very much for judaism.stackexchange.com/a/16025/1215 . Perhaps dinonline.org/2010/06/15/davening-in-freshly-painted-place sheds light on the problem that you raise.
@ShmuelBrin: Let me try to prepare an edit to your answer. It seems to me from "How does Community Wiki mode affect bounties?" that if I edit your answer then award it the bounty, that you'll probably still get all 50 reputation.
2:23 AM
@ShmuelBrin: Never mind. I can't prepare the edit. I have a bad sense of smell, and I don't know if BO counts as 1.) "unpleasant" or as 2.) very foul.
2:42 AM
I've crosspasted the above to comments on judaism.stackexchange.com/a/16025/1215 . I'm leaving. If you could please reply there, it'd be much appreciated.
2:56 AM
@yydl I too had been wondering about that while working on the tags-meta-post.
13 hours later…
3:54 PM
what's a good house warming present to give to a Jewish friend of mine? he's moving into a new house
@msh210 I see what you did there.... :) so it'd be a valid question for the site? I wasn't sure if it's too localized..
@Jin IMO it would be valid. Compare:
Q: Kosher wine recommendations

Gershon GoldWhen people go away for shabbos they often bring along a gift to their hosts. What is a good Kosher wine - not too dry - that you can give for less than $20?

Q: What bar/bat mitzva present did you actually want/like/use?

ShalomIn retrospect, what made a good bar/bat mitzva present? What actually got used? Also: for a less-observant Bar/Bat Mitzvah boy/girl, what's a good gift? How do you achieve the right balance of Jewishness vs. usability (without looking too ... missionary-like)?

@Jin Generally, though, I think anything you'd buy a non-Jew as a housewarming gift would be good. Except, say, a large cross to hang on the wall, or a statue of the Buddha. :-)
4:12 PM
@msh210 that'd be crazy! I was thinking of a statue of Shiva!
@Jin Oh, that'd be okay. :-)
(I am kidding. It wouldn't be okay. I'm pretty sure you realize, but I figure I should make absolutely sure.)
maybe i'll frame the Mi Yodeya site logo 'n give it to him to hang on the wall..
^ older mockup.
@Jin heheh. If you're looking for something specifically Jewish, you can perhaps find a "birkat habayit" in a judaica store or Jewish bookstore or online. But it's the kind of thing people like to give, so he may well get more than one already and therefore not appreciate it so much.
@msh210 oh yeah i was kidding too!
@Jin Okay, I thought so.
4:29 PM
@msh210 thank you
@Jin Sure. I should've also described what they are. They're artistic renderings of the words (in Hebrew) "Through these doorways should come no pain; in this home should be plenty; there should be peace in this domain; blah blah blah" -- there are variants (no canonical text AFAIK (though I may ask that on-site)).
@msh210 thanks for the info. it sounds good. I plan to give him a "gift bundle," most of the gifts will just be standard house warming stuff, but I planned to include something Jewish.
@Jin But I do suggest you ask on-site for more ideas. :-)
@msh210 will do!
@ShmuelBrin, I guess I don't need to, then :-) (re "no canonical text AFAIK (though I may ask that on-site)")
@ShmuelBrin, though I'd also have asked what the earliest version is.
4:43 PM
@msh210 That would be a source.
5:11 PM
@ShmuelBrin Right.
5:50 PM
Since no one is proposing weekly challenge topics, there is no weekly challenge (and hasn't been in a few weeks). Which is fine -- but then I suggest we get rid of the ad. Can people downvote it, please? (I just did.)
@msh210 Done. Now it is below 6 votes and won't appear.
@DoubleAA Thanks!
@msh210 We should consider updating the Parsha Chat one to say mi.yodeya
Alternatively, we should take this opportunity to actually name the chat room.
Q: Name our chat room

Isaac MosesRight now, our general-purpose chat room is called, excitingly enough, "Jewish Life and Learning." Some other sites have given their general chat rooms distinctive names, such as The Garden Shed, Hub of Reason, and Mos Eisley. What should our chat room be named?

