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7:30 AM
Why is there a close vote on this? outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/19151/…
the answer is already community wiki. So the close vote makes no sense.
3 hours later…
10:54 AM
@Ricketyship someone added a custom close reason but then deleted the comment, which is unhelpful.
Still needs another 4 votes to mean anything
11:20 AM
The review notification is present, but nothing under the review tab is actually available?
3 hours later…
2:37 PM
@Ricketyship The review indicator is always broken. If only thee were a site where people could get help building websites....
3:24 PM
Hey @CharlieBrumbaugh
@Liam dinosaur tracks are fossils — Charlie Brumbaugh 48 mins ago
What I mean is makes no sense in an "outdoors" context
you not going to meet an dinosaur
which you talking about does, because you will find a fossil
I'm trying to help you head off the off topic votes
I've just realised you've raised multiple dinosaur questions. This seems a bit odd to me being as what your actually asking about is fossils of dinosaurs? no? Dinosaur tracks are fossils not dinosaurs
the wiki looks odd too
> Questions about dinosaurs
We don't want questions about dinosaurs?! That would be really off topic, no? Like if I asked what does a T. rex eat?
@Liam of the fossil questions only one is about something other than dinosaur fossiles
Not worried about the off topic votes
@Liam fossils are found outdoors yes?
are dinosaurs?
How many dinosaurs are found inside
3:31 PM
@CharlieBrumbaugh that's ridicoulous
If someone finds dead bones and want to know what type of animal it was that would be on topic right?
@CharlieBrumbaugh Yes, though it would be impossible to find dinosaur bones...
@Liam I have been on a dinosaur dig before
@CharlieBrumbaugh Yes they aren't bones...
and seeing tracks is what started this whole thing
3:35 PM
Bones are made of calcium and cologen
@Liam THey are bones that have been replaced with minerals
there is no calcium or collogen in fossils because they have been turned to rock
fossil !== bones
Thats a technicallity
@CharlieBrumbaugh No it's a scientific fact
For the purposes of this site its a technicality
3:38 PM
Ask any palaeontologist, fossils are no longer bones, they are the calcified in print of the original bone material.
Also I repeat:
> We don't want questions about dinosaurs?! That would be really off topic, no? Like if I asked what does a T. rex eat?
The tag and it's wiki suggests we do...
Q: Can we re-tag all dinosaur questions?

LiamThis comes out off a topic in chat. I don't see how this has a place. Being as we couldn't agree I'm opening it out to the wider community to vote on. The dinosaur tag is just misleading and it's wiki: Questions about dinosaurs Is just confusing. We don't want questions about dinosaurs. T...

room topic changed to The Base Camp: Welcome to 2018 [an-incident-of-welsh] [hunting-predestrians]
room topic changed to The Base Camp: Welcome to 2018 [an-incident-of-welsh] [hunting-predestrians] [what-t-rex-ate]
@RoryAlsop care to contribute as a mod here?
@Liam You are taking this way too seriously. Its 4 questions for crying out loud.
@CharlieBrumbaugh so lets we-tag them. It's not serious?
3:53 PM
You have editing powers, go change the tag wiki and add the fossil-identification tag to the dinosaur questions while leaving dinosaur tag on them so that dinosuar fossils stay grouped together
@CharlieBrumbaugh which I did and you undid
There's no point getting into an edit war
which is why I messaged you...
No you created the fossil tag
No the fossil tag has been there for months
Created Feb 8 2015
Q: Beginners guide to fossil hunting

LiamI spend a lot time rock climbing and walking and generally being around rocks. But I've never seen a fossil. I've always liked the idea of finding a nice fossil. How would I go about doing this? Any beginners guides?