@DoubleAA Perhaps wait for the new site design....
@DoubleAA I agree.
@msh210 Yes but it's coming soon...
5:56 PM
@DoubleAA bb"a
@DoubleAA David P. Hochman's answer got the most votes there, but I'm not sure which of his suggestions they were for (nor whether indeed they were all for the same one): he has three suggestions in that answer.
@msh210 Maybe slap on a featured tag? Or should we start afresh and limit to one answer per...answer?
@DoubleAA I'd tend toward the latter, but I'll let the person who posted that question weigh in. @IsaacMoses?
@msh210 FWIW I also tend that way.
6:25 PM
@IsaacMoses @msh210 I agree
@DoubleAA @ShmuelBrin meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/posts/623/revisions If you can improve that answer, you're cordially invited to do so. :-)
6:54 PM
I wonder why Whoever downvoted my answer to the kosher=healthy question. Usually, I don't care, but in this case I wonder whether it was due to the content (someone doesn't like the Chinuch so downvoted the answer) or the style (my fault).
@msh210 I'm going to let this question play out first.
@DoubleAA Sounds good.
@DoubleAA @ShmuelBrin also, since, as it turned out, all that divre sof'rim stuff was actually irrelevant to your question, and it became rather a long conversation in the comments, I'm thinking of deleting all those comments. Thoughts?
@msh210 It's fine, though you can ask that point in its own question.
@msh210 If you leave your first comment, my last three comments, and ShmuelBrin's second to last comment, it will cut down considerably on length without sacrificing the flow.
Can we try that on for size?
@msh210 Yeah, I upvoted fwiw. I'm not sure why someone down voted my answer to :
A: Being a houseguest in a non-frum or non-Jewish home

HodofHodIf I were staying in a non-frum or non-Jewish home, the foremost thing on my mind (outside of all the more common halachos that you mention) would be the mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem, and the issur of Chilul Hashem. Remember that you may be an uncommon sight for them, in some cases even the only or...

7:04 PM
@DoubleAA Done, good idea, thanks.
@msh210 Speaking of downvotes reminds me, btw, did we lose a user recently? Like someone's account was deleted?
@HodofHod you're a mod
@HodofHod @ShmuelBrin has a good point. Do you know how to check?
@ShmuelBrin In the interest of space, I deleted my first comment too, but I want to remind you here that I still think "A sourced example edited in to the post would greatly improve its value."
(For reasons I honestly don't know, SE wants mods to discuss how to do things -- like, what the mod-only pges look like, etc. -- only in private. So @HodofHod and I will continue this discussion elsewhere if he wants me to tell him how to check that info.)
7:10 PM
@ShmuelBrin ah, that's right, omniscience. gotta love it! ;)
@msh210 Are you allowed to answer "Yes" or "No" to @HodofHod's question?
@msh210 Are you allowed to answer "Yes" or "No" to @HodofHod's question?
@ShmuelBrin I think so, else I shan't have asked.
@ShmuelBrin Besides the no-mentioning-how-to-usemod-tools rule, there's also a no-mentioning-info-only-mods-have rule which bans my saying, e.g., what your IP address is. So... I guess the answer's to your question is "No".
I'm not sure.
@msh210 Ah, but this is something that's common knowledge, if it indeed happened.
like the removal of our good friend whose presence was indicative of a way
@HodofHod Is it?
7:18 PM
@HodofHod I wonder if he left any writing detailing how to distribute his rep points?
@HodofHod "indicative of a way"?
@msh210 Where there's a ____....
@DoubleAA Ah. I must be a little slow on the uptake today.
Or always, perhaps.
naw, it was meant to be pretty cryptic
@DoubleAA Oy.
7:20 PM
I wasn't really expecting anyone to get it right away
@msh210 and @HodofHod Sorry :)
7:33 PM
@msh210 I'm not asking names (which may be hard for non-mods to get). I am just asking if someone was deleted? It doesn't seem too private.
@ShmuelBrin I can testify that I have received no loss of rep as a correction for the potential-user's votes.
@DoubleAA how about earlier this week?
@ShmuelBrin A SE employee told me there's no way to see who, if anyone, was deleted recently. (Surely someone can examine some database. But basically, there's no way to know.) However, there is a way for mods to know if users were merged. And that's probably all I should say, I'm afraid.
@HodofHod Nope. But I see that on Apr 28 you lost 5 points.
@DoubleAA aww, shucks
7:37 PM
@HodofHod Hamakom Yenachem Otcha...
feel.. weak.. loss of rep... need... upvotes....
@HodofHod yea, but you're a mod, you're all-powerful.
@ShmuelBrin feel... power... weakini....ng....
@HodofHod @IsaacMoses which reminds me, when the site graduates, some users will experience privilege loss.
@HodofHod Actually, I don't see rep losses on Apr 28 for Alex, Gershon, or Shalom. So it must have been a pretty minor user.
@HodofHod Oooo yydl lost 3 points.
7:40 PM
Q: What will happen when we launch? (aka: OMG! What happened to my privileges?!)

jcolebrandAt long last, the site will launch! All our hard work here is finally paying off. This is quite exciting. But please be aware that this is not without cost. As painful as it may be initially, users may lose some privileges for a little while. On beta sites, some privileges require less rep than ...

graduation... bodes... ill...\
@DoubleAA If a user would have been deleted, the rep-changes would have indicated that. (Which is why people noticed when user____ left)
@Jin time to make a voting campaign
^ a post from the DBA mod explaining the privilege loss post graduation
@DoubleAA Hamakom Gam Yenachem et yydl
@Jin You get a painting of unicorns for 200K?!? I'm so excited... :)
Oct 30 '11 at 5:06, by HodofHod
So now that the holiday season is thru, (our holiday season ;-)), are we any closer to primetime? cf. http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1954976#1954976. Is anybody else dreading the upgrade as much as I am?
7:45 PM
@HodofHod Because soon the mods are elected?
@DoubleAA well, actually I posted that months before I was a mod, but yes, also that
@HodofHod You should start looking for good corporate sponsors. Maybe start a Super PAC
@ShmuelBrin Indeed. I'm gonna go look for good posts.
Hmmm... if I lose my privilege to protect questions, what's happens to the questions I have already protected?
@HodofHod I don't think we lost anyone (at least whoever we lost never voted for me anyways [so must be that he's not too important), as (for example) many people lost points on April 5th, and it said "User was removed". I didn't have anything like this happen to me, so I guess you just got downvoted.
Q: What does a rep loss for "user was removed" mean?

Monica CellioToday I lost rep with the following notation: -10 8 mins ago removed User was removed What does this mean? Some user had up-voted one of my answers (or two of my questions) and was then deleted, and the votes go away with the user? When a vote is removed you get told what p...