sorry Feb 9th :)
@Liam Here I will go retag the dinosaur questions and you can go rewrite the dinosaur tag wiki
@CharlieBrumbaugh the dinosaur wiki will die once it has no questions tagged in it
@CharlieBrumbaugh Thank you
3:58 PM
@Liam No because I added the fossil identification tags to the questions and left the dinosaur tag there because that way all of the dinosaru questions are grouped together
why have you created a new tag?! outdoors.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
and left the fossil one?!
2 mins ago, by Charlie Brumbaugh
@Liam Here I will go retag the dinosaur questions and you can go rewrite the dinosaur tag wiki
I give in
@Liam That one was created a long time ago
Lets let the meta decided then we can just black list it if needs be
that tag has existed since you made it in Dec
4:13 PM
Evening all - sorry, just popped in and having a read through. Seems like I'll probably simplify a couple of tags (create synonyms probably) as fossil, fossil hunting and fossil identification seem awfully similar, and dinosaur may be unnecessary. Give me a few minutes
All the current dinosaur-tagged questions are also tagged animal-tracks and fossil-identification - which implies redundancy
@RoryAlsop Yes, but we might get dinosaur bone fossils at some point then we would want the dinosaur tag
Do we think dinosaur is a big enough chunk of fossils to be worthy of a separate tag? If so, let's keep it
What do we think about the 3 fossil tags - they do feel a lot like synonyms to me...
@RoryAlsop I would say that its a majority of the fossil questions I think its 4 dino to 2 generic ones
well, we will need at least one fossil tag, as most fossils are not dinosaurs :-)
dinosaur is very much a subset of fossil
@RoryAlsop My vote actually would be to leave the tags as they are
4:17 PM
@CharlieBrumbaugh have fossils, fossil-hunting and fossil-identification as separate?
And dinosaur as a separate one (3 of the 4 dinosaur ones are identification questions)
@RoryAlsop fossils is the catch all when a more specific can't be found
fossil-hunting for looking for fossils
fossil-indentification for What is this fossil? questions
and dinosaurs for dino specific fossils
I think that seems okay - it is always a weird one if all the questions in a particular tag are also all the questions with a different tag - it implies one of the tags should go
Not always, but it is worth looking at
4:48 PM
I just have the concern that really this site is about the outdoors. Fossils are one tiny part of it, and dinosaurs a tiny part of that - so having all these tags is not going to help
If it's all under fossil it will save confusion
Happy to wait and see how the meta q pans out
@RoryAlsop The meta post doesn't seem to be going anywhere, all the meta posts have an equal number of ups and downs.
I know we argue about tags from time to time so maybe we are due for one, but it still seems one of the sillier ones.
One thing is for sure, this means more eyeballs on my questions and that means more upvotes
5:18 PM
I personally feel dino tag is not really required. If we are going to target only fossil based questions under dino tag, then we might as well merge it under fossil. Or maybe a dino-fossil tag
@CharlieBrumbaugh do we really have a dogs tag??
I wonder if series of self answered questions on one topic is the way to go. Better have one good question which covers more than a small detail and then go on to the next subject. Or ask a good question which you do not answer yourself. That gets others involved and if nobody answers, you can still answer it.
there's no cats tag. or cows (we Indians love cows ;) )
@Ricketyship We could actually probably use both tags
@Ricketyship Not too loud, or the collective force of internet-cat-lover trolls will drown us in cat tags
5:25 PM
@imsodin we need the cute-cat tag as well
@Ricketyship Cows are 1000lb animals with brains the size of peanuts
Cattle are rather important when walking in rural and national parks UK and NL.
@Willeke Yep But cattle makes sense. If i keep adding chicken, cow, buffalo, rat, mice et al, it would be a mess?
So questions about cows, bulls, Scottish highlanders and more should be expected on the site.
@Willeke I can remember some
5:27 PM
@Willeke The question is what tag would you put them under
I think I would go with cattle unless specific about bulls or cows and their young ones. And even then cattle would fit.
You also have 'dogs' not 'bitches' and 'puppies'.
I think there is already a meta topic about the entire wild animals, wildlife, cattle, ... distinction
@CharlieBrumbaugh Ah and merging wildlife into animals seems to have happened, didn't realize that
5:31 PM