7:50 PM
@ShmuelBrin nope. it was a -5, and it said "user was removed". thats no downvote
@HodofHod in that case someone left.
btw @Jin I'm not really dreading launch
just in case you're wondering :D
@DoubleAA Unicorn is more of a Stack Overflow meme. if someone on Mi Yodeya reaches 200k, I'm sure we'll do something different, that's more appropriate :)
@HodofHod I know you're excited about the launch! It was more for a pre-emptive thing to do in case users ask about their privilege change.
@Jin someone is a quarter of the way there!!
@ShmuelBrin wow, I din't realize he was at 53k already
@all k, I'll see you guys soon; I'm going on a voting spree. Quality posts only, obviously
7:59 PM
@HodofHod Here are some good ones.
@DoubleAA someone needs a backscratch, huh? I cannot be bribed!! ;D
@DoubleAA Actually, now that I try, I realize that there aren't many of your answers that I haven't already upvoted. Let me see
@HodofHod I'm much obliged :)
@DoubleAA you should be!
(Extra credit if anyone can identify and verify all the translations.)
@DoubleAA L to R starting from the top:
Hungarian, Hebrew, Czech
8:13 PM
@HodofHod Careful! I don't want it all to be removed as spam voting.
@DoubleAA I can verify the Chinese one.
Hawaiian, Korean
french, chinese, german
greek, arabic
japanese, spanish
@DoubleAA where's my extra credit?
@HodofHod You'll get it in just under 24 hours.
@DoubleAA The Greek looks like "Eucharist". ?
@DoubleAA And a Necromancer badge! wow!
I'm out of votes for today. Anyone else up to the voting challenge?
@msh210 Interesting. I always thought it was from the prefix eu- meaning true.
@DoubleAA I would have guessed the same.
@DoubleAA @msh210 meh, it's all greek to me
Couldn't resist. =D
@HodofHod :-)
@DoubleAA Oh, heh, it is.
8:42 PM
Valuable (IMO) rep targets after graduation, if someone's aiming, are 20000 (delete/undelete answers), 10000 (delete/undelete questions), 3000 (close/reopen questions), 2000 (edit posts), 500 (retag questions), 125 (downvote posts), 100 (edit community-wiki posts), 50 (comment), 15 (flag and upvote posts), and 10 (various privileges).
@msh210 This will mean a serious increase in the number of flags being flown.
Those are also useful to bear in mind in case someone's giving away his rep to boost others': he won't want to go below one of those targets.
@DoubleAA True.
@msh210 @HodofHod @Mods Which reminds me, is this comment an appropriate one to flag for deletion as obsolete, now that I have seen it?
@DoubleAA I don't know what the official policy is, but I wouldn't mind. Especially if you thereafter commented.
@DoubleAA I don't know what the official policy is, but I wouldn't mind. The problem is knowing it's you flagging it, since comment flags are anonymous
I guess you could hit "other" and then type it in
8:47 PM
@HodofHod "Obsolete" is a choice.
@HodofHod I think we can assume people wouldn't flag to remove others' courtesy pings? Mah Lo LeShaker?
@msh210 It is, but it doesn't mean I know it's coming from someone else.
@DoubleAA Generally, yes
@HodofHod But anyone can write "Hi I'm HodofHod" in the other section.
@HodofHod Right, sure.
@DoubleAA, if you posted the bounty to award an existing answer, then why don't you award it already? (Or is there a time constraint I'm forgetting about?)
@msh210 24 Hours. meta.stackoverflow.com/q/107282/166155 I don't really agree with Jeff's answer.
8:50 PM
@DoubleAA More unlikely, I think.
@msh210 The longer he leaves it, the more attention it gets, and he more attention it gets, the more upvotes on your question! Wait, why are you looking at me?
@HodofHod :-)
@DoubleAA If he doesn't want "a mechanical system for transferring reputation between users" (which, fine, makes sense), then why allow that bounty reason?
@HodofHod @msh210 Well, in that case, you might be getting a couple flags today. I'm going to go do some pesach cleaning of my inbox.
@msh210 צ"ע
@DoubleAA Yeah, it was rhetorical.
@DoubleAA you have a terrible evil cackle. This is how you do one properly: <evil cackle>
no wait, that one was no good, let me try again
<evil cackle>
Q: Courtesy pings should be deletable by their targets

msh210If a comment says only ([cC]ourtesy\s)?[pP]ing(,|ing|\sto|\sfor)*\s*@[^\s]+ or @[^\s]+\s*([cC]ourtesy\s)?[pP]ing.{0,2} (or something like that), then the person identified in the database as its "ReplyTo User" should be allowed to delete it, and if he flags it as obsolete, then that flag sh...

1 hour later…
10:14 PM
@DoubleAA For those backreading, the comment I referenced (now deleted) said "Courtesy ping @DoubleAA".
1 hour later…
11:17 PM
@Jin nice!
@MonicaCellio thanks. I'm stepping out to get dinner now. When I get home tonight, I'll post the design on Meta.
@Jin I like the styling on the arrows and star. (Sorry, back-reading so some of these comments will be stale.)
11:33 PM
@Jin looking forward to it. You've done great work on this, and I love all the "little" things you picked up on. Having the Hebrew header for the question page but English on main, for instance, is a great touch, as is crowns as badges. (I realize that was discussed here ages ago, but you took it and ran with it.) And the pointers, and the corner decoration in the "shalom" block... all very nice!
I also like the roots at the bottom. :-)

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