As a new user to TGO I would not ask Q without a search on the topic(s) and likely leave tags (other than one required one) to the regulars.
@Willeke i think dogs should go as well. Merge them with animals. Why special privilege to dogs XD
lets see whether I am allowed to add [status-completed] :)
I am not
@imsodin This is probably the first time in months someone has actually cared about the tags
I think Rory will come back and think the people here have gone mad :D
@RoryAlsop Can you tag that with status-completed to satisfy my OCD: outdoors.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1088/…
5:32 PM
We had swimming goggles tagged as sun glasses
Maybe they had UV protection :P
@CharlieBrumbaugh Well, maybe the person used them outdoors yo
This was a long time back --- animals vs wildlife outdoors.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/612/…
I have seen what happens when you start changing tags, (on travel.) Chaos, too many questions which needed new tags as well and a board with several pages of small edits, hiding the new activity from those checking it (to keep the site healthy.)
Lets make a new proposal: Split animals into wildlife and cattle. Then a year from now we can remerge :)
@Willeke That's the main problem. I believe if you want a new tag, you should simply create it on new questions. It's different for changing an entire tag or merging, AFAIK that can be done by a mod without bumping questions
@imsodin But then my OCD says why is on this question and not that one :)
5:36 PM
This guy went overboard, doing all needed changes and a lot more, in the winter when the site activity was low. Almost killed the site in my view.
@CharlieBrumbaugh Use both (only for mild OCD)
Do we need an OCD tag? :P
@Ricketyship No we need a run for the hills the site is about to be flooded with off topic questions tag
I like it when questions have more than one tag, if you can find 5 fitting ones, use all 5 in my view. Others disagree and did prefer as few as possible.
@CharlieBrumbaugh [run_for_the_hills_the_site_is_about_to_be_flooded_with_off_topic_questions]
5:39 PM
@Willeke Well if people would use the correct tags the first time...
When a Q is new, it is good to change the tags to what is suitable. But doing 100 + Q per day for weeks running is not good.
@Willeke Retagging bumps the questions up. As @imsodin said, if the mods can do it without bringing them up the stack, why not
Bumping a few questions is good, but it should be in proportion to new questions and new answers to new and older questions.
When bored I sometimes look at the tags of Qs on the frontpage to see if I can adjust any
5:43 PM
@Willeke That would mean 2.7 questions per day can be retagged :D
I went through all the knot tagged questions and got a few bumped to the top of the list over a few days. Might do a few more now I can edit without needing approval.
@imsodin That's still ok because the front page ones are the ones in vogue now (fancy term, +1 for me).
@Ricketyship +2 as it is not your first (or likely second) language.
@Willeke Soon I'll get a badge - fancy-wordsmanship
This site would be way more interesting if dinosaurs were still alive
5:52 PM
@CharlieBrumbaugh Imagine the questions - What do i do when i come across a dino which is irritated by my presence?
How to keep my tent safe from a dino attack?
is hammock better than a tent to survive in a dino territory :'D
Should I carry pepper spray while hiking in a dino territory? O.o
Is an European hammock more safe than an South American hammock when you are in Dino area?
(Or should I turn the kinds around?)
I don't even know if there's a difference between the two types XD
I'm surprised that we don't have scat identification questions. Are there any?
or for that matter, identifying how old/fresh the scat is :D
scat = poop FYI
European hammock, almost flat, you can roll off. South American hammock, big deep bag, hooks up at shoulder level but drops down to knee level in the middle.
@Willeke Well definitely European hammock is more dangerous in Dino territory
I should say you can 'almost' roll off.
6:10 PM
@Willeke Yeah.. Imagine a friendly dino sleeping below the hammock and in the night you roll off and fall on him and he gets aggressive and eats you off. Very dangerous.
Or he just raises his head to say hi, bumps into you by accident and you roll off and fall, and get under his body weight when he goes down again.
6:33 PM
Good night @Willeke and @imsodin :) have a good day tomorrow
Good night/sleep well @Ricketyship
And @CharlieBrumbaugh, I hope you approve of our dino questions we posted here :D
4 hours later…
10:28 PM
I just hit 500k people reached

